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Life is a Game: A Major Epic Quest Update (Plus, a Request!) By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: October 20, 2014 • 32 comments. As kids we have all sorts of dreams and fantasies defeating the dragon, visiting far off lands, going on grand adventures. As adults, we continue to dream, but more often than not, we never act. Yesterday, the Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla battle of Epic Games versus Apple took a seemingly unexpected turn.

Originally, it seemed like Epic had a plan. They’d introduce a sneaky update. A curated digital storefront for PC and Mac, designed with both players and creators in mind. Anecdote Games is raising funds for Unlikely Heroes: Vikings, Cowboys & Pharaohs on Kickstarter! Epic narrative adventure board game for 1-4 players.

Explore the map, find weapons, slay monsters and save the day!Play Adventure Quest to explore an online RPG and other web browser games for free with no software to download. New adventures built in Flash every week. This package includes 4 Helms plus the amazing 3-in-1 Paladin Avenger’s Maul. The game was still running on PC, but the Quest would lock up.

Navigating the world felt jittery, and if I turned my head too quickly, the image wouldn’t. Link your platform account(s) to your Epic Games account. Download the Epic Games Launcher on PC or Mac, or download the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or a mobile platform.

Add your friends from within the Epic Games Launcher or within the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, or a mobile platform. GAME UPDATES. Expand your adventures with The Elder Scrolls Online’s additional content! This includes free game updates for all players, DLC game packs as part of an active ESO Plus™ membership or acquired via the Crown Store, and Chapters available online or from retail stores. With each major update Ubisoft announces a ton of bug fixes.

Among them often are corrections of issues with various quests and locations. If you have been unable to get past a certain objective, an NPC is missing form its expected location or something else has happened, that wasn’t supposed to – you have encountered a bug. Epic Asks Court To Prevent Apple From Blocking Fortnite And The Unreal Engine.

Even if you’ve been living under a rock with only your computer-illiterate grandparents and the TI-84 calculator.

List of related literature:

Solutions to quests will also be uploaded to the wiki – this provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on their and other players’ contributions, hopefully further enriching their understanding and appreciation of the quest’s learning outcomes.

“Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation through Educational Games: Multidisciplinary Approaches: Multidisciplinary Approaches” by Felicia, Patrick
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Yet a videogame “life” is not just a resource but also a possible reward.

“Trigger Happy: Videogames and the Entertainment Revolution” by Steven Poole
from Trigger Happy: Videogames and the Entertainment Revolution
by Steven Poole
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I wanted King’s Quest IV to have some pressure applied to you: a timed game, taking place over a 24-hour period, so you roam around during the day and eventually it turns to night.

“Games vs. Hardware. The History of PC video games: The 80's” by Bogdan Ion Purcaru, Anemona Andrei, Rica Radu Gabriel
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If it is story-based, how will you structure the quests?

“Fundamentals of Game Design: Fundamentals of Game Design_2” by Ernest Adams
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So with Last Express I wanted to do a game that would have what I saw as the qualities that were missing from most of the adventure games that were out there.

“Game Design: Theory and Practice, Second Edition” by Richard Rouse III
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A third issue is that the game is a bit too simple; let’s add a mode for quests!

“Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!: A Beginner's Guide” by Fred Hebert
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So, again, I wouldn’t make a game all about mediation, but might include it in another type of game as an optional experience.

“Handbook of Research on Effective Electronic Gaming in Education” by Ferdig, Richard E.
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Making quests playable: Choices, CRPGs, and the grail framework.

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Expanding on our story, in the second edition, we will implement more gameplay, as well as the introduction of quests.

“Building an RPG with Unity 2018: Leverage the power of Unity 2018 to build elements of an RPG., 2nd Edition” by Vahé Karamian
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At first glance the idea seemed excellent, but its implementation… not a single extra player was able to enter the Dark Forest and, on top of that, the quest description now sported an additional point saying that after the Lieutenant the conditions forbade adding anyone else to the group.

“The Secret of the Dark Forest. (The Way of the Shaman: Book #3) LitRPG series” by Vasily Mahanenko (Vasilij Mahaněnko), Magic Dome Books
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  • Why can’t people just create a blank Facebook account to use Oculus? That’s what I had to do if I wanted to use it’s social friend list feature.

  • This is why they probably want to make it mandatory, advertisement. They’ll say no for now, and then it will happen. No company can keep your information private, look what happened to Experian.

  • I finally broke down and got quest. Now regret. I dont do facebook, and don’t want to. I don’t do vr chat. I like my time alone since I’m with people all day. I hope someone else makes a stand alone

  • I had so much faith in the Quest, despite its horrible catalog… faith that I always knew was misplaced due to the time-bomb that is Facebook. In a couple of years we’ll be seeing videos titled “Oculus Quest | Why It Flopped”. I really hope the competitors are able to take over the market by then, for VR’s sake. Hey, maybe those will have FOVs that don’t make me feel like I’m looking through two straws.

