Breasts and Lifting – Ideas to Manage Safeguard Your Women at the health club


HOW TO NATURALLY LIFT YOUR BUST with these 4 moves you can firm, lift and tone. START NOW

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5 PROVEN Exercises to Lift Your Breasts (100% NATURAL BUST LIFT!!)

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4 Targeted Exercise And Tips To Firm Up Your Sagging Breast

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Watch out world, even our breasts are susceptible to hormonal changes. If you are a man, I would love to give you boobs for a day. I realize you may be overjoyed with that prospect well until you entered a gym, that is. 3 Fallacies Regarding Breasts 1. Do Weight Lifting, They Say.

It will make your boobs lift, they say. Check out this three-week plan to give your girls a lift and to build muscle in your chest. And it can’t hurt to dress them up in some super-cute workout wear either! MORE: 7 Way to Keep Your. Building a solid overall chest will give the breasts somewhat of a lift.

It makes the overall physique look so much better. You should train your chest to avoid muscle imbalances in your upper body. Start by lying on your stomach with your legs extended and the tops of your feet resting on the floor.

Place your hands directly under your shoulders with your elbows tucked in. Begin to lift your. Moreover, sit on the border of a chair otherwise stool, plus carry your arms at the rear you as you clutch the lower chair back.

Forward to logic extends crosswise the muscles over and beneath your breasts, underarms plus arms do this widen excise for 20 counts. 2. Yoga Poses.

This might surprise you, but yoga is one of the best exercises to lift sagging breasts. There are some yoga routines like the triangle pose, standing forward pose, cobra pose and a host of others that are effective in lifting your breast and giving them a nice shape. “Developing the muscles underneath your breasts will enhance the look of your breasts and make them appear larger,” says Jen Comas Keck, a certified personal trainer and former figure competitor. (Many women are also naturally predisposed to breast pain in the week or so before their periods, which Dweck says can up their chances of discomfort at the gym.) If you do feel achy post-workout, you can ice your breasts and take NSAIDs like ibuprofen as you would for any other sore body part. Breast lift surgery can result in scarring, the extent and location of which depends on the type of breast lift technique performed.

In some cases, the incisions can be placed in low visibility areas like around the areola line or under the breast fold. It might be more important to consider the effects the breasts have on exercise, instead of exercise’s effects on the breast. In a 2015 issue of the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, a study by British researchers identified breast insecurities to be the fourth-greatest barrier to physical activity among 250.

List of related literature:

Teach them to avoid twisting and bending when lifting, and show them how to lift with the back vertical, using thigh muscles and holding heavy objects close to the chest to avoid reinjury.

“Minor Emergencies E-Book” by Philip Buttaravoli, Stephen M. Leffler
from Minor Emergencies E-Book
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• Avoid the use of breast pads and shields.

“Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness” by Aviva Jill Romm
from Natural Health After Birth: The Complete Guide to Postpartum Wellness
by Aviva Jill Romm
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2002

Maintain good support to the breasts without any pressure points.

“A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing” by Annamma Jacob
from A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery & Gynecological Nursing
by Annamma Jacob
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2018

Encourage the woman to palpate her own breasts while you are there to monitor her technique and provide positive reinforcement.

“Jarvis's Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book” by Helen Forbes, Elizabeth Watt
from Jarvis’s Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book
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Protect them from clothing and other irritations and surround them with a cushion of air by wearing breast shells (not shields).

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

Take special care with skin under female patient’s breasts, lifting breast upward if necessary while bathing Draping prevents unnecessary exposure of body parts.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
from Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book
by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

• Keep the breast perpendicular to the chest wall.

“Merrill's Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures: 3-Volume Set” by Bruce W. Long, Jeannean Hall Rollins, Barbara J. Smith
from Merrill’s Atlas of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures: 3-Volume Set
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Sports bras help to protect women as long as they fit properly.

“Rugby For Dummies” by Mathew Brown, Patrick Guthrie, Greg Growden
from Rugby For Dummies
by Mathew Brown, Patrick Guthrie, Greg Growden
John Wiley & Sons, 2007

Allow them to release on all levels until your breasts feel nice and light inside.

