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I Saw Results Within 13 Days of This Workout | (REAL RESULTS + WORKOUT)

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The BEST Way To Grow Your Glutes | Booty Building Advice & Workout

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Video taken from the channel: Krissy Cela


Guide to Building A perfect Booty

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THE BEST At Home BOOTY Workout // No equipment

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The Registered Dietitian’s Complete Guide To Building The Perfect Booty It’s 2016 and all the girls are after that perfect round booty and muscular, toned legs. How exactly do you get more junk in the trunk? I am referring to. Build the Perfect Booty. Everybody wants to be healthy and look good.

But all good things take time and shaping your body to meet your standards is no easy task. There are, however, certain ways to speed up fat loss and tone your muscles in targeted areas of your body. Boot-cut and flared jeans balance out the hips and rear for a slimming effect. Long pant legs make your legs look longer and your booty smaller.

And back pockets can do much to buff up your butt. My Fitness Journey | Finding Happiness & Building My Booty Duration: 22:58. Meggan Grubb 1,058,850 views. BUILD YOUR HIPS Exercises to FIX. A Guy’s Guide To Building Great Glutes “Guys train legs; they don’t focus on glutes,” my editor told me, as he once more shot down my idea for a “Men’s Guide to Glutes” training feature.

The truth is, he may have been right—at least once upon a time. And be sure to include some kind of leg curl to complete your. THE PERFECT BOOTY BUILDING PROGRAM.

FOR WOMEN OF ANY FIGURE! Booty King will give you the blueprint that has helped thousands of woman shape up the perfect booty. Do you think you have what it takes?

Ready to accept the perfect booty Program? START TODAY. LOGIN. road to bigger glutes. workout programs. Come up a few inches, then lower back down to complete one rep.

Continue without fully extending your legs. 2. Squat Kick The Woman With the Internet’s Most Famous Ass Demonstrates a Perfect. Indoor cycling is becoming more and more popular as cyclists, runners, and triathletes dodge frigid winter rides in favor of training in the comfort of their own homes. With apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad popping up, in. This is your complete guide on how to build a drawer.See all the tips and tricks you need to know to build perfect drawers every time – even for beginners!

We think you might also enjoy How to use a Kreg Jig and My favorite woodworking tools. This PC build guide puts together the best components available to make you a rock-solid high-end gaming PC that should keep you happy for a couple of years.

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Step Four: The torso life stretch.

“The Subtle Body Practice Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Healing” by Cyndi Dale
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Now I can triumph in style, laden with booty.

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Step 6: Respect your body!

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • This workout is great but it is not for growing or building glutes. You just make them perky, but to grow the glutes from flat ones into peach like ones you need heavy weights and a lot of protein of carbos in your diet. This super pretty girl genetically has peach like glutes. It is all about genetics otherwise you need hard and lengthy work on your glutes

  • I used to do this and saw no results but then I did other videos and saw a little results and then lost my butt again SOO I’m going back to this for a week then ima get another workout if I don’t see results, I’m gonna take before and after pics to see if I’m seeing results everyday:)) I’ll also update! Btw I’m 13 years old and i would have a hourglass Shape if it wasn’t for hip dips ����

  • Just did this for the 3rd time, been doing it once a week for 3 weeks in addition to other Heather workouts & am able to see improvement in the ability to complete the sets & able to have more control. Thank you so much Heather you are huge contribution to my home excessive regime ❤️����

  • The fact that you’re so underage makes me feel even worse about myself �� because I’m in my mid-20s and I hate that I’ve gone this far without taking my body’s health into consideration actually doing something about it. Especially my flat pancake butt. Good for you girl keep going, it’s keeping me inspired and motivated and actually exercising.

  • Day 1 measurements: 38in around my booty and 20in around my thigh
    Day 1: oof this is hard, I’m sore. First workout I’ve ever done where my glutes are actually sore not just my legs!
    Day 2: woke up sore but not terrible, did the workout but I did use a chair for squatting support
    Day 3: crazy sore today, I skipped the leg splits and the lateral lunges bc I didn’t want to hurt myself, Did every other step in the workout though
    Day 4: I stretched for twice as long as I did the other days and I think it definitely helped, I started with the glute bridges and ended with the Bulgarian squares and lateral lunges.
    Day 5: it felt a bit easier today but was still a challenge! I may do another set later today will update if I do
    Day 6: still going strong, it’s getting easier but is still challenging
    Day 7: it’s Sunday and I’m lazy lol I’ll do it tomorrow

  • THIS WAS AMAZING. I have been working out with YouTube workouts for more than 4 years now. I have NEVER felt my booty burn this much until now. I literally cannot walk downstairs anymore. thank you for this awesome workout! please upload new ones!!

