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Debunking the Body Positive Movement — Tiger Fitness. The body positive movement is defined by Wikipedia as: “Acceptance and appreciation of all human body types. It is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image and be accepting of their own bodies as well as the body of others.”. It’s worth noting that body positivity is the convergence of a few movements. The fat acceptance movement was pioneered in the 1960s by black and.

There’s no doubt the body-positivity movement gained momentum in 2015. Women’s Health banned the phrases “bikini body” and “drop two sizes” from its cover, The Pirelli Calendar got a revamp. Body Positivity Is a Scam How a movement intended to lift up women really just limits their acceptable emotions. More than loving the way you look.

Most recently, body positivity has even become a marketing tool for the diet industry. Diet company Weight Watchers rebranded as WW late last year, changing its focus to “wellness,” and soundtracking its ads to body-positive rapper Lizzo.. The rebrand has been called disingenuous by some critics. At its core, they say, it’s still a weight loss service. the perspective on the body positive movement Our complicated relationship with food has led us through myriad diet fads and cultural shifts throughout the decades.

Amid a culture of weight loss programs in the 90s, an organization called The Body Positive Movement was founded in. It’s not that fitness and body positivity are incompatible-that’s not it at all. It’s that the motivation for working out matters when it comes to talking about it in a body-positive context. “Using exercise as a way of punishing your body because you don’t think it’ll be good enough until it’s smaller clashes with body positivity,” says Conason. The body positivity movement has gained some serious steam over the past decade. According to a recent report by the American Psychological Associatio.

We further the Body Positive Movement by teaching The 5 Competencies to educators, student leaders, community activists, and individuals through our online facilitator training and wellness courses, and our book Embody. “A radical paradigm shift, but so simple, elegant, and intuitive. Love yourself and your body!”. A group of body-positive activists wants to prove that body acceptance and health aren’t contradictory and losing weight shouldn’t be a person’s ultimate goal.

Jeanette DePatie is.

List of related literature:

A simple demonstration shows that that which is positive or true makes the body’s muscles go strong, and that which is not true, negative, false, or injurious allows them to go weak.

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Yet there have also been suggestions that body positivity movements are not always ‘positive’ after all.

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The present study aimed at evaluating the short-term effect of one whole-body body vibration (WBV) session in the static posture of apparently healthy young adults, by means of a randomized controlled trial.

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Results indicated that, compared to controls, the women who meditated increased their self-compassion, decreased their negative body image, and increased their positive body image.

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In Body and Mature Behavior, Feldenkrais finds “successful action” as action that requires the least amount of exertion.123 An example of an exercise of the method includes shifting weight between the left and right side of the body, then becoming more complex with vertical and horizontal movement.

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By working backward from what new research reveals about the way the body functions, I identified a new set of signals— the fastercise techniques of tightercise and shivercise—that encourages the body to burn fat and build muscle.

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But this doesn’t change the fact that what defines the body is not the movement itself, only its beginning and endpoints.

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They further point out that all of the epidemiological evidence they reviewed showed a positive relationship between regular physical activity and energy.

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For even when one body imparts to another the movement it has itself received, this only spreads and communicates what the body had passively received.

“Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason” by I. Kant
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  • I have a weird question what happens to loose skin after a few years I thought like most skin it falls off but that’s really interesting to hear about.

  • The loose skin is a badge of honor.. it shows how far you’ve come! And that you’re not going back. Your confidence is astounding and you actually EARNED it. So what if loose skin isn’t aesrherically ideal. The loose skin represents dedication, perseverance and discipline.. why cut it off? Own it!

  • Thank you for this video. I am a hard core feminist and I feel like the body positive or fat acceptance has hijacked the feminist movement. I feel like you in that all bodies are wonderful and deserve to be loved by the owners. Also, no one should be yelled out when they are on the street. (Although even though I have never been obese, I always got yelled at and harassed on the street just because I was cute.) I resent the movement telling me if I am a feminist then I believe everyone should be attracted to fat and that I should believe it’s healthy. Yes. I find a lot of fat women attractive but not all and I can mind my own business about who is healthy but no I don’t think being overweight is healthy. This is science. Anyway, thanks for the chance to have a conversation and express myself. If anyone reads this, I hope you are happy today.