“The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness” by Inna Segal, Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
from The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness
by Inna Segal, Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2010

Prevention of breast

“Principles of Gender-specific Medicine” by Marianne J. Legato, John P. Bilezikian
from Principles of Gender-specific Medicine
by Marianne J. Legato, John P. Bilezikian
Elsevier Academic Press, 2004

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  • Hi Dr. Aanchal, first of all thank you so much for the video, you have enlightened me the knowledge of the stretch marks. My question is: Are there any supplements such as vitamin E or collagen that we should take to help the skin while having new stretch marks? Thank you.

  • I wanted to know if this works for a larger chested woman. I have a very very large chest. And I’ve lost 50 pounds in my chest is not gone down. So will this help me or do I need to lift heavier in order to lift all of my boob meat?

  • Can i stop doing this exercise after 21 days? When i feel Much enough to lift my brust size now then can i stop? If i stop again my brust get big?

  • I’m on like day 4 and day 1 I like couldn’t do the wonder bust squeeze I just didn’t even get it I could do it a lil but now I feel like so much stronger I can wait 10 more days I’ll let you guys know how I look

  • Day 1 ✔
    Day 2 ✔
    Day 3 ✔
    Didn’t do it for a day
    Day 4 ✔
    Day 5 ✔
    Day 6 ✔ I think I’m starting to see a difference!
    Didn’t do it for 5 days
    Day 7 ✔
    Didn’t do it for like 1 month
    Day 8✔
    Didn’t do it for 1 day
    Day 9✔
    Didn’t do it for a day
    Day 10✔

  • 40 Stretch Marks Tips. “Have you noticed stretch marks on your body? Do you want to get rid of those unsightly marks and show off your body again? Well, look no further.”

  • Hello this is Swati Attam So Breastfeeding, also known as nursing, is the feeding of babies and young children with milk from a woman’s breast, sometimes wrong positions can hurt your back for more info

  • Anabolic steroids for gaining muscle mass Drugs for gaining muscle mass can significantly increase your results in bodybuilding.

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  • Is being fat can give stretch marks? I’m a guy and I have stretch marks on my left and right shoulders and a bit of fade on my right hip

  • Hopefully performance enchancers will be safe in the future, without any negative sideffects. I believe this is totally possible since medical technology is improving everyday

  • I am starting today And I am doing chloe ting programme with it!! 14th August
    Day 1: done ✅ 31 inches
    Day 2: done ✅
    Day 3: done ✅ (arms are burning �� )
    Day 4: done ✅
    Day 5: done ✅ ( I don’t know whether I got result till now, I think it’s too early but I feel may be a slight changes in my left breast �� )
    Day 6: done ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    Week 1 completed ��
    Day 8: ✅ ( Definitely I am seeing changes guys )
    Day 9: ✅
    Please keep me remind ��

  • Over extending on a press movement?
    Great way to ruin your rotator cuff.

    The great thing about doing the press on the floor is it stops you from being able to do that

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  • Hey beautiful I’m really so happy after doing ur 21 days challenge.. I can’t even imagine hw mah breast started firm n lift.. Tq hana❤️am so excited to try ol of ur workouts…. Lots of love from Hyderabad ������(india)

  • Anyone know what is Femalix Secrets about? I hear lots of people completely remove their stretch mark safely with this popular stretch mark erase secrets.

  • I’m on day 2 I will update for you guys. (I won’t actually leave like some people ��)

    I’m currently doing 15 reps 3x for each workout move. Takes me about 10 minutes. Practice mind and muscle connection if you don’t feel anything. That’s normal of you dont workout frequently. Im also doing chloe ting workout 35 day challenge to lose weight and tone. Good luck guys and ill be back!

    Day 1 ✔
    Day 2 ✔
    Day 3 ✔) first time feeling my chest burn slightly im finally moving my chest muscles effectively )
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14



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  • Sir, tell me how to increase my breast size. In my family only I’m having small sized breast. For years I’m feeling bad, it disturbs my mind

  • Breast milk contains all the nutrients for the proper growth of your newborn until the age of six months. Generally, the production of breast milk of the mother is enough for the child during this period. There is no need to provide water or any other extra fluids during this period as breastfeeding provides adequate water for the baby. You can protect your child from diseases and allergies by giving only breast milk during this period.

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  • Hai mam,
    Am married girl my breast very very sagging breast size32 inch how can increase breast size with tightly also pls tell mam which exercise i ill do it. Kindly request mam pls tell

  • Excusme i have a question im a boy. And im 12 i have stress mark in both knees. And 2 big stress marks in my back also now my bottom left of my. back hurts alot what dose this mean???

