Epic Quest Update #1 Sydney, Australia


Update: Clusters growing across Sydney city, Victoria self-isolating concerns | 9 News Australia

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Fantastic Four EPIC QUEST!!! (Update 4.7 Patch Notes Part 2) Marvel Future Fight

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Video taken from the channel: Cynicalex


Sydney hotel quarantine infection, Melbourne’s second wave source revealed | Nine News Australia

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Video taken from the channel: Cynicalex


Why I’m Not Finishing New Epic Quest Soon Marvel Future Fight

Video taken from the channel: Cynicalex


GOTG Epic Quest Full Game play Part 1,2,3,4 Full details disclosed MFF

Video taken from the channel: ABSOLUTE GAMING

Epic Quest Update #1 – Sydney, Australia. By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: February 13, 2011 • 30 comments. Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere!We are passionate about making work an absolute pleasure. That’s why we invest so much time finding tips, tricks and those little gems that contribute to the vision.

Jump on social and carry on a conversation with us or sign up for our email updates. EPIC-NSW Click here for a Trial Summary of Results. The original EPIC-NSW ended enrolment on 30 April 2018 as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has become accessible to individuals with a current Medicare card through the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) at a subsidised cost since 1 April 2018. Click here to learn more about EPIC-NSW.

Epic’s first Australian customer is now live on its EHR. Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne had its big bang go-live between April 30 and May 1. Royal Children’s Hospital selected Epic in. EPIC is bringing back the sensationalistic and exclusive nature of a 1920s Chicago Jazz Club, where every patron was known by name and treated like a VIP. This is a night of delicious food, amazing cocktails and alluring live music nestled in an intimate setting at Pelicano, Double Bay.

Martin Daly will be the first person to admit that he has lived a waterman’s dream life. Born near the beaches of northern Sydney, Australia, he grew up on the Great Barrier Reef, diving, fishing and surfing. By the age of 16, he knew he would dedicate his life to exploring the Pacific Islands, searching for remote and pristine surf breaks. +61 4 9835 8311 · 259 George St Sydney New South Wales 2000 Australia.

The results are EPIC 1,2. Groundbreaking results of the EPIC (Evaluation of Pimobendan In dogs with Cardiomegaly) Study, the largest veterinary cardiology study in history, are now published. 15-month delay. in time to composite primary endpoint compared with dogs receiving placebo* 60% more time. The Epic Australia Pass is the best value season pass for Australians and connects Perisher as well as Falls Creek and Hotham with Whistler Blackcomb, Hakuba Valley Japan, Rusutsu Japan and the Best of the U.S. Ski and board year-round in four countries, all on.

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World Cruises; Destinations. Our Specialties 2022 Epic World Quest in 196 Days 2022 Epic World Quest in 196 Days. Voyage Host, Shipboard Credit and Roundtrip Air Sydney, Australia* 8:00 AM-Feb 14: Monday: Sydney, Australia-6:00 PM: Feb 16.

List of related literature:

And what’s this quest update?”

“The Secret of the Dark Forest. (The Way of the Shaman: Book #3) LitRPG series” by Vasily Mahanenko (Vasilij Mahaněnko), Magic Dome Books
from The Secret of the Dark Forest. (The Way of the Shaman: Book #3) LitRPG series
by Vasily Mahanenko (Vasilij Mahaněnko), Magic Dome Books
Magic Dome Books, 2018

Yay… two new quests.

“Fallout: New Vegas Strategy Guide” by GamerGuides.com
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by GamerGuides.com
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The quest log updated and brought up a purple window before our eyes.

“Sword Art Online Progressive 3 (light novel)” by Reki Kawahara
from Sword Art Online Progressive 3 (light novel)
by Reki Kawahara
Yen Press, 2017

We now discover one of the most surprising things about the Quest plot.

“The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories” by Christopher Booker
from The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories
by Christopher Booker
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This began what has been called the “New Quest” (some call it the “Third Quest”10).

“Jesus Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus” by Michael J. Wilkins, James Porter Moreland
from Jesus Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus
by Michael J. Wilkins, James Porter Moreland
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The quest “Turn and Face the Strange” will unlock new character development options, and should not be postponed, so that’ll be the quest which is covered next.

“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Strategy Guide” by GamerGuides.com
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This quest only needs some troop eventing and the quest-giving NPC event.

“Beginning RPG Maker MV” by Darrin Perez
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The original quest list is just 26 quests but this will soon expand to 45 at Act II and then 60 by the end of Act III.

“Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Strategy Guide” by GamerGuides.com
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With that, this quest is (finally) done!

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This updates the quest “Wanted”.

“The Witcher Strategy Guide” by GamerGuides.com
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  • Please say how did you get that much crystals ��I am a new player I don’t have any t3 character. Please say how to get that much crystals please I beg you man ������������

  • Dude are you mad, spending that much crystals you collected. You could have palyed for one week and gather the resources.but why… You are Insane..

  • No one:
    Literally No one in theWhole World:

    You: Dont give a shit to money and Crystals, I just want this whole quest end as soon as possible.

    That was unexpected, you spent a lot on this shit game, where developers dont give a shit to Players convenience.

  • I really think they Juice us on this one… the blast books… ccf…the dust…. too expensive for a character that isn’t on the super op meta they shouldn’t have done this to us… basically we got to spend pay more money and super hard to farm items for this… compare to the other epic quests

  • The epic quest is Easy? do you know how many days the Free 2 Play players have to play to get all those resources and money?! I won’t even talk how many months we have to grind crystals to buy the deluxe packs, but then you say you can do this quests in 3 days?!?!?! what?!?! this is a joke-
    You complain that the Epic quests are not hard enough but when they ask you to T3 a character as a Mission to finish the quest you complain?! I mean it’s pretty fair for me to them to do that.

  • Hey man, seems like you have a ton of those jewels crystals chards gems lol, it’s really amazing when you are rich in future fight… I spent 2 weeks for just 1000 crystals

  • This isn’t worth it. If you’re gonna spend time on BRB, there’s no benefits because he’s just mediocre. Just work on Endgame Thor insteadthey’re the same characters in-game.

  • If possible could you test to see if Gladiator is good for Squad Battle?
    I waiting to see if he is good, if not I will just push the epic quest a little to get Darkhawk and some bios for Nova.

  • I think that the new deluxe pack may cost real money because in the epic quest story tab the “Deluxe Upgrade Available” button has crystals shown on it, but the same buttons in the other epic quests don’t show crystals.

  • I love this game and i came back because I missed it. But netmarble really pissed me off. You made this game very exclusive. Not all players can buy everything u want us to buy. I believe soon or later, i will leave this game if you keep giving us a hard time like this. Fuck the new epic quest

  • You sure that’s not a mistake because she’s a reskin of Gamora? They really shouldn’t put bios of characters that are available in Dimension Shop in a new Epic Quest. Pretty shit idea really.

  • It’s good to see a update without any paywall crystal wall character. I know Nova is one but it’s different shop area.
    It sucks that they force players to have yet another T3 blast character. And jokes to all Beta Ray Bill fans when this update lands he’s gonna get a 90% fire damage immunity just like how Xavier has 90% immune to mind damage!
    ign Zeth0722

  • In short…aprox 26m gold, 640 ccf, 8 titans record, 400 TCP, 8 3* BAM, 5 4* BAM, 3 6* BAM, at least 30 TLB, 3 DR, T2 Starlord, 6* nebula gamora darkhawk punisher, 3* phylla vell.
    Plus countless dimension mission runs.

    This gonna taken while

  • I agree with you Cynicalex. This epic quest was by far the most annoying one of all. The research mission’s took so much time and what do we really get back. Hey here is my 8 blast books and the other t3 materials and then here is 50 energy for your stuff. Wth!? I did get the the entire thing but it will take you 2 days no matter how much money you throw at it. The sisters mission only give you 3 entries a day and you need 5. At that point I had only 5 or 6 mission’s left. I do have everyone all t2 and I did get gladiator. He is fully ranked up now except for his gears. 18’s for all right now. I have spent so many resources on getting these characters all ranked up, I almost need to rest. Lol. Idk what they need to do but they really need to take a step back and see what the hell they are doing. I’m a big spending player and I’m about done spending. Grrrr.
    lost angle

  • My only problem right now is energy and T3 mats.. I do have enough for this mission, but I wanna save for Wanda T3.. not for Starlord unfortunately…

  • Thanks for the info and the video man it is ok i think most of us learn what we wanted for this update the thing is they are giving us another nova (when we haven’t finished with this previous one and also we are getting so many new characters we are getting one t3 that i don’t think it will be useful for now because he needs a lot of improvement that was not a nice move to give t3 to this guy and also they need to fix and add many things and they are adding 15 new characters in every update and 1 tier3 and they are not fixing the ways of acquire materials to atleast upgrade them the ccf drop is very low the world bosses are hard asf.ck and they keep releasing new heroes like nothing is happening.
    The thing is marvel future fight is a good game but it losing the focus of what they have to do and what really matters in game because they hear some kiddos where they just want new heroes and they don’t give time to balance the game and the heroes with the newest one (electra,drax and many other characters stay there still and waiting to be fixed when they just release new characters with more potentional that other characters, and the bad thing at that is we are waiting and we are happy they work on a hero only and when they give him a new uniform after months and we are helping them by purchasing this uniform, i know i love also new uniforms but really.. with this way we show them that this where they doing is good and they have to keep the good work..

