A Gymnastic Ring Workout (How you can Train with Rings)



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TOP 10 Ring Exercises (Basic & Intermediate)

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How To Create A Gymnastics Rings Workout Plan

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Gymnastics Rings Strength Training

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Rings Workout For Beginners (With Progressions)

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Rings Workout Beginner Level for Building Strength and Mass

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Think of the false grip like a hook on the rings: between your forearm and hand. To perform a false grip: Place your wrist, pinky side and just below the crease of the wrist, on the inside edge of the ring. Flex the forearm hard.

The support point is on the wrist, with the hands grabbing firmly to the ring. Perform exercises 1-4 for 5-12 reps and exercise 5 for 8-15 reps. Do 3-4 sets on each exercise and rest for 2-3 minutes in between sets. These rep ranges are ideal for both hypertrophy and strength gains.

Perform 3-5 sets of holds a couple of times a week until you are able to hold yourself up comfortably for 30-60 seconds. If you are already able to do this from your knees you can then start to practice from your feet. You will set the rings up shoulder-width apart and stand in-between them. Ring ab-rollout is the best ab exercise you can do with gymnastic rings or TRX. This will work your abdominal muscles very effectively.

It’s basically the same exercise as the ab-wheel rollout but the difficulty is easier to adjust and the ring ab-rollout tends to be easier for the shoulders. Your triceps will be nicely stretched. The goal of gymnastic rings workout routine for beginners is building maximal strength, once you have built the solid foundation of maximal strength and have progressed onto advanced ring elements, you may replace the old exercises with new advanced exercises.

Reps and holding time. While not demonstrated here, Ring Dips are another excellent way to train the upper-body with this tool. Upper-Body Ring Exercises (Posture/Shoulder Health). Jump into the top position of a dip – elbows locked, rings close to your body, knuckles facing your sides. Hold for a second, then turn your knuckles.

Rings Are Like Dumbbells. Pull-ups done on gymnastic rings allow you to train the exercise comfortably. The rings also test your ability to keep your pull-ups strict. Using rings in place of a bar is a lot like using dumbbells in place of a barbell. Coaching: https://www.patreon.com/trainingpal Get your Rings here: https://www.rubberbanditz.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=451&url=227 My Instagr.

Getting Started. If you have a good upper body strength base – can do 8 to 10 pullups and 8 to 10 dips – then you should be able to achieve a muscle-up in 4 weeks. If not, then you may want to go through this program twice -or moreto build up the strength and technique necessary.

List of related literature:

Once you have your rings, head over to the website gmb.io for some excellent ring-training instructions and a host of gymnastics and functional bodyweight ring exercises.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
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A set of gymnastics rings are my personal favorite, as they provide a more dynamic (and difficult) workout.

“The Rock Climber's Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability” by Eric Horst
from The Rock Climber’s Exercise Guide: Training for Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, and Stability
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For each turn that is performed across the ring, the athlete attempts to rotate the lower body (legs and hips) as quickly as possible around and ahead of the torso (and hammer).

“Fundamentals of Track and Field” by Gerry Carr, Gerald A. Carr
from Fundamentals of Track and Field
by Gerry Carr, Gerald A. Carr
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To reverse the movement, drive through your heel or midfoot, raise your hips and torso in one fluid motion, and pull on the rings just enough to maintain a rhythmic tempo.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Temper these exercises if you are doing heavy in-ring training.

“The Professional Wrestlers' Workout & Instructional Guide” by Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, Les Thatcher, Alex Marvez, Jim Ross
from The Professional Wrestlers’ Workout & Instructional Guide
by Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, et. al.
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The moves —a blendof strength, flexibility, balance, and body­awareness exercises — are intended to promote the union of the mind, body,and spirit.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
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Another variation of this drill may be accomplished outside the ring without throwing in a movement known as walking 180s or walking pivots.In this drill you walkin a line with your shoulders and hips in a straightline three steps until your right, or pivot, foot strikes to begin the drill.

“Complete Book of Throws” by L. Jay Silvester, Jay Silvester
from Complete Book of Throws
by L. Jay Silvester, Jay Silvester
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In the new syllabus set for 1937, gymnastics was included for the first time and made the basis of the physical education lesson: exercises were prescribed, using the rings, parallel bars, horse and horizontal bars; some elements of acrobatics were also recommended.

