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What Is The 12 Tribes Cult?

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What drove religious elder to leave controversial cult? | A Current Affair

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How cults rewire the brain | Diane Benscoter

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Legends Of The South Pacific

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How to Start a Tribe | Interview w/ Paul Waggener

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Why do people join cults? Janja Lalich

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Culture Clubs Rise of Gym Tribes, Training Purpose, and Cults. In the beginning, you had three choices: Your local YMCA or recreation center, an expensive club, or an unforgiving dungeon full of chalk-dusted giants. Back then, “fitness” was considered doing aerobics, curling a few dumbbells or playing some tennis at the park. 5 temples of the body: health clubs and 1980s fitness culture (pp.

143-177) In 1979, President Jimmy Carter collapsed during a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) run at Camp David. Culture Club is an English band that formed in London in 1981. The band comprises Boy George (lead vocals), Roy Hay (guitar and keyboards), Mikey Craig (bass guitar) and Jon Moss (drums and percussion).

They are considered one of the most representative and influential groups of the 1980s. Led by singer and frontman Boy George, whose androgynous style of dressing caught the attention of the. Community Stories 0 Build Your Own Home Workout Programme. Contributed by Lee Eldridge, The Athlete Tribe – Home workout programmes have long been a staple for fitness enthusiasts and athletes to supplement their training. First, she makes an hour-long trip from south London to central London to attend a boutique fitness studio – F45 Training, a high-intensity import from Australia with a cult.

An identity. A cult. Fitness Isn’t a Lifestyle Anymore. with paleo diets and buttered coffee as much a part of the culture as burpees.

Fitness researchers see the trend as both natural and. The cult workout that’s absolutely everywhere, CrossFit is a mix of weight-lifting (the heavier the better), cardio and gymnastics. Classes usually last an hour and like Flywheel, which you’ll read about later, participants compete to be top of the class.

Lawyer Courtney Dredden Carter sampled several boutique fitness programs and made Pure Barre her club. “There’s really a sense of community, a. Joining the Culture Club: How to build and establish a successful company culture. p. psadmin, Becoming Selfless When writing this article, a quote came to mind; “we rise by lifting others”. The quote by Robert Ingersoll is concise, yet sends a great message, especially in the workplace.

For example, in my company, information is often. The Polish Falcons (1867) had similar aspirations. In addition to physical training and athletic contests, such cultural groups often sponsored national or traditional dances, songs, and language revivals.

Everywhere in Europe people seemed to develop a fitness culture rooted in their ethnic or national identity.

List of related literature:

These clubs and gyms become more than just a place to train and work out; they can serve as a type of cultural center that draws the family and community to support its youth as they move up in the ranks.

“Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture” by Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama, Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama
from Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture
by Cordelia Candelaria, Peter J. García, Arturo J. Aldama, Cordelia Candelaria, et. al.
Greenwood Press, 2004

As the movement became organized, the clubs asked for training programs to equip them for their club work and for their community work, to the point that the idea that “one has to train” has become another element in the movement’s doctrine.

“Schools & Social Justice” by R. W. Connell, R. Connell
from Schools & Social Justice
by R. W. Connell, R. Connell
Temple University Press, 1993

Clubs as social tribes wage fantastic warfare for the loyalties of the individuals of a community.

“Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto” by Vine Deloria
from Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto
by Vine Deloria
University of Oklahoma Press, 2014

Members who are left to work out alone with little or no direction and no connection to a group do not fully realize all that a club experience has to offer.

“Health Fitness Management” by Mike Bates, Mike Spezzano, Guy Danhoff
from Health Fitness Management
by Mike Bates, Mike Spezzano, Guy Danhoff
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Many of the clubs’ former activities such as entertainment and socializing have transferred to the new organization, but the goal is oriented more to advocacy.

“Inside Deaf Culture” by Carol PADDEN, Tom Humphries, Carol Padden
from Inside Deaf Culture
by Carol PADDEN, Tom Humphries, Carol Padden
Harvard University Press, 2009

Here, one would start with a smaller group size and slowly increase membership-perhaps at the rate of one new trainee per week—as the group comes under control and a positive group culture begins to build.

“Skillstreaming the Adolescent: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills” by Arnold P. Goldstein, Ellen McGinnis
from Skillstreaming the Adolescent: New Strategies and Perspectives for Teaching Prosocial Skills
by Arnold P. Goldstein, Ellen McGinnis
Research Press, 1997

Most of these clubs were formed originally as social organizations.

“Railway Age”
from Railway Age
Simmons-Boardman, 1928

Many of these clubs had been inspired by the Loft, particularly its membership-only ethos (though not its hippie egalitarianism).

“Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey” by Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton
from Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey
by Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton
Grove Atlantic, 2014

Basing themselves on organisations in England, America and Australia, these clubs were designed to offer women of superior social standing a place for social and, to some extent, intellectual companionship.

“Women Together: A History of Women's Organisations in New Zealand: Ngā Rōpū Wāhine O Te Motu” by Anne Else, New Zealand. Department of Internal Affairs. Historical Branch
from Women Together: A History of Women’s Organisations in New Zealand: Ngā Rōpū Wāhine O Te Motu
by Anne Else, New Zealand. Department of Internal Affairs. Historical Branch
Historical Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, 1993

While movements as organizations have been prone to develop commitment-enhancing and commitment-maintaining mechanisms, individual adherents have been equally prone to adopt an experimental posture with respect to NRM affiliation (Robbins and Bromley 1992).

“Encyclopedia of Religion and Society” by Altamira Press, William H. Swatos, Swatos William H, Peter Kivisto, Barbara J. Denison, James McClenon, Hartford Theological Seminary. Center for Social and Religious Research
from Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
by Altamira Press, William H. Swatos, et. al.
AltaMira Press, 1998

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  • Cult leaders are only as powerful as the idiots who support them. Could a whole country be a cult? Are the SJWs/Cancel Culture a cult?

