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Terraria 1.3 Top 5 Potions (Terraria potion buff tutorial)

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How Do Terraria Potions in Boss Battles Make a Difference? Best Terraria Potions

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When you are trying to win a boss battle, all that matters is that you still have one hit point when the boss has none. It might be an ugly fight, you might look back and say “I can’t believe I had to use ten potions to survive that guy.” But it still counts! This is the whole reason you buy potions! And upgrade your armor!Terraria features dozens of Potions that affect your character with some buff or another, many of which are invaluable and worth farming the materials to get.

This guide’s focus is to get you up to speed on the best buff potions for fighting bosses and where to get the materials. This means that you can lose a battle with your boss — in his eyes and others’— even before you start. So, if you must fight, be sure you have a. Before I write anything, as a reference I only have IOS for now. (My only computers are a Mac and an Ubuntu.) I use ironskin, swiftness, magic power, archery, regeneration, hunter, night owl/shine, thorns, and as many of the best health potions that I can get, with a crystal ball included though it isn’t a potion, all at the same time, however only when I feel that I need to use a potion. Graz talks about how Terraria potions in boss battles make a difference, and breaks down the uses of each potion.

Some players prefer not to use them, but for those players to are struggling, they. The potion restriction is that you can only learn a potion type once. But you can learn all potion types (and get an extra potion cube when you learn a new type).

You can re-use your skills each turn in a boss fight. Also in a boss fight you can use as many potion cubes as you want each turn it is only limited by the number of cubes you have. Here are some of the employee rights your boss may be breaking, either intentionally or inadvertently.

By Maryalene LaPonsie and Robin Madell May 11, 2020 By Maryalene LaPonsie and Robin Madell. Your boss will send you signals that your energy, intellect and creativity aren’t welcome. First, the signals will be small. Your boss is trying to tamp down your growing flame before it gets any bigger.

If you don’t get the message “Pipe down and do what I tell you – and nothing else!” the messages will get louder. Alchemists actually get a heads-up on us; while we get one potion per combat at 100% value, they can make the trinket that gives them 140% value. I’m not disputing that potions are important. But it wasn’t just potions that made alchemy a viable profession. On August 18th, 2020, Gamepedia’s back-end media host will be migrating.

During the migration process, uploads and re-uploads will be disabled. We expect this migration to take a couple days. Thanks for your patience.

List of related literature:

Keep your health up and use those potions you’ve been hoarding if you have to and you’ll win.

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Strategy Guide” by
from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Strategy Guide
Gamer Guides, 2015

I need the boss’s exact level of Health!”

“The Secret of the Dark Forest. (The Way of the Shaman: Book #3) LitRPG series” by Vasily Mahanenko (Vasilij Mahaněnko), Magic Dome Books
from The Secret of the Dark Forest. (The Way of the Shaman: Book #3) LitRPG series
by Vasily Mahanenko (Vasilij Mahaněnko), Magic Dome Books
Magic Dome Books, 2018

come back to your local base between sessions and brew more potions or collect more before starting the next session.

“A Noob's Guide to Minecraft Survival: How to Survive Minecraft Like A Pro” by Noob 1884
from A Noob’s Guide to Minecraft Survival: How to Survive Minecraft Like A Pro
by Noob 1884
Independently Published, 2018

Maybe you should try a Stamina potion.”

“Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1 (light novel)” by Kumo Kagyu, Noboru Kannatuki
from Goblin Slayer, Vol. 1 (light novel)
by Kumo Kagyu, Noboru Kannatuki
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Exercise seems like the universal health potion.

“The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging” by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
from The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging
by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
Springer Netherlands, 2011

Your goal is to arrange the exercises you’re prescribing so that you don’t fatigue their small muscle groups first; your client will need them to help his large muscle groups perform the exercises!

“Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies” by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
from Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies
by Melyssa St. Michael, Linda Formichelli
Wiley, 2004

“I was hoping you could show me how to make an effective nutritional drink to combat exhaustion.”

“The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 06” by Aneko Yusagi
from The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 06
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One Peace Books, 2016

Jim also helps me with endurance and speed while running.

“How to Hear Your Angels” by Doreen Virtue
from How to Hear Your Angels
by Doreen Virtue
Hay House, 2007

Don’t hesitate to use Potions should your HP drop either.

“Pokémon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide” by
from Pokémon Sun & Moon Strategy Guide
by, 2016

Start with the tasks that you physically won’t be able to do if you’re working outside of the inn and those that you like the least, and keep for yourself the ones that you can do best.

