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8 Trends That Will Redefine the Food and Beverage Industry in 2020

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8-16-2020: Why On Earth Should Black People Vote for Biden and Harris?

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Top 8 Web Development Trends 2019

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8 Construction Tech Trends To Watch in 2018

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8 Popular Royale High Trends|| Skit|| Royale Roleplay

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8 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About | How to style

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Instagram Trends 2020 | 8 TOP IG Trends You NEED to KNOW about!

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8 Trends to Know About. by Kristina LaRue, RD, CSSD, LDN. January 1, 2018. 2 Comments. Share it: From trendy superfoods to the latest cooking techniques, chefs, foodies and health junkies are always searching for that next “it” thing.

We asked nutrition experts to tell us about the foods that will likely be trending in 2018 — some are. To keep your store ringing up sales, here are 8 retail trends you must know about. 1. Loyalty programs go high-tech. Loyalty programs are a growing trend for retailers, says Bryan Pearson, president and CEO of LoyaltyOne Inc.

8 Small Business Trends to Know for 2020. Although small businesses are facing some of their biggest challenges this year, many are also learning how to re-engage with their customers and adapt to emerging market needs. These are the only 8 colour trends you need to know about for autumn, according to our Fashion Editor.

Colour is always the easiest way to change up a look. By Charlie Teather. 9:57 AM. By Charlie Teather. Fashion Editor willing to.

8 TRENDS TO KNOW IN DIGITAL MARKETING IN 2020. We can say that 2020 was a busy year for marketing. With loads of innovations and techniques in marketing, consumer buying behavior, and interest is. For business owners in the retail industry, 2018 was a year of challenges and changes.

Despite some shakeouts, retail is still thriving, and some strong marketing trends stand out. How can your retail or wholesale business stay ahead of the game in 2019? Here are 8 trends you should know about.

8 Marketing Trends to Inform Your Year 1. Discounts. 8 Web Development Trends Every CTO Should Know in 2020. The web development industry is quickly evolving, and the companies need to stay ahead with innovations to stay competitive in the online world. Here are all the latest web development trends that you must know. Read the entire blog to know them all.

Top 8 New Technology Trends for 2020 By Nikita Duggal Last updated on Aug 14, 2020 732136 Technology is now evolving at such a rapid pace that annual predictions of trends can seem out-of-date before they even go live as a published blog post or article. The Future of Festivals: 8 Trends You Need to Know. Discover the 8 biggest trends driving the festival industry in this data-packed report. You’ll learn what inspires attendees to attend — and spend at — your event.

In a competitive festival space, it’s more important than ever to create a unique, unforgettable experience for your. However, like any other type of marketing, it’s important to stay ahead of always-evolving trends. As we move closer to the end of the year, let’s take a look at the eight email marketing trends you’ll need to know about for 2020.

8 key email marketing trends.

List of related literature:

Five trends that are shaping people experience.

“Human Resources Management Issues, Challenges and Trends:
from Human Resources Management Issues, Challenges and Trends: “Now and Around the Corner”
by Ronald R. Sims, Sheri K. Bias
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6 Technology trends that will impact fashion industry.

“Fashion & Music” by Jochen Strähle
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Three specific trends can be discerned.

“Governing China's Population: From Leninist to Neoliberal Biopolitics” by Susan Greenhalgh, Edwin A. Winckler
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There are three types of trends:

“How to Make Money on the Stock Exchange: The layperson’s guide to successful investing” by Ross Larter
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But we need to know what the trends are, so we follow them through magazines, fashion shows, movies and city streets.

“Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara” by Mark Tungate
from Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara
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Trends are now set by fashion forecasters, fashion editors, and department store buyers.

“Fashion-ology: An Introduction to Fashion Studies” by Yuniya Kawamura
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good understanding of what trends are and how they work can help you.