“Sport in Soviet Society: Development of Sport and Physical Education in Russia and the USSR” by James Riordan
from Sport in Soviet Society: Development of Sport and Physical Education in Russia and the USSR
by James Riordan
Cambridge University Press, 1980

To reiterate, an ideal routine has a good balance between horizontal pressing and pulling, vertical pressing and pulling, knee-dominant and hip-dominant exercises, linear, lateral, and rotary core exercises, and bilateral (double—limb) and unilateral (single—limb) movements.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
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-parallel bars, -side horse (pommel horse), -vaulting, -rings, and -floor exercises.

“Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Encyclopedia” by Merriam-Webster, Inc, Mark A. Stevens
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  • I have been training with free weights for 6 months now but never did a pull up as I don’t have access to a bar. Can I learn to use rings before doing any straight bar calisthenics?

  • Cheers, a very useful video, but please tell whoever is responsible for it to stop with the blurred / shaky camerawork it’s not artistic, it’s just plain annoying and distracting.

  • great strength and conditioning for a particular movement on the rings… awesome… keep up the good work (retired personal trainer)

  • If i want to improve a skill, say muscle up or front lever is it good enough to do weighted pull ups? or should I focus more on skill progressions like front lever pull ups/high pull ups?

  • At first i was going to skip thru this tutorial to just get the main points, but i found your reasoning was sound and i watched the entirety. I will give it a go this arvo.

  • Hahaha 5:21 interesting
    I can do muscle up on rings but i cant do it on the bar. I train more on rings and did the bar muscle up to less.

  • I have done your recommended routine for a week now. I feel obligated to tell you how MUCH I appreciate your efforts. You are a great, I stress, GREAT teacher. You and Matt at red delta project are my only go to guys. THANK YOU AGAIN

  • First, you lose your false grip when you get down into the iron cross, that makes it harder, if you look at people which are actually great at rings like Zanetti, Van Gelder, Yibing, Balandin, Ablyazin, none of them hold a cross like that, because that’s just not the way you are supposed to. So focus on your false grip.
    Second, before actually diving into maltese training i would make sure you’re able to hold a full planche for 5-10s on floor, and my guess is you have already a hard time holding a straddle planche on floor for 10s. Training maltese when you don’t have the strength to mantain good shoulder protraction is pointless because you can’t work on proper technique and that’s becouse your not strong enough yet on your scapulas. That’s also one of the reason becouse you can’t mantain good heigth on your circles on pommel horse, your scapulas are retracted because you’re unable to keep them protracted. So take a step back, focus on your planche and on shoulder protrction and you will see the results! Pommel horse will also benefit from it.
    Third beware of injuries, rings strength requires patience, sensibility and a lot of effort to develop without gettin injured.

    Let’s go boi!!!

  • Question, where did you get those rings as I haven’t seen any with markings on strap. Great video. You and RED DELTA project are my go to. This video deserves more than a like. I really appreciate your efforts and cannot sing your praises loud enough.

  • i just bought my first pair of rings, and im going to give this a try, do i switch sets or complete 3-4 then do different exercise?

    Edit: so i just went down the local park and threw the rings over and i couldnt even do a support hold for longer then 3 seconds, the centre of my chest was what was preventing me, due to lack of use lol

  • @Minus the Gym I’ve watched this beginner video and your other beginner video using dip bars not rings https://youtu.be/ay15dc2cvm0
    Which beginner equipment and video would recommend for a beginner to buy and do dip bars or rings?

    My aim is to tone up/loose weight and gain strength

    Thanks for some great videos

  • Hello my friend, I’m new to your place. Love the content, thanks for sharing. Would be lovely to be friends on here. Have a great day, stay connected. ��..

  • My goal is to get my body to my I’ve best version ever! I am beyond the stage of just trying to lose weight. The weight is gone! Now I want to physically look like I intentionally work on my body. It’s going great! Not easy, but it’s awesome and loving the challenge. Congrats on completing the T-shirts!

  • Спасибо ваши занятия мотивируют к занятиям на кольцах. Привет из России.))) Thanks for your lessons and motivate to practice on the rings. Hello from Russia.)))