  • This is my ideal body type i want, i love chloe ting but she’s too thin in thigh and booty area so gotta change my routine now����

  • I will definetly incorporate sumo deadlifts into my routine, thanks for the video, most of the “butt routine” videos in YT are for begginers, glad to find some hardcore excercises to build muscle fast 😉

  • I tried this workout and I felt sore the next day thank you so much! One of the best workouts I had in a while. Can’t wait to see the results

  • Finally, somebody who knows what she is talking about. Nice isolated workout. You create such a fantastic environment. Great pace control, with enough time to transition between exercises and target the desired muscles. I love the fact that you include stretch exercises during and after the routine.
    Seriously, I finally found somebody giving a lesson and helping others to be healthier and stronger, not only focused on making money through Youtube. Thank you, you have earned a subscriber here.

    Click Here To Join “Glorious Glutes” My 5-Week Glute Focused Workout Program:

    Warm up:
    StairMaster 5 min.

    Glute Activation Exercises:
    1-Leg Hip Thrust 8 Reps For Each Leg
    Superset Together With
    Donkey Kicks 8 Reps For Each Leg
    3 Rounds In Total

    Reverse Lunges To Goblet Squats
    Reverse Lunges: 4 Reps For Each Leg
    Goblet Squats: 4 Reps
    3 Sets In Total

    Side Step Up
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps For Each Leg

    Hip Thrust
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps

    Donkey Kicks On Smith Machine
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps For Each Leg

    Cable Sidekicks
    3 Sets Of 8 Reps For Each Leg

    Hope you enjoyed the video! LMK if you have any questions.. Peace <3

  • Okay, so challenge accepted. I’m gonna share with you my results (you can ask me for photos later so you can compare with me if it works)
    1 DAY: HIIT + this workout + 300 lunges in ladder (150 on each side) -> loooot of sweat
    2 DAY: HIIT + this workout + 300 lunges in ladder (150 on each side) -> still lot of sweat but see progress in making moves

  • I’ve done this and I can truthfully say it does work within 13 days. There is progress, and I actually enjoy doing this workout sm that I’m continuing to do it, once you establish a routine and you’re consistent with it, you see results, you’re gonna wanna do it more and more:)

  • Good job girlfriend…love your work…this ia my moldovian sexy fitness tips for your butt… against coronavirus ������

  • I will update in 2 weeks. I added more reps.

    Workout starts at 4:36

    20 Normal Squats
    20 Bulgarian Squats (L)

    20 Bulgarian Squats (R)

    25 Side Lateral Lunges (L)

    25 Side Lateral Lunges (R)

    25 Glute Bridges

    30 Glute Bridges with a Leg Extension (L)

    30 Glute Bridges with a Leg Extension (R)

    15 Superman Holds

    30 Donkey Kicks (L)

    30 Donkey Kicks (R)

    20 Rainbow Kicks (L)

    20 Rainbow Kicks (R)

  • Thanks so much for sharing Bella. I want to ask if you will also please put how much weight to use for these and just in future videos. I have noticed that in many YouTubers blogs that the amount of weight is not listed. I have seen fitness models work out constantly and actually lose their butt for some reason. It just gets really tight and small. What weight amount and progression should be used to build and grow the glutes rather than just tighten them?

  • Far out, i intensely dislike this “gotta get a fat ass” drive….. If you want a fat man ass then by all means go for this workout but all you are going to get is a fat male bodybuilder butt and personally, they are massive turnoffs for me. Pick exercises that DONT involve a lot of weight and try for that lovely Kylie Minogue bum, an Australian treasure: firm, pert buttocks and doesnt look like a russian bodybuilder in a thong…… Im not saying the creator is wrong and her exercise choice is well thought out and works well IF you want a bodybuilders ass…if you dont want to look like Ivan though, pick different exercises or reduce the weights.

  • What is she doing with her back??? Especially with the glute bridges?? Why does she arch it like that? Ive never seen anyone else do it like that.. is it safe?