  • We offer this class to Trans moms as well.
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  • For people who goes gym and have stretch marks have only one solution to eat like a beast and then train and you are good to go to gym

  • My mom and dad breastfed me on and off until I was well into my teens, and I feel like it brought us closer together than any family I’ve ever met.

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  • Remember, that stretch marks can never complete go away. Our goal with treatment is to make it less visible. Therefore, you must set realistic expectations whenever you seek treatment for stretch marks.

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  • I havent even started weight training yet Doc, yet I now have blue bruises between my bicep and pectoral. Was I perhaps bitten by a Vampire? I think I need to wear a garlic necklace ����

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  • I would like it to be lifted but dont want to get larger breast. Is there anyway I can reduce my breast size and lift at same time?

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  • I have a doubt it only lift the boobs or it will be increases the size also naaa…. please anyone tell me……. Anyone there…..

  • Which of you grown women were fed your mother’s estrogen rich breast milk as babies (lavished by it) and have still retained that cute little snub nose? I personally believe that people who were breastfed as infants have smaller noses than those who were bottle fed!

  • Dr, Pls tell how to increase breast size, my height 5.7
    Weight 74
    Breast size 34��
    I’n ma family I’m the only small sized breast. Any ways to increase breast size Dr ����������

  • I’m into 4 days of doing this, love the songs played in the video, can anyone tell me the names of those songs? How many of you couldn’t touch your elbows the second time with the hands closed one. �� though during the first set it has no problem touching.

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  • it works guys. breast looks n feels nicer n firmer. however i suspect that when u stop, they fall off the wagon because i pause 4 a while n they were going back to where they were coming from. had to start again.

  • I don’t know if this will actually work but since I have nothing else to do and this is only 7 minutes long I figured what do I have to lose. (Also know I am doing lots of cardio workouts and am on a caloric deficit)

    I’ll update every week:)

    Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅
    Day 7: ✅
    Update: I don’t really see a difference yet. Then again, it has only been a week!
    Day 8: ✅

  • Wait… Will this reduce your cup size?
    I mean… I quite like my current cup size tbh ��, I wouldn’t want it to get bigger, and I wouldn’t want it to get smaller. I just would like them to be firmer

    Should I try it or not?

  • Ma’am Actually i get stretch on my back and butts and i am a teenager. So which cream should i take to improve from that marks. Please tell me.

  • THIS WORKS!!! Doing it for only 2 weeks, and my breast felt and looked different, more perky… And to tell ya’ll my breast had always been saggy since I used bra pretty late.I have DD breast size and I’m pretty short (5’1)so it’s more noticeable that it’s saggy,it’s also embarrassing cause I don’t have kids and I’m so young(15 y/o) to have saggy breast, I did this exercise 2x a day morning ang afternoon with bra and It worked like magic, hoping to see more results since I’m not quite there yet♡

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  • Does Femalix Secrets really work? I notice lots of people keep on talking about Femalix Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it’s good enough to completely reduce your stretch mark safely.

  • Mai 17teen ki hu or 1saal se mere thigh pr stretch marks aane lge h to Konsi cream suitable rhega mere liye Pls reply mam. Mai bhot Paresan hu stretch marks se

  • Been at it for 6 weeks and what a difference already!!! must be consistant… I do 3 times a week and increase my reps by one each week…. Im so happy! Im fifty and this is the best my chest looked since 32 after I had my second child..

  • Hello guys I found this useful to share with you. I used to do cardio so much with diet and lost a lot of weight which I was so happy with it but unfortunately my breast became so small and saggy. It was so sad for me and I started searching for ways to lift and increase my bust. Thank God that I found this video last month and I decided to try it for 21 days. I kid you not guys my chest has lifted and increased in size. Am so happy. I am now going to do this 3 times a week.