“Running a Bed and Breakfast For Dummies” by Mary White
from Running a Bed and Breakfast For Dummies
by Mary White
Wiley, 2009

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I guess I can consider myself a better player, I’ve beaten expert mode twice, and one of those times was ranger only.

    But yes, I always use potions. Iron skin, regen, and swiftness are a must. I’ll use lifeforce for WOF and moon lord. I use basically every buff potion for moon lord. And if I am doing a specific class, I’ll pick potions that help it. (Archery potions, etc.)
    And always use crystal ball, bewitching table, etc. very useful!

  • Each fight I always use iron skin swiftness regen thorns well fed from marshmallows night vision and wrath if I have a few left over fish.

  • Great Combination: (Heart Statue On 3 Second timer is Important)

    Regeneration Potion
    Pho or Pad Thai
    Rage Or Wrath Potion
    Heart Reach Potion
    Mana Regeneration Potion
    Endurance Potion
    Iron skin Potion

    Lots of farming and gathering materials, but it is well worth it for End game bosses.

  • Good to know, gonna need that swiftness for expert mode WoF, when he gets lower he can reach speeds of upto 50 mph, and hermes boots is 30, bunny mount is 38

  • Heart Lanterns+Campfire+Regeneration Potion+(Mobile Exclusive)Valentine Ring+Heart Ring=Biggest Healing Boost
    Feel free to add more

  • I just use ammo reservation, wrath, food, regen, ironskin, endurance, and lifeforce. Works really well with most ranger load outs.

  • i actually almost never use potions other than basic health ones
    even tho fights are much easier with pots, i’m simply too lazy to do them. ( it is still possible to kill moon lord on expert without any bufs)

  • I typically only use the various healing potions when going against bosses, especially when I know a number of tricks for beating the bosses.
    A good example would be using temple traps to kill the Destroyer easy to get the megashark, which is real good for flattening the Twins and Skeletron Prime.
    It is possible to loot the temple before hardmode starts, by the way.

  • the 3 best potions 3 ironskin 2 Regeneration Potion and the greatest of them all Swiftness Potion but it becomes useless when u get the ufo car key

  • Hi, if you want to replay the game from atari and amiga times? or are even new, the fans! got you:
    Works on any windows, several “easy ways” because new programmed game from scratch but all the same.
    You can also play custom made dungeons and dm2 for instance.
    Thank me later

  • Often I only EVER use Thorns, Ironskin, Lifeforce, Heart Reach, and Wrath/Rage Potions are key against 90% of bosses, not including Golem. He’s WAY too easy.

  • I usually use (for the moon lord) lifeforce, ironskin, regeneration, wrath/rage, swiftness, titan, food, heartreach and most of the flasks (ichor, fire, poison, venom)…

  • Omg so helpful got 104 crit chance with the chain btw you need Oricalcum Helmet,
    Shroomite Greaves and a Chlorophyte Chainmail ^_^

    (Edit lol) Oh yeah and a Lucky Reforged Sniper Scope, Golem Emblem,Celestial Stone and Any Sets of Wings, and a Moon or Sun Stone Depending if your in Night or Light and A RAGE POTION which is in his guide. Kind of Weird but Awesome!!!!

  • So I’ve been playing on mobile for a very long time. I’ve beaten the game twice (all bosses) and just today I decided to get it on PC. It’s so much more difficult and I find the controls a bit wonky. I died on the first night, twice XD. Any tips? All are greatly appreciated c:

  • Sometimes i don’t use potions to give myself a challenge because the combo of ironskin,heartreach,regen,and lifeforce are so crazy i can tear bosses apart without worrying about my health.

  • I used gravity potions for most bosses until i got the cosmetic car keys and the truffle mount btw i did not know about those last potions thats really useful to know thanks

  • How do make those light boxes ( the ones you read to the players) when making adventures? What app did you use. Please try replying if you see this. Do you use something or can you please explain? Thank you

  • I use a bunch of combos when I feel like it…
    Defense: Ironskin and Endurance
    HP: Lifeforce and Regeneration (HR is only useful for those with minions, and I don’t set up heart statues)
    Offense: Wrath/Rage
    Other Stuff: Speed (Gravitation is also useful for flying bosses, and Speed + Gravitation = You’re Superman)

  • A small suggestion: it would be nice to illustrate how much damage mitigation the potions do, including when stacked. This will help a lot of new players who are uncertain of how much they really help. Something like put on the weapon/armor that most players will have at the time of the boss fight, then show a few damage numbers to show the difference.

