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Ideal is when your body is built for doing what you want to do, to the best of your abilities. You are always going to be switching “ideals” depending on what you are doing in life and as your goals change. If you want to be a marathon runner, your ideal would be building a body that is. If we could build a mate with the perfect body, what would he or she look like?We asked 1,000 Americans to share their ideal body types based on the gender they are most attracted to and constructed 3-D models based on their answers.

Read on to learn about today’s definition of a perfect body. THE IDEAL MALE AND FEMALE BODY. When you give positive feedback, you are building a healthy body image.

Encourage other healthy habits, like good personal hygiene and posture, healthy sleep habits, and stress relief. Recently published research confirms that having a positive body image can help you to be healthier (or at least to gain less weight in the future); a long-term study found that on average those with the lowest body satisfaction gained over twice the number of Body Mass Index (or BMI) units as the girls with the highest body satisfaction (Loth. Talking about body image with your daughter can help her become comfortable in her own skin. When you discuss body image, you might: Explain the effects of puberty.

Make sure your daughter understands that weight gain is a normal part of her development, especially during puberty. Talk about media messages. What do girls today think about body image? We sat down with girls ages 6 to 18 to find out. Still haven’t subscribed to Allure on YouTube?

One image we found had a “before” picture that showed the model’s natural line where her resting arm met the side of her body at the underarm area. The “after” picture had photoshopped that line out so all you saw was a blob of unnaturally long skin between her arm and her side, like she had a webbed armpit. All around and in the media, everyone seems to be overly concerned with body image.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen Buzzfeed’s video about the woman’s ideal body image over time. After watching it, it’s obvious that this image has drastically changed over time and that a good number of us don’t meet today’s standard. See the results below—and next time you’re stressing about your body remember, the definition of the perfect body depends on who you ask. Ultimately, the only opinion that matters is your own. What can I do to improve my body image?

One of the best ways to feel good about your body is to work on having a healthy one! Exercising and eating nutritious food are key to developing a strong and fit body, and a positive attitude towards yourself. What.

List of related literature:

There seems to be endless reams of advice and comment on various aspects of body image.

“Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction” by Murray Griffin, Philip Watkins, Naomi Wilkinson
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You can use the questions from the Body Image Check-In to spark inspiration.

“F*ck Like a Goddess: Heal Yourself. Reclaim Your Voice. Stand in Your Power.” by Alexandra Roxo
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One possible way to think about this question is for activism to emphasize body functionality instead of appearance, as a functional perspective on the body has been found to promote positive body image in an experimental context (Alleva, Martijn, Van Breukelen, Jansen, & Karos, 2015).

“Handbook of Positive Body Image and Embodiment: Constructs, Protective Factors, and Interventions” by Tracy L. Tylka, Niva Piran
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A third approach to improving body image is to take an ecological and activism stance (Levine and Smolak, 2002; Piran and Mafrici, 2011).

“Encyclopedia of Mental Health” by Howard S. Friedman
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This chapter provides an overview of body image enhancement materials available via the computer.

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On one line of body criticism that we might christen “body aesthetics,” the body becomes the site for a range of critical practices in the arts and humanities for the investigation of cultural representations, constructions, inscriptions of power and hierarchies of value.

“International Handbook of Research in Arts Education” by Liora Bresler
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Eicher, Evenson, and Lutz (2008) state, “Considerable consensus exists on what is the most beautiful in body build and everyone understands what the standards are even when they are not explicitly stated” (p. 349).

“Human Body: A Wearable Product Designer's Guide” by Karen L. LaBat, Karen S. Ryan
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Body Schema and Body Image: An Interdisciplinary and Philosophical Study.

“Poetics of the Flesh” by Mayra Rivera
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An anthology of articles on body image edited by Wapner and Werner (1965) is also helpful.

“Existential-Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology: Exploring the Breadth of Human Experience” by Ronald S. Valle, James F.T. Bugental, Steen Halling
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Other authors have emphasized the dynamic and ever-changing nature of body image and the external changes that can alter perceptions of body image (Hobza et al, 2007; Janelli, 1986; Price, 1990b; Salter, 1997).

“Nursing the Surgical Patient” by Rosie Pudner
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  • Why are people so hateful towards the overweight? Its not healthy for sure, but why do some people who find the overweight unattractive feel the right to be cruel? Because its somehow more acceptable to be cruel to the overweight than the aged or disfigured? Weight vs health based in many ways, yes you can be underweight because you smoke 200 hundred cigarettes a day or have some eating disorder. But being overweight is not healthy the human body is not designed to take the loads some people place on them. But hey, if cheese and wine is someone’s idea of the best quality of life for them, then good luck to them. I would rather be a healthy weight and active.

  • Love yourself at any size? Well then why can’t they allow me to Love my anorexic body without telling me that I’m sick and need help

  • why is it always women’s bodies. Some women are naturally skinny. No man naturally looks like captain America. Men do not have big bicepts or big pectoral muscles. the leading man is always rich and in great shape. It takes years and years of work. If you think men do not care you are mistaken. We are just not allowed to complain. If we come and say this on a Ted talk no one would care.

  • This vid warms my heart because I feel the same way, but at the same time it hurts because some of girls feel bad about themselves

  • So… at the end of the day, the solution ultimately turns out to be the same as with every other speaker who ever orated on this subject, once again…? It’s a choice, whether you will continue to ail yourself with personal insecurity, or reject it and live your life the way you want to live it.

