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Day 5: Active Recovery | Yoga Essential Flow

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How I recover as a runner: Easy Days versus Active Rest Days

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Active Recovery Workout Routine. Do this on Rest Days To Come Back Stronger In the Gym.

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Active Recovery Ultimate Guide: 5 Rest Day “Workouts” Have your Nerd Fitness Coach create a complete workout routine, including active recovery! Learn more here: Today, we’ll share with you the exact same lessons (click to jump to that section. 301 Moved Permanently. nginx/1.16.1.

10 Sample Active Recovery Training Workouts Choose up to 5 workouts for the week and make sure to take a couple of REST days too! Workout One Warm-up: 500m Row easy. 10 minutes foam roll 10 minutes dynamic stretching Workout: AMRAP 10 (as many rounds possible in 10 minutes) 10 Slam Balls or KB Swings 10 Burpees 10 Sit-Ups 10 Air Squats.

Planning an active recovery day Swimming. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that’s easy on your joints and muscles. Researchers think the water may Tai chi or yoga. Practicing tai chi or yoga can be beneficial for active recovery. Both help stretch sore muscles and Walking or jogging.

If you’re serious about changing your body and making gains at the gym, then active rest days are a must. Do this circuit on your days. A passive-recovery day means you’re not doing any physical activity, and the only time you really need one is when you’re injured or sick. Most of your days off should focus on active recovery, which involves low-intensity movement, like an easy bike ride or walking the dog, flexibility and mobility exercises, or foam rolling. These activities.

For serious lifters, rest days can be the absolute worst. Rather than enjoying the day off, we spend the free hours in torture, just imagining what we could do if we could get our hands on some weight. When that mindset takes over, rest days go out the window. We’re in the gym hour after hour, day after day in order to feed our inner iron demon.

Here’s a look at the advantages of taking regular rest days. 1. Allows time for recovery. Contrary to popular belief, a rest day isn’t about being lazy on the couch.

Rest days are important. They give you a necessary mental and physical break (and can help you get the most out of your workouts). But that doesn’t mean you should spend every rest day tending to your Netflix queue. (That’s right-rest days shouldn’t be spent on your butt.) Light exercise is perfectly fine and even helps you to recover faster. Examples of rest and recovery activities are walking, static stretch exercises (after a warm up and loosening up period), dynamic stretching, swimming, water running, and riding a bike.

Keep in mind that increasing respiration and heart rate to a level just slightly above normal and challenging your range of motion are generally good things to do almost any time.

List of related literature:

Note that recovery does not only mean days of rest without activity.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

For example, arms, shoulders, and abdominal muscles are exercised on day 1; legs on day 2; chest and back on day 3; and day 4 is a rest day.

“Science and Practice of Strength Training” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, William J. Kraemer, Andrew C. Fry
from Science and Practice of Strength Training
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Even though this routine allows six days of rest for each area of the body, it still subjects your body to six straight days of intense training.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
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Even on rest days, you can engage in active recovery, which is far more effective than passive, unengaged recovery.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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For advanced training (>3 days/week), it is recommended that a split routine be used (e.g., first and third day: upper body; second and fourth day: lower body).

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
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Note that an “optional second workout” is listed for most days.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
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The individual dedicates one day to an upper body workout and focuses on the lower body on the second day.

“Spinal Cord Injuries E-Book: Management and Rehabilitation” by Sue Ann Sisto, Erica Druin, Martha Macht Sliwinski
from Spinal Cord Injuries E-Book: Management and Rehabilitation
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Novice: whole-body training 2–3 days per week b.

“Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards” by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
from Sports Medicine: Study Guide and Review for Boards
by Jonathan T. Finnoff, DO, Mark A. Harrast, MD
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An exercise program of sufficient intensity does not require additional exercises for the patient on days they do not have therapy as rest for that specific muscle is necessary.

“Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook” by Andrew A. Guccione, Dale Avers, Rita Wong
from Geriatric Physical Therapy eBook
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Training principle Detail Comment Frequency Monday, Wednesday and Friday This program works well for a full-body workout being done three days per week.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
from The Essential Guide to Fitness
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  • I usually do an hour-long Vinyasa yoga flow on my rest days. I’m starting to wonder if it is much of a rest day though because I’m knackered after a Vinyasa class.