    A big impact on boss fights is also just preparation. Set up a good arena and most importantly, have a good strategy. You can make use of railroads, teleporters, asphalt, etc. to really help against the hardmode bosses that most people have issues with. Wings do help, if you make the entire map your stage, but for most bosses, having fast boots, asphalt, and a few good teleporters here and there will make the task so much easier (and faster) because you don’t have to worry about flying and potentially getting stuck in some terrain. Combo that with some heart lanterns, heart/mana statues, campfires, moving the nurse to one end of the arena where you have quick access without putting her in too much danger, etc. and most boss fights are pretty easy. Even if the nurse dies, if you can get one heal off, that may just make the difference between defeat and victory.

  • helpful tip: greater healing potions need hardmode items to craft. But wait! You can get 10-20 of them from golden crates! Or if your lazy and don’t want to spend hours on crates, go to a honey pool and catch honeyfin. It is a honey fish that heals 120 health. 2nd best pre hardmode

  • so I didn’t watch the video yet, but I’m just gonna answer the question…

    YES OF COURSE THEY DO BRO! That’s why I lose every boss battle, I’m too lazy to farm for potion ingredients…

  • haha, I love it, I used to be a professional paintball player, which is what chance is good at, but in real life. To use your body in the way he does in games, you need to work out for 2-4 hours a day, 5 days a week. aerobic kickboxing is my preferred workout for stationary cardio

  • I did this every morning for 2 weeks, shit is actually hard haha one time i accidentally started another level when i was done, had to commit

  • me: ” i really hope that this guide can help me out, and that the narrator isn’t a total monotone drag to liste-“
    * most amazing accent i’ve ever heard *

    me: * claps hands in excitement * “there. we. GO!”

  • Kinda sad how Soda dismisses Greek for trying to show him proper form… Imagine ruining your knees because you cant do squats properly


  • be honest a simple run for 30 minutes or jump ropes for 20-25 minutes burns way more calories than that..
    Cudos for the game tho..very nice

  • I bought this game because I watched Chance play it (this was months ago) and thought it was a great replacement for the gym during quarantine. I’m almost level 200 and never knew pain to this extent. On the plus side.. I did 1000 squats in the first 20 days of play. Almost at 2000. I have buns of steel now.

  • I almost skipped this video, but hovering over I saw it was ring fit adventure and now I have to watch it. The game is amazingly fun to watch.

  • R la tardecita que me yo también ye en el e e la escuela de la vida de la vida y la tarde y la gente la tardecita la tarde ���� la tardecita que me yo recién recién e t en la casa e en el

  • At 2:46 you can clearly see that the tone side of the tape is curled and then in a when the angle is a bit lower down the tape isnt curled up if you don’t get this comment just press the time stamp and watch for yourselve

  • Hello I’m rlly late for this since I’m a bit new to terraria but really this helped so big I think I can beat fishron without problems now.:)

  • I was always to lazy to learn how to brew potions but then i noticed how useful they really are, this was some massive help for my new character, thanks brotha!

  • i dont know why but on terraria mobile the wormhole kinda broken and cant be use is it just me or everybody who play on mobile platform is having the same problem

  • So essentially you covered everything there was to cover in different videos and then made a 50 minute video about something i could look up in just a minute?

  • Very useful guide! I don’t want to offend anyone, but am I blind, or was ale not included in the video? I play as a magic user but it’s quite useful for warriors. The 4 defense penalty is minor when compared to the 10% increased damage and speed.

  • If you wear a full turtle armor and drink a thorns potion will the one who hits me receive 133.3333…% of the damage I received?

  • Please I do it hardcore with no arena or potions (I make exceptions for health potions and mana potions if I’m on my mage character)

  • Imagine drinking a healing potion in real life after a serious injury, your wounds would instantly heal

    And if you got amputated, then would your lost part grow back?

  • What’s with the random laughter, even when he’s explaining things he just randomly giggles to himself throughout the entire video. It doesn’t bother me but it does intrigue me

  • you can actually grab bottled water and give it to the guide in the “crafting” section and he’ll tell you every possible thing you could craft with it, as well as any other item that could be used in crafting, but thanks for the info, it was helpful!