  • “25 kg for my uk fans”

    No, baby, 25kg for aalmost all other person in this world, with some exceptions, that probably never see this.

  • Progressions
    1. do every exercise with the resistance band a little lower (it becomes a lot harder to do the movements)
    2. increase the reps of exercises
    3. increase the time in the squat walks
    4. make the time you take to complete each rep longer, for example, take four seconds going down into the lunge and four seconds to come back up this really burns
    5. decrease the rest time between sets and between each superset
    7. find a way to elevate your feet during the glute bridges
    8. make your squats wider during the first exercise
    9. instead of alternating legs for each rep to the same leg over and over for 10 and then switch to the other leg (I hope that made sense)
    10. if you want you can do the whole workout twice

    I know it’s hard to do progressive overload right now, so I tried to make this all stuff that you can do without having to get more equipment. Hope this was helpful:)

  • I’ve been doing this workout routine for like 6 weeks now and I wanna say thank you, I see a great improvement already, my booty and legs never looked and felt so good before✨❤️

  • Hey guys!! I’m want to start working out these days so I’m looking for effective workout videos. Can anyone tell me about their results from this one? Is it worth it? How many times per week do you do it? And also, do you do any other glute workouts apart from this one? Thank you!

  • i think this booty workout is going to work out for me i tried it for my first time and i really felt it!! i will update ya’ll in a few weeks if it works

    edit day 2 of doing this workout at home and i really like it and i’m definitely feeling the workout in my but:)

  • cani get the same results if I do these workout at home? can’t afford gym just right now. thanks. love your vids. keep up the great work and the great vids.xoxo

  • totally an awesome work out. Glutes feel great!!!!!! Very relaxed workout yet effective and tense. GREAT ONE!!! thank you so much.

  • I agree that if you want a bigger butt you need some weight, but also its true that the very important thing is to burn the muscle, I mean, breaking it so it can turn bigger, and that´s possible too with no weight, and no resistance bands, the only thing you need is doing more repetitions and changing the exercises, then you will need more time of workout, and when you are strong enough then is safty to add some weight little by little, so you can´t suffer any muscle injury, this is really important too, doing exercises poquito a poco, ánimo from Spain!!

  • Why every girl today wants an ass like niki minaj. Its ugly girls. I mean youre ass is pretty now in the stadium. Grow your glutes 6 month more and you grow youre sexy butt into an big ugly niki butt. Pls realise that

  • Ok am I the only one who was totally deceived going into this workout? I thought eh 20 minutes no weights shouldn’t be that bad.! When she said ok we just finished warming up the glutes after the 3rd set of bridges I knew I was in trouble. Booty on ��! Great workout. Don’t let time or lack of equipment fool you.

  • I have fat thighs and this is probably gonna make them bigger and my calves are also a bit muscly/fat then my knee is like skinny which makes my thighs and calves look weird soo

  • Can you tell me, if this exercises work for triangle body shape women? I’ve been exercising since Last week, but I really need to know, because usually women with my body type do not have booty and that’s my issue ��

  • To be honest. Your before ass photo was just as hot. Actually hotter. Looks more natural and real shapely. I wish you’d had used same kind of swim suit for the after pic and not that one that really is dug in there.

    For most women your before ass shot is their after photo.

    You know what I mean?

  • Its possible to gain muscle & loose fat at the same time as long as you don’t eat too little or too many callries, get enough sleep lift weights do just a little light cardio, eat 60% protean & green vegitables, take createan, drink plenty of water & strech mucles.

  • Biggest, Smallest, Strongest: Here are the six most interesting muscles in your body.

  • This workout has been instrumental in relieving my sciatica pain after months of lockdown. Increased mobility after 1 workout. Decreased pain after 1 week. Almost complete absence of pain after 2 weeks of starting the day with this workout. No longer feel that tightened chord down my leg. Thank you for this, Heather! Maybe create a titled workout for sciatica relief in the future?

