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Depending on what people around you expected of you as a child, or what you have expected of yourself all your life, you have been subtly guided to who “you” are. That’s why today I want to hear about ONE self-limiting belief you have. It can be fitness related, it can be about some part of your life you hope to change, whatever. Lesson For Success: Don’t Let Your Belief System Sabotage You Let’s talk about our belief system..

Whatever belief that you hold tightly is going to manifest itself. One of the most important things we must master and adopt is a healthy set of beliefs systems. How Your Beliefs Can Sabotage Your Behavior (And What You Can Do About It) Recently, I’ve been learning more about the link between our beliefs and our behaviors.

If you’re interested in actually sticking to your goals, building better habits, and reaching a higher level of achievement, then you’ll love the research and ideas in this post. Are your Beliefs Sabotaging You? Do you struggle with self-esteem or confidence?

Or perhaps there are negative beliefs you have about yourself or the world. While it may seem that this is just how your life is and will be, I want to tell you that you do have the capability to shift the beliefs you have about yourself. It’s one thing to write “I’m going to be rich and famous” on your dream board (or whatever the self-help gurus call those things), but without action and the willingness to die on the treadmill, you’ll never get there..

If you decide to break the self-limiting belief of “I’m just a fat person,” absolutely nothing will get done if you simply repeat this mantra while sitting on. Are Your Beliefs Sabotaging Your Success? Leah Brathwaite Shares 3 Keys to Help You Move Forward!

In the journey to success, we often talk ourselves out of what we are capable of doing! This can relate to many areas of life, new career paths, relationships, financial goals, etc. These beliefs often start when you are young and impressionable, which is the reason why they stick and often not realised. Self sabotaging behaviours can be in the form of comfort/over eating, smoking/vaping, procrastination, aversion to certain things, overthinking, perfectionism or staying in your comfort zone.

Breaking Into Self-Sabotaging Beliefs that Keep You in an Abusive Situation Author: Lynne Namka, Ed. D. Your beliefs color how you view the world. Negative core beliefs are mean-minded statements that you fall back on when you feel insecure or overwhelmed, and are usually picked up in childhood or from an abusive relationship. The reality is that a skewed belief system can prevent you from monetary success.

If you tell yourself that you spend everything you earn then, of course, that is what you are going to go out and do. If you tell yourself that you save 20% of your income then you start to. Your beliefs control your life. Your beliefs influence your behaviour in all areas of your life, influence your success in life or lack of it.

This article gives some simple ways to identify some beliefs in your life which may not support you, and offers helpful strategies to change them.

List of related literature:

Certainly I have reason to think that the skeptic does not know, or justifiedly believe, that I lack justified beliefs about the external world.

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  • Great video until #10 WHO ARE YOU to tell humanity that it’s a WASTE OF TIME to ponder and question THE MEANING OF LIFE and ITS PURPOSE! As both a species and an individual being, this is perhaps the single most important question we WILL EVER ANSWER. Everyone should be so lucky as to take AT LEAST A YEAR of their life JUST TO SEEK THE TRUTH ABOUT REALITY for themselves… and here you are telling kids, “it’s a question that can’t be logically answered so it’s a waste of your time and another sign of procrastination.”


  • I have been a Safety oriented person, and I been respectful, and yet, I have not been described accurately by some, and I keep to myself, and I say hello, and goodbye, and remain respectful to others.

    *I DO NOT know how many times, I have *articulated, *written, *documented, and spoken repetitively over, and over again, that I do not use, drugs, I am not involved in a risky behavior, and I am NOT using any medications, and I have never had alcohol issues, or use, not making any judgement on others, just speaking about myself.

    I have had many of my concerns Misconstrued, Misinterpreted, Miscommunicated,
    Mis-stated, mis-understood, misquoted as well, my concerns, SAFETY SUGGESTiONS have been disregarded, ignored or on several occasions while being in a shelter program etc.

    Fact: I AM NOT, NOR have EVER been attracted to kids, children, teenagers, NEVER, EVER, NEVER etc.

    Fact: I am attracted to Women*****However, due to the above-mentioned statement it should be known that, although there have NOT been any intimacies of any sort, sexually whatsoever, or of kind, or dating relationships including this past year as well.

    In addition to this information, it should be expressed, and known that these Facts,

    *THERE (HAS NOT), and (NOR would EVER) anything to cause myself to be inappropriate, NOR EVER conduct myself in any inappropriate contact
    (of any kind towards anyone EVER NEVER).