  • Now, let’s talk about these REST DAYS… Have you ever taken a rest day and actually felt WORSE than the day before when you were training?! Well, if you have, join the club because this is a very, very common symptom of extremely inactive days. When we are extremely inactive, our metabolisms slow, our brain produces fewer endorphins and consequently, we feel tired and lethargic. Just like over training, we want manage our rest days JUST like our work days, to ensure that we are getting MOST REJUVENATION out of each rest day. LET ME EXPLAIN:

    Firstly, comprehensive studies have shown that even after vigorous activity, low intensity exercise on “REST DAYS” has been shown to greatly improve recovery, mood and energy levels in athletes. This is why when I was a professional rugby player, the morning after a game, we would perform an active recovery and stretch routine. I personally, LOVED it! I felt as though it flushed the lactic acid out of my muscles, and most importantly prepared me for our next day of training!

    This is why I want to share a FULL ACTIVE STRETCH AND RECOVER DAY with you, so that you can do at home or in the gym on YOUR REST DAY!  It’s only 7 minutes and I promise if you give it a go on your “rest day” first thing in the morning it will energize you to smash the day. SO make sure you SAVE this workout and give it a go. I promise it be life changing!!!

  • I really appreciated this! Hope you do more active recovery and mobility flows like this one to recover! Felt amazing to mobilise, activate, and stretch with strength and dynamic movement!

  • Oh ma gosh I follow you on Instagram and love your page and I’m so happy I found your YouTube account. I had no idea you had one �� thank you for everything

  • This was so amazing! I found you by searching for “active recovery,” so this was my first time to try one of your workouts, but I thoroughly loved it and look forward to exploring some more of your channel. Thanks so much!

  • I don’t really do recovery days. a nd I think that is bad for me. I tend to do a 6 7 mile per day in a pretty high tempo 3.30 per Km,
    and I have some sore days when my 7 mile is done in a way slower time than 3:30 /km. And aI think I should do these recovery easy days. thanks for the info.

  • I looked hard for recovery day exercises. I’m glad I found your video. I have a shoulder injury and couldn’t do some stretches lying on the mat. I already do most of your stretches after I run and learned new ones today! Thank you so much.

  • Tom your videos are great! Just discovering you. I’m wondering if you have any ideas for promoting good spinal alignment? I think the squat position and hanging is useful but I don’t know if it helps with that at all. Also curious what if any experience you’ve had with chiropractors.

  • Do the British say “frew” for through? Sounded like that’s what he said, and I believe I’ve heard other British folks do the same thing.

  • I’ll do anything from some mellow basic core work, stretching and flexibility, pullups, pushup variations, dancing, a little jump rope.. which usually leads into handstand play, too, cuz I get inspired..! I keep the intensity low on rest days. It all depends on my energy and what I feel benefits my body the most.

  • I just found this video and girl I love youuuu!! I just started working out daily two weeks ago and a friend of mine suggested that I should work out three days and rest two. Well I can’t not do anything on the rest days, so I was thinking yoga or stretching. Found this and omg perfect. Stretches everything I need stretched. I feel fantastic ❤️

  • Yep, I’m those people who likes to hype up and feel like I’ve turn into a lazy person if I miss just 1 day of workout (even tho its just a rest day) so this video is great for my rest day.

  • Just found your channel�� dig it man. Nice style! Lookin forward to more posts and progress.

    Sweet shoes too dude. Ever tried the high tops?

  • Can’t believe how quickly your channel is growing. Great work and thoroughly deserved bro! Would you be able to do a video on scapula strengthening as this is something that I feel may unlock many moves for me. Thank you the amazing content!

  • Hey Caroline, loved the routine. And I just really love you as a person. You’re smile is infectious. Active recovery is so necessary. Its hard to stop. When you feel like progress means moving forward. But stopping, and stretching is also important every now and then! �� Thanks for the amazing routine. I’ll be back soon to do this more than once.
    Take care!

  • I recently took up dancing for 5 days a week, and this helped so much, both with recovery and for doing something on a rest day. Will be doing this on a regular basis. Thanks so much! New sub here.��❤


  • Thank you for a GREAT recovery workout! I struggle with rest days sometimes, but I will now be using this workout for recovery days when I’m too restless to just rest. It really felt like I was bringing nourishment to my sore muscles. Im going to subscribe and look at your other workouts too. Thanks again for the workout I’ve been looking for so long!!

