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Debunking the Body Positive Movement — Tiger Fitness. The body positive movement is defined by Wikipedia as: “Acceptance and appreciation of all human body types. It is a social movement rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image and be accepting of their own bodies as well as the body of others.”. It’s worth noting that body positivity is the convergence of a few movements. The fat acceptance movement was pioneered in the 1960s by black and.

There’s no doubt the body-positivity movement gained momentum in 2015. Women’s Health banned the phrases “bikini body” and “drop two sizes” from its cover, The Pirelli Calendar got a revamp. Body Positivity Is a Scam How a movement intended to lift up women really just limits their acceptable emotions. More than loving the way you look.

Most recently, body positivity has even become a marketing tool for the diet industry. Diet company Weight Watchers rebranded as WW late last year, changing its focus to “wellness,” and soundtracking its ads to body-positive rapper Lizzo.. The rebrand has been called disingenuous by some critics. At its core, they say, it’s still a weight loss service. the perspective on the body positive movement Our complicated relationship with food has led us through myriad diet fads and cultural shifts throughout the decades.

Amid a culture of weight loss programs in the 90s, an organization called The Body Positive Movement was founded in. It’s not that fitness and body positivity are incompatible-that’s not it at all. It’s that the motivation for working out matters when it comes to talking about it in a body-positive context. “Using exercise as a way of punishing your body because you don’t think it’ll be good enough until it’s smaller clashes with body positivity,” says Conason. The body positivity movement has gained some serious steam over the past decade. According to a recent report by the American Psychological Associatio.

We further the Body Positive Movement by teaching The 5 Competencies to educators, student leaders, community activists, and individuals through our online facilitator training and wellness courses, and our book Embody. “A radical paradigm shift, but so simple, elegant, and intuitive. Love yourself and your body!”. A group of body-positive activists wants to prove that body acceptance and health aren’t contradictory and losing weight shouldn’t be a person’s ultimate goal.

Jeanette DePatie is.

List of related literature:

A simple demonstration shows that that which is positive or true makes the body’s muscles go strong, and that which is not true, negative, false, or injurious allows them to go weak.

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Yet there have also been suggestions that body positivity movements are not always ‘positive’ after all.

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The present study aimed at evaluating the short-term effect of one whole-body body vibration (WBV) session in the static posture of apparently healthy young adults, by means of a randomized controlled trial.

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Results indicated that, compared to controls, the women who meditated increased their self-compassion, decreased their negative body image, and increased their positive body image.

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In Body and Mature Behavior, Feldenkrais finds “successful action” as action that requires the least amount of exertion.123 An example of an exercise of the method includes shifting weight between the left and right side of the body, then becoming more complex with vertical and horizontal movement.

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By working backward from what new research reveals about the way the body functions, I identified a new set of signals— the fastercise techniques of tightercise and shivercise—that encourages the body to burn fat and build muscle.

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But this doesn’t change the fact that what defines the body is not the movement itself, only its beginning and endpoints.

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They further point out that all of the epidemiological evidence they reviewed showed a positive relationship between regular physical activity and energy.

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For even when one body imparts to another the movement it has itself received, this only spreads and communicates what the body had passively received.

“Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason” by I. Kant
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  • I have a weird question what happens to loose skin after a few years I thought like most skin it falls off but that’s really interesting to hear about.

  • The loose skin is a badge of honor.. it shows how far you’ve come! And that you’re not going back. Your confidence is astounding and you actually EARNED it. So what if loose skin isn’t aesrherically ideal. The loose skin represents dedication, perseverance and discipline.. why cut it off? Own it!

  • Thank you for this video. I am a hard core feminist and I feel like the body positive or fat acceptance has hijacked the feminist movement. I feel like you in that all bodies are wonderful and deserve to be loved by the owners. Also, no one should be yelled out when they are on the street. (Although even though I have never been obese, I always got yelled at and harassed on the street just because I was cute.) I resent the movement telling me if I am a feminist then I believe everyone should be attracted to fat and that I should believe it’s healthy. Yes. I find a lot of fat women attractive but not all and I can mind my own business about who is healthy but no I don’t think being overweight is healthy. This is science. Anyway, thanks for the chance to have a conversation and express myself. If anyone reads this, I hope you are happy today.

  • That’s pretty cool you can accept the skin thing for what it is. I personally don’t think I could do that. I would be desperate for the surgery. I have some stretch marks from weight gain and now that I am fit again If I could do a surgery to fix them I probably would…

  • Why shouldn’t someone who watches what they eat and hits the gym regularly have way more body pride than a lazy selfish glutton with her ass glued to the sofa?

  • I think it’s strange that they criticised the choice of celebrities, especially since they are all a healthy weight and well toned. I could understand if the girls had chosen Victoria’s Secret models there would be something to criticisebut the celebrities they chose have good healthy bodies that are attainable for the average person.

  • i know this is an old video, but i’ve been watching all his videos and this is definitely the one that made him one of my favorite youtubers to date. everything he said in this video is so right!!

  • To my body positivity means accepting the things about your body that you cant control. This can include things that happened to you such as scars or lost limbs. Extending the idea of body positivity to being obese is a miss use of the concept

  • BRUH I was skinny AF because I could not absorb nutrients
    and a single cold would cause me to blackout and go to the hospital
    either extreme is bad for your health Fat or Skinny it can cause damage to your health

  • your skin looks like its improved a ton naturally from you exercising! its looks way better now compared to a while ago. keep it up man!

  • Anybody else pick up on Jessica Alba isnt exactly white? She is 3rd generation American on her dads side with mexican heritage and been on Latina magazine?

  • I just love your “Body Positive”, I fight so much over my body, i’m afraid to show myself in a swimsuit. If I have to be honest, I hate my body. but I want to love my body so I just started training fitness / crossfit. Your videos are a great source of inspiration, which I am really grateful for. Thank you very much.

  • The only thing that annoys me about it and I’m seeing a ton of it in the comments by kids less than half my age is that IT WAS NOT STARTED BY OVERWEIGHT AND OBESE PEOPLE, DAMN IT. I feel like that angry bald guy GODDAMN. I was there. I am old enough to be your mother, all of you people. I remember when this movement started.

    It was started by and for people who were missing body parts, who were in wheelchairs, who had colostomy bags, who had been born with deformities, people who had been through fires, people with cerebral palsy, etc. FAT PEOPLE HIJACKED THIS MOVEMENT.

    This whole concept angers me: not only how this movement was hijacked and twisted into some kind of pro-obesity movement but that enormous numbers of people have actually FORGOTTEN its history! I am hearing people who didn’t even exist when this movement was first created confidently mouthing off to the world incorrect nonsense stories about how it was started. I can really see how we end up with people who believe that the earth is flat, we never landed on the moon, and vaccines don’t work when I see right before my eyes how quickly basic facts evaporate and blow away like dust with every single poorly educated generation. How damned DARE all of you be so freaking ignorant.

    Again, channeling the angry bald guy: GODDAMN.

    Sorry to vent on your video, honey. I’m not venting specifically at you, just in reaction to a lot of the comments below that are driving me clean up the wall. I really enjoy your videos and think you are such a charming, cheerful breath of fresh air on YT and a wonderful voice for health sanity.

  • I’m in a wheelchair and I want, people to be more positive towards and acquainted with disabilities. The rude comments and stares hurt my feelings tremendously. Even though I know it’s not of malice usually. It still tremendously impacts me. I believe in educating people about different bodies, and normalizing it. I don’t need to be glorified I just want to be treated like a human.

  • So I just realized something when you said you would explained to a kid what happened and why you have loose skins, etc. if he/she is curious. People whose bodies are not the norm (burn victims, people with disabilities, etc.) have a story they can own and be proud of. They can have a normal conversation about it and inspire people. However, fat people do not have this inspiring story because what got them here is their lifestyles, choices, bad habits etc. that they’re not proud of and they know it. They deep down are disappointed in themselves for not being the person they wanna be. Instead of dealing with these sad feelings, they ignore them and cover them up and try to move on with life. These feelings eventually manifest in forms of anger and control.

  • YOU are so right and once you get a little older around 50 your body will not look as firm. Celebrities that have great bodies after 55, also have had surgery. You deserve all the happiness, you look amazing. I respect your decision.

  • I get what you’re saying but I also disagree

    My existence in my body/your existence with loose skin is not an invitation for others to comment on your appearance and be cruel. I don’t think we should give people license to be cruel and make comments or judgments about other people’s bodies. Sure people still will and that’s life but as a society we shouldn’t be going around saying that’s ok because our body isn’t the norm we deserve stares, comments, and hatred.

    I also disagree that we shouldn’t want to see different bodies in ‘‘ media” (you mention magazines) because I would like to see more of all body types in media. It’s gotten so so much better. Seeing my body reflected in advertising and pop culture has had a huge impact on my comfort with the “imperfect” parts of my body because the are being seen as more normal.

    Body building or a beauty competition to me is another story because in that case you are willingly signing up to be compared to an ideal.

  • I dont agree with this “body positivity” thing at all…all it does is promote unhealthy lifestyle habits.
    If you are a obese person you shouldn’t feel positive about it you should feel ashamed and move your ass and change that.
    Having a “positive body image” isn’t going to do anything for your health problems….What it might do is superficially make you feel better about your condition but that won’t change the fact that you are unhealthy and you gotta change it by taking some serious measures.

  • Please where is it written in the rules that loose skin is against the rules. People have the right to speak up and out. You make actually money out free speech

  • You are such an inspiration. Truely found peace with your body. Thats what I hopefully will one day find peace with mine after two kids. I work out and eat healthy. Self care and self love..

  • You have a good attitude and should be proud of loosing all that weight well done.
    If you want to tighten up that loose skin naturally you may want to try Qigong it should help.

  • I don’t know your upbringing or how well your parents parented you, but you certainly come across as such a well brought up young man. Heart of gold. ��❤��

  • Hi there, first if all U r beautiful no matter what, second of all, you r worth it, hi my name’s Carla and I have my channel, big girls can be pretty 2, I’m speaking for those who feel so down on themselves, I’m showing that you can do what makes U happy, stay humble, true to yourself and self worth, I show what I love to do and that’s not just makeup reviews but showing how I deal with life in general. Very positive video this is,. Thanks for giving me confidence to do more.

  • I agree 100% and I am, if not obese, definitely overweight and working on it. I hate this new trend of basically celebrating obesity.

  • I mess up on my diet to day man I feel like shit…. I could not resist my son did finish his ice cream and it was $9 bucks at the fancy ice shop �� ��

  • Exceptionally good message. I’m reaching out to a similar niche with a different focus but on a similar path. I didn’t watch your televised show but love your evolving state of being with understanding the differences in what make people tick. You’re young and have so much greatness to live for. I’ve made the same decisions with my loose skin. It’s fine. For some strange reason I can’t go shirtless! �� Even without that if I don’t cover my arms I’ll receive comments. Good news! Your skin will continue to shrink! It’s been 15 years for me. My skin has naturally retracted over the years so now it’s a typical age thing and people are a little more accepting. As young and healthy as you are it will continue to improve with good skin care. I’m with you 100% on this message as someone who’s been through it and went for an MA in Psychotherapy because of it. I’m helping people every day grow “thicker skin”. Be well, my friend! Now I need to invest is a cool microphone and camera like that!

  • Quite often I find the overweight people in the bod-pos are not happy in their own skin, as they are often very rude towards anybody who even talks to them! Also, I’m within a healthy weight and am still not conventionally attractive. Love the video btw, never stop!

  • It’s kind of true Body positivity should celebrate the body for its function not its appearance. And you can’t be healthy if you’re at the extremes whether you’re an underweight model or an obese person

  • Bullshit. Everything you know about obesity is wrong

  • In the past 2 -3 years. I’ve gone from 200lbs to 120 to 178 now. I’m 5’7. Always struggling with weight. For some reason watching the body building comp. footage made me tear up. Bc I felt bad for him working so hard and never being pleasing to the eye. I had abs…but stretch Marks allover and was never happy no matter what. I feel this

  • Body positivity is about loving your body and doing your best to keep it healthy. Eating junk food 24/7 when you know damn well that it’s damaging your body is not body positivity. Starving yourself when you know damn well that it’s damaging your body is not body positivity. I hate how the the body positivity community is so accepting of obesity and are trying to normalize it!!!