  • I cant do split squats because of my knee it makes a noise and then it’s over it hurts and i will not go any further. Is somebody here that has the same problems and knows what it’s causing?

    august 9:
    august 10:
    august 11:
    august 12:
    august 13:
    august 14:
    august 15:
    august 16:
    august 17:
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    august 21:
    august 22:
    august 23:
    august 24:
    august 25:
    august 26:
    august 27:
    august 28:
    august 29:
    august 30:
    august 31:
    september 1:
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    september 6:
    september 7:
    september 8:
    september 9:

  • Just boked a plane ticket to Greece and I’m leaving in 3 weeks. Quarantine got me hard!! Gained 10kg. I will do this workout probably every other day + abs on the same day. On the second day I will do arms and back. I will also try to add some walking/hiking/running.
    Day 1, August 8th
    76kg, Hips 109cm, left leg 69cm, right leg 68cm
    Day 1: ✅ did 15 reps of each exercise. It wasn’t super easy but it wasn’t hard either.

  • Hello bella, i just want to ask what exercise do you do to wide hips, i am really not looking good bcoz beside of not having big butt i also have no wide hips….����

  • Thank you so much, this is the best home glute workout I’ve found! So glad I have some bands haha! Just did this for the first time and my glutes are burning! Going to try this a few times a week:D

  • Starting my workout journey to make it a habit today Aug 10. I’ve completed the workout for the day. Stay tune for the update..
    I won’t be like the other people that haven’t updated. I GOT YOU GIRL!

  • You’re not kidding about the split squats! Lunge movements are definitely tied with bridge/hip thrust movements as my favorite glute exercises!

  • Activation:

    Ankle Side to Side 3×10

    Ya Feet hurt from Heels 3×10

    Squat Jumps 25 reps

    Jumping Jacks w Feet Only 20 reps


    1) Squat + Side leg lift 10 reps each side w/ Hip Abductors 20 reps

    2) Banded stationary Lunges 15 reps w/ Squat Walks 30 secs

    3) Kickback fire hydrant 20 reps w/ Around the world 10 each way

    4) Glute bridge & hip abductor 15 reps w/ frog bridge 15 reps

  • The first time I did this workout, i definitely thought i wasn’t going to make it. Doing this again it’s starting to get easier for me. �������� I love these low impact workouts. Thank you for all that you do!

  • 12:04 the most important exercise to build a round booty! The only good exercise that addresses the gluteus medius directly. I wish my gym had this one. I can only exercise this with a resistance band:(

  • Hi, so i am wondering, do you do all the exercises the same amount and reps for each? I wish you would of added or said how much weigh for ea h exercice! ☹☺ also, sine you do two days, do you do one day with high weight and the 2nd day less amount of weight?

  • When she said “if you have knee problems I wouldn’t recommend doing this” I got sad bc I have really bad knee problems but I want my booty big ��

  • Hi! I love your videos, they help me a lot! But I have a question. I want tighter, shapelier booty, smaller inner thigh, and a bigger calf… I think I know how to train.. But is it ok to not eat more calories than my normal? Will I be able to see these results? Or what do you think what should I do?

  • Not even twelve seconds in the function n I’m tired out (had to go back make sure I did workouts I was struggling with I did right to a T)��

  • 4:37 (13 sentadillas)
    5:22 (14 repeticiones por pierna “sentadillas búlgaras divididas”)
    6:44 (18 repeticiones por pierna “estocadas laterales”)
    8:18 (16 puentes de glúteo)
    9:04 (21 repeticiones puentes de glúteo de una pierna)
    10:19 (6 salto de Superman)
    10:57 (23 patadas de burro)
    11:35 (13 patadas de arco iris)

  • So other than the only value of a bigger/better booty is getting pumped and dumped in the ass by average joe blow, why do you girls do it?

  • I’m 50 girl but I am gonna try, trunk is getting heavy Lolll I find when I see things with short work time and maximum yield. I’m encouraged. This is so Jane Fonda.

  • What a sloppy training! The move at 2:35 for example: there should be another band around the ankles, both bands should always have at least a little tension and her body was way to far forward so she actually failed to properly train the intended muscles (core, glutes, hip flexor) and instead compensated with lower back and hamstring. If you sit too much you make your back pain even worse.

    Good moves, but a crappy trainer. Correct execution is key!

  • Feel like I’m too scared to go try things with the barbell weights cause I don’t know what I’m doing. Also the weights section is always full of buff men.

  • Starting my workout journey to make it a habit today Aug 10. I’ve completed the workout for the day. Stay tune for the update..
    I won’t be like the other people that haven’t updated. I GOT YOU GIRL!