  • That’s pretty cool you can accept the skin thing for what it is. I personally don’t think I could do that. I would be desperate for the surgery. I have some stretch marks from weight gain and now that I am fit again If I could do a surgery to fix them I probably would…

  • Why shouldn’t someone who watches what they eat and hits the gym regularly have way more body pride than a lazy selfish glutton with her ass glued to the sofa?

  • I think it’s strange that they criticised the choice of celebrities, especially since they are all a healthy weight and well toned. I could understand if the girls had chosen Victoria’s Secret models there would be something to criticisebut the celebrities they chose have good healthy bodies that are attainable for the average person.

  • i know this is an old video, but i’ve been watching all his videos and this is definitely the one that made him one of my favorite youtubers to date. everything he said in this video is so right!!

  • To my body positivity means accepting the things about your body that you cant control. This can include things that happened to you such as scars or lost limbs. Extending the idea of body positivity to being obese is a miss use of the concept

  • BRUH I was skinny AF because I could not absorb nutrients
    and a single cold would cause me to blackout and go to the hospital
    either extreme is bad for your health Fat or Skinny it can cause damage to your health

  • your skin looks like its improved a ton naturally from you exercising! its looks way better now compared to a while ago. keep it up man!

  • Anybody else pick up on Jessica Alba isnt exactly white? She is 3rd generation American on her dads side with mexican heritage and been on Latina magazine?

  • I just love your “Body Positive”, I fight so much over my body, i’m afraid to show myself in a swimsuit. If I have to be honest, I hate my body. but I want to love my body so I just started training fitness / crossfit. Your videos are a great source of inspiration, which I am really grateful for. Thank you very much.

  • The only thing that annoys me about it and I’m seeing a ton of it in the comments by kids less than half my age is that IT WAS NOT STARTED BY OVERWEIGHT AND OBESE PEOPLE, DAMN IT. I feel like that angry bald guy GODDAMN. I was there. I am old enough to be your mother, all of you people. I remember when this movement started.

    It was started by and for people who were missing body parts, who were in wheelchairs, who had colostomy bags, who had been born with deformities, people who had been through fires, people with cerebral palsy, etc. FAT PEOPLE HIJACKED THIS MOVEMENT.

    This whole concept angers me: not only how this movement was hijacked and twisted into some kind of pro-obesity movement but that enormous numbers of people have actually FORGOTTEN its history! I am hearing people who didn’t even exist when this movement was first created confidently mouthing off to the world incorrect nonsense stories about how it was started. I can really see how we end up with people who believe that the earth is flat, we never landed on the moon, and vaccines don’t work when I see right before my eyes how quickly basic facts evaporate and blow away like dust with every single poorly educated generation. How damned DARE all of you be so freaking ignorant.

    Again, channeling the angry bald guy: GODDAMN.

    Sorry to vent on your video, honey. I’m not venting specifically at you, just in reaction to a lot of the comments below that are driving me clean up the wall. I really enjoy your videos and think you are such a charming, cheerful breath of fresh air on YT and a wonderful voice for health sanity.

  • I’m in a wheelchair and I want, people to be more positive towards and acquainted with disabilities. The rude comments and stares hurt my feelings tremendously. Even though I know it’s not of malice usually. It still tremendously impacts me. I believe in educating people about different bodies, and normalizing it. I don’t need to be glorified I just want to be treated like a human.

  • So I just realized something when you said you would explained to a kid what happened and why you have loose skins, etc. if he/she is curious. People whose bodies are not the norm (burn victims, people with disabilities, etc.) have a story they can own and be proud of. They can have a normal conversation about it and inspire people. However, fat people do not have this inspiring story because what got them here is their lifestyles, choices, bad habits etc. that they’re not proud of and they know it. They deep down are disappointed in themselves for not being the person they wanna be. Instead of dealing with these sad feelings, they ignore them and cover them up and try to move on with life. These feelings eventually manifest in forms of anger and control.

  • YOU are so right and once you get a little older around 50 your body will not look as firm. Celebrities that have great bodies after 55, also have had surgery. You deserve all the happiness, you look amazing. I respect your decision.

  • I get what you’re saying but I also disagree

    My existence in my body/your existence with loose skin is not an invitation for others to comment on your appearance and be cruel. I don’t think we should give people license to be cruel and make comments or judgments about other people’s bodies. Sure people still will and that’s life but as a society we shouldn’t be going around saying that’s ok because our body isn’t the norm we deserve stares, comments, and hatred.