  • So, folks in the comment shame people for being unhealthy or making “bad choices” with how they eat. Listen, if you haven’t made a bad choice in your life, you are one of a kind. If you don’t currently still have bad habits and make bad choices you’re dead. It’s not your job to decrease a person’s self esteem or to determine that they are not worthy of confidence or self-love. It’s about being more than just one aspect of yourself. Instead of policing other people’s struggles, fix your own. Cause you are far from perfect even if you fit society’s definition of beauty.

  • Why do she say people of color you can lose weight but you can’t change your skin color it doesn’t have a sense ��������

    Love being black and healthy ��
    Have a nice day
    Love yourself

  • You are a nice and fit guy, healthy… What else do you need?
    To people like myself, that due to the lost of weight we have some lose skin, there are evidence about intermittent fasting. Remember, every 3 months you have new skin, so the results are slow, you need to be consistent on your nutrition and training, plus some healthy fasting.
    By the way, you have less lose skin.
    And people please grow up. I won’t be with a woman that I don’t like to please you. No one should. Do stuff to please others, guaranteed wasting of your time and effort for someone else, and still the same people will find it not enough.
    Do you want a better body? Work on it. Stop complaining and trying to shame others, that will only keep you in victim mode, a place that is an unlimited source for nothing good at all, like pain, suffering, jealousy, envy, and so on.

  • You are amazing, I really appreciate your opinions and point of view, you seem very balence in your own life and it is so inspiring to see the kindness you are creating. Your body building video is fantastic, truly beautiful inside and out. <3

  • I’m not happy with my body. I just don’t care about my body. I’m a healthy weight (well, my bmi is slightly indicative of being underweight) and I’m trying to gain muscle.

  • I just had a kid, i’m 25 and I’ve always had issues with eating and body image. My body looks pretty different from before. I’m a little thicker than I’d like to be, my abs are still pretty stretched out, my breasts look like bad implants because i’m breast feeding, I have a c section and appendectomy scars, and my belly button looks like a butthole haha. I have a fair bit of weight and swelling that’s coming off, but I truly feel more confident in my skin than I ever have. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as it was last year before pregnancy, but I feel like I look pretty damn good for what my body has been through, and I love my daughter so much I’d take the scars all over again. I think it’s awesome to look at what I went through to get here.

  • Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance are not the same and shouldn’t be conflated. John, I think you should help people to clarify that distinction but you seem to be conflating them as well (maybe inadvertently).

  • I recently gain a lot of weight during ED recovery (became “obese” according to BMI) and I thought I had to just accept it and be happy with it, because the ED recovery community says you have to. Body positivity/HAES/fat acceptance are big in the ED recovery forums. If you complain about your weight gain, you will be accused of triggering others and going against your own recovery. I get that because weight gain is almost always required for full recovery, and my metabolism was so damaged that i gained a lot and have since naturally lost a little, but I’m still not able to do everything i want to physically. I’m happy I gained the weight in order to recover my mental health and digestion from years of restriction, but there’s no reason I need to stay in an obese BMI forever. Your videos have helped me find that middle ground between rigid body positivity and body hatred. I’ve been so frustrated that I wasn’t getting to that body acceptance that i was supposed to, but you helped me see that wanting to be fit and healthy is fine, as long as it’s done the right way. Thank you for your videos!

  • Your makeup looks beautiful. Anyway I’m 70 and have always taken care of my body inside and out. I’m 5’7 137lbs. Eating the right foods is the hardest, exercising is easy.

  • I really enjoyed your discourse kween! I feel like maybe the body positivity movement could maybe be more vocal and supportive about body things we can not change; like you said cellulite, stretch, marks etc. And a bit more importantly we can advocate and inform ourselves about people with physical/visual disabilities. Not that those are the only disabilities that matter, but we are discussing the body, a physical/visual characteristics in this matter.

  • I had a healty weight my entire life untill 2 years ago I gained weight very fast to a bmi of 30. I told my friends I want to change something. They made fun of me from that day on, because most of them are overweight or obese. I thought, wait do I have to wait until it gets even worse? I never thought negative about their weights or made fun of it.

  • This is the first video I’ve watched on your channel and I just wanted to compliment you on how well you present your ideas. You’re cognizant of opposing viewpoints, nuanced, and also provide a compelling defense of your position.

  • I appreciate this video and I think valid points were made. I definitely hate how curvy morphed into fat. They are not the same LOL. One thing I will say though is that illnesses and hormonal disorders that actually cause weight gain and make weight loss difficult are actually more common than people realize because they are obscenely undiagnosed. For instance, I am 40 years old and have struggled with my weight since my teens. Throughout my life, I have had chronic pain and other health issues and doctors would always just tell me to lose weight. And I tried. I’ve done dance, gymnastics, yoga, rollerskating, swimming, jogging, I’ve tried every diet and every lifestyle diet (veganism etc.) I have done juice cleanses, water fasts, and have even had moments of bulimia and anorexia but I have never ever reached my target weight while my health issues persisted. Only this year did I learn that I had PCOS a hormonal disorder that makes many traditional methods of weight loss nearly impossible. Since learning of this I was able to get on the proper supplements and dietary/exercise habits and I have since lost about 20 lbs without any crazy diets or exercises. But it literally took my whole life to get this diagnosis and it was only after I started having other symptoms (not weight related) did they even think to look. I also learned that up to 50% of women could actually have this disorder but it is not a well-known ailment so most people (like myself) go undiagnosed. For this reason, I think body positivity is a big deal and important because lots of people actually spend their whole life trying to lose just a little weight but can’t. The cycle just continues and people never believe that they’re really trying to lose weight but their body is just not cooperating. Until we have a functional health care system with doctors fluent in all the hormonal disorders that are out there I think its fine to say “I’m fat and fabulous deal with it”. Sometimes you just want to wear a swimsuit and not feel ashamed or get criticism. Until healthcare is functional I think it’s fine to normalize appreciating fat bodies because more people than we know spend their whole lives trying and are still just fat and they shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed or hide in their closets forever because society says they aren’t “healthy”.

  • There is a difference between being body positive and still exercising, eating healthy, not eating that much fatty foods and using body positivity as an excuse to not exercise and eat healthy.

  • Buncha bs. Body positivity? You meaning shaming people that work hard on their body? Also weight has nothing to do with race lmao. Most people are thin, slim and white? That is not the ideal body type, that’s their preference not yours

  • I’m obese and I recently developed type 2 diabetes. I believe in body positivity. I believe and loving myself and taking care of my body: eating well, exercising, stretching, getting massages and drinking a whole lot of water,. Thank you for expressing the discomfort I felt when people would call me ”curvy” or would correct me when I say that I am fat by saying ”No, you are beautiful”. I AM fat AND beautiful. And I need to get healthier. And that is it.

  • I know just one more comment won’t really matter, but I actually had to scroll back halfway through the video before I noticed the lose skin. Admittedly a bit distracted by the woman next to you with (in my mind) a perfect physique, but you look so good, shirt on or shirt off. Your muscular physique still shines through and it just shows some insane progress in my eyes.

    Though I understand the consciousness, definitely hope to fill out my lose skin with some more muscles.

  • Have in mind that scientists are not completely sure that being in the first categories of “overweight” of the BMI chart are actually unhealthy for women with a correct ratio hip to waist, and also that BMI is more accurate for white people than other ethnicities (black women tend to have more lean tissue than white women for instance so they can get away generally with a higher weight).

  • I agree with many of your points, but where I disagree is where you discuss the affordability of a healthy diet spending $4 at a McDonalds for one meal where spending $50 at a grocery store can get you more meals. My push is, what if you don’t have $50 at that moment to pay for groceries? What if you have $4 right now and you’re hungry. What if you can’t wait until you have $50 in total to spend on groceries? It’s like buying cars right. It would be better to buy a new car, pay that money upfront right now. But what if you don’t have that money? You buy a used car because it’s cheaper at first but it ends up being more expensive because of the things that need fixing because it’s a used car. Just food for thought

  • why did youtube recommend this to me??? and WHY did i watch 20 minutes of it??? but girl you can’t be this loud and this wrong at the same time. especially when google is free!

  • As someone who has hypothyroidism, I thought this was a great way to put it. I don’t think this was fat phobic at all honestly. Like you said love yourself at any size but you acknowledge the objective truth of this issue. I tend to view things the same way you do, I got to 230 pound recently and I just felt so trapped in my body. While I wasn’t unhappy with how I looked I was not happy not being to run or be active. Another thing they don’t tell you, once you get out of shape it’s so hard to get back to that place

  • I share the same opinion! It makes me so mad when someone labels it as being fatphobicI’m not fatphobic! I think people are beautiful creatures and we should love ourselves as we are, but to me that means loving yourself enough to know what’s unhealthy and not working for you. So happy to hear you articulating it in a way I never could ��

  • Damn, I thought it was some sarcastic shit, but there is people that actually relate “body shapes” with sexual orientation, wth!!!

  • I also see a lot of people using the “ body positivity” hashtags as a shield. It protects their feelings and gives them the illusion of confidence. One reason this community grew so fast is because of solidarity. People/strangers that have absolutely no idea or concern about your health decide they need to tell you horrible things. And hide it under an “I’m concerned” umbrella.

  • The movement was meant for every body.especially disabled people and veterans without limbs. As an obese person and trying to lose weight I feel bad for those that are body positive and feel pressure to continue to be overweight. Some influencers are now being shame for losing weight.
    There are also others that have no interest in loving themselves enough to change because it means less money for their pockets.

  • Honestly, for me as a Black person, it is harder to know what healthy is by looking at a scale. The charts that tell you what is obese versus not obese were not built with our body types in mind. I don’t want to sound like it is conspiracy or something. But for my entire life, I always thought I was obese/overweight because the books told me it was that way. I am 5’3.5″ and I have fluctuated with my weight from 150 to 180. I don’t think I have ever been below 150 and that was at my healthiest. I was running Spartan Races and working out almost every day to prepare for it. When I told people my weight, they would always think I was lying. But I guess my body is way more dense than it lets on and I pack on muscle more easily. And every BMI table would tell me I was overweight. I would go to the doctor and they would say I need to watch my weight but my resting heart rate was LOW, I had low cholesterol, no signs of diabetes, etc. And I have met several Black women that have my same problem. It is confusing. I gauge health in how much you can physically do. Sure climbing a flight of stairs can drive up your heart rate but can you continue doing it for an extended period of time? Can you run/walk for a large period of time? That is how you know your heart is healthy.

  • “We want to see” ugliness “in mainstream media.” Guess what, fat, ugly and has too many vibrators, we(the majority) DON’T want to see minority ugliness in the media. Why would you force yourself to look at something that every genetic disposition in our bodies do not find attractive. If you’re ugly, you’re ugly. If you’re plain, you’re plain. If you are aesthetically pleasing to view(pretty), then you’re pretty. Deal with it and move on. Or stay stalled, waiting and hoping that somehow the rest of the world will choose to also slow to a stop with you and see things your way. If you want to bury your head in the sand, go ahead. Just don’t choose one day to pop your head out, in hopes that everything is working out your way, just to be disappointed at how much farther we’ve gone and grown while you’re still standing still, crying about how the majority won’t allow the minority to seize power and authority, you fat bitch.

  • This is the first time I’ve intentionally watched an entire makeup tutorial but I wanted to here your POV on the subject. Great video! Thanks

  • i think the body positive movement is really about the fact that people are judged and bullied because of their size or the way their body looks. everyone has a right to do whatever they want with their body whether its healthy or unhealthy. idk if its a great idea to be over weight and say youre healthy or ignore the fact that eating a lot of junk food is bad for u but constantly thinking about ur body and weight and health can be so stressful and it takes a tole on peoples mental health. i think the most important part of body positivity is just trying to love ur body where its at and if u want to make unhealthy choices thats ur own prerogative. no one should be judged or shamed for eating junk or having a lot of body fat. i think the issue is when influencers say that theyre healthy when they actually arent. we shouldnt normalize obesity but its pretty common and to make every person whos considered obese feel bad about their body wont give them the motivation to grow and change. (not saying ur shaming people just sharing my opinion). also we cant forget this movement was created for marginalized bodies like women of color because the media needs to be more diverse! skinny white women arent the only beautiful people to exist!!