“Day Trading For Dummies” by Ann C. Logue
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Apart from studies dealing with eWOM in retailing in general [14], consumers’ motivation to engage in fashion-related eWOM [18], and different types of eWOM in fashion blogs [17], research on eWOM with a focus on fashion or clothing is scarce [17].

“Digital Nations – Smart Cities, Innovation, and Sustainability: 16th IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society, I3E 2017, Delhi, India, November 21–23, 2017, Proceedings” by Arpan Kumar Kar, P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan, M.P. Gupta, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Matti Mäntymäki, Marijn Janssen, Antonis Simintiras, Salah Al-Sharhan
from Digital Nations – Smart Cities, Innovation, and Sustainability: 16th IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society, I3E 2017, Delhi, India, November 21–23, 2017, Proceedings
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Ten trends were identified that will shape the future of the travel industry.

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Explanations of the seven trends listed previously are provided below.

“A History of American Nursing: Trends and Eras” by Deborah Judd, Kathleen Sitzman, Megan Davis
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  • Jim Crow Joe and his political side piece Chameleon Harris will NOT be getting my vote. 45 can STAY in office for all I care. B1 family ������������������������������������

  • When I log into YT first ad you see is trump shooting on biden when you click on it then scroll further down BAM you find THE WONDERFUL WORK OF THE BLACK MEDIA -B1

  • The drones are definately in use, I’ve seen them on quite a few job sites already. The one drawback is tradesman and laborers hate having a camera looking down on them throughout the day. It feels like high tech micromanaging at times.

  • I wanna finish my chicken heels collection so baddddd �� but since it’s getting reworked ain’t nobody wanna trade them but I get it tbh��

  • Hi
    I’m 50 plus and I lately love flotty, flowery,boho,midi and long dresses…
    I’m concerned that they might not be appropriate for my age.
    What do you think?
    Thank you

  • When you dress as a boy to win the ball but a crowd of girls want you to date them and you just wanna win cuz your poor be like:����������

  • I am a Karen follower too! This year I am on a no-buy for clothes (unless thrifted) however PJs and gowns are not on the restricted list. I have been buying some cute stuff online also picked up a matching gown/nightie set with lace!! Some of my PJs have been around for years, so it is time for a change!!! Would love to see what gown you got!

  • thanks for that, I do have a silk blouse with puffy sleeve that I tie die! I never wear it because it was the top of my wedding dress in 77 but I will now! I also see a lot of wide high waist pants that I like. I used to follow Karen Brit Chick but I find that too much shopping is fun but not the point anymore.

  • Ok I loved your choices for a better Economy! Millions of people are out of work! Who is going to drop $300 -$400 +for a dress when this quarantine is over???? Even the wealthy are much smarter than that. Please don’t be offended just think about it.

  • i love karen britchick, to me Karen is the most beautiful human i’ve ever seen on youtube, love her sense of style, and personality. ( sorry if i madelanguage mistakes, i’m french), Thank you for all your good advices.

  • I LOVE KarenBritChick!!! Her style is phenomenal, not to mention her tall slim body makes her clothing look absolutely stunning!!! Love your style as well. That’s why I’m subscribed ����

  • being home for 7 weeks, basically wearing the exact same few clothes ( 100 % workout clothing ), I realized how much I really don’t need. Go figure.

  • Love Karen Brit Chick, she looks amazing in florals amd has great style. Also, wanted to let you know, you remind me of Ali McGraw����

  • This was so embarrassing. These callers need to just be honest and say they want to vote for Biden because a Democrat president will allow black folks to go back to sleep and not face the reality of what it means to be a roots-in-the-soil Black American in 2020.

  • please stop the nonsense. Biden could have picked anyone, it really didn’t matter, but he picked Harris, she will represent black people cause its not too much she can do for people from India.

    For anyone to ask why would i vote for Trump if i had a choice, must be an idiot.

    President tweet just don’t know what he’s doing, to just ignore that fact means you just dont care about the people of the united States, people need to be represented.