  • God is not America. There is a deep message behind that John Frum. Jesus spoke to John his apostle while in the cross. Was Jesus talking to that John the apostle? No. So to whom Jesus was talking to? But down the cross was John the apostle. The Angel appeared to those people in the island. Was he the American?

  • Some are chosen by a visitation from the Holy Ghost or a Angel that tells them everything! And who should live and who should die by putting duck tape on their nose an mouth an be buried alive.


  • Maybe you need this

  • Cults can cause death in family members to die through demonic sacrifices made on behalf of getting more money… for example: The AMWAY Leadership Team Development cult. BEWARE!!!

  • Meanwhile NYT editorials tell people that if their family wont immediately donate money to BLM then they should never talk to their family again.

  • Good video for the most part. Thanks! Sorry to see Jim Jones portrayed as a Bible-exalting pastor in the thumb nail. This is a lie. His was a UFO cult full of communism and homosexuality. There is a good expose of this in “Two Lies About the Bible” ( 56:50)

  • This is interesting because I literally just finished watching this Korean series about a cult too…. how this family was lured into it by this Colonel Sanders looking fella (the leader of the cult)

  • I feel bad for them tho idkwhy I wish I could help them somehow I just can’t I remember when I was a child I stared at the sun while riding my bike and then I ran right into the back of a camper lol I ain’t gonna make the same mistake twice lol I don’t swing sorry France I’m just a straight disciplined man who’s just as lost as the next guy no disrespect we could try to understand why we are working for you I feel like grandpa just a grunting my way thru life I will tell you one thing that sun is awfully bright that’s why I’m white hahaha lol

  • also im relatively positive that the „perfect fire breathing children“ are supposed to be angels, since angels are beings of pure light

  • Most people don’t think of the big religions as cults but they are personality cults
    Just like a Dictator/Strongman is praised and those that grovel to him and support him are rewarded, these religions promise the eternal good life to those that join the religion and praise their God sky-high
    God behaves exactly like a Dictator rewarding his loyal followers and abusing the rest
    Think Putin, Stalin, Saddam & you get the God of Christianity & Islam

  • At this point i’m convinced every religion or cult is filled with sexual scandals with minors or just in general. But why is this always a thing?
    In the Netherlands there still is an on going investigation about Jehovah sexual abuse. It turned out that more then 80% of the intervieuwd has been sexually abused by an uncle or family member. That so nuts! ( )

  • Best video on theCult topic, this should be a worldwide advert on tv and youtube!
    Cults are everywhere and constantly recruiting people!

  • Not much crazier than any other religion. At least these guys arent warring with each other about the right way of worshiping this John dude. Stupid, sure…. but like I said, not much crazier than any other religion

  • They are not crazy or stupid like many people think. They are believing in John. Who is this John?
    Jesus spoke of this John. you have books, you read but you can not see it. They call him the Holy Spirit and a black man. Only Catholic who knows this secret but they can teach it in the public.
    Jesus spoke of two Holy Spirit:one from him[John 15:26]. Jesus will ask to the Father, the father will send it to him, then him will send it to his Apostles. This happened already.[Acts2:1-4].
    The second Holy Spirit was to be send by the father himself in Jesus request.[John 14:16]
    This one was coming in the future after Jesus. Jesus mention him by name John.[Math 11:13]
    He said that prophets prophesied until John. You will think that he was talking of John the Baptist.
    John the Baptist come before him[Math11:7-11]. The other John is coming after Jesus. He called him Elijah.[Math 11:14, Math 17:11]
    This John was represented by John the apostle under the cross of Jesus when he said that: son this is your mom[John 19:26] It means that; me I am going, you John take my place and continue’
    So this John is a Black man. you believe it or not, this is the truth.

  • JW is a cult. They come to your door and convince you to join them. To bribe you, they say “Only 144,000 are coming to heaven.” And more misleading stuff like that to make you join. Then you have to act a certain way to fit in.

  • Six minutes wasn’t long enough to cover what is probably a complex subject. I think her main point was that all cults involve a viral thought infection that disables critical thinking. The inability to think critically opens the victim up to everything from handing out religious tracts on a street corner, to becoming a human dumb bomb. The good news is if there is a common root to all cult problems, perhaps a common treatment can inoculate against all cults or a common treatment to cure all cult victims. It is an interesting idea, although I was hoping for practical advice for some family members who are caught up in what amounts to a harmful political cult.

  • My high school counselor assaulted a man with a baseball bat after he was in a minor car accident with his daughter. I would still take that over a cult leader

  • Apart from mentioning ‘viral memetics’ she gives no explanation of it or solution to escape it. Perhaps she just wants you to buy her book.

  • Richard you got to be one out of millions of God’s creatures that I can say it’s OK to capitalize the letter S in STUPID..�� You rMr Ed the horse
    but when I was a kid I thought he was a Jackass ������������hee haw����������

  • I hope theists now see how ridiculous their religions are…. This people at least believe in a real person that existed, so religions are even more ridiculous by believing in made up stories

  • 11:10 lol the translation
    man Tanna, they look look him the men of Tanna stare at him
    he fly he to ma they tremble before him
    she never look before -they have never seen him before
    something a the power belong whitey man

  • Fascinating. What do they really want? If all they want is to preserve their customs, John Frum doesn’t seem to be helping. They could do that without him.

  • These translations are waaaay off. Even with a barebones understanding of Pidgin I can tell it’s wrong, and this isn’t just Pidgin English, it’s Pidgin mixed with something else. Their original language I’m guessing.

