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Once you wean yourself off of manufactured sugar, fruit will taste a lot sweeter and more satisfying to you. Grab a bowl of berries or a piece of watermelon if you’re craving something sweet. 6. Limit yourself to three-to-four modest servings a week, treating meat as a side dish, not the main course. • Week four: No fast food or deep fried food. (Gulp!) •. Weaning Yourself Off Junk Food.

Posted on August 16, 2014 by admin. Well I hate to admit it, but I like junk food and it is becoming a problem, I got on the scales this morning. Candy, cookies and pies are my weakness and I need to lose weight and get off them immediately. 6 Ways to Wean Yourself Off of Food Journaling Still trying to wean myself off journaling, I have put together something for us hard-core food journalists to become more of an “intuitive” eater. Read now April 10, 2019 Liz Beaver A Successful Beginner’s Mindset is NOT a 14 day Cleanse or Shred.

A great way that I do that is by setting goals and using my food journal to help mark my progress. For instance, I’ve got my goal to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day, so I put a little check in the top right corner of each day’s page when I drink a glass. Using a food journal in goal setting can really help you get there faster!Wean Yourself Off Processed Foods in 7 Steps A new book, Real Food Has Curves, has a plan to get you to enjoy food more and maybe lose weight. By Deborah Kotz.

Gradually switching unhealthy foods for similar but healthier foods is another way to wean yourself off of them. Switch from ground beef to lean ground turkey, from chicken nuggets to roasted. “I don’t recommend going cold turkey; you need to wean yourself off, just like you would anything you’ve become dependent on.” If you typically drink multiple servings of soda a day, Sacks. Weaning off Tube Feedings “Saying Hello to Food and Good Bye to Formula” Now that your treatment is nearing completion or over it’s time to start working on eating more food.

As you wean yourself off the Nexium, the baking soda will act to reduce and neutralize acids in your stomach, allowing you to quit the drug. Step 7 Add organic apple cider vinegar to your diet, slowly, to help control and manage acid reflux and improve your digestion, recommends Baroody.

List of related literature:

Make it a rule that you never make an appointment without your diary and when buying a diary it is important to choose one that will let you view at least one week at a time.

“Nursing Knowledge and Practice E-Book” by Maggie Mallik, Carol Hall, David Howard
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You don’t have to keep a food journal in Cycle 3 the way you did in Cycles 1 and 2, but I can tell you that when I know I’ve slipped—when I’ve eaten more than three polite bites of something or indulged in a food that I know I can’t tolerate—I get out the journal that night and track myself for the next week.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
from The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days
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Step 4: Shift the focus away from food Once you have decided what you will and will not eat and have articulated that decision, divert the conversation away from food differences as quickly and naturally as you can.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
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THINGS I DO: I eliminate foods for at least one month and then reintroduce them, keeping a food journal or notes in my cell phone to document changes in my energy, mood, and digestion.

“Lexi's Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life” by Alexis Kornblum
from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life
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In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
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I hesitantly add my thoughts about food— how I too love to eat and am a “sugar junky,” how I try to remember to pause after one helping to wait for fullness cues.

“Handbook of Interview Research: Context and Method” by Professor of Sociology and Chair Jaber F Gubrium, Jaber F. Gubrium, James A. Holstein, Sage Publications, inc, Professor James A Holstein
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Use these tips as a guide as to how you can approach fussy eating in your house but remember that this list is by no way exhaustive or prescriptive.

“My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family” by Ciara Attwell
from My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family
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#1 Make new habit really Create a swarm of new specific easy to do.* habits you could do instead of #2 Make old habithard the bad habit.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
from Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
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The book lists all healthy habits that I had to inculcate in myself and how I did that.

“From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom: A common man’s journey...” by Manoj Arora
from From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom: A common man’s journey…
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Example of four activity-based mini habits: Eat one serving of fruit once you arrive at work, eat one serving of vegetables during your first work break, drink one glass of water when you get home from work, and chew each bite 30 times during your daily work snack.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
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  • this vid made me hungrier than a mug… shoottt i’ll eat the damn pasta.  sn: i was at trader joes and seen “Samosa’s” and bought them to see wth ur talking about when u always mention those, and they were bomb tho.  see, ur always with us, even down lonely grocery aisles.

  • I love your personality! I’m tweaking my eating habits all the time to be as healthy as possible. I’m 57 yrs of age and while I’m pretty good I could be even better. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this information. My question is, let’s say you have a smoothie for breakfast, grain-bowl for lunch, what would your typical dinner look like?

  • I’m thrilled to have found you as well. I am 56 year old nurse, I went plant-based about 2 months ago. Having a harder time sticking with it now that we’re so busy and not going out to get fresh produce as much. Excited to hear and see more of your videos! Thank you

  • Very helpful video! My baby is nearly a year and people ask me ALL THE TIME (even those people who don’t know me that well) when I’m stopping breastfeeding. It does make me feel like something I shouldn’t do but I just answer and move on with my day ignoring them! Xxx

  • How are you keeping now Neil? I hope are are doing ok. I’ve succumbed to a nasty cold. Had to miss my appointment with my doc on Friday. Hopefully I’ll be ok for Tuesday instead. Love to you both ����

  • Thank you so much for the information about soy. I am a 50 year old nurse and new vegan (2 weeks��) and I really appreciate your channel. Thank you.

  • No nuts look @ the latest studies. The nut industry lies. Dr. Fuhrman is not telling the truth. Look @Dr. Michel Klapper. Please revise your vidio. Please

  • I just found this video and it was so helpfulmy 14 month old son decided this week that he is done nursing and I wasn’t prepared. It has been emotional, but I’m thankful that it was on his terms and it wasn’t a fight. Thank you for your great videos!!!

