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Cooking 101: How to Navigate a Grocery Store By [email protected] • Last Updated: November 16, 2015 • 55 comments This is an article from NF Rebel Chef Noel. Karina Arnold, who’s passionate about healthy eating and cooking, provides tips on how to navigate the grocery store like a pro (and how to avoid unhealthy junk foods in the process). Karina Arnold is a rising sophomore at the University of Oklahoma who’s passionate about healthy cooking. Jimin Song, a Vallejo, California-based full-service shopper for grocery delivery service Instacart, has more than a few tricks up her sleeve to help us all out.

Below, five savvy tips for having your best, speediest grocery store trip ever. Interested in saving money? Let me show you how to save hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a year on your food bill.

Whether you have food allergies, dietary requirements or prefer. I hope my experiences outlined at Cooking 101, can help others figure out how to learn to be a terrific cook as well. How To Cook Frequently Asked Questions. How to Cook Chicken. How to Cook Chicken Thighs.

How to Cook Chicken Breasts. How to Transform a Grocery Store Pre-Cooked Rotisserie Chicken into a Dozen Other Recipes. How to Cook a Turkey. Top Navigation.

Explore. Cooking Light Cooking Light. Recipes Cooking 101.

Cooking 101 Maggie’s grocery store tips made a vast difference in my whole shopping experience. Here’s how to have a more productive and enjoyable time at the grocery store, according to a dietitian. Open Navigation Menu. To revisit With that in mind, remember that the store and food manufacturers know this as well, Cooking advice that works. Restaurant recommendations you trust.

Alton Brown is the host of the Food Network’s Good Eats, Iron Chef America, and Cutthroat Kitchen. The site has recipes, ‘how to’s with great diagrams, videos, podcasts, and tickets to his Eat Your Science shows. If you’re at the grocery store, avoid mushy, shriveled, or off-color cucumbers, or those with broken skin.

Store in the refrigerator in a plastic bag for up to 10 days, and stash cut cukes, tightly wrapped, for up to five. Navigating a Chinese Grocery store is just as easy as your local supermarket as long as you understand the overall layout and hve time to explore. From there you get into the dry goods—aisles of hot sauces, pickled vegetables, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wines, oil, spices, dried seaweed, dried mushroom/fungi, dried noodles, and all sorts.

List of related literature:

To create a heat map, walk briskly through the store or department and count the number of customers in each aisle.

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Foodservice inventory management starts with the menu-planning process.

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ChefTec has some very helpful features that will enable the foodservice manager to maintain accurate records for inventory control.

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If you have a list of forty grocery items to remember, you could place four items at each of ten locations.

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Before you head to the store, though, you need to take inventory so you know which types of foods and other household items you need to replace and which ones you already have on hand.

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Hire a boss (you), and create a user-friendly pantry system to meet your inventory needs.

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The visitor will be able to add items to the list, including a quantity and name, and select from a drop­down the grocery department the item is found in.

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You need to understand how well customers can find the items using your existing navigation structure.

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If you are opening an existing restaurant and will be using some of the old supplies, first take an inventory of the old supplies.

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Use the earlier section “Planning a Kitchen with the Menu in Mind” and Figure 10-1 to create a list of the equipment you need to produce the menu you’ve chosen.

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  • 3:30 wtf, more and more people want less sugar in their yogurt, at least me and everyone I know. Is there a statistic for this? Have a brand actually sold LESS yogurt since it decided to add less sugar?

  • I would like to see a video where you show a week’s plan of all meals. This is what I find most complicated, to have a plan of what to cook in order to be able to know what to get when grocery shopping.

  • I’ve historically liked Pollan but this seems more like puff piece garbage than anything.
    The yogurt example at the end in particular…they highlighted a (likely) 12oz tub of yogurt as having 26g of sugar, equivalent to a Coke. They went on to highlight yogurt as a race to fill with sugar.
    A 12oz can of Coke contains 39g of sugar, while Stoneyfield fruit on bottom 5oz contains 10g. Milk already contains a sizable amount of sugar (12g in a traditional 8oz serving), so unless he’s harping on milk as a food source, asserting a quality yogurt is ‘high’ in sugar is absurd.