  • You know I would like more 2v2 arena battle quests cause there’s a lot of 1v1 and it gets annoying I mean 2v2 is like 1v1 you lose and you win, you can use any deck for 2v2 like all spells without having to lose trophies like that one quest where you have to use spells 50 times in 1v1 and then you might lose trophies if you use all spells….I want to see more 2v2 quests cause right 1v1 are everywhere and I just got to hog and I don’t want to lose trophies for doing the 1v1 quests and thats why there should be a equal amount of 2v2 quests and 1v1 quests instead of having most of them be 1v1….like if you agree.

  • Do I like the move? Not really

    Is it good marketing? Not really

    Am I upset? Not really, I’m already linked to my Facebook, and I’ll be happy if I’ll be able to find some out some my friends have Quests. I never seem to find anyone near my age playing online anyways.

    Not to mention the Quest, or VR for that matter, may not be where it is today without Facebook.

  • Oculus/facebook REQUIRING an Account…. So you spend 500+ on the headset and cannot use it without a Facebook account.. simple ill sell my quest and buy a competing product. i WILL NOT be forced by any company to give up information. sorry the quest isn’t that important to me.

  • Why is this in my recomendations 2 years after this update?
    Also I was not even know this update comes with a video.
    (Sorry for illiteracy)

  • I don’t understand people, there angery that a company who owns another company wants to be more involved with it like bruh calm down.

  • I hate to hear this. Guess I won’t be getting a new oculus. I do not have Facebook and will not have one. “F” Facebook and Zuckerberg, Google, Twitter, ect. Those people sit in front of congress and the Supreme Court lying there butts off while they sell the American people out for the highest bid. Bunch of crooks.

  • Pro tip, make a new email and a new Facebook account just for your quest. ����������✨they can’t steal data that never existed in the first place.

  • Supercell estaria bueno las fiebres de oro y gemas tambien se an en 2c2 y huvieran mas misiones para 2c2
    Porque lo tienen totalmente olvidado él 2c2
    Seria bueno que isieron eso

  • I guess I’m not buying any more games from the Oculus store. I’m not sure if I’ll try creating a fake facebook account or not because I really don’t want to have a real one. I hope someone else comes out with a Quest equivalent soon.

  • The gaming industry is collapsing, games not finished for full retail, Bungie removing paid content, and now this. Think l will just give up gaming all together and go kayaking, motorcycling, bike riding, or anything but gaming. We are getting screwed over by these people and most people just suck it up and continue to play. The bad part is the more they get by with this the more it will bleed throughout the industry. Time to get legal help if people would pull together. I bought the go, then the quest and there were no stipulations when I did so they should not be allowed to do this to previous buyers, I have never had a Facebook account and don’t do socializing online. Just unbelievable.

  • I’ve been wanting an oculus quest for the past few months now, but I haven’t had a Facebook in almost a year. I really wish I didn’t have to make a new one, and it might convince me not to buy a quest.

  • I literally just started to make my way into VR. I finally have a good enough PC. Maybe, if all works out, by end of year I’ll have saved for a headset. But now as feared, this.

    I never aimed for stand alone headsets, but I still can’t help but hate the precedent this will set. It’s Facebook, it’ll likely work, and gain traction. While that is good for the general growth of VR, which will increase developer interest and hence games and content available, and maybe even lower entry barriers for new people, If I ever see ads as I see flooding cellphones, I’m gonna flip. If I ever get a slight suspicion of ads within a paid game, I’m not supporting it, they trigger me enough in free ones as is.
    Additionally I have an important announcement:

    To whomever develops a jailbreak, vpn-like, adblocker, scriptblocker, jammer, scrambler or other appropriate countermeasure for this kind of… policies, know I will find you, and I’ll give you my money. (If possible, please be lenient with those of us who don’t earn in dollars/euros)

  • Really thought about buying a quest to upgrade from my CV1 as i thought it’d be awesome to have a headset to bring to parties to convince others to get into VR. Looks like ill just have to save up for an Index, or even buy a Reverb 2. They’re really shooting themselves in the foot.

  • As much as I don’t like fb, it’s probably a good thing that people are not completely anonymous anymore. There’s some shady people on vrchat and other social games. Plus if you bought the quest, you already bought a device with 4 cameras on it that are connected to the internet. Your privacy is already compromised.

  • i hear this for the first time.. crap:(
    I agree totally, the amount of potential data being used in such a technology is very worrying and indeed the num1 con
    Should have bought the steam one

  • Hmm, pre purchased a HP Reverb G2 not long after buying a second hand Oculus Rift S.
    I don’t have a Facebook account, don’t want one. Guess I’ll be selling on that Rift S sooner than I expected.