    *FACT: I NEVER have conducted myself inappropriately with anyone, and I DO NOT plan to ever.

    *FACT: I CANNOT receive any pleasure, or gratification from someone else’s pain, or causing the pain, or suffering of another human-being whatsoever.

    *FACT: I Desire to encourage others, not in to cause or inflict pain, or suffering

    *FACT: I am a person that only desires a (Positive Reciprocal Relationship), Meaning a person that I, and that Person have the same mind-set, and shares the same thoughts towards Humanity, Life, etc..

    *FACT: I DO NOT EVER wish to cause harm to myself, nor cause harm to another person.

    *FACT: And I could (NEVER glean) any satisfaction from causing anyone else pain, suffering, or harm, in any way.

    *FACT: Although, I (welcome a positive relationship), (healthy fulfilling relationship), and I am not opposed to being in a positive relationship with someone which shares similar goals, and aspirations which I have, and to help promote Peace, Harmony, towards Humanity.

    *FACT: I am Not Married.

    *FACT: I have (NOT had any companions Ever) in my travels on the public bus, or otherwise since I have been utilizing the public bus system.

    *FACT: I have continuously believed that Women should be respected, and Protected from harm, and thus, I treat them with respect.

    I know that because I HIGHLY believe in this (SO VERY STRONGLY) that their are people which would wish to (Dishonor me), (Slander me), as well as

    *(CONSTRUCT, and *FABRICATE Slanderously, etc. and *EXPLOIT any *unemployed situations) *homeless situations.

    (Strictly, on the basis because they are fully aware, that I believe in Highly in the Preservation Life), and (Protecting Life, and Humanity),

    I feel so strongly to my very inner most Being

    *FACT: I believe in Protecting Women, Men, And Children, and All People, LIFE, I believe in Preserving LIFE, and the Well-Being of others, I always have believed this my entire LIFE.

    Additional FACTS;

    *Fact: I initially I became HOMELESS, because I had become unemployed due to being laid off, and I could no longer afford or contribute towards living expense, or to maintain rent for a place live.

    *Fact: In addition without having a operational vehicle finding employment became even more difficult to obtain or seek, Although, I never stopped trying, and eventually I did find and obtained employment part-time, until being laid-off again.

    *Fact: I am NOT, and NEVER been on any, NOR, have ever been on any Medications, nor Prescribed Medication Regimented programs.

    (This Does not include for example: antibiotics prescribed for the prevention of an infection from a cut for example 15 years ago

    *Fact: I DO NOT sell Drugs, and NEVER HAVE, and NEVER WILL

    *Fact: I DO NOT have a Alcoholism issue, and I NEVER have
    Not judgement on anyone else

    *Fact: I DO NOT smoke anything, and I NEVER have, I do not many any judgement on anyone else’s

    I DO NOT believe in the use of illegal, and misused drugs, because have the ability to impair cognitive activity, reasoning, and mental focus, coordination, memory, and Mental Awareness, furthermore, some drugs even have the ability to disrupt other cognitive functions etc.

    Therefore, I Personally, I prefer more of natural remedies, or a natural approach to (recover from sickness), or for (any pain relief for myself), an example of natural remedies I prefer, nutrients such as vitamins, and minerals being derived from eating fruits, nuts, vegetables, chicken, fish, vegetable soups, and teas etc.

    I make NO judgments whatsoever, on anyone else which may take medications appropriately, and safely for themselves.

    *Fact: I DO NOT have any psychical, nor mental impairments

    *Fact: I DO NOT hear Voices, and I never have

    *Fact: I DO NOT have a verbal conversations with myself

    *Fact: I DO NOT become happy, and sad, at the same times

    *Fact: I am NOT Sad or Depressed, nor have I been

    *Fact: I DO NOT become angry, mad all time

    *Fact: I have self-control

    *Fact: I am NOT a violent Person, never have been a violent person.

    *FACT: I AM NOT, NOR have EVER been attracted to kids, children, teenagers, NEVER, EVER, NEVER etc.

    *FACT: I am attracted to Women, and I would (NEVER HURT ANY WOMAN AT ANY TIME), NOR ANYONE else.

    *FACT: I have (NOT had any companions, girlfriends Ever) in my travels on the public bus, or otherwise since I have been utilizing the public bus system.

    *Fact I have Not ever at anytime paid, given payment, exchanged, accepted anything for sexual intimacies.