  • Thank you soo much for alternative abductions!! ��In my gym there is no hip abduction machine! Love the workout btw! Will try it today �� oh btw where did you get your leggings from??

  • A naturally transformed round lil booty beats a big deformed implanted booted any day. Ladies, just keep it pushing and be you. Gym, healthy nutrition, that’s all you need. ����

  • FOR THOSE LOOKINGIT BRINGS RESULTS �� in seven days I saw results and I worked out on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Rest days are important too��

  • this is exactly what i was looking for and i’m so pumped to execute this routine with my cardio and waist train, YASSSSSS i’m about to be SNATCHED ����

  • i’ve been doing this for 3 weeks, if i have to be really honest, it does work. but it does take quite a while to get the perfect results!! i’m still carrying on and waiting for the perfect results, definitely recommend to try this for at least 1 month!!

  • Thank you! Perfect when you can’t go to the gym. Finally found one that actually makes me sweat from home. I have a weighted jacket, ankle weights and resistance bands. I feel like I do after a gym workout! Girls, purchase some weights and do this for real results! Thank you gf!

  • See, any time I lose weight, when I gain it back, it just goes right back to my stomach. So I dont know if cutting then bulking would help anyway


  • Started using 30lbs on my hip thrusts using these techniques and omg I am so sore and definitely see a big improvement my hips are now 0.5 inches larger from my original 38” hips!

  • Great video! To the point. I have lifted since my teens but never did hip thrusts until recently. Thanks for showing proper form. Booty here I come!

  • Thank you! Ive been working out at home for 6 months and just recently join the gym, i dont know exactly what to do, your workout really does help

  • First day done! Even if I didn’t do the donkey kicks cause my bands would roll a LOT, I do fill my butt but mostly my legs hurt when I do certain movements. Hope I get results ♥️��

  • Hola hearther quiero felicitarte están padrísimos tu ejercicios los ago diario y dan un resultado fantástico todos están padres ojalá y no los quiten felicidades y saludos de México

  • This is literally the best workout. I’ve done some many workout and rarely feel the burn in my glutes. I feel like you feel the burn more when you do floor exercises instead of squats. Thank you x

  • Krissy your glutes look really nice and toned. However, if you added a little fat on top of your glutes, it will look super juicy!! Check out Stephanie Buttermore’s you tube. After she went “All In” Huge difference!!

  • I will be posting every day to keep you guys updated on my progress

    DAY 1✅. The pain was horrible
    glutes: 92
    Right leg:56
    Left leg:56

    DAY2:✅. I feel sore
    R leg:55����
    L leg:55

    DAY3:✅. Kinda hurts
    glutes: 92-91:((
    rleg: 56.5
    Lleg: 56.5

  • Lmao school is online but it starts in less than a week. Gotta start sometime lmao. Imma do this once my period ends, probably 2 more days. Then I’ll start this and try to give updates. Ps I’m flat but motivated ����

  • I’m screaming I got 10 minutes in and had to get up to get a drink and I couldn’t hear out of my left ear and my knees were giving out. I didn’t think I was THAT unfit omg

  • You cannot change the general shape of your muscles, you can make them larger, but they will still have the same shape as before, just bigger. You can’t make a flat ass a bubble butt, no matter how much you try. Well you can, but surgery is the only way to actually change the shape….sorry….

  • Guy seems like a chill good trainer!
    And gotta say, film from the side not at there as you said it…don’t wear pants where you can see everything in, simple…

  • fantastic workout! I find it very helpful to hear your guidance and follow-through rather. It makes for a much smoother workout. Thank you so very much!

  • My favorite part of your transformation it the legs and booty girl ��imma try your workouts starting tomorrow and imma do it everyday because I need this and I need the motivation to continue my goal is to see results and get to my body I want by
    it’s August 21,2020✌����
    Got 4 months LETS GOOO

  • Alright guys, pray for me. I’m doing this with ankle weights and a super heave rb ����

    Y’all I’ve been doing this at least once a week for about two months and my butt is so much stronger. I’ve even added dumbbells to this routine because I need it to be more challenging

  • I don’t know why but I don’t find hip thrusts to be effective in my case at all… I tried to do the proper form but I don’t know I still don’t feel it in my glutes. I have more burn after squads and lunges different variations than hip thrusts

  • i have always been really skinny and insecure about my body. I always start gaining weight but I lose motivation really quick. i’m going to try to do these workouts and I really hope this time I don’t give up.

