Civil War Week Are you able to Adapt Like Ironman


Iron Man Civil War Tech STOLEN by Taskmaster? (Black Widow Theory)

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Working Expandable Iron Man Watch Glove Repulsor! (From Captain America Civil War)

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Team Iron Man vs Team Cap Airport Battle Scene Captain America: Civil War Movie CLIP HD

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What If This Happened in Marvel’s Civil War [ Parody ] ft Spider-man Homecoming

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Iron Man vs. Captain America: Who’s Right?

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I Just Found Tony Stark’s Smallest Arc-Reactor in Captain America: Civil War

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Team Iron Man Talks “Civil War”

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Civil War Week: Can You Adapt Like Iron Man? By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: May 5, 2016 • 18 comments We talked Monday about why Captain America might be right in the epic battle that has come to light between two sides of the Marvel superhero universe. Arts and humanities · US history · The Civil War era (1844-1877) · Sectional tension in the 1850s Life for enslaved men and women APUSH: KC‑5.2.I.A (KC), SOC (Theme). Directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo. With Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan.

Political involvement in the Avengers’ affairs causes a rift between Captain America and Iron Man. You could even smoke cigarettes in designated areas. At 9 p.m. it was dark, and per tradition the bright lights came on for the trailers and other announcements (this allows people to safely return to their cars). Then the bright lights shut off and the movie began Iron Man (2008), and it was glorious.

Airport Battle Scene Team Cap vs Team Iron Man Spiderman vs Bucky and Falcon Captain America: Civil War (2016) Movie CLIP HD [1080p] “You have a metal. Captain America: Civil War is a 2016 superhero film, based on the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. The film is a sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ant-Man. It is the thirteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first film of Phase Three. The film was released on April 27, 2016.

Iron Man vs Captain America & Bucky Final Battle Scene Captain America Civil War (2016) Movie Clip [4K ULTRA HD] #CaptainAmericaCivilWar Cast Chris Evans Steve Rogers / Captain. WANNA win the Spanish civil war in 1 week? GREAT!

Watch and learn. Also Hi Daniel, Hi Drikus ️ ☑ Viewed? ☐ Liked? ☐ Commented? ☐ Subscribed? ☐ Bell? ☐ WIN i. Civil War Prison Scene Captain America Civil War (2016) Movie Clip [4K ULTRA HD] #CaptainAmericaCivilWar Cast Chris Evans Steve Rogers / Captain America.

Airport Argument Scene Iron Man (Tony Stark) vs Captain America (Steve Rogers) “Underoos!” Spider-Man Appearance Spiderman Takes Captain America’s Shie.

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See Iron Man (Marvel: January, no.

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However, it is equally posSpider-Man’s close friend and mentor Tony Stark (Iron Man) becomes his worst enemy in The Road to Civil War, Civil War, and The Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War (2006–2007) (art by Clayton Crain from 2007’s The Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War collection).

“War, Politics and Superheroes: Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Film” by Marc DiPaolo
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In fact, throughout most of this third instalment, Tony Stark must do without his cyborg exoskeleton and learn to cope without relying on his technological abilities.

“The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television” by Michael Hauskeller, Curtis D. Carbonell, Thomas D. Philbeck
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We were able to send Iron Man on vacation and have Captain America come in to replace him.

“Excelsior!: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee” by Stan Lee, George Mair
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There was talk of Captain America being replaced and Tony Stark and Iron Man.

“American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s” by Keith Dallas, Jason Sacks, Jim Beard, Dave Dykema, Paul Brian McCoy
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  • What if you made a hydrogen plasma and shot it out at really high speeds?

    Idk if it’s possible but maybe you could use magnets to manipulate the plasma explosion and make it produce a repulsive force?

    Then you’d have some REAL repulsors >:)

  • Yea government should not deal with heroes beacuse they can destroy the world, I know this is a diffrent franchise but you can look at the dark knight returns, and how the government wants to control heroes and they also fourced every heroes out of hero hood, and only took super man. So governments should not control heroes.

  • The guy who didn’t want the government to use his suit in Iron Man 2 wants the government to run him and his entire team in Civil War. How things change.

  • Could you follow up this topic with the netflix series called “The Boys”?
    It shows a much more realistic (yet exaggerated) version of superheroes in the world.
    Maybe even check the old series of “Powers”.

    Edit: You have a video about “The Boys” but only from the perspective that it would consumed by military.
    Not about the dangers of unregulated powers. Of course it doesn’t mean everything should be controlled by the goverment, but when it’s up to the individual the problem is no longer just changing their mind on helping, but also losing the perspective of powerless individuals.
    Thank you!

  • Can you imagine Sokovia accords in real life? Iron Man busting into your house because you wrote “offensive” tweet against mass immigration.

  • Stark, a business man, believes the government will do the right thing when put in control of all of their powers……..

    …… Yeah, right.

  • Had Tony found closure with his parents before they died, he wouldn’t have reacted so violently to the discovery that Bucky killed them. Look at how T’Challa reacted upon learning the truth about Zemo. This film is so good

  • As a moral stand point Captain America is correct. As a security and safe guidence, Captain America is still correct. No opinion or believe in anything here, if we speak truth and fact, only Cap’s view is correct.