  • C’mon, basic, really? These look more intermediate and way advanced. Especially the last one which looks like a horizontal iron cross. I wanna try that one!

  • Thank you for the motivation that I feel after watching your video! It’s all about making baby steps in order to achieve things in the big picture

  • Guys dont forget to build good enough ab strength befor you play with lifting your legs up for reps. Not a lot of people realise but when your doing tucks and leg lifts your lower back is supposed to be flat from legs raised to dropped. That actually takes a lot of strengh and training to get to which this vid kinda forgets to mention. So some floor exercises will be your friend. Along with progressions from birdogs to superman holds COMPLETELY REQUIRED, and side blanks, glude bridges to prep for proper squatting. Dont forget dumbbell lateral raises and overhead presses (which cant be replicated as effectively/fully by calisthenics)

  • Been training with the rings! what backpack are you using?? I need something similar. I carry my rings, wrist straps, resistance band, etc in a like drawstring bag. I hate it.

  • You are truly an inspiration, I love this kind of stuff but never had anyone to teach me. I teach myself workouts, parkour and freerunning with youtube. I really want to learn to do the rings. I can see you taking gold this year in Rio

  • This is one of many beginner ring programs I see that don’t include any overhead work. Is it recommended to do at least one other overhead exercise and the reason I don’t see any of these included in rings routines, is because overhead is not performed on the actual rings?

  • Hi all, I really liked the video and all the tips for the different exercises. There is just one thing I didn t completely understand from the videos: what’s the difference between circuit training and muscular group dedicated training? When should we do one or the other? I haven’t watched all videos but if someone could tell me what the principle is, that d be awesome

  • I actually got into calisthenics cause of you. Ordered some rings and now I canceled my gym membership to enjoy the outdoors with my rings. Enjoying the outdoors while making gains in the same time. Muchas Gracias ��

  • Great video, thank you for sharing your training routine. I was wondering what you think about the dream rings machine or the Iron Cross Trainer (DGS)?

  • I just got my gymnastics rings in the mail and set them up on my chin up bar outside. Trying to come up with a routine to do. I workout about 5-7 days a week. My question is do you think it would be ok to change up the routine everyday or every other day? Why I was is that there are so many different exercises that can be done using these rings. Thanks for any info. You guys are awesome.

  • Nice to see you refocused with new goals. Rings looks really tough! I guess an important thing will be to manage your recovery. How many times a week are you doing this?

  • Thank You making this video I am a runner Iam active mom but can’t do one pull up I keep trying with video u show I can progress to that, Thank You can u please tell me how toget those rings as good quilty as yours as see in video if we’re different length. Thank You Denise

  • love your articulations and attitude man, stay strong! i wish to live in LA some day, but now just rippin my body in Moscow, russia xD

  • What material did you use on the ring itself, I’ve just bought a pair and need something to increase friction between my hands and the rings besides chalk.

  • I’m 72 yrs old and I enjoy body weight exercises. I appreciate the calisthenic knowledge you share and your passion for functional full body exercises. Please keep up the good work.

  • Hey bro just a quick question you might be able to answer. I used to be a monkey on the rings, I could do skin the cat no problem, dips were easy. After 2 years off the rings I bulked up 25lbs. I can’t do dips or skin the cat anymore:/ I just bought some nice titan rings, and I want to know what can I do to progress to do skin the cat again? I do free weights too, if you have any strengthening excercises for progression to do that move again id love to hear from you. Whether with calisthenics or free weights. Trying to progress to back and front levers in the next few months. But i am also bulking so I need to catch up in strength and keep ahead of the weight gain. My muscles are growing but I wanna be a beast in the rings thanks bro.

  • hi i just bought the rep fitness rings. could you please do a video of how to set up your rings on the pull up bar? thanks! yours is more clean


  • Is the tape usefull? I have these plastic-rings as well and have a bit of a grip problem….false-grip is hard to hold because of the low grip…. thanks for your answer:D

  • You should try one of those tools that make the rings training easier, I watch these channels and see some of these russian kids do it, their gym is not as good as yours but they have some tools with wires to help you get used to these skills and transitions between them.

  • Hi I have those same rings I was I wondering what “length” number do you use for each exercise ie which number do you have the buckle closest do? thanks!