  • Would love to seem some content on NW.js on this channel. Such a better experience than using Electron and nobody ever talks about it

  • The floral print dresses are definitely one to watch, I have ordered a few from H&M and i can’t wait to share on my YouTube channel. The Twin sets too are gorgeous, just given me an idea for future haul video. xoxo

  • Annoying story:
    In the trading hub a girl was looking for the veil and I had it so I said I have the veil:D and she was like is it ft? I said no but I like to look at offers:) tHIS BIH SAID OK THEN DONT BOTHER ME LIKE BI*CH YOU ARENT THE QUEEN and I said god that was rude and do you know what this egotistical brat said? You wasted my time and then u ruined my mood by saying it wasn’t ft I WAS MAD AF ALREADY BUT SHE LITERALLY SAID so don’t be sensitive about it HER MOOD WAS FAWKIN RUINED BY A GAME SHES FAWKING SENSITIVE LIKE MY GOD

  • you have encountered a furry what do u do?

    if u decided to fight: furry has fainted

    if u decided to run: you have successfully gotten away from wild furry

    if u decided to capture: you have successfully captured and tamed a wild furry

  • Story time so earlier i was in sunset island the theme was zombie apocalypse then i decided to dress as a boy zombie then this girl named madison said to me “Love” then uh some tags i told her that i was actually a girl then she left-

  • Forgiveness is for those who want to be forgiven. It means a person should be apologetics and sincere in order to be forgiven. Joe and Kamala are neither of those things…

  • Good to see Max stressing the basics. I started coding by learning React which requires at the very least that a student learn HTML, CSS, JS and React at the same time. I appreciated React much more after building sites with lower level/older technologies/libraries

  • Your classic long bio:

    Emma/half wolf/half demon/princess of hell/has powers/sIngEl/smart/don’t touch my tail or else/rebel/kinda smart/siNgEl/has no friends/very rich/savage/has a black belt In karate/if you touch me I’ll call the devils to chop you up/wants a boy/fav food is pizza/hates onions/fav movie is shrek/has a sister named Emily/has a brother named jake/loves Oreos/emo/hates pink stuff/hates angles/HATES MATH

  • @The Black Authority I believe some of these people calling in are not black. I know you already have a lot going on but, can you please screen them.

  • Eee i was scrolling thru her chanel and found this videoo and i just wanna say, i dress like a boy often bc its cute and i have alot of “boyish” items. ee and i also name my boy sam:>

  • Tbh i do dress up as boys and pretend that im an actual boy on my sis account the only reason i do it so i can get more friends.. i am a loner in all the games im very shy and nervous to talk to other people i can sometimes think that i will do something very bad that’s why i became i boy instead..and when furries say “dont touch my tail” in their bio….. PEOPLE TOUCH IT Lol tbh there’s nothing wrong with furries but in my opinion it just gets annoying-

  • i once dressed up as a boy to troll the girls in new campus, and i asked four girls to the dance on the same daythere was DrAmA ;-;

  • I love to be a boy on my alt acc so in my real acc and my alt acc I love to say that my alt acc is my brother and if they don’t believe me I say I made his acc to a girl because I think it’s funny then they actually believe me ��

    No YouTuber:

    Literally no one:

    Royal role play: has a tone of (types) of videos

  • There is another weird trend I saw, there is people wearing a triple head leg, they can wear like soft items, they are tall and they are a kind of a gay or lesbian.

  • Yeah KarenBritChick has definitely made me do it. But luckily for me that I am able to get the maxi/midi dresses while thrifting and ordering off Shein website, also H&M have some excellent dresses on their clearance racks. The problem is that I have some very fantastic robes (thrifting and already own) and they have become my work uniform over PJs, or then it workout gear (minus the workout). Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and all in the days to come.

  • Merry Christmas, sensei! I took your Angular course this year, and will take some more for 2019. You are such a great comunicator and teacher!