  • Imma do this to monday Friday and take break on Saturday and Sunday Bc my mom and my dad is taking day off there so imma use these as my break ����

  • Ehy guys, i’m gonna TRY to do this even if I’m on holiday, I’ll do this workout every day taking some rest days like if you want me to update ����

  • This is what i’ve been doing. Is it normal you are having a difficult sitting position because the muscles or the glutes feel so burned everytime you sit for few minutes? Like watching tv or like doingnormal thing wyl sitting?

  • Can you share the weight you used for the bridge? �� I use 75lbs for the hip thrust (new to this and slowly increasing) but not sure what to use for the bridge!

  • Wow first time watching your videos and I love it you look sooo real and while u are working out looks like you have struggled like all of us! You give us hope!

  • Ok so I stared doing this workout last Monday, and I take off Fridays and Sunday’s off. Well this so far has worked for me. I have a pretty saggy booty, but I can tell a pretty significant difference. I plan on doing this for another 3 weeks, and adding a second workout with this. I’m happy with the results though!

  • I’m happy because swordworm on IG gave me the shock of my life…At first I doubted if they could actually hack my gf Snapchat account..Suprisely I gained access to her account without her knowledge…. swordworm is the best I can say.

  • Best booty workout ever! I really enjoyed it and could feel the burn especially in my outer butt (technical term ��). Thanks Heather! ����

  • Hello, I’m a new subscriber. Your video is amazing! U have such a great body. I’m so skinny and really want to gain weight and get toned but I am clueless on where to start. Can you tell me if I can start by copying what you do in this video or where do I start? Is it possible to get your body from working out at home? What equipment should I start off by buying? I would really appreciate a little guidance. Thank you!!! Keep up the great videos

  • Heyy thanks for everything but I have some questions to ask. I want to build my glutes but lose my belly fat as well. What should my diet be like?

  • That’s true about pain �� I’ve worked out and skipped the stretch. Good lord I could’ve called the cops and reported a hit and run by a Mack truck—as I am the victim ����. I refused to workout out the next day of course.. and as the 2nd day came along, I contemplated skipping again as well. For some reason I decided not too… and it was the best decision ever! I warmed up and during that time I endured the greatest battle between quitting and continuing as the pain is at it’s worse then. As time went on (as you’re getting warmer) it definitely subsided. I made sure to do a proper cool down and stretch right after my workout. I had NO PAIN whatsoever thereafter!!! I had to learn the hard way…STRETCHING AND WARM UP IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!❤️��❤️

  • Hey�� I was wondering, are there girls that would like to be in a groupchat on ig? We could motivate each other to keep going cause I know how difficult it can be. Also share some tips and tricks�� if yes, write your ig account����

  • This has been working for me. For the last 4 days, I can see a big difference.
    Background, I sit all day working, and I had begun working out with this vid. I started the workout this Monday, and I also incorporate chloe tings standing ab workout, and her 2 week abs vid. Today’s Thursday for reference. My butt gotten more shape, btw my butt was completely flat. Like I use to have a nice butt, but then my job had me stop really being active. So I’m excited for the rest of the month!!!!
    UPDATE MONDAY ( Week 2), I started this past week, and can see still more gains! I really do, and I have saddlebags that have also gone down! It’s great!
    UPDATE: Well this really has helped plump my butt up so far. It’s great, and I’m happy so far. It’s almost the end of my two weeks, and please if you have a flat butt, just do it.

  • Ima log my process and results but REMIND ME cuz ima forget �� I also only did this 3x week ok so ��33” Week 1 Day 1: ✅ phew definitely hurt but pushed through
    Week 1 Day 2: ✅Owwwwww

  • Booty workout is awesome Heather….
    Looking forward to heavy home workouts at home for thighs especially with dumbbells…if possible..

  • You talk about compound lifts but I didnt see any in the video? Squat, deadlift? Do you do mostly light weight accessory work as you do in this video?