  • Hi happy I think that the Lifeforce potion should be number as though the heartreach potion is great it’s bit specific to using statues and in events with lots of mobs. Thx stay happy:)

  • Glowing mushrooms is key ingredient for Level 2 Healing or mana potions in order to work
    So finding mushrrom biome make your potions twice as much effective for same time

  • Why is the potion that reveals chest and treasure locations not listed anywhere I cant find it here or anywhere else and I know I’ve used it before

  • Old but if y’all wanted too, you can put a bottle water in the guide. He will literally tell you what you need, this vid is still helpful tho

  • Question: Do the flasks stack? As in when you use a flask of cursed flames and a flask of venom will they both do damage because if so, I’m gonna super OP! Also, do the buffs of potions stack their times? As in when you use 2 ironskin potions will it have 8 minutes or did I just completely waste my second ironskin potion, and if so, does that apply for 1.2 or only 1.3

    I know these are a lot of questions but I really need the answers, it would be very helpful for me if you did answer them:)

  • I am going to use this for my first DM. I have really been wanting to play but no one that wants to play with me wants to DM. So here I am looking stuff up. Changing the beginning a little so it fits my style but it seems like a good first campaign.

  • Best potions: wrath rage iron skin well fed buff life force and heart reach.

    What I use: regen iron skin and swiftness

    I can’t be bothered to fish

  • Spelunker, Hunter and Dangersense is the holy trinity when it comes to spending time underground. I love those three.

    Mainly because I f*cking hate spiders and Hunter (or Dangersense which shows cobweb complexes) makes me feel much safer:D

  • Also one thing that annoys me is when people say how did you get a drax in pre hardmode on console (as if they cheated it in) and then someone replies saying its from a shadow chest, so I just have to reply saying that is only on mobile

  • Saying “The rage potion is better early game and wrath potion late game” is completely wrong.

    One increases your damage by 10%. The other gives you a 10% chance of +100% damage… which is a total of a 10% damage increase. Both increase your damage output by exactly the same amount. The only difference is the rage potion won’t work on summons.

  • great list happy, I would completely keep it, but I’d switch the heart reach and the life force potion, I usually play melee, and need that huge amount of health

  • +HappyDays lol forgot the most important potion the HEALING POTIONS!! useful for every class you can obtain at least one type of healing potion during any point of the game and without it GL and gdbye to ur character!:)

  • Hey Happy! I really liked the video, this has helped me alot and I’m starting to really use potions now! Would you mind telling me all the stuff you were wearing at the end of the video? I liked the set up you had and what was that dash attack you had? so cool! Thanks, love your channel!

  • Been a while since I last commented on a top 5 video so strap in and prepare to get high on decanting:D

    #5:: Iron skin potion, any extra defence you can squeeze on your character could be the difference in life or death in both mobbing and boss battles.

    #4:: Endurance potion, combine this with iron skin for even greater defensive capabilities. The higher your defence the less damage you take but add on an extra 10% reduction for some added ‘kapow’.

    #3:: Thorn potion, this is in my list but the effects are reduced the further in the game you are. Thorns will deal 1/3 of the attackers damage to them when they hit you (melee only I believe) but the more defence and damage reduction you have the less effect this potion has but can still be useful to just give a little more damage out.

    #2:: Lifeforce potion, an extra 100 points of health before you start actually taking character damage… What more needs to be said, if nothing else this potion gives you more health to live between using pots if you use them efficiently enough.

    #1:: Regeneration potion, added regen is always a bonus but becomes more potent when used with the well fed buff, celestial shell and for intense healing the shiny stone. This is best used for the celestial pillars and healing between each one. All those combined can heal you from almost dead to full in a matter of seconds providing you stand still and dont attack anything.

  • Just to let you know, the vanity set that makes you look like a starter player is called the “familiar looking set”. It basically makes you look like the character you made in the very beginning:)

  • I personally like endurance potion alot. It reduces damage taken by 10%. Combine this and the worm scarf you will be taking 27% less damage. This is almost essential for me in expert hardmode because many attacks do over 100 damage. You can also combine it with beatle endurance and frozen turtle shell to tank mass amounts of damage. I think its 75% but not sure

  • Is it just me or do people not know what the endurance potion is because it has 10%-15%(I forgot) decrease in damage taken but it seems like that would do a lot if you have both that and the ironskin

  • Could the players choose to help Olly multiple times until they get it right? Or is it they only get one shot if they fail they move on type thing?

  • I downloaded your world but when i opened terraria it didn’t show up in my worlds! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi there Happy, i think the life force potion should be replaced with endurance potion due to the crafting material, and i want to see the fastest regeneration tutorial
    PS:sorry for my bad english and stay Happy!

