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One explanation for the association between eating at night and weight gain is the tendency for late eaters to eat more calories overall. Regardless of timing, eating more calories than you need. Northwestern University researchers found that eating at night led to twice as much weight gain even when total calories consumed were the same. Eating late at night has also been associated with weight gain. Some factors that may lead you to eat late at night are stress, consuming unhealthy fats during the day and not eating enough all day.

There are some studies on humans that do show a correlation between late night eating and weight gain. A And again, those eating late at night tend to gain more weight than those who don’t. However, if you’re reading Nerd Fitness, you’re smart.

And you know that correlation doesn’t prove causation. Zaman A., et al. Eating later in the day may be associated with obesity. As such, eating the extra calories is the reason for weight gain rather than the timing. Night Can Affect Food Choices – Those who eat late at night often make poor food choices.

They are more likely to select foods that are higher in calories and that have very little nutritional value. Study Says Late-Night Eating Really Does Make You Gain Weight Nighttime eating—even the healthy kind—may cause weight gain and contribute to other concerning health risks. According to the clip, there is a correlation between eating at night and obesity, but it’s not the act or timing of snacking that’s to blame. It’s what people are putting into their mouths that’s the problem.

At night, people are more likely to eat starchy, calorie-filled foods like ice cream and pizza, which can contribute to weight gain. Effects of Eating Late Eating late at night can cause weight gain, according to a study reported by the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. A June 2017 report in Penn Medicine News showed that participants not only gained weight, but they also had higher glucose and insulin levels and less energy. Late-night snacks can have a place in your child’s healthy diet as long as they are figured into his daily caloric intake so he is not eating more than he needs.

KidsHealth reports that traditional late night snacks, such as potato chips, are high in calories and low in nutrition, which can cause.

List of related literature:

Weight gain from late-night snacking may come from eating out of habit, boredom, or stress—not hunger—and from eating more calories than planned.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
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Weight gain caused by short sleep is not just a matter of eating more, but also a change in what you binge eat.

“Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” by Matthew Walker
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Or, if you ate dinner very late the night before, the scale may mirror what your body is still processing, not what is in your fat cells.

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
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But the same number of calories consumed at the evening meal or later will result in weight gain.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
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The overall body of research on the effects of nighttime eating on body weight and body composition in humans indicates that a habit of snacking in the evening does not automatically sabotage efforts to get leaner.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
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In some cases, people start suffering from “night-eating syndrome,” a condition that leads to a decrease in appetite in the morning, increased hunger and eating at night, and difficulty losing weight.These people typically have high levels of cortisol.

“Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss” by Mark Hyman
from Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss
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Metabolic and postsurgery data clearly indicates that night eating should not be merely considered as a component of the case history of BED, and suggests however that this behavior can lead to weight gain regardless of disinhibition and the loss of control over food intake.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
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Circadian timing of food intake contributes to weight gain.

“Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport” by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
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You won’t gain weight from eating late — that’s a myth.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
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excessive night­time hunger and junk food cravings.63 It is highly likely the body causes this hormonal disturbance deliberately when the FAT Programs are on because eating at night is the best way to make you fat!

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
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  • I eat around 7 and I never get done hungry but by 10 o’clock I get kinda hungry and I drink a lot of water but it doesn’t really satisfy it

  • Correction:melatonin is produced at night and this tells the pancreas to go to sleep which means stops releasing insulin into blood… And so if you eat late at night your blood sugar will stay high and this is proven to cause cancer or alzaheimers risks to increase

  • Oh thank god!
    I am a mother of two and finally losing the weight (4,7 kg already gone… 50 or so to go?! ^^)
    And I absolutely adore having dinner as soon as the kids are in bed. Like that I can really enjoy the food.

    But till now I thought this will ruin all my hard work during the day

  • My thinking is, if you’re already eating at a calorie deficit, why would it matter if any of those calories were before bed? Like, if your BMR is 2,000cal and you only eat 1,500cal in a day, why would it matter the timing?

  • i think he meant a calorie deficit is when you eat your normal caloric intake for the day, then burn off calories from working out that same day would put you at less calories then your standard caloric intake.

  • in the beginning of the video, I was already thinking about a follow up question about intermittent fasting, and you brough it up! Can you do a more detailed video on it? I tried it for 5 days, but felt awful by the end of the day (headaches and achy feeling as if i were sick).

  • i am 52 and looking to lose 50lbs. IS doing 10,000 steps a day good enough for activity or should i do some cardio also. I am tryng to stay around 2000 calories and intermitted fasting 16/8

  • Ima eat my mothafucking clean chicken before bed, been doing it for years and I never got fat just eat clean shit people!!

    Edit: not actual shit but you know that good shit

  • Me: Watching video about how eating at night makes you fat isn’t entirely true

    YouTube: Recommends video with title “this is why you shouldn’t eat at night”

  • Taco Bell after a third job day of work and then off to bed about 30 minutes later…I’ll just take the emergency exit over there…

  • Now I’m scared to eat ever again thanks lol I need to gain weight but never really thought of eating during the night or to late could make my body work harder during the night preventing from rest

  • So If I eat 1500 calories a day that means i have to burn 1500 on exercises? But you burn so little when exercising… I mean 1 minute of burpes almost kills you and yet you only lose 11 calories a minute

  • The reason why I didn’t eat before sleep, it’s because I will sleep and I will not feel hungry
    So it’s better to save the calories for another time:)

  • I work in the afternoons and sometimes don’t get home til around midnight. I don’t snack but I’m usually hungry for a meal at that time. Hopefully what you’re saying is true because it’s hard to not eat before bed and it’s hard to get rid of belly fat which is one of my fitness goals.