    There is something distinctly awkward about this whole debate… Only self-obsessed narcissists will go about their day constantly worrying about how they look the way she enacted it, and perhaps the results are really what you deserve, if that’s mostly what you let your mental activity occupy itself with during the day. I’m sorry, folks, but I’m just being real this sounds like the definition of developed country-problems right here.

  • Im 13, when we had this project where we were going to act, my vlassmate told me I should be the “pregnant woman” because I was the fattest in the group, and it hurt, but she just laughed it off.

  • But you know what hurts the most? When someone bullies you and TELL you do or wear something and you ACTUALLY do it but you STILL get bullied for it.

  • I absolutely love you so much. I know you may never see this comment but your videos always catch me in my lowest moments crying in my bedroom about my body. I feel that I am too skinny sometimes and my butt isn’t big enough to be viewed as attractive. But the way that you shifted my view through these videos and the one in which you tracked your journey in body positivity is so helpful. Thank you for being such a champion of girls I hope to one day do a smidgen of what you are doing for others. You make me feel stronger and more in control of my body. Wish I could’ve found you sooner!

  • I’m a triplet. In my mommas womb, by sister and brother stood on top of me and took most of the food so I wasn’t getting enough nutrients. Ofc I was super tiny when I came out.
    So due to that I have big hands and really skinny wrists. And I get bullied for it at school. It makes me mad. Like scuse me? I was born like this, so what if my bones sorta stick out, how does that effect you? Like I have a part on my elbow where my bones sorta stick out. The doctor said it was okay and it doesn’t affect my health, why does it effect you? I kept being told that I had to put on weight all the time. Especially by the other girls at school. It makes me so self conscious. Like I’ve tried and tried to put on weight one time to the point i threw up. I just can’t put on muscle or weight. I did punch the girl who told me to put on weight though. That felt good

    It feel really good to vent

    So Um
    Thanks for listening to my ted talk

  • she talking about accepting your body no matter what
    me just looking at her perfect body and dissing mine
    P.S I’m not even that fat the people tell me that i have a beautiful body but I still hate everything about it

  • no entiendo como una nena de 11 años puede pensar eso de si misma o sea que tan podrida esta la sociedad y los estereotipos que hasta una niña que le deberia importar un qlo lo que digan los otros esta preocupada por como se ve y aparte de todo es hermosa

  • The society will never change.My friends also troll me cause I have a little bit of thick legs than other girls.But I don’t care I say I’m healthy not a poor like you who don’t have anything to eat������

  • Thanks for the video, it’s great. I’m a 43 year old dad of a five year old girl, I’ve been training in martial arts for a long time and recently started in Muay Thai and BJJ. I’ve realised in my experience how body image plays a huge part in how you’re measured and how knowing that limits my confidence in performance. I have skinny legs but they’re very durable when it comes to kicking, however I’ve been trying to gain size purely for aesthetics and it works against me as it slows me down in sparring. I aim to break past the limitations I put on myself due to body image, if not for anything other than to instil the same level of confidence in my daughter as she grows up. Great video! ���� Ps this might sound strange coming from a man but it’s worth noting that it exists not just in women.

  • I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever loved myself or even looked at myself and thought “I’m beautiful,” or “I’m worth something.” I think my issues with myself started when I was about 7. I was super skinny and short growing up but I would always obsess over my weight. My mom was/still is a very insecure woman so she wasn’t telling me stuff like “you’re beautiful” because she couldn’t feel that way about herself. I didn’t realize until recently that I’ve had an issue with my weight and looks since I was very young. I’m almost 15 now and I’m at the point where I can’t look in the mirror without crying. I gain more and more weight each day and I eat because I feel bad about my weight. I used to think that I was a happy outgoing girl but now I’ve come to realize that that was never who I was, and will probably never be me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy with myself. I hope that one day, even if it’s long after I’m gone, that the world will stop being judgemental.

  • Seeing the little girls talk about their insecurities hurt because when I was little, I felt insecure but if your 10 and you have insecuritys it’s “not normal” so you feel like it’s not a big deal. If I’d asked for help and talked to someone then, maybe I wouldn’t be so insecure now


  • I love you! I’m starting to build muscle so it means eating way more than before! It scares the shit out of me but having people like you to watch and help motivate really helps with my mindset.

  • confidence LOOKS attractive. when someone is completely immersed in what theyre doing, when someone is good at what theyre doing, they LOOK so cool. when someone looks pretty but too self-conscious and constantly checks the mirror and such, honestly i and many others just lose interest in that person.

  • When I was teaching kindergarten, one little girl raised her hand and said “I wish I looked like (child’s name) because she’s cuter than me” and oh boy my heart broke. 5 years old! We had a class meeting after that.

  • I agree that people should love their bodies no matter their size, and also that all body types and sizes are beautiful. However, loving your body and claiming that being overweight or obese is healthy are two completely different things. There are many influencers (Tess Holliday, for example) who are shaming weight loss, and encouraging their fans to continue their unhealthy lifestyle, while it’s been proven time and time again that obesity is extremely unhealthy and that is shortens lifetimes by decades. My point being, everyone should learn to love their bodies but they’re endangering their lives by believing in this “health at every size” bs.