  • Loved this video!! Many of these pieces are on my list to recreate in the upcoming weeks on my channel!! Love the floral dresses( never have enough of them), the earth toned tops, puffy sleeve shirts.. very inspired for upcoming season. But first recover from the virus.

  • Timestamps

    10:04 The basics
    11:25 GraphQL
    12:56 Frontend framworks
    14:05 Web components/compilers
    15:45 JAM Stack and static pages
    17:04 Hybrid Apps
    18:35 Serverless
    20:31 AI / Bots

  • I’m glad you showed off your dress. I assumed you were wearing a top. It’s a very gorgeous dress and it suits you perfectly. Great video.

  • There was this girl and she had what she was trading in her bio so I walked next to her to see what she was trading but she kept walking everywhere on full speed��like if u have a long bio at least stay one place so people can have a chance to read it(sorry for no full stops)

  • I pretended to be a dude once and that was in sunset island for the “Celebrity Look a like” theme cus I wanted to be my favorite singer from a band

  • I want to be a smol bean too but I can’t find where to changing my avatar heights or head ;w;
    Somebody pls pls pls teach me ��
    Thank you so much <33

  • I usually play as a bunny, but i dont go THAT far, being called short idrc. Or what not.. I just like when my friends pat me, it gives me something to do xd. But people that take it to the next level are anoyying 0-0

  • i will vote for them because they will make america better then they way it is now yes Joe is white and he has tried to change he is not perfect but we got do something to get the man that has divide us more then ever we will not have a another black man in office so we have to have some one and Mrs Harris is going to pick up the slack. and Joe has a back ground on the military and protect our country And if there any one better they did not step up for the black communities but yet we down grade those that they see that are there faults we will never have any one that will help us a s black people but we got to do something and our blacks that do have power know they can only go so far to be still called a nigger like they did Obama so we will never have a fair shake in this world.So we just have to use what we have for now because we can not have the flavor we want because this world is made up for this world until the lord comes. Because his kingdom is what is going to be our flavor for all.

  • The worst part is is that when i fist started playing royale high i actually dated a boy, i didn’t know it was against the rules, we eventually broke up, i learned from mah mistake and i have never online dated ever since

  • would also add Webgl to the list.
    Also your should recommend for people to learn all the stuff on your “what else should you learn” list. I mean, productivity and efficiency is key.
    There is also true that CLI / node packages do everything for you nowadays. Thank God that the time of setting up real servers / hosting packages are dead (for some functionalities it was required)

  • I remember when I first bought my first heels I was so proud and I felt rich but now I feel poor cuz I only have like 2 pairs of shoes witch are the jelly shoes and the chicken heels

  • Some people who are descriptive does alphas usually treat noobs like trash when they are actually usually Noobs (when I say noobs I mean no disrespect)

  • The Black Authority? Just as long as the Biden/Harris Ticket and Admininstration allows me to experience the US Constitution as it is written, is what matters to me. In 1865 President Abraham Lincoln freed black people. It does not matter to me if President Lincoln believed Blacks & Whites are not equal. I believe it is written that President Lincoln did not believe we were equal. It mattered that he freed black people. So the same applies to the Biden/Harris Ticket & future Administration. Biden/Harris will allow all US Citizens to have the freedom in the USA that the Law Allows.

  • Nice last Max. Love your tutorials they allow me to understand some not to easy to learn concepts. Will definitely look into Testing. Keep it up

  • People every time I wear the fluttering butterfly heels: WHY ARE YOU SOO TALL, LONG LEGS
    Me in the game: XD ikr
    Me irl: Oml why is this happeining to meh

  • Top popular person in Royale High:
    1. Furries, always has “don’t touch my tail!” in their name/bio.
    2. People with “gay” in their name/bio
    3. Troll outfits, most common one i see is the felipe hat and being either pepsi or coca cola.
    4. Players that comes in groups and usually is friends with one another.
    5. Boys. Literally just being a boy makes dem gurls head over heels for you.