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    * FactI I have continuously traveled alone, and I have NEVER traveled with any girlfriends, women, anywhere, nor with anyone else during any time at a homeless shelter program including the room rental facility, No relationships, No Sexual relationships with anyone

    *FACT: I am a Very Protective individual, an think in regards of Safety and

    *Prevention of Harm of Women, Children Men.

    I prefer my privacy, and mine my business.

    Author, Advocate for Humanity,
    Jason Sandifer

    Michigan, 3/13/2020,

    11/05/2019, 11/04/2019

    Jason Sandifer, Michigan-(2019)

    8/1/2020, 8/12/2020

  • OK but number five does not apply to being sexually assaulted. There’s nothing good about that. Or let’s say your family being massacred while you’re not home. Telling someone to make light out of that is harmful

  • Yup. And idk how to fix it. I have tried to pursue my dreams ( I even put myself in debt over it) but it was useless. And now I’m too old to even consider it. I’m too old and too fat to go after what I want and every time I tried it backfired and made things worse. Nothing I’ve ever done has ended well

  • This seems like me. I know nobody will read this, but I want to write it down anyway. Although now that I’ve said that, I’m sure plenty of people will reply because that’s how the internet is.

  • Self Sabotage is a HUGE issue for me. In my business/career I procrastinate, and constantly under deliver. I do ok at the start of a project and then somehow I shit the bed by being late with my work & unresponsive. I am talented and smart, but I have a demon inside sucking the life out of me. When I procrastinate I end up in my bed hoping that I will feel better when I wake up, but sometimes that takes days.

    I sabotage my relationships in different ways, depending on the relationship. I just can’t handle when things are good.

    I think that deep down I just don’t think I am worthy of love and success so I automatically/subconsciously destroy my chances.

    I don’t know how to combat this, but I keep searching for answers. I wish I could afford therapy.

    I just had an interesting insight as I have been typing… I thought that if I loved myself enough I just wouldn’t do these things, but many I need to figure out a way to stop doing these things FIRST, in order to illustrate that I love myself. Hmmmmm….. After all, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Despite my self-sabotage I’m proud to say that I do rank quite high in honesty as a value, which I think is good.

  • thanks for this video, i now learned that my whole life I’ve had imposter syndrome. And sadly enough, I think I’ve always dissociated in stressful sitatutions because a lot of memories that are super stressful for me like interviews and test, I deadass don’t remember them. I just remember entering and leaving.

  • Having had an intensely perfectionist father who viewed ANYthing I ever did never good enough, and a mother who hated me to the point that seeing me happy, and especially confident, would make her ANGRY… I was heavily imprinted to be extremely self-critical about pretty much everything I do.

    Many years of therapy has helped a lot, and most people see me as a quite confident adult, but it still sometimes attracts those parasitical, wildly critical assholes who are insanely jealous of another’s success.

    I find it much simpler to keep people at arm’s length, rather than discover they only want to get to know me to try to ferret out some minutiae they can criticize and publicize.

  • Number 1 value is spirituality
    It’s because I didn’t know who I was for so long, that I’m clinging onto it strongly now. Maybe too much, but whose to say really, because this could be the best version of me that I will ever become

  • I think I have half of the signs but I also have a tendency to harm my body lil by lil like doing or eating things knowing that they are not good for me and I just kinda like to imagine myself suffering bad effects from it to the point of going to hospital or die from it…is it self sabotaging or self harm?? I don think its self harm for me doe��

  • Never had goals or dreams, always remember people asking me when I was young & in job interviews but I never had an answer. I just take life as it comes

  • I have realized that all painfully moments are still with me, its just on and off time to time. When its on i have flashbacks, so to move on i need to go through all of them once again and only then im ready to. When its off i do self-sabotage

  • Has anyone used the Mofedest Miracle to understanding the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success? Just do a search engine search. On there you’ll find an awesome suggestions about how you can knowing the true secrets laws of attraction. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.


  • @ 5:00 what does finally getting a relationship and losing it have to do with achieving your goals and losing them shortly after have to do with anything? How is that self-sabotqge��

  • Believe it or not, #10 actually happened to me on 2 occasions…

    When I watched, “The Predator” and “Hellboy” (the reboot). I’m not joking, it really happened in the cinema.

  • I dnt do #1 or #4, but guilty of the others esp procrastinating smh ����‍♀️. I’m not even gone say it lol but just know I’m trying.