  • This was so helpful to me during quarantine. My soccer was canceled so I found myself working out hard everyday and my body was paying the price. This helped me step back and get loose!

  • I do parkour, freerunning and flips, as well as street workout, calisthenics, and stretching, and everyday, I do jump rope, cycling, daily flips for instagram (@parkourayce almost 40K If you wanna watch them haha) and I do that everyday, I’ve stayed consistent for a solid 6 months now!

  • Hey Caroline! This is exactly what I was looking for, exactly what I needed to hear, and I feel exactly how I wanna feel after a routine like this. Thank you for time and kind words. And to answer your question, yes I do have a cozy recovery sweater.

  • I am a runner and I like what you did. However, I would like to see some stretches for the calves; they get very tide when you run a lot.

  • This is just what I needed today! Thank you! I always feel so much better after each of your videos. I discovered your videos in the fall after spraining my ankle, and your videos encouraged my spirit and kept me strong. I am grateful to have found your channel! You are a blessing!

  • It’s actually a problem for me once I’m in a routine I don’t want to do nothing for a day so I end up doing cardio. I should just go for a walk and stretch though thanks for the tips:)

  • Caroline this was a great video! The stretching was so relaxing AND it is so nice to hear someone actually talk about what to do on an active recovery day! I am a routine type of person so the time I have made for fitness and workouts in my day feels so “wasted” on rest days if I don’t do anything at allso thank you for giving us an active recovery day “workout”!!!

  • Yes I started watching you when I noticed your foot video you have pretty feet my question to you is after your workout do you put clean pair of socks and then just go hang out with your friends and then when you come home do your feet stink LOL for most people that have a foot fetish it’s the most peaceful fetish anyone can have but yet lot of people Market but I don’t care because feet women body parts is a gift from God and the scent is exactly what feet should smell like and yes you have very pretty feet love to see some close up foot workout videos

  • I’m so glad I found this!! I don’t really like yoga and breathing �� but still kinda enjoy this and really needed it! Plus, you’re soo nice and genuine and ahhh just feel so refreshed afterwards. Thank you!! Have a good day��

  • Mon-Sat my whole life revolves around being active. I’m a full time personal trainer 40hrs per week, I walk dogs 20hrs per week part time on my gaps, and I workout six days per week. Sunday is the only day I allow myself to be a lazy bum for the most part. I still get up Sun morning and do a 5 mile round trip walk to Starbucks for coffee. But the rest of the day I lay in bed fasting. LOL

  • Seth, love your advice and encouragement in that no matter what your pace is, you are still improving on your aerobic health which is the most important thing. I think an easy day would be more of jogging or even walking a few miles while an active recovery day is more of a smaller run and then doing some extensive stretching and exercising your whole body from head to toe. Again, love the videos!

  • If you’re into this primal-style movement training, you’ll love my FREE MOVER PRIMAL FITNESS Series. Click the link for a FREE guided workout:

  • Thanks! I went hard the last 4 days and I really needed to take a day off and this active recovery is just what I needed. Oh, I’m a 34 year old man too!

  • Absolutely loved this. I have started a new fitness boot camp and man I am stiff! I almost skipped out on this and I’m so glad i didn’t. I really loved how calm this made me. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this and I’m totally into it!

  • There is no such thing as overtraining. There is only under-recovery. Most people who think they overtrained simply don’t recover well enough. Rest days are important.

  • Thank you so much for this! Needed exactly this after being sick and not moving for a week! I was so stiff and sore….I will sleep better I am sure! Will be doing other videos!

  • Since you mentioned hanging as therapy, how do you deal with calluses? I’m been trying to hang more to build up my grip strength since that’s what is limiting me the most now and my hands are getting chewed up.

    As for my “rest” day, it usually ends up being yardwork, which feels like its own kind of workout.

  • Was a bit hesitant at first about just doing this but am so glad I did! My sore muscles feel so much better and I feel so relaxed. It was also so encouraging to hear you say it’s ok to take a rest day. I was feeling guilty for not doing more. Thanks girl!!

