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Mindfulness Meditation A Complete Guide With Techniques & Examples

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Mindfulness for Beginners

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A Nerd’s Guide to Mindfulness: Be More Mindful With These Steps By Dan Schmidt • Last Updated: April 17, 2017 • 50 comments This is an article from Team NF’s Mental Health Professional (and father of 3), Dan Schmidt. A Nerd’s Guide to Mindfulness: Be More Mindful With These Steps This is an article from Team NF’s Mental Health Professional (and father of 3), Dan Schmidt. Ever heard of “living in the moment,” been told to “stop and smell the roses,” or to just “go with the flow”?

This is an article from Team NF’s Mental Health Professional (and father of 3), Dan Schmidt. Ever heard of “living in the moment,” been. Source https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/a-nerds-guide-to-mindfulness/. This is an article from Team NF’s Mental Health Professional (and father of 3), Dan Schmidt. A Nerd’s Guide To Mindfulness” I diminished the recipe-updating wagon for concerning 2-3 months, yet I wish to get caught up through my 53rd special day with any kind of luck.

I offered this this evening as well as all of us adored that. A Nerd’s Guide to Mindfulness: Be More Mindful With These Steps https://bit.ly/3cj7YO9. PS: Make sure you check out A Nerd’s Guide to Mindfulness for more tips and tricks on living in the here and now. ### Gif source: Mystique, Smiling Brain, Mortal Kombat, Anakin Skywalker, Wolverine in rain, Spider-Man, Homer, Spoon. photo source: Rob Young:Lego X-Men – Professor X, Laughing Buddha, Stew Dean: Armillery Spher. Arnold Schwarzenegger This Speech Broke The Internet AND Most Inspiring SpeechIt Changed My Life. Duration: 14:58.

Alpha Leaders Productions 8,081,881 views. A Nerd’s Guide to Mindfulness: Be More Mindful With These Steps This is an article from Team NF’s Mental Health Professional (and father of 3), Dan Schmidt. Ever heard of “living in the moment,” been told to “stop and smell the roses,” or to just “go with the flow”?A Nerd’s Guide to Mindfulness: Be More Mindful With These Steps access_timeApril 17, 2017.

A Nerd’s Guide to Mindfulness: Be More Mindful With These Steps This is an article from Team NF’s Mental Health Professional (and father of 3.

List of related literature:

Part 3 of the book offers a comprehensive look at the two foundational practices of mindfulness training: sharp focus and open awareness.

“One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness” by Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, Gillian Coutts
from One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness
by Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, Gillian Coutts
Palgrave Macmillan US, 2016

And last but most important, this book also includes lots of high quality, downloadable mindfulness exercises.

“Mindfulness For Dummies” by Shamash Alidina
from Mindfulness For Dummies
by Shamash Alidina
Wiley, 2020

The rest of this book is about cultivating mindfulness.

“The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems” by Ronald D. Siegel
from The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems
by Ronald D. Siegel
Guilford Publications, 2009

I also love Exercise 8: Elemental Cleansing Meditation, from this book.

“The Outer Temple of Witchcraft: Circles, Spells, and Rituals” by Christopher Penczak
from The Outer Temple of Witchcraft: Circles, Spells, and Rituals
by Christopher Penczak
Llewellyn Publications, 2004

I authored the book The Answers Within, and articles related to mindfulness in the undergraduate experience.

“Holistic Healing: Theories, Practices, and Social Change” by Peter A. Dunn
from Holistic Healing: Theories, Practices, and Social Change
by Peter A. Dunn
Canadian Scholars, 2019

Although there are a number of insightful books describing introversion and helping introverts find self-acceptance, this book departs from the majority of them in where I suggest we locate the source of healing.

“Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture” by Adam S. McHugh
from Introverts in the Church: Finding Our Place in an Extroverted Culture
by Adam S. McHugh
InterVarsity Press, 2009

None of these are true examples of mindfulness —at least in the way that I’ll be using the term in this book.

“Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm” by Thomas Armstrong
from Mindfulness in the Classroom: Strategies for Promoting Concentration, Compassion, and Calm
by Thomas Armstrong
ASCD, 2019

You can also access three unique articles about mindfulness, in addition to this book.

“Mindfulness For Dummies” by Shamash Alidina
from Mindfulness For Dummies
by Shamash Alidina
Wiley, 2014

If you are looking for some easy, interesting practices to add to your daily mindfulness routine, you might also take a look at his Five Good Minutes series of books coauthored by Wendy Millstine (New Harbinger).

“Coping with OCD: Practical Strategies for Living Well with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” by Bruce M. Hyman, Troy DuFrene
from Coping with OCD: Practical Strategies for Living Well with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
by Bruce M. Hyman, Troy DuFrene
New Harbinger Publications, 2008

I wanted this book to be written in such a way that it is easy to understand how mindfulness is cultivated in relation to all of the approaches presented here.

“Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: Theory and Practice” by Jared D. Kass, Ellen Mullin, Janet Surrey, Joel Gluck, Merryl Rothaus, Nancy Beardall, Bonnie Gabriel, Debra L. Kalmanowitz, Anna Lagomaggiore, Schwanbeck, Sidney Trantham, Zoe Arlene K. Avstreih, Jennifer Tantia, Michael Franklin, Lucia Minerbi, David Payne, Caroline Peterson, Gabriella Ventrella, Karin von Daler, Shaun McNiff, Laury Rappaport, Pat Allen, Paola Luzzatto, Patricia Isis, Jürgen Fritsche, Fiona Chang, Daniel Herring, Emily Tara Weiner, Denise Grocke, Gemma Oldrini, John Fox, Carolyn Van Dort
from Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: Theory and Practice
by Jared D. Kass, Ellen Mullin, et. al.
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013

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  • I started practicing mindfulness meditation about two years ago. Since then, for the first time in my life, I started to notice all this negative chatter in my head. I feel like, mindfulness meditation opened a door, which I better didnt open, because I feel worse since then.

    Is this normal that you feel worse after starting mindfulness? Is awareness about the voice in your head just the first step to enlightenment?

  • My mom did this to me, but instead of using a bell, she used an animal sacrifice, in the middle of climaxing. Yup, she sent me an orgasm via the 3rd eye. I’ve been violated in every way possible. Of course, everyone just thinks I’m crazy.

  • I honestly think it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried. It seems so simple, yet my mind wanders off and starts having conversations without my even noticing it’s doing it!

  • There are hundreds, or maybe thousands, of science behind the positive results of mindfulness and meditation.  His guided meditation is just one example. There are many others.  But it is a really useful tool for everyone.

  • I followed along. I didn’t feel it. Should we ask the experts what type of internet connection is needed to transmit these “good vibes”?

  • So mindfulness is magic? Can we get the New Age BS out of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness? All of those disciplines are are good techniques but there’s no magic involved.
    Do you want to practice mindfulness? Just set aside some time every day to be courageously and honestly mindful of what you’re feeling, it will help you deal with it and you’ll move forward. Not magic, just good mental practice. While I’m far from being a Christian, and I don’t want the ten commandments anywhere near public schools, I also don’t want some New Age wanker teaching elementary school children that magic is real. What we want to teach children are scientifically based methodology for determining what’s real, true, and right. For example TH Huxley said, what we claim to know or beleive should be founded on articulable scientific grounds. THAT will change the world!

  • Scott!! I sent my mom my good energy as what you suggested from this video. As soon as I ended watching the video, the phone rang. It was my MOM!!!! Incredible, thank u. It was such a beautiful feeling this wonderful power of mindfulness. She means the world to me ��

  • I’m not the first to say this, but meditation has changed my life! I only wish I started living kindness meditation earlier instead of only zazen. Seeing those changes happen in real life in myself really fortified the idea that I can train my mind and take control of who I am and what I want to be! Thanks buddhas!

  • We can’t change what happens in the world.
    WE can change what happens in life

    We can feel good or we can feel bad. The option to feel good belongs to me, it does not belong to the world.

  • In June 2016, I launched an online petition, with the hope of seeing the Mindfulness program removed from my child’s public elementary school. With the petition, I also hope to see the Mindfulness program, MindUP program, etc. removed from all other applicable Canadian public schools. Please check out the petition here https://www.change.org/p/minister-of-education-please-remove-the-mindfulness-program-from-canadian-public-schools

  • i am so much distracted at this moment of my life that i had watch your video 3 times to understand mindfulness.. my mind is wandering off so much that i can feel it…

  • Is the goal to focus on the breadth? Once I am focused on meditating, should my mind be clear? Or what should I feel when I achieved zen?

  • Hi Doug! Recently I discovered that sati is the Sanskrit word for mindfulness. I thought that samatha meant mindfulness. I understand the differences between samatha and vipassana but, what about sati and samatha? Thank you so much!

  • I’ve been using mindfulness to recover from severe OCD… its had Enormous effects on my mental health…. after a little over a year of constant practice… its like im literally in a different reality…… but its that im in reality.

    I will give my 2cents here… forget practice at least in the long term.. formal practice to get started can be beneficial… just make a choice to start living in the present…. whenevr u notice urself getting lost in thought..bring yourself back to the present.. eventually you will just be living parallel to all of your thoughts all of the time…. this will seem very strange at first… then all of your thoughts will fade away… and u will be present…. its no longer a practice… its the way u are…. although ppl want to make it seem enlightenment is like this near impossible journey… its really not… if i can do it having a debilitating mental health disorder anyone can.. however if ur not suffering greatly u may not see the need to put in the work. As u may be content where you are.

    Id add that longterm mindfulness practice and living in the present moment can be a horrifying journey at times… if u have been lost deeply in the mind…. losing that sense of self and facing reality as is… can be disturbing…. you will be way more aware of what goijg on around you all the time.. largely you will see that may be negative… this has been my greatest struggle… seeing the world we live in… is truly insane… i think this is what leads to compassion and kindness… because… thinking is really an escape and an addiction.. a way to get thr hell out of relaity and dream of a better moment… that often leads to anxiety, depression and loss of focus… and regardless of what is in the present moment.. its your life… good or bad.. be there… besides if its a bad moment… it shall soon pass….

    Best of luck everyone

  • If you’d like to learn more about early Buddhism from a contemporary perspective, check out these courses for a deeper dive into the dharma: https://onlinedharma.org!

  • Hi Leo! I have a question. What should I do when for example: I start doing a 10 second cycle on the feeling of anxiety. I note it, lable it, and savour it, but after 10 seconds i can still feel it as the most intense feeling in my body? should i try and pick up a different stimulus or do cycles on the anxiety untill it dissipates. Sometimes the feeling of anxiety can last up more than one hour. I would really appreciate it if you or someone would answer. Thank you

  • I could understand that the path to Nirvana is directly connected to right mindfulness.
    However, I made a video to practice mindfulness quickly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQsxovCJR4M

  • These comments are disheartening. Mindfulness isn’t a cult. Every person in the world of every religion (or lack thereof) can practice mindfulness. Just look it up in a dictionary, it has nothing to do with cults. Cults and religions brainwash people to hold power over them and get money from them, mindfulness is just a way to connect to yourself and your surroundings.

  • I’m trying to quit smoking and every time I feel an urge I pull myself back to this video and the urges are able to just pass right by. I’m so grateful.

  • i do not do sitting meditations anymore and I have talked to to her that do not wither. just try and remember to be mindful. be aware of your emotions that stem from your feelings. if you get mad for example fine, but pause, and do not allow those feelings to turn into yelling or come outwardly and turn into a ugly thing.

  • The problem with contemporary translations of the word “Sati” as mindfulness is a bit questionable because in the suttas it doesn’t state that we’re “in the moment”, but that of keeping sth. in mind

  • Another awesome video, Doug! It’s fascinating (and a little scary) to realise how little control we have over our thoughts. One thing that’s been interesting to me in my studies of late is how recent a phenomenon within daily Buddhist practice mindfulness is. I’m reading Erik Braun’s book, The Birth Of Insight, and it’s really interesting to note that mindfulness meditation, something that I and no doubt many others considered to be a core practice of Buddhism its very foundation, even only entered the mainstream of Buddhism so to speak over the last 100 years. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on that why, if we’re to believe mindfulness is a core part of early Buddhism and early Buddhist doctrine (detailed within the Satipatthana Sutta, embedded within the 8 fold path etc) has it taken so long to become a key part of the practice? And whether it had once, within early Buddhism, a more central focus, which over time just got lost. Thanks as always for what you do on this channel:)

  • I’ve struggled with mindfulness for 3 or more years now. Its seeing the thoughts as thoughts that’s my problem. I’ve always been such a deep thinker and I find if I cant see my thoughts as mental events it messes up the rest of my practice including meditation.

  • Hi I found a place where there are lot of new meditation tips available online. All you have to do is type: “MindYoga4U” in Google. It will be very useful for you.

  • Great video. Doug, can the practice in Buddhism also include non meditation mindfulness? What I mean is that we can incorporate mindfulness into our every waking moment to give us that space and preemptively handle events that can otherwise cause us to react thoughtlessly.

  • I TBH haven’t really mastered mindfulness I get mild anxiety & sometimes I can’t detach well from thought which can be tricky even if I repeat a MANTRA SAYING I AM NOT MY MIND I AM NOT MY BODY but leo went into practical depth which helps me tremendously THANK Y��u ��

  • This question is sent with so much love, but I need to just ask,
    I asked that due to me being ona lot of strong medication like opid in some sort too due to pain can it affect me opening my third eye? Ive been following you’re channel for months & ive asked you this before but got no answer also in email no answer after the 1 saying that your team will come back with a answer for me, I feel like im staring to go through a enlightenment phase & I need some clarity into this please, Would realy,realy, love a answer back Thank you Paula♡

  • You are trying to get your religious cult beliefs into our schools. If you want to bring back the ten commandments I’m all for it but bringing in cult beliefs is pure evil and is leading our kids down a dangerous road.

  • For whoever reads this✨: You are worthy. You are smart. You are capable. You are beautiful. You matter. You freaking rock! Now go spread your magic light��✨�� This is a sign, follow your heart, be your awesome self, the world needs just you�� ps. small youtuber here✨

  • He explains these concepts of mindfulness so well not just in the talk but his app and book too. Really has, and still is, changing my perspective of life and benefiting those around me.

  • Start every day with a smile ��, and get it over with it. Now you know what to do, I know you’re gonna have a great one.
    Thanks to the creator for this awesome video

  • you can’t you can’t control things that happen in your life but you can control how does how those things affect you and your mindset and with me meditation you take 30 seconds away from your normal day life to reflect on those thoughts so they don’t overcome you.

  • 2:50 and I wanted to smash my head against a wall. I got my own problems and here you are reminding me for two and a half minutes that, Yep, it’s as bad out there as in my own head. So, no from me.

  • Thank you for this great video.
    I listened to this everyday when I first started mediating and now that Im getting back into the practice of mediation I have come back to help get me started in mediating well again to make it a life long habit.

  • Muje india mai rah kar english bol ne valo sakht nafrat hai keyo ki ya ha sab log hindi jyada jante hai to apko hindi mai baat jayada karni chaheye. Understand that…..

  • Mindfulness and Happiness: a different perspective from affective neuroscience.

    Being in the moment, or being mindful, has as its major entailment a state of rest, which affectively is a pleasant state. However, happiness, if defined empirically as a combination of pleasure and arousal, requires but a simple modification of mindfulness practice to elicit both affective states, and can easily be mapped to simple neurologic processes.

    Hypothesis and proof below.

    HYPOTHESIS: Dopaminergic activity will stimulate endogenous opioid systems when the latter are in a non-suppressed state.
    EXPLANATION AND ‘PROOF’: Activity that involves continuous positive act/outcome discrepancy or novelty (productive or meaningful behavior) while the covert musculature is inactive (a resting state) will result in heightened feeling of pleasure and arousal, or ‘eudaemonia’, ‘flow’, or ‘peak’ experience. This derives from the observation that neuro-muscular tension (or stress) inhibits endogenous opioid (pleasure) release, while relaxation accentuates it, the latter permitting opioid systems to be further stimulated by dopaminergic activity (arousal) elicited by meaningful behavior.
    The reason this explanation does not appear evident from general observation is that its counterpart as ‘flow’ or ‘peak’ experience is described through literary metaphor and not scientific language and obscures the independent and dependent measures that accurately describe it. The virtue of this explanation is that it is easily testable by anyone. Just get into a relaxed state (mindfulness protocols are the best way to do this) and then exclusively pursue or anticipate pursuing productive activity for periods of a half hour or so, and voila, you will have a flow or eudaemonic experience. It is that simple.

    I offer a more detailed explanation in pp. 47-52, and pp 82-86 of my open source book on the neuroscience of resting states, ‘The Book of Rest’, linked below.

    This above book is based on the research of the distinguished neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, a preeminent researcher and authority on dopamine, addiction, and motivation, who was kind to vet the work for accuracy and endorse the finished manuscript.
    Berridge’s Site and his article from ‘Scientific American’ magazine on the neuroscience of happiness

    Meditation and Rest
    from the International Journal of Stress Management, by this author

  • I am confused. Should I void meditate (focus on nothing) or simple meditation? or mindful meditation? I really need to get started for the first time. Please help me. I am motivated and ready to practice alot.
    I am suffering from chronic depression, anxiety and zero happiness.

  • I have been extremely anxious lately, and hate the idea of doing something like this but i gave it a try (just so i can see what could help) and it really did help me a lot. It didnt even feel like 10 minutes! By the end i thought it was only going to be halfway through ��

  • Please I want to know a simple thing: why just for 10 seconds??
    when I was doing it with you I hope you’ll keep it a little longer. ( is this just me or what I just said sound another meaning?? ) I didn’t mean that by the way.
    Thanks leo

  • i love your videos but am confused on one thing: how do i physically meditate? would it be best to sit down and focus on the breath with a certain goal in mind to achieve in that session, or is it better to turn on a guided meditation specific to the emotions you are feeling? thank you

  • does fulfillment could affect negatively the creativity level or maybe diminishes a sort of good emotion that can lead someone to great results?


    -Mindfulness is experiencing reality literally, exactly as it is.

    Three components of mindfulness
    1)Focus Your ability to put your attention selectively on certain sensations within your awareness.

    2)Sensory clarity How clear are you about the raw data that’s actually being perceived by your mind.

    3)Equanimity The ability to experience an emotion or a sensation or any phenomenon and not be affected by it, and not react to it in an emotional way

    -Do it in cycles (10 second cycles roughly).

    Three main modes through which you experience things seeing(with your eyes), hearing(with your ears) and feeling(with your body).

    1)Seeing-note(that its there),label(‘see’-the channel which you are looking through),savor(the colors and shapes,minus all judgements.
    and other facts for 5-7 seconds).

    2)Hearing-note(that there was/is a sound),label(‘hear’the channel which you are hearing through),savor(through your short term memory of the sound, if it was short,

    otherwise savor the continuous sound for 5-7 seconds).

    3)Feeling-note(notice it: to notice is to put your attention on it, because your attention could be wandering all over the place),label (‘feel’), savor(for

    5-7 seconds, no one cares if you like the sensation or not, judgements don’t matter here).

    -All above was INNER.

    (outer and inner are distinction we ourselves are making here, these are not existential or ”given to us by god”)


    1)Inner seeing through imagining (like a big red apple).

    2)Inner hearing through hearing the internal dialogue, like an earworm in your mind.

    3)Inner feeling feeling emotions like anger, excitement, happiness, loneliness course through your body (be careful that something like your heart beating

    is also an outer feeling, like bodily sensations discussed above).

    Run the note, label and savor cycle here too.

    -Smell and taste are outer feelings as well.

    -Really, we’re only using three labels here see, feel and hear, when you’re labeling you’re not gonna be concerned about whether its outer

    or inner, the labels are just gonna be those basic three.

    -How do you do this practice?

    Set a timer for 20 minutes, and then whatever your mind finds, put it into focus and run a cycle on it (of about 10 seconds), then you mind will find something,

    run a cycle on that then. Keep doing this for 20 minutes. If you mind wanders off in fantasies or stories in between, bring it right back.

    If you want to get a little bit more advanced here, you could limit the range of what you will let your mind focus on. The most basic practice is to

    allow the range to be everything, to be sights and sounds and feeling, outside or inside. More advanced is to for example to limit yourself to just sights

    or just sounds, or just feelings, or just the inner, or just the outer, or both the inner sounds and the outer sounds, or just thoughts (thoughts are

    inner sounds + inner images), etc. The basic practice is really effective though, where you let loose, you don”t necessarily have to advance.

    -What do you do if 2 or more phenomenon come up simultaneously? Basically, act on the one which is the most salient, or anyone of your choice.

    Eg. Itch on your foot and the word ‘Itch’ on your mind come up simultaneously.

    -What happens if I’m observing a phenomenon and trying to run the cycle but the phenomenon disappears (example you’re listening to a chirping bird,

    you’re trying to savor but then the bird stops or flies away)? Just Notice that the bird/sound stopped, and savor the memory of it that you have.

    You can use a special label like ‘gone’ notice the stopping, label ‘gone’ and you can then also savor the ‘goneness’.

    -What happens if the phenomenon changes? You can stay with the change, whatever the previous thing changed into, and just observe the fact that it changed.

    -If you don’t know what a sensation or feeling is, can’t exactly label it like if you’re confused if it’s fear or just a pain, no worries, you’re allowed to

    guess and you don’t need to be 100% accurate with your labeling, its even okay if you miscategorize something at first over time you will get better and better

    and start having less doubts.

    -If a phenomenon is too short, you can work using it’s short term memory.

    -You don’t need to analyse your inner dialogue of labeling, like labeling ‘hear’ and then labeling that too, those labels are just tools.

    Keep it simple, put your attention on anything but the labels and everything but the process that you’re using.

    -A Tip: Do this practice daily. For 20 minutes to begin with, then you might get to 30 and 60. No excuses, no skipping any days.

    This is a practice that you do over the course of months and years.

    -A supercharge to your mindfulness will be a mindfulness retreat like a vipassana retreat. This can get you a lot of progress really quickly,

    like in a single week you can get as much progress as 20 minutes every day for 1 year. The ideal is that you should do both, a continuous practice

    and 1 or 2 retreats a year.

  • Mindfullness is a really useful tool in every day life, for several reasons outlined and confirmed by science. This specific thing of the ‘send energy’ though, I’m sure it is not (anecdotical at best, would like to be proved otherwise) and to a more rational mind it may actually run on the side of quackery. Do not let this peculiar example turn you away from what mindfullness actually is and may serve us for: just find other videos to learn about it…and start practicing!

  • So grateful! The power of meditation. I also suggest this Free Powerful Meditation you can get now from http://abundantlifestyle2day.com Thank you!

  • well i actually do all of the meditations that you’ve advocated, the void meditation (think of nothing), the observation meditation (exiting from the body and observing yourself with a 3rd-person perspective) and this mindfulness/sensation meditation, supercool

  • This is my favorite type of meditation. I have done it for many hours. It is explained really well in this video. I am planning on meditating 1 hour every day for 2020, recording myself and making weekly time-lapse videos explaining the different meditation technique I used for the week and my day to day experience. This is the technique I am going to use for my first week of daily meditation for 2020! I can’t wait.

  • The wierd part is that I started meditation 2 month ago and I already experience the enlightenment the true is that we are everything and nothing a the same time. Is hard to explain you have to experience it.

  • When you dont judge or say “i dont find the lamp beautiful”, how can you than integrate this in your life and “judging” that a meal is so delicious and so enjoy it? The attitude of “not judging” It calves off the good feelings too when something is nice. What do you think about that?

  • I dream about my ex because I know if I do this she will come back to me (this isn’t my first time here) so I worry myself that I’m aware of doing this only for that

    Egotistically trying to change myself for her

    Edit: 46:50 yes, that’s it exactly what it felt like, I was an entirely different person

    I want to feel it again

    Dampened emotions and genuine stoicism

    I was finally a strong man

  • A Thai Forest monk described to me sati as like remembering. Remembering the breath. The present moment, impermanence, etc

    Also there’s sati sanpajanya. Mindfulness with wisdom. Can you explore that?

  • Love this. Buddha spent six years meditating on the essence, causes, and cures for human anguish. In the end, he came to the realization that suffering is not caused by ill fortune, by social injustice, or by divine whims. Rather, suffering is caused by the behaviour patterns of one’s minds. Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens)

  • Damn…this is my first time meditating..so here are my thoughts:
    1. It was the quickest 10 minutes of my life
    2. At one moment i stopped feeling my bed and i felt like im flying and rotating..it was weird
    3. It was kinda nice, ur voice is best

  • Tomorrow I will go to an old friend’s house (which I haven’t seen in person in a while) and I am really anxious about it. What if I will react awkward around her family or what if I am boring and have nothing interesting to say?

  • Had panic attack after eating cookies. Idk something in it gave me an allergic reaction (minor) but it freaked me out:( This video calmed me down. Thank you

  • Hi Leo. I hope you get a chance to read this. A short sincere THANK YOU for educating so many of us. You reflect a profound understanding in such a digestible manner.

    Just a small tweak on mindfulness that, interestingly, occurred naturally after I started practising applying it daily. I was observing my negative reaction and found it difficult to detach enough for it to have a meaningful effect. I needed a shortcut in my early, inexperienced days of mindfulness. This may sound strange, but whatever. I imagined a wild cat with an expressive demeanour. It represented my emotions. It was in a neutral room with me. The cat’s anxious pacing, flat ears and tail expressed everything I was feeling. It growled at me in desperation and was basically just begging for validation and acceptance. I sat on a bench in the room, calm and accepting, just watching it and not judging. It calmed down and I regrouped.

    This imaginative animal scenario has become second nature and it works so well. It all started with your videos and I am truly excited to share it with you. Thank you for changing my life.

  • so do we constantly switch between the 3 channels? you start off by noticing and looking at an object, then switch to the sounds in your room that you are able to hear, then switch to what you are feeling e.g. by sitting, standing, etc and just repeat that over and over and over again for 10-20 minutes?

  • Leo, amazing and amazingly informative video. I have a question for you. Say, I o this mindfulness meditation every morning. And over the weeks I begin showing improvement, will this mindfulness awareness growth be sustainable even in the presence of distractions like people yelling, or someone moving constantly next to you while u r sitting and doing work, or say, a lot of motions happening around you while you are focussing on anything, say (writing for me)??

  • Leo what is your thoughts on Transcendental meditation? Some say it really is not a real meditation:S Osho being one of them. Love to hear your input!
    Wish you all the best!

  • Greetings there Leo. I hope you will answer me that question…I’m doing the “do nothing” meditation for 7 months now and i had many many experiences…i’m sure that i found the “key” to stop my mind and thoughtstreaming just by NOT following and attach to them…ofcurse sometimes thought are comming and i can see them clearly from background as an observer of whats happening but they come and go like clouds in the sky…while im sitting like this and letting go of everything including me, something strange happening… a vibration rises into my head i mean i can feel my brain is moving inside and some kind of void i dont know how to describe it its like something is pulling my mind out of my head and as long i stay still its getting stronger the sensation….and my heart starts beating faster but i can’t find out why and from where the fear rises…The question is what is all this? Am i somewhere close to? Have u ever experienced something like this? Do i need more courage to surrender to everything? Please guide me if you got some free “time” to read this, thanks!!! To be honest i feel much more better than 7 months ago…i mean my mind doesn’t think too much anymore…i feel more joy in my life and the colours around me are now more alive…my attension swifted to the universe and to all the beings around me the animals the birds the trees…i’ve never seen the world as i see it now and thanks so much!!!

  • Me after video: relaxed
    Also me: waits a couple seconds to just lie there and be quiet
    The ad I didn’t know was on this video: allow me to introduce myself

  • I was broken into pieces the moment I confronted my weakness. I was agitated by the fact that I had reacted in such a way when the person had not even been speaking to me directly

    I frequently encountered these situations, and the following was my fleeting mechanism:

    1. I listened to music or watched a film to shift my focus away to something irrelevant

    2. I went to a nearby cafe.

    3. I made unnecessary phone calls with friends and gloated about something

    I continuously practiced physical relaxation methods instead of choosing to escape. The coffee shop truly was the optimal place to practice. I realized why I had wanted to go home early before. At home, no one would attack my vulnerability.

  • You are almost there. Try to read the Heart Sutra and practise its teaching. Remember to use the most simple interpretation and trully understand this Sutra. Do not listen to what the monks or nuns said. I don’t sit still to meditate but spent 40 odd years bush walking half an hour or more daily. I believe I have achieved all those things that any meditator would set out to achieve. Ohm Shanti!!!

  • This is so good because I got chased by wasps the other day but lookly I did not get stung all day I have thought a wasp would be around the corner but this has helped me so much thank you I love you ��

  • I’m very much gloomy from few months as I can’t contemplate on my studies and my studies are an integral part of my life….so one my closest friends endorsed me to try mindfulness meditation. I don’t know whether it will support me or not as I m commencing it from right today, I just endeavor it comforts me to concentrate and to not allow bullshit thinkings come in my psyche. Plz God
    This should help me!!!!

  • I have been facing social anxiety from a long time.. The therapist has recommended me to perform Mindfulness Meditation, and it really feels good

  • The Honest Guys, you have been a true inspiration and are somebody we look up to in our journey to help people’s mental health by using meditation!

  • For whoever reads this✨: You are worthy. You are smart. You are capable. You are beautiful. You matter. You freaking rock! Now go spread your magic light��✨�� This is a sign, follow your heart, be your awesome self, the world needs just you�� ps. small youtuber here✨

  • I’m trying to be more consistent with 10 minute meditations.. with some videos it drags on and my mind starts to wander.. this meditation was perfect, I felt everything mentioned in the video and feel at peace ❤️

  • great but i have a question will you please answer me that mindfulness and do nothing which is better and is do nothing consistantly with long period of time is it enough or can we get same benifit from doing “do nothing” meditation like we get from mindfulness

  • How would you describe the sounds used at the end of the video (and throughout the entire video, honestly)? I really enjoy these sounds. They are so calming and relaxing to me. I’d love an hour long version of them or something to help me sleep but I’m not sure what they’re called so I can’t find anything. lol.

  • As a rigid materalistic and a scientist, I hated the idea of meditation and anything linked to spiritualism. Over the last couple of months, I started to realize that it might be more than just matter and now I just finished my first meditation ever. I’m feeling healed.

    And I have a short question for anyone that can answer: I was 99% peaceful but there was a moment I felt terrified and wanted to open my eyes and felt anxious. Is it something that a beginner can experience?

  • Hi I’m relatively new to mediation and found this one great. Would you suggest I breathe in for 4 secs and out for 6 all the way through this? Any other tips would be welcome, thanks honest guys.

  • so i can use video games as a tool to practice mindfulness? i really enjoy competitive play and want to use mindfulness as a tool to sharpen my competitive edge so to speak.

  • Does mindful meditation take practice? I just started listening to this video 3 days ago, and am planning to start every day with it, but I really struggle to keep my thoughts at bay and focus

  • I take ADHD medication, and it tends to make my heart POUND. This morning the pounding was quite bothersome and wouldn’t go away, so I decided to try some mindfulness. My mom has always recommended meditation to me, but I’ve just brushed it off and never really tried it. But now that I did… whoa.
    It was such a special experience and it genuinely helped to calm down my heart rate. Thank you so much for this video, I’ll definitely try this again very soon.

  • Been suffering from anxiety and that has made me so weak internally. Been doing this!! Love this! But I have a silly question what kind of sounds around us do we have to hear as mentioned in this meditation? As I get distracted by them.

  • This was really to the point and such a surreal experience I felt and understood how being mindful can impact our life and instead of us overthinking and depending on thoughts to guide us we just learn to be more present and live and laugh and live more which can only be done in the present tense and all these are something that only our consciousness or an entity above our conscious and sub conscious can achieve… dwelling is the source of unhappiness just let go live and live more in the present. Really grateful for this.

  • Hey. Sometime it’s hard for me to function, for example this morning was tough because of panic attacks. Yet, I still have to manage a lot of things in my life, as I’m in charge of many projects because I always want to push my boundaries and not let me be dictated by my anxieties. Still, sometime it is very tough, and this morning, this video helped me through it. Thanks.

  • I read about mindfulness years ago but never successfully reached it and maintained it as I do while listening to this, indeed your voice is so well adjusted to this kind of guides.

  • I tried this for the first time today, and even though I don’t feel sad at the moment, I opened my eyes with a tear on my cheek and I didn’t notice it unitl I opened them

  • I immediately got transported to a mountainous valley. I tried to hear his instructions, but my mind wouldn’t move from the valley. I was sitting on a rock by the river, lush green tall trees, clear sky with shades of blue. I could not follow anything. I wonder Sir, why it was so hard for me to come back to the reality (presently I’m in my office, in a hospital). I was pulling myself back in my chamber, but my mind wouldn’t move an inch away from the valley. And then suddenly I moved to the ocean, calm, blue. Visualised an old couple, cooking very little food, just as much to stay alive, in there tiny wooden cottage by the sea.

  • The thing is… I meditated 9:47 minutes and when i was unware of time, the next video started wich is: Guided Meditation Blissful Deep Relaxation by: The Honest Guys. And i just meditated another 18 minutes without knowing it… Being calm is what i desired since i was a kid, and now, after months of meditation, finally i understand many things thanks to meditation and knowledge.

  • guys i don’t want to be that guy that say it will fix every problems in your life, but it did literally fixed every problems in mine

  • The music in this is so wonderful. The whole thing has helped me calm my overactive mind. I look forward to dropping in to this magical world. Thanks

  • Remember what meditation means:
    A technique that aims to achieve spiritual progress, in which the practitioner, in a comfortable position, focuses his attention on a thing, or an image, to then gradually empty his mind of thoughts.
    Apparently it’s great that you can empty your thoughts, the question is what do we fill this inner void. Because there are serious people who have reached a performance and I confess that this gap must be filled with something. Or we strive for fullness, we seek to fulfill ourselves and this can only be in a relationship with another person. Or meditation involves an impersonal relationship, and it is very dangerous because exposing myself to the unknown empties me to become the abode of demons.
    How do I check if this meditation is beneficial for me? Also in relation to the other, if the other one bothers me, if I put myself in the center and I don’t put the other one in the center, selfishness works. I despise the other, it bothers me that he doesn’t thank me when I help him, I didn’t get rid of pride.
    If I truly love, I am willing to suffer for the other.
    Or all Protestant and neo-Protestant beliefs bypass the cross, flee from suffering. So it is clear that although by their sincere desire to reach the target, which is close, they can never reach it. They can never reach fullness, but they are deceived.
    Our target must be a person in order to be able to fulfill ourselves in the relationship. This person is Christ Jesus, He is the living God, who responds to my love for Him. It can’t be otherwise. The Eastern beliefs propose to us an impersonal God of great deception, gradually you let yourself be possessed by spirits foreign to the True God, who will reveal themselves when we are sincere and willing to verify whose spirit we are.
    Behind any energy, or state is a spirit. And if we are not tried enough and do not have an experienced person, or clergyman, to help us recognize the spirits very easily we can be deceived. Demons can appear as light, as angels, as heat, as cute humans or animals, and so on. The demonic work disappears at the call to prayer of the name of Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, or at the making of the sign of the Holy Cross.

  • As I do this, I feel the turbulence inside myself. Does anyone experience this as well? Probably coz I have felt so overwhelmed by my environment and at the mercy of external forces for such a long time that I can’t even remember what peace inside feels like.

  • Да, всё именно так с мыслями и происходит. Стоит только зацепиться за одну и тут же страх, или беспокойство, злость, обида, месть и прочие вспыхнувшие от этой мысли эмоции тут же захлёстывают.

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  • Hi Leo,
    I am almost sure that my soul chosed this technology years to live in this world, for me to watch this video.
    Thank you and thank God.

  • I will not allow anxiety to take away the quality of my daily life. It’s a daily fight. Today is one of these days. We are not alone there are millions of people suffering with anxiety every day.

  • Here is my new meditation, chill out, sleeping, hip hop, relaxing,and classical music channel try it, Thanks a lot for your attention ��

  • I kind of started crying in between because everything is just so stressful these days, the smallest things that don’t account to anything for others literally give me so much stress but this helped a lot, I’ll be coming back to this more regularly

  • It’s actually really comforting to know that I’m not alone in this….as cheesy as it may sounds,it’s very comforting…anxiety is no joke and the older I’m getting the worse it’s seems to be getting…Does anyone get it out of the blue? And you feel like you can’t take a proper deep breath? I hate it….I want to be stronger

  • Love, love, love this. This video has helped my anxiety. It’s given me the motivation to make my own video and help people. You rock Goodful!

  • Anxiety is a real danger in today’s world. We thank you for these teachings. We dedicate our music to you and all the people who are trying to overcome anxiety issues. Namaste!

  • Here because I’m going through a tough time and was very upset about going to work tomorrow, my body feels so relaxed and calm like I’ve just come out of a sauna

  • Not only that you’ll feel happy when standing in the line to pay taxes, you’ll also be mindful of the emotion of happines and experience it much more vividly and actually be fully happy for the first time in your life

  • Ive recently discovered my anxiety and Im so thankful for guided meditation. I havent done it in a while so its been harder to focus but we are slowly getting back into it and it feels AMAZING��

  • Okay so I tried this exercise and I fell asleep. After I woke up, I feel restless and anxious again.:(
    How many days do I have to do this exercise to see any changes?

  • I can’t believe it but I started crying during this. Finally able to let these anxious thoughts slip away, and realizing that I am thinking too many steps ahead and thinking of all those steps I need to take until it becomes over whelming. I realised I only need to take it one step at a time, one day at a time. I’m not living in the future, I’m not living I’m the past. I’m here, I’m now. Thank you for this meditation I feel so much better.

  • I have trouble sleeping because of restless legs so i started meditation and this was the first one i did. this has helped me a lot and relaxed me completely before bed.

  • I’m really nervous about school people judging me and I always care about what people think. Can someone give me some advice to make me feel better? It feels good when it’s coming from another person even if it’s a person I don’t even know.

  • i have been practicing mindful and meditation for about 3 years. i have dexylixa and there s history of depression in my family. i can focus and have more self control. i m enjoy living the simple life. i can connect better with the love of life, family and close friends.. i enjoy every momment because i know my self better..

  • This is such great content-and incredibly needed in this age of near constant dopamine abuse. You all have inspired me to start my own channel with similar ambitions! Keep up the good work:)

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  • I’m not good in English writing but give little bit of time to read this, you will catch something!!!!
    Anxiety it doesn’t come from no where there is it’s origin,
    It happens to the kids who doesn’t live with there parents eg opharns.
    This type of kids they live with peoples who are very bad to them.they face bad time by being over worked, copro punishment, not given food and a lot of bad insult.
    So this kind of kids they get pain inside by inside bcs they can’t talk so they try to make fake smile on their face to pretend they are happy.
    The other group of people who are in dangerous of getting anxiety are poverty.
    Poverty person can agree to work day and night for the payment of half wages including being used sexually by company owner and no food but can’t say anything bcs of fearing to be fired.
    But you can see a smile on their face while the pain is inside.
    At the end you find anxiety,
    So the solution just forgive everyone and say thanks to God for taking you away from them &if you are still there just get away quickly and forgive them.
    That is where my anxiety came from. At the end my boss started to use sexually my best friend then I said this is enough I quit the job ( I started mentally judging my friend by saying why is she dating my sugar daddy,but at the end I realized it was the only way God used to escape me from getting crazy)
    So breath + looking backward what you faced, Thanking God for taking you away &forgiving everybody is the solution bcs without that pass may you couldn’t be where you are, untill now you passed the exam.

    If it is helpful like it then we can know each other.

  • Thank you. I’ll need to do this one a few times. I was crying all the time and wanted to scream. Hopefully after a few repetitions it’s getting better

  • Hello everyone! God is coming, please repent he his coming and he’s coming soon. Repent and turn to Christ, I want to see u In heaven! I love you and God loves you so much!

  • EedefecedeedddeddeeedeeeeededDefeeedFecdefeeeedeeeddededeDdeefeeddedeceeececfffecdededecceeceedecdededeceecdececdeeecdceeceedecddeefdeddefeefeeeefeeeeeeefdffdedfdedceeedeeeeedecdeeedeeedcDrfdfdeeedffdddfdeedfefdeefeffeefeedefedffefdffefedfdeffeddecddefdedeffeffeefefeefeeddddeeedrfedeFedefvdefefeefededfeedefeeddfddfedeeefeefddeedfeeefeefedeedeeeefeeddedefedeeefdddeedefdeddedeeefeefeeeeeeefeedffefefeefdddeeedeeedededdfefdffdefddedeefdefeeefeffeeecedfdfefeeeedfefdeeeeeeeefeefdeddedfdedefeeefeeefeeeevfvdeffefeffeeeeeefefeefeefeeeeeeffdeeedfeeefeefeeed

  • His vocal tone is so peaceful and soothing it reminds me instantly of what I am supposed to be feeling if I wasn’t suffering from post traumatic stress disorder

  • Does anyone else’s chest just get so tight that you think you are going to die? I suffer with this so much, i am perfectly healthy but it can catch me out of nowhere and I get a tingling sensation in my arms. Listening to this has really helped me just now relax. So thank you. Anyone have tips on how I can manage this long term?

  • This has been a great addition to my life. I do it every day after work. After taking preworkout, I meditate and release my anxiety. I start to do some body specific workouts based on my day’s focus, and then do my cardio. I feel amazing with this routine.

  • Can someone help me w the inner hearing part? Do I just say the phrase in my head? Or do I say it once and like savor it orrrr? How do you savor it?

  • Awesome video it really helped me to relax thank you. New friend subscriber here. Hope to see you in my channel and have a blessed day..����