  • I remember that in the 4th grade girls start wearing leggings and I didn’t understand,so I did then around that time I kinda hate my body a bit. With now I’m like what is a thigh gap and I still don’t understand

  • 1:34 I feel her I’m 5’3 but like I’m tall for my age I’m 12, all people in my grade are mostly short (almost 13) and my mom would always say your so tall or something like that

  • Got bullied in the locker room extensively for having gynecomastia as a man fixed all myself esteem issues by just hitting the gym and accepting myself no matter the outcome I didn’t attack woman or society for not thinking guys with boobs are hot lol

  • I know that this may not change a lot but I just want to tell you, the person reading this, that your beautiful the way you are, even if you weigh under average, even if your overweight, even if your different here and there it’s okay. Everyone has insecurities and no one is perfect and there is no certain way you need to look to be pretty, no one is born ugly people just make up certain lies to tell you how you need to look.

    Do not let negative comments affect you and I know it’s hard but try to ignore and forget the negative comments and yes I know that only focusing on positive comments is bad but I’m just asking you to not only look at one side:)

    Please do not change for someone else, change for yourself.

    I really hope I made someones day ❤️

  • This is an amazing topic! I love the way you guys approached this video, and of course the fact that 2 of my favorite youtubers were in the same video!! Steph & Meg, you guys are awesome!

  • I’m a 12 year old girl And I think that it’s sad that I’m so insecure
    I’m too short
    Ugly nose
    Eye bags
    Greasy hair and no shampoo or conditioner works
    I have ugly skin color
    My voice
    My laugh
    Ugly eyes
    I look like a boy
    Double chin
    I can’t gain weight but I have body fat
    Ugly eye brows
    Ugly lips

  • Im really short
    13 cm below average( For my age).
    And it sucks so much.

    Oh and can you yes I mean you watch Prince EA’s video named Girls,you are ugly or something like that.
    No the video isnt about girls being ugly more like the opposite.:)

  • I remember at my friends birthday party sleepover, my crush and the rest of us were talking about stuff and then my crush said “ no offense but you have fat thighs “ He was my crush at the time so now at 12 I really hate my thighs because of this. He also dated my best friend which made me even more insecure because she is so skinny. He is now one of my best friends and has changed as a person for the better and apologises all the time about what he said. But the feeling is still there

  • Mia,
    You are gorgeous. Almost every person looks in the mirror and doesn’t absolutely love themselves. People look on the mirror and think I am not pretty or cute. Some people look in the mirror and hate themselves. One of them is you. You are in control of your body. You can choose what you think about yourself. But all of the comments I have read, all of the people I have showed, ME love your hair. Love your eyes. Love your skin. Love you. You are beautiful and don’t let ANYONE tell you different.
    -Jess,all others that love you.

  • why can’t everyone be called pretty like if you are fat your bullied if you extremely skinny your bullied! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL DONT LISTEN!!!

  • You guys saying ‘i feel bad about the ten year old’ and saying that 10 year olds have thoughts like these too and that,at least they shouldn’t be judged like that…guys! It foesn’t matter that of what age a person is,they are NOT supposed to be judged or bullied…every person has feelings and i do understand that you’re feeling sorry for little kids getting judged at this little age but you shouldn’t be saying that there’s a particular age or something when one must ger judged,like…even unintentionally,you guys are saying that…

  • I hate looking small. I don’t like being skinny. Yeah the beauty standard is skinny, but it depends what skinny you’re talking abt. I’m underweight and I’ve always been. I struggle to gain weight.

  • Society is awful I feel like I’m being judged and fat shamed all the time and that has made me starve myself and weigh myself every day and it hurts me everyday

  • Heh at eleven years old i almost died becauase i went vegan but i cant eat any milk and nuts so i dont have protein amd it got ti the point were i always felt dizzy

  • i dont really know how we actually still live in a society with such awful human beings. As i know myself, i am skinny but im tall which im judged for but when someone is chubby and small; you are also judged. No matter what you look like, you will be judged.

    chubbier: bullied

    slimmer: bullied

    anorexic: bullied

    overweight: bullied

    short: bullied

    tall: bullied

    curvy: bullied

    flatter: bullied

    alive: bullied

    dead: “she was a great girl we miss her”

    this is how it is… the world

  • Everyone is beautiful don’t worry about the society I’m 11 but I love myself I don’t let what others say change me i am me I love myself and u should too we didn’t choose to be born this way

    “None of us are born ugly, We just live in a judgemental society” -Kim Namjoon

  • Being insecure is way to normalized as 16 year old rn

    When i was 12 i started an ED
    I’m trying to recover rn

    I was not skinny while not eating anything for 3 days or longer for years long

    For anyone struggeling with an ED binge eating or anorexia,
    Get help.
    It works if you believe in yourself

  • i am fine with my body do wish i was taller but i HATE my FACE,when ever i gain weight it goes to my face and also it is so asymmetrical.the last time was happy with my face was when i was 6 cuz i had this beautiful heart shaped jawline but i was also very underweight because i was a very picky eater so yeah

  • look Lindsay, you can say whatever you like because this is a free country, but if you are short of breath just by talking, you need to pay attention to yourself!!!

  • I’m 11, I just want to say that I struggle with my body image, I starve to get skinny, I workout and do whatever I can to get pretty. I’m ‘too tall’ so sometimes I just say that I’m average to make myself feel better. I really struggle, any advice?

  • why are they putting 6-13 year olds in full on makeup?? jeez. Also that 10 year old girl who said “i don’t think im skinny” Bruh she was SKINNY u know that no puberty flat body? its so worrying that she thought she wasn’t skinny.