    I also disagree that we shouldn’t want to see different bodies in ‘‘ media” (you mention magazines) because I would like to see more of all body types in media. It’s gotten so so much better. Seeing my body reflected in advertising and pop culture has had a huge impact on my comfort with the “imperfect” parts of my body because the are being seen as more normal.

    Body building or a beauty competition to me is another story because in that case you are willingly signing up to be compared to an ideal.

  • I dont agree with this “body positivity” thing at all…all it does is promote unhealthy lifestyle habits.
    If you are a obese person you shouldn’t feel positive about it you should feel ashamed and move your ass and change that.
    Having a “positive body image” isn’t going to do anything for your health problems….What it might do is superficially make you feel better about your condition but that won’t change the fact that you are unhealthy and you gotta change it by taking some serious measures.

  • Please where is it written in the rules that loose skin is against the rules. People have the right to speak up and out. You make actually money out free speech

  • You are such an inspiration. Truely found peace with your body. Thats what I hopefully will one day find peace with mine after two kids. I work out and eat healthy. Self care and self love..

  • You have a good attitude and should be proud of loosing all that weight well done.
    If you want to tighten up that loose skin naturally you may want to try Qigong it should help.

  • I don’t know your upbringing or how well your parents parented you, but you certainly come across as such a well brought up young man. Heart of gold. ��❤��

  • Hi there, first if all U r beautiful no matter what, second of all, you r worth it, hi my name’s Carla and I have my channel, big girls can be pretty 2, I’m speaking for those who feel so down on themselves, I’m showing that you can do what makes U happy, stay humble, true to yourself and self worth, I show what I love to do and that’s not just makeup reviews but showing how I deal with life in general. Very positive video this is,. Thanks for giving me confidence to do more.

  • I agree 100% and I am, if not obese, definitely overweight and working on it. I hate this new trend of basically celebrating obesity.

  • I mess up on my diet to day man I feel like shit…. I could not resist my son did finish his ice cream and it was $9 bucks at the fancy ice shop �� ��

  • Exceptionally good message. I’m reaching out to a similar niche with a different focus but on a similar path. I didn’t watch your televised show but love your evolving state of being with understanding the differences in what make people tick. You’re young and have so much greatness to live for. I’ve made the same decisions with my loose skin. It’s fine. For some strange reason I can’t go shirtless! �� Even without that if I don’t cover my arms I’ll receive comments. Good news! Your skin will continue to shrink! It’s been 15 years for me. My skin has naturally retracted over the years so now it’s a typical age thing and people are a little more accepting. As young and healthy as you are it will continue to improve with good skin care. I’m with you 100% on this message as someone who’s been through it and went for an MA in Psychotherapy because of it. I’m helping people every day grow “thicker skin”. Be well, my friend! Now I need to invest is a cool microphone and camera like that!

  • Quite often I find the overweight people in the bod-pos are not happy in their own skin, as they are often very rude towards anybody who even talks to them! Also, I’m within a healthy weight and am still not conventionally attractive. Love the video btw, never stop!

  • It’s kind of true Body positivity should celebrate the body for its function not its appearance. And you can’t be healthy if you’re at the extremes whether you’re an underweight model or an obese person

  • Bullshit. Everything you know about obesity is wrong

  • In the past 2 -3 years. I’ve gone from 200lbs to 120 to 178 now. I’m 5’7. Always struggling with weight. For some reason watching the body building comp. footage made me tear up. Bc I felt bad for him working so hard and never being pleasing to the eye. I had abs…but stretch Marks allover and was never happy no matter what. I feel this

  • Body positivity is about loving your body and doing your best to keep it healthy. Eating junk food 24/7 when you know damn well that it’s damaging your body is not body positivity. Starving yourself when you know damn well that it’s damaging your body is not body positivity. I hate how the the body positivity community is so accepting of obesity and are trying to normalize it!!!

  • So, folks in the comment shame people for being unhealthy or making “bad choices” with how they eat. Listen, if you haven’t made a bad choice in your life, you are one of a kind. If you don’t currently still have bad habits and make bad choices you’re dead. It’s not your job to decrease a person’s self esteem or to determine that they are not worthy of confidence or self-love. It’s about being more than just one aspect of yourself. Instead of policing other people’s struggles, fix your own. Cause you are far from perfect even if you fit society’s definition of beauty.

