Doing Our Part During Quarantine


We’re Having a Sleepover During the Quarantine

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What Is Lexi Hensler Doing During Quarantine? | Stay Home With Me

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100 Things To Do When You’re BORED in QUARANTINE!!

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What To Do When You’re Bored During Quarantine!

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Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self

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24 Hours with 6 Kids in Quarantine

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What Is Lexi Hensler Doing During Quarantine? | Stay Home With Me

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Video taken from the channel: Kurt Tocci


VAN LIFE | HOW TO QUARANTINE Living in a VAN | Escaping the Pandemic | Part 2

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100 Things To Do When You’re BORED in QUARANTINE!!

Video taken from the channel: kyra gusdal


What To Do When You’re Bored During Quarantine!

Video taken from the channel: Jeanine Amapola


Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self

Video taken from the channel: Julie Nolke

2 days ago · A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Good Subscriber Account active since DOW S&P 500 NASDAQ 100 An envelope. It indicates the ability to. If you are under a self-quarantine because of possible exposure and then develop a fever, a cough or shortness of breath, call your doctor, local hospital or public health department to find out. We Can’t Buy Our Way Out Of Quarantine | Stephanie Burns.

These are great reminders for us all as we do our best to love on our families, run our businesses, homeschool, and do our part for. While most of our Front liners are doing their job to protect and lessen the spread of virus, let us also do our part to stay at home and be safe. Our Quarantine Morning Routine.

Pre-Boot Camp Quarantine for Navy, Marines May Continue Into Next Year mitigation procedures to protect our force and continue our mission,” Sands said during the call. expensive part. If you have been instructed by public health to quarantine for any other reason (for example, you have been in close contact with a case), inform your local public health authority of your status as an essential worker and follow their directions. We can all do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. During the quarantine period, no one else should be in the living quarters other than those in the Travel Party, including hotel staff or delivery persons, as applicable. Food must be.

Collectively, we understand the goodness of “flattening the curve” by each of us doing our part to slow the spread of the virus. COVID-19 is not the only epidemic we are facing. COVID-19 is. By only accepting information from medical experts, we can do our part to tamp down the panic. Make creative use of our time in isolation While those who are infected may be quarantined, many of us.

Americans are stocking up on alcohol during quarantine, but experts are urging people not to overdo it. Support from readers like you helps us do our best work. A Part of Hearst Digital.

List of related literature:

The quarantine will only last a few minutes in each case, but by then you’ll be through.”

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Ideally, quarantine should be performed as a separate program.

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Quarantine has been used throughout history to stop the spread of disease.

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No specific precautions are required for those sharing the household with a person in quarantine as long as the person remains asymptomatic.

“Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness” by Jeffrey R. Ryan
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Quarantine does not work to reduce the incidence of a disease not transmitted through regular contact.

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Quarantine usually takes place in the home and may be applied at the individual level or to a group or community of exposed persons.

“Learning from SARS: Preparing for the Next Disease Outbreak: Workshop Summary” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Global Health, Forum on Microbial Threats, Katherine Oberholtzer, Laura Sivitz, Alison Mack, Stanley Lemon, Adel Mahmoud, Stacey Knobler
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Quarantine is indeed one of the best methods of infectious disease control.

“Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician” by Bonnie Ballard, Ryan Cheek
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Quarantine is a ‘presumptive isolation’.

“Community Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates, 2nd edition-Ebook” by Bhalwar Rajvir
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Quarantine action is better received and followed if it is based on cooperation between concerned groups rather than on a unilateral compulsion.

“Seed-borne plant virus diseases” by K. Subramanya Sastry
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If no symptoms appeared at the end of the quarantine, then the travelers were permitted to disembark.

“Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy” by Joseph A. Angelo
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  • Hello guys,nice to meet you at the Restaurant over Williston Florida how was the food? I didn’t realize right away was you guys, so glad to see you doing fine keep on your adventures,,,,,

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  • 0_0 um see really good how can you song so really covid-19 know we tv so see and well how see go way up make go you really funny how -_-

  • And here on Friday night, August 21st, we now have TWO hurricanes heading simultaneously for the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast. Expected to arrive Tues morning or afternoon. 2020 isn’t over yet…

  • My 4 year old daughter insists on watching this almost every single night before bed. We’ve done parts 2 and 3 too, but she always comes back to this…again…and again…and again. I don’t even hate it yet though so that says a lot!������

  • Wow you really struggled making this video all I got was 1. Clean you house 2. Write letters and read its like a video of what my dad tells me every day to that are soooooooo boring and bad

  • when she said we probably only have like 1 month of quarantine left i immediately went to look at the date this was posted, turns out were still in quarantine… its been 3 months

  • I am so bored I started getting ready for school on July 15, 2020 whwn really school starts on Augest 24, 2020
    Just getting my mind and outfuts ready and stuff like that..