  • In the end of infinity war, where tony is fighting Thanos before he gets stabbed to make the blade and the shield his suit made, you can see all the nano bot moving from one spot to the other on Tony’s body meaning some of the nano bots have been damaged during battle.

  • The attention to the detail of your videos is impressive. Your background jingle on this video was a hint for your next video. Pretty cool

  • You r just awesome man… soo much hardwork…. watching a small video in 0.25 speed itself is annoying unless u want to… but u r doing an incredibly hardd job����������������������������

  • Knew of the wristband gear… and the repulsar, but did not realize it was powered by a mini-arc reactor. Thank you for enlightening me. ����

  • I don’t know if this is a mistake or just ant-man being goofy. But when scott meets captain america, he was suppose to say “thanks for thinking of me” at the end of the scene but he instead he says “thinks for thanking of me”. This seemed bizarre to me when i first noticed it.

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  • Israel decided to win a war before in started in 1967 and if they hadn’t, more would have died, with them losing. So, it is wrong for people to want oversight of the Avengers after the team created an unstoppable killer robot who wrecked a country and almost destroyed the planet? Governments are not inherently evil, Team Iron Man all the way. Besides, Captain America is a junkie addicted to war and is determined to ensure there is always another conflict for him to resolve. His experience with the Mindstone showed this to be the case.

  • My hero academia doesn’t have this disagreement everyone is signed to the assosiation and anyone who isn’t and/or is not following their guidelines is a criminal.

  • Mandela affect, I’ve watched the movie a bunch of times and I’ve no recollection of that scene, none… And I have no clue who that actress is, none…. That’s weird…

  • Falcon: What do you do???!!!
    Captain America’s team: WE RUN!!!!!
    (Captain America’s team run like scaredy-cats)
    Captain America: GET BACK HERE YOU SONS OF B….
    Iron man: Nu Uh Uh. Language Captain.

  • Correction: Banner was in Kolkata in Avengers, not Kathmandu. Apologies! The mystery remains, however… what WAS Tony Stark doing at that wedding in India in Homecoming? Could it connect to Kingo in The Eternals?

  • What happened to starks first black friend who was told Next time bro only to be replaced by the new black guy who was older and skinnier lol.

  • THE CANADIAN LAD I have one new detail from guardians of the galaxy first time meeting, and that is when Quill is running with the power stone Gamora threw a knive on his hand, and when he puts on of his rocket shoes on her you can see a wound on his hand from the knive Gamora threw on him, please include this detail if you see my comment������.

  • I agree with you and Captain America! It’s an easy choice really. I rather make a mistake and pay for it than someone else forces me to make a mistake.

  • Hey Did you guys Noticed how Hank Pym calls IronMan’s suit as “Cute Technology”. And leter in Endgame Tony Stark Solved the maze of Quantum Realm and Builds the Time machine…. I mean Time Machine thats Cute.

  • Iron suit is a possibility now,as yesterday it was announced that now ultra light lithium sulphide batteries are successfully made which will be used in electro planes.check on google

  • I personally like Iron Man more as a hero as I find he looks cooler and is more interesting, although both characters look great and have great backstories, but I’m on Steve’s side here.

  • I would’ve saved this for later. There aren’t enough heroes to call it a war. In the comics there were dozens of heroes, while there’s only like 10 people here.

  • Hi.If you look closely, you will notice that when thanos snapped Dr. Strange wasn’t surprise at all of his death. Other avengers like star lord,spiderman they were all afraid and didn’t know what was happening. This is because they’re facing death for first time on the other hand Dr. Strange could’ve died for years inside the loop with dormamu and that is why he wasn’t so surprised with his own death as the others did. Thank you.

  • The whole question of the film to me is a false dichotomy. Although morally and philosophically Cap is more right, I think the central question is too absolute.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this point makes the movie a worse story than it is. I think it makes the formulation of the question about international security too one-sided.

    As presented in the film it seems that the Sokovia accords would restrict the Avengers to only be allowed to work when the UN security council deems it so. So it is an all or nothing bargain. I.e. if you sign you are only allowed to act when the council says and not in any other case. That alone should make you see how restrictive the accords are. That should be enough for any person with a functioning conscience to say that those terms are unacceptable. I am referring to people with actual super-powers. If you saw a person who you could help and it were trivially easy for you to do so, would you do it or would you wait for permission instead?

    There should have been some nuance to the accords: for example if you work within the accords then you have immunity against prosecution for the damages you cause or you have government support in terms of resources and intel, something that makes it even easier to help those in need. But the condition of that help would be to only go where you are sanctioned. But in this model it would not make the accords an all or nothing bargain and you could still help people while not authorized, which would not create the necesary conflict between the heroes. So it is a tough question.

  • Who is right?

    The moral compass of the entire Marvel universe that actively fights for the rights and freedoms of everyone, despite their alignment, place of origin, or political beliefs


    A rich narcissist that built an army of robotic suits that are specifically made to attack his friends, created a machine that went mad and attempted to rule the world, sentenced his friends and allies into a maximum security prison that is located within international waters, refused to listen to one of his closest friends about the accords yet immediately listened to a complete stranger and sided with them, and wants his friends with superpowers to submit to a government to encourage public trust, yet he himself has refused to submit his suits to the government for the same fears his friends had.