  • vr is an interesting concept and the headsets are really interesting but when companies make you do something or have to see something even though you paid a lot of money to get the headsets is whats holding this technology back its like when sony patented the idea of advertising on vr by taking away some of your screen to advertise or with now facebook wanting you to make an account and like isnt vr expensive and then you have to sign into an account with face book and what happens if a a child gets an oculus would they have to make an account even though they could be under age and would be breaking the TOS (terms of service) its like hastle like that thats making people go else ware to other products or worse staying away from it nd holding technology like it back.

  • Good 2 years with my quest then I’m moving on to another hybrid vr set that isn’t Facebook owned like a hp reverb 3 or a index 2. By the time FB implements this ill be on a better next gen headset and headset company.

  • My Rift S just died, I took it back for store credit. I gotta say, it was a pretty awesome headset until it stopped working. I’ll probs just wait for the G2 to come out lol. I mean, I do have a Facebook account and all, I don’t really care I just use it to browse memes and stuff. Also, Azana sounds crazy, too bad it’s not real.

  • WTF, VR Requires Facebook? One should not be dependent on the other. I purposely dumped Facebook in 2008 for various reasons.

    So glad I went HTC.

  • You cant create a fake account on Facebook, they use a algorithim that knows you are not you. I tried. They require your drivers license and/or other info to prove you are you. My fake FB account was banned within a week. Zuckerburg reminds of the dork in middle school who liked spying in the girls showe room, as well as a gossip queen who wants to know everyones business. Selling my Rift. Go HTC!!!

  • I Have Facebook For This Reason Only. I Do Not Post. No Pics. Nothing. So I Don’t Care. I Absolutely Love My Quest And I Already Saw This Coning. Soooooooo I Can’t Wait For The Saints And Sinners Port. ������ Plus A Deadmau5 Pack For Beat Saber Please

  • What does it mean that “Goblins restore to “full health” if not defeated in a single round.”? Does that mean you need to roll 5 Fist dice to actually kill a goblin? In the video you kinda skipped over that after only dealing two damage to a Goblin.

  • It sucks that you have to make an account to use hardware, I have an amazon firestick and its annoying that my hardware which I own only works if amazon decides it should, same with steam, they own your games, just as facebook oculus owns your oculus unless you jailbreak it. Other than that, if its an oculus account, facebook account or google acount that is required it really makes no difference.

  • no one gonna say how good this guy is okay okay fine then if you want something done right do it yourself
    he must be the champion with 500yrs winning streak

  • I have a Facebook but I refuse to link it with anything more private to my virtual identity.

    My Facebook content is stuff that relate to myself and what I’m fully open with, so cars and machinery stuff especially.

  • Thank you all for the massive support by clicking on this video. I understand that some people find my voice irritating or the way how I acted and I apologize for that. I’m learning and definitely will work on being better you have my word ��

  • That neck band, if it were real, would be extremely dangerous IMHO. It could cause unhealthy attachment to non existent NPC’s. *lookin at you Kanojo*. Potential hacking to troll people and cause extreme fear, or being used to terrorize a lot of people if it became mainstream. I wouldnt use it.

  • So what, I now can’t access all the games I purchased because Facebook arbitrarily blocked my Facebook account for wrong think?

    No thanks. Definitely aiming to get off Oculus now ASAP. I already hated the fact I was giving cash to toxic far left amoral Facebook.

  • The fact that Facebook is already interwoven into the Oculus Quest right now with the applications and the browser we had to know that this was coming. I think it is about as used as it is on many phones. My take is whatever helps advance VR I am all for. I would like to visit family on Facebook in VR one day!

  • notice how we didnt actually get the quests in the video… “hit tower 10 times” “rocket tower 5 times” we didnt even get those quests lol

  • Thank you for your reasonable approach to the Facebook issue, I really appreciate that you try to take a neutral stance and see both sides.

  • Have a Windows/Apple computer, have to have a Microsoft/Apple account. OK
    Have an Android/Apple phone, have to have a Gmail/Apple account. OK
    Have a VR headset made by Facebook, have to have a Facebook account. OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING!

  • Could you please link to the sources of the topics you talk about in the description? I missed the official statement that FB will become mandatory and would have been nice to have a link to click on to get there.
    As for feelings about it… well I come from an age where anonymity on the internet was given, so yeah big ball of lead in my stomach. On the other hand I do understand how the world works these days, and putting such a huge company behind a tech even more probably will boost it a lot.
    I guess Horizon plays a huge role in this too. Linking stuff from separated platforms together is a deep nightmare for programmers. So there is a huge possibility that this decision was made in order do be able to make Horizon real. Could very well have been a big hurdle to it that needed to be out of the way.