  • Why do she say people of color you can lose weight but you can’t change your skin color it doesn’t have a sense ��������

    Love being black and healthy ��
    Have a nice day
    Love yourself

  • You are a nice and fit guy, healthy… What else do you need?
    To people like myself, that due to the lost of weight we have some lose skin, there are evidence about intermittent fasting. Remember, every 3 months you have new skin, so the results are slow, you need to be consistent on your nutrition and training, plus some healthy fasting.
    By the way, you have less lose skin.
    And people please grow up. I won’t be with a woman that I don’t like to please you. No one should. Do stuff to please others, guaranteed wasting of your time and effort for someone else, and still the same people will find it not enough.
    Do you want a better body? Work on it. Stop complaining and trying to shame others, that will only keep you in victim mode, a place that is an unlimited source for nothing good at all, like pain, suffering, jealousy, envy, and so on.

  • You are amazing, I really appreciate your opinions and point of view, you seem very balence in your own life and it is so inspiring to see the kindness you are creating. Your body building video is fantastic, truly beautiful inside and out. <3

  • I’m not happy with my body. I just don’t care about my body. I’m a healthy weight (well, my bmi is slightly indicative of being underweight) and I’m trying to gain muscle.

  • I just had a kid, i’m 25 and I’ve always had issues with eating and body image. My body looks pretty different from before. I’m a little thicker than I’d like to be, my abs are still pretty stretched out, my breasts look like bad implants because i’m breast feeding, I have a c section and appendectomy scars, and my belly button looks like a butthole haha. I have a fair bit of weight and swelling that’s coming off, but I truly feel more confident in my skin than I ever have. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as it was last year before pregnancy, but I feel like I look pretty damn good for what my body has been through, and I love my daughter so much I’d take the scars all over again. I think it’s awesome to look at what I went through to get here.

  • Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance are not the same and shouldn’t be conflated. John, I think you should help people to clarify that distinction but you seem to be conflating them as well (maybe inadvertently).

  • I recently gain a lot of weight during ED recovery (became “obese” according to BMI) and I thought I had to just accept it and be happy with it, because the ED recovery community says you have to. Body positivity/HAES/fat acceptance are big in the ED recovery forums. If you complain about your weight gain, you will be accused of triggering others and going against your own recovery. I get that because weight gain is almost always required for full recovery, and my metabolism was so damaged that i gained a lot and have since naturally lost a little, but I’m still not able to do everything i want to physically. I’m happy I gained the weight in order to recover my mental health and digestion from years of restriction, but there’s no reason I need to stay in an obese BMI forever. Your videos have helped me find that middle ground between rigid body positivity and body hatred. I’ve been so frustrated that I wasn’t getting to that body acceptance that i was supposed to, but you helped me see that wanting to be fit and healthy is fine, as long as it’s done the right way. Thank you for your videos!

  • Your makeup looks beautiful. Anyway I’m 70 and have always taken care of my body inside and out. I’m 5’7 137lbs. Eating the right foods is the hardest, exercising is easy.

  • I really enjoyed your discourse kween! I feel like maybe the body positivity movement could maybe be more vocal and supportive about body things we can not change; like you said cellulite, stretch, marks etc. And a bit more importantly we can advocate and inform ourselves about people with physical/visual disabilities. Not that those are the only disabilities that matter, but we are discussing the body, a physical/visual characteristics in this matter.

  • I had a healty weight my entire life untill 2 years ago I gained weight very fast to a bmi of 30. I told my friends I want to change something. They made fun of me from that day on, because most of them are overweight or obese. I thought, wait do I have to wait until it gets even worse? I never thought negative about their weights or made fun of it.

  • This is the first video I’ve watched on your channel and I just wanted to compliment you on how well you present your ideas. You’re cognizant of opposing viewpoints, nuanced, and also provide a compelling defense of your position.