  • I got 9 out of 10, but I already knew I’ve been sabotaging myself. As of late procrastination has been my biggest downfall, but I’d like to know where the procrastination comes from and get to the root of it. Way to often getting to the root of our problems really isn’t discussed. Usually we only care about symptoms, not root causes, or how to correct those causes.

  • Now that I think about it, I almost always procrastinate myself. That’s why I keep on being hurt or feel like a loser because I sabotage my life. Bummer! ����

  • Very helpful. Procrastinating has ruled my life for too long. I change that today. I will face my fears to overcome procrastination. Thank you.

  • When the quiz asked “what do u like about urself” and I couldnt respond, that’s when i realised that i need to get my life in check

  • Shit. Had a full blown panic attack during this one. Maybe I need to come back to it at a later date when I’m ready to face those truths. ��

  • I am self sabotaging my life and I don’t know how to stop it when I also have external issues to my therapist does not seem to help very much thank you for creating these

  • I find myself really enjoying this kind of hypnotic files, but first I found the ones that give me pleasure but tell me Im nothing, I have been lost in that world for a long time. but since I found your channel Sarah, you give me hope. I can beat it… but still something tells me that I cant……. that memory of bliss and pleasure when I give up control.
    I feel like the only way for me to fight it is with your help. Im grateful I found you

  • Thank you, Sarah. Just another awesome masterpiece in a collection of masterpieces that you produce! I do think my worlds are colliding with multiple roads converging to try and eradicate the self-saboteur in my life (deeply entrenched limiting beliefs). I had made a decision to make self-sabotage the theme of my next therapy session “snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory” ��. This msg was very good work to help me better define the problem and begin to work towards a solution. You are an awesome artist and teacher. Thank you!

  • This showed up at the top of my YouTube recommendation feed today (6/28/2020). It put a smile on my face. Even though it was released a year ago, it’s still a great work and it’s just a great feeling. Sometimes it’s like something down the digital rabbit gets it just right for me.
    On a side note, in a different context this would be very scary!

  • I didn’t know how deep I could go until I was three or four years old sitting in a tree. Thank you Sarah this uncovered so much.����‍♀️��

  • by any chance would anyone happen to know how many times you should listen to this meditation on a daily to weekly basis. To gain full benefits

    I was also wondering how long on average would it take a person to achieve results?

  • Sarah, you are amazing. You offer so much for wonderful reasons, and that is to help people heal themselves without having to pay $100’s of dollars, even $1000’s for their own self glory. I realised my self-sabotage was due to Polio at 10 months, going back at age 4 not having a bond with my mother, treated badly, emotionally and physically…I’m 65, with 3 marriages behind me…I kept it down for years, having sworn my mother wouldn’t see me cry…Since September 2019 I am seeing an amazing therapist/ healer…I use your wonderful words to supplement her work…I am blessed to have found you

  • It’s still shock me just how a number of people have no clue about Mofedest Miracle although many people understand the complete secrets to happiness, health, and success using it. Thanks to my personal mate who told me about this. I’ve know the real secrets laws of attraction.

  • Video: Do you think you’re sabotaging yourself?
    Me: Sweating bullets while sabotaging myself from letting my overbearing pride and one up issues from ruining my life.

  • Guys. learning the true secrets laws of attraction doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I will give you some tips right now. Look for a popular self-development system that designed by popular motivator called Mofedest Miracle (google it). Thanks to it I’ve understand see some improvements in my life especially financially. I should not even be speaking about it cause I do not really want a bunch of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I am just in a excellent mood right now and so I will share the wealth lol.

  • Sometimes I sit and think if we are just pawns on someone else’s chess board. I think of someone who made a legacy in this world and then think, “if they made it, then how many people had to fail or die to get that person where s/he is.” And then I think, “was that their whole life’s purpose? Just to assist the wo/man to achieve greatness and then be forgotten about?” Then I think, “not everyone can make a huge impact on the world so most people are just mere pawns to help a certain person achieve… so will I be like those people… a pawn… someone who has to die to help someone else create for themselves a legacy?” I thought of this time and time again. Someone comment what you think.