  • nahh its not enjoyable content/update this time round, forcing players to T3 Starlord in order to get Beta Ray Bill tsk ridiculous Netmarble

  • I honestly really wanted this nova to be FULLY f2p, sadly its the deluxe pack, well poop, honestly, i can see why other people could be excited, a new deluxe pack after the house of X fiasco isnt really what i need RN

  • Is T3 Starlord (with uniform of course) going to be the new meta after update? Or only a huge requirement for the actual epic character in the update? I smell a rip off, EPIC FAIL QUEST coming.

  • Why couldn’t they make it a bit like story mode….. Not everything but….. They could swap it for the extra research missions at least

  • You know why? It’s because the NM/Netmarble Devs forced you to spend too much money because they need to invest it in creating and more focusing their newest game app called *BTS WORLD*. I hope that Marvel itself could investigate Netmarble’s greediness. #SaveMFF

  • The epic quest should be about playing content rather than just research research research.

    They should be like reach lv 30 or 50 shadowland
    Do worldboss, WBI and other game modes
    Clear shadowland stg 30 with beta ray bill or star lord or any one else
    This is just lazy writing

  • So ur telling me that they basically force u to tier3 starlord and waste all of those materials for him just to get beta ray bill maxed. Ok fuck this, this so fuking bullshit dude.

  • This epic quest to Total BS! It’s just a crap ton of research missions meant to eat up all of your stock pile of resources and energy. When it’s not a research mission it’s you playing dimension mission a thousand times. Why don’t they make story content for you to actually play?

  • I really hope they change the iso 8 auto roll. Like when you want roll 8 iso 8 sets. It will only roll random 8 sets instead of include 4, 6 and other iso sets in the roll. Come on now. ��. #saveMFF

  • do you know if they changed something about ebony maw in world boss ultimate? My Thor could clear stage 30 with no problem and now he can’t.

  • Did it seem like once Future Revolution or whatever was announced, MFF got lazier? Maybe they’re devoting all of their attention on the new game.

  • i dont have a t2 starlord do i have to have a t2 starlord to start the quest to make it t3 or it will do that automatically. plz reply or my bio gonna expire.

  • After seeing how much you have to spend… HELL NO!!! I don’t want or need Star Lord at this point & it’s bs the basically force you into doing it. I don’t know any time when we’ve had to spend this much on an epic quest. I’m with you on using the characters. Why during this whole thing do we never need BRB, SL or any other character for that matter. The only way this would be worth it is if Gladiator was maybe 6* when you unlock him or Phyla wasn’t a shifter/paywall & was just like Darkhawk…. I dunno, I don’t really care at this point either

  • At 2:04 you can see that the reward increases Starlord’s potential or level to Level 64. Are you sure the Epic Quest doesn’t get Starlord to T3 for free?

  • Should have been 50% of the resources why 8 books idk what the hells going on they should refund us & ☆Lord should automatically reach gear 25, I jus noticed when you said that my T3 ☆ Lord is not Gear 25, this is highly disappointing. Sas P.

  • Beta Ray Bill looks cool but Star Lord is my least favorite character and not even close to being worth the investment IMO I’d rather wait til I T3 Thanos and Jean Grey then start on this.

  • They nerfed the gold from Doctor Strange epic quest Dark Dimension….They only give us now 50k….they take back the only one good thing in this update….typical netmarble

  • The new epic quest boils down tohow can we make players bleed out all their resources so they have to purchase more from the store.

  • Epic Quests, as new releases, should be long themes. What i mean is that maybe we should get those phased with new stories. For example: this new release, we could get some characters doing a story, then another characters doing an epic quest, etc. This way we take more time getting the characters, we have more fun and the feeling of playing new characters is longer… They can even divide this new release into 2 or 3 short releases. And we could only get characters by playing this modes…nothing free…

  • Same sentiments, man. I’m also holding back on finishing this ePiC qUeSt until I can T3 Silver Surfer, which would most likely cost 1.6k CCF.