  • Your form in awful in the first exercise and its a shame people are listening to you. You are being lazy about your form completely! You domt arch your back and stick your glutes out to squeeze. Watching this was embarrassing

  • heyy, imma do this workout with multiple other+ healthy diet.✨
    Waist: 81cm
    Hips: 101cm
    Thighs: 69cm
    Arms: 36cm
    Day 1✅: HELLA HARD, my booty&thighs were burning so hard, but i did it
    Day 2✅: sore+tired, did it but it was harder than yesterday
    Day 3❌: Decided not to workout today, very tired from other workouts, so i walked about 9k steps
    Day 4✅: feelin much better, my thighs look tighter, more toned from behind, so i think it works
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  • I am really thiny but i want to have more curves… how can i train for my curves but dont lose weight? I am from switzerland so my english is not really good… i am 13. I hope you see this… sorry for my english��

  • I think I’m gonna do this for 20 days to be sure and I hope it works! I’ll try to keep yall updated if yall want to

    DAY 1:It hurts so bad! I’m literally not gonna ve able to do it�� but I’ll try… I sweat everywhere!

    DAY 2:

    DAY 3:

    DAY 4:

    DAY 5:

    DAY 6:

    DAY 7:

    DAY 8:

    DAY 9:

    DAY 10:

    DAY 11:

    DAY 12:

    DAY 13:

    DAY 14:

    DAY 15:

    DAY 16:

    DAY 17:

    DAY 18:

    DAY 19:

    DAY 20:

  • Do you try to use a lighter weight for hip abduction? I used to go heavy but my gluteus medius grew making my glutes not have the perky shape! Since lowering the weight on hip abduction its so much more shapely! ��

  • Activation: Ankle Side to Side 3×10 Ya Feet hurt from Heels 3×10 Squat Jumps 25 reps Jumping Jacks w Feet Only 20 reps Exercise: 1) Squat + Side leg lift 10 reps each side w/ Hip Abductors 20 reps 2) Banded stationary Lunges 15 reps w/ Squat Walks 30 secs 3) Kickback fire hydrant 20 reps w/ Around the world 10 each way 4) Glute bridge & hip abductor 15 reps w/ frog bridge 15 reps

  • Doing every other day for 2 weeks.

    Day 1: done✅��
    Day 2: rest day but I’m very sore
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: rest day not really sore!
    Day 5: done✅
    Day 6: rest day
    Day 7: done✅

  • So I see u have a program but I want to grow my glutes n difine my legs n I also want to gain weight, do u think this program is good for me?

  • To everyone who thinks 2 years is too long, just be patient and consistent and keep at it! You can do it! Remember to get enough sleep and eat a fuck ton of protein too!

  • I loved this workout! I had never done the butterfly bridge or the leg lift with the toe pointing towards the floor; my god, I’ve been trying to reach this area in so many less effective ways! I also loved that these sequences worked my glute muscles to exhaustion, but didn’t make me super sweaty. I have done some other 20-min booty workouts (pam greif) that are awesome but harder to work into my schedule if I don’t have time to shower/do make-up after. Thank you!

  • Starting today!
    Day 1: I almost died at glute bridges. My legs were literally shaking. I can barely walk now.
    Day 2: the glute bridges x exercise overall were easier today. Still painful to do, but easier. Also, I could barely climb stairs today. I was sore!
    Please like this comment so I can find it and update it tomorrow.

  • You’re the hottest fitness girl on the Internet right now. AND you’re all natural which makes you even hotter. Not to mention, the content in your video is fabulous, I couldnt break m attention away from your video the whole 13:06. Very thorough and easy to learn from. I look forward to doing all these exercises at the gym tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation!

  • seriously i hate when women wear that type of legging showing everything flipping heck go wear that around your husband i came to see exercise not to see a booty its very distracting you know hmm:(

  • my experience w this workout:
    day 1->
    thighs: 48 cm
    but:86 cm
    day 4 ->
    I actually see results and I gained 1 kg
    thighs:50 cm
    but:88 cm
    day 8->
    day 12->

  • I am honestly so so happy you are loving this video. I’m such a firm believer that every single day is a learning day and no matter how much you think you may know there is always room to learn more and become better and better. One of my favourite things to do is read articles on nutrition, our anatomy, training adaptation, progressing and so much more before I go to bed so I can provide you will as much help as possible. This has made me so so happy! Thank you for always being so incredible and supportive ❤️

  • have people gotten good results by doing only one set of this workout a day. like some people say that you must do at least 3 sets of this workout a day for results but im not sure. i hope that the sets wont make a differencee.:/