  • by the town hall, and you CANNOT be with someone who’s NOT the same generation as you, it means if you join that cult, you can NEVER be married to a person who is BORN in there, so many things forbidden, far from the truth, at least they say a few true things: love, give(but NOT MONEY!), and be a good person!

  • Yes I Am! Hi Everyone! Much Love! Many Blessings to All! Be Lovingly Awesome! …. If seeing is believing, come and see!

  • Since we now know what the defining characteristics of a cult are and how they recruit and retain members, at what point can we come to agreement that Marxism is the single most powerful and dangerous cult ever to have existed on this planet? Furthermore, when do non-Marxists finally stand up and start taking measures to prevent its further spread before it successfully displaces every single society on the globe?

  • The wearing polyester thing I get because seriously, who tf wants to wear literal plastic fabric? It’s itchy and uncomfortable. Cotton-poly blends are sometimes ok if the cotton is the majority but really, who’s idea was it to wear plastic that’ll give you rashes?

  • This should make everyone take a look at the fairytale horseshit they believe from their cargo cult/religion and think where did these stories come from because they’re all just people’s misunderstandings of things going on at the time

  • The behavior of this tribe is a clear demonstration of a fundamental human need to give reason to things not understood in their “world”. Seeing Issac defend and spread the idea of John Frum because it helped his social standing reminded me of politicians and religious leaders around the world. This story gives a glimpse into how modern religions were started by early civilizations.

  • Many are saved from those American Catholics by becoming a member of the JudoAmericanisedanti Christian accepted an freed Masonic Masons!!! Better hurry before it is too late to enjoy the benefits of the new World order socilist New
    Constitution they have for you!!!

  • I remember learning about 12 Tribes from a YT horror channel, to hear about it again here…::shudders::

    There’s a Yellow Deli smack dab in the middle of downtown in my city. I thought it was some classy hipster-style cafe. I’m not thoroughly disgusted in my city. It also has plenty of JWs.

  • This is all a made up!  John Frum appeared BEFORE the war and was NOT a Navy pilot!   Don’t bother watching this ‘click bait for profit’ video!

  • stupid post TELL trump to come and kiss my Ass we don;t worship America as God stop misleading tanna people. you don;t understand the meaning of the language fucker…..

  • there is this embedded need to know the mysterious in humans that is quite easy to exploit when posing as having the is that trough that claim of having answers that cultist become so successful in recruiting

  • They are contradicting themselves I understand they need guidance ithink it’s funny France is gonna open the door lol rapists and murderers

  • But…she didn’t actually say anything. She gave an intro to a Ted talk and then said “thank you very much” and walked off. What is this crap?

  • Was just wondering, if educated people still commit crime like theft, rape, murder and other things. Does education really help? Since she says that there ain’t no evil force in this world, and though education, we can stop all these problems? Why is educated people still acting so evil? Correct me and guide my understanding.

  • Ironic isn’t it that Americans have their own form of the Cargo Cult? They are willfully ignoring where all the cheap goods come from or whom made it at extraordinary costs to many lives.

  • “Like all poor people of the world, they (the Tanna people) want to live a better life.”
    And for Frum’s sake, please give us some pussy!

  • Oh yes, the beating stick above the door frame… What the fuck is up with that? I’ve known so of these pos & they beat invariably have said weapons (if they have kids around).

  • Casey Neistat is John Frum, hahaha. He should visit them with one of his electric skateboards and drones. I’m sure they would be very impressed and shocked.

  • “What happened to my brain?” I’ll tell you. You found a legitimate religion. People kidnapped you against your will and you were forced to renounce your faith. Now you’re resentful because of this and are persecuting a legitimate religion. End of story.

  • Id like to start my own perhaps. Been into all the same things for years. Occult, physical fitness, nature. Pretty dead on my own ways of living. Anyone hip to david myatt and the ona?

  • I’m a lone wolf. I have BPD. No matter who I come into contact with, we end up falling out because I can’t stand being told what to do or following orders. I’m just downright rude I’d say

  • I know this is old but its great. Ive come across opww and wov in my search for for a real life transformation regiment.there’s alot of bulshit out there about their stance on things. This interview really clears that up.

  • I’ve listened to Wagener in interviews before and agree with him on most things, but he seems to dislike capitalism, which is bad because tribes do not survive without industry. This is how Native American tribes in the USA survive, most don’t get government handouts in terms of money just for being Native, rather tribes form capitalistic business ventures, and not just casinos. Many of them dominate in one trade or field or another, like the Homa do with shrimping, or the various Native Corporations (a lot of them are actually called “corporations” and not tribes) in Alaska do commercial fishing, some of them have construction companies, mining, etc. and they hire within their tribe with top preference. I am not saying that it is easy, or that some of these options are available for one tribe like the one Wagener organized, but there are always options for business ventures, and if some of these tribes can maintain a legitimate image, they may be able to fight for tribal recognition within the federal government, which allows for many exemptions and tax breaks, etc. If a proper tribal structure is made and it is solid and legitimately it’s own culture in many ways, one may be able to even convince the public and the government that the tribe deserves recognition with the “muh oppressed people” card, if one wanted to, or had to, play those low down dirty games.

  • I have a severe skin disorder that makes me dependant on medication and allergic to everything in nature. Real bummer because I can see myself becoming just like Paul. I have the intelligence and willpower. Some of my willpower comes from the struggles I’ve had with my skin my whole life. I’ve begunifting weights religiously, so that’s a start.