  • I understand that new content for the epic quest is almost impossible right now due to rona. But blast books for 50 energy is a bad decision, nothing to do with rona. Terrible epic quest:(
    IGN: Tweepx

  • My alliance is bleeding. Losing players these months. This one is being especially bad. Think it has just accumulated over the last months. I can relate to them.

  • What I’m honestly feeling rn is that the devs just want this game to die but won’t shut it down so the community won’t get mad, so they stopped putting effort into the content but leave it alive only because they still have some money to milk and they’ll wait till revolution comes out to say bye bye �� thanks for your money. Now come give us some in our brand new game. They won’t get me twice, remember me when it happens.

  • Yeah its really sad.. so much potential and yet again these devs are lazy and brain dead. Instead of the requirement to just rank up these characters we should have had to use them to beat new bosses for great rewards. They should have given star lords uni and T3 for free as you spend the mats in the epic quest. They should have made it more like the revamped story mode. That was their best content lately and its a shame they haven’t built upon it at all when everyone loved it.

  • Super cool having fun thaanks for telling me about phell in epic quest i was going to use my 6star mega rank up ticket on baron zemo but now every thing for new epic quest

  • I have a CTP of Rage. I am planning to T3 Professor, a couple of blast books away. Should I use the CTP on the professor or wait for the update?

  • When you remember what they said during the Livestream: “We worked SO HARD for this epic quest for it to be interesting, we hope the players will like it”:D

  • You know at this point EAmarble is only good at making hype for new update only to slaughter the new update like a pig:(

  • It was fun the first few times but by F4, I was hating epic quests due to the research missions, I don’t know why people love them so much, they’re just a huge energy sink.

  • Tbh it took me half a year to tier 3 spiderman and i used that tier 3 ticket, but tier 3 starlord like if i have to ima have to buy his uniform but i still need to farm more crystal if im even interested in his uniform plus my plan was to tier 3 iron man next and hes almost complete

  • I rushed thru it in 2 days. I had plenty of resources besides gold. But I had enough to max out every new character and have gladiator at 5* and halfway to 6*. It was really lame. But I actually think star lord is worth it if your a collector. And BRB is a beast at lvl 60 maxed out…I know he will be top 10 in the game maxed at 70 gear 25 and full awakened skill. We know the devs are dumb as fuck, and it’s not ever gonna change. I enjoy my Nintendo switch after I rush thru my dailies, and I don’t even do them all everyday anymore

  • Good thing I just T3’d Magneto, and then profX and now I have to get Starlord to T3, I am REALLY getting tired of Cull Obsidian.
    IGN: Tweepx

  • The main point is you will do this epic quest!! Who cares when. You always half ass boycott then give in. You know you want that Beta Ray William maxed. Love the channel fam.

  • Alex: It’s Marvel Future Fight… You take what you can get.

    Also Alex: (spazzes out in excitement because a graphic opens it’s mouth in the background)

  • Well, as a ftp I’m only getting the ghost rider uniform and Darkhawk. The rest of this uodate just turns me off. I hate how Net marble monster are getting greedier each update.

  • The hardest part is balancing the epic quest around both veterans and new players.You can’t just add a beat stage 50 of x WBU because that’s unrealistic to newer players.More realistic would be do WBU x number of times.Epic quest should be available to all players in my opinion and as you have shown,new players can easily start doing WBU by the end of week 1.

  • I think the epic quest would’ve been better if it were tiered per your exp level or even your agent level. Give the veteran players a harder experience! I’m tired of just clearing all my content, this game is just a glorified button presser!

  • If they want to streamline the epic quest, THEN WHY THE HECK WE NEED TO FARM SEARCH QUEST ITEMS?! This crap is exactly the kind of fetch quest I hate. We have to even run the missions even though we no longer get the bios. N. O. NO. We have been doing almost the same thing for FOUR EPIC QUESTS ALREADY!
    What can they do better? Here’s some ideas, some from other game modes:
    1. Maybe let us use the characters in the actual Epic Quest story? (Legendary Battle)
    2. Allow us to get some sort of bonus for running them in missions? (Legendary Battle)
    3. Challenges that allows us to get the material to progress the epic quests faster. (Sorta like Legendary Battle/Story Mission)
    4. WBU difficulty settings for some missions, so you get more of the required quests materials the higher you go.