    Hmm… I think the narcissist might have the high ground here.

  • People are so rude and mean to Emily vancamp. First Hayley atwell and Chris Evans bullying her and the mcu fandom too and now jimmy kimmel. Wtf is wrong with people these days?!!? It’s just a role.

  • I can understand why Tony made that decision, he felt like he was (and frankly was) responsible for so much accidental death and destruction, he lost all faith in his own decision making, assumed that he needed to be controlled by a “higher and wiser power” to avoid that from happening again. The problem is that he proyected this insecurity into the entire group, when he’s the one who’s been consistently messing up with increasingly worse consequences for everyone.

  • Time travel wouldn’t have worked without the pym particles so hank pym deserves some credit for that. So the arc reactor being Tony’s invention alone 100% his best one

  • 14:01 Great advice for these times right now. If people just stopped and thought about the possibilities and the effect on ALL people, we could fix a lot of issues.

  • IMHO., what made “Civil War” great was that both sides had understandable motivations. Tony Stark had become aware of the harm his mistakes had caused. He had a healthy fear of his own power and that of his fellow Avengers. Unfortunately, he put too much faith in the United Nations and the governments that gave it power. He thought he could delegate authority over the awesome power of the Avengers to a benevolent political entity. He was wrong to do so, but it was an understandable mistake given his experiences. Steve Rogers was also aware that misguided use of his power could cause great harm, but he wasn’t crippled by guilt. He decided that of all the possible imperfect wielders of the awesome power of the Avengers, the individual members themselves were the best choices.

  • Every man has four choices.
    1. Be a good man, make your own decisions, love your neighbor, and strive to do what is right and good, even if you fuck it up some times. Being accountable to YOUR higher standard and/or to god.
    2. Be a selfish man, make your own decisions, love only yourself, using your potential and power for personal gain, rather than for the sake of others. Being accountable only to the letter of the law.
    3. Be an empty man, become a slave to your desires, love nothing and no one, use your power to satisfy your cravings, with no regard for anyone else. Being accountable to no one.
    4. Be a puppet, let others make decisions for you, love is irrelevant just do what you are told, become a tool in the hands of others, give them your power and watch helplessly as they wield it however they wish. being accountable to men who are at best honest and fallible, while at worst being totally corrupt and evil.

    I choose option one, so did Cap. I have a higher standard I hold myself to, and I believe that some day I will have to give an account to God. Those factors give me strength of character and that strength keeps me from being corrupted by my own power. Because power by its very nature corrupts, and we must have the strength to resist that corruption to truly wield power. Which is why if power COMES to a man, he grows, if he is not strong enough already he matures in order to master it (almost as though power is a natural stimulant for character growth). But those who actively SEEK power have a high chance of becoming corrupt, because more often than not, they are not yet strong enough to master the power they gain (like drugs used to increase character growth but at the same time they damage a man’s character on a fundamental level). Power must be wielded, again by its very nature, but to wield it without mastery of it is to open yourself up to corruption.

  • I posted the “combat scan” theory, in anger mind you, months ago!!

    …I suppose that this is a “real-world” explanation of how to copy someone’s fighting style. ��

  • What would have been if they all signed? Captain UN, IrUN Man, Natasha RomaUNoff, FalcUN, VisiUN, BrUNce Banner, WUNda Maximoff, UNt-man reporting for duty.

  • I believe this movie was secretly referring to agenda 21. Over 170 countries agreed to it in 1992. Sustainable development……
    Educate yourselves on this!

  • So, my opinion on this: Cap is right. The Avengers, and all superheroes, are like a laser. Either you trust the individual wields it, or the government does, but the laser never gets less deadly. And also, the Sokovia Accords is full of questions, does Thor need to listen to the UN? He’s of Asgard, not of Earth. What happens to those like Peter Parker, who didn’t ask for their powers and were given them, should they be forced to give up their lives to be a government soldier?

  • Hope ya’ll like the video and let me know what I should make next!!

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  • Hey bro in this video at the last u gave us another ester egg surprise which is related to u r next video and that is Spider-Man homecoming ��

  • star lord: “where is gamora!?”

    tony: “ye ill do you one better who is gamora”

    drax: ” Ill do you one better why is gamora”

    doctor strange: the fuck…

    this one that im bout to put up now is random


    doctor strange never really said that
    just though it’d be funny lol

  • I’m with cap but I see we’re stark is coming from in the last decade he’d found out his weapons were being sold to terrorists and was dealing with ptsd and had just created an evil super bot and blown up a city add them all up and it makes sense why he doesn’t trust himself

  • As I figured, Cap is overwhelmingly right on the issue. The movie gets props for making Tony more well-intentioned than in the comic though.

  • They are both wrong because superhero civil war stories are just bad. In kindergarten terms, good wolves should not fight each other over the demands of sheep when they know bad wolves are still out there. Don’t care how cool the scene is, superheroes should not fight each other.