  • As someone who grew up in the unification church, then decided to leave it, I was pretty disappointed in this talk. I would have really appreciated a presentation that made more specific claims and backed those claims up with actual data. She just seems to be recycling the same diagrams with arrows in a circle that moonies love to use, haha. Though I also understand how it feels to be embarrassed by what I used to believe, I am not naive enough to assume that a group mentality is only adopted by cults like the UC. It seems like she drank the kool aid pretty easily, both with the UC and with the deprogrammers, who by the way, really did kidnap people, holding them against their will, sometimes in poor conditions. She talks of how she wasn’t using critical thinking before, but it doesn’t seem like she’s using much critical thinking now either

  • KILLER interview, man! You were really thorough and varied in the types of questions. Best of luck on your efforts and thanks a lot, I got a lot of value from the interview. Just a thought, you might wanna consider setting up a Patreon account (if you consider that an option), so people can help fund your work.

  • I have to ask, what are the limits of loyalty within the group? Much of the bad press the Wolves of Vinland have received center around their defense of a member convicted of burning a historic black church. It is one thing to profess loyalty to members of your tribe. It is quite another to tolerate, excuse, or condone crimes committed against those outside the tribe. If anyone outside the tribe is basically fair game, then society at large is right to be wary of this group.

  • Dude! Great interview! These exactly the questions I would ask Paul too after reading his book the complete transmissions. Your interview skills are on point

  • At 3:15 she precisely defines the Bill Gates complex.
    Shared by most radical progressives.
    The old way is wrong.
    It must be destroyed toake way for the correct way.
    Covid combatants

  • For those who say the title is misleading and the video is disappointing: I think you are incorrect. Because this talk itself has attributes of emotional manipulation and beginning of indoctrination. She really did show you “How cults rewire the brain” instead of telling it. Although it was probably not a conscious decision.
    Apparently after being abused, as it usually happens, she turned into abuser herself to complete the cycle of infection.

  • @belette holt fente
    it is true this movie is a bit reductive, but if we had made it too long it would have been just like a college course.

  • They have the concept of Black and White. How did it originate? Since when?
    Not only they have this concept, but they express their self-conciousness with it, and also they describe their future with it. Or, should we say that the concept of self unavoidably has an opinion about the past, present and future?
    He sent half the children to school, half he didnt sent, in order both to learn White’s man’s ways and to preserve Kastom. That is an impressive level of social and historical conscience.
    How does he know Bin Laden? Related to this, too many wear clothes, obviously imported. And at some point it is said that cargo is now being selled to them, contrary to just be given as with the soldiers during World War II. So, there seems to be much more relations with the world that the movie has covered directly.
    It is outrageous and tottally unacceptable that, even today, a group of Western missionaries are still allowed and want to operate a school in a language other that the language of the natives. The very school, the religious character of it, the language of the school, all these can only be considered as a cultural genocide.

  • Great interview, I even started to note down different key points to help myself creating my own tribe. I have been disconnected from my Norwegian countrymen. Since being Norwegian has no meaning anymore. Everyone can become a Norwegian, no matter who they are, our ethnicity has become just a piece of paper, a document. My country has started to lose it’s entire identity. So tribalism seems like a good solution to make us feel connected.

  • I try to keep myself education on this kinda thing so I can know what to watch out for and how to help people whom are in this situation

  • It’s not hard to figure out how the brainwashing works. All you need to do is look at the people they target. These people have very little to no skills in math and english past 3rd to 4th grade (as the ted presenter has clearly demonstrated through her unorganized speech), so they don’t have logical thinking skill nor have they learn how to express abstract ideas in a concise and orderly manner. They are the people who can’t make it in the world on their own because their parents neglected them and the school system failed to educate them properly (due to classism). The people who target them know that the only way you can control these type of losers is through emotion hijacking since they don’t respond to reason.

    There are two emtion motivators that make up all religions: fear and wish fulfillment. These emotional motivation programs is what the psycho-analysts called classical conditioning and it targets the emotional part of the brain call Amydala. The method basically train the brain to respond in a certain way when you align specific circumstances with fear or pleasure so as to cause the person to repeat the same predictable behaviors over an extended period of time. It hijack the natural work and reward system and make it compatible with any system, like how people avoid breaking the state law so as to not lose money or get imprisoned. Except religions uses astrocism on people who can’t survive on their own to keep them out forever. It’s an effective incentive to keep people from leaving the cult. The goal is to make people docile so they won’t question authorities or try to overthrow the government (real life gangsters).

    The only way to escape these emotion abusers is to learn to be independent and think for yourself. Because this world is filled with liars and murderers who want to exploit your time and money for their own benefits. It works since nature only gave human a working conscience when they were born. It is up to them to educate themselves about the world or die from their own ignorance and stupidity.

    In summary its evolution at work. Just another day on planet earth. It’ll only become an issue when the dreamers forgot that they are living in outer space and not in a place called Nation or Life or Spirit.

  • That’s why they call them programs because u are being programmed, any form of repetitiveness is brain washing, while rehab did help me in 2007 and has its benefits, I have an ex fixing to get out in month and I can tell he is extremely programmed to believe everything they have told him in there he is talking all crazy & the facet that the rehab is having some huge “spiritual event” at a ranch of all places just confirms what I have always thought of AA & NA ECT.

  • A friend from my high school got married in that moonies mass wedding during senior year, where he picked her partner. She said she doesn’t really believe in the doctrine but since the chairman picking the partner worked out for her parents, she figured she might as well try it since it was easier than dating. She wasn’t pushing her beliefs on anyone, in fact, she was rather ashamed, she only told me 6 months later that she got married and showed me pictures, which she was too embarrassed to show anyone else, because it was a mass wedding.

  • searching google for “moonie” got me some actually relevant info. this vid seems to skip over the facts and caters to this woman’s feelings. maybe explain what the cult is even about? or what their goals were?

  • I saw no scientific explanation of the “how” nor any empirical evidence to prompt the “convincing”.