  • does this work for someone who suddenly got fat? i suddenly got fat in just a matter of days ang my breasts got bigger because i got sick and now im getting slimmer but the breasts sags and remain big

  • It’s working.. ❤️I feel result from day two.. Its Improving everyday.. Worth trying ���� I was doing it from Aug 3. 12 days so far

  • Mam I have in my chest and in my legs and arms.. Due to weight loss suddenly.. I got the scars.. It’s been 5-6 years.. What should I use for fading this scars as I now they can’t go permanently

  • Today is the last day of my workout.. I started it on July 31st…
    I personally find it unbelievable that these exercises did not work for me because many people in the comment section have said that these are effective…At first I measured and then the size was 82cm..Today I again measured but it is still the same…I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing this exercise….
    However I would like to add a few words… At first I am very thin because I have less appetite for food and this year I will be seventeen y/o…So are these things hindering me???
    I didn’t miss any days even on my period…..Besides, I got a slouched shoulder so I did some exercises in a few days to straighten my shoulders…

    So guys pls spare some time to advice me about the problem..����
    I feel that mine are too small for my age bcz my friends wear larger bras than me..Some dresses don’t suit me bcz of my small size of them..

  • Day 1: �� (arms feel like they will fall apart and couldn’t do the elbow and clapped hands properly ☹️)
    Day 2: �� ( arms feel more free than yesterday �� )
    Day 3: �� ( things feel like day 1 again �� but it’s ok I’ll keep going and I did go braless today and breasts looked more risen than last time�� )

  • Jeff said, go never lower, than 90° with your elbows, to protect the shoulders. I don’t know why Athlean-xx makes things so different, to what Jeff advises.. Shouldn’t be.

  • im only 12 i got them on my lower back and its most likely because ive grown more on the bigger side then formed into more skinny, although i also have them on my breast area, im a 32b, and they randomly appear just on the left breast just small marks and it does sooner make me fill insecure seeing all the nice bodies out there. Ive aswell tried other options such as working out, unfortunately no outcome desired.

  • I tried this some months back and it worked, then when I stopped I went back to where I was, so maybe she should highlight that it should be consistent

  • I was lying down with bare legs and I had my hand between my thighs and I realised my inner thigh had stretch marks. It’s so annoying because I like clean fresh skin. I want to get rid of them. I am a man and a healthy weight so I have no idea how I have stretch marks

  • I’m 16yrs girl i had stretch marks on hip,thies so I’m using alovera jell cream also no use so plz say some prevention tips r any cream plzzz

  • It’s definitely helpful because when I have this stretch marks it’s really frustrating but after watching this video I managed to understand how they work and what to do.

  • Mam, I am only 14 and I am gaining stretch marks rapidly on my back,hips,thighs and my stomach…what should I do either which cream should I apply???

  • Hi doctor, I have pretty bad stretch marks on my butt that have been there since I was 12, I’m 27 now. Since these marks are so old will they be even more difficult to fade by applying oils and topicals? Some are dark but I’ve noticed a few light ones recently..What do you recommend for this?
    Thank you!

  • Can you please tell me how to even breast size my right side is bigger than left I’m so insecure about it please please please tell me how to even them ������

  • before corona i was completely stretch mark free but then all of a sudden i woke up one day and saw that i’ve come out with them all over my legs and it’s horrible

  • How to remove muscle made by food that related to stroids like meat, milk?

    Food change vegetables serials and Detox and little exercise like bike cycle, walking, swim can help? Its enough

  • i’m only a teenager but i am a petite person 5’0 and a 32 DD ���� i wish i was a b cup. but anyway, my breasts are very saggy now and idk why. i feel like they are too heavy for my body so my body can’t hold them up, or maybe growing up i didn’t wear supportive bras? i’m not sure. but i hate it it makes me feel very embarassed and terrible about myself. i also used to have an eating disorder and lost tons of weight so maybe that is why?? i went from like a 125 pounds person w DD boobs to 100 w DD boobs and my lowest was 97 and then i gained again with recovery. anyway, will this help me???

  • I’m 17. I got stretchmark on my breasts, shoulders, butt, side stomach, legs. I think its because i lost weight. What can I do to them? I’m not confident to show this thing off

  • I will start doing it tomorrow and will update at the end of each week, wish me luck.
    Week 1: I did it everyday twice, sometimes with bras sometimes without, I don’t see see much of a difference now( which is normal because it’s only week one) I just noticed that they are a little bit wider. Gonna keep doing it.