  • I understand all to well what it’s like to be obese or morbid obese like you said in your video. However like you I started. to do that and I have lost 63 pounds I am 5’5 pounds.
    And another way that I decided to lose weight was a vegan diet whole foods. But not only to lose weight for the animals, for ethics. Any reason to do no harmAnd I have found that I do not miss an omnivore diet but it is very satiating which I never felt like that when I was a non-vegan I want to applaud you on your courage to make this video I understand that it’s not constructive to glamorize obesity or morbid obesity.

  • Personally I listen to people who have been through these issues more than another who hasn’t ever struggled with being unhealthy. Lol thank you for bringing up the body charts on how they need to be thrown away and instead we should focus on body fat/ how we perform while working out. Thank you ��

  • There needs to be more talk about this. I worry about the influencers that say “it’s ok to be like this” without talking about how detrimental it is to people’s health. Everyone should love them selves but part of that is showing your body that you love it by giving it what it needs in order for it to keep working the best it can

  • Female feminists: we want tall, 6 packed men with lots of money and who follows every order we give.
    Men: we want women who doesnt suffer from deadly obesity.
    Feminists: Makes annoying pig sounds.

  • I am with you in this. I think that a lot of people use body positivity to excuse bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Body positivity is accepting things like stretch marks, veins, cellulite etc and not normalising being obese or morbidly obese. Being obese messes up with your health. You may not feel it now but some day problems arise which have to do with all the weight that the body has to bear.

  • I considered heavy by weight but the weight is all up top. My breasts and arms are big…I’m smaller than average below. I cant find clothes. I’m told I’m fat because I carry so much weight up top. I exercise daily and eat a very healthy diet. I’m just built like a strong peasant woman. Lol. 😉 I love big guys, just by the way. Big men are sexy and worthy of cuddles and love♡♡

  • Great video. Victoria secret models have unrealistically low body fat percentages to maintain. It’s very difficult. I love having very low body fat. But damn it’s rough to maintain because I like wine, and ice cream every now and then… I’m 6’3”, and my ideal weight is 178lbs. But it’s difficult to maintain. 190lbs is easier to maintain. So I just swing between the two and often stay around 185lbs. And I’ve learned to be ok with it. But I agree, body positivity is a scam

  • The fat woman said “good body” like a moralizing way, and the interviewer said “great body” in a way intended to evoke a body you like to admire.

    Those are completely different things, and those are the details people should be aware of when presented with information. They knew what they were doing by manipulating the message and the people’s answers.

  • I totally agree with you, I think that you should be happy with your body but always strive to improve it. But you shouldn’t be in an obese physical state.

  • That’s a gorgeous palette you used on your eyes! Can you please do a vid on what you used & how you applied it, please? I watched what you did but I’m still a bit confused ��. Thanks so much & I do agree w your opinion on the “body positivity” movement as I used to be morbidly obese myself & am still a bit “fluffy”. I’ll be back to the gym ASAP tho once they’re open again! ☮️ & ❤️ to you!

  • Thanks for this video, my point was 198 lbs two years ago and I’ve lost about 40 lbs of it so far. I find people in my life can be negative when they find out I’m losing weight but it’s something I’m doing at a healthy pace and only for myself. It’s really helpful to know that I’m not the only one having this experience. I find it actually easier to lose weight since we’ve been in quarantine despite having more time to be tempted since I no longer have to listen to others being so discouraging.

  • The way I’m so content with my body not even a person who lost 300lb can say anything because that was their choice and can’t shove it down my throat. I go to the gym to keep healthy and my weight on track not LOSE weight.
    This thing sometimes puts people on tight spaces then depression follows. Promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyle without calling any body type out.
    You make people hate themselves. We curvy we got HIPS. Stop making people hate themselves because of your thoughts. Our struggles are not the same.

  • As a mother of a daughter who is 5’2 and 85lbs who suffers an anxiety disorder, some of her triggers are things like “eat a sandwich” etc she tries to gain weight but just can’t and it hurts, frustrates and stresses her out. I think people just need to leave someone else’s health between them and their doctors and we just need to step back and keep our opinions of their bodies out of a conversation. Re; interjecting opinions to them personally..goes back to what we’ve been taught, don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it all. We just need to stop judging so much.

  • Thank you for posting this — this is one of the most rational, reasonable, and thorough discussions on this “body positivity” matter by a person without a formal medical background. I also appreciate that you’re a Black woman/person of color and touch upon the systemic issues that influence people’s behaviors and choices.

    Unfortunately, much of the current conversation on “fat positivity” and “body positivity” come from White American women from affluent backgrounds, who seem to have some very serious (and unresolved) psychological issues. They took a movement with very reasonable ideas — like everyone is beautiful in their own way, loveable and deserving of love, and worthy of respect — and twisted it into something bizarre and perverse, where calling highly commercially prosessed snack foods “junk food” is an act of “violence”, and where an individual talking about their exercise regimens and endeavors to eat a diet consisting of unprocessed, fresh foods is promoting “unhealthy behaviors”, “harmful diet culture”, and “violence against fat bodies”. They post things about the psychological harms of denying yourself sugary treats, without qualifying their assertion that eating a slice of cake at a friend’s birthday party is perfectly reasonable, whereas consuming 10 packages of Little Debbie snack cakes in a single sitting — and doing so every single day for years — probably isn’t the best. They talk about “healthism” and “mental health” in the same sentence. Sure, a person who is 700 lbs can have an otherwise normal blood chemistry pannel, especially when they are young. However, by the same token, a heavy drinker can have a liver without cirrhosis and a heavy smoker can remain cancer free, at least initially. And they make remarkable claims that there is no relationship between health and weight. Sure, there are exceptions — but once we get to the extrema of the human weight spectrum, we can usually say, with a high degree of confidence, that an “average height” individual weighting 850 lbs will have some behavior or disease process that is contributing to their weight, just as we can reasonably say that an average height adult weighing 85 lbs is either maintaining a problematic diet or has some underlying medical issues going on.

    My “favorite” are the “HAES dieticians”, who are pretty much the equivalents of those anti-vaxxer doctors. Sure, many different things make different people happy. But if weighing 800 lbs and eating a diet mostly of highly processed snack foods the logical equivalent of insisting that alcohol or meth makes you happy? Perhaps to each his own — and I’m of the opinion that adults are entitled to do stupid things to their bodies — but such claims take on a very different valence when spoken by someone who speaks from the platform of a medical professional. They insist that there’s no such thing as weighing too much. They also insist that weight loss and healthy, sensible diets are based on paternalistic and oppressive diet cultures that are “rooted in White norms”. And when you ask them how they would take a “fat positive”, “HAES informed” approach to a 60 year old Black male, who weighs 600 lbs, whose body mass is 60% fat, who has type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and joint degeneration, these “HAES dieticians” either promptly delete your questions or block you altogether from their account for being “fat phobic” and “causing harm”. I was literally banned from two “radical and alternative” mental health support groups for telling a White American woman with a restrictive-type eating disorder that it’s usually possible to remain quite slender while having a sufficient and reasonable diet, and that, perhaps, rather than entering into an expensive eating disorders treatment program, perhaps another way to get over her obsessive relationship with food would be to practice gratitude for having access to a wide array of foods within easy reach, having the financial means to buy food easily, and reflecting on how countless people go without eating without choice. And unfortunately, this “radical fat activism” has pervaded most so-called “elite and liberal” universities, to the point that it has become an untouchable “sacred cow”. It’s also ironic how most of it’s proponents are young White American women from very privileged backgrounds, who probably never had a brush with food insecurity nor personally known people who had difficulty affording adequate, nutritious food.

  • I feel like most movements start off well and somewhere along the way they get hijacked into something different that encourages things that it shouldn’t.

  • It honestly makes me sad to see that a movement with such a good message behind it is being ruined by gate keeping. As someone who has been struggling with weight for their entire life, it’s nice to hear uplifting things about body image. But, unfortunately, it seems as if the Body Positivity movement is turning into another pity party, although, it’s not entirely bad. People have the right to feel comfortable in their own skin, but making unhealthy decisions and picking and choosing who gets to feel good about themselves is not okay and needs to change.

  • The “movement” keeps my delusional mother too obese to be weighed on a scale with a 150 kg max.
    It keeps her feeding my siblings too much, and thinking it’s okay for them to be obsese as well.
    She thought it was okay for me to be obese It’s NOT okay to be obese.
    She thinks losing weight and eating healthy is almost purely for vanity.

    When I moved away for school, I lost weight just became I made my own choices. Whenever I am home, I always gain weight, because of the diet of the household. I had an argument with my mother about this today, as my 12 year old siblings weigh in at more than my ideal weight, and I am the tallest person here. I didn’t want them to over eat, because I don’t want them to suffer physically as I have, as they both have other physical syndromes that already affect their health, but she’s making excuses for them.
    I have lost 15 kg, but I am still obese. I’ll have to drop 10 kg just to be in the “overweight” range, and 25 kg combined to barely qualify for a normal weight.
    My knees and my back hurt less. I am more limber, I sweat less, snore less, I’m less sick and can do more activity without feeling like I’ve got asthma. I feel so much better, and I know that’s because I made better (albeit still lazy) choices, BECAUSE I care about myself.
    My mom can almost qualify as being pre-diabetic. She probably won’t stop making excuses until the doctor says she’s finally become diabetic.

    This “fat positive” shit is killing people, and I will blame every single one of the people in the “community/movement”, as well as my mom, when she eventually succumbs because of the propaganda that has fueled her denial.
    You are a problem. You are killing people. Please stop!

  • I love you♡
    Everybody, get a bunch of lentils!
    They’re cheap af, and super good for you. Packed with many proteins.
    I put them in soup with carrots, onions, and celery.
    Plant-base diet��, as whole food as possible, whole, like nature intended….though I still eat some processed stuff sometimes.

  • I respect the fact that you are really honest, and also informed. You rarely see that on the internet nowadays. Thumbs up, you won a subscriber <3

  • I love myself I am considered morbidly obese but I also workout everyday and am trying to eat better. But before I was morbidly obese I was curvy I had a small waist, big boobs and lots of hips so I was curvy BUT being fat now doesn’t mean my body isn’t still shaped like that. So call me fat, obese, morbidly obese, curvy who in the hell cares. I still am busting my ass to get healthier. People spend so much time telling other people how to overcome weight issues with no realistic ways in which to help them. I lost 60lbs then had part of my thyroid removed and put all the weight back on as I am trying to get my medications under control and on top of that can’t do much since the Coronavirus is here. We always talk, briefly, about the underlying issues that cause weight gain and also the lack of support and assistance to help people learn better choices. I’d be better off doing drugs at least I would get some help. And no I don’t me free help. I have worked all my life and have health insurance and the only thing I can usually find is some type of weight management program that if you stop using their products the weight comes back. People need to stop scratching the surface of obesity and talk about the real concerns. We I go to my doctor he does run the test and say that I am healthy so to a doctor they just prescribe me adopted and have me figure it out on my own. To get a referral for a real medical weight loss program that includes a therapist and nutritionist I need to meet certain criteria and just being overweight doesn’t qualify you. I say all of this to say some of us struggle differently with weight loss and if someone decides to call me curvy today instead of morbidly obese why don’t you just mind your business and let me sort out how I should feel about it considering I’m the only one who knows what level of effort I put in that day to be better.

  • bro shes over here saying that people who are obese or morbidly obese are not when litterally lizzo is a perfect example cuz shes a big she obese and get this “SHES HEALTHY” so your wrong and so what she wants big or obese people as she says to hate how they look and probably become deprssed and kill them self bc pepole like her are saying oh its not healthy to be obese and for her informaiton when you say that the average height for women is 5’3 or less well bitch geuss im not average hieght then or normal cuz im 6’4 so im sorry that im not average hieght BITCH

  • Why is it necessary to even have an opinion about this? Why can’t people just let each other be? Like, why do you care? Is it hurting you if fat people are positive about their bodies? A lot of you have too much time on your hands to drum up some ish like this. Disgusting, harmful, and hurtful-just to name a few. I guess y’all would be happier if we didn’t exist��

  • “It’s kind of weird because in a way these people are just as focused on appearances as bodyshamers but instead of being focused on saying what’s bad, they’re focused on saying that everything’s good.”