  • I feel like i need to speak to someone about my insecurities because i feel like i just bottle all of the emotion and the thoughts of my insecurities and i get really depressed

  • I kind of wish you were either completely centered or more decisively off center in this video, I find it kind of unpleasant when it’s not clear if the position is intentional! Great vid though

  • Hmmmm, got some trouble getting into this way of thinking. But well, I’m a straight, white man and I had rather little experience with any kind of bullying in my life, so I guess I am just not the target audience of Body Positivity.
    What I completely agree with is that people shouldn’t relate their self-worth to their bodies. I used to be overweight on the border to obesity, but I liked myself, I liked my body and I was pretty confident in myself. I just wasn’t happy with my lack of physical capability… first time I really worked out after many years, I had to stop after 20 minutes, being so out of breath that I had to vomit, my back started to hurt after relativly short runs etc.
    Now it’s five years later and I am fitter than I have ever been in my whole life. And well, I still like myself, I am still pretty confident and I still like my body. Frankly speaking, I like it even more than before and although this wasn’t my goal to begin with, I think that this sporty look suits me better, too.
    And here’s the point where the Body Positivity idea kinda loses me. In my eyes, working on superficial goals like aesthetics is not a bad thing. As long as you do it with fun and a positive attitude, it’s a totally valid reason, if you ask me. Of course these kind of goals are less important compared to practical goals such as increasing your level of health or gaining the physical skills you need to master the challenges of your everyday life. But once these basic requirements are fulfilled, working on your body can still be a pretty fun and sattisfying hobby.

  • One of my dreams is to be able to wear a swimsuit and enjoy a warm day laying on the beach. Or even wear shorts and a tank top. Instead I just avoid going outside on hot days and feel sad.

  • I’m 13 and I am around 145 pounds and almost everyone at my school is either super skinny or athletic or even both and I feel terrible about my body bc even my mom, dad and nana have mentioned that I need to lose weight at some point and time. What do I do if I can’t get over this?

  • but when you hate your face… thats the real struggle.
    you cant hide your face.
    everyone sees it.
    so i pretend they dont see
    but they do ������

  • Perfect? We were all built differently. There should not be a perfect body type. Why should we strive for something we can’t have or not given?

  • yes, but the body positive story collapses when the individual’s personal circumstances and needs push them to make a change to their bodies.


  • i am so insecure of my body to the point where i avoid going out and i have cried like 30 times in past 2 weeks becsuse I am going on holiday and i don’t want to wear a swim suit and shorts because i am too fat and the only this I wear is black leggings and hoodies becsuse they hide my body, i have gone through phases of ED

  • Insecurity is such thing atleast everyone feel ones in their life in different angle or in different face…. This insecurity we feel just because we live in a judgemental society….. Where everything has been judge. But don’t forgot that we are the part of that same society. So first we stop judging every individual on basic of their body, tone, skin…..
    Thank you for reading this.
    Have a great day!

  • it’ sounds like she’s having an extremely difficult time breathing. maybe should diet and that could reduce her shortness of breath also she sounds like she talking with peanut butter in her mouth.

  • So ironic that the advertisement before this video was for an app called “body app” in which you can photoshop your body to look NOTHING like your real body. Ughhhh ����

  • All of this is just lip service. No one who is obese loves their body. Stop lying to yourself. Sure, not everyone can conform to the unrealistic expectations of the media but no one has to be obese irrespective of their conditions and genetic limitations or whatever other excuse they can think of. I was very overweight my entire childhood and for a good part of my adolescence. I was also young for my grade so you can imagine what a barrel of fun my school years where. Nothing changed until I decided to adopt a regular excercise programme and balanced eating patterns of adequate calories. Anyone can achieve a healthy body weight. For Christ’s sake, you even have people who are cripples competing in high level sporting events. They make no excuses and just put in the work. If you truly loved yourself you would make the effort to not destroy yourself through an undisciplined lifestyle.

  • This actually helped me a lot
    I’ve hated my body for awhile and this is better than any talk I’ve seen so far on this godforesaken site filled with people who think their image and story is the only right way
    I can see myself more as a person and not as an object for display
    I’m not gonna work out for other people around me but only for myself

  • This hurts me so bad. It crushed me to hear an eleven year old say she didn’t like to look in a mirror. All these girls are beautiful.

  • I feel insecure about my body all the time. I’m 13, I got bullied a lot throughout my life and I make myself believe that if I can change something about myself to be prettier, then no one can make fun of what I can’t change..I try to lose weight because I feel not only other people hate me..I hate myself, I always judge myself and decide what I want and not what I am, but I’m working on getting better although I’m getting better everyday my weight and body shape still brings me down

  • There was something really powerful to me about how the one girl said “my last time was yesterday.” Like it doesn’t have to take long to be definitive. Like you can choose the last time you’re ever going to do something harmful to yourself and forever reference that time as the last time. It really gave me an epiphany.

  • I struggle with anorexia for almost five years and videos like this help me so much. Thank you. Also I hope that everybody who have any kind of ED or low self-esteem will get stronger and learn how to accept and love themselves ❤

  • Meg thank you for speaking on this topic. I have been fighting with those feeling all my life. some advice is the same but very hard to do when you can not think of a nice thing to say about your self you sit and look at empty pages or questions and think it would be nice just to disappear

  • I remember talking to my friends about what we want to be when we grew up and the topic of what we want to look like came up. My friends said they wanted to have my body when they grow up that comment made me happy and sad at the same time. Knowing that my friends don’t feel comfortable in their bodys hurts me. I had been bullied for a lot of my life because of my looks so I’m very insecure about everything about me.