  • I have seen vedioes of beta ray bill…and he is awesome…far far more stronger than thor t3 at level 60 without anu uru on him…just check his damage ����

  • Something that no one talks about is that the Epic Quest researches Star Lord’s new uniform but doesn’t give you the uniform. Why wouldn’t they just make it an Epic Quest reward? Would make the quest feels less garbage

  • Oh boohoo Cynicalex. This is basically a 16 minute bs video on “I wont spend my stockpiled resources on an EQ”. When will you stop complaining? I stood with you on alot of the issues but now its turned into whining. Like even your first point about needing another blast T3. Fam, the chances of you farming 8 blast books in a month is pretty high. I dont get it. Why is everything such a problem to you these days?

  • Why mff don`t change epic quest to simple version of story(with star-lord instead iron-man,widow and captain) and make ths 6.0 update? Netmarble roll to many GREED CTP`s

  • Hi Cynixalex, you have new topic to talk about, NM just nerf as they so called reworked on the dark dimension’s gold reward, 200k of gold 10 rounds became 40k of gold

  • I got Nebula tier 2ed already and Punsiher will be tier 2 by Tuesday.

    When the update drops, I will have 17 days left on the 20 bios a day. Star-Lord getting tier 2ed wont be that bad, since I’ve been farming for Captain Marvel, I’ll just need the books.

    No problem

  • Note to Everyone: An alliance member called my attention to the 6-Star selector in the dollar store. It expires in 59 days, so that could also be used on one of the new bio selector characters

  • Watched this video late misses it yesterday. Looks I’ve wasted resources now.. I thought I’d get ahead of the game I pushed my starlord from lv 60 to 68 and ran out of gold. Used a lot of bios for nothing. Damn you really cant miss a video lol

  • Bro that’s some bull shit I just t3 Jean,sharog and namor I have no ccf or damn blast books ��FUCK star lord he’d never be anyone’s priority

  • Thanks. The tips were invaluable. Too bad we didn’t know SL was moving to support shop. I blew a week of Shadow Land selectors to T2 him

  • I’d really like it if we could only use pre-sets of EQ characters (with our own custom gear, uru’s and iso’s) in the EQ stages and if the satges were made for them.

  • I know the update is bad but if you’re worried about your blast books alone, now would be the best time to use them so you could start faming it again. But yeah the update is still greedy.

  • This sucks. I’ve been having trouble tier 3’ing 1 character. I only have the tier 3 I have because of that tier 3 selector. My Thor’s been stuck at level 70 forever. For some reason I can play ultimate all day and never get a universal book. I only have 2 blast Titan books. But for some reason have 5 combat books

  • Beta ray and gladiator are worth the t3 materials alone star lord t3 is a bonus I just maxed out their gears leg 20 now going for their potential they are mad star lord i havnt touched yet and prob won’t until both ate lev 70.
    IGN: fr4nk1991

  • Dude I watch your videos all the time, good content. I like them, But dude it’s re”S”ources. Not re”Z”ources. I cringe Everytime I hear the z in that word when someone says it that way

  • I make a list from Most to Least this New Epic Quest Character has Fans:

    (NM: He’s the most popular than others. MCU has big project on Him. PUT HIM ON DELUXE PACK so those Player need to spend Money/Crystal to get him)

    2. STAR-LORD
    (NM: but he’s already in game for years. GIVE HIM A T3!!)

    (NM: He has big project in Comics and MCU, PUT HIM as A MAJOR CHARACTER ON EPIC QUEST!! and NATIVE T2)

    (NM: PLACE HIM LIKE Jean Grey, Stryfe and Invinsible Woman!!!)


    (NM: He’s a Free Character)


  • This EPIC QUEST based on Comicss,, but its look stupid,,
    Character Focused on: Native T2 BETA RAY BILL (if EQ is Asgardians/Herald of Galactus its more makesense)
    Deluxe Pack: NOVA PRIME
    Unlocked Character: GLADIATOR (really, this guy compared to Jean Grey, Stryfe & Invinsible Woman?)
    i’m so hype for new Epic Quest but when its came out,, meeh…

    I have better Idea.
    Native T2: NOVA PRIME
    T3: NOVA PRIME & STAR-LORD (yeah 2 T3)
    Deluxe Pack: GLADIATOR
    Unlocked Character: BETA RAY BILL.
    (BETA vs COSMIC THOR, soon he’ll got T3 ASAP & new BOSS for DANGER ROOM, compared to Jean Grey, Stryfe and Invinsible Woman ��)

  • WoW i am e newbie never played this game before i’v been playing for a month now and i think i came in the wrong moment in the game

  • Why not mega 6* the new epic reward toons first off….each reward get bios to do skills? Likely enough to t2. Or mega t2 at start and level 70 skills with the bios? Or you think will be toons that don’t require bios for skill ranking >lvl 60

    Btw fan of your videos…very helpful. Sucks you are getting burnt out it seems on game.