  • I get told that I’m thick or curvy, even a guy friend said I’m chubby, like it was a compliment (he genuinely did not understand my horror at the audacity to say that to my face lmao). I’ve dealt with and continue to fight anorexia/EDNOS. I’ve been down to an unhealthy weight. Now I’m obese and got this way because of this movement. I got the validation to continue eating what I wanted and gaining weight, because I was “loving myself” and got told everywhere I looked that I was beautiful no matter what size and it didn’t matter.
    It’s been difficult. I have a horrible relationship with food. I either eat everything or nothing. Going on a diet would make me backtrack and go overboard and lose 15lbs in a month because I only ate 500cals a day.
    I’m not healthy. I’m not happy eating anything I want, whenever I want. I’m miserable and my body is shouting all these warning signs that I’ve been ignoring. I’m going to try to take it slow, not restricting heavily, eating nourishing food. Still treating myself now and then. I’m also going to try to get professional help. My eating issues aren’t a body thing, it’s a mind thing.

  • I needed to hear this.. For so long now I’ve tried to push this agenda of body positivity on myself.. Take cute pics, post on insta, hash tags and what not.. But in the evening I end up crying in the bathroom because I’m not comfortable in my skin.. And being comfortable requires to start loving myself and making better and healthier choices.. I thought I was crazy but you literally put my thoughts into words.. Self love means doing better for your body..

  • I MOSTLY agree with what you say here. I would just add the disclaimer that loving your body as it is today CAN include not shying away from showing some skin or ditching conventional ideas about which body types should wear what, if you are happy/comfortable doing that. No one should have to wait until they have reached their own healthy weight to wear something they think is fun/cute/whatever. Just like a slice of cake is good for mental health from time to time, so is saying fuck convention, if someone doesn’t like these clothes on my body, they can stfu and look away.

  • This was really good. It comes down to how you really feel about yourself it takes work but you can do it. I love me. You are so inspiring.

  • As some one that has battled with there weight (medical issues ) I have always said that body positivity does not mean promote obesity if you are over weight dont promote it and tell people it’s okay to be obese sorry not sorry I had to stop watching this plus size youtubers I was not okay with the message

  • Thank you. As someone with morbid obese family. I’m worried about them, they are worried about their own test results after every physical.

  • And Jillian Michaels got severe blowback for this. Like we celebrated Amy Whinehouse and drug use with rehab. Now we’re celebrating obesity which can lead to multiple health problems. High blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes. This is not something to celebrate

  • We’ve fallen into the usual trap that somehow offering advice and telling people that being 5’4” and 300 lbs isn’t healthy is somehow “bullying”.

  • Build A Bear IG and winning the genetic lottery! I love it! I wish everyone saw the world like you. Then people would be more supportive and not fat shame. I’ve been fat shamed all my life regardless if I was healthy for my body structure. That BMI never took into account my structure. Its always a struggle for people who are not blessed with what society deems as acceptable. Thank you for this!

  • I can’t stand when people say that it’s okay to be obese. It’s a serious health problem, and while people are free to choose what happens with their bodies, I don’t think that people should glorify a condition which has dangerous consequences such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, etc. That’s not to say that people should choose the extreme opposite (ex. anorexia or bulimia) as those are extremely dangerous too, but we should be advocating for people to try to live healthier lives when possible.

  • I was underweight as a kid. Those who struggle to lose weight have no sympathy for those who struggled to gain it. In fact, they hate and judge such people. I couldn’t gain a normal weight until my 30s when my metabolism slowed down. The body positivity movement never included me.

  • obese woman “yasssss queen, you’re gorgeous, keep it ��”
    short guy “Eewww get the fuck away from me, Frodo! Your presence offends me!”

  • If you are 30% percent body fat, you are morbidly obese. You should aim to be under %20 if male, under %25 if female. Think about those numbers. 30% is literally a third of you as a person is blubber. You should feel disgusting and unhealthy. Its because you are. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or you don’t deserve a good life. It means you’re killing yourself and, unless you have a crazy medical condition, you have 30 minutes a day to workout. I know you do. Nobody doesn’t. Do it before your kids wake up. Do it during their nap. Do it while they’re at school. Do it before you go to bed. And you can eat less fucking garbage. Its. Not. Hard. Its hard to get in great shape. Its hard to stick to a diet. Its not hard to just stop being so fucking undisciplined to a basic level.

  • Male here. I was obese and it was making my asthma and mental health worse. Every time someone called me thick, large or big it never helped me. It placed me in a sense of denial. What helped me was the people I loved and trusted speaking to me in a respectful but honest way of their concern regarding my health. 2 years later I am slim and muscular. I understand everyone is an individual, do what works. ❤

  • Bmi correlates with all cause mortality so regardless of the flaws its a good indication of how longevity.
    Excessive muscle mass also puts strain in the heart.

  • Girls are so insecure it’s crazy, Like, if this were a guy talking about the same thing, I wouldn’t expect a whopping 10% dislike, because everything you said was facts.

  • I’ve been on both sides of the scale. This movement started with praising women with some extra weight and of different shapes. But some now deny morbid obesity is a thing.

  • It’s okay for you to be happy with your weight (knowing it’s dangerous), but don’t encourage more people to follow that, because that way (slowly but surely) you kill

  • The body positivity movement was not created to celebrate any specific type of body. The whole purpose is to celebrate all body types including those of “morbidly obese” individuals. People with larger bodies aren’t using the movement to celebrate an unhealthy lifestyle, they’re celebrating their bodies because they’re often shamed in all other spaces. Your statements here just perpetuate the idea that fat people aren’t allowed to love the skin they’re in because other people deem their bodies to be unhealthy. As an obese person, I can tell you that the body positivity movement has done more for my health than the BMI ever could. I’ve driven myself into disordered eating and unhealthy dieting practices so many times in my life because I was constantly told that my body and my lifestyle are “unhealthy”. As I’ve grown to love myself, I take better care of my body than I ever did before. I got to this place through acceptance, not shame.

  • SJ thank you, for handling this topic tactfully.

    I use to be overweight as a child as you know, I had serious health issues, during that time

    I am no Aphrodite’s, I still have some weight to lose, but I feel a lot better now, that I shed that extra weight.

    This dangers trend needs to stop.

  • I really don’t like the body positivity movement. I think they try to guilt everybody and the thinking 600 lb is okay. I was anorexic when I was younger and I’m in my sixties and I still look in the mirror and I said you know I got to loses couple pounds and what if I just don’t eat today it’s a sucky disease and I’ve been fighting it all my life. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with you I’m sad but I’ve been really busy at work so it’s really nice to see your face when I get up and have coffee yay. On a side note I joined our local LGBT community as an ally:-) I know all these people already so it’s pretty awesome love you girl

  • And you just know those fat chicks in the video would reject an ex-soldier that lost an arm in the army, even tho he is good looking…

  • Am I missing something? I always thought ‘body positivity’ was just about not hating yourself over how you look, not ignoring health warnings?

  • Generally I find fat (not extremely obese, but certainly somewhat overweight) women more attractive than their more slender counterparts.
    Sadly many of them are infected with feminism/socialism. And that what makes them unattarctive. Not only because I hold exactly opposite views. Chubby gal who thinks she’s attractive can act confidently which further increases her attractivness. A woman who thinks she is member of marginalized group and the only way to attract men to her is to brainwash them by some “social campaign”… she has no confidence in herself. Only in said movement that “empowers” her. In fact it empowers her only as a member of group. As a pawn of some “greater social movement”. Not as an individual. For me love is about finding someone who’s special for you, who is not necessary flawless, but whom you, if given a choice, would have preferred over the rest of humanity. And only individuals can be special. You cannot be special as a member of group that consists of thousands of people.
    Also whenever I hear from a woman that I should accept “queer bodies” I start to ask myself a question “is that she? Or maybe that human being was born with dick, and he only wants to pass for female… better get outta here befor I;ll find I felt attracted to self-delusional eunuch who think he’s a woman”

  • I’ve become overweight over the years, and my recent Cedar Point and Kings Island trips struck me with the realization that If i get any worse i wouldn’t be able to enjoy what i live and am most passionate about, which is rollercoasters. Rather that joining a victim complex like my dad, I started working on my eating habits and getting active every day. I’ve been making steady progress ever since, and I hope that other people follow along the path and work on their physical health. Americans are getting slow and fat, it’s the sad truth, and it’s not good for the amusement industry. Btw, you absolute failed at making a pun at the end but at least you tried

  • This is none sense. If ur obese don’t listen to these people. I didn’t and I lost 30 pounds and I’m finally at a healthy body weight and feel 1000X better

  • The point is that you shouldn’t love an unhealthy body not saying you have a full ona abs and all as long as you’re obese don’t waste your time loving it put that effort into get healthy and that’s not self hat3 or anything it’s quite the opposite. In my opinion obese people shouldn’t even have a say in this issue period

  • Not sure if this had been suggested before, but I’d be interested in seeing/hearing a conversation with you and Megan Jayne Crabbe aka bodyposipanda. I think you’d have a good exchange discussing your experience regarding body positivity ��

  • GOOD GOD PEOPLE USE YOUR EARS!!! She isn’t saying that overweight people don’t know they are unhealthy and don’t want to change, she’s just saying that we should feel confident. People who are overweight struggle with mental issues like depression caused by fat shaming. It’s not ok and by saying we aren’t beautiful is frankly a.crappy comment. We don’t need you to tell us so stop pretending that overweight people are sheep that can only be shepherded by rude comments.

  • You ask 3 (most likely straight) white, young people their opinion on good celebrity bodies, then complain that they’re straight and white…SMH. Jessica Alba is half Mexican BTW, and it’s been pointed out already that sexual orientation is Not a body type. I’m willing to bet you interviewed or could have asked some people that Did or would have given answers that included nonwhite celebs but that doesn’t fit your bs dishonest agenda… Despite what your gender studies class has taught you, you can’t dictate or change what most people find attractive! It’s not a social construct. thankfully, for the vast Majority, attraction is biological and built into our DNA so your movement will never gain widespread traction..

  • Will come the day that someone will ask “why the water is wet?”, and based on that they will start to think that they can’t get wet by water.

  • When I had to sit down to put socks on… not due to balance but just plain ol’ gut-in-the-way… that’s when I started to really take notice. After getting 50lbs down I found my heartburn, that I had been writing off as normal, completely went away.

  • The girl in the green dress is the least likable person ever possibly. I hope she’s watched all the videos debunking this poisonous train of thought and hopefully has developed a close relationship with a treadmill. ��

  • Straight? Jennifer Lawrence isn’t straight, she’s curvy. Fat women are lumpy, not curvy. Stop trying to change the definition of curvy.

  • I actually came here to feel better and see some body positivity but reading all the comments just made me even more sad ok maybe it’s not healthy but please leave your fucking opinion somewhere else where cause people come here for positivity not for u the tell me that it’s all wrong

  • People: i feel like plus size should be represented more in the media
    Simplified: i feel like people should start shortening their life span to bring awareness

  • Wait, so fat people can be mad when those who don’t fit the definition come into their community but we can’t be mad when trans trenders try to come into ours. I’m genuinely confused.

  • Body positivity should be for people who had no control over things like scars, disfigurements or illnesses they have since birth and people that are actually pretty healthy but are very insecure about their body.
    Not for some arrogant idiots who can’t take care of their health.

  • I’m sorry but fat is not healthy. I don’t judge people for being overweight, but I do judge them for not trying to be better. Humans as a species were not meant to be overweight. There was never an overweight hunter/gatherer. Sure people spend a lot of money on getting in shape, but that’s because one of the leading causes of death in this country is heart disease, which is primarily caused by obesity. Positive body movement was not meant for people who eat too much, it was meant for people who have disfigurements that make them feel as though they can’t live a normal life. Instead, it’s become a way for people who could easily get off the couch and go to the gym to justify their laziness and drag other people into their trap. Do you really think someone you love is going to let you drown yourself in food? Watch you have more and more health problems as you keep insisting you should love every type of body? Do you think you’re setting a good example for the generations of the future by saying that being obese is not only ok but seen as good? I cannot support a movement that puts people’s lives at risk due to ignorance.