  • Yeah so my hobbies now are baking bread, fermented hot sauce, wine making, soap making, resin casting and bullion stacking. I even finished my honey do list. It’s amazing how productive you can be when you have free time.

  • All these van channels are all the same using there birds to click bait people into watching there channel i have clicked on it to make this point not too watch try doing something else instead of flashing yours birds arise in people’s faces.

  • I’m soooo bored and nobody wants to play board games even, it was easy in the first bit and in a month and a day from now it will be my 13th birthday and I’m scared I’m going to be bored on my birthday

  • Your past self has seen one.
    No need to explain.
    Your living lives over and over and that is pure fact.

    Not religious, I just have this connection with spirits that began when I was a child.
    They have taught me stuff I’d rather not know, such as your life is planned.

  • Future Julie: So do you want the good or bad news?

    Past Julie: ehhh good yeah good news.

    Future Julie: oh wait I just remembered, there is none.

  • There was the Hong Kong Flu in 1969. Killed more people than Covid19. What did we do? Nothing! Schools, jobs, commerce, landing on the Moon. We did it All! Now people walk around looking like spacemen. Pathetic.

  • Future self: You’ll be fine but take vitamins, work out.

    Me (present self): I clearly survived without doing that and I discovered time travel during the pandemic as you are right in front of me! I don’t think I have anything to worry about. Off you pop back to the future.

  • From Slab City to North Shore to Borrego to Fish Cr. to Salton City then back to Slab City to Bombay to Chiraco… none of it is far from civilization…
    Well Slab City is a little out there… in a different way. Good thing you weren’t in Fish Cr. a few day earlier… Skate’n the old pool at Slab City on the Tony Alva board, nice… Cool van…

  • Me 4 years from now: “2020? I remember it was bad, but I dont remember why….”

    And then when I go watch one of those “A look back to 2020” videos, I’ll be like: “Wait, that actually happened?

    “Oh yeah….. it did. I remember now…”

  • am i the only one watching lexi saying you should get up have a good day even tho we are stuck in quarantine do some pushups write a gratatude list take a shower get ready talk to friends anything just like put the evert into you yourself because you need to love yourself. thinking lexi should be a mental heath councalor??
    i mean come on! she sound like she would!
    we all love you lexi!!

  • We are very happy you guys are way out in the desert ��. You don’t have the police telling you what to do, so just cnn msnbc CBS fox and all the other fear porn telling you to run hide and stay away from society because of the scary flu virus that come around every year.

  • I recommend to any curious person to use your search engines to locate the documentary titled: “Plandemic ll Indoctornation (Full Movie)” Big Pharma now has a hold on controlling their ‘official narrative’. Facebook and Youtube have censored the documentary. So if you want to follow the money trail, then I recommend this excellently produced, newer version of Plandemic llIndoctornation.

  • And I’m from 8 months into the future here to inform you that the summer heat in fact did absolutely nothing to help slow it down.

    All songs for were written and performed by myself
    Costumes were made from articles of clothing in my closet!
    -Lefou/Gastons wig was a 50s house wife wig I cut and styled from its original state
    -Gaston’s gloves are rubber kitchen gloves
    -Aladdins costume is from a show when I did as a kid. Yes. It still fits
    -Lumieres candles were paper towels
    -Baloos outfit was a grey hoodie, pillow, and mickey ears
    -Hercules “robe” was a shower curtain
    -The Mulan outfit is an actual ninja costume
    -Elsas cape is that same shower curtain
    -Ariels bra are coffee filters
    most wigs I have had from random projects in the past but I ordered a few from Amazon!
    Yes, my neighbors stare at me when they see me lol

    CHARACTER/SONG/MOVIE in order of appearance!
    Rafiki”Circle Of Life’Lion King
    Lefou/Gaston”Gaston”Beauty and the Beast
    Aladdin “A Whole New World” Aladdin
    Lumiere -“Be Our Guest”-Beauty and the Beast
    Baloo”Bare Necessities”The Jungle Book
    Hercules”Go The Distance”Hercules
    Cptn Li Shang”I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”Mulan
    Elsa”Let It Go”Frozen
    Ariel”Part Of Your World”The Little Mermaid

  • Pandemic? More like the Dem-panic. Another fake crisis to destroy our beloved President Donald John Trump, and steal the 2020 Election, using “mail-in” votes. It Won’t Work! The Great Awakening is upon us!