  • I think they didn’t want to increase the T3 book limit so we gonna playing world boss for every new T3 to get the book specially the blast for now
    (Infinite X7)

  • Your completely right, I spent over 120 million on this Epic Quest & basically diminished my inventory resources books & CCF fora character I didn’t want in ☆Lord, I’m not Happy it’s b.s really. Had to use 6☆Mega & Mega T2 for this stupid crap & the characters are not even worth it. 6600 crystals for Nova but these characters die easy in my Opinion I don’t recommend. Sas P.

  • Cynicalex please needs your help and advice

    My account ( Abdelmagid ) is VIP lvl 8 and level 70 with 3 tier3 toons ( you can have look at it )

    My account was linked to a facebook account and a Gmail account

    What happened is that I accidentally deleted my Google play profile ( and can’t restore it any more ) and also totally forgot any info about it
    And my Facebook was hacked and was able to retrieve it after quite some time

    So basically my account is half broken and basically only linked to Facebook

    E-mailed netmarble hundreds of time about it but they didn’t help and refused even just to replace my linked Gmail account with another due to security reasons

    IAM afraid of losing my account if MY Facebook account is hacked again

    Many times was thinking if buying an account ( but won’t buy because I don’t have money to buy one and might be scam as usual) or start fresh new one but then I would lose my money and time invested in this game
    Don’t know what to do should I continue playing on my account ( might lose it if my Facebook account is hacked again ) or make fresh one?
    Thank you for talking time reading this post and waiting for you replay

  • Can you make a video about cosmic ghost rider next? Don’t really feel like buying Star Lord uni and if it’s not him, only cosmic ghost rider next…

  • I don’t agree with cynicalex even 1% on most things.But,on this matter,I agree 100%.This EPIC QUEST is just a plain scam and nothing else.Am not even gonna touch this EQ.My roster is best as it is right now.

  • Please note that Reed Richards looks like John Krasinski with a beard….maybe NM knows something we don’t officially know yet? (IGN: Chris Kardos)

  • I’ve enjoyed all of the epic quests but this one looks like an exception. I play world boss ultimate every day and hardly get any books. I’ve got plenty of everything but them. That’s why my Thor has sat at level 70 for months on end. I don’t want a tier 3 star lord. I just want beta ray bill but they’re forcing everyone who wants him’s hands.

  • Why do you even bother making suggestions to netmarble monster??? The never listen anyway. Even when they do, we never get what what we want.

  • You should have mentioned this update could be virtually free. If the epic pack offers no value beyond extra Nova bios, unlike invisible Womans which offers a lot awakened iso fodder. We can simply use a rankup and our free MegaT2 on Dick Ryder. That only leaves 2 uniforms to buy making this a really cheap update. Assuming it follows the same format with 2 farm missions for the purchasable character… 1 free @ 1/2 the bios, 2nd is premoum ��

  • Game has to be fun NM.
    Why do I want to quit more even so? Why do I want to stop spending completely?
    Value gameplay 25mins, boring skip 10mins, bad pvp 20mins, fake pvp 20mins, item management 30mins, autoplay 300min, worst of all: modes that don’t even bother.
    This game has become boring for veterans, but near impossible to catch up for new players.
    If I want to keep collect Marvel characters, I rather buy figures and statues.
    Getcha games earn their $ in rolling characters and/or equitments and you are done.
    MFF, roll for tons of stuffs even for free upgrade mats and then you have to buy bundles and bundles and you still need to deal with all the waste time non-sense.
    The only path it goes is to f2p, don’t care and just get the free stuffs and move on for better games when bored.
    I don’t hate this game, because I don’t have much attachment left.
    Most of my newer alliance memebers keep quitting and a lot of old players has long gone.
    The future is not looking bright for MFF…if it is not for the MCU hype, this game may soon be Marvel Archive Fight.
    Game has to be fun NM.

  • Wow. T3 Star Lord…smdh. Using materials that would be best used on a Cosmic Ghost Rider and other new toons PLUS 6000 crystals to get Gladiator at 1* sucks!