  • @TheNLHunting Thank you for your comment. In future we will make our references more visible. if you go to the healthy eating section on the Streaming Well website and look for the video you will find the reference at the bottom of the page.

  • But then again sumo wrestlers eat a lot before bed and according to them it builds up fat/muslce for them. people say it’s false but all I have to do is look at them and say it might be true

  • I drink coffee with butter and coconut oil morning 1-2 cups
    Go workout noon 12-3pm get some fruit after and a protein shake
    Evening i eat rice meat veggie at around 6, then i starve around 11-12 at night and eat some bread with cheese etc im not even sure if its much regarding macros highly doubt there is a total of 2000calories, workout 6days a week 3hours each session i do have belly fat everything else is fine though shoulder back chest leg arm… allways ate when i felt hungry regardless the hour

  • not gonna lie, but watch this

    i know they probably eat more calories than they need, but it’s definitely affects your belly. just watch yourself, they were athlete, they know what they’re doing, it’s better safe than sorry. if you want lean body don’t eat before bed.

  • I’m not sure I completely agree with this video because the most weight I’ve ever lost over the years was when I would stop eating at night and go to bed feeling a bit hungry. Even if I ate very little during the day but still got up in the middle of the night for late night snacks I could barely take off weight, I eventually learned that after 6pm I better not touch another ounce of food if I’m going to take off weight fast.

  • Just wanted to ask, If I only eat when i need energy does that make me a bad eater? Oh and when i eat a lot like when i’m craving i don’t seem to gain anything, though my metabolism isn’t that great. the weight gradually increases as i grow. Btw i’m 17

  • I always watch these videos and I don’t understand a single word he’s saying but I just keep watching till the end to see the final answer��������

  • This is far more complicated than just how it digests. Certain types of foods at what time and what level of sleep you get and what type of body you have and what type of lifestyle you lead. Its the same complications with eating during the day. Eating carbs before sleep is good generally your body needs them where as fat or high meat content really only matters if you have worked a lot previous to the meal. Just basically learn about you and your body dont just follow a general rule.

  • Very nice video.
    I like the different point of view based on scientific reviews!
    In my case, I’m a big supporter of intermittent fasting. I’ve lost 30pounds the last couple months and added a lot of workout. Anyway, I don’t think breakfast is necessary. I don’t starve for food until 6 to 8 hours after waking up and it’s perfectly fine. But! That’s my opinion and feel free to sh*t on me.

    I’m a man 178cm/105kg. I eat a lot at night because of my schedule, and I workout heavy for 1h30/2h right before I sleep. But sometimes I eat too much fruits (unfortunately high in sugar) after my workout and I go over my calories recommended (by 400cal over).
    And the main rule of FAT LOSS is “eat less than you burn!”.
    So if I Go to sleep, Does it turns to fat still? Or if I add some Hiit cardio or short intense workout with after-effect burning would help me to “re-catch” the calorie deficit?

  • I have lost 82 pounds, and I have kept the first 30 of those pounds for over a year. I eat after midnight often, but I still control myself.

  • Thank you! Finally a person that makes sense!! People keep telling me to stop eating late, but I don’t start eating until 10ish 11ish most days. And on top of that, I’m a vegan, so I eat extremely clean. If I want to have my last meal at 10pm, I will and people shouldn’t tell me that I’m gonna gain weight.

  • Very good video. I don’t eat after 6:00 pm period. I am moderately active, but not losing much weight. I was using ACV to assist in weight loss but stopped for a while. I’m in the process of evaluating my food intake and will start again with ACV.

  • Hi Dr Phoenyx. I was curious to know what you think about the vegan diet/lifestyle? so many people are beginning to follow it and its getting very popular. It sparks such a huge controversy i’d really like to know your opinion. A lot of people disagree with it while others jump right on board. I’ve been vegetarian for about 6 months now and i’m thinking of giving it a try. I’d really like to know what facts and opinions you have on the subject!(:

  • I work till late. Meal prepping doesn’t work for me. every night I come home, workout, freshen up, cook dinner, eat it and then go to sleep! and I have gained so much weight after getting this job.

    What should I do? skip dinner?:(

  • Hi there, I’m 53 and just need to lose 7 lbs but I am struggling to shift them. Any ideas? I sometimes feel that I don’t eat enough but I really watch my diet xx

  • Yes it’s TRUE I have gained a lot when I eat before I sleep… I’ll just skip eating breakfast and lunch to get back to the same weight… I eat eggs and Turkey in moderation at.night and I have a belly. And its disgusting…

  • No it’s wrong. When we eat the dinner in late night we give too much work for our mind. During our sleep our mind is responsibility for building muscles and boosting memory so as so if it’s given too much work can’t be done properly at last we gain weight and not be getting full benefits of sleep

  • I just had some cooked breast chicken with mushrooms cooked in butter.
    There goes my health.
    Anyways thanks for the tip, I’m making some changes.

  • Stop saying the word “study” or new study it’s driving me insane with all these know-it-alls. And of course u should wait one hour before going to bed after eating

  • The statement insulin is higher mid day and at night is totally irrelevant. Insulin is secreted as a response to eating. If course it’s fucking higher later in the day, you already ate!

  • In my case I’m trying to gain weight because I’m skinny but I workout before and I do a lot. I have a well balanced meal is that still increasing my chance of getting cancer?

  • when you say burn more calories rhan you eat, do uou mean like for example, you eat 2000 calories a day and you have to burn 2500 calories or less? becauee then you will just go into starvation mode. or do you mean eat calories at your BMR and then burn 500 calories?

  • Great great video! I’ve been watching your videos for some weeks now and I love them! I intend to start a channel myself, here in Brazil, so I have a question about technology, if you don’t mind:-) Here it is: how do you lock the camera to your eyes? This effect is just hypnotizing!