  • You can actually feel how insecure and triggered she is from the way she’s talking like she’s about to explode holy shit i feel threatened just watching this

  • I think the thing most people misunderstand is body positivity is about respecting someone because there is a person in that body. That’s it.

  • I hate the body positivity movement (in terms of obese people) because it teaches people that being fat/obese is healthy. Of course you can chose to be fat if you want and that’s fine, but don’t tell others it’s healthy.

  • If someone thinks you are unhealthy or unattractive, so what? And how does them thinking that about you deny you “self love”?
    Being happy with your own body is great, but begging, demanding and even threatening others into telling you that you’re hot is doomed to failure because you’re still letting others determine your self image.

  • 1. You interviewed like 10 people that can prove Anything 2.white people will most likely want to look like white celebrities because they relate more to them and are happy with their skin color �� 3. You obviously have no knowledge on health, do actual research before making claims on it 4. These people said things that doctors would say 5. Literally no body said plus sized and/or fat people didn’t deserve self love.
    Honestly I guess yourintentions were good but sprouting BS isn’t going to help people in the long run

  • I’d love to see less Plus size women in media.. can we stop making being healthy okay? Can we start putting in women who have healthy lifestyles and are fit rather than overweight women so other overweight feel that its okay. Muscular women, women that have a little bit of fat on them but are healthy, curvy women, women shaped like pear and apples, women with a straight figure, women with no boobs. To make being unhealthy fine is detrimental and makes people think they are normal and thats not okay.
    EDIT: I’m not saying you dont deserve love if you are fat, I am also badly overweight, but it’s not good for young children to be seeing how being fat is completely fine and if anybody says anything its fat shaming. Its unhealthy and its not right. Exercise needs to be pushed and prioritised rather than idolising fat women because they are fat. What we are doing is idolising women that struggle to breath at times, its hard to catch your breath. Women that will get joint pain and be unable to walk because of their size and all the other effects of being over weight. If you love yourself you will be actively trying to maintain a healthy weight and be fit.

  • Try to be as healthy as you can be, for you, and no one else. This trying to look like that movie star or that super model is bullshit. Simple be happy with yourself, and try to stay healthy, without letting it control your life.

  • I am obese. I accept that I am obese, but I also reject being obese my whole life. I work out everyday, I have decreased my calorie intake, increased my water intake and began therapy to deal with the reasons why I overeat. If these women loved their selves so much they would change their diet and exercise. A majority of plus size women I follow on Instagram have no interest in losing weight, exercising or dealing with their food addiction. Addiction to food is just as real as any other addiction and I refuse to allow food to have control over my life. Thank you for this video!

  • Being body positive is a good concept…however, if you are actually comfortable in your own skin, you would not starve yourself or overeat to the point of morbid obesity…or smoke, overly stress yourself, eat unhealthily, not exercise, etc. So, it is important to try and help people who are obese, etc. with their body image issues so they feel they are worth it…not to shame them and make them feel worse about themselves…that does not help. I am NOT saying that I agree with the concept of “being healthy at every weight”…that is stupid bullshit, a grown adult who is 600 lbs or 80 lbs is certainly not healthy and definitely not happy in their body. I used to hate myself hated being in my own skin and because of this, developed a drug addiction that I knew damn well was not good for my body…however, I thought I was worthless and didn’t care if I lived or died. After intense therapy for trauma and other issues, my confidence and self esteem increased and I started treating my body better. Bottom line is: shaming/embarrassing people with “bad” bodies does not help in any way, so why be an asshole?

  • If all bodies are good bodies… What about those bodies of drug addicts? E.g. Krokodil Addict? (
    They have a problem, seriously unhealthy, and will die soon if they don’t receive help. What happens with them?
    Does obesity have the same problems? (People with a problem, who are seriously unhealthy and will die soon if they don’t receive help)

  • Anorexia would be the opposite of obesity. Plus-size is called being fat. Self love is called masterbation because nobody wants to fuck a fat person. If it’s just a characteristic and just a word then stop getting so worked up about it

  • Great point on how you should view positivity for your own body rather than pushing others to feel positive about your body for you. Love it. Sharing.

  • why do people hate plus size people so much?

    anytime i look in the comment section of this kind videos, all i see complaining about how we are soooo unhealthy and we should lose weight.

    please just let us be.
    we just want to be loved too!

  • Alright with the whole body positivity thing. I believe it’s all about moderation. Obesity is unhealthy and dangerous and the fact this
    chick said, if someone is clinically unhealthy does not mean they’re not worthy of self love is stupid. You should love yourself but at the same time take care of yourself. If you are a little on heavy side but still generally healthy and like that about your self go head. Thicc is best anyway

  • This misandrist once attacked me by saying that calling obese people unhealthy is just a was to spread NEGATIVITY. She also said that you should allow people to be obese and not care about others bodies, and if I did, I’m a bitch.

  • Wtf is it? You can’t fight death, you accept it, okay. But i won’t accept it for myself or my family. Yes, a fat person is an ill person.

  • It’s a dumb fucking movement that encourages people to kill themselves while posturing at the same time. It’s the biggest fucking con of the century.

  • bueno si las personas con sobrepeso son saludables entonces porque mueren antes que una persona que cuida su alimentación (la mayoría) son estadísticas

  • I think the body positivity movement is awesome. No, I do not encourage obesity (or anorexia), but I DO encourage people to be happy with themselves, even if they aren’t looking like Hollywood stars. Peace out!

  • Who’s ‘we wanna see’ no we don’t. We want to see hour glass slim in the waist thick in the ass and chest regions. Quit trying to shame me for not wanting fat or obese bitches. Quit making excuses and get your ass to the gym.

  • When I say I have had many problems with my body and the way it looks (regardless of being extremely thin) or when I say Ive suffered a lot with an ed, I get called a skinny bitch. Sure the body positivity movement is for everyone, sureeee it is!

  • Why aren’t these as long as they use to be? It seems anytime they get into it, it’s cut. I hope it’s not because someone said something people may feel controversial. Theta defeats the purpose of even watching any of these.

  • Gosh, love yourself as much as you want, just don’t whine about some person not liking you. My “beautiful appearance” standard won’t change, no matter how loud you’ll shout “fat is OK”. Want to hear “you’re beautiful”? FIND someone who likes plus sizes, not TELL others to like plus sizes.

  • Doctor: You’re 40 lbs overweight. Your body mass index is teetering close to obesity and you may be at risk of heart disease. You need to increase vegetable and fiber intake, lessen empty calories, and add light to moderate cardio exercise to build resistance and strengthen your heart rate.

    Body Positive: I’m so offended! You should be cancelled!!! I’m proud of my body and what I look like!

  • “Thick” is losing popularity. So people are distancing themselves from it. Society used to shame black women for being thick. White people created the exaggeration of thick meaning obese to make women like Jennifer Aniston feel better about themselves. When all they were were healthy black women. Unfortunately we’ve adopted that exaggeration.

  • If only PE class actually taught their students that human was born different and they have 3 different sets of body..


    and that each of the body type has its own pros & cons, as well as how to maintain it / to improve it; and lastly, what’s considered lean in each of their category type and what is OBESITY..

    even skinny people can be obese as well.. we called that Skinny fat, but wouldn’t anyone know bout it right..? Since Muricans dietary is Coke, Cheeseburger & Beers.. Blame your culture for normalizing and teaching you that ever since ur small..

  • TV’s, Magazines and the media does not tell us what a beautiful body is, we tell them and they make money off of it. These body positive folks may want to see those bodies, but the resounding majority of people don’t or don’t care. Sounds like the body positive folks are body obsessed? You can’t tell by looking at a slim person if they are unhealthy, generally. You can tell that an obese person is unhealthy, generally, because their malady is obvious.

  • this creates a paradox. if you complement someone, you are a sexist or rapist, but if you dont, you are sexist or for body negativity.

  • No sugar no carbs super simple. I see what you mean about looking for outside validation. And body positive overweight women shouldn’t worry because there’s always that small group of dudes who are in too fat chicks. Like my ex roommate was one of those guys. I do think that they would get a lot more out of looking further and deeper into modern nutrition as opposed to well a political ideology.

  • Any doctor can tell us the dangers that we put ourselves in when adding on the pounds. There are co-morbidity factors that come with extra weight. Even COVID-19 doctors call being overweight a co-morbidity factor.

  • You’re not pretty Lauren Chen. You’re an ugly hag on the inside. You will never have what some fat ladies have: an empowered inner beauty. You propagate outer beauty more and more so at the cost of inner beauty.

  • I went on a 3-year pig-out.End, result, I acquired out of control diabetes, I nearly lost my eye-sight. I couldn’t even walk down the street without my back giving out on me. My right foot would die on me constantly. My penis, atrophied, I literally became a P-I-G. My apartment was like a rat’s nest. I couldn’t get” IT,,”,,,,”UP,”,,,,,,,.My blood-pressure went through the roof.( All ingredients for severe COVID.) To say the least, I had to get rid of the weight for my own health’s, sake. Now, my “man”is regaining it’s length. My movements aren’t restricted. I can knock out, house,& yard work with joy.Women, pay attention to me again ( positvely) when I enter a room. I feel 10 years, younger & I no longer have a problem with “ED.” No brainer.

  • Lol I don’t mean to sound evil, but the chubby girl likes a bigger version of Dakota Johnson. She’s pretty but kinda I’ll informed lol

  • I am glad you are not bothered by the loose skin but it will become much much worse with age. Why wouldn’t you get it fixed while young in case there are complications? Plastic surgery works better with youth!

  • If you put forth no effort in your diet or fitness, it’s something you’re openly neglecting and you should rightfully feel shame. You don’t just get a prize for existing, ya lazy pigs.

  • Did she say fat bodies are marginalized? Because that shit is everywhere, literally everywhere! It’s the most common thing to see in public. Also all bodies are beautiful just not to everyone.

  • The body positivity is just like this current wave of feminism. While there are some people trying to do good. There’s a lot of people thinking it should be a pick and choose for who it applies to.

  • If my beautiful wife become fat I leave her!
    Thats the only “pshyco” claim I had before got married. 
    I keep plenty of promises to her, and one of her to me is NEVER become fat! (Chubby while pregnant/have babies only exception). 
    If she think she couldn’t keep her promise she should never marry me in the first place!
    Keeping promises is a good think!
    She is hot as hell, still after two kids!

  • Fun fact:
    This video is three years old…
    That means a lot of these ‘body positivity’ chicks are very likely to be six feet under already 😉

  • there are things we can change about ourselves and some things we can’t.. We cannot change for the most part race, height, intelligence to an extent….. However, in many cases we can change our weight. I know some have disorders, but many are also lazy. I am against shaming people about things they cannot change or shaming in general. But what is really bad is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle that you can change. For those that have a disorder or genuine health problem I would defend them, but not for just being lazy.

  • I dont care what other people say… Some people are ugly. ITS IS WHAT IT IS. not everyone is beautiful. Not everyone is pretty. Just because the media says it is, it’s a lie. Not. Everyone. Is. Pretty!!

  • The movement is about NATURAL BODY SHAPES AND COLORS in the fashion and movie industries being allowed equal standing to the ‘standard’ very thin thin frame tall white people. It has nothing to do with healthy or unhealthy so if people over 200 lbs try to claim that as an excuse to demand people to like their body, then dont blame it on the movement itself. And vise vera if someone under 140 lbs tries to claim it’s ok to be less than 140 lbs that’s not okay and they shouldn’t defend that idea because people who have it in their head that its okay to be that small tend to ‘over do the healthy concept’ by caring way more about how their body looks than their mental state. People overweight tend to care more about their mental state over their looks.

    But OverAll Point is that in the middle range between 140(less than size 10 pants) lbs and 200 bls(size 18 pants), there are beautiful thick healthy girls that should be equally displayed as very thin thin white girls. I mean Marilyn Monroe was a very thick girl back in her day, when the most unhealthy thin standers were still in place, and she was a size 14 pants around size 0 women. And she is still considered one of the sexiest woman in existence, yet our fashion and movie industries still try to hold ‘their standard’.