  • Great tips! I’ve noticed a few of these. Especially moving away from posts that are heavily edited. I see people posting instagram content that’s less staged, more in the moment, and not edited. And also lots of carousel posts with video!

  • World discover new thing over and over century and college and universitat they study much good life quaility with elite course and money earned.. Be professional

  • Great job. I heard a word about pavings used to harvest electricity from pedestrian footsteps. Please what the name? is it cadesic or cadestic pavings? Need an answer as soon as possible.

  • Little did toxic the furry know she was messing with the best royal high YouTuber

    If Toxic actually watched this video she would be quite guilty

  • Loved the twilight zone music….. One thing I cant stand is a black woman who doesnt make any sense and wont STFU..Cynthia…. was a goddam fool…. smh…

  • These are all great technologies that can have a big impact on construction. However, I can see robots on a jobsite causing protests by construction workers and reducing their moral which can impact the project schedule. It’s going to be interesting to see how robots are integrated into the job site.

  • Yooooooooo
    Make a vid about Dubai and Abu Dhabi
    Separately and long plzz
    I found a vid talking about upcoming and almost completed mega projects happening in Dubai
    It’s called engriue8
    But all it was a vid showing images and drone views
    So I hoped
    You would go into detail about it

  • I actually dressed a boy once, because the theme was “Your Signature Genderband Look” (is that what it’s called..? QwQ) And I liked the outfit so I saved it, I wear it sometimes cause I like how it looks �� But I don’t say “I’m on my sister’s account”

  • What about the In disguise pro like They dress as Bacons when they are super rich its like Getting reallly trendy In royale high lol

  • I love this! I need to look into Spark AR it sounds fun! Also love to see the trend of people under 5k (like me on Instagram) getting opportunities to work more with brands:)

  • Enjoying your Angular course on Udemy and glad to find you on Youtube! Interested in your opinion about distributed ledgers / blockchain / smart contracts as “backend” part of applications, of course very domain-specific (like decentralized airbnb etc with non-trusting parties) do you think it’s a growing trend or just a hype?


  • Thank you, Completely agree on everything you told. Just have one question, you have any words on Prisma technology? the few I know complements very nice graphql.

  • I think I’ve been following Karen longer than I’ve followed you! I love her as I love you and what you both do, great inspiration you are.
    Funnily enough I haven’t looked at anything online. I’m more excited with the idea of wearing all the clothes I already own as soon as we are allowed to leave home. In fact, I’ve put all my summer everything out already! And I’m taking pictures of the outfits I’m creating. Thank you for sharing your finds Leonie and keep safe and healthy. Love from the UK X

  • What about Elixir and Phoenix ( https://phoenixframework.org/)? It’s very powerful thanks to BEAM. It’s distributed, fault tolerant, real time web framework. https://blog.carbonfive.com/2016/04/19/elixir-and-phoenix-the-future-of-web-apis-and-apps/

    Elixir: The Best Choice for Modern Web Applications https://dockyard.com/blog/2019/04/19/elixir-the-best-choice-for-modern-web-applications

  • What about Quasar? https://quasar.dev. It has very rich and beautiful components. It’s hybrid, like Ionic can build PWA, mobile iOS/Android or desktop (Electron) apps from the same single code.

  • Serious question,still a newbie in web dev but how the hell do you follow all these things? every year there’s a new thing and i don’t see how you can cope with it actually,am i doing something wrong?

  • Rust Language: games, web, application and sytem software, API’s, libraries etc. Rocket web dev framework for Rust, very powerfull, trending, production ready, full support, stable.
    Cargo package manager for Rust, well I dare to say it more powerfull than Python pip or NPM… You have full control over your crates(packages) and it provides much more.
    All the above mentioned is cross platform support.