  • THIS IS SAD society has failed young girls and girl in general about loving themselves. Girls don’t just wake up and decide to hate themselves society teaches them they teach us to feel bad for not fitting their “beauty standards”. We failed to teach them that everyone is beautifully their own skins and body. But to my young girls and girls in general you are beautiful and your body is perfect the way it is so what if you have curves or if your skin or if your tall or if your short we are all made the way we are because looking the same as others is boring it’s good to be unique❤️love your body. She hears you crying about what makes you special.Your body gives you unconditional love and keeps you working love her back.

  • I’m sorry my beef with body image, is that American women are so obsessed with having big butts all the time and and lack of modesty.

  • I felt this in my heart. I’m so glad this exists. I can not imagine how much seeing this video as a teenager could have helped me.

  • I wish body positivity focused less on weight and the “patriarchy” and more on positive mentality and self empowerment like she says.

  • Swimming was the only sport I could do without pain as a kid. I love it so much. But I have not gone swimming in forever because of my selfharm scars. I miss it so much.

  • I dunno why I can never sense any compassion from Abraham, those ppl asking questions are human, whoever’s trying their best in every aspect and they are assertive to ask questions to improve themselves…

  • 1:09 she said “all the girls at my school are so skinny” like it means that they’re bad people or something…lmao it’s not their fault if they’re skinny

  • There is nothing wrong if you love your body but aren’t we supposed to improve ourselves when needed? Ignorance is not a bliss… Just because you believe that size doesn’t really matter that does not mean being obese is okay. Aren’t we supposed to inspire people to have self improvements?.

  • Great video Meg! I’ve been enjoying seeing more influencers with healthier body images. I wanted to say though in response to Stephanie’s comment that being over positive can be discouraging to others as it can come across as fake and ingenuine. Negative feelings are sometimes more reasonable than positive ones depending on the stimulus. Authenticity is key whether it comes to body or personality or mood.

  • This video made me cry cuz I realized I’ve been self-objectifying for years. Telling myself oh people will like you if you look like this. I didn’t realize that people already like me and it’s not because of how I look but because of who I am. Omg thank you so much for this video. It has definitely helped my self-esteem.

  • A lot of the guys on here don’t realize what it’s like to live in a way where all that matters is your looks in society. This girl is 100% right.

  • Yes! Yes! Absolutely! It is so refreshing to hear someone recognize, and express this! You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for your insights!

  • I’m getting my Master’s in a field that deals with mental health and this video is so needed!!!! I also love that you encourage people to ask questions and think critically about images they see. I do feel that critical thinking is something we’ve lost. I love your strong strong friends program!!! (Looking forward to deload week lololol)

  • if u cant find anything to be proud of abt ur body… be proud ur alive�� and able to see this comment, be happy that ur still breathing and if ppl say ur ugly, think abt this…. their wasting their time just to tell u that… they must really have a PATHETIC�� and BORING�� life. btw im going to middle school soon and this definetly helped me know im not alone abt the way i feel sometimes���� and definetly boosted my confidence����

  • You are awesome! You’re literally the reason I learned that your body type/image/size says NOTHING about what you can ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH physically and achieve in fitness. You talking about these things is SO AMAZING and IMPORTANT. PLEEEAAASSSE keep it up! The world needs women like you! ����������


  • Last year (Summer 2019) I was at my highest of 209 lbs. I am 5’2 so obviously it wasn’t healthy. I didn’t even think I was THAT overweight but then I lost some weight.
    Today, Summer of 2020, I am about 153 lbs. I look at old photos and videos of me and realized I was really big! (No offense to anyone if the same size but it’s just MY observation). I have more confidence and I feel better around people. It’s awkward when people point out that I’ve lost weight. I am 16. I just say “yeah I got way taller.” In reality I am the same height and ‘secretly’ lost weight. People I have seen in a year are like “wow you look phenomenal” or “watch out for those boys.” I don’t mind but I didn’t realize at 209 lbs that I was really overweight. It makes me kinda insecure that I was that big/looked that bad. I am still overweight due to my height so do I still look fat/large? I can’t trust my own eyes looking in the mirror. It’s crazy. At least 10 people I know have said “you look great/did you loose weight.” Blows my mind b/c I can’t even tell until I look at my old photos. Low key makes me want to try to ask my crush out. Lol also, I feel like I’m 100% more social and people are more likely to talk to me. I’m not scared to get into a convo, etc. Like how I was when I was bigger (especially with people my age/guys my age). I didn’t even think I looked bad. Like my intuition I guess. Blows my mind

  • I’m 11 today, and my life is all about my body. I wish I was skinny.. Like, I wear hoodies because they hide my body. I even sometimes start screaming, crying, get mad at myself all the time I’m alone. I also google my height weight everything and it says I’m normal, I know I’m overweight and I don’t want to live like that. I’m going to lose 17 kg and then maby more. I tried diets like starving and water fasting and sometimes I just can’t help it then I eat which makes me gain weight..:( idk how long I’ll be like this, but it became more stressful when I realised I could lose muscles and pass out and lose my life of starving so I’m going to water fast instead(drinking just water)

  • Abraham says “We’re almost out of time, so go fast.” when she wants an audience member to get through their question. Is she being ironic?