  • in the movie it was just a concussive blast for that scene u didnt even need the explosives man ur not even a marvel fan get that out of my face man

  • I think you missed something really important that makes the whole situation as framed in the film unrealistic and, frankly, dishonest. In Marvel movies, the heroes are all genuinely good people. It’s easy to tell who the good and bad guys are, and the good guys always win. The heroes’ personal motivations never get in the way of their fight to protect people, and conveniently, the threats they face are always terrible enough to justify any action they take.

    The real world, as any adult knows, doesn’t work like this. Power is a corrupting force. In the real world, we try to limit power with democracy, where those we hand power to get their power from the people. Inevitably, these people fail, but the more democratic an institution is, the better it tends to do.

    Which brings us to the MCU. Democracy would effectively become impossible unless super-powered individuals were in some way subservient to the people. Think about it. Yes, the superheroes of Marvel are far too noble to interfere with people’s politics, or freedoms, or rights. Of course, Marvel is a made-up world, mainly for kids and teenagers, carefully kept relatively family-friendly and morally comfortable by Disney. But what’s to stop Thor from walking into the White House and smashing the President’s head in? Then smashing the Vice President’s head in. Then flying down to Congress and smashing all their heads in until the country starts to listen to him. Thor is already royalty and a self-proclaimed god, why the fuck would he listen to anyone. In Marvel, of course, there is a hero for every villain, but the real world is not like that. In the real world, there aren’t that many heroes. I won’t say there are no heroes, because there are some good people, but all people, if you look close enough, are deeply flawed and should not be trusted with no accountability. Most are somewhere between good and evil, and if you give them unlimited power, they don’t use it very well. Name a good world leader, and I can name half a dozen who committed unnecessary acts of violence. I could probably find something that “good” leader did that could make you uncomfortable.

    A superhero is an individual with incredible power, is absolutely independent, and answers to no one. In the real world, the closest thing we have to a superhero is, really, just a dictator. Superheroes and dictators have comparable amounts of power: on the one hand, a single person with incredible abilities, on the other, a weak, feeble human with control over people. (Obviously, Hawkeye is much weaker than most dictators, while Vision could likely destroy anyone in the real world) Now, what’s a democratically elected government compared to a dictator? Well, essentially the same thing, except it answers to the people. It has police, armies, money, legal control, massive amounts of information, and international relationships, but it does what the people want. The better democracy is working, the better the government reflects the will of the people. That’s freedom.

    Suddenly, an institution with more power than any government exists: The Avengers. In most of the big team-ups, the Avengers don’t exist as a real institution, but it exists as a formalized institution from whenever they got back together post Winter Soldier to their breakdown in Civil War (I know a legitimate Avengers exists, but to anyone keeping track, it’s pretty much down to just Iron Man and Vision until Infinity War). Imagine the institution:

    One of the world’s richest men, wearing the world’s greatest superweapon. Unlimited funding, unlimited weapons development, control of one of the largest companies in the world(presumably).
    A literal God who, as I said above, could topple any government in days.
    The Hulk, a weapon more powerful than any army. Would be one of the most terrifying things in the world.
    A patriotic man seen as the ultimate symbol of good: incredible political power, as well as a genius in leadership.
    Not to mention more military drones than the US government, the world’s greatest assassins, backup from another guy in an Iron Man suit, Jarvis and all the computing power that comes with it, and backup from SHEILD, which is its own democratic nightmare.

    If the Avengers wanted to, they could take out anyone, anywhere. They could end wars whenever they wanted to. They could shut down the UN, kill Jeff Bezos, knock down the Empire State building. I think Spider-Man: Far from Home was absolutely terrifying in that Tony Stark had the power to kill any person on the planet whenever he wanted to. No one could do anything to stop them. Though in the rose-tinted world of Marvel, they never comment on politics, they never kill anyone they don’t have to. None of them are rapists or psychopaths. None of them have serious racial or religious biases, or hate queer people. They always admit their mistakes. None of them are fascists.

    In the world of Marvel, the Sokovia accords seem unnecessary, dangerous even. Governments are corrupt, so why give them more power? Because in the MCU, the power in this world already belongs to a group of saints. The heroes are all pretty good people, and the average viewer would see that and think “why stop good people with regulation and oversight?” The fact is, this is an argument for benevolent dictatorships. Democracy is never an issue, because the people are always protected by the heroes, fairly and justly. Individuals are just as corrupt as governments. Democracy is the only way to defend the rights of all people, and superheroes and democracy cannot coexist unless the ultimate power of superpowers is evenly shared by the public. This is impossible, as superpowers cannot be split up, but the actions of superheroes must be democratically driven. Otherwise, they are no different from dictators, just in the movies, the dictators are always benevolent. Don’t confuse the world of Marvel for the real world. If you do, it will lead you to some pretty messed up conclusions.