  • Hey Thomas, you should do a shadow of your entire day. From awakening to sleep. Letting us see not just your dietary intake but how you live. I think a lot of people would be intrigued by that type of video. Let us follow side by side almost like a vlog? I think that would be very cool/interesting.

  • Interesting how Asian supermarkets in the US are more chinese korean oriented and in the Netherlands more indonesian thai chinese.

  • I find her whole tone and delivery irritating, like she mocking the store and probably the culture as well. Smug, cutesy, and immature, not to mention nasty; slurping out of bottles, etc. Not!

  • I found you while watching my “Bobbie” Flav City videos. ������
    Although I don’t do keto or paleo, I find your tips, tricks and especially Buy This Not That”s interesting.
    I’m a 98% vegetarian (damn bbq shack near me lures me there about twice a year��) who has cut out any food with gmo corn/soy, natural flavor, yeast extract, maltodextrin, carrageenan, caramel color, bad, non-expeller pressed oils, and have been eating more organic everything, including eggs from pasture raised chickens and grass fed, grass finished ground beef for the husband.

  • Thomas, I was watching a podcast between Paul Saladino and Robb Wolff and they were talking about how 5000 6000 mg of sodium is actually really good at decreasing insulin resistance. Would love to have your opinion on that!




  • Thank you thank you thank you thank you Thomas! This sure will help me start my Keto start. I’ve been intermittent fasting and have put way more veggies in my diet, but the Keto info has alluded me. Just….thank you.

  • Thomas, you forgot the mosti mportant thing about shopping. SUpermarkets are completely covered in bright white lights to drain your mental energy and force you into poor decissions. Either get blue light blocking glasses or go to stores with huge windows during sunlight hours when possible.

    I am sickened by the brand “Home Garden” THey’re a mini-mart chain that’s huge where I live. THey erently bought an old central location in my small city and boarded up about 10 feet of giant windows with glue on stickers when they converted the location to one of their stores, and they ut white light strips everyhere, evert refrigereator, every isle

  • Is gellan gum an okay ingredient? I’ve been buying heavy cream to put in my coffee and it’s ingredients include cream and gellan gum. Is it safe, or is it just like carrageenan?

  • What a truly great opportunity for powerful media and what a real shame at spending four minutes saying so little. Rather than leave viewers confused, it would be refreshing to learn more deeply.

  • There’s just too many negative comments. I’d say those who commented such are insecure because chef and the girl are fit and know how to stay healthy for the rest of their lives. Just move your asses people and get fit instead of hating on other FIT PEOPLE. Pathetic

  • Super awesome video! Such an organized outline to shopping. I learned a great deal of things so thank you:-) I am fairly new to your channel so perhaps you have covered this somewhere, but could you please do a video on how to cook for two people when one is keto and one is not? I have been keto for 4 months and have lost 44 lbs. I still have 60 or so to go. For the first few months I made mainly keto meals and then later would add, for example, pasta for my husband. Then I started making split meals, half keto half not. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this process easier? I want to cook healthy things for him as well.

  • Thomas Love the content! down 58 lbs since the first of the year big part to your information and guidance.

    I was wondering what your take on this article below, it is claiming that having cheat days on keto more than 3 times a year damages blood vessels.’t%20mix&targetText=Limit%20them%20to%20just%20a,the%20diet%20for%20a%20week.

  • Good video. But people are way too concerned with salt. If you are dieting and reducing calories, there’s no better flavor enhancer than salt which is zero-calorie. If you don’t have high blood pressure then what is the problem exactly?

  • Hi Thomas I want to try intermittent fasting. Even though I’ve seen lots of videos about it I’m still confused on what to eat to break the fast is a hard boiled egg okay with a green tea with cinnamon??

  • Yogurt. I also wrote a producer of honey and greek yogurt flavor why they STILL added sugar? Response, the consumers groups preferred sugar added and felt they have no choice. Who are these groups???

  • I’m just getting started with my training. I told myself about a year ago that I was going to do it, but I couldn’t get myself to take it seriously. This time is different. I’ve spent the last couple days doing research, and Transformed has helped me figure out a lot of the things I’ve always had questions about. They’re knowledgeable, personable and professional. Today was my first day of actual training, and honestly I’m excited to see where this takes me. I’m tired of always being the skinny guy. (Sounds weird, I know. But there’s a balance, and sometimes being too skinny, like myself, is actually annoying.