  • This is the perspective that I love and miss and I feel the current times are distorting the foundations of these clear thoughts I’m so used to hearing from this channel

  • Wtf is it with this people? You could and may have already attributed with someone else’s death, with all this bs. Gahd Damn it… ugh..

  • I love this message about body positivity because i am always working on myself and i cannot expect people to say ignorant things. They are human, i am human. It’s better to forgive and let go. Keep up the great content, man!

  • Lauren was able to showcase an anorexic girl to illustrate unhealthiness but when it came to showcasing overweight girls, she had to resort to mere animations. Just goes to show how easy people can flag an informative video on the basis of “fat-shaming”

  • Before my grandmother passed, she used to always say, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Seems Lauren is quoting my grandmother.

  • People shouldn’t be as defensive when having a discussion like this. Some walk in with a chip on their shoulder ready to argue (not a lot of that in this one, but A BUNCH in other videos) EDIT: i feel like discussing the “going to the doctor” point would be a lot more eye opening and interesting, as it’s one of the major “divides” between the two sides in my opinion

  • Very late in watching this video Lauren, by a few years actually but, very well presented, a continually factual and very positive message in all regards, and without actually running other people down but instead making statements with a clear understanding of the subject matter and which is very much, I must say, the opinion of the majority of people who understand the importance of keeping fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Great watch. One can also see by the ratio of likes to dislikes that 3.1K of people viewing this video cannot deal with how they look and/or feel about themselves, which is indeed their own psychological impediment (a hindrance or obstruction in doing something:this is for others not yourself Lauren) Hope your keeping safe during this awful world pandemic that has, and will continue for some time to take many lives of the people we love and care for and about? Take care. JJ.

  • Body positivity isn’t about fat being good. It’s essentially about not hating yourself because you are currently unhealthy so stop hating on her.

  • “Fat ppl are allowed to be mad when our space is being taken up by thin people”? Well actually it’s the fat people that usually takes space. A lot of it.

  • With the right personality, temperament, and the ability to smile, any body type can be beautiful. Hell, they can even be Beach Body Ready. (A prime example would be Mei from Overwatch) This femoid Lauren is talking about shouldn’t be allowed to walk the street in any stage of undress even if she were svelte! The only thing about her that is more of a land whale is the person inside this person-like organism. She might be ‘fluffy’ on the outside, but inside, we’re talking a ‘My 600-Pound Life’ case here!

  • Judging from the appearance of the young lady explaining “body positivism”, I can tell she may have sleep apnea based on the bags under her eyes. She has varicose veins in her arms which is not normal for a woman her age and implies circulatory issues possibly caused by type 2 diabetes. He hair is frizzy and has no sheen… which could be caused by using harsh dies or products, but more than likely implies a poor diet. She is not healthy and therefore I would not choose her to reproduce with.

  • I love you so much. I appreciate your beliefs and how you aren’t worried about being politically correct. I’m definitely subscribing.

  • i think people easily forget that ”larger” people are not the only ones who struggle with body positivity and it is growing harder for thinner people becuase we are in a day and age where a skinny body is considered something you dont want to be whereas people are constantly supporting other body types we are often forgotten.

  • Um…Burn victims, & those who lose their limbs in war etc…need to have body positivity. Not gluttonous pigs who eat too much. The pigs need to fuck off, or get shamed. Since this “movement” or lack thereof, has come out, I refuse to date obese women. Grab another slice of pizza Ladies, because I refuse to sit around like a useless loaf like you. Glad you feel better, but I would rather be healthy. Which means we won’t have much in common in our leisure time. In other words: We are Incompatible.

  • It’s funny how I have a completely different impression of the body positivity movement. Maybe that’s because I don’t follow anyone on YouTube, just a few Instagram accounts that have been a bit later in the game.
    They all post about having a healthy relationship to working out and how it’s healthy but should be fun instead of a chore.
    Similarly, they talk about intuitive eating and not punishing oneself for indulging every once in a while. Part of that is that they usually are recovering from anorexia and use their accounts to deal with developing a healthy relationship to food but also to show others of course. They all without exception love veggies. And i have a feeling that i get a better idea of how I should eat than if I was watching the Paul brothers eating their gain bowls.
    While I personally don’t follow any instagramers with visible disabilities, they often shout out those accounts and address the topic.
    They also all have different body types, some are thin, some are fat. Many of them are poc and also talk about western Beauty standards.

  • yes, shame me, im fat. i dont like being fat. i dont want anyone to placate me for being fat. its harder to get around. i have more health problems for being fat. i love to eat, but im sure all addicts love their vices. until it destroys their lives. so yes, shame. but encourage also. fat people call encouraging as shaming cuz they are ashamed of not being able to handle their addiction of eating and being to lazy to work it off.

  • When they groan and need two people to help them to get out of their seat? Is that body positivity that I should encourage? I am describing a 10 year old I know that weighs over 200 lbs.

    Sad to say, but I know he will be a member of the My 600 pound life show by the time he’s 18. His knee joints will be shot by then.

  • Feminists/SJWs: Make claims, almost always unable to site sources when asked
    Conservatives: Make claims, provide lists and lists of articles and resources when asked
    Feminists/SJWs: “Omg your such a liar ehhhhhh!!! Didn’t you know the world is B/W and we still live in 1932???”

  • Lauren just don’t worry about it. It is all up to the individual. If they are unhealthy and fat, just ignore it let live and let die. It is only Thier business, they can tell you to stay out of thiers. All you can do is live your own life,,,,,,,not thiers

  • It’s just the same YOU HAVE TO LIKE ME thing the lgbtqai2s++pqauis people do.
    “Accept me!” “Yeah, sure. Whatever” “No, but you have to care and support me!” “I don’t give a shit, go away.”

  • your body is hands down the greatest tool you will ever need in life. why shouldnt it be a common commitment for everyone to sharpen their tool regularly?

  • Why can’t you just shut the fuck up and let people live their lives? This is what I HATE about conservatives. You don’t care about people’s health; you just don’t want to keep your nose out of other people’s business. Get a life, Chen…

  • This is excellent an excellent vid SJ, Thank you ❤, body positivity is not for everyone, I’m anorexic and have body dismorphia and last year I put on weight and everyone telling me I look great, I look human, healthy (that last one is the worst for me), it is actually a very negative thing for me to hear and I’m back in the grip again, I’m not blaming anyone’s comments which were all said with good intentions but it doesn’t help me at all. I try to avoid seeing Eugenia as although I know she is very slim I still admire her control etc (I’m ashamed to admit publicly but I’ll look at pics of her only for thinspiration aswell as other images of people) that’s not her fault as I understand how she sees herself and doesn’t see what most people see so she continued on YouTube. I was at the same stage as her when I was first forced into hospital under a section and when 1st weighed there I was 29kg and almost died as I also got pneumonia.
    Body positivity can only be a good thing when it comes thru your own eyes, on both sides on the weight spectrum, plus there is height, natural build, gender etc to take into the equation too.
    Sorry for the long comment, I am really passionate about this and I’m so grateful to you for doing this video! Thank you again ��
    Love to you and Steph x

  • The way I got the body positivity for fat people, is to stop shaming people for their weight. It’s non of your business. Friends and family, ok they can be concerned for their loved ones. Most people though just shit on fat people, nobody’s concerned about their health. Some people are fat, because of medical conditions, they can’t lose weight. Obesity is a problem, yes, it should be treated. But not by shaming the affected people, but rather by supporting healthy (eating) habits.

  • This only applies for women to women. They don’t like it when they do it to each other. But women can talk shit about men all they want. Men can’t do it to women either.

  • My s/o is very overweight, a bit over 250lbs. He used to wanna lose weight cuz he hated his body, then we got together and he started being more ok with it. We had a talk about health (I’m average weight but also a medical mess with 2 chronic illnesses) and now he’s wanting to lose weight again. Not cuz he doesn’t like himself, but cuz now he does and he wants to be around in his body and with me for as long as possible. The body positivity movement should be encouraging self love in the sense of truly taking care of yourself and wanting to be healthy for the right reasons, not telling people to ignore something that could cause issues for them years down the road.

  • I absolutely agree!!! I’ve never supported this body positive bs!! SJW’s fail to realize that they are the ones who are self absorbed, narcissists..they expect to be complimented for doing absolutely nothing, whilst fit and thin shaming others!! I’m so glad people are calling them out!! People who were disfigured or a genetic deformity, are the only people who need this movement..not lazy excuse makers who know they did nothing to be complimented for…great post!!

  • As a big person I put on a facade to get me by, but the reality I wish I was skinny. Yet on the surface I portray confidence bc it is what it is, till I change

  • Body positivity is pro-fat and anti-thin for the most part. I was very naturally skinny for my childhood and teens, and then I developed anorexia and bulimia, and as a result of those fucking my body up so much, now I’m obese. So, I’ve been on literally both ends of the spectrum, and yeah, I’m here to say body positivity is bullshit. “It’s cool to be fat nowadays even if it’s killing you! If you’re skinny or underweight? No no no, that’s disgusting!” And it’s not even just people with EDs but naturally skinny people too, ugh it’s so fucked up. Such hypocrisy. Focus on being healthy, not on ‘you’re beautiful regardless of how you fuck your body over’. You still need to take care of your meat suits, guys! Until we all become robotic cyborgs, we have to live in these bodies, and being in denial over your health isn’t helping anything.

  • I’m always self-conscious of the stretchmarks I have. Even though I always cover my stomach area, I still feel bad about them. However, I saw stretchmarks on my friend’s back when we were all swimming the other day and they aren’t even overweight and now I feel so much better about my stretchmarks because I know other people have the same thing! This is something ‘body positivity’ movements can never seem to get across.

  • As long as you’re healthy, I don’t care what you look like. Some fat people are healthy. Some thin people are unhealthy. It’s not black and white. I do support body positivity, but not in this extreme sense where you get offended if your doctor knows you’re unhealthy and wants to help. It’s okay to be fat, it’s okay to be thin, but just please eat healthy and make healthy choices. I also understand that not everyone can lose weight quickly and that’s okay too. You don’t need to be thin to be attractive, but again, healthy choices. Please make them for your own sake
    (This goes for thin people too. Be good to your bodies)

  • What’s the point of keeping the video at 9 minutes? It didn’t even break 10 minutes. These kinds of videos need to be much longer, or else discussions stay pretty shallow and rushed, which in my opinion completely defeats the purpose of having open dialogue for these types of topics.

  • I have body dysmorphia, was diagnosed with PCOS at age 16 (when I weighed about 120lbs), and didnt start gaining the weight associated with the disorder til I was over 18. My docs have always told me that despite my being overweight (and the obvious PCOS) everything was healthy about me.
    Though I’ve never been body positive about myself, I recognize that people can be body positive. I also recognize that the movement can be incredibly toxic.

  • my version of the body positive movement is more clothing catering towards plus-size/curvier women (such as Torrid) and more clothing stores and brands to sell more clothing to plus-size women. i do not follow the movement. I am currently 314 pounds and on my way to lose weight (i lost 41 pounds since march). I believe that plus-size people should not be shamed/bullied for being slightly over weight/ chubby. dont assume plus-size women eat nothin but junk, me for example, i cut red meat out of my diet and eat out at most (but not regularly) 5 times a month. I would love to see more people follow in a more common knowledged version that SJ described.
    Thx Ms. SJ

  • I’d also like to say that while they may not suffer as much as someone with weight issues, even people of perfect body health and even extremely pretty people can hate their body. Does it mean that they don’t deserve body positivity, just because others think they’re pretty? I say that everyone has insecurities, that everyone’s problems are relative, and that everyone really does deserve body positivity (keeping in mind that they’re still staying healthy), so when these people say “all bodies are good bodies” they should mean it.

  • Body positivity is not an excuse for you to eat whatever you want and be obese. If you really care about yourself and love yourself, go shed some pounds and keep your weight *moderated*, not extremes.

  • Lol, wait until you hit 30 and your thyroid gives up. I really want to hear body positivity speak out of anybody after 30. However, all this body positivity is out of people under the age of 30 that are overweight. It seems skewed.