  • did RDJ spoil that she is a CIA agent? I don’t know when this came out but if it was before the movie than for sure he spoiled her as undercover CIA

  • captá marvel became the most profitable feminist film of this new generation but only because disney managed to work the militancy subjectively without putting too much exaggeration but we know that over the decades miss marvel lost a lot of its excency to meet the interests of the politically correct what in the future it can mean a colossal failure if not well worked

  • if you see this, kathmandu is in Nepal not in india! get your facts straight cuz nepal and india are about to have a civil war of our own! ����

  • Try to make magnetic gloves like what Alex uses from supergirl preferably you can use a mag switch basically a good size magnet u can turn on/off

  • I was an Iron man guy. I’ve always believed that societies only work by our agreement. Lone wolves with the power to take the law in their own hands are vigilantes and entrusting our safety to them seems crazy to me. You might say ” you’re responsible for your own safety.” I hear that, but there are limits to my capability to do that. Is government better than private individuals? No. Does that mean that we should allow levels of power to determine freedom? That the strong should always live free of laws of the weaker people around them? Might makes right?

    That’s the danger of accepting fully only one side of the argument which is very cogently described in this video. We live based on rules. We can protest, we can change law, we cannot decide that our intentions and power allows us to live outside of society, despite it not being perfect.

    If, as the video suggests Civil War actually unfolded according to the idea that individuals are allowed the freedom of choice, but are subject to prosecution, the Avengers would be in custody for reckless endangerment pending a trial. The film attempts to address that they are allowed to unintentionally kill people because their intentions are “pure.” The Avengers can believe themselves heroes while leaving a death toll longer than the tally of any dictatorship. That cannot be right.

    Life is risk. Building checks and balances is how we try to minimise those risks. If government isn’t the answer, individuals choosing to risk lives without training or structure surely isn’t either. In the real world, that’s leaving unelected technocrats free to shape events.

    Back to the film, because of the accords, and all available evidence at the time, Iron Man believed himself to be enacting the very thing the video describes at the end: he judges Cap to have broken the law and decides he has to be apprehended and prosecuted as an individual. Bucky also, as an ex assassin should be put on trial. That they haven’t suggests we should have a two tier system. As the video says, the good intentions of America has in effect destabilised country after country. Should it never be brought justice because there is corruption everywhere? If that’s the case, we should end the entire idea of a criminal justice system. Open prisons. No one is perfect, that dies not mean we cannot do the best we can.

    The Accords are humanity’s attempt at reasserting some kind of balance in a totally unbalanced world. No country is safe from massive devastation in the MCU. It makes sense that there would be an attempted to protect life. And that the heroes should make official their compliance with laws we all have to live under. The alternative is chaos. Tony learnt that the hard way.

  • The goverment bad I believe even a citizen would make better decisions than the government. If it is the government they would side with iron man. Now captain price is on the good side. Theres alot corrupt people out there that doesnt deserve to have power.

  • If they have the government control them it would be chaos. Like imagine, the government now controls someone like the vision. They could send him to Russia and wage and win a war! So other countries would then get their own super beings, and everyone would be afraid of each other and would wage war on each other to claim more territory and superiority.

  • In his intro the red letters in his name are ALAD where the A in lad looks like a n and ALND stands for axillary lymph node dissection witch is a type of cancer. Do you have cancer?

  • The reason I love Civil War is that Captain America loses. He can’t claim to be in the right when he keeps secrets from his best friend. Also, you are saying that, after a bunch of absurdly powerful people who answer to no one go around the world, smash through a bunch of stuff without even telling the authorities why, build an unstoppable killer robot who kills thousands of people before almost destroying the world, leaving countless people homeless, who they didn’t even tell anyone about until the last possible moment, you are saying it is unreasonable that they should answer to someone after all of that?

  • Hold on so captain America and bucky was made by the government, yet hes mad at the government. Also cap and bucky killed iron man dad and black panther dad. Also cap did all that to retire/Grow old but the self righteous rich guy sacrificed his life so captain America can grow old. Lol I’m with iron man

  • Both of them were wrong in their own ways.
    Sukovia accords were indeed wrong as they failed to register how many times avengers saved them and also failed to account their own faults such as nuking New York at the end of Avengers 2012.
    While cap was aiming for freedom of choice Tony saw this opportunity as a way to repent for the consequences in battle of Sukovia in age of Ultron as he blamed himself for the death of many innocent people.
    One could say Tony is at fault here but this is not where it ends….
    Now after Tony fault it’s turn for captain America
    1.He didn’t trust Tony enough to tell about the other winter soldiers as decided during the confession between him and Sam after escape from headquarters with Bucky. This all could have been avoided if he wouldn’t have failed to notice how much Tony cares about him and finds him the pillar of the team.
    2. Captain America also didn’t tell Tony the truth about his parents and tbh if I was in position of Tony at that time I would have gone bloodthirsty on Bucky as well.
    These two guys aren’t the only ones at fault but this idiot as well whose name is Bucky.
    Bucky didn’t even hesitate to pull up a rifle on Tony’s face after he saw the footage where his parents are mercilessly killed by him. Tony doesn’t even lash out on him but no Bucky just pulls up a damn rifle on his face instantaneously instead of apologizing for the deeds he had done.
    All these inconveniences lead to one of the best final showdown in history of superhero media.
    In the end everyone were wrong in their own ways no matter how one character got portrayed in the movie.
    Cap was indeed the one with greater flaws by the end of the movie, he even admits and apologizes to Tony at the very end that how he should’ve trusted Tony and hid the truth because he felt it was right.
    And that’s what elevated captain’s character even greater in my eyes because to believe that such a righteous person can also possess flaws and overcome then is a perfect example of a human which like every other things isn’t perfect and how all this admittance led to him being worthy in Avengers Endgame.
    Oh man such a beautiful storyline MCU made just unbelievable and poetic.