  • I appreciate this video and I think valid points were made. I definitely hate how curvy morphed into fat. They are not the same LOL. One thing I will say though is that illnesses and hormonal disorders that actually cause weight gain and make weight loss difficult are actually more common than people realize because they are obscenely undiagnosed. For instance, I am 40 years old and have struggled with my weight since my teens. Throughout my life, I have had chronic pain and other health issues and doctors would always just tell me to lose weight. And I tried. I’ve done dance, gymnastics, yoga, rollerskating, swimming, jogging, I’ve tried every diet and every lifestyle diet (veganism etc.) I have done juice cleanses, water fasts, and have even had moments of bulimia and anorexia but I have never ever reached my target weight while my health issues persisted. Only this year did I learn that I had PCOS a hormonal disorder that makes many traditional methods of weight loss nearly impossible. Since learning of this I was able to get on the proper supplements and dietary/exercise habits and I have since lost about 20 lbs without any crazy diets or exercises. But it literally took my whole life to get this diagnosis and it was only after I started having other symptoms (not weight related) did they even think to look. I also learned that up to 50% of women could actually have this disorder but it is not a well-known ailment so most people (like myself) go undiagnosed. For this reason, I think body positivity is a big deal and important because lots of people actually spend their whole life trying to lose just a little weight but can’t. The cycle just continues and people never believe that they’re really trying to lose weight but their body is just not cooperating. Until we have a functional health care system with doctors fluent in all the hormonal disorders that are out there I think its fine to say “I’m fat and fabulous deal with it”. Sometimes you just want to wear a swimsuit and not feel ashamed or get criticism. Until healthcare is functional I think it’s fine to normalize appreciating fat bodies because more people than we know spend their whole lives trying and are still just fat and they shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed or hide in their closets forever because society says they aren’t “healthy”.

  • There is a difference between being body positive and still exercising, eating healthy, not eating that much fatty foods and using body positivity as an excuse to not exercise and eat healthy.

  • Buncha bs. Body positivity? You meaning shaming people that work hard on their body? Also weight has nothing to do with race lmao. Most people are thin, slim and white? That is not the ideal body type, that’s their preference not yours

  • I’m obese and I recently developed type 2 diabetes. I believe in body positivity. I believe and loving myself and taking care of my body: eating well, exercising, stretching, getting massages and drinking a whole lot of water,. Thank you for expressing the discomfort I felt when people would call me ”curvy” or would correct me when I say that I am fat by saying ”No, you are beautiful”. I AM fat AND beautiful. And I need to get healthier. And that is it.

  • I know just one more comment won’t really matter, but I actually had to scroll back halfway through the video before I noticed the lose skin. Admittedly a bit distracted by the woman next to you with (in my mind) a perfect physique, but you look so good, shirt on or shirt off. Your muscular physique still shines through and it just shows some insane progress in my eyes.

    Though I understand the consciousness, definitely hope to fill out my lose skin with some more muscles.

  • Have in mind that scientists are not completely sure that being in the first categories of “overweight” of the BMI chart are actually unhealthy for women with a correct ratio hip to waist, and also that BMI is more accurate for white people than other ethnicities (black women tend to have more lean tissue than white women for instance so they can get away generally with a higher weight).

  • I agree with many of your points, but where I disagree is where you discuss the affordability of a healthy diet spending $4 at a McDonalds for one meal where spending $50 at a grocery store can get you more meals. My push is, what if you don’t have $50 at that moment to pay for groceries? What if you have $4 right now and you’re hungry. What if you can’t wait until you have $50 in total to spend on groceries? It’s like buying cars right. It would be better to buy a new car, pay that money upfront right now. But what if you don’t have that money? You buy a used car because it’s cheaper at first but it ends up being more expensive because of the things that need fixing because it’s a used car. Just food for thought

  • why did youtube recommend this to me??? and WHY did i watch 20 minutes of it??? but girl you can’t be this loud and this wrong at the same time. especially when google is free!

  • As someone who has hypothyroidism, I thought this was a great way to put it. I don’t think this was fat phobic at all honestly. Like you said love yourself at any size but you acknowledge the objective truth of this issue. I tend to view things the same way you do, I got to 230 pound recently and I just felt so trapped in my body. While I wasn’t unhappy with how I looked I was not happy not being to run or be active. Another thing they don’t tell you, once you get out of shape it’s so hard to get back to that place

  • I share the same opinion! It makes me so mad when someone labels it as being fatphobicI’m not fatphobic! I think people are beautiful creatures and we should love ourselves as we are, but to me that means loving yourself enough to know what’s unhealthy and not working for you. So happy to hear you articulating it in a way I never could ��

  • Damn, I thought it was some sarcastic shit, but there is people that actually relate “body shapes” with sexual orientation, wth!!!