  • Wow! This is exactly what I needed to be able to love my body again. I get how to do it. Now I just need to practise! Whew! Thank you so much! ❤️��������

  • For some reason this should make me feel better about myself but seeing all those good looking girls feel insecure about themselves makes me think ‘if they think they are bad then what am I?’

  • Great video a topic I have struggled with all my life. For me exercising from a mindset of self care, to get my body as strong and healthy as possible so I have a good fitness level that will allow me to be as active and independent as possible for as long as possible as I get older has made a massive difference to my motivation level. When I was exercising just to try look a certain way it felt like a chore & I resented it.

  • Sometimes I’m a little insecure about my body shape, usally I ignore it, but I really dont realize that’s what people care about. Hope you realize that too. �������� Dont compare you to other people. All it does is bring you down and it doesnt really matter anyways.

  • I am insecure about being skinny fat. my belly fat is the last thing I lose. I have been struggling for 7 years now. I went from 40 inches on my waist to 32 inches but my stomach is not flat and everything i wear shows my belly and i have no butt at all. i am constantly laughed at for it. it is not my fault it is just bad genetics… it really sucks and i could use some advice….

  • awee it broke my heart when izzi said she wore black tights because it made her feel small or skinny. She so adorable, no 10 year old should feel that way! And it was so sad when mia said she didn’t look in the mirror often, like omg these kids r only 10 and 11! This is so sad omg

  • It’s about regaining control over your body. It’s about adding years to your life. It’s about being able to move when you’re old. People who accept their unhealthy lifestyle are people who surrendered, be it obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction.

  • My stomach and thighs they were never puffy or thick but I mean life throws us curve balls and I’m excited to love myself enough to work on it! It’s ok life hit me hard now it’s time to work it off

  • I’ve been struggling so much with this topic lately so, seeing this while doing your programming is just so refreshing and fitting! Thank you so much!

  • At least weight loss is much cheaper than plastic surgery. That’s why I like the Ted talk with the makeup artist. I kept seeing all this body positive stuff but never face positive stuff. Much more expensive to fix your face. Like damn if you have some control over your body shape then why is it such a big deal if you don’t feel good about it? You can DO things about it.

  • i have something called scapula winging which is where ur shoulder blades stick out. I hate it so much because they look so weird with or without clothes on and i have no clue how to get rid of them:/

  • I appreciate that message. Still It does not sit right with me that you advertise ‘beauty at every size’ and then continue to advocate for a certain body type in your videos (lean arms, skinny legs, toned Abs etc.)
    If you really want to make a change then please change into body inclusive advertising on your Videos like strong arms, heart strengthening Cardio Workout etc.
    Love to you & Thank you for your efforts ❤️

  • Hi QUEEN!! I love your videos, you are so inspiring! During the past couple of days I have been noticing some stretch marks on the sides of my butt and it’s making really insecure due to the fact that I’m just 15 and 97 pounds. As soon as I saw them I’ve been trying to make them go away since I feel like I will get judged. I was wondering what your thought about stretch marks are? Do you have stretch marks? Are there any specific exercises to make them go away? I love you so much, you are truly INSPIRING������

  • Thank you so much for this video! I lost 30 lbs and 4 pants sizes in the past year and my boyfriend’s family shamed me for it Thursday I don’t understand why. I felt horrible and your video helped so much! Thank you!

  • “How you look is a 100% the least interesting thing about you” is such a simple statement but yet, it made such a difference for me to hear that.
    This video was definitely a breakthrough for my self esteem and my relationship with my body. I’ve watched when it came out and I come back to it every now and then.
    I’ve lost 16 Kg, gained a lot of muscle and even if I want to improve, I’m not stuck on that mentality of “I’ll like my body when I get to that weight” anymore. I love my body how it is now, and because I love it, I know that I can still improve it, get stronger, get healthier

  • Im being insicure of my weight because my mom says that i have to do a diet, im feel ugly for my face then my mom says that i need to lose weight.. i feel just sad

  • I’m badly insecure the way I actually look. These fats that my large-sized body contains, bloated tummy, big arms, super thick thighs, uncountable acnes all around my face, just everything. My whole existence is a big fat lie. ��

  • I’m skinny but not too skinny, and pale too so I always wear hoodies, I’m not really bullied but said to about those things, I was starting to work out but I’m kinda depressed so I lost morivation

  • It makes me think about “body neutrality” which makes more sens to me. I mean: why should you be proud or ashamed of your body? Your body is not something that should be used to attack or reassure your self esteem. It’s what makes you alive, what allows you to hug your friends, kiss your lover, eat delicious foods or enjoy an intense sport session. It’s not a piece of meat which would be supposed to make you get rejected ou valued by society.

  • Some days I feel like I have to walk around with my stomach tucked in becuase I feel big even though everyone tells me I need to eat more it just feels like I need to be perfect and live up the everyone else’s standards:( some days I hand out with my dog because I know she thinks I’m beautiful inside and out and that makes me feel happy:)

  • I’m insecure about the size of my stomach. It’s pretty large and the fat is hard to lose. I’ve always been insecure about it but it got worse after a rumor started going around in school that I was pregnant a few years ago. It’s just hard to look at it and think about body positivity.

  • Today i start crying cause of my legs, i always felt insecure about them cause people always told me that they were fat and big, so that’s the reason why i never wore shorts, skirts or a dress, and now that i watch at this video i realize how stupid is let myself going down just because of my legs.
    Thank you sosososo much

  • What sucks is that my insecurities did not originate from myself. Ppl point out my flaws, and that’s when I thought I need to change myself. I love my body but ppl just reject it.