  • Thank you Sarah for this wonderful inlightment, it reminded me of my past mistakes that i wrote down in my diary, to never let my past history repeat itself and never to look back!. I’m now full of positive up lifting, each day i remind myself that i can’t control everything, I just need to let go a little, relax and have faith that things will worked out!. Each day i let go a little and don’t search too hard just let life happen, oneday my stars will align and everything will fall into place ❤☮✨����

  • Eye opening experience of a deeply traumatic event that has held me hostage in self sabotage for well over a decade. Thank you for your guided insights Sarah… your melodic voice is both comforting and soothing. Much appreciated and blessings always ����

  • This took me so deep..I conciously remember little but sure my sub concious soaked it all up..thank you sister for all you r wonderful meditations..much love..��

  • You self sabotage as a result of your self image. Your self image is like the thermostat of your results. keeping your results the same on average, be that your body weight, hygiene, income, health etc.
    when you make a change at the identity level, it is much easier to take new, better actions consistently

  • Sarah Abundantly Grateful Beyond Measure..❣ other words here����
    Sending Blessings to you and all your viewers Beyond measure����������������

  • Thank you i also deal with substance abuse an it’s time to walk a path of success.. dealing with things one step at a time. I believe is possible. Success is being alive having a place to live have family menbers who care an keep in contact with u. Work on your dreams no matter how small they are keep it working them one at time untill u reach your success

  • The thing with english language is that “I” is only one letter and always a capital letter. How do I write the I in a way that stands out the most? I need to accept what I can’t control. I wanted the “I” to stand out because I do this all to myself �� I kind of knew it for some time but this time the “gates” opened and the realisation has gone deeper. I do this all to myself! What a revelation, I’m literally shocked! Thank you for this video. I’m going to buy this book.

  • I am self sabotaging with food and finances and I am in a really really dark place and feel lost and hopeless about my future I am going to listen to this at home tonight. I need help and I’m scared that I will never pull out of this

  • Ive been tumbling rapidly and chaotically within a very very dark place since 2 years from a decision of preservation (as you out put it here) over 15 years ago. The last 2 years in my concious efforts to remove addiction to alcohol & substances from my life I’ve fallen even further. Every day my thoughts are on that subject and for the first time in my search for a meditation to help me I am in tears today after listening to you’re recording. I’ve been shaken as it’s bought deep realization and clarity to me in a way that’s made me relax and not feel tense about my efforts of recovery towards a better life. It’s Easter Sunday and I shall use this day with you’re words as a divine sign to halt my fall and look upwards towards from this vortex. Having WASTED nearest to £150,000 on self Sabotage I needed you’re words today. May the UNIVERSE AND ITS FIRCES BLESS YOU SND YOU’RE WORDS REACH IUT TO OTHERS IN NEED, TODAY, LIKE ME.

  • This month 2 years ago I was challenged to 3 nights of mindful meditation sessions, the forces brought me your sleep hypnosis videos then a 30 day challenge but I was hooked on day 2! I have explored your whole library and you have me for life. I’m happy to see your audience grow, aways amazing that you top the last session. This self sabatoge session was heavy, emotional but beautiful! My day after was super high energy I hadn’t had in months thanks!….. No more than 10 mins I’m still out like a grizzly for the winter from your sleep hypnosis list Thank you Miss Sara!

  • Thanks you for this. My trouble was starting when I was born and deepest self sabotage I remember I was then about 3 years old, so it was nearly 45 years ago… With your guided meditation I recovered it from ages 3 up to 7 with first time. Will continue.

  • Thank you so much for your work, these meditations are spot and work every time for me.
    You are really impacting humanity here.
    Love from South Africa

  • Watching the host heal is so amazing. He goes from a level of envy (self doubt) and moves towards an admiration and respect (higher security in himself). It’s self soothing to me. I recognize pieces of my growth in such. I love being human and being fallible. We all suffer from the same human condition in various forms. Love you all! hugs

  • Greetings From India! Beautiful Session, Truly Inspirational, The Meditation Helps In Identifying Our Negative Patterns, And Owning Up To Them In A Loving Way, And Understanding That These Are Our Fears And Insecurities Which Control Us. Often, We let Limiting Beliefs, Criticism Of Others Affect Our Thinking and Judgement About Ourselves And Life. We Undervalue Our own Worth. It Is Time We Release Such Negativity And Find Clarity And Purpose In Our Being. Self-Sabotage Is A Very Common Pattern That Holds Us Back From Living to Our True Potential. We Need To Strive Constantly To Overcome Such Thoughts And Behaviors And Aim To Realize Our Dreams! Thank You For This Wonderful Session! Love & Peace! Namaste! ������

  • Have to overcome being told, “you will be able to do it when you have enough experience”, but never allowed to get that experience.