  • I accept this as an actual best feeding video not like the other nipple popping disgusting women who are using their children to expose themselves and stay Monetized

  • Hi, I’ve been doing these exercises for almost 2 weeks. I haven’t seen major changes on my boobs however I’ve spotted a bit of change. I’ll continue doing them and we’ll see! We CAN do it! Blessings:)

  • Hey A cup gang here. I’m 152 cm and 38,5 kg. I’ve been doin this exercise for 3 days and i’m gonna update everyday!
    ✅Day 1: Didn’t feel any burn in my chest
    ✅Day 2: My upper arms feel sore but still didn’t feel any burn in my chest. Am i doing this right?
    ✅Day 3: Only a slight burn in my chest. I’m afraid i’m doing this wrong.
    ✅Day 4: Finally feelin’ the burn��‍♀️. Noticed my boobs are slightly lifted!
    ✅Day 5: My boobs are still the same as yesterday but i noticed my collar bone becoming more defined.
    ✅Day 6
    ✅Day 7: boobs are still the same but my shoulders become more toned

  • the reason steroids have a bad rep is from all the yahoos abusing them and not doing them right. look at male celebrities 90% of them are on testosterone and your kidding yourself if you think there not. they are fine. if you dont abuse them you will be fine

  • 50% of gym goers use steroids? After hearing that, no sense in continuing to watch the video. These guys clearly don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Hi maam
    I have stretch marks on my shoulders and chest from a long time and that’s ok!
    But I’ve gained weight and I’m losing weight now but have got a few stretch marks on my lower abdomen(which are purplish and pinkish).Anything I can do to make it less predominant or disappear?
    Please help as I believe it’s still in the beginning stage
    (PS:Does Vicks work?)



  • I am 15 and have stretch marks all over my breasts and I hate them so much, I’m a healthy weight currently. Will they go away or is there anything I can do to get rid of them now?

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  • Hi there, have you considered Femalix Secrets yet? Simply just do a search engine search. On there you will find an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can completely reduce your stretch mark naturally. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • O m g….you speak so sweetly��
    No need for ur medicines
    Ur talks ur suggestions can treat anybody
    Ur gestures…ur clothing style…ur way of talking really impressive ��

    Koi bhi aapse milkar aapse baat krke theek ho skta h☺️

  • Mam, is it ia due to fat loss
    I hve daily exercising, proper diet and more cardio workout, when i was fighting from thigh fat, after 1 month completing my thigh fat reducement schedule in gym, it start getting appear on inner thighs, mam plz say, that, strech marks are due to fat loss..??

  • Maina sab kuch try kiya kuch fark nahi padta, sab kuch karna ka baad Our Ayurveda company ki ayurvadic medicine li sirf 4 months use karna ka vaad 3 inch size badh gaya

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  • I read many people keep on talking about Femalix Secrets. But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried using this popular stretch mark remover method?

  • There are more than 3 million users in America. Odds are someone you work with cycles. It is a silent epidemic that people are not aware of, but it is actually extremely destructive to the user and the people within the user’s social circle. Most company drug tests do not look for steroids, so users find positions where they can comfortably cycle without fear of detection by testing. However, users are extremely easy to spot by men who know what it looks like.

  • Mum & Baby Instruction Manual now available on Amazon (Kindle e-book & paperback)

  • Im a boy and i have stretch marks in my legs, knees, butt, back of my underarms and sides of my collarbone I gained weight but im already skinny now and i keep getting stretch marks in my legs i dont know why but it depress me as a boy sometimes i dont want to use shirt because im just in the house.

  • What are some ways to completely erase your stretch mark naturally? I read lots of great reviews on the net about how Femalix Secrets can assist you completely reduce your stretch mark naturally. Has anyone tried this popular stretch mark erase method?

  • Mine is small… is taking flaxseeds will reduce more it size sir because i got sagging only left side as I breast feeding only one side.

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  • Hi, my wife got red purple stretch marks on thighs and stomach.. she recently used some steroid medicines for some blood infection issue.. it’s been a month it’s still not going.. please suggest anything..

  • Do anybody know about Femalix Secrets? Does it really work? I hear lots of people completely erase their stretch mark safely with this popular stretch mark reducer method.

  • Is it really works first day while doing dis exercise arms nd shoulders were paining almost 1 week passed no i feeling slightly pain in boobs is it working or not. becoz my bra size is 34 nd im have sagging breast boobs becoz before if i wear it feels uncomfortable no im wearing im feeling it postivity in my boobs plz anyone suggest me is this exercise working or not reply plz

  • REVIEW!!-okay so i am posting here after doing this for just 7 days. My breasts are pretty sagging( have breastfed two) and were never very round or firm but always droopy. And to my great surprise…these exercises really did make a difference.I never expected them to be uplifted or anything, but i realized doing this even once a day for 7 days, actually slightly filled up the upper most part of my breast. I had started getting sagging lines/Wrinkles on the surface, that also went away. My breasts definitely feel firmer. This works for sure. I wish I tried this 10 years back! I never thought exercise would ever make any difference to this area. But it clearly does, and I am still amazed.Giving just 510 minutes to this can keep the breasts in good shape. Definitely TRY This!