  • Hey Happy! Thanks for the video. I’ve been hoarding potions cause I don’t want to “waste” them. I could stand to use them alittle more often. Can you make a mini-series like ‘the Happy Alchemist’ or something to explain how to get all the different seeds and which materials are alchemy ingrediants and what are the ingrediants you keep in a well stocked alchemy chest pre-hard mode vs hard mode ect? I know I could wiki it all but I like watching your videos and you have a lot of experiance to draw from.

  • I agree with those 5, but would add a honorable mention to shine potions. Better light while exploring has saved me so many times!

  • My friend are literally the douchest bag in the world, but they love dungeon and dragon and even tho I have countless cringy moment with them, Im still try my best to accomplish my duty as a DM, tks a lot for your help

  • U need to update your strategy.. you cannot build rapier now in aghs.. and after 1st Apprentice, enemies get evasion in some levels..

  • Series suggestion Gaven meets Serna and Gaven asks Serna out when they are out all the hardmode bosses come including events and you will have to do this series with someone else plz do it Deathboy your really big fan

  • The sad thing is you just mentioned the potions for battling bosses you didn’t mention any misc buffs like shine gills flippers or spelunker:/

  • Magic Regeneration potion I feel should have also tied with the health regen potion but since it’s only useful for mage classes I understand why it wasn’t listed. Having said that, I usually never leave base without a health regen potion and an ironskin:D.

  • I’d actaully put Lifeforce at number one at this list! Conisidering how the potions work, fighting like Skeletron Prime, or The Twins, having 80 or 100 more health in general seems more useful, because you don’t get the hearts that much during a fight like that, versing one or two big mobs that don’t leave many hearts.

  • the most ridiculous is pudge with the zombies, naga is not that bad i beat it twice, and i’m not gonna say anything about the spiders…

  • Storega, imo, is much easier than void spirit because his skills are easy to dodge and he’s much less mobile so he’s easy to dps down. It also helps that he was a boss in Siltbreaker so a lot of randoms have more experience facing him.

    My best tip I can give is to buy a BKB for aghanim. You can bkb during lasers or bullet hell and dps him during that period.

  • HappyCrew Daily Viewer Challenge Question: What 5 potions do you never leave your base without and why?

    I never leave the regen,iron,cooked fish,endurance, and wrath. All these potion help with damage and defence. I will never ever leave these because in hardmode there are mobs that do massive damage like a crimson mimic so whenever i find a mob that is strong drink up for the boost of health and defense.

    Heres my top 5

    #5 The Regenaration potion
    #4 The Iron skin
    #3 The Endurance potion
    #2 The Swiftness (helps me with pumpkings:D)
    #1 Heart Reach or Life force

  • So I started using the pits of molach for my first DM session ever it went beautifully the first room I had cultist flee and bring zombies,which created chaos, but by the end of it they all cheered in excitement. After just the first room. I was thinking in my head ( your cheering now just wait) 10 out of 10 expirience

  • I honestly just watch Critical Role but recently I’ve been seriously considering playing D&D with my friends once the pandemic is over, I really wanted to play a rogue but I thought about my friends and I realise I will probably have to DM instead.

  • I’m gonna try to DM for the first time soon, probably when all this is over. I’ve only played dnd once before, and some of the people I’m dming have never played before, and the others only once, like me.

  • I am here watching tons of D&D videos despite not knowing about it because my Friend decided we should play D&D when we don’t know anything about it, we’ll start in a week.

    The thing is the role of DM was placed on me.

    So now I have to learn the rules…;; We don’t have the game and dice besides our phones, so we’ll probably use an app.(LOL)

    I don’t know anything about this game so I am here watching Youtube for tips and for basic knowledge.

    We’ll be playing D&D through Text…;;

    Any advices from experts?

  • Me and my friends are thinking of starting a game of dnd, but none of us have ever played, i personally really like telling stories and think dming would be fun, is it ok to be a dm on your first experience with dnd?

  • I used to be really confused on how to dm, so I just winged it, and I remember that my two friends who wanted to play (you don’t need a group to have fun!) somehow seduced a boss, and I just went along with it, they did technically defeat the boss, but now it’s their ally.

    I’m not looking for anyone to argue about how I dm’d, just talking about a fun experience I had.

  • I have to organise my first d&d session as a DM and I don’t even know the rules so i’m spending most of my time now searching for info on how to be a good DM etc. U got any hints?

  • Am I the only one who had the previous DM move away and voulenteer to be the new one knowing nothing about DMing and giving themselves less than a week to write a story and learn how to be a deccent DM?