  • Hey, like the video.
    I didn’t see an option to inbox you on your channel, but you mentioned having PCOS. I have that as well and I found what may be an answer for you too, or at least worth checking into. I personally had the weight problem part, but you might want to check into these:
    It is generally targeted at people with weight problems, but it addresses the hormonal aspect of it and how it can affect your other hormone levels. You can find blog posts explicitly for the PCOS aspect if you just search the posts for it.
    Not trying to give unsolicited advice so much as just wanting to point anyone toward this stuff if I think they may possibly want to know about it.

  • I had issues with weight on & off my whole life. I had been very close to my 130 lbs then I started to gain again. I wasn’t eating more or junk food. It turns out I had a cyst on my right kidney & I found out my left kidney had been 99% blocked my whole life from a birth defect. funny huh. I got it fixed a few months ago & the weight is slowly going away. if you just start gaining weight for no reason get checked by a Doctor. the same goes if you just start losing weight for no reason. be safe & take care of yourselves. We are all beautiful skinny or fat but to much of an extream, either way means there is something wrong. If you are binge eating or not eating at all, then you might have an issue you might need help to get better. Don’t judge yourself harshly just get some help. there is no shame in that.

  • I’m ngl I’m kinda jealous of those few people who have absolutely perfect bodies despite eating like a dinosaur and rarely exercising �� But I obviously don’t hate them, I’m just like woahh nice motabilism there.

    Although it’s generally down to exercise and healthy eating, plenty of thin or skinny people are actually struggling immensely to gain weight, I think Jaclynglenn mentioned it when people were telling her to eat more, even though she does. People get shit for being skinny too, and whether it’s because of an eating disorder, some crazy metabolism or just not being able to gain weight, they can’t always help it. I don’t see how it’s their fault or even a privilege because they could say the same thing about fat people as they’re able to gain weight??

    Although the point about metabolism and eating disorders absolutely goes for big people too, people tend to forget that eating disorders go both ways.

  • I’m happy with my body and yes I may be skinny but I get told that I’m too skinny even though I am not underweight so it goes both ways

  • I guess the real problem is bullying…
    people shouldn’t be so shitty with overweight people. It can be so bad for the mental health of fat kids. At the same time de bulied person should be able to defend him/herself.
    But this movement now doesn’t talk about things like this. Now it’s about these lies. The human body is not made to have this much fat, eat this much garbage that we eat and to not exercise. If you live like this there’s no way you’re healthy

  • Body positivity actually hijacked the fat acceptance movement, a movement to prevent discrimination based on weight. That movement turned into body positivity quite recently and then the more radicalized fat positivity movement. From the beginning fat acceptance movement was not to praise obesity but to decrease discrimination against fat people and remove ethics behind eating. The U.S. is one of the only countries that encourages guilt after eating certain foods or overeating. We disguise our discrimination against fat people by saying that we are looking out for their health when in reality we are attaching morality to it. We blame them for not being moral and eating too much when in fact clean eating and access to affordable healthy foods is restricted to the privileged. The movement has changed drastically to become a movement to encourage obesity but that’s not what it was intended.

  • guys let’s all stop working out and sleeping well and eating healthy. let’s work really hard to eat pizza, drink sodas, sleep in bed, use wheel chairs even if u can perfectly walk, and drink beer all day, we can turn all of our bodies into the master pieces. i’m pretty piece of shit right now with 6 pack and arms and chest muscles, i’ surely hope that one day, can weight over a 200 pounds and really experience the joy of putting up with diabetes and shorter lifespan. i’m only 5 foot 5, short, i got one thing going for me there. lol

    no offence to neone. neone can just work out and turn into a shit body with 6 packs, and jacked up bodies, if u put in the effort and time into it. lol here again.

    body positivity supporters, u r just promoting and supporting bad health and bad eating habits and nothing else. the type of body types we r attracted is engraned in our dna, and it is a healthy type.

    the desired size tends to vary from tribes to tribes but no society finds unhealthy people attractive. by unhealthy i don’t mean, disabled or ill, i just mean the people that don’t look after themselves.

  • love your vids but i dont think you entirely understand the body positivity movement (the general one, not the radical people). imo body positivity is for everyone. if eugenia love her body and respected it, she might not be where she is today. eugenia is different as she has a mental illness. people who are slightly overweight can not be compared to being anorexic. being overweight is not a mental illness. my biggest point is that body positivity should not focus on health. otherwise it suggests that a persons health is directly correlated to their worth and value and worthiness of respect. but there are MANY people who have chronic health issues on the planet (me included). SO if people are spewing that health is what they care about, then they knock a large portion of people with bad health out. this isnt fair. a lot of chronic illnesses, or the medications that treated chronic illnesses (included mental illnesses) can cause weight gain or weight loss (e.g. PCOS, depression, anxiety, BED, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, cushings, thryoid issues, crohns, cealics… and medications; antidepressants, antipsychotics, insulin, steroids, beta blockers etc.). i dont think that health is a thing that should determines someones value or worthiness of respect. being overweight due to an illness or medication is very common. some people who are overweight (not morbidly obese) can be just as, or ever more healthy than a thin person who has a fast metabolism who eats like a garbage can. its just kind of a shit argument.

  • As you explain it, it makes sense. I wish people would concentrate on their own health instead of bashing overweight folks. We don’t need to comment on everyone else’s appearance. Let’s concentrate on uplifting each other and check on our friends and family’s mental health. I’ve lost some seemingly happy and well put together people to suicide.

    These experiences lead me to try and uplift the people I interact with and encourage troubled folks to seek therapy. I’ve also had a few friends who had gastric bypass surgery and still gained some of the weight back. It was in that moment they realized that their mental state was the key to success.

  • I agree. Being healthy and loving yourself and one and the same. Also loving yourself when you are not healthy and making the choices to change into the healthiest version you can be, where you are, and what you have to work with.

  • I completely agree. Alot of these ppl r complete hypocrites, and outright liars b/c nobody can be that stupid that they genuinely believe weight has nothing to do w/ health. Alot of what we find beautiful in general is an indicator of health, as well as how good of a hunter or gather ppl have the potential to be. Years of evolution programed us to be attracted to a certain weight which translates in the wild to less health problems and more in shape to run if need be, even features which also tend to make us able to run quickly as indicate better health and less birth defects (for instance certain diseases and parasite will make ur features uneven, and odd facial symmetry can also indicate down syndrome ect), certain body parts that indicate fertility or virility, certain smells are more attractive to us to entice us to good things and repel us from bad things, ppl w/ opposite pheromones are more likely to be attracted to one another b/c they indicate opposite immune systems and make for more immune children (unless the woman is pregnant or on birth control, and scientist speculate this is b/c family wa needed alot during times of pregnancy when we were hunters & gatherers), and it is also interestingly noted in poorer countries men tend to prefer heavier women, and in rich countries they prefer skinnier but female preferences in men didn’t seem to change. I said all that to say, these ppl are completely against science b/c our media’s standard of beauty is in a big way shaped by our taste, and our evolutionary natures. ALOT of what we find attractive is do to health b/c evolution has made us choose the mate that will make for the healthiest offspring, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. Yes there are different fashions, cultures and beauty standards when it comes to makeup and jewelry but we don’t by nature go for obesity, asymmetry precisely b/c it’s an indicator of possible bad health. Those “body positive” hypocrites are completely illogical and out of touch w/ reality

  • a bunch of overweight lazy people finding excuses for their behavior you guys are really disgusting.
    at same time, steroids are not good either.

  • I think it has the potential to be good but it also has the potential to be very very bad!! It can endorse the wrong habits and excuses which can lead to bigger problems.

  • To me morbid obesity is the same as anorexia. You shouldn’t glorify either. I have lost 95 lbs. I’m still working on my weight, but l am happy with the progress.

  • YASSS! I’ve been hoping someone would talk about this. I’ve gone looking in subreddits and Facebook groups for someone to have brought up Eugenia and the Fat Acceptance/Body Positivity contradiction, but haven’t found anything until your video. I mean, bodies ARE good in general because we live inside of them, but our species are meant to exist within a certain size range. Thank you for making this video.

  • Tbh I don’t care about other people’s bodies enough to be body positive. It legit doesn’t bother me. I’m more so bothered by the people who say “I’m concerned about your health.”

    No you aren’t. You’re just uncomfortable with a fat person eating a pizza. And why care about some random person’s weight? That’s my problem.

    But I do agree that I’m tired of body positivity shunning skinny people. I also hate the idea of “thin privilege” like somehow fat people are marginalized like gay people or PoC.

  • I personally think “body positivity” should be, working towards taking care of yourself and being healthy, but being able to accept and love yourself and the way you look even when you’re not at that point yet

  • There’s a difference between not hating yourself and loving your body. If you’re an unhealthy weight, you shouldn’t love your body, but you also shouldn’t hate yourself. I, personally, don’t like my body, because I’m a bit tubby and could stand to lose about 2 dozen pounds at least, but I don’t hate myself.

  • my family was so poor as a kid I ate barely anything so I turned out super skinny my fat friend who claimed to have depression because of his weight called me privileged and said I could never understand his pain.

  • Kind of wild how we’re just deciding that what makes us emotionally feel good is the way to go. Let’s not consider what your doctor is telling you. (If you’re obese or emaciated, ain’t no doctor telling you you’re good. If they are, you need to find another)
    In other news, vaccinate your children. Measles outbreak and all…

  • I think the problem a lot of these women have is that they’re still trying to love their bodies for what they look like, rather than what their bodies can do for themselves and others. There’s no reason to love the way your body looks. I love my body and treat it well because it’s all I have to experience the world with. If I tried to love my body for what it looked like I would never ever be happy.

  • Body positivity should be about celebrating bodies to be in the best shape they can be. It should be about disabled people who don’t have a leg, it should be about the black girls beautiful curly hair, it should be about the freckles a ginger might have, it should be about saggy boobs, it should be about a skinny dude trying to get fit, it should be about that girl trying to lose weight. It should be anything but enabling people’s shit behaviour.

  • I agree. I don’t have fat issues or loose skin, but I am very short and I have disability that isn’t obvious to anyone except me. I believe in doing my best to strengthen my body to increase what I am capable of doing; to gain the greatest physical freedom available to me. I’ve had people say I’m disability-shaming and fat-shaming for stating that working within one’s limitations for the greatest health and ease of movement is my understanding of body-positivity. I honestly think that some of the mainstream body-pos movement is outright toxic and limiting.

  • Shame on this stupid editor. Manipulating the narrative to prove a pre-defined biased opinion. Stupid. We dont need to be told who is overweight and who is fit.

  • something i find very interesting is that lots of lesbians have pcos. i suppose because high testosterone correlated with high gay

  • Where’s the body positivity for people with disabilities, disfigurements, scars, or large obvious birthmarks? Do they not get a movement too?

    Anyway, I’m really glad Eugenia is finally getting help. A lot of people are saying she’s getting help too late, but she’s young and isn’t the first to come back from the edge of death.

  • Do I believe that social standards for bodies are unrealistic? Yes. But being so large that you have difficulty doing everyday tasks is not healthy.

  • I’ve always thought that body positivity is about celebrating different body types. If your curvy, thin, tall, short, chubby, etc. My mom is over 300 pounds, but she has good cholesterol, good blood pressure, blood sugar all that jazz. My mom is lightly active and eats pretty well, but she is still overweight. She does have thyroid issues, and it has been difficult for her to lose weight. But she is considered healthy. I myself am considered obese, I am 5’5 and weigh 199. I am curvy, but have a lot of strength and muscle. My job keeps me active, and I eat a well balanced diet. I think that everyone needs body positivity as a way of saying that it’s okay if you have problems with your body and if you dont think your body is beautiful, because I do, and so do many other people. If someone’s has an eating disorder, obviously we know that’s not healthy and celebrating that would be wrong because you are encouraging this dangerous behavior. Basically I rambled but I’m saying I think that if some right, body positivity can be a good thing.

  • I’m all for what body positivity SHOULD be, not this weird aggressive group of people who try and shame others for not being as big as they are and yelling about privilege. Super positive mindset, amiright?