  • Hey cynicalex love your content it’s helping me alot but could you make a video of why people should still play future fight in 2020 or a list of character that dont have but need uniforms and or forgotten teams and characters????

    Ign:Dynasty Hawk

  • Hopefully they give out the free tier 3 materials like ccf, eod, etc. if they are gonna make the requirement to t3 star lord to unlock beta ray bill 6*

  • Hey Alex, Victorious is a new character being released in the next issue of F4 which is pretty cool, also do you think SR, LS and Crescent will get their own comic books?

  • This update in general along with shitty customer service when I had an issue with the new agent training rewards made me quit MFF as of yesterday. Uninstalled the game and left all mff groups. Watching your videos just assures me I made the correct decision. Dragon Ball legends is my only mobile game. I’ve been playing that game since it came out 2yrs ago and I haven’t regretted it.

  • @cynicalex i have a great idea for gameplay that would be amazing. I’d love to see your opinion on it. The idea is to change the story mode back to the old story mode but it can stay challenging for all players. They could make it to where depending on your roster and number of 6 star characters that you have, it raises the difficulty. And to urge to get more you have challenges that say complete this mission with this character and get a reward(good rewards) they could also have regular story mode and do updates to have the new versions as legendary story mode for even better rewards that you unlock by completing all of the challenges in that chapter. And depending on how many lv70s you have will raise the amount of gold you get to push more people get past just t2 lv60.

  • This is how playing mff nowadays feel:
    Play more hours for the same rewards while our needs keep increasing thanks to new characters (especially crystal and paywalls) and uniform, while the game modes that need to be fixed don’t get fixed.

    And the character you’re looking for who has ADD and Elemental Resist Down is Scarlett Witch

    Roast me: Daniel Buchanan

  • Something that this update really highlighted for me: there’s no game left. You log in, grind to get materials (using clear tickets) to level up characters (that are used to grind). It’s become cyclical where the game aspect is largely gone until you get T3s.

  • Yup I’m not gonna bother. Not even fun characters. The new unis aren’t even thaaaat good. I feel the last amazing update was end game. Anyways I know I’m spending my money on ps4 games will get Spider-Man. Not spending on MFF at all and I’ll just play daily to do the missions (auto play). Mobile games always sucked till MFF but now that’s over.

  • The devs don’t understand what ‘challenging content’ is. T3’ing Star Lord isn’t challenging content, ignoring the fact that you need to use a ton of resources. (ピカピカ中2)

  • I’ve been saving my crystals for months to finish my final epic quests. Now I’m gonna farm forever for this one.
    They really need to bring that price down. 6600 is way too much.

  • I am encouraged by the fact that Gladiator is getting the Doctor Doom treatment, but I have ZERO interest in any of the other characters necessary to reach him. If they ruin Gladiator I will absolutely craft a strongly worded letter to someone.

    IGN: The Vengen.

  • FINALLY !!!!
    My dream came true!!
    I used to post a request about the Fantastic 4 in MFF FB PAGE but everyone ignored my posts..
    But now, it’s OFFICIAL
    Damn, I love this game..
    I can play this game forever!!

  • I can’t grasp the idea of the animated icons having any value. Like why would you spend any tokens for them unless the other options were utter shit, and why would you spend real money for them.

  • Am i missing something? As far as i know, this epic quest can’t be play yet and will be release soon. How u can access it now? Someone tell me

  • In Deadpool epic quest it was easier to get Colossus however since we had 2 x faction battles where we got Colossus bios. I had actually my Colossus on T2 before Fantomex and Domino, even since i used 3, 4 and 5 star RUTs on them i think.
    Of course we can maybe get also faction battles for Victorius later, or get some bios maybe for the tokens of the last event?

  • Not only will we have to T3 Starlord to get Beta Ray Bill, but i suspect we’ll be required to have Odin at 6*, because he appears in his 6 skill. I hope I’m wrong.

  • I am class 1 in Dynastycrusher, we just clean house and we are looking for new recruits. Alliance level is 30 and store level is 10, Alliance Battle and Alliance conquest participation is required. Join DynastyCrusher!

  • You don’t have to T3 Star Lord, you’ll get it as epic quest completion rewards, some people might waste resources as per your advice.
    IGN: AppleUmar

  • Having to T3 Starlord is fucking bullshit
    Not having Phylla-Vell bios farmable like Darkhawk is fucking bullshit
    I’m still really excited about this update introducing some amazing characters but why do they keep making these awful decisions that will obviously rub people the wrong way…

  • so making other players complet the new epic quest and super delay them from progressing their most needed roster or favorable character cause of starlord.yeah thats a bummer

  • I got the impression that this quest was just about stealing energy and a huge amount of resources I have gathered so far. I hate it. I am also hesistant to spend the essense of dimenstion 800 here. I didn’t do it yet.