  • What the hell you blew up like real fast, I remember when you had like 40 k subs like 4 or 5 months ago and now you have 280k. Good job ��

  • In age of Ultron captain America was willing to risk everyone life on earth to save few thousand people life who lived in Sokovia. So the answer is if we follow caps idealogy we won’t be alive to ask this question. Even though Government has many flaws they will always make the decision of humanity survival anyhow. Offcourse there will be scenario where choosing latter will lead to end of humanity but government idealogy have lower chances of that happening.

  • To be honest I feel like they both had good points for their stances, but at the end of the day I’d have to go with Captain America given how hilariously incompetent and corrupt the governments in the Marvel Universe are something I feel that the guilt-ridden Tony Stark didn’t really address himself, focusing too much on the potential evils super powered individuals can do.

    Its a fair stance mind you since a lot of them can wreak tons of devastation if they choose to do so, but Captain America’s distrust of governmental figures who launched a literal nuke at a highly populated city and allowed themselves to be infiltrated and taken over by a Nazi organization rings a bit better.

  • I think the mini arc-reactor started in Iron Man 3 when he made his suit operate by parts, after all how could the repulsor ray work without the arc reactor in the middle of the chestplate? So my headcannon is there are mini arc reactors in each part in the iron man suit (probably has a lower capacity that the main one in the middle) that gets recharged when the suit is at it’s full form.

  • You have to remember that these “heroes” are vigilantes. They’re lawbreakers. The real debate is whether or not dangerous vigilantes should be outside the law. It’s more evident in the comics, but still evident here. Regardless of the merits and faults in your analysis, your argument doesn’t address the actual problem. It’s just another plug for saying that government is bad.

  • Well!!! Everyone is talking about the “Rat” but I think the real reason behind Endgame was “Peter Quill (Starlord)” because if he didn’t slap Thanos in Infinity War then Tony would have successfully taken out Gauntlet and there would be no Endgame.

  • Tony did it out of guilt of the boy who died Sokovia. but he was dealing with the whole him and Pepper breaking up situation. and he had to make up for ultron.

  • It is better to sit down and talk this all out than just fighting each other like complete madman that would spread fear and a tragic misunderstanding throughout the whole world. First, they have been remembered as heroes now they became to fight each other which shows a feeling they began to broken their trust.

  • I found a new detail in Avengers Infinity War.
    Like if you want it to be in his next video.
    Bruce Banner used the same red beam that Tony Stark used in Iron Man 2 and Endgame to kill the space dogs just before Thor arrived with Groot and Rocket.

  • This is why Civil War is such a good movie. Both sides and their respective opinions make sense, and it brings up a lot of interesting points about real life.

  • Cap is in the right here.heroes should not be under government control.what if they are ordered to do something wrong?like attack some country?this way they can refuse.

  • 1 Samuel 8:10–18 (ESV): 10 So Samuel told all the words of the LORD to the people who were asking for a king from him. 11 He said, “These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them to his chariots and to be his horsemen and to run before his chariots. 12 And he will appoint for himself commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and some to plow his ground and to reap his harvest, and to make his implements of war and the equipment of his chariots. 13 He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. 14 He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive orchards and give them to his servants. 15 He will take the tenth of your grain and of your vineyards and give it to his officers and to his servants. 16 He will take your male servants and female servants and the best of your young men and your donkeys, and put them to his work. 17 He will take the tenth of your flocks, and you shall be his slaves. 18 And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you in that day.”

  • I think red guardian will be killed by taskmaster and that taskmaster is black widows ex. And that the thunderbolts is what black widow will end with

  • Hey Canadian lad. Did you notice that in “Black Panther”, kill monger wins his first battle and loses in the second battle, and so did Thanos.

  • Can you imagine having a superpower only to be ordered by an anti-Semitic group like the UN? That sucks. Or seating alongside Greta “How Dare Youuuu?” Thunberg. I’ll just keep my powers secret and watch the world burn.

  • Great analysis! I personally love that the civil war was done so well, Cap and Stark have their mirrored character arcs and it leads to them losing the Infinity War

  • Black panther was the only one who was gonna take a life. Lol everybody else playing softball. T’challa going for the jugular vein ������

  • To do good one needs power.
    To be responsible one has to put this power under civilian control.

    If this civilian control is broken, (eg UN in this expose) than we improve the civilian control.

    If one is afraid, that civilian control might fail, then we can just as good as go back to stone age, when the strongest become king.

  • I like how they think that because they managed to save so many lives, they can blame them for not being able to save a few others. Like, if the avengers weren’t there in Sokovia, the world would be destroyed. If they weren’t there in avengers assemble, Manhatten would be a nuclear crater and everyone else would be treating loki as a king.