  • Jess, I am so glad I found your channel. I try to end each day with a positive hypnosis or mediation session as I drift off to sleep and I just love each and everyone I’ve heard of yours! Your voice is soothing and your words fulfilling. This particular video I listened to a few times but last night I stayed with you, aka didn’t fall asleep, and really enjoyed your directions and I do believe that my subconscious is being molded in a positive direction. Thank you for all you do!

  • I’m extremely grateful for this meditation; it was an extremely powerful and transcendental experience for me. There was a phrase used towards the end that brought everything full circle for me. Namaste ��

  • I found this very beneficial, having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia recently (aged 66) I had fallen into the belief that this was the end of my life of enjoyment and being able to do things that I used to do, it left me miserable and feeling like an empty shell of the real me!
    After exploring the internet for help I found your channel and listened to some of your material that I thought maybe could help. I’m glad to say that it has helped with changing my mind set and has given me hope!
    I have been self destructive and have been guilty of thinking everything worst case scenario, I think that the most important thing I have learned is that my pain is not life threatening and with a positive mind set is not going to stop me doing MOST of the things that I want to do, I know that some things may be a bit out of reach until I get back into exercising my tired old bones back into a higher level of fitness.
    Having found hypnotherapy helpful in the past I knew that I should respond to it so it was just finding the right material to help, thank you so much for your videos, the ones I am now using are making a difference!
    I went out shopping with my wife this morning, the first time for a while, I used to hate shopping but today it was a pleasure for me to be able to do so!

  • I do not waste time, I do not take my mental emotional and physical health lightly, I pray, I am self compassionate n kind to others, all these help me stay ahead of the curve

  • Always amazing. Love your videos so much. You are one of few, that I truly appreciate and use nightly. You bring much peace and strength to a sad and broken soul. Thank you, from my whole heart.

  • My relationships. Having a core belief of never being good enough always makes me think that somebody will cheat on me or leave me again for another person. So I self sabotage great relationships to protect my heart.

  • Thank’s my Only God The Only Good One, for having closed the doors on my enemies and on that man, too!!! Thank’s my Only God The Only Good, because my enemies pursuit me but they are been googled by the water closing on themselves!!! Thank’s my God, The only Good One, because in my heart, it’s closing my door!..on all them who wants to hurt me and it hurts me to love and kind them, to give what ask and carry on with all their complete absence. Thank’s My Lord, because the door in my heart, it’s definatly closed on them!!! Amen!!!

  • Here’s a canundrum: what if I self sabotage being suggestible and letting other people dictate my life? What if cutting from empathy was the only way to become a leader, that serves my purpose? Instead of giving my purpose to others and loosing every time while I make them win…

  • Your amazing I’m a high a shiver as a great makeupartist in my work I’m stuck in personal and now decluttering in the process was brought up by schizophrenia mom kept me strict and alote of drama for 65 years but today starting control getting ready for change use to have all Narcissist in my life been alone 14 years was a workaholic now corona virus lock down allowed me to look inside myself I’m in a program ACOA children from alcoholics and dysfunctional family’s for ten years but the last two years no distractions allowed me to look deep inside myself last six months I’m doing better thank you so much I’m on the road now especially now with your knowledge @lorraineamicothemakeupartist

  • when you come from an abusive family and keep attracting abusive people, it s really difficult to work properly on Overcome Procrastination,

  • I appreciate the way Dr. Judy tied values (what you stand for) to priorities and decision-making. Your life will be more fulfilled as you nurture your values.

  • This brought me to extremely painful and deep places of my past. THANK YOU. Your video helped me to reveal to myself what I needed to remember and let go of. Incredibly healing.

  • I dont go out walk or hike any more out of fear of running into drama. Not only I stopped doing something I love my health has been affected.

  • I am curious if therapy works and what kinda therapy would be best. Growing up in a home where your emotional health wasn’t nurtured, side effects of being belittled and treated very harsh how to overcome this.

  • Nobody with $100 or less in the bank faces being fired as ‘wow, I didn’t like that job anyway…’ It’s NOT all about your attitude. Like Dave Chappelle said, I NEED THE MONEY.

  • Im over critical on myself all the time and idk hw to make it stop or balance it out so that i would know the things i did and nt over critical on myself and i procrastinate on myself alot

  • This was one of the hardest things to watch I ever seen. For no other reason than the fact that so much of what there talking about hits way to fuckin close to home.

  • Awesome conversation, thanks so much. I’m in all area of L.I.F.E… I gotta get that book for a better understanding of myself.