  • Does anyone know of a good documentary/film of rings gymnastics? Something similar to the Fittest on Earth Netflix documentary, but with gymnastics.

  • thanks for the video. I noticed the pipe above in which the rings were attached. Is that really achored well?..the pipe in itself looks to be cast iron.

  • I am a 25-year-old woman and I am barely just starting out in callisthenics and seriously working to build strength after having done yoga for years. I still love yoga, but I now feel like I want the kind of strength gained by callisthenics. Where your body becomes less of an issue to move around in any way that I want. But beginners start at the basics, so my goal for the next 6-8 weeks is developing a solid routine working out 4 times a week and acquiring a set of rings. Specifically though, I’m working to nail my first pull-up and increase my pushup game. Love your videos, keep them coming!:)

  • Amazing video! I bought a pair of rings when i started on gymnastics and it’s just the best buy i’ve ever made! they are so helpful and you can get so strong with them! I haven’t tried the Bulgarian Dips, they look soooo difficult! either way i’m gonna try it! thank for the video! not just this one, all of them! so helpful and amazing!

  • tao! I love everything about you man…
    Can you make like an explosive workout? To help jump higher and stuff like that… much love from Portugal

  • I want to achieve the muscle up,but i don’t know how to structure my training around it.
    I mean,i do a lot of pulling and pushing,both high intensity/low reps and low intensity/high reps.
    But i don’t know if i have to focus on the muscle up on my pulling sessions and do some complimentary work around it,
    or have a separate muscle up workout.
    Anyways,could you recommend a muscle up routine for someone wanting to achieve that skill?
    My max pullups are 12,but i don’t habe the necessary explosive strenth i need to get very high.
    Thanks Tao!
    And the scenery in your videos is always very soothing and relaxing.
    Great coaching the elderly too!

  • I have watched some of your newer videos and this one was suggested to me by YT. It is interesting how different this one is from the more recent ones. It has so much heart in it. The old folks, you setting up the equipment, the kids playing basketball, you struggling with exercises. It is much more personal and you come across as a good guy with a mission. More recent videos seem to focus more on tinder matches and muchachas than helping people. You are still a good athlete though, so props.

  • Just ordered some rings. Looking forward to getting started. Rings are definitely humbling. I can do 6 dips on bars with a 45lb weight hanging off me, but when I tried some dips on the rings at the gym last week, it felt like a struggle to do 3. This should be fun.

  • Bro I don’t wanna teach you anything becouse you’re much bettern than me, but I had the same problem with the ring muscle up, and I fixed it with the false grip, it might help you

  • I feel like the pull-ups stand is a scary place to hang the rings on, a little movement and you could fall. never happened to you?

  • Is the leg raise inverted hang good in order to correct the what I call “heavy butt” when doing front levers? Meaning that slight banana angle that your body forms because your butt falls a bit in comparison with the rest of the body during a front lever

  • Okay. Going to do a warmup and give it a shot. If I can’t get those dips, I will user progression with feet on the floor or try doing an isometric by jumping up and slowly lowering myself down on the negative until I can do it properly. Thank you for the instructions.

  • Lot’s of good stuff, thanks! My opinion is that head stands are very stressful on the cervical spine which are small verterbre so I avoid that. Similar to bench press, which is also a bit risky so I avoid that too. I appreciate your ideas. Thanks.

  • Hey Tao. Good job man. Greetings from India.
    I just bought a pair of rings to add to my calisthenics work out. M glad I found you.
    Keep posting the inspiring stuff.
    My goals in coming 3 months:
    to be able to hold a good handstand for at least 10sec
    doing at least 10×3 or 4 clean firm does

  • 2 and a half minute before the real topic starts is too much in my opinion:/ on the other hand you have my thumbs up for the rest of the video:) (y) Nice explanations of what were you doing

  • I just discovered your videos a couple of days ago and I’m really enjoying them. I was doing regular calisthenic workouts for a couple of years, and then last year I was taken as a political hostage in Syria. I was released in August, and since then I am trying to gain the strength that I had, and obviously exceed previously goals. I have done a little training with rings, and now I am inspired to do more after watching your videos.

  • Which way around should your hands be on the straight-arm hang? Palm to you (like in video) or palm facing outwards? Would different hand positions work different muscles?