  • Great info. I’ve been WFPB for 10 years and will never eat any other way. Question: what are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?

  • Hi Neal and Teresa, best wishes for 2020! I was watching one of your old videos and I heard that you had tinnitus. I have that too. Did it go away? Wenn i think about it i hear it because its loud. It isn’t in one ear but in de middle of my brain. Most of the time i don’t notice it but it’s always there. I still don’t know what kind of ms I have and have no treatment. My neorologist doesn’t want to talk with me before my next appointment in May. Now i have an appointment in 2 weeks with a professor in a university Hospital that ist Specialized in MS. I hope he can give me some answers. I hope 2020 is going to be good for all of us. Keep up the good work with you video’s ��. Peter

  • My son is 2years and 7months and we’ve just stopped breastfeeding and I was so not ready ��. I’m pregnant with our second child and the hormones have caused my milk to dry up. Im very sad about it and was hoping I’d be able to breastfeed all through my pregnancy and tandem feed once babbas born��. It’s such a lovely bond to have and I miss it so much. I’m glad my son is such a cuddly boy and our relationship hasn’t changed because of stopping. Hoping I’ll be able breastfeed this babba too xXx

  • Hey Emily. Been following you guys since I began looking into baby led weaning. My nursing little one has 7 teeth now. And she’s 16 months old. She sleeps with me, and has since she was 4 days old… But now that she is working her way to walking and moving about a ton while nursing (Oh my God I literally have cried…. ) and her teeth are almost always raking across my nipples, I can’t take it anymore. I have GOT to wean her. I also need her to be able to go into early head-start, which will be 4 hours……. and try as I may to reduce feedings, she wants to nurse constantly. I have to get back to work. I already have people constantly asking me if she shouldn’t have already stopped nursing by now….. If you could offer me some pointers? She’s baby #3, but the other 2 only nursed for the first 6 weeks and neither slept with me. This is also my first time going thru this stage alone……. I wanna get it right and I know it’s gonna suck for both of us, but something’s gotta give! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!! Thx.

  • Oh my poor 19 month old, his time is coming!!!! Lol. Thank you for this video. I never expected to extended breastfeed and have been very fish out of water about it.

  • Why the [email protected]#$ does everybody eat a bunch of [email protected]#$%&$ fruit when they break their fast, with a bunch of vegany shit. Eat some damn meat. I’m mostly carnivore and I’m convinced that’s the natural human diet. Fruits and sugar are special items. PROOF: teeth rot and gas and bloating. No gas, perfect teeth on carnivore. Watch a low carb conference, like low carb down under.

  • My 9th attempt today for weaning my 20 month old �� nights are so stressful.. my OBGYN is making me wean her off since I’m 8 months pregnant and to be honest I’ll be overwhelmed breastfeeding 2 ��

  • You have an awesome demeanor. I am a pescatarian, but eat mainly a vegetarian  “diet” for the last 6 years. I am an endomorph and  I lost almost 80 pounds over a few years and this eating lifestyle, combined with exercise and eating more protein rich foods, helped a lot.  I did uncover that I am allergic to whey protein this year, where I wasn’t before, so that has changed my protein options ( i.e. no more whey/casein powder, Greek yogurt or cottage cheese). Thanks for the video.

  • Well.. didnt you lose a LOT of fat?? Even though yer fat percentage went up, your total weight went down?? Math is not my favourite subject tho…

  • But mistake this guy made is. It doing any light exercise drug in the fast, would have protected against muscle loss well done tho friend!

  • Hi Neil! Sorry to hear about your chest infection mate. Hope it gets better soon. I know it’s caused by the Azatheoprine, but keep hydrated, and perhaps hot lemon and honey may help soothe your throat, when coughing? P.S. Well done on editing this video.:)

  • Thank you for this video! Been feeling emosh thinking about stopping soon at 17 months.. originally i planned on stopping at a year but i have found that i am a lot more attached to breastfeeding as much as my baby.. so my new goal is stopping in the next month or two.. this video helps because not a lot of people talk about the mom’s positive feelings towards breastfeeding, thanks!

  • I love this. But girrrrrrl you don’t gotta do the same thing every day! Lol it did look good but I know it gets annoying. At least you did the majority of the week!!!! What about smoooodies?! And eggs… Or uhmmm idk idk

  • I’m breastfeeding my fourth daughter. I come from a very large family of people who encourage breastfeeding. To all of you out there that feel like you are being judged just remember that there is no law that sets a limit to how long you breastfeed a baby/toddler. Actions taken on your part just because of comments of judgement form others should be considered detriment to you and your child. I think you should use your God given motherly instinct. Say this to those who pass negative judgement on you: “opinions are like anuses. Everyone has one.”

  • AWESOME VIDEO! More, please! ��������. (One correction: you said “Vegan Vitamin B-12” up above in a link, but it should be Vitamin D-3!) Such good information you gave. Perfect timing as I’m embarking on the whole food plant-based way of life for health reasons! Thank you!!

  • My babe is 22 months & I’ve been doing the don’t offer, don’t refuse and we were doing so well! But then holidays came & she got a bug. So we’re back to square one. But I’m still grateful we can nurse during times like these. Just be patient & gentle on your babe mamas.

  • I breastfed my first baby for a year or 13 months, i felt him walking to me and latching on was getting tiny bit weird so I was ready and my baby was ready. With my second baby just turned one yesterday and I’m going to do the same. Slowly wean her off. I’m not judging but breastfeeding 4 or even 5 year old is totally weird.

  • I never get into the myth that soya is bad for a woman. Asians for example the Japanese eat soya products daily as well as most asian populations and they have lower rates of cancers. And recently vegan doctors like Dr Davis and Dr Joel Fuhrman all recommend soya products especially in the form of whole form. I am 55 years old, still have my periods, no hot flashes or perimenopausal discomforts and I weight 95 lbs and flat tummy and eat mostly whole food plant based. And I do eat carbs in the whole form, especially potatoes and whole grains rice mixture which is available in most asian supermarkets which are a mixture of oat groats, millet, sprouted brown rice, barley, etc. Soak overnight and cook them like rice. Leave them overnight in the fridge after cool for the resistant starch.

  • How does your face look so great, what is your secret? My diet is very healthy. 95% Vegan 5 % fatty fish. Where do you get iron from on this diet?

  • Hello�� first time I come across your videos and I found it to be very very informational! I’m 50 will be turning 51 on the 28th of this month and I feel great and take no meds. Beginning of this year i have been eating plant based diet. Being Latin I sometimes eat my cultural foods, I was born in Colombia. I work out 4-5 days a week. I was looking for a video like yours where we can relate to being 50, strong and healthy. I have subscribed and looking forward to receiving more tips on nutrition. Thank you

  • My husband is sceptical about extended breastfeeding. My son is 10 months and he shows no signs of stopping and I’m thinking about letting him self-wean. We will see how it goes. Really hope my husband comes around to the idea because it really is the best option for our family.

  • Oh hon! I hope you can get over the chest infection quickly. You might want to use face masks when you go out from now on. Help protect yourself.

  • pretty sure i can do this ‘don’t eat out challenge’ but give me a 5 day no alcohol challengegirl FAIL, YES I WILL and guess what…i’m ok with that too!!!! LOL!!

  • Today Friday: Time: 1:34 pm started my fasting at 6 am today. No food until tomorrow, only water. Let’s see how it goes. I am feeling well at the moment. If it goes well, I will fast for every Friday to detox my body and Better BMI.

  • What a journey! Congrats on all those years of breastfeeding your beautiful boys, what hard work! I’ve just night-weaned my milk thirsty, boob obsessed, cosleeping 16 month old who was still waking 3-7 times a night. It was so difficult for me to separate and make the decision for my own health! I hope we continue our daytime feeding for several more months, but for now we are all sleeping the whole night! WOO! One thing that really helped was explaining to my son that we don’t nurse in bed. He could definitely understand me and see me pointing to explain where we nurse and where we don’t, and he accepted it with minimal frustration, as long as dad was involved. �� happy boobing, mamas!

  • “I want breakfast tacooooooos”
    First of all, mood but also, you can make them! Soft shells, some eggs, seasoning, veggies, and whatever else you wanna put in there!

  • I just stopped breastfeeding my son, he is 3months shy of 4 years old, I felt I was ready and he was only doing feedings for bedtime. Didn’t get much talk cause my sons father is half Honduran and was breastfed until he was 5yrs. So far I am on day 6 without feedings, he didn’t notice until we stayed at a hotel and he wanted to go home,but I just explained my body wasn’t making any and he was a little sad and just held them and fell asleep while I sang

  • Thank you! Very helpful x My boy is 18 months and I’ve tried to start wheaning but like you, things came up that I wanted to feed him through. He is still teething so wondering if I should feed him through that still? He is our last child too so am in two minds. I feel like he may start sleeping through if I whean him off too. Do you think so? He’s quite a clingy baby in comparison to my first.

  • Vitamin D is more important for calcium absorption and not magnesium. Also you need to sprout any seeds and nuts as they contain anti nutrients that will bind with any minerals you are likely to get from plants. You admit here that a plant based diet is nutrient deficient since you need to supplement with B12. Plant based can also mean the inclusion of fish and eggs in the diet as many of the studies that refer to plant based groups included these animal products.

  • I am quite caffeine-sensitive, but I do enjoy a little boost from a cold brew green tea. At night, I put a loose organic Sencha green tea in a tea basket in a mason jar with 2 cups of filtered water and some grated fresh ginger. In the morning, I simply remove the tea basket and add ½ tsp of fresh lemon juice, stir and enjoy. I love the lemon and ginger with the green tea…It is so refreshing! What is your favorite loose green tea?:)

  • Sophie, thank you for this video. However, I must explain why B12 isn’t available in our diets. Most don’t understand this. The microorganisms which produce B12 thrive on poop. It doesn’t matter if it’s buffalo or cow or human, but they need manure to thrive. Today, even cows need B12 shots because the soils are so depleted. We, as societies around the world, flush our manure wastes into our waters, over nitrifying our oceans and depleting our soils. Historically, there have always been herd animals on land (deer, buffalo, etc.) who migrate, leaving behind their wastes to enrich soils. With the disappearance of these animals, our wildflowers and bird populations have declined globally, as they relied on nutrients in healthy soils which manure provided. Can you imagine how incredible it would be if mankind could stop destroying ecosystems and ourselves by returning all human (and others) manure to soils? We wouldn’t need to provide phosphorus or nitrates, as all those building blocks are in manure. There would be no need to mine anything. Only three things are needed to grow food: sunlight, water, and poop!

    Just as every drop of water on the earth has been recycled, and we may very likely be drinking the urine of something sometime in history, so too does this apply to nutrients and minerals for all living species. There is no need to tear up the earth for anything as it’s already in manure.

  • Neil Bradley, Thank you very much for this valuable and informative Video. I was also on 70 mg Prednisolon I Know exactly all the side effects you mean, plus obesity. I am also on blood pressure medication it was very high 200 over 125,. I was nervous to take any Immunosuppressant again, but I should take Azathioprine and didn´t want to take because of all the scary side effects like Cancer, Infections and so on. It was not easy to decide but after I watched your authentic Video yesterday I started with Azathioprine 100 mg today and after 2 Hours I feel fatigued again. I pray and hope all the best for all of us. God Bless you both. By the way, Green Vegetables are very useful this time.

  • My son is 22 months old. And he wont give up.. i feel like crying at night. He wakes up every 2 hours and cant be calmed, no matter what i do, unless i offer my breast ����My husband is out of town most of the week. And it is me alone to wean him off… He cant be distracted by anyother way when he wants his feed

  • About two years ago I was broke as balls. Never ate out because in the words of every black parent I didnt have no fast food money. So it was easy for me to not spend my money on outside food because I simply couldn’t afford it. Never ordered pizzas etc. When I got some money in my life I realized just how expensive eating out is. I look at it as a luxury rather than something I would do every day.

  • Pesticides not only kills bugs but also beneficial probiotics in our soil…animals no longer receive bacteria B12 from grass they are fed corn and soy, now they are injected with B12.

  • Love all your videos! Question: I am vegan and I take a vegan multi-vitamin daily and recently read that taking supplements (everything but B12) is toxic to your body. This came from a very famous vegan MD. Also, is taking any supplement with acidic foods (berries) depleting the B12? Thank you!

  • So my kids are 10 years apart my son has cerebral palsy so he struggled latching on so I couldn’t breastfeed him due to weakened mouth muscles. However when I had my daughter I decided that I was going to commit to nursing her and we are now 15 months strong. My goal was to nurse for the 1st year however I enjoy it she does also and it helps settle her down but I’m trying to figure out how to go about this because I know it will be emotional for the both of us I just don’t want her to be upset. So thanks so much for this video

  • I just breastfeeded my son for 1 month because my body couldn’t provide more milk, wish I can bf him longer:( hopefully my body can cooperate to bf my second child (in future)

  • great video, lots of info. I am just starting to go through peri menopause and noticed my little buddha belly growing. Have to get it under control before it gets out of control. TX for your videos.

  • Hi Neil sorry your not very well. I think my family has had the bug that’s going around I had the flu bug jab couple of weeks ago I hope it works. I am not getting any better ms wise lol. My fatigue is always bad I take tablets for fatigue can’t remember what they are called lol. I have had steroids that didn’t work for me. Say hi to Teresa for me x

  • Thank you, Sophie! I have a question about “giving up sugar.” I know from your other video you have a small square of dark chocolate each day, but do you ever partake in desserts that you make for your family (like birthdays or holidays), and if so, do you find you can pretty successfully substitute either date sugar or date syrup or bananas as your only sweeteners? Or for those special occasions (like Christmas) do you use more refined sweeteners like maple syrup or coconut sugar to get the dessert to come out well? I don’t eat sugar on a regular basis either, but would still like to provide desserts for myself and my family on special occasions. Oh, and I’d love your recipe for date syrup (ratio of dates: water, type of dates, how long to boil, etc) if you could please share that.:)

  • Cook every other day and make something different. Don’t just cook a lot of one food on one day. That limits your variety and makes cooking and eating your own cooking boring.

  • Hello:) new to your channel and am absolutely thrilled to have found you! Thank you for sharing all of your excellent knowledge. During the winter months, it is difficult for me to have a cold smoothie (which really is the only way for me to enjoy them). Do you have any suggestions for a warm daily substitute? A quick soup w fruit after…? Thank you again for sharing and of course, your kind and generous personality ��

  • Soy products are not necessarily a myth. It depends on the person. Soy causes me to have hot flashes and night sweats. I discovered this in my early 40s when I was drinking soy milk. As soon as I stopped, the hot flashes and night sweats disappeared. I experimented with edamame as well. Same results. Some people are sensitive to soy. Others may not be.

  • Very sensible tips. I am almost there, about to 80 percent vegan! It does work! Thanks very much for these tips that truly are effective!

  • Hi Neil,
    By chance i found your channel and i started watching your videos. Watched i few but will start watching all of them i have been diagnosed with NMOSD. And all your experiencing is exactly what i am going through.

  • Hi, Sophie I too recently found your wonderful videos and I have also just discovered Dr. Brooke Goldner and I saw the episode on the super green smoothie you two did together. I do not eat breakfast but have been having a high vegan protein smoothie in the mornings as I am trying at the age of 54 to go Plant-Based, is it ok to purchase a product for example like ‘Organifi’ Green Juice powder supplement? Different Health gurus have products they are saying cover all your nutrients required for the day without having to drink a lot of Green Juices etc. Would you agree or disagree with that? I have an autoimmune disease and would love to change my health and of course, lose weight. Thank you you are incredibly inspiring and informative, I love your lovely energy.

  • Happy New Year Neil & Teresa!!!!!✨������ Let’s hope this year is a good one for us all. Hope you shift that nasty infection, glad you’re noticing subtle improvements in your health/mobility ��. I know it’s still early days but I hope this new drug really helps you, big hugs, Grace x ��

  • Where is your great toy storage from in the background? God knows, I need one of these! Thank you also for tips on stopping breastfeeding. Not ready yet with my 12 month old but will come in handy when the time comes.x

  • Sophie I don’t mean to criticise you but I can see your age from your neck and eyes, your eyes look very mature, but face looks stretched with too much usage of Botox, so clearly plants aren’t helping you enough because you have had far too much Botox in your face.

  • I did get a comment over the holidays from an in-law “he is STILL breastfeeding?”. Well…umm considering that my son is only 8 months old & also that this comment came from someone who has no kids. I think when she said that she saw the scary mummy look in my eyes & slinked away. I didnt even have to respond.

    Why women feel the need to police other womens bodies (even if they cant relate) is beyond me��

  • Thank you so much for this video! We cosleep and my 21 month old still nurses quite a few times back to sleep in the night. Any tips how to transition into his room? I know Jackson has always been in his room, but maybe the other boys coslept a bit?

  • Thank you for this video! All your tips, like always, are spot on! Best thing for me was moving my daughter directly from breast to beaker and I was only able to do that by learning through your video ��

  • I just started my third day…..Thursday night I stayed up all night…one of my chickens was dying. Then at eight in the morning I woke up to a cop knocking on my window (its where the ac was) and wanted to talk to me. The love of my life just died in a car accident. If that happens to you eating really isnt what you want to do. Im drinking gatorade, juice and diet soda….I have to live for my animals but I dont feel like doing anything but sleep and watch youtube.

  • Pro-tip: If you’re planning to only eat-in for a duration of time, MAKE A VARIETY OF DISHES LOL!!! Evelyn, I can’t believe you overlooked that lol.
    Another pro-tip… plans your meals before you go grocery shopping. This way you can look at everything before you cook and rearrange meals accordingly.

  • Subscribed for the dragon ball reference and the good personality, thanks for this. I’m starting my fast and it will be for 14 days, after that I will use the fast as a start up for keto (with added protein) and attempt to start lifting more. If this goes, just like what I’ve seen, then I’m hyped!

  • I was told Americans really like to eat out. Anyways sha Evenlyn good effort, if you can defo create meal plans for each week (gurl I need to take my own advice loool ). I don’t eat out much because I tell myself this money can go else where but when I do  afi turn hup!!!!!!!!

  • I wanna do a 7 days fasting, but after watch this video, i am afraid to lose muscle, should am i? Can someone explain why he gained fat and lose muscle?

  • My work schedule has my meal plans all out of sorts. I’ve been doing really well with the cooking and such but then Raisin’ Canes happened…shrugs

  • Nice video, and helpful tips. My daughter just turned one, and I’m ready to wean her. The emotional bond is still their through breastfeeding, so it’s kind of sad. But I need to.

  • Thank you. I did your challange this spring. �� love your tips and tricks. I have fibromyalgi and I got exema and it helped me to go glutenfree and vegan. ��

  • Sophie, there’s a typo in the notes. You need to change B12 to Vitamin D. I was reading it and thought “what does Vitamin B12 have to do with where you live?” I assumed you meant Vitamin D, hit the link and it is Vitamin D.

  • I’m trying to ween off mine as well came across this my child Is 35 months almost 3 next month actually I feel it’s about time for her to be off now and enjoy more variety goods more n milk to
    glad to see I’m not alone here with breast feeding

  • I tried doing this but i stopped at my 4th day i guess and within that days i feel my waist gets a lot fitter than before and i feel my jawline a bit the bad thing that i did encounter this past few days were my sleep was a total shit and i almost torture myself by watching mukbangs like geez what the fuck am i doing!!

  • Sophie, this is great information but I was wondering what is the plant based protein powder that you recommend, I have seen so many, a lot have sugars. Please let me know. All the best, A

  • I give my toddler a bottle of warm gruel inte the evening instead of breast feeding. I do not know if that is a typically Swedish thing or if it is common in other countries as well?

  • Hello Neil, those infections are terrible when you are immune system is supressed! Hope you will feel better soon!
    I am going to get ivsteroids soon, beginning of January to be exact and I am in desperate need of it! MY walking is so poor, my balance is off. Maybe the christmas days made me feel worse. it can change also on positive stress I suppose. We were visiting my grandchildren and christmas with little children (four under age 6) is turbulent, chaotic and loud. But today I was in bed all day and now recovering from that. Hope it will get better as I am resting now.
    Wishing you all the best for the New Year 2020 and that this medication will help get you better!
    Say all my best wishes to Teresa too, please! best regards, Britta

  • Quick story: I tried dieting to lose weight, then one day it was my Taekwondo master’s b-day and he decided to bring chocolate cake to the class. That was a difficult day of resistance.

  • I am on the Ocrevus Infusion for 3 Years now and before then I was on other Immuno suppressant Meds, I have a safety Protocoll in Place when going out in Public Places. Wear Face masks that protect from Germs and also use Hand Sanitizer at all Times when out in Public touching Doors, shopping Baskets and other Objects. Got to be very careful with Respiratory Infections and when you go out in cold Weather the Mask will help to keep the cold Air out of your Bronchial System and also stay away from Ill People. It is a Life Changer when you have no Immune System and you need to take Precautions. Wishing you and Teresa all the best and a Happy New year. Jenn:-)

  • I’ve started mine like 20 Mims ago this time I’ll try 3-5 days I gotta lose 17 kgs till September for a bodybuilding comp the good thing is that 8ve powerlifted my whole life but that dirty bulk destroyed my body kinda so Imma get back on track ��. Wish me luck. I wish you luck aswell if your reading this

  • Hi Neil,
    your body must be surely resenting all the drugs you are taking, I can understand how you are feeling, especially the upset stomach. Hopefully you’ll get better soon!

  • I’m 53 years old and about 30 lbs over my idea weight. Eating healthy can become overwhelming due to the cost of eating organically grown food, supplements etc. What is your advice when starting on this journey to staying lean and healthy when your finances don’t allow you to go all in at once?

  • Just a few questions, How often where you feeding prior to stopping? When did he sleep the whole night and cut the night feed?

    I’m so proud that a public figure like you is acknowledging extended breastfeeding

  • Great video! I am 47 and have noticed this bloating after I eat! Would you do a video on why we need digestive enzymes and what to take and how? Also, are B12 capsules better than tablets, my Dr gave me sublingual tablets.

  • Thank you very much Sophie! One quick question, would you still recommend vitamin B12 supplement if you already supplement with spirulina and chlorella tablets on a daily basis?

  • I think the main reason why you didnt experience the ”fasting euphoria” is because you were expecting it. And actually consciously waiting for it. I think if you just try to keep an open mind and see what will happen, you might be more likely to experience this high. Also if you spend some time in nature every day, it helps too. And I dont mean just your backyard or the park nearby. But go to an actual forest and travel a bit.

  • I had that when I made the choise to breastfeed my daughter and I’m so so so glad I stuck with it and didn’t allow myself to give up with all the negativity I got x

  • Evelyn! Omg I’m dying I’m dead. Just seen this but you literally ate the same thing everyday omg �������� you didn’t even try. Died at this, love you

  • I am very impressed with his dedication to not eating for 10 days. However, what surprise me here is why his fats percentage hasn’t dropped. To my knowledge, fasting make us lose fats, doesn’t it? I am going to do 14 days fasting from tomorrow. So I’d be glad if someone can enlighten me whether fats can be burnt or not. And is black coffee allowed to take in during fasting? Thanks so much in advance.

  • If he only lost lean muscle masss, then does the big weight loss thing even matter? The bigger the weight loss in this case, the worse effect it had on your body.

  • I only lasted three days, my stomach kept growling so I failed. Didn’t you get light headed only eating greens, pasta, and fruits with oatmeal?

  • Wish you the best, I’ve done the steroid infusion before they did nothing for me but I go in January for my ocrevus infusion I think I’m going to ask my doctor to try the oral steroid your on and go from there

  • My son is 21 months and still breastfed. I plan on making it until 2. I have tried weaning a few of the feeds but this little guy won’t let go and it’s so hard for me too. As mothers, we are comforted knowing our babies are comforted. It’s going to be very difficult for me emotionally to end this journey. The bond is indescribable!! Good tips, Emily!

  • Any refined process food cause inflammation
    Breads (wheat, white) flour. Natural foods.
    Grass feed red meat. Omega 6
    Wild caught fish omega3
    Keep these balanced.
    Natural Saturated fat is ok.
    Balance is the key.
    Cook with low heat. Med low. Takes longer and doesn’t Break down.
    Staying away from any refined salts.
    Eat natural carbs only.
    Kale. Dark leafy greens.
    Natural squeezed lemon water help maintain the acids in your stomach to break down food and benefits the digestive system.
    Staying away from any synthetic supplements. Find doctor grade vitamin. More expensive but is more beneficial in medical prescribed medication cost. Which damages other organs. And create all kinds of inflammation..
    Intermittent fasting is good. Avoid snacking
    Balance is the key

  • Omg I was actually thinking about this because my 20 month old is so attached! But I agree with you, the cuddles are so precious. Love all your videos. You are so amazing ��

  • I just found you today and I’m so glad. You’re right up my alley!:) I’m 57 and trying to live/eat as healthy as I can. You are truly beautiful! Thanks so much.

  • So so great to hear your tips. I’m breastfeeding my son 2.5 years old and also my 7 month old daughter and I’m planning to let my son self wean as I feel like it will be hard to wean him while I’m still breastfeeding her.
    Thanks for reminding me that there are other people out there who do extend their breastfeeding beyond a year! Xx
    Can I also just say I think that even if your child goes past the age of two/three/four… and you see people around you talking about weaning you should still just do what is best for you and your child! ❤️

  • Such amazing research and information. Thank you for dispelling the tofu/soy myth. I have disagreed with a colleague regarding watermelon and diabetes. I eat the whole fruit and know it is amazing for lycopene but lowish in fiber. So is it a bad fruit?

  • Hi Sophie! LOVED this video, very inspiring and informative. Was wondering if you would ever consider doing one on Bone Health for women, what supplements are most effective, calcium which form?, exercise, and any other wellness tips to promote strong bones.

  • That’s amazing Emily! I didn’t realise you were still breastfeeding Jackson. I recently stopped breastfeeding my now 2 year old at 21 months. It was incredibly emotional (for me) and child led, I just asked him one day if he wanted mummy’s milk or daddy’s milk (cows) and he opted for daddy’s �� He never went back to boob. X

  • Question if i lets say drink water for 4 days and after that i take one day and eat vegetables and healthy stuff cause of vitamins and then 3-4 days again water so should i be good on vitamins side and all?

  • I’m on Day 1 of my water fast,
    i’ve created a support group anyone can join on the App LIFE Fasting. Search the circle ‘2020 water fasting’:) ����

  • This is very informative video for Parents!! By the way guys I’m starting a channel for my Son. Come CHECK US OUT: Kin’s Adventure! Thanks!! ��

  • Thank you so much I will use you tricks I hope it does work beacuse my boy just turned 2 I am ready but he is not�� I am very emotional about it, but like you said you want to feel like you have your body back, and I do��..thank you for doing this video������

  • Hi Neil!
    Hoping your Christmas was enjoyable for you, Teresa and family and that you felt better than you sound and this changes for you soon.

  • Your video helped a lot! Thank you loads! And yes. People always talk negative. My first baby was formula fed and people were talking negative. Second baby is breastfed and people r still negative about why I’m not weaning off!

  • Hi Sophie. Your an inspiration to all women. I am a 45 year old female and I’m gaining belly fat. I eat healthy and work out but I get confused what to eat. Some say detox excess estrogen and others say increase progesterone or eat foods high in estrogen and others say no due to breast cancer and so on. What should we eat to balance hormones. And what about flax seeds. I also eat a carrot a day as I read it detoxes excess estrogen. Thankyou.

  • Evelyn how much of that dang pasta did you make lmao I’m looking like ain’t no way she’s still eating that. I find that I’m able to have more variety when I cook for only two days at a time so I get 3-4 different meals a week.

  • Hi Sophie, really enjoyed this video, thanks.  I’m glad to hear your take on soya products as I’ve been looking into natural solutions to menopausal symptoms and health, and reading a couple of books by well-known nutritionists here in the UK who advocate soya as having a protective effect against some female cancers, heart disease and osteoporosis, in addition to helping control menopausal symptoms.  Following this I’ve decided to introduce it into my diet.  Also, good to hear your advice regarding vitamin D.  A recent blood test has shown me to have vitamin D insufficiency which I’m addressing with supplements.  I wear sunscreen daily so not absorbing enough from the sun and, in any case, I live in the UK!!  I’ve noticed that my dry eyes haven’t been bothering me quite as much since starting the vitamin D, it could be coincidence though as I’ve only been taking it for 2 weeks, but it’s something I’ll definitely monitor.  I had read some research to suggest that vitamin D can help with dry eyes.  I already take omega 3 fish oil and had been taking sea buckthorn but they hadn’t reduced the symptoms.

  • when you ween them off how do you soothe the pain and discomfort? like I am so nervous to just be walking around with huge rocks as breast in pain that will never go away lol

  • WHERE on this luscious green earth did you get that ADORABLE little container that your vinaigrette was in?!? I MUST KNOW THESE THINGS

  • Merry Christmas both, sending you best wishes for your next neuro appointment, I’m still on my quest to “try” and find a decent neurologist & diagnosis, with additional symptoms ( so blooming tiring/draining isn’t it)
    Recently found some videos from an Aaron Boster md, on YouTube re MS & he looks pretty good, he recommends barts ms in London hope that may be of help. Just realised you are in the east Midlands, I used to spend a lot of time over that way a few years ago, got family in Derbyshire & Leicestershire too. Take care ����

  • It’s sad that a lot of people are commenting that people were rude to them about breastfeeding for so long… when I tell people my 7month old is still breastfeeding they congratulate me because it’s not something easy. It’s tiring and not everyone can do it. I will probably continue until he starts eating more. ��

  • I tried breastfeeding my son but he couldn’t suckle so went to bottle and he couldn’t coordinate his swallow so went to tube. Fed is best xx

  • Fast forward 4 years, and one my favorite EOTI videos is “You Suck at Meal Prep Because Meal Prep Sucks.” That is the honest GOSPEL truth!

  • This was a terrific video! I am 50 yrs old and this is all great information for me. I also love your video on high protein vegan meal prep. I love it because they look terrific and super easy. I need more of those type of recipes as I have M.E./CFS and easy meals like that are great and I’ve been trying to work on getting my protein up. Is that 31 day challenge just for new plant based eaters. I’ve been vegan for over 10 yrs

  • My daughter is 12 months old. Still EBF. I’ve cut the mid morning feed. I am now offering breakfast meal before a milk feed. I wish I could pump and offer milk WITH breakfast in a sippy cup, but for whatever reason, no milk comes out when I pump. Love breastfeeding so so sooo much! She absolutely hates whole milk… she won’t drink it.

  • I miss breastfeeding and I wish I did it longer, but I’m glad I never had to go through getting my son off the breast as a toddler, it seems really hard.

  • Forgot to say that I Hope you’re feeling a bit better now (28/12)⭐️. Any fever straight to hospitalpneumonia always a possibility on steroids. ��

  • I would rather sit down and chew & eat a salad or fruit salad than drink a smoothie. It is more satisfying to my mind that I am actually eating food instead of mindlessly slurping it down.

  • Thank you so much for your videos! Rheum wants to start me on this along with prednisone and I’m doing my research on side effects before taking it.

  • LOL you’re so hilarious! Try cooking two different meals for dinner. That helps me. I usually go Sun thurs without eating out.

  • My son is so backwards �� night weaning seems to be easy for us and he is so tired after bath time he just wants to sleep, and mornings all he wants to do is play, i find myself bf a lot during the afternoon trying to wean him off

  • Why do you go all American speak….very annoying….you’re English so stick with you’re own speak…..sorry found this a little bit boring….��

  • So I got to the bit about ‘make sure you are ready’ and started crying. Don’t think I’m ready yet, lol! Thanks for your video:) My toddler is 15 months and I’m loving feeding him.

  • I’m really emotionally and physically stressed! I don’t know how to wean my almost 2 and half years old son! He is the most stubborn baby.He won’t eat,he is so dependent to my boobs.He is my second baby but he is just so difficult.Sometimes I just want to disappear ��..He nurses to sleep,and he still waking up a lot in the night and looks for boobs.He made me decide no more baby ��! I tried weaning during the day but he won’t nap until he gets to nurse but the night is so difficult.

  • Oh Emily back watching this again coz stopping feeding baby 14 month old. Devastated, thought it was the right choice, the reality is so sad.

  • I tried having a smoothie a day but didn’t feel satisfied and didn’t enjoy it at all. I’ve always hated the texture of blended fruits and greens, but have no issue eating them in a salad form. I eat 2 salads everyday (for lunch and dinner) and eat one fruit serving a day. Also, simple carbs make me feel horrible. I do much better when I keep my carbs intake as low as possible. I do eat a portion of lean meat with my salads or vegetables and that is what works best for me.

  • Great video! I love your food videos and recipes. I’ve been vegetarian over 25 years and plant based the last 10 years. Can you talk about your fitness and exercise routine? I turned 55 this year and it gets harder every year to keep extra pounds off.

  • Sophie thank you for sharing all your insights and experience with us! What’s your thoughts on eating at night? When do you usually stop eating for the day? Thank you!

  • Thank you for this… my son is 23months today… am sooo ready to wean him…. but I feel sad coz he wants to feed and when I refuse, he cries.. making it even harder.

  • I’m also on 10 days water fasting today is second day and i was just searching for result what happen to a person if they do water fasting and in results your blog came this is very helpful and supportive. ��

  • Couple of problems with how you did this..

    1. You can still drink coffee because it contains no calories and thus won’t break your ketosis. Your headaches are definitely from suddenly not drinking any because they narrow the blood vessels.

    2. Drinking X amount of water on schedule while fasting is BAD. You drink when you’re thirsty as otherwise you’re going to be diluting what little electrolytes you have.. Which brings me to point:

    3. You took pill supplements (which are very risky and unnecessary as they may contain calories from the filling material) instead of just taking salt (preferably iodized). It’s stupidly important, especially on the first couple of days.

    4. You broke the fast by immediately eating solids. This is quite a bad idea as you should slowly ease yourself into eating by first consuming small amounts of fruit juice and then slowly stepping it up.

  • Thank you Emily for the tips, I’m still breastfeeding my 9 month old son and I am in the process of weaning him, only because I have to go back to work in a few months. It is very hard because neither me or him are ready �� I think it is such a lovely bonding time and I wish I could continue… love you videos and your positivity! ��

  • Thank you Sophie for your helpful video. Please make a video on Histamine Intolerance. Low histamine diet and the causes of high histamine. All the best.

  • is there any changes in your stool during the fast? mine have some blood in it (not fresh).. my stool appeared dark.. please someone answer… I’m on my 5th dsy

  • This video couldn’t have come at a better time! My little girl will be one in a month and I am trying to put together a weaning game plan. Like you said, I feel so torn between wanting my body back but not wanting to give up that intimacy. I don’t want to give it up completely but I do want to get it down to just breastfeeding first thing in the morning and before bed. Thank you so much for posting this video! ❤️

  • I wouldn’t call it a fail. It seems to me you ate in more than you ate out. You did better than in previous weeks, right? I say you’re off to a good start…if you want to keep it up.



  • I tried but the chinese restaurant hot & sour soup (with all of it’s various chinese mushrooms & tofu deliciousness) was calling your girl hard. I had to pickup!:)

  • Hi Sophie do you know anything about lectins and how they may wreak havoc or cause further auto immunity in people with auto immune disease?

  • Hi Sophie, I have a question! Should I multiply my current weight by.36 even if I’m overweight? Or should I use my desired healthy goal weight?

  • No ma’am. I throw things in the freezer after the second day. I dont understand people who eat the same thing for 2 weeks straight… all kinds of bland chicken, red potatoes, and asparagus…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Let food be thy medicine. Food is #1 when it comes to health, beauty and vitality. Fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and beans, and whole grains. Stay away from meat & dairy, not only is eating factory farmed animals CRUEL, it is also really bad for health, especially as one ages, it increases inflammation markers in the blood.

  • Recently read this article on how to wean your child, it was super helpful!


  • I’m doing the same thing cause I spend waaayyyy too much money on food. I got a subscription to emeals.com for a weekly meal plan so I’m not eating the same thing every day because if I have to do that I will most definitely eat out. I get the plan on Wednesday, go grocery shopping on Saturday and start my meals on Sunday.

  • Brilliant video! I am pregnant with our 3rd baby and breastfed my older 2 for 6 months and 8 months. Desperate to reach at least a year if not 2 years with this baby! Just wanted to ask about Matt! Is he fully 100% supportive? My husband says he is supportive of my decision to try extended breastfeeding but then says he thinks it’s a bit weird pastbthe age of 1 ��. Thank you for a wonderful video and inspiring me even more to want to breastfeed for longer this time around.

  • I’m glad that you made this video… I recently stopped breastfeeding at 13 months, and she’s pretty upset about it and always touching my breast trying to drink. My daughter is lactose intolerant so can’t give regular milk, soy milk also makes her skin react and seriously I don’t know what I should do… I’m using pacifier instead (she really likes it) but it started giving us another issue as she falls asleep with it and wakes up when it’s out of her mouth at nightwhich is a lot of times… We’re both walking zombies as were busy putting back the pacifier constantly at night… The transition hasn’t been smooth…

  • Hello Neil. I’ve noticed you put ‘MS’ onto your name. I guess they’ve made up their minds now on what it is. I was surprised to see how long the video was, until I paused the video a ways in, and read your description a bit. Then I realized why. Very informative. As you showed the progress, for lack of a better term, of how you were feeling with the doses of your medication, I felt bad for you because I could see and hear subtle changes in your face, and voice. Not just from different lighting. Anyway, I am glad you are feeling somewhat better. I understand your feelings of those nasty masks. I was never able to breathe with those things on, either. They do have different types to try, however, my feelings don’t change for them. I’m wondering if you are having any side effects from the antibiotics as well. But it may be difficult to discern with all of the other medications you take. It’s too bad that Teresa has the crud now, too. You both will be passing it back and forth. Hopefully not. The new year is almost upon us. I never make resolutions. I only want 1 thing: for 2020 to better than the year gone by. I want the same for you and Teresa. Much love and health to you both.

  • How the he’ll did you gain fat? Literally nothing entered your body. I feel like the fat calculation might have been off, especially since your face looked like it lost fat.

  • Great video Sophie thank you. I did your last challenge and it is very good for someone starting outt as plant based. I need to learn more as I am almost 2 and 1/2 years plant based now. You are wonderful xx

  • This video couldn’t have come at a better time. My last baby is 19 months and I’m ready to quit breastfeeding but she’s so addicted. �� Thank you for this!

  • Girl you failed because you ate the same thing everyday! You should have switched it up. Maybe eggs in the morning or yogurt and fruit with toast. The only way you’ll make it is to make varied meals throughout the week. You have to learn to shop better ignored to make varied meals everyday. Good try though.

  • I also eat the same thing everyday and its fuckin terrible but i cant cook and cant afford to buy that many diff ingredients at once so I understand lol.

  • Resend research is questioning B12 check vegsource. There learning there are issues. 25 year old vegan stopped taking b12. Please check it out.. let me know. Thanks

  • How did you manage to put him to sleep for the night? Like what type of cups did you use? My son is 20 months has never used bottles