  • This whole video was gold and really helped me reflect on the areas where I self sabotage, but the self as a continuum concept at 21:46. I’m speechlessthat is something I really needed to hear.

  • I procrastinate all the time with school, getting started with my business, some household projects, consistently working out. But I am good with consistently overloading my mind with past mistakes or future disappointments.

  • That was hard. Cried a lot. I don’t know if this will help me but it felt really emotionally good to envision my mom, my dad, and older me with angel wings all hugging me and telling me it’s okay to make mistakes and they love me. I really hope this will help me. This was really painful to go through again in my mind but for years I’ve learned to block it out and be numb but clearly I’m not numb cause I act out and self sabotage in cycles. I’ve been on this journey all alone no family no nothing since I was 16 years old. I guess all I ever wanted was someone to hug me or my mom to be alive again or my dad to want me and love me. No family of any kind is a very lonely journey. It has prevented me from making friends, being socially awkward, and alcoholism. I try soooo hard not to think about it but I have states of horrible depression and loneliness. This just ripped that bandaid off unexpectedly. Even if that hug wasn’t really I sure just melted in utter emotional �� tears of this is all I ever needed.

  • Families fight because people do not get along.
    People want relationships and jump into them being to trusting and hopeful.
    It ends as we learn we are not either comparable, our needs are not being met or we have been used or lied to.
    Many people did not get the self discovery in personal development in childhood.
    Many look for meaning when they loose loved ones to death.
    Mortality and lonesomeness.
    Social structures herding people like cattle.
    Physiology an be good but it is not always right.

  • Fear of change fear of the unknown. Got it! Right on the money! A Lot of past trauma resulted in this fear. My subconscious kicked realization of this back to consciousness. Now to deal with it and keep it in check. #LIVEBESTLIFE

  • I destroyed myself because of my parents. Most talented educated yet most unsuccessful in life. Nothing serves me anymore. Bad in making money and building a great career. Working on it. Everyday life is a struggle. Starting my own family getting married soon and I am terrified. I wanna be a great mom, wife, also a great daughter & daughter in law. So much to do!!!!! Still got to work on myself.

  • I self sabotage as part of my disorder so it’s in all areas of my life and has a close relation to my crippling completion anxiety

  • I fell asleep and awoke in the middle of having a panic attack I gathered myself listening to the end and resonating with the self talk I deserve this….I definitely think something was rising to release but of course I stopped it…I guess I should listen again and sit up try to stay awake what do you feel happened? I sabatouged myself again?��

  • I hide behind humor. I have no life, wife, job, friends, or money.. On disability for depression.. situational and geographic. small town blues.

  • Words worth their weight in GOLD. Thanks a million, John!
    I am a new Health Insurance Advisor. I memorized an entire 45 minutes script rehearse it to myself many times, but could not rehearse it in front of my manager because of fear of failure.. So, I can not get on the phone and start dialing yet ):!
    Your videos opened my eyes to the real obstacle that is sabotaging my success. I will update this thread and tell you the rest of my story. My conscious mind is 1000% determined to succeed but the unconscious one is the monster I will have to defeat. Thank you again.

  • I got 4 As, 5 Bs, 3Cs, and 3Ds. How am I functioning at all?
    I think the Ds are because of the Cs. And the Cs are because I’ve had to unwillingly relocate several times in my life due to my visa status.

  • I can’t get a grip on my binge eating. Nearly a life long habit that is blocking me from a life I want. I don’t understand why I’m like this but willing to try this video out.

  • I’ve been having a problem replying to people because… idk it was my own way of keeping people away but I legit watched this… and (when I woke up) answered all my unopened messages. Thanks! Can’t wait to see what other negative habits you’ve helped me get over

  • I recognize that I procrastinate. Like I have a certification exam (which could totally level up my career) less than 1 week but for some reason I’m barely studying for it. I feel the block but I’m unsure why it’s here.

  • COMMUNICATing important information to CONNECTING TO OTHERS.
    Learning to communicate problems. Stop the “BOOMARANG” PROBLEMS. How to get aid. Assistance with the problems to get through a projects. Behavior change is needed. But what?

  • Guys all of that is good thank you… but… u may shoot in log and poorly color correct but… u are all aliens… skintones on ur vids are green… wich frankly doesn’t make you look very healthy, wich for such a channel is unfortunate… just color correct…correctly maybe? (it takes 5 minutes to change the skintone color, to match it with the wide cam and apply it to all the close ups…) Regards

  • I’m a self sabotage EXPERT! Grew up in a really scary home in a really racist town, so I learned all kinds of coping habits that don’t serve me anymore. Like never speaking up, never making myself the center of attention, staying small, etc etc etc.