  • I have a door pull up bar and bought the rings. My problem is my back and shoulder are big, and the.door is narrow, so my arm and shoulder scrapes against the wall. Damn.

  • Hey Ryan thanks for the great video!
    What would you suggest to do if I’m able to do 1-2 dips on rings? Should I do them and add negatives to the set?

  • I understand the basics. Focus on a few key lifts for strength and have some secondary exercises with higher volume. What I struggle with is overall volume and settling on a type of split. I like upper/lower/push/pull/legs or push/pull/legs/push/pull. I just don’t understand how to manage volume and intensity on the different days. Ex: Do I do a push strength day and then a push hypertrophy day later in the week. Meaning I have a strength workout and then a hypertrophy workout for each push day, pull day, and leg day?

  • What if I dont feel chest doing these cous when I do pushups on ground or dips on bar I feel chest its like burning but on rings I dont feel anything

  • Used rings for the first time today at the gym. HUMILIATED but excited anyway and looking forward to get stronger and eventually be able to train with them.

  • Muchacho! Thanks, I AM introducing My 2 muchachos into calistenics, I like
    They rings training is kind of complete one and installed a pull bar, Will sharé this vídeo with los muchachos yo get them inspired. ��

  • My long-term goal is to be able to do a few routines on the rings like what actual gymnasts do. For example, doing an iron cross to a Maltese, to a planche, to an inverted cross, something like that. My short term goals are barely just learning to do front and back levers. I absolutely love your attitude and your channel dude. You’re amazing!

  • Thanks man! Your videos are inspiring.
    Do you use any supplements like Creatine or bcaa’s? Would like to know your opinion on this. All the best��

  • Great video. Thanks for sharing it. I am new to rings. As a beginner, can I try to work my way through each of the 4 set pieces and their progressions 1 at a time every day? i.e. Master the push before going on to the pull etc before eventually doing the full routine monday, wednesday and friday? Hope that makes sense.

  • It’s ironic that you’re having issues with transitions on the ring muscle up. I can pump out 8-10 ring muscle ups, but I can’t do more than two bar muscle ups

  • Omgthose dip negatives are so hard!!!! I do aerial yoga and my yoga trapeze came with extensions that are kind of like “training wheels” for tricks, but it recently occurred to me that they’re an awful lot like gymnastics rings, so I decided to look up some exercises with rings. I got the support hold no problem, but I could only do one dip negative. �� I can’t wait to build up to the front lever!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • the argument about fixing muscle imbalances is stupid I can do a push on the rings and make my right arm pull with more force than the left arm. it doesnt matter if they are on different rings. I can put my arms on different bars and do the same thing.

  • My goal is to believe in myself to be able to do a ring muscle up before I pass away.I live to exercise and help others be all they can be using myself as an example.

  • Current goals are the lever and some planche. Been doing lots of core exercises for both of them. Great video as always bro. Getting aesthetic by the day ��

  • Love the structure of this video. Thanks for the labels next to the exercises. The way my brain works I remember things better if I read them. Obviously, I won’t do these exercises but I’d like to learn what the moves are by name.

    I’ve heard other Youtube gymnasts mention that rings specialists tend to have big upper bodies. You definitely fall into that category. So, maybe you’ll find out you’re a natural. All the best in this new direction.

  • Wow what a workout! Only managed 3 rounds with intermediate exercises in my first trial run of this. Sweating buckets but not aching at all even though my muscles are very tired!:)

  • Rings allow for greater chest engagement at the top of each movement. You gotta squeeze. Same as a bar but most people neglect that part either way.
    Fun workout. Thanx CH

  • Awesome workout! Just decided to go rings workout for upper body. Going to have to work up to the pelican pushups (damn near face planted on first try). Do you have a similar workout for the back?

  • +Calisthenicmovement what kind of tape did you put on the rings, i can´t hold the false grip because my rings are made of plastic………….PLEASE HELP ME OR SOMEBODY ELSE!!!!!! =(

  • Glad I found this! I have a pull up bar and rings, all I’m missing is a plan. Subscribed and will check out some more of your vids. Thank you for putting out this content ��

  • After you’re done with these exercises (mere watching hurts) you AND your coach will have arms like Popeye ������! Nice ‘sore-muscle-soothing’ background music’ ��!