  • Cynicalex, in the comics Punisher have the power of revenge because mephisto give to he that and after Galactus give to Punisher the power of cosmic.

  • Alex, keep the info coming… I have looked at 1 or 2 other ppl that do this and they dont do it as well as you. Keep doin what ya doin pimpin

  • Good videos I’ve been watching for a while now and as a f2p player you’ve been great at helping me manage my resources

    CaptUnitedStates Please roast away

  • Ok, first they give digimon T3 animation to sharog, now luffy animation for mr. Fantastic & just wait cap marvel T3 will be kamehameha or energy ball animation.

  • How does moon girl get a new uniform before storm. Makes no sense to me. Storm is an older character with like 3/4 iconic looks. Other than that, I’m excited for this update. Wish we got silver surfer tho. But that could still come later. The only other character I’m praying for is iceman. X-men can’t be complete without him.

  • Ahahaha was about to move on to heroic quests/build T2 natives after just completing the 3rd one (wolverine) and this comes out rip my resources and time lol I have to do it

  • Skrull, Surfer and Namor are all that this update needs now. Foresee tons of characters getting honorary costumes soon. Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Wolverine?

  • https://youtu.be/nS889ZTd59A
    Fantastic Four 6 character 3 uniforms 1Tier 3 in Hindi
    11:30 AM IST update complete in India
    11:00 AM update complete in Pakistan
    12:00pm update complete in Bengladesh
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  • Does this mean Mr.Fantastic is a good counter to Stryfe since he’s immune to fracture? i was kinda expecting it tbh coz he is elastic and cant break any bone

  • Pretty sure other comments have mentioned but at that point in time in GotG Gladiator was the ruler.
    I agree they should just give everyone enough mat to T3 starlord…. at least 90%
    Aside from that pretty much expected for the epic quest to remain unchanged or newer players drawn in from this event will be turned away. remember anything that is slightly delayed for us veterans is probably a month’s worth for newer accounts

    I am still happy about the overall release, did do most of the galactic char justices. Can’t wait to finally get my hands on richard rider (now to save up to 6600 crystals though….) I am fine with slowly getting him though.

  • …so nm added a character that does damage via an percentage of her hp? Quick, call the guy that put 8 HP iso-8s on his wolverine!

  • I swear as soon as the update drops I’m going to go into skill preview and watch beta ray bill’s awaking skill for as long as I can


  • OH MY FREAKING GOSH NOT AGAIN first I had to choose between magneto and psylock for the 6,600 purchase thingy and I went with magneto now I have to choose between Susanne and psylock if anyone is reading this which do you think I should go for

  • Victorious is not an original character of Marvel Future Fight, her first appearance will be on Fantastic Four #6 (2019) to be released on January 16th

  • This happens every update, we get new stuff everything looks cool then afterwards it’s a fuck up. keep pushing man maybe one day they will actually hear our pleas for good content

    IGN biggest man 10

  • In 2016 I bought Thor Ragnarok uni only for an infinity war uni to better it a few months later… Now I bought crystal’s uni during black friday cuz I like her a lot and out of the blue they drop a more powerful and cool uni… Just my Luck

  • they confused the shit out of us about the epic quest main character, everyone after reading the dev notes was thinking that SL was the main bu NM says nope u r wrong but u have to level him up
    i was like whaaaaat, how can they possibly fuck this up so hard.
    Everyone: how many bad updates u want for 2020?
    Netmarble: yes
    IGN: DoktorDarkos (roast me senpai)

  • For me I liked it because it bumped my star lord to level 70 without having to spend the resources for it. It might not be equal worth but it did give me more than just 50 energy.

  • I didn’t notice that you have to get all characters to get dr doom well now I just waited for no reason I’m not working on nun of these characters

  • This new update is trash. I’m tired of having to tier 2 several useless characters just to get the one I want. In example, doctor doom

  • I’m a hardcore Nova fan and I want Nova so bad sadly he isn’t f2p and when I farm enough crystals I’m forced to buy magneto instead because Jean is ‘stronger’ and ‘better’ so there’s no choice this game needs some rebalancing this is not ok

  • She Hulk deserves way much more. She should be up there with the heavy hitters like Hulk. Where is her heal prop?Attack buff etc…