  • Liked the video but your number one, internet of things, is a write-off. Check out the occupancy rate of “Wired” houses. A sleeping there every night count. I hear three months is the most people can take. RE: Danisch School Garden Cress WiFi Experiment’

  • You: The furry didnt like me:(
    Me: no duh, you were chasing her for a cookie and a hug ;-;
    (No i am not a hater, she does funny and cool stuff unu, and please sub to me bc im a unpopular hooman who deserves rights! unu)

  • max, if you have time, could you please make a short tutorial of how to make a micro front end in angular? Thank you! ^ ^, i’m really stuck right now T.T

  • So I’m a seller at a corporate company and my audience r Developers engineers and their management. I recently started to dig into HTML, do you think it is relevant to know it in that field and a first starter to later get into other languages? Any advice? Thanks!

  • I used to disguise myself as a boy with my best friend, but we went all out. We spent robux on our roblox avatars to make them look like boys. Our usernames aren’t that girly either, so it seemed pretty believable! -3-

    Edit: I’ve also seen a “girl” who was clearly a boy (bc he didn’t even bother to change his character, and didnt understand any of the girl code) say that he’s on his sister’s account.

  • 20:45 Nobody is using AI/ML? Are these trends just for front end web dev?

    Anyone with more than 100k users or so (which is NOT a tiny club these days, especially for gaming) is probably using AI/ML for analytics these days, either directly or indirectly via some service — and the ones who aren’t better get started if they have any competitors in their space. Some of the bigger apps and web giants haven’t had a choice for what runs the in-house analytics dashboards/apps other than using AI/ML for quite some time.

    As far as difficulty, I know TensorFlow has it’s limits but still, it’s dead simple to use, and it’s been fairly simple to add to web apps for a few years now … hell, almost every “quick’n’dirty” front end app back at DEFCON 25 seemed to use it.

    I think what you will see in 2019 is a lot of AI/ML apps (and agents — “bot” is already a broken word like “hacker”) that spent most of 2018 in training and if you work with anything that your boss used to call “big data” when he talked to investors, you should absolutely be looking at AI/ML.

  • The background music is distracting. Max, really recommend against this. Playing you at 1.5-2x with that background music is annoying AF.

  • So in Royale high I do tend to dress as I guy, I do understand that it gets me wins in the high school and so so many 8 year olds trying to date me (it’s ridiculous) but honestly, I just genuinely enjoy dressing up as anyone or any gender. Royale high let’s me be able to have creative freedom with how I look and I really like that. I can either be a basic person on royale with heels and a corset or I’m a guy (but I have to make my actual avatar a guy so that I don’t have to use the gross long boy body that royale high has. Many times people have “called me out” For being a fake guy but I’m kinda just hanging out and sometimes roleplaying cause,.,. I get bored:/ okay I think I accidentally typed a essay again but this comment is not meant to be mean to anyone I’m just telling people I’ll never meet in game why I dress as a boy

  • Only thing i would have added was blockchain and smart contract development using JS / Python or whatever:-) Great video Max, thank you as always.

  • The exoskeleton seems cool. I wonder what the price is though, it seems cheaper just to higher bodies to do the heavy lifting. In the future I think we will definately see it though.

  • Great vid, Max. I think we underestimate Python, though, becuase I have a feeling that it’s going to make it’s way into web development more and provide a bridge to machine learning for developers.