  • For L, I kinda think the opposite in a way that if I am thinking that I am good at something, I procrastinate even more cause I have high pressure on my shoulders.

  • After delaying your work once you start delaying twice and then more. Consequently, you become a procrastinator in life, where you pull down your career, school or any other type of aspect of our daily life.

    In my case, I have experienced procrastinations a lot in my life. Moreover, at some point i became a loser of life. When I studied at school I would always leave my projects and homework at the last moment and that was decreasing my marks and relationship with the teachers and friends. Then when I started working I had a same issue, because of which i got fired.

     Thanks to the internet where I found many tips how to overcome procrastination. Basic ones are:

    1.Promise yourself a reward.

    2. Turn off your email and social media, and avoid sitting anywhere near a television while you work!

    3. Keep a To-Do List. This will prevent you from “conveniently” forgetting about those unpleasant or overwhelming tasks.

    And there is an amazing website which helped me with overcoming procrastinations—

  • Assalamoalaikom! You’re doing a very good job. ��. I always do self sabotage otherwise i’ll get hopeless and after that I’ll get some psychological problems.

  • I am most definitely self sabotaging. I have a very low self esteem and am always self doubting. I also have a little voice in me head telling me I’m not good enough. So how does one stop all this??

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  • I got hit in head with pick ax at age 6. It hasn’t affected me. I got hit in the head with pick ax at age 6. It hasn’t affected me. I got hit in the head with a..uh..lost train of thought.

  • I hear many people keep on speaking about Mofedest Miracle. But I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular law of attraction system that designed by well known motivator?

  • Free online CBT booklets my therapist sent me to use. They are good. I recommend also getting a therapist at least for a while, online options like Talkspace/Better-Help are relatively cheaper.

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  • Coach John, this video is very timely. I run accross video 2 and I followed til video 3. I am 41 years old, managing 2 small businesses, a toner cartridge company & a start up construction using wall panels. Due to lot of failures and wrong people I encountered and trusted this 2018, I lost a lot and drove me to a situation where I dont know what is stopping me to push through in which I am not that kind of man before. I hit a plateau for almost a year now. It’s my first time to hear about the Implicit Beliefs and it really hit me �� and “thankful” at the same time. Knowing the enemy inside me, the one sabotaging my success makes me really thankful above that I get to watch this video. Thanks so much coach. I’ll follow your advice. #Isubscribed ��

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  • Please send my your program how to achieve and break through with my mindset.. I desperately need to start believing in myself.Thank you for being there to help…Hashi

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  • What is Fivmanifest System and how does it work? I hear many people understand making a difference in their quality life with this popular personal development system that designed by well known life coach.

  • I had horrible past my childhood,adult’s abusive behaviour ruined me so badly.i could not tollerate this meditation.coz i could not think a positive things.i am socially awkward.feeling like failure and i dont have the guts to face outer world.coz i cant fight for my own right.i have become like ” taken for granted ” who always have lower self esteem and people pleasing type.i think.this meditation are making me overwhelming

  • Has anyone used the Mofedest Miracle to learning see some improvements in your life especially financially? Simply do a google search. On there you will discover a great tips about how you can learning making a difference in your quality life. Why not give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  • I love all your teachings!!!! I love the positive energy that Radiates thru your videos!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! You are truly an inspiration and you and Bob Proctor make this world a much better place!!!!

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  • When 2020 started I began with this system: I chose 6 areas of my life which I would like to improve and devote one day of the week to improve myself in one of those. For this month at least I chose:
    Monday: Pleasures.
    Tuesday: Academia.
    Wednesday: Aesthetics.
    Thursday: Body.
    Friday: Temperance.
    Saturday: Socialization.
    Sunday: Review what happened throughout the week and prepare for the next one.
    I can’t say it’s been perfect so far but I am making progress!

  • It sounds interesting. The alignment between conscious and unconscious mind or brain it apparently is the key to achieve goals. I would like to buy your program John. However i believe in God and I do not want to get confuse with this type of thinking that some of people call new era. I have seen some comments about your course you sell and I ‘ve read mostly negative expectations, Any way I bought some years ago your book called The Answer, and I THINK you really help many people to change their inner emotional and thinking state. That is the reason I would like to buy your program. I hope you can advice about this comment.