  • Sir…no English….u video in Hindi…sir having baby of 8 months want to reduce breast…will these exercises will help to reduce

  • what are the effect of breasting mother by doing those??
    thanx. itsso nice ilike it.
    God bless you and your family. am from Tanzania

  • I started working out and losing weight. My boobs are starting to sag. I love them n don’t want them to go away lol. Need to do this!

  • Thank you so much! I love all of your videos because you explain each move and tell us the weights you’re using. You always make me feel so determined and empowered.

  • Doing this once a day
    Day 1 ✅ fell like it’s done some tightening on day 1 but it’s only been one day (like so I remember to update)
    Day 2 complete ✅:) arms can’t feel them:)

  • Just saying, push ups, even knee push ups (I only did knee push ups) help lift your bust, I tried it for only 2 weeks for a minute everyday, and I have to say, it did make a difference, they were lifted and firmir.

  • Does Clegenatur Methods really help to increase cup size by using healthy ways? We have read numerous good stuff about this popular breast enhancement.

  • im going to do this in three weeks

    day 1: done! my arms were sore when I did it.
    day 2: didnt do it oops
    day 3: didn’t do it oops
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:
    (a week)

  • Hi guys!! I’m gonna do this and update every day so I have the motivation to do it! Is anyone currently doing it?
    Start date: 16/08
    Measurement: 85 cm
    Day 1: ✅ 1x

  • Do skipping rope, jumping jacks and planks makes breast size smaller, because from last 3months I seeing the change.. Plz guide me, I’m a mother of 2.5yrs gal

  • Boobs is fat not muscles, you can’t jist eork out and get it up there unless your boobs are small, therefore you chest (muscle will builk) other than that. Stop lying

  • I’d like to recommend this book ‘Easy Breastfeeding Diet’ by Sheila Watson… i learned a whole lot from it! It answered most of the questions I had about breastfeeding. check it out ladies.

  • Hello doctor. Thank you so much for your help. Following your advise. On many things. I managing diebetic,Ulceractive colitis,depression and insomania and iron deficiency without meds. My question is I am using tumeric golden drink. Ita working but. I am getting lighter and lighter. I am black,is it not going to give me side effects. I am scared to end up yellow or orange.

  • I have stretch marks on my stomach from gaining weight since it’s quarutine and I was thick not skinny not fat but now I look like a big ball walking around I have rolls I can’t fit into my clothes I have to wear my mom’s clothes but I can’t go back to school like this because I will get more bullied in July I’m joining a workout program do hopefully I get a bit smaller and yuh know what’s sad I can’t fit into my school uniform do that’s great �� and I look like a pig and my mom’s so supportive but she lies and says how I look slim and how I’ve gotten smaller when she knows all I do is be eating when all my friends are slim and working out she keeps on saying that I will grow into my body but yet she makes me exercise like ughhh I eat like a normal person I eat breakfast around 9-10 lunch 1-3 I don’t really eat dinner I usually have a snack or a cup of tea or coffee yet I still put on weight like a pig my friend called me a blow up whale in front of the class she didn’t realize she said it but I felt really sad and embarrassed ���� and if my exes see me like this they would regret even going out like me �� for Christmas I got so big even the teachers noticed and asked me questions. For P.E I get in trouble because because I doesn’t want to change into my clothes and nobody cares
    Anyways this is my story I will try my best to see if I change in the future ❤️�� btw I’m 14 bye ❤️

  • Hana excellent results i must say, however it would have been good to do a little demonstration before the actual start. took me a while to figure out the one that start 19% in.

  • I hope this really works I have been doing it for about 2 days today is the second day but I will come back after a week to keep you updated

  • Sir I have two children’s. Daughter is 10 years old and son is 2 years old. Son is yet feeding and in past my daughter had feed 1.5year.. will work this exercise…

  • I’m only 18 but my boobs are like pancakes ���� so I was hoping this’ll tone them up, I didn’t want something that would make them bigger so this sounds perfect ��

  • Great video. We practiced with a guidance from Susan Urban, great book and good tips there.