    I did see what appears to be an emotional uneasiness in discussing the topic with varied painful facial expressions and a possible indication of prescription psychotropics through repetitive rocking body movement.

    Or perhaps she was just nervous.

    However, there ARE indeed outside forces that are involved.

    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world. But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you. To him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
    1 Peter 5:8-11

  • I cannot congratulate you enough on leaving the church, I myself am a believer in god. But when your peers and family teach that god is hateful instead of loving and forgiving, that is when it is no longer a religion and instead a cult. I applaud you for your brave decision��

  • This is flat disrespectful. This guy is not there to find Frum, and Isaac knows better. He never claims to be his son either. The Bislama is also deliberately mistranslated repeatedly, and there are many misrepresentations in the film. I have been back and for the to Tanna 5 or 6 times, and know Chief Isaac personally, and this video says little about the Lamakara village that is true and worthwhile. (He never mentions the name of the village, and doesn’t even say “archipelago” correctly to open it!) Shame on the videographer for painting them out in a much more ignorant light than they are. I came with high hopes but had my heart broken.

  • This is not suppose to be perfect! She described serious brainwashing tactics. I was a victim. Know what’s funny? Even after you recognize and want to change, the effects still take hold. She is ABSOLUTELY right. Honestly, it’s the effects of ALL religions. Control your people.

  • You should research the Shiloh cult of Maine. My mother’s actually writing a novel about it and it’s really freaky. The guy was actually famous, changed the world in countless ways, but was also responsible for the deaths of hundreds. I don’t know, just an idea for you.:)

  • 2011 I started unwiring my brain from cult programming. It’s 2019 and I’m still working on it. Margaret Thatcher has been quite helpful.

  • What I took away from this brief talk was that cults use the “us vs. them” mentality as a tool used in manipulating individuals. And from the way it sounds, it sounds like there’s more than one tool.

    The concept of dividing people to further rhetoric ideology has been used for centuries and that’s what leads me to understand why she referenced the Nazis and a wedding. Both are based on mixed beliefs and divide people into two different ideologies.

    So essentially cults use different tactics and techniques to manipulate people.

    To get a better understanding of why this happened to her and what society can do to prevent things like this you would need to look into the psychology of human manipulation and mental health.

  • Only this minute in my 60 years of living have I awakened to the fact that I was raised in a cult structured family. One authoritarian patriarchal abusive leader, submissive brainwashed mother who sacrificed her 5 children to the physical and mental abuse of the leader. Schooled in a crowded cult like catholic school system for 12 years… then married into a wall street narcissistic xenophobic family who lived in a homogenous old men’s club town! Ouch…have sought unsuccessfully for loving cults all my life. No wonder my generation or slightly older wanted to drop out and escape.

  • This Ted talk is pretty bad, watch this other Ted talk instead, it conveys much more information in the same amount of time:

  • Eve was a meme to Adam. The substance of her testimony is how memes work.  Memetics have taken over social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • I am glad she escaped. This really saddens my heart however, because false teachers arise teaching mystical heresies, they lead astray honest truth seeking souls. And when these false teachers have done their work of death in scattering God’s precious flock, these monsters place an unwarranted stigma upon true religion, so that both the escapees of these fanatical cults and rational spectators are disgusted with Bible religion and anything of a spiritual nature. All this is as Satan would have it, for he knows that without Christ’s sustaining Grace, man is no match against his decpetions and O! how sad his success it breaks my heart in pieces. May the Lord put an end to this madness. May no more souls be lost.

  • Telltale what is you opinion on Christianity as a Christian myself I like your channel and you expose a lot of messed up things that go on in other religions and I appreciate that but do you think that Christians are crazy? I know some other YouTubers do

  • That’s such a good description of their mentality. The only thing that would make their viral memetic infection a complete 100% certainty is if a cult said they all heard and listened to the same female voice in their heads.

  • Who the heck gave her a mic? This had no depth and was misleading. As an ex-moonie myself, I wanted some good juicy brainwashing discussion but now I’m just left feeling confused as to how she thought this could be a TED Talk. That mixing of pictures LOL

  • Sometimes simple words “sweet and short” have more of an impact and a mind bending truths. It opens you to really think about this matrix we’re born in and on how easily we’re born into these cults and manipulated as children.

  • Some very dangerous ideas here. Who gets to say what dangerous ideas are? Who gets to stop them and how? I think the answers to these have uncomfortable answers and may result in means to keep people conforming.

  • What people have to remember about the book of Revelation is that it is allegorical, it is imagery. You sort of touched on it saying “it was written like the writer was on an acid trip”. You are not too far off. It was written by John (the same John who wrote the gospel of John and the 3 letters 1st 2nd and 3rd John. It was a vision he had, a dream if you will. When you have a dream and you wake up there are things in the dream that you may remember that make no sense to you in a wake state but you didn’t question while actually dreaming. Yes in Biblical terms that have a greater significance but when you start trying to figure out numbers and time and such you are headed down a road that will lead you with a lot of misinformation. I see so many posts about people trying to say who the antichrist is and how their name coded becomes the number 666 which is another thing we see in that book

  • Scientism is a religion sponsored by the state overtly… The Moony’s where sponsored covertly… Both Socially engineering cults that try to control the mind ‘n’ attempts to subjugate the origin of the natural, and supernatural human spirit  ±±±
    There is a war on to win the hearts ‘n’ minds of our human origin, by dis info ‘n’ deceit…

  • This is a very stupid documentary…The commentator should have done some research before set out to look for John frum get some knowledge about cargo cult, anthropology, religiosity). There is a lot of miss information, a total dish of salad even some pictures do not reflect the reality of Tanna,snake never exists in Tanna. Set out to find John Frum in Tanna is like set out to find Moses in Israel. Where can you find a spiritual figure? Today the movement has his representative in the national Parliament, well educated person. Maybe next time when you come to my island to contact such mission connect yourself with proper person instead of snaking in the village to come up with such stupid conspiracy event your subtitle does not reflect what people were saying. I hope Donald Trump can teach you to be more tolerant. If you are not Republican then ask the Democrat to mask your face for your next documentary. This is a mask documentary….