  • i am not confident with__ when it comes to a programme that need someone to volunteer,yea and there is me,need someone to sing,and there is me,idk if those the confident that i have in a different aspects but i still hve the insecurities,it ruin everything!!

  • I actually switched programs from Stephanie’s to Stronger by the Day. Id done hers for a while and was looking to switch it up, but the reason i thought to try SBD ( which has changed my entire life and body) in the first place was because you actually post technique and skill videos and not just these ones… which makes these ones more valuable to me. I’m not going to lie, I love what Steph’s doing but its so personal that its now become 100% of her content when I so badly loved her workout vids. At least we still have Jeff.
    It’s so hard to find smart female ‘influencers’ who lift well enough and have the extensive knowledge to coach AND post consistent vids.
    Video appreciated.. i didnt realize people were still looking at IG and comparing themselves, and hope they find a way to move forward so we can get back to talking about lifting bro.

  • My dad has been fat shaming me since I was 9, I’m not obese nor slightly overweight. This video helps me a lot when I hide in my room after he spend hours telling me to lose weight.. He shouldn’t be surprised if he one day wakes up with a daughter with an eating disorder or without a daughter

  • This is for the 11 year old I’m 11 too in I’m constantly trying to make my skin smoother softer my hair longer my eyes brighter literally I dream to look like you I love your bright eyes your smooth skin I’m 11 and I’m covered with pimples your beautiful unlike me so if you see yourself as ugly it means I’m so much uglier than I think I am I’m 11 too and this is sincere

    3:19 The Beauty Ideal Myth
    5:48 Adjusting Language
    8:25 Understanding Values + Finding Interests
    12:06 Self Care
    14:10 A Gratitude Practice

    Hope you all enjoy this one or find it helpful! Thank you for being here and WORKING ON YOU! The easiest way to make the world a better place is to search for peace within one’s self. Thanks for making the world a lil bit better for the rest of us!

  • I don’t have a probleme with my body. I worry that no one will love me, and that people will bully me! I grew up in an environment were I was constantly bullied.

  • You are amazing! I feel like I don’t fit in with the fitness industry and you are making room for us to make a change! Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this.

  • Just an excuse to stop training. Like a healthy mind, you must have a healthy vessel. Don’t love your body for its flaws, work hard and fix those flaws, then you will see how easy it will be to love yourself. Of course, don’t over-obsess yourself, but don’t start thinking that morbidly obese is attractive.

  • I’m insecure abt my body in general. (belly,thighs, calves, arms) But the questions being like “Why do u give this the power to make u feel less happy?” just answers for me with “I don’t”. I still say I’m insecure abt it because I wouldn’t show it to anyone like “Hey look at me, I’m fat” bcz I have expirience with bullying and my father telling me I’d make the world better if I was dead, but at the same time I personally dun hate my body. I just wanna change it and get healthier and fitter and dun wanna show anyone for now.

  • Meg OMG I have closed captioning turned on and in the beginning when you said freaking fitness influencer, the caption said “fitness molester”!

  • I’m 12 but when I was around 10 and 11 my Insecureness(idk if that’s a word) was at it’s worst because I was bullied to the point that I was suicidal.Now I’m much less insure,I do workout now and try to get a flatter stomach and a few other things but I don’t have to many Insecurities.

  • Hey, I just wanted to let you know I found you through Instagram as I am interested in a lot of gym inspiration but your videos are also amazing and so glad to subscribe!

  • I love your videos! You’re inspiring me to lift, even though right now I’m just working at home with dumbbells because 1. I’m broke and 2. Honestly I’m intimidated by the gym. I just buy heavier dumbbells whenever I can afford them. But someday I want guns like yours ❤️

  • Lady you have to check this out

  • So, overweight is unhealthy. Overweight is unattractive. But what is important is to redefine beauty so you can keep being unhealthy… Wrong priorities.

  • i don’t think you really have to look at someone to know they’re beautiful.

    okay that sounds bad, i’m meaning literally everyone is beautiful & personalities are beautiful

  • Thay 11y old girl. I feel exactlh the same �� I don’t like my face and Expecially my nose I just wish I had small nose and I would be happiest person on earth I just wish I was pretty like other girl����

  • Really great message. �� What the media and elites have engineered society to believe what being beautiful is, has to be stepped back from, and taken within, the whole you is important. Self awareness, connect to your heart center, who is the real you?

  • My “friend” 4 years ago when I was 6 said that I was fat. That when I started to notice that I was a bit chubby. Now I’m 10 and trying to loose weight and have a flat stomach. And it doesn’t help that I like Kpop ��

  • OKAY so, I’ve been struggling with my body image since I birthed my son over 17 years ago. I used to eat 900 to a max of 1200 calories, and ran until I felt ILL AF. I stumbled on @megsquats, SBD and now I’m HOOKED. I made an appointment with a Powerlifter trainer to make sure I was doing lifts correctly and I also spoke to a nutritionist to figure out how many calories I SHOULD be consuming and NEWSFLASH I wasn’t eating enough. Today it’s about 4 months on SBD, 4 weeks about increasing my intake and always working on my self esteem and body image. Thank you sooo much Meg for doing what you do and exposing people to your program and a healthier, happier lifestyle. It’s great to see you sharing your knowledge in strength building, nutrition and now emotional/mental aspects of changing your lifestyle for the better! LOVE YOU! <3

  • Thank you for this video. I love it so much, that I listened to it twice. Very well articulated advice about self-image. Journaling is something that has always interested me, but I have not been consistent. The five-minute journal idea is great, and I am starting that today! I also loved the point about how our speech affects the way we think about ourselves.