  • Yeah I don’t like being forced either. I made a second fb account for Oculus only, what I post on my primary account there and who I’m friends with is none of their business. (Even though my data is literally their business.)

  • What sucks is a large portion of the dystopian sci-fi I’ve seen in the past, seems to be the more accurate version of our future. I’m seeing twilight zone/ black mirror scenarios playing out in real time, it disappoints me and scares the ��out of me.

  • When I did the set up for the quest I didn’t see any other choice other than using a Facebook account…..not sure what people are talking about

  • I’ve always used FB to sign in to Oculus, you have to create some type of account no matter what service you’re using, no body is forcing you to post anything or even sign up using your personal account, Why is this an issue?

  • Early adopter? I still have my Forte VFX-1 headset from 1995. I was hoping it was going to start taking off back then, but sadly the time wasn’t right.

  • I was looking at getting a quest 2.0 when they come out just to have an easy wireless on the go headset. Throwing that idea out the window completely now. I’ll just stay tethered to the pc with my Index and not have a portable option.

  • I understand the privacy concerns here but if being honest I think people tend to be a little overly freaked out by this stuff. It’s good to be diligent and smart when it comes to digital privacy, but imho this isn’t going to be that impactful for most people, it’s not going to change how much I love my Quest, which to be fair I just got yesterday so I’m a little extra fanboy-y atm

  • So glad the rats urinated on and chewed up my original oculus. When I learned facebook owned oculus I purchased a different headset. Zuckerjerk gets none of my info.

  • Примет мена завуд GALAXY PAW я снимаю видео про. Pubg mobile lite пашалоста подпишитес Намина тоже у меня 3 подпижкф кто любит маму падпишитис

  • I was buttering up to the idea of getting and Oculus for my first headset pretty recently. I was totally against it because of Facebook being their parent company, but this just pushed me away. I don’t want to have anything connected to Facebook. I just don’t trust them.

  • To be honest, I’ve always known FB puts your info out there for other people to see, it’s a social network. I just bought an oculus quest when I heard about this bit of news. I’m still not swayed. What if I want people to see my vr adventures. The other part is advertisements, well kool at least they’re accurately showing me what I might be interested in purchasing. What the hell am I gonna do with tampons. I seriously have nothing to hide.

  • I deleted my facebook a while ago. So if I made a FB account to use Oculus store then it wouldnt be that bad for me. Since Id have no personal information on there besides my name. Its the worst for gamer girls and minors saftey and privacy…IF they have a legit facebook account with posts, friends, location, etc. Stalkers in games could find those cute gamer girls easier.

  • Well the Facebook account requirement is kinda sad. I have a false id account for vr, and apparently Facebook can remove it if they feel like they want to. I can’t make a legitimate Facebook account because I have family members who are quite toxic on there, and they will find me.

  • VR support in India is pretty bad. no oculus. no vive or index. you literally have to pay double the price to get the headset and still then won’t get any warranty or support. The only headset I can recommend in India is the upcoming HP reverb g2 which is at a reasonable price and warranty.

  • Removing the free chest, adding lame quests you literally do without noticing and one unique new gamemode: THE BIGGEST UPDATE EVER!!!!1111!!!111!

  • I’ll be completing the games I already own and maybe buying games on SideQuest where Facebook doesn’t get a cut but I won’t be giving Oculus another penny.

  • Gotta hate that shit. Forcing you to use Facebook just to sign in. Why not allow the option to use either oculus ID or Facebook instead of forcing you.

    Then again I have a Index so why am I complaining

  • Recently bought quest…gonna sell and buy HP Reverb 2. Never had facebook account and dont plan to make again for those fuckers. Never again occulus.

  • I probably will still buy the Oculus Quest 2 if it’s really good, but after two years when signing up for FB becomes mandatory, I will switch to another headset.

  • Personally, I linked to record video.

    Haven’t done anything else with it, haven’t set up my profile.

    Don’t really care. Make a throwaway facebook account.

  • My entire Oculus account already is through my Facebook account, so its not changing a single thing for people like me who already log in through facebook.

  • OCULUS used to mean GO and QUEST maybe RIFT

    Now it simply means FACEBOOK ACCOUNT
    ……… they may have just killed the Goose that laid the golden egg

  • Oculus is like a girl that’s to ugly to behave bitchy. My quest will sit the ride out without F.B. and PSVR 2 will be my next headset, pure and simple.

  • Cheetos?
    Ice cream?
    My blanket pillow and all my anime Plushies?
    And lap top?
    :3 Popcorn?
    All checked i’m ready To watch all of joeys videos:3

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