  • Cap: “You’ve got heart, kid. Where are you from?”

    Spider-Man: “Queens…”

    Cap: “Brooklyn.”

    Even on opposite sites, New Yorkers relating ��

  • I don’t know why, but I was always on Tony’s side to a personal level. When it was all about Bucky killing his parents, I am with Tony, but when it’s about the Sokovia Accords, I am with Cap

  • I’ve heard about a small piece of a certain material that you can hold in your hand used in nuclear centers to power immensely large areas so that could work as a power source, but i’m not sure

  • I agree with both sides, Tony was right that they couldn’t be allowed to just run around and do whatever but at the same time, control would only make things worse for those truly trying to help. The world we live in has messed up people and we will never see what it could be.

  • Bucky: I didnt kill your father
    Black pather: Then why did you run?
    Bucky: I wouldnt run if you guys dont chase me and lock me away
    Black pather: Good point. I will stop chasing you if you willing to come with me. Let me give you a new arm
    Bucky: Thank you, let’s go
    Spiderman: you have vibranium arm? That’s awesome man.

  • Hey Canadian Lad, as we all know that Reality Stone was on liquid form on “Thor: The Dark World” but how it was changed or formed as a solid state during Inifinty War & Endgame?

  • Todd’s 3rd birthday is the same to 55th 655th anniversary of her new York
    777feet is 7PM 77feet 7PM the same as a new car and it has been in a different position for a while now but 555 gh72duh12rtde1 6vfywuwyetwfysgzysd5fasvts6fsf 5:w 6fb6fwbyfz f6s 5fstfs42504925402472287 245 *n6dentdhrevvebtdbdvsyrssvtfstdy sy ydfefye yyfeeygdygeyf swung e6fe 6f dyfs fys yfd yes yfd yfd yfd TVs tfs yes 6FSA yfd yfd TVs ysfeyv e vaye yfd yfd tdydyvdygduv tdydyvdygduv r uburbjbtub4rybeijfsh fbubrc y rd zero a 3za4w zw 45:30 z6ed 6

  • Vision and iron man will be more powerful bc 1st vision is Jarvis and Jarvis will know veronica and Tony know how to use it because he used it to fight hulk

  • You do really good animation but no good story or jokes.
    I’m wondering how come you have more views than HISHE they have poor animation put great story and Jokes?

  • Your so right on this i think imma cry. Cause if u think that’s they only way taskmaster will be able to Mimic all the avengers moves

  • It’s funny how when spider man was in the back and black widow was in front, and all of a sudden spider man just outruns black widow

  • Taskmaster is Weisz’ character in the movie. You heard it here first. Yes they don’t have the same body profile as one is male and the other female, but remember, in the art of ‘disguise’ you can’t make a larger body smaller BUT you sure can make a smaller body larger. It’s Weisz’ character body concealed underneath that armor.

  • Ant-man;,You have to take this in to the shopp
    Iron man; Who is speaking?
    Ant-man; Your counstiens, we don’t talk too much this days

    I don’t understand why they make Spiderman so weak, i mean he can even dodge atacks în special Scarlet atack he was jumping so hard don’t he has spider sense?
    PS:( someone please explain(

  • It is also possible that Iron Man used pym particles to build the smallest arc reactor. Because he asked about Project Goliath in Iron Man 2, he might have also created Pym particles @theCanadianlad

  • Team cap won because they have better supports and they were constantly switching opponents in order to surprise them with different attacks.

  • PointIron Man vs Cap: EqualIron Man is better equipped in combat and is generally better equipped to handle the environment. However, Cap is the better leader and is able to coordinate a better team structure than the others. While independently stronger, Iron man has limited coordination over his team and is just reacting to Cap’s team.

    SecondaryRhodey vs. Sam: Advantage IMSam has no way to effectively hinder Rhodey in a firefight, but is able to run interference. However, while Sam is able to keep up a strong level of support, Rhodey has more tools and is better equipped to jump into the front lines. The caveat is that Rhodey lacks NONLETHAL weapons, meaning that he isn’t as strong for cover in this armor and is better suited as a forward position.

    TertiaryBlack Panther vs. Bucky: Advantage IMIt’s almost clear cut as to how much better T’Challa is overall compared to Bucky at this point. He’s nigh invulnerable to conventional weapons in the fight and has the stat block of Captain America (and greater). The thing that hinders him in this fight is that he utterly disregards orders and is not fighting as part of the team.

    Third PartySpider-man vs. Ant ManAdvantage CapWhile Scott is not as physically gifted compared to Peter, his shrinking allows him to generally patrol the field unnoticed compared to Peter’s haphazard support. While Peter is generally capable of holding off the opposition with some level of ease, his weakness is his lack of skill and generally impulsive take on strategy. Combined with the Giant Man form, Scott is generally capable of holding off several Avengers by the virtue of being the biggest gun on the team.

    Designated SupportBlack Widow vs. Hawkeye: EqualGenerally equal in skill with Widow being the stronger CQC fighter while Hawkeye is better from afar. Both are strong supporters and generally have methods to their respective roles.