  • Hi, I came across your video searching for active recovery after hitting the weights yesterday! I loved each movement and they really helped me to flush out my sore muscles and breathe. I liked your positive attitude and instruction. Just one piece of constructive criticism, is I was a little distracted by the frequency of the commentary. It felt good when I received the instruction, a comment or two to guide me through the movement but then I could not fully focus/connect b/c I was then pulled back into more commentary. Don’t be afraid of pauses, they might seem awkward but it allows your viewers to feel their own space through the movements. Overall I loved this video and will check out more. Thank you so much! Xoxo

  • Just had a week off cuz i fell over while running to the outside gym, got walked and still did the dips, leg raises and pull ups had blood pissing out my knee and grazed my hands, fucking drop foot after a stroke is a bitch! So 4 days no exercise then some wthout bending the knee then a resistance band day which is my normal rest day and cook a meal for few days.
    Then went to the gym today and felt better did 3 pull ups first set first time for that, my target is 5 by the end of January.

  • I saw other video of your eating. If you are not trying keto diet but take sugar as the primary energy for body, the bullet proof coffee does not work properly but works like fasting meal. Probably you have known well already. I like your diet on video Day of Eating 6. These are very healthy appetizing meals!!

  • Hey Seth, just watching this as I’m injured at the moment but really comforting to hear you’re advice:D thanks for all that you do, you are truly awesome! ���� seek beauty, work hard and love each other �� ��‍♂️ ❤️

  • If I run a long slow day and if I follow that with another medium day, I find that running on the medium day will create a bigger improvement than if I rested the second day. This is based on two sets of this on two different weeks.

  • Awesome quick active recovery workout. My legs are shattered from a functional training PT session and a 8krun yesterday, after doing this I felt much better today on my day of and felt more loose and relaxed if that makes sense. Love it brother. �� Appreciate the knowledge. Much love from New Zealand and a Rugby Player myself. ��

  • Thanks for the tips Seth. As a streak runner I haven’t taken a day off in 806 days. My usual “rest” days are Monday’s and Friday’s with a slow 5k (my daily minimum). I have a mental block with the gym…I just loathe being in them. But will try some of these out to make my Monday an Active Recovery Day.

  • Absolutely loved this. After a hard work out day this felt amazing. This is going to become part of my rest day for a long time, Thank You!

  • I’ve been working out HARD. I was struggling to take days off, feeling guilty when I did, and burning tf out. I was so uninspired and unmotivated after my workout yesterday that I dreaded my rest day today. Until I finished this. I feel relaxed, renewed and excited for tomorrow’s workout!

  • I actually took a complete day off today, my calves feel tight after a tough tempo run and a long trail run with a good bit of vert yesterday. I foam roll everyday:) the tip is to stop on the tender areas for 30sec, then move a little and return for another 30sec if it still feels tender.

  • I don’t want to make my life about training so I actually rest on rest days and do nothing workout related. I need the break since school & chores are exhausting.
    If I add some mobility or hs on rest days my recovery capacity is compromised and it bores me to hell I tried it a few times. Still doing nothing workout related doesn’t mean to just sit aound all day. I like to stay active, pursue my other interests and socialize

  • Seth I just got the Pegasus 35 Nike for 79 dollars on Running Warehouse you inspired me to buy this shoe I was just waiting for a deal. Run on

  • Thank you for making this! I found it by looking up active recovery workout and found this. I really needed this, and I feel great now.

  • Move. I’ve been walking. My right knee gives me a hard time. Will try the exercise to strengthen knee. Wet snow makes great snowmen. God bless.

  • QoD For me, an “Easy Day” is a non-workout or long run running day…like 6-8 miles at a nothing-fancy pace. And an “Active Recovery Day” is running 0-3 miles and going to the gym to lift. I do my regular pre-run dynamic warm-up every morning (regardless of how much I’m running), and foam roll and stretch nightly. I can’t skimp on that “little stuff”, or BOY do things get tight!

  • Good podcast. Glad you asked his take on Carnivore. I am very pro carnivore and think Shawn Baker and Paul Saladino make great points, but I also don’t see the need to eliminate fruit and vegetables all together if they aren’t adversely effecting me. I eat mostly carnivore but also need to mix it up once in a while with a big salad or piece of fruit here and there in the summer time in Florida.

  • Interesting you felt sore/tiered after a long fast effort in the adios. I run a lot with adios and have done for 3 years but very little over 10 miles apart from racing the half. I randomly done 18 miles a few weeks back in them and felt fatigued the next couple of days, I have done the same distance or longer since in Boston’s and felt nothing like the same level of recovery was required.

  • active recovery for me is weights and yoga, which actually incorporates a lot of the stretch and balance movements you use. Easy is anything under 5 miles. Love the mizunos, I currently run in the inspire and wave rider. Today, a 5 miler in the beacons, first run in shorts and T shirt since last fall woo hoo! Spring!

  • Easy days are 4 miles 8:30 9: 00-minute pace. I’m really trying to slow down and get above that 9: 00-minute pace. Active recovery days are typically just working with resistance bands for my legs and push up and pull ups for upper body and core!

  • Love the enthusiasm! I’m a fan of the channel. Started running recreationally recently and love my Mizuno wave inspire 14s. I also foam roll everyday! Lost 65 lbs with burpees and change in diet. Now I’m finding my love for running with help from your channel!

  • Move!

    QD: As a beginner I’m just getting into active recovery/rest days. I use one day out of the week as an easy cross training day/ active recovery and I think it’s propelled me to become a better, more efficient runner. My rest day (once a week) I’ll wear compression sleeves and put my feet up and just take it easy! More than just a physical rest, it also serves to help me from becoming burned out.

  • I love the wave plate technology from Mizuno and actually run in the wave sky 2 as my long recovery shoe, but have never liked the overlays and have always wanted them to get into a knit upper. They’re also such a durable, workhorse brand.

  • Wow you’re amazing! I have to be honest, I felt like you were too much energy for me. However quickly through your video, I felt like I absorbed that energy and was feeling more positive and actually resting/healing my body. Thank you! Happy New Year to you!!!!

  • Thumb up for you Tom!
    My everyday routin is some yoga vinyasa flow recently. Feel quite good and stronger in core than ever before just because of this excersises. Do you follow guy named TrainingPal?

  • You are inspiring me to do more on my rest days! I usually hike on one of my rest days (as well as one of my workout days). On the other rest day, I give myself permission to just laze around (I still work on that rest day…and my work is somewhat physical)

  • This workout was exactly what I needed today. Many many thanks for sharing. Will definitely repeat that routine in my next rest day. Cheers.

  • I’ve started doing some yoga movements on my rest days (and workout days as well, but not as much) and it is not easy as it looks. Requires a lot of balance to perform some movements.

  • I was looking for something a little different than yoga for my AR day. Glad I found your channel! Thank you for the upload! I ate breakfast already, but I plan to do this after my stomach settles. I am doing the 21 Day Fix Real-Time workouts from Autumn Calabrese! I am ending my first week today. I am really proud of myself for keeping up with her this week. I’m taking it one day at a time:)! Hope you have a blessed week!

  • On my off days (or what I call active recovery days) I usually go for a walk, I may cycle as my mode of transportation, I’ll do some light stretching, I have a dance sesh in my room, or fun something fun to do (like adult versions of recess). I may try and do some of these exercises as well.

    Great vid.

  • Perfect! I’ve been doing a deep water aerobics class twice a week and my shoulders have been so tight. Thank you and Im sending your link to my girlfriends who are taking the class too.

  • Love your videos Tom been a fan for a while! Please keep it up! Totally agree that you have to mix things up and include plenty of fun I like to include some Parkour play, and Ninja Warrior training:-)

  • Speaking of rest, could you do a video on sleep? Like your thoughts on setup/bedding, sleep position, length of sleep, monophasic vs biphasic, blue light, optimal time to go to bed and get up ect?

  • This active recovery workout became the all time favorite in my list. Routine stretches a body from head to toes. I like the feeling after: so relaxed and in peace. Many thanks, Caroline, for sharing this video. Keep up great work:)

  • Great vid, also just watched your “what is my job” video very jealously while on my lunch break at my 9-5 office job. Very motivating to see that the youtube/training life is possible here in the UK!

  • in my rest days i like to go to trampoline parks, or juggling, or basic flex, work on balance, slackline, easy animal movement, some capoeira moves, basic parkour tech like rolling, etc etc, it depends in how much i feel i need to rest and wich joints. rest is part of the training and its a really important thing, the only time i do nothing is when i need to rest the mind, like after 3 months of daily training.
    sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish xD thanks for the videos, love your content (including instagram), love from mexico <3

  • you, Sir, earned my sub. your movements and your looks seem to hold up with what you teach. both makes it authentic content. keep it up ��

  • This is the absolute best active recovery workoutI ever did. I’ve been doing full body HIIT routines for around 3 weeks now and this hit all the sore spots perfectly! I am so glad I found this channel, you were so nice and cheerful and the instructions made it easy to follow with the correct form. Thank you so much!

  • Hey Tom! If I train the FL 3 times a week according to the project planche protocol, would doing 3 times a week GTG for the isometrics be effective as an addition? Great video btw!

  • Coming from a fellow runner, how are you able to buy so many shoes on a budget? I would like to train in more expensive shoes but I just don’t have the money to invest in the real beasts of the running shoe market. Thoughts?

  • Thank you so much for this recovery video. Loved the whole workout but also your comments about rest and how important it is for a healthy and active life. Thank you!

  • I really enjoyed it thank you,i have just started up fitness and I’m trying to keep up to it,after two days cardio and workout,today i was feeling drained,but your streching really did me good,thanks�� you have an new subscriber�� keep it up xx

  • i wish you could speak spanish lol……. you dont have an idea of how much english im learning with you!!!!!…… Me at the gym with dudes: I love hand balancing…… my colleagues: what???? Me thinking: which is the word in spanish….. fuck!!! dont know.!!!!

  • I am beginner just starting calisthenics I train three days a week I want to start working on skills is it a good idea to start training skills early on my rest days i really want to do the l sit handstand and front lever progressions

  • Great video, Tom! I’ve been the same way the past few months(only hitting upper and lower twice a week) and seeing not only great strength increases, but a lot of aches and pains I had trying to force 6-7 days a week of training are gone!

  • I feel so good right now. Thank you �� You’re a great instructor. Loved it. Did you see the rays of light in your room towards the very end as if nature was happy with it too! ❤

  • This is great, what are some good ballistic stretches to incorporate for a warm up session or morning wake up routine? Or maybe like a lower body ballistic stretching to warm up on upper body days and vice versa, just an idea.

  • Heading back to normality here in Minnesota.. still using your movements every morning for strengthful mindfulness. Huge support and love coming from here!

  • i have just found your videos on line, GREAT MATERIAL! I learn a lot from you, I will be writing my comments about my progress and what I think of your routines, my respect for you, Greetings from Mexico, Puebla city!

  • I have a freeday instead of a rest day and basically do the same as you. Play with different movenents, practice skills, and do watever I want really.

  • Thanks for sharing the exercises I am increasingly interested in strength, flexibility and balance.

    QD I usually go for a relatively easy run (I don’t often manage to go any slower than 9 minute pace though), and then try to spend longer than usual stretching and doing other exercises. I do all of that at home at the moment, but am considering joining a gym.

    NB when you were discussing the London marathon in the live stream, I think that someone said that the time difference between you and the UK is 6 hours. While that’s correct at the moment, we have a daylight savings change coming up at the end of March in the UK, so the difference will be 7 hours.

  • This was AWESOME! I am a pretty active person and workouts are extremely important for my mental health. It’s hard for me to have a rest day and not feel terrible about myself. This was just what I needed and will definitely be implemented regularly from now on. Also, the real talk during the stretches was pretty nice ��

  • My body feels great after this workout, especially my hips, neck, and back. I can feel that my body has loosened up now that I’m walking around.

  • I think your method is great and I am going to adopt some of the workouts. And by the way I love this video it explains to us a lot of what u do which I love!!!!!

  • Hey Tom! First off thanks for all you share!!! I’ve learned so much over the past year or so just from your channel. So I have a somewhat rest day related question… I’ve been doing your loaded middle split and front split routine 2 days a week, but I do them both on the same days… is there any reason you shouldn’t do them on the same day? Thanks!

  • My week:

    Monday: “Rest”
    Tuesday: Squat x 4s x 9r
    Wednesday: “Rest”
    Thursday: Squat x 5s x 7r
    Friday: “Rest”
    Saturday: Squat x 7s x 5r
    Sunday: Squat x 10s x 3r

    On “rest” days I spend 20 minutes on parallel bars, hanging and stretching with a lot of scapula work.

  • “So you can give back to your body so you can pursue your fitness goals without sacrificing your health.”

    Thank you for that. Sometimes I forget that I exercise for health and to feel good. Not superficial goals. And that it’s important to focus on being kind to my body if it’s not up for an intense workout.

    Optimal health IS and will always the fitness goal. Thank you for this video