  • I’m also confused about body positivity, it used for everything from being overweight to underweight, and to wearing basically no clothes outside��‍♀️

    The idea behind the phrase I support but I agree the movement is trash and very confused

  • Body positive!!

    Please use a different term because there is nothing “positive” to being overweight(majority) or underweight

    I do not know who or what started this group but SCIENCE wins at the end of the day

    Calling yourself a name does not fix or solve any issue you have within yourself!

    Who cares about societies image and what they value

    How about just be HEALTHY!?? Be FIT??!

  • I think that the main idea of the body positive movement is about loving your body whatever size it is, while taking care of yourself and getting to a healthy weight.
    It tries to validate disabled bodies and trans bodies as well.

    All these ideas are great in my opinion, but you know there is always going to be people who are going to be jerks about it

    So I get your point, however i don’t mind this movement as long as it actually helps someone

  • I’m pretty sure scientific research over the last several decades, that draws a comparison between body weight and chronic disease risk, is what determines a healthy body. I could be wrong, but I’m also not stupid.

  • Over weight people in body positivity-movement not wanting to get judged yet they judge normal sized bodies? Like whaaat? The day when I kick my anorexias ass (30 y/o and still hoping that day will come), I’m gonna be so proud of myself and my body. I’m gonna post pictures like a crazy person. If anyone claims I’m not allowed to be a part of the BP-M because my body is “only” normal sized. Then I’m gonna send them a picture of me at my boniest with a friendly caption, something like “FUCK YOU”. They’re just a group of fucking hypocrites.

    Thank you for this video, you’re fucking brilliant as always.

  • The lady in the green dress would be much better looking with a different hairdo. Looks like she’s trying to hide under a hay stack.

  • Um, you can’t complain about the positive body types being white….when you ask WHITE women. It’s not that they’re racist. It’s that they’re seeing someone else as their ideal…as in, Whose body would you like your body to look like. Most people try to idealize someone who looks similar to themself because it seems like something they COULD achieve. Perhaps, if you had asked a woman of another race and she said someone white, you may have been able to make a point about the media using mostly thin, white women. But you didn’t…so you have a biased survey….and you’re complaining about your own bias. Grow up.
    And Queer doesn’t count because, generally, males have a higher metabolism and use more calories. Yes, there are overweight males too…but it’s a growing epidemic.

  • They did not find a middle ground. Atleast I don’t think they did.

    I feel they could have talked more about health and stuff like that.

    The body positivity never really tried to show their point, they just tried to get sympathy out of their health issues. I felt bad for the fitness people because the body positivity never really tried to understand their point as much as the Fitness people were trying to for

  • My opinion: If you are Overweight but mentally stable, have no disabilities, and have a lot of free time in your hands, then you have no excuse for being overweight. Want to be overweight is ok but not really healthy. Being overweight really makes a lot of things harder for you. I know this from experience.

  • So the only people they could find opposite to the fitness enthusiast were people with cancer and childhood abnormalities/ diseases?

  • If you are truly body positive then u will do the best for your body and care for your self and care for your health and doing the best for your body which is not always looseing or gaining weight.

  • People need to realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone is attractive to someone and everyone is unattractive to someone. It’s a fact of life, you can’t make people change who they’re attracted to you just need to accept yourself and find people who love and support you for who you are.

  • Please when we talk about unhealthy can we also talk about underweight people they are also under that umbrella ( ive also made that mistake)and it’s sad none was included in this conversation.

  • They tell us that they deserve to love themselves. We say great, then do it. We don’t have to love your unhealthy bodies, though. Then they tell us we have to love their bodies too. That’s not going to happen.

    Either love yourself and not care what anyone else thinks, or change yourself and be loved by others. I am a short, scrawny man. Nobody ever tells me I’m as handsome as Chris Hemsworth. I wouldn’t believe that crap if they did. I would be upset if everyone said “all people are beautiful”, but then still give everything to Chris Hemsworth, the same way these unattractive people will never get treated the same as better looking people no matter who lies to them about their looks. It’s better to know the truth. But despite it all, I find worth in myself. It’s up to me to feel happy. It’s up to me to shine in other ways. To find other things about myself that are beautiful, if not my appearance, because not all beautiful people on the outside are just as beautiful on the inside. I don’t need to childishly force people to lie to me in order to comfort me from the truth or make me feel good. Same should go for the bigguns too, especially since their only problem is laziness. Everyone appreciates effort, which they refuse to put forth, and their lack of caring about what others have to say or think has brought this all on themselves. They’re not victims, they’re selfish.

    This is all like someone slopping together a badly-cooked meal, and telling us to enjoy it, so that they can feel like they’re as good as Gordon Ramsay. That’s not going to happen.

  • Physical Fitness Definition: Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities. Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest.

    You can argue body positivity all day and say well, hey not all of us want to be slim, but at the end of the day most people want to live life and enjoy life. Having low physical fitness isn’t healthy, and struggles come into play in normal every day tasks. Not all bigger people are lazy, not all fitness enthusiasts are super active. But you can’t argue and say ‘I eat well every day and workout regularly’ and yet be the size you are and play the victim saying body positivity wasn’t made for you, however the fitness movement needs to be more inclusive. Victim mentality and social media have allowed people to do and say what they like and it be justified.

    When they mention visiting the doctor and are cut short, this is again this victim mentality. Oh the doctor is so mean to me because of my weight and he doesn’t say that to skinny people… Wrong. A doctor through knowledge and education will state facts in order to help you, I was discriminated throughout my youth for being too skinny, I have a dietician that was set up through my doctor in order to help me gain weight, I didn’t take it as the doctor being mean to me, I took their advice and changed my life. Stop feeling hurt from words and start acting to change your lives.

  • Im all for body positivity. Being okay with how you look is great. But some people are just obnoxiously ignorant about how their weight affects their health. Its all related and denying that is just plain stupid.

  • The body positive people weren’t really positive at all.. They didn’t want to hear the truth and full of excuses.. I understand how they feel because I was also overweight before. I was jogging almost every morning but my eating habits were just bad. I was also making an excuse for myself that I was doing good but it was all a lie. Until I began to feel pain in my knees and feet and I get sick easily that made me really decided to change my lifestyle and way of eating. These people are in denial of their situation.. You can have conditions like what they have but if you push yourself and be very disciplined, you won’t be obese.. I hope they change and be more real “positive” in life..

  • hey remember when body positivity was meant for scars, amputated limbs, stretch marks, etc? like, that was cool, can we go back to that?

  • this woman talking about eating cheese burgers all day is ‘not good’.. what on earth does she eat every day if she is exercising everyday and still that size.

  • After listening to the entire video I feel there was absolutely no “common ground” that was reached. The “body positive” people refused to address or even listen (the “Let’s not go there” comment from the woman who forgot to look in the mirror after she put that shirt on and left her house) to the negative effects of obesity. To me, this “body positive” movement is a way for people to justify (in their own minds), being obese. And yes, shame on Jubilee for cutting off this conversation when it was obvious that no middle ground was reached and the health aspect of obesity was ignored. I was surprised to see that because I usually enjoy these videos and learn from them.

  • Also to the girl who was diagnosed with lymphoedema at age 3 that only effects her lower half would surely know that being overweight only makes the symptoms worse? Yet she says don’t even start when someone brings up the doctor? She sounds like the kind of person who uses that one diagnosis as an excuse. Also regarding the microbiome that maybe only effects like +/10lbs. Not 100lbs.

  • I spent 2 years as a body positive after 7-8 years as an avid fitness enthusiast since high school. I began to believe “If people can’t accept me when I’m out of shape and at my worst, why should I get out of my comfort zone to make an impression on them” which is an extremely DANGEROUS mindset to have. As a physical trainer now, I have realized many people are of that same belief and is the reason they suffer damaging physical and mental issues as a result. Please WORK OUT and watch what, when and how much you eat. Don’t just do it for aesthetics, do it for yourself.

  • 3:00
    What the fuuuuuck. You can’t decide whether you’re gonna be tall or you’re gonna be short, but you control you’re weight. Yes, there’s a range that’s determined by genetics and metabolism but most of it is on your hands. Alcoholic is also a descriptor but I doubt you think of this as a good thing. Why can’t there be positivity about being an alcoholic or a drug addict? There’s millions of people that fall under this category, so why not?

  • The skinny, boney, flat chested body type is hyped in fashion magazines, which seem to take as the “ideal” for women the body of a typical 12 yr. old boy. This has nothing to do w/ any real norm or human desire. it hardly makes sense to celebrate obese women b/c certain fashion photographers celebrate dangerously under weight women.

  • I never really like the excuse overweight people use that are like to blame genetic.I think genetic play a role in how slow your metabolism amd how fast gain weight but if you have a poor lifestyle and bad eating habit that why you put on more weight.

  • 9:01 my mans was about to get the steel chair ready and tombstone pile drive the person who interrupts him

    the woman in the yellow top has such a beautiful heart and facial features����

  • These set of people being body positive is completely acceptable and fine.
    It’s those people who are obese and lazy that is infuriating. It is healthier for you if you exercise regularly and you don’t eat a bucket if KFC and a whole tub of ice cream people ����

  • If a Sedentary people diets they aren’t going to be strong and muscly.
    Diet isn’t everything
    It matters but please just do some excercise

  • The statement about the the body positive community/topic/hashtag/??? is not for a specific person seems ignorant to me. Someone who perfectly fits society’s standards of beautiful can still not be happy with their body. There shouldn’t be a line about “Oh, you’re thin etc etc, you can’t be a part of body positivity. You can’t be insecure in your body. You can’t be confident about your body, etc.. Tell me what you think? Idk, it just didn’t seem right to me

  • I dont understand why all these videos are so short? These subjects are worth hours and hours of discussion. Also, it might be good to invite more elderly people, instead of 20 somethings

  • Just a little thought:
    There’s a difference between “health at every size” and WORTH AT EVERY SIZE!
    Worth at every size= YES. Appreciate your body always. No matter how you look, you are worthy
    But health at every size is INSANE… being obese isn’t healthy.
    Yes, health looks different on everyone. But there’s a fine line between loving yourself and letting yourself go and ruining your health…
    Conclusion: love yourself, appreciate your body and what it can do. But self-care isn’t just chocolate and bubble baths. Truly loving yourself means fuelling your beautiful body with mostly healthy foods and exercising sometimes as well…

    Do you agree?

  • I understand body positivity and just overall comfortability but there’s more than just those general concerns with being overweight. Like the excess strain your joints take not being able to sustain the weight from doing general activities, breathing issues, and such things like that. I would’ve liked to see the Fitness Enthusiasts put up more of a defense instead of just being compliant with whatever answer or statements were given. I think everyone in here was just inherently body positive advocates.

  • this is why I left the body positivity movement. the utter hypocrisy.
    When it was started, it was supposed to be a “Love yourself, be healthy” thing. But it quickly turned into this.
    I just wanted people to stop being pricks about weight. the hatred from random strangers will not help. but neither will denying doctors telling you to change.
    I’ve realized most the fad “positivity” things are one-sided and end up being terrible.

  • How do you Will feel if a 13 year Old boy die of a heart attack, because his body is good at 100kg. Os good to treat the depresion behind the fattnes, but one Thing is don’t depres that person and the other is make Jim feel that it’s okay. You Will not say the same if he is eating Molly insted of Meat and both are vas for heald un exces

  • I’m all for loving yourself no matter what your body looks like, but the body positivity movement seem to just use this as an excuse not to do anything about their weight and trying to convince themselves and others that being overweight or even morbidly obese doesn’t come with health risks. Loving yourself, according to me, means taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Living in denial does neither.

  • It’s great that you have no problems with your loose skin. But I feel as a business perspective, it’s a little too late to change your mind since you’ve talked about your loose skin in allot of your videos and others that have loose skin look up to you.

  • At the end of the day, to each their own. If you wanna feel happy being lazy fatass than go for it. No one should judge people on their appearance either way. Fix your own damn body.

  • 8:43 I kinda disagree with her. YES body positivity is for the ‘marginalized’ but
    there are also people with bodies that society deems ‘beautiful’, yet they still feel insecure about themselves. (Ex: teens going thu puberty)

    Basically: Ya can’t just say “this is not for you” because self-love SHOULD be for everyone