  • Will this make my breast bigger? I’m trying to reduce my breast size by doing excercises but I also want my breast not to look saggy so I came here to prevent that but I’m hesitating to do this exercise coz I’m not sure if this will give me a bigger breast and I don’t want that��

  • Breast feeding baby… prescription..the brothers Grimm..�������� start breast milk… prescription…the brothers Grimm..����������

  • Thank you! This is the first of many links I’ve watched on steroids that has made sense and has explained in detail the ups and downs of using them. All other links are guided by egoic mirror muscle monsters! Bless you ����

  • I lost weight and I do simple training at home but I keep gaining purple stretch marks on the back of my knee can I know how to get rid of them and why am I gaining them

  • Thanks for d best n simple excersie Dr. Vivek Joshi sir, I started today itself feel it I will continue, n I suggest this vedio to my friends too..

  • Just started… noticed my boobs dropping a bit in quartine some of these movements i did in pilates i think they work will update in 2 wks

  • Is Jeff from the original Athlean X reviewing these videos? They seem to contradict what Jeff teaches. I have not seen many of the Athlean XX videos, but the few that I have seen including this one are full of things that Jeff either says not to do or that there are better options that are either safer or provide better results.

  • Guys I am going to try this and let you know if I see I difference every day. Day 1: Obviously just starting so, I’m not expecting anything but I am gonna do this three times a day to increase the end result x

  • I am currently 18 years old and 103 pounds. I have an eating disorder so it took me a few years to reach 103 pounds. My doctor and family are still encouraging me to gain weight but I literally have so many stretch marks on my hips and thighs and I’m scared of getting more of them. It’s stressful because my mom is about 130 pounds and has almost no stretch marks. She is also way shorter than me. She is 4’11��

  • listen, i’m a 17 year old girl that is 4’11, and a 32 DD. my body is so petite and my boobs are constantly weighing me down and feel so heavy, i have constant back pain and they are sagging severely:;( will these exercises help lift them? i don’t want them bigger i just want réduction and a lift

  • This actually works. I started Monday or Tuesday of this week. And I can see my upper chest firmer. I am a 42DD and honestly I was like I have to exercise. But I do this abiut everyday. It’s very easy.

  • Stretch marks mean that you will hit a growthspurt soon, that you are in the middle of one, or that you already hit your potential height, and you will no longer grow?



  • i know this will come up as unrespectful in a serious video, but i’m looking at this and thinking this baby is like “wtf, where’s the nipple, sis?.. i’m hungry” XD

  • With roids I did few cycles and got really little to no sides except for really pungent fierce smelling flatulence and that was why I stopped doing them. I train at a gym, I don’t have the room for lots of equipment at home. In busy gym I had several hugely embarrassing flatulence incidents e.g. one time there was a lot of girls in the gym who had just come out of an exercise class, I was doing squats on smith machine and started doing really violent sustained farts and at first they laughed though some looked disgusted but as the really foul pungent smell hit them they moved away and some even went outside just to get fresh air. I was so red faced, I actually went to the locker room got changed and went home. So seriously beware of really powerful sustained flatulence that has a very strong pungent smell that hangs around for minutes, that might be no big deal if you are at home training but if at a public gym be wary of that! After I stopped roids cycle I never got such flatulence again so it was definitely caused by doing them.

  • As a trans guy… this doesn’t sound bad at all. I’m already depressed, and facial hair and lower voice is a good thing. Probably cheaper than testosterone anyway.

  • I want my bust lifted and my bingo wings gone so bad.. I dropped a lot of weight really fast and those are the two things I can’t stand right now.
    Really getting back into it. I’m also working on the abb one too for after a baby

  • 00:24 can’t blame her if she grows up having trust issues��

    poor child.. got her head abruptly plonked into yucky nylon/polyester�� instead of some some tasty refreshment/nourishment.

  • I have nursed my three girls and sagging is the part that I am struggling right now. It takes my feeling away when everytime I think about it, I will definitely try this and see if it works.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “what to do to increase breast size” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Iannariat Unthinkable Interest (should be on google have a look )? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for discovering how to enlarge your breasts naturally minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  • Okay here we go!
    Day 1: UGHH MY ARRRMMMSSS (I just started to work out okay)
    Day 2: ( I skipped 2 days lol forgive me) Okay this is actually not hard