  • You seem the kind of guy that is really in constant with the real world demands. Thanks, I’m taking your MEAN course and I’m enjoying it (I have some stuff to say about the course, not necessarily bad, just my opinion, I’ll leave feedback). Subbed btw

  • READ THE FOLLOWING: What the 98% of the voting population (mythical left/mythical right) that vote democrat and republican don’t understand, is that the U.S. has no need for you. The BILLIONAIRE OLIGARCHS only need certain classes/segments of the population to serve their needs/wants: The Millionaire managerial class in government/police/national security/titans of industry/bankers/germ makers are all they need. Everyone else is expendable on a sliding scale. Now, if you are smart enough to understand this, then you will understand why there are endless wars, no sane, rational gov’t response to the Covid-19 pandemic, no universal health care, why good paying jobs are off-shored, infrastructure is allowed to deteriorate, including the poisoning of the water and pollution of the air, massive homelessness, and criminals with badges being given free reign to murder between 900-1000 people per year. Most everything this government does or fails to do is with the design and intent of thinning out the herd because the vast majority of people are simply not needed or wanted. You could say it is the American version of Lord Darkseid’s ANTI-LIFE EQUATION. All of these things being done or not done are the total antithesis of life. Yes, the gov’t tinkers here and there, with the pretense that they care, but that is a total mis-direction. Instead of killing millions at once, they kill thousands at a time. But please continue your brainwashed thinking that voting for democrats or republicans will solve America’s problems. Up until the point that the oligarchs and the gov’t eliminate you……..

  • I seriously believe porn will still be available and with social streaming competition will give more free content in their effort to drain our money. Did he miss REST?

  • I love this channel. Can you do a video about what kind of materials and resources are being used to construct skyscrapers that are thin and lanky. Like the ones in NY for example.

  • honestly.. the people with long bios kinda make me feel like they noob-ish.. I mean a name is enough right.. we don’t need your life story.

  • This is sad. These people are blindly supporting Biden-Harris without considering their records. Kamala was downright indignant when asked what she would do to help Black people. She emphatically said she’s not doing anything to help Black people. Did anyone see the body language when she answered that question. The Democratic party does not respect Black people and attempting to shame us into voting for this terrible ticket is an insult and affront to our intelligence.

  • The Hottest Trend Right now is none these. Its actually FLUTTER for mobile app development. Its just crazy how fast you can develop mobile app using Flutter.

  • Serverless…

    The Hidden Costs

    API Requests: Since many Serverless apps are heavy on API calls, this can get quite pricey at roughly $3.50 per 1M executions.

    Networking: If you’re sending a lot of data out, you need to carefully review this category. At $0.05-$0.09 per GB-out and $0.1-$0.2 between VPCs/regions on AWS, it can get very expensive — very fast. In general, network costs are usually the hardest costs to track down.

    While it might be worthwhile to consider the various free tiers across providers, most of these free tiers don’t discuss those “hidden” costs — networking, API requests, and storage.

    The Unknown Costs

    Some of the costs of Serverless aren’t all easily measured in dollars and cents.

    Code maintenance

    Serverless coding = more lines of code. As Twin Tech Innovations pointed out: “For each non-trivial route (piece of functionality) added to a software system, the number of lines of configuration code needed to maintain the project grows at a steep linear rate when using a serverless architecture.”


  • Hi! I agree everything you said. I recently moved an app. from Angular7 to Stencil and that was a excellent experience. Thanks for this review.

  • not to be rude but i am a smol bean but not saying to not call me a shortie or anything else and no am not a furry lel for real not to be rude its funny to me XD

  • agree with you… i always wanted to improve my self to learn basics.. even now there are many tool make that easier…. i dont know but i just love it…

  • Well I’m not sure yet what Kamala Harris is capable of doing I personally do not like Joe Biden I can’t stand his politics he does not represent my views
    But four more years of Donald Trump and it will set black America back 50 years
    I am sure that we will find out in the next couple weeks with all the mail sorting machines have been taking out a black neighborhood post offices
    Before Donald Trump leaves office the word affirmative action will be struck down everywhere in this country
    Donald Trump will take us right back to the 60s just like the country that his dad wanted
    The fact it to more good black progressive candidates were elected into congress or on the way to congress after defeating long-term incomebunts

  • Great show!! Speaking the truth about Jim Crow Joe Biden and his sidekick who has abused the 94 crime bill that biden helped author!! Abolish the crime bill!!