  • how come all critics of UC claim they are former members and they escaped UC just like brad pit’s figth club movie. they also portray UC like it is some spy agency hahaha they are here talking about it and not one of them filed any case against the church.

  • Well, just think: if she had informed her former co-religionists would she have made money ignoring their right to freedom and sleep? Much better to become a deprogrammer. No praise, no blame.

  • Donde hay charlas en español? En américa latina. Hay muchas iglesias q están implementando el coaching coercitivo. Y hay poca difusión de este tema. Por eso esta habiendo muchas victimas de esto

  • What is the link between the talk and the pictures? What is the connection between a massive suicide and UC? What’s the link between hitler and a wedding? And above all, what’s the link between a death leg and UC?

  • You know am a christian…. but… A REAL ONE!!!! because many churches haved our indoctrinity religion in many ways… someones have incorrect acts not relation to the bible with corruption and manipulation… and includes social clases too… in many religions happen this… even the the catholics and muslims… and now touchs genre idelogies, political or simply a false religion from nowhere… just god or the life itself can tell you which is his church… in have to be conformed to your life principles, moral and value, there is when the religion apears

  • @Weston Alford [Comment Below]: “Agnostic history major here. I can’t produce these records personally so take it with a grain of salt, but I believe there are contemporary Roman and Hebrew records that support the existence of Jesus as a living person. Whether he’s a messiah or anything special other than a shaker is obviously not within the scope of academia.”

  • They are allegories. Symbols. Parts of speech. It is literature. Problem with these people is that they take this literally. Try to read religious text of any dogma with this in mind.

  • Jonestown was a CIA op. Do your homework. Most of the dead had bullets in their head and were laid out in rows. Human Beings curl up in fetal positions when dying from cyanide poisoning. Now that you know that, also know that G.H.W.Bush is an honorary Moonie. Look that up!

  • When is Science going to create planets we can ship these cults off to where “god” fixes everything? Meanwhile back on planet Earth, a type 1 civilization that takes responsibilities for its own actions!

  • Just for fun, the Americans should go fulfill their prophecy, either for shit’n giggles or helping them climb the evolutionary and techonologically scale.

  • And the last I checked, your ‘jesus’ died just like any normal human, and every other person on this planet who has ever claimed to be jesus.

  • Ain’t gona lie, thats some alright present arms for a primitive tribal group with zero formal training thats handed it down via traditions and stories..

  • To add a last thing, they even asked me to go “fund raising”, it means you go to people’s houses and ask them money, they do it in a rich country that i wont mention, and they told me how to do, of course they lie for it, and they say “the money is not for you!’ (I already knew that, it’s for your leaders!)

  • Cult leaders who believe they are (fake) prophets and (fake) messiah because they have a fake perception of prophets, for example: Cult leaders imply they so important that their followers should give them free stuff If they want it like daily massages,
    Cult leaders imply they so important that they should receive all free gold (without modesty) and all free jewels (without modesty) from the elites and society.
    Cult leaders are obsessed with society in terms of recognition because their ego.
    I think society is difficult in terms of recognition, there are people who have a complex of superiority, they want to be the center of the world and they want to be the superstars.
    I know how were the real prophets from The Bible, The general knowledge has a wrong perception of prophets.
    I know the secret of the prophets that the general public never imagine.
     I will never going to create a religious temple, institution or group.

  • Shameful in an age of such emphasis on human rights. I will never understand the religious fervor of medieval Christian thought in an age that urges honest skepticism and critical thinking. I suppose the child abuse is covered by “religious” freedom as well?

  • yeah, This is totally wrong. Cults aren’t Destructive because of they differentiate between ‘Good & Bad’ or even ‘Us & Them’. It is because they us behavior modification, thought reform, thought stopping techniques, deception and imprisonment. Most Cults are not Religious in nature. This lady is being deceptive will using emotional weight, Now who uses that technique? Cults like The moonies maybe?

  • You are using brain science to justify your experience with the Moonies which you are responsible for. It was your choice to believe and leave. You made a choice to use your failure as a way to rationalize or justify how your brain works or people’s brain like yours work. You may be able to fool a few of them but not ALL. Your ancestors must be trying to resurrect from their grave to rectify your mistake. Wake up!

  • That is your experience madame Speaker. Mine is different. I enjoy life as a Moonie still. Just like other believers, we are also are imperfect on this imperfect and sinful world. But for the most part, I am very happy and contented with my life. Your 5 year experience with the Moonies is nothing compared to mine of 30 years. Most people like you cannot withstand this kind of life… I think you pitied yourself too much. That’s why you failed and are trying to justify your failure.

  • send them john people. why are you hiding him? lol. If I were a bad person, I probably would go there open a temple, let them work for “god” and I take 20% of their income. any project that could work there would make sense. all religions did that. governments don’t want to educate the public, so taking advantage of a gullible population only makes sense! it’s so sad that the Islamists are infiltrating their tribes already.with propaganda. That’s how they started in tribal regions in the middle east.

  • So dragons are like the most holy creatures ever. By my calculations that means Dungeons and Dragons is a christian game. Why do these groups think it’s so evil?