    Team SuperVision vs. Wanda: Advantage CapWhile Vision is a Vibranium clad Superman with phasing powers, Scarlet Witch generally has better projection and is generally more destructive. While she is generally more vulnerable, her overall presence allows her to provide stronger offensive output compared to Vision’s more defensive set. While Vision can pull the implacable man on the situation, his repertoire of powers are also lethal in many respects and should not really be used against anyone that isn’t super.

  • RDJ does wing Chun in real life so I thought it was cool they had tony use it also. And Caps a boxer. As a hardcore mma fan, I appreciate the detail they do in these fight scenes

  • Damn brah you and Allen pan need to make some thing together fr fr if yall do put my name in it if y’all work together y’all can make a damn robot facts.

  • The Canadian lad you need to know this. In Ant man and the wasp we can see that the hank Pym lab is portable and therefore cannot be connected with the main power grid. When we watch the lab from the inside we notice a mega version of Duracell battery for the lab to run on electricity

  • Even military personnel have the right to refuse unlawful orders.
    The consequences may suck no matter how right you may be, but you still have the right to refuse unlawful orders.

  • I feel as though phase 4 is going to have a theme of Starks legacy causing villains to appear. Like, how Vision said their power brings about challenge.

  • I believe someone else as replacement to Tony Stark’s from daughter known how to time travel and take away, but the last endgame maybe he not, just clone??/

  • Damn brah you and Allen pan need to make some thing together fr fr if yall do put my name in it if y’all work together y’all can make a damn robot facts.

  • Lets settle this, if iron man really wanted to kill them, he couldve just bombed the airport, and besides wanda cant stop all of the bombs

  • Now that you say that, maybe the MK42 has one ARC reactor in every different piece. I mean, what’s generating power in every single piece when they’re flying separately?

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  • I wish the movie had been focused more on this idea, instead of what we got where everyone starts to form tribes and making bad decisions for no solid reasons

  • Personally, I think that Captain America is right. But there’s no way for him to win. He either ends up in jail for not signing or on the run for the rest of his life

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

  • The kardeshev scale gauges a civilization by its ability to harness energy. If tony could build miniaturized sources of energy with high yields, then he could have built something large enough to put him in a type 2 civilization.

  • While I think this theory has validity, I think it would severely undermine Taskmaster’s role. “If you’re nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it.” If this extends to TM, it makes for a far more interesting villain than Black Widow just trying to dismantle TM’s tech with an EMP or something

  • great video as always, but i think the main spot of bother between captain and tony fans was missed in this one..
    i could be wrong, maybe it was simply government controlled vs privatized, but i saw this:
    captain side believed 4:28
    tony side believed if we agree to it now, we will have leverage in decision making. if we run, it will be done to us later and worse.

    i believe they both knew government control would end up badly. but tony’s side believed in its inevitability, captain’s side believed in its avoid-ability.

  • This is a bit difficult. I hate the Sokovia Accords. I see where Tony is coming from wanting to sign them but in a way, I kind of agree with them. Sokovia was Tony’s fault (sorry) and it’s nice to see Tony accepting that and at the same time, Lagos was Steve’s fault. Why could they not have dealt with Crossbones, oh, I don’t know, outside the city, away from the already poor citizens of Africa and not in the city where the citizens will be in pure danger and a lot of deaths will occur and look what happens there? 11 Wakandans are killed because of their action but in general, I’m on Cap’s side about the Accords even though it’s dangerously arrogant.

    In terms of Barnes, we obviously want Bucky to be safe. We are on Cap’s side; we don’t want Bucky to be in trouble but I’m sorry but Steve was a massive idiot running away from the law like that. He basically became a criminal. It’s fine if he does not want to sign the Accords but running from the law like that and bringing Hawkeye and Ant-Man into this, both of who have a family and look what happens to them: they get imprisoned and Steve and Hawkeye are in house arrest for 2 years.

    Now, let’s move onto the final battle. Tony had the right to be mad. Steve knew about this and was running off with the guy who killed Tony’s parents and Tony was about to help them?! Even though Steve wanted to keep it a secret, Tony would find out eventually and Tony reacted very realistically. If I confronted my parent’s killer, I’d go all out rage.

    Overall, Steve was right about the Accords and Barnes but the way he went with it by running from the law and trying to protect Bucky and not telling Tony about his parents and being an idiot in Lagos, I cannot side with Steve. It suits his personality but goodness me, Steve was so annoying here and he became a criminal, had his Avengers in prison and I’m sorry but he did tear the Avengers apart. He could’ve gone some other way but no, he ran away from the law and was an idiot!

  • I always did wonder how portable Tony could make an arc reactor if he weren’t in a cave with a box of scraps and he had actual resources

  • sierra leone should tell you all you need to know about how the un helps people and executive outcome should tell you how a private party can help people

  • Theirs a reason though that Thor and Bruce Banner weren’t in Civil War, or mentioned in this video….one isnt bound by our laws..he could bring deadly thunder down on the white house or some dictator if he wanted. And while you could convince Bruce to sign theirs no way to get Hulk to listen to reason.

  • what if the taskmaster is the miles morales” uncle who works for kingpin.
    taskmaster was sent by kingpin to fetch tony’s tech to form a sinister six group.