  • I also see a lot of people using the “ body positivity” hashtags as a shield. It protects their feelings and gives them the illusion of confidence. One reason this community grew so fast is because of solidarity. People/strangers that have absolutely no idea or concern about your health decide they need to tell you horrible things. And hide it under an “I’m concerned” umbrella.

  • The movement was meant for every body.especially disabled people and veterans without limbs. As an obese person and trying to lose weight I feel bad for those that are body positive and feel pressure to continue to be overweight. Some influencers are now being shame for losing weight.
    There are also others that have no interest in loving themselves enough to change because it means less money for their pockets.

  • Honestly, for me as a Black person, it is harder to know what healthy is by looking at a scale. The charts that tell you what is obese versus not obese were not built with our body types in mind. I don’t want to sound like it is conspiracy or something. But for my entire life, I always thought I was obese/overweight because the books told me it was that way. I am 5’3.5″ and I have fluctuated with my weight from 150 to 180. I don’t think I have ever been below 150 and that was at my healthiest. I was running Spartan Races and working out almost every day to prepare for it. When I told people my weight, they would always think I was lying. But I guess my body is way more dense than it lets on and I pack on muscle more easily. And every BMI table would tell me I was overweight. I would go to the doctor and they would say I need to watch my weight but my resting heart rate was LOW, I had low cholesterol, no signs of diabetes, etc. And I have met several Black women that have my same problem. It is confusing. I gauge health in how much you can physically do. Sure climbing a flight of stairs can drive up your heart rate but can you continue doing it for an extended period of time? Can you run/walk for a large period of time? That is how you know your heart is healthy.

  • “We want to see” ugliness “in mainstream media.” Guess what, fat, ugly and has too many vibrators, we(the majority) DON’T want to see minority ugliness in the media. Why would you force yourself to look at something that every genetic disposition in our bodies do not find attractive. If you’re ugly, you’re ugly. If you’re plain, you’re plain. If you are aesthetically pleasing to view(pretty), then you’re pretty. Deal with it and move on. Or stay stalled, waiting and hoping that somehow the rest of the world will choose to also slow to a stop with you and see things your way. If you want to bury your head in the sand, go ahead. Just don’t choose one day to pop your head out, in hopes that everything is working out your way, just to be disappointed at how much farther we’ve gone and grown while you’re still standing still, crying about how the majority won’t allow the minority to seize power and authority, you fat bitch.

  • This is the first time I’ve intentionally watched an entire makeup tutorial but I wanted to here your POV on the subject. Great video! Thanks

  • i think the body positive movement is really about the fact that people are judged and bullied because of their size or the way their body looks. everyone has a right to do whatever they want with their body whether its healthy or unhealthy. idk if its a great idea to be over weight and say youre healthy or ignore the fact that eating a lot of junk food is bad for u but constantly thinking about ur body and weight and health can be so stressful and it takes a tole on peoples mental health. i think the most important part of body positivity is just trying to love ur body where its at and if u want to make unhealthy choices thats ur own prerogative. no one should be judged or shamed for eating junk or having a lot of body fat. i think the issue is when influencers say that theyre healthy when they actually arent. we shouldnt normalize obesity but its pretty common and to make every person whos considered obese feel bad about their body wont give them the motivation to grow and change. (not saying ur shaming people just sharing my opinion). also we cant forget this movement was created for marginalized bodies like women of color because the media needs to be more diverse! skinny white women arent the only beautiful people to exist!!

  • I understand all to well what it’s like to be obese or morbid obese like you said in your video. However like you I started. to do that and I have lost 63 pounds I am 5’5 pounds.
    And another way that I decided to lose weight was a vegan diet whole foods. But not only to lose weight for the animals, for ethics. Any reason to do no harmAnd I have found that I do not miss an omnivore diet but it is very satiating which I never felt like that when I was a non-vegan I want to applaud you on your courage to make this video I understand that it’s not constructive to glamorize obesity or morbid obesity.

  • Personally I listen to people who have been through these issues more than another who hasn’t ever struggled with being unhealthy. Lol thank you for bringing up the body charts on how they need to be thrown away and instead we should focus on body fat/ how we perform while working out. Thank you ��

  • There needs to be more talk about this. I worry about the influencers that say “it’s ok to be like this” without talking about how detrimental it is to people’s health. Everyone should love them selves but part of that is showing your body that you love it by giving it what it needs in order for it to keep working the best it can