  • hi im currently confused about body positivity that i see on social media. i see girls nowadays posting pictures/videos of their perfect body. nothing wrong with that, but they use “body positivity!”. then they add a whole paragraph “love yourself! your body is beautiful! dont compare yourself to other girls” but they know their body is perfectly fine? would that not make girls under/overweight feel more insecure? is their way of using “body positivity” an excuse to show off their perfect bodies? i once saw a girl post a slight bit of her face but mostly her chest area. she said “this is body positivity! in this case, my boobs!” and another one with her in thigh highs posing in a way that clearly made her look like she had an hourglass figure. “body positivity! my thighs!” im just confused & would like to know if its really considered body positivity?

  • Ok I don’t think I’m fat but there are parts of my body that don’t really match up with the rest of my body like judging by the rest of my body my stomach should be flat but it’s not, and it makes me sad.

  • Genetically the “ideal” is health and fertility. In the past, the greatest threat to humans was starvation, that is why fattened rotund women were the most desired. The script has flipped, in modern age the greatest threat to modern civilization is obesity. So we see people with low bodyfat as “healthy”. Smooth unblemished skin, flushed lips, strong shiny hair all indicate a positive health status, on women full hips and breasts indicate positive fertility status. A modern man’s ideal woman has: low bodyfat, full tits, hips and lips, strong shiny hair and unblemished skin.

  • Thank you so much for making this video, Meg! I feel I’ve recently been stuck in a negative rut after trying to get better within powerlifting and feel like I’m doing my best but getting nowhere. I know this isn’t true as powerlifting on any level takes time and dedication from anyone, of course. Your video here helped me with your tips, especially for self care. Two years ago I kept a gratitude journal/box where I’d write something I was grateful for/loved about myself every single day and I felt so much better when I started or ended my day that way. Your video was a great reminder it’s probably time for me to get back into that and stop being so hard on myself. I got a little teary-eyed at the end. Thank you so much again! xx

  • This kind of videos really helps a lot to make us get along with our insecurities, which is super normal, and to build healthy mindset! Thanks Meg. ❤️

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for the information. My fave part is loving your body for what it can do instead of what it looks like. Although this is something I know I forget quite often and the reminder was timely.

  • izzi and mia were speaking to much facts its heartbreaking. i wanna just cry with them. its okay you can cry, bby girl. (i said there names because i dont like when people call me “a 13 year old”.) 0:37 and 3:10

  • My 5 year old niece wouldn’t eat her birthday cake bc a girl at school said she has a big tummy. My heart is broken �� Society needs to change

  • It is curious to me that those who are actively involved in the Body Positivity movement seem to overlook issues dealing ethnic or racial identifiers like skin color, hair texture and, body types and how mainstream society engages with people who are outside the norm or standard…These issues should be addressed by a mainstream audience, too…

  • Im at a healthy weight, ive lost 55lbs over the past couple years. Im 5’7 145lbs and my measurements are 31-25-38. But i still hate my body, I really hate my shape ��. I do exercise n stuff but I just hate how im built. I hate how my hips aren’t rounded out like the ideal shape, I hate the shape of my breasts and how low they sit. I feel their also too small, and that my waist is not small enough. I also feel like my butt isn’t big enough and that my teeth aren’t straight enough. When can I finally be enough? When will I be accepted by society? Rn it feels impossible that I have to accept this because it feels like im just settling to be like this and that i have to force myself to like it. My natural body is unacceptable, even after I lost the weight. Maybe ill be lucky enough one day to get the procedures I need to be happy.

  • Is this chick for real?!?!?!?!?! My insecurities go way deeper than a simple “challenge” can fix! This chick is like 100 LBS! You don’t know the struggle. I wrote down my insecurities and now I not only feel them but see them and that makes it worse, thanks! If you don’t know what your talking about, you shouldn’t make a video about it. Thanks for trying though…..

  • What really helps me not beat down on myself is looking at how capable my body is and realizing how much stronger I am than a few months ago. I love this vid though <3

  • I loved how other fitness YouTubers participated on the video, sharing also their views on body image. It was a breeze of fresh air seeing a guy sharing his views on this topic about himself. Body image issues are usually only thought to be about women.

    I wish Calissa King had provided some practical examples about what does it mean to make yourself uncomfortable for this topic.

  • Meg, I was admiring your Hawaiian shirt (like, for real) when you made the fashion comment! Lol! “Fashion=Hawaiian shirts”. Hilarious!

  • i am obsessed with every single thing about this video. the actionable tips. your easy confident attitude. the positive undertones throughout. stephanie’s cameo. thank you SO much for this video

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  • You really went all out on this one to try to give a well-rounded presentation on a serious topic. Here’s an upvote, and good work.

  • You’re my absolute fave ❤❤❤ thank you for always being so positive and inclusive. I’m from South Africa btw and fitness influencers here should watch this.

  • FatherTime & Mother Nature is Going To Send that ALL SOUTH, NO MATTER THE CHANGES,You are looking at a life of anxiety& depression.

  • i don’t think there’s a “perfect” body. Everyone has their own way version of what “perfect” looks like. Either way, everyone should love themselves no matter what, if you have a few extra pounds, losing some won’t hurt but you’ll still be beautiful, skinny or not ��