  • I use heartreach on all my bosses. As a mage I dont have muc Def. with spectre armor. so I can focus on maneuvering around the boss while I get hearts along the way. I also use heart lanters, crystal balls (no pun intended), campfires, spectre hood, and regen potion(and pumpkin pies for hard bosses. So I am set on regen cuz spectre hood heals u

  • this is my first time being a dm i worked day and night on the campaign and my sister and step dad were going to play and when i was just about done with the campaign my sister dropped out and i had to change everything

  • I tried doing one of his ‘squats’
    I can’t imagine the pain he went through, that, straight up, feels WRONG. how do you fuck up a squat LMAO

  • Hornable mentions: regen potion and magicpower poition
    5:ammo potion
    4:ironskin potion
    3:heartreach potion
    2:endurience potion (i dont know how to spell it lol)

  • When I first DM’d, I had no idea what I was doing and unleashed a Kraken on my poor level 1 squad. I had to nerf the Kraken to give them a chance of winning and all of them died but one…

  • i ran my first game last week, it was entertaining! we are doing it through google hangouts due to isolation and i make all the maps on a digital drawing program. Im for sure not good at DMing yet but we will get there. i hope.

  • As the times i spent on vanilla terraria… I was using all potions through the early game and after reaching hardmode only endurance/regeneration and of course spelunker:D

  • I remember when my friend was DMing for the first time they used a pre-written campaign that was only supposed to last a couple short sessions (a little over a week because of scheduling)
    Unfortunately, my character is a gold-addicted rogue who must open every door she sees because gold am I right?
    Let’s just say that that elongated the campaign by about… a month… or two.
    I blame the doors.

  • I’m quarantined with my family so I figure now is a good time to learn to be a DM and have some family bonding time while we’re at home

  • A relative bought me the Rick and Morty D&D pack, so I’m going to attempt to DM a game with no experience and players that probably won’t help.

    But I must admit I find the wording on the Rick and Morty manual pretty helpful. It recommends that if your players are trying to do something you don’t want them to do just pick their worst skill and ask for a skill check.
    “So Morty’s trying to swim somewhere dumb. Ask for an intelligence check. You can’t swim if you don’t remember how. If they persist ask for a dexterity check, because you can’t swim if you don’t have enough blood flow to your joints.”

  • I used to play D&D around 20yrs ago and we had an amazing DM, 1 session in and I was hooked!
    Now, after showing a few friends some of your videos I have found myself about to sit in the DM chair to try and earn my DM badge ������
    I would like to thank you for making these videos, they are so informative and well done, Not only have you given me the urge to play again but also to start writing campaigns again too.
    In 5 days I will be running my own campaign and DMing for the first time and thank you for the time, effort and info you have provided across your channel to help both new and old school players, without this info I would probably fail and have no group to adventure with ����������

  • First time we were playing, my little brother was DM as he had played it before. He introduced a bear to us, probably to show us bears can be dangerous. One of my friends was a bard, but he completely did not understand how he did damage or how he did support so he was kinda useless. When we noticed the bear and how high his animal handling was, we figured 1+1 is 2 and he could tame the bear to be more usefull. We started catching fish, birds and collected berry’s to have him offer it to the bear. Our DM kept saying to please don’t do it. Just when the DM had enough and wanted to let the bear attack us, wouldn’t you have it, we rolled a natural 20. He decided to use that to let us escape, while we were crying because we already named the bear and put like an hour in trying to tame him. R.I.P. Peddington who fell in a hunters trap right as he started to attack us.

  • Good guide, but I don’t quite agree with what you said at 15:00. While it’s true that you can tell if someone is lying by rolling an insight check, rolling a check is not for the players to automatically get to do. They must ask the DM “can I tell if the enemy is lying?” In which the DM should then ask them to roll if it would not be blatantly obvious that the NPC is lying. It’s a bad habit for PCs to ask to make particular checks. It leads to bad storytelling and gameplay, they should use natural language to communicate what they want to look out for

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  • Me making my first game turned out in a party with 3 rogues(2 elves and one human),and two draconians, one druid and one ranger which wanted to multiclass in druid. The first encounter (3 wolves) almost killed down one of the rogues(one particulary lucky in his hitpoint throw,luckily) mainly because i had no clue on how to build an encounter. Not being good in making encounters i tried to go for a more roleplaying approach which ended up with a rogue murdering the first NPC nearbye (which was actually important) just because “I just wanted to kill someone”. Apart from that (she usually had the short end of the stick when throwing initiative and all fights finished before her doing anything) it worked. more or less. They burned their house prepping a dinner, twice and that was fun

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