  • Sorry bro you need to do more research, I understand its your own opinion but you need to know the Holy Spirits power. Its not literal fire

  • The issue of any bronze age faith any disagreement was ment with harsh violence even death to ensure the transmission continues… Modern age these ideas are still stated as fact because challenging it causes harm in one or many forms… Even when logic and reasoning is abundant people cling to the old Ways because someone best friend might be all powerful… No solid proof, no solid power

  • “I was precariously perusing the internet in preparation for a particular proposition, and I came across a list of peculiar people of a particular persuasion” XD

  • I found a reliable source for information on this religious movement. It’s used by my professor in a class on “cults and terrorism”. I would definitely recommend this site for research on cults and religions. LINK:

  • you misunderstand what “chosen people” means
    doesnt mean better….means chosen to keep the laws of the torah
    if you think that makes jews “better” that is your problem

  • how do you become an ex-moonie? who would be dumb enough to believe God chose a kimchee eating Korean midget to carry out the unfinished work of Jesus Christ here on earth?

  • Bro, I’m happy that you got freed from this cult. Please continue to read the word and God will reveal himself to you. I’m a Christian God is good bro. Men will always deceive you but God wont.

  • I haven’t made it past 2 minutes yet (I’m gonna finish the vid) but god did my heart just skip a beat.. I’ve lived in Chatt….. ffs that just smacked me in the face..

  • She literally said absolutely nothing of substance about how cults rewire the brain. All she said is “I’m convinced our brains would look different.” If you’re going to make a claim, have some evidence or justification. Don’t just state an opinion and tell us that your opinion gives you hope. That is useless.

  • Fundamentally flawed logic…the obvious irony of this entire talk is painful. During the beginning she pushes the “evil” or “bad” consequences of being in a cult and then turns around and basically asserts that making judgments about good and evil and right and wrong is the problem. “The problem is thinking us verse them!..Now if only they would change and be like us everything would be fine and there would be no more cults!” Ludicrous. 

    No, my misguided friend, your brain was not rewired. You simply chose to believe in something. An idea in your head became your reality. Just like your current idea that “we all just need to get along and put our faith in science and education” is something you chose to believe in and is now reality to you. (Another irony is the fact that Hitler’s Germany also put their faith in science and education…). 

    Mankind is tragically flawed and also wonderfully gifted. Good and evil are undeniable forces in our world. People can fall into cults of Mormonism, Fascism, (Moonie-ism), Materialism, Atheism, etc, etc… It’s all about worldview and belief systems. 

    Religion, politics, war, cults, ethnicities, racism, sexism, etc are not the problem. People are the problem. And thank God science is not the answer.

  • Absolutely true to the word.
    Exactly what Missionaries & terrorist radicals continue to do in 2nd & 3rd world nations,
    calling it religion or word of god etc. and excuse their own lies,
    as all malpractices to uphold religion are fair as per the doctrines handed over by a biased egoistic supreme power.

  • The less crazy shit about this cult sounds like an Israeli kibbutz. As a non-practicing Jew, I am a little biased but not too much. These kibbutzes (kibbutzim) are a commune. But the housing is comfortable, everyone takes care of each other. And they all farm and do manual labor. I don’t know about the leader. Its a bit culty but not as extreme as JWs, Mormons, or these wackos. ALSO: Can someone please explain how these people feel about Jews. I am confused. Thanks. ��

  • The book of revelations is entirely metaphorical. It’s supposed to be a political critique and parody of the Roman Empire under Nero.

  • I grew up in Chattanooga being warned away from the “Yellow Deli creeps” by my mom from a fairly young age. She’s never said that she was ever involved with the cult, but based on how frequently and sternly I was warned to stay away from them, to not even go into their restaurant to eat there, that if I saw them on the streets I should cross the road and ignore them, I’d say she must have had some interaction with them back in the ’70s.

  • Years ago one of my closest friends joined them, he initially went on a little vacation and just never came back. I tried calling him once to see how he was and he was working in a yellow deli. I liked hearing you talk about it, I got the same impressions from a short convo with him.

  • I’m just confused about how is it possible that the child protective services just let stuff like this slide.. I mean.. You’re perfectly able to find that information as a civilian, so it’s fairly safe to assume that they know about it.. would it be too much effort to just monitor them for a while and when they collect enough evidence just yoink all the kids out of that hellhole? Or even better pass a law that makes it possible to take more immediate measures against parents that are engaged in cults(especially if they live in communities) like for example straight up shoving cameras in their windows, wiring the kids room etc… Because i don’t feel like the tactful, non-intrusive “wait till someone reports them” approach that we have right now is the way to go considering that the kids lives (and potentially assholes) are getting fucked while the authorities can’t do anything, because nobody in the community would talk..

  • she appears to be terrified and suffering a lot of anxiety and the message was like word salad ; very disappointing
    perhaps we can sum everything up by saying that we are all human and therefore make many mistakes

  • I always wonder how someone who has never met the Spirit of our creator, can judge those that have, or try to understand his book when you don’t know the authors intent. Oh, but when you have 600k followers your an expert. I Bless those judging this as truth! Fruit is in the tree.

  • TIL that the Jonestown cult didn’t end thier lives with KoolAid but FLAVOR-AID! No wonder they died. That stuff is terrible. Probably wasn’t even spiked.

  • and hypocrisy dont forget hypocrisy from saying they teach children to love god when they instead teach them to love nothing to being anti semites while using jewish names ITS INSANE i hate f ing hypocrisiy more then anything this whole church is nothing more then a sterotypical cult a scam made by a bunch of elder who want to play god and have absolute power over other people using some higher power as a excuse from waco to scientology to yellow deli to Ohmshen rekio

  • Just to clarify: 40 kids were taken away from them in Germany and the group apparently also left the country because they “felt persecuted”.
    They tried to sue Germany for taking the kids away using the human rights court in Germany, but they lost and the children are safe.

  • I’d bet $10 the founder was a “former” guidance counselor at a school because he was fired for his seriously twisted views on children and child rearing. Like seriously, WTF?!

  • Jews are awesome. They’ve been on the receiving end of all kinds of historical abuse, but they still manage to punch above their weight because of their cultural emphasis on education and hard work.
    Lots of respect for the Jewish community.

  • TDLR this is a cult of people who turn kids into slaves to make goods they sell for profit. They also demand people to have kids so they can be turned into slaves. They justify this by saying the slaves will breathe fire.

  • My brother and I weren’t part of this religious cult but our step grandmother did hit our feet as punishment and if we flinched or cried we got struck more. She constantly used the Bible to justify herself in any abusive action.

  • They’re being investigated by Australian police at the moment for a series of stillborn deaths. I didn’t even know they made it here.

  • They regularly target struggling college kids with the yellow deli here in Chattanooga.
    Also I hate to be this person, but “messianic jew” is actually a really vague group with no real centralized belief or organization (there are a lot of small organizations with some differing doctrines) except that they believe Jesus is the messiah.
    Anyways, I really appreciate your work here! It’s good to educate people on the very real threat of cults. Have you done any videos/research on the international church of Christ? I had a run in with one of the recruiters trying to get a friend in college to move into a communal building and write out each one of his sins for blackmail.

  • Pitiful…I know them too, and they use very strong techniques of manipulation! It’s not failure, but we are awake! We do not worship a capitalist who buys all the rich men in the world, who has a weapon factory etc. They didn’t stop inviting me at those workshops how they call it, it costs money, to marry it costs more money, very much, they clean your bank account, like taxes, they deduce from your salaryyou cannot choose with whom you marry, those weddings are NOT official and NOT approved

  • It seems the only reason to start a cult is so they can abuse children and use women who are too stupid to defend their rights I detest them all.

  • Richard, may I ask when you were there? Is Isaac the Last One still alive? How old is he? Unless he is in his 90’s I don’t see how he could have met John Frum. Or maybe I am missing something? I couldn’t figure out why Isaac approved of Osama Bin Laden; it seems to contradict their love of America, no? Thank you for making this film and posting it. I am no judge of its accuracy, but is certainly is intriguing!

  • Hey bro are you from Chattanooga? I’m from Chattanooga and it’s crazy because you and I are so alike. I too was from a jw family. Like you I’m also alone. I’m Jericho “the silent wolf” Aguayo from the Tohono O’odham native American tribe. Message my Yahoo email and in the title write “it’s me.” And we’ll trade fb messangers. I hope your from the area I’d like to link up homie. P.s. the yellow deli also tried to convert me and it was weird. Funny story actually. The even used a female to do it. But I didn’t accept and gave them the finger. My email is [email protected] p.s. I turn 30 in August

  • This is a horrible thing. These kids are going to grow up to be very disturbed. I despise people that do these things and stand behind God. I am Christian and believe in the Bible but I don’t believe in people that take verses out of context to fit their own agenda and take verses and twist them around to mean something in which they were never intended to mean. There is a verse that says if your eye is a source of trouble pluck it out or if your hand is then cut it off. We are not meant to literally go around chopping our hands off. Jesus spoke these words and we have to remember he used a lot of parables and a lot of figurative speech

  • Ms Benscoter may be describing something that has been occurring in this country since the 2016 elections. It’s euphemistically referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Sadly, the majority of news outlets are willing accomplices. Impressionable minds, assaulted daily, with false narratives and memes characterizing half the electorate, and the POTUS, in unflattering ways. An example. Soon after the inauguration Time magazine reported that a the bust of MLK had been removed from the oval office. Though proven false and retracted, the article immediately reinforced months of other false reports. Even today the NYT falsely claims the POTUS said Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS.” It’s not a good time to be a young person. Your thoughts are being manipulated faster and more cleverly that ever before. Unfortunately, it’s not the “Godless commies” but our trusted institutions.

  • There is a yellow deli just down the street from me, we know they are a cult. Other then slow service the food is pretty good and we generally never had issues with the people that work there. My boy friend is a protestant Christian, he has claimed he has had arguments with them in the past about jesus and other kinda topics like that but usually they nice enough. I am really sad to hear about the child abuse thing though.. the people that work there seemed so chill.. hard to imagine them beating a child..

  • feels like your de-rationalizing thougths too now. is there no balance between having your emotions in play but still being open to see stuff others dont?

  • I was afraid I was going to see another one of those Ted Talks where a bunch of self-congratulatory idiots get off on the smell of each others flatulence; but then I remembered the dog needed out, so I went for a walk.

  • Lol we have one just a couple blocks away, we definitely see the effects. Didn’t realize it was connected to this. Thought it was cult like. But here ya go. Love your videos btw.

  • Wait, they call their morning prayer sessions “mincha”? Talk about not caring about what they steal from Judaism. Mincha is the afternoon service. I know it’s not a big deal, but I’m Jewish (and agnostic, but I find a lot of comfort in being around the community and in our traditions, take from that what you will, but we’re an ethnoreligious group, so things get muddied)

  • I live a block from a twelve tribes community in Savannah. I see a lot of kids running around and mothers grabbing them by their shirts.

  • I went to a yellow deli around Oneonta New York and that dude gene was actually there seating us. When he told us it would be 15 mins I looked up the Yellow deli online and saw his picture pop up as the cult leader…. gotta say that was a strange feeling

  • I bet her story is very interesting. This talk has a misleading title, though, as we learn next to nothing about how cults think.

  • Agnostic history major here. I can’t produce these records personally so take it with a grain of salt, but I believe there are contemporary Roman and Hebrew records that support the existence of Jesus as a living person. Whether he’s a messiah or anything special other than a shaker is obviously not within the scope of academia