  • Absolutely awesome. Side note: this is how I’ve always thought the live action Spider-Man bodies should look like. Thanks for coming to my TedxTalk.

  • everytime I watch your videos and hear that song it feels like i’m transcending to a world of aesthetic perfection:) I’m watching this again because I’ve acquired rings and you are so right! I had no problems doing 8 dips on bars but on rings even maintaining a support hold is challenging as hell!

  • Anyone experience thumb pain? Whenever I’m doing dips or even doing any work on parallettes I’ll get serious discomfort in my right hand thumb joint. Tried tweaking things but had to give it up. Maybe too much guitar finger pickin’ in tandem with rings? Awesome content. Thanks.

  • I was so excited to try this new workout. Guess what, I pulled a neck muscle so bad I can’t turn my head without feeling the sharp pain in my neck. I feel so useless now.

  • It was great to see the seniors training. Im 62, just retired and want to start exercising with rings, but is really hard to find information about working out with rings after 60. Thanks

  • I want to buy a pull up bar and rings rows at home and I see the equipment you have looks really good can u recommend what pull up bar and rings to get I seen few not sure which one to get. Can anyone help me?

  • My workout goals are to be able to do 70 reps of full body workouts 2-4 times per week. Right now I’m able to do 15 reps of each exercise twice per week and my muscles are toast. Also doing beginner versions of exercises.

    In about 1-2 months I imagine I’ll be able to do 80 reps of my current skill level and then can bump up the difficulty.

    Thanks for the details and motivation!

  • Exxxxplosive vibes my G. Hope i Can dunk soon too lol. Two goals at one time is definitely a good approach. Great client shout out too 😉

  • I can pull myself up when standing on the floor, but not when I’ve dropped down and hanging lol, I dont hv the power to pull up from that position.

  • you should 100% include pull-ups/ chin-ups on rings
    assisted or not those are the foundational movements for all pull exercises and u dont want miss out on them

  • This was a nice surprise to wake up to!! Reminds me of the time when you told people to say something if you made a video without training cross.:)
    You’ve actually got a really good body line suited for rings, so it will be fun to watch where you go with this. Side note: It REALLY freaks me out so see people using free-weights without wearing shoes, but it’s none of my business. Keep on smiling and keep being awesome!

  • when should I start strainging handstand, after 3,4,5,6 months of calisthenics? If I can do now like 35 push ups 10-15 dips, 10-12 pull ups how much more I need to strengthen in order for it to make sense to start learning it? @Tao Physique

  • I have to ask I tried this workout and it was awesome. But how do I do these moves without shredding all the skin from my forearms? (It rubs on the ring straps at the bottom of the movement)

  • Really interesting stuff quick question I got onto ‘greasing the groove’ through your video on that. How would that work with this? Currently I grease the groove with Pull Ups and Ring Dips everyday when walking in and out of the bathroom (just 1-2 reps each time). Would this have an impact on the recommended programme in this clip? I would like to incorporate both ideally.

  • Great video… Also I noticed you put your arms thru the straps when doing the ring flys. Is that for added support or just personal preference? Keep up the good work.

  • After year of lifting weights I have to say in my opinion, calisthenics is better, I haved loss weight and my boxing level has Increased.

  • Thank you for the helpful video. I recently got a pull up bar and I love it, I will likely get some rings to go with it shortly. Thanks again!

  • Love the genuineness of your videos man! Real talk.
    My current short term goals are the ring muscle up and the tuck bent arm stand. I landed my first ring muscle ups a few days back but they need a lot of cleaning up still.
    On the long term I wanna be able to incorporate multiple skill moves in one routine/move.

  • Hi dude, thanks for the info. I just started working out on rings 1 week ago. It’s really hard, I can’t believe it! Any recommendation about the so called “false grip”? I can’t not even get the right position yet, and I’m afraid to get injured on my wrists… I imagine the only way to get there is patience, following your advices about how to improve the strength of the forearms. Am I right?

  • His legs are fucking huge for a rings gymnast. Stop with the “chicken legs” bullshit. He’s holding an assisted Victorian with big as hammies and quads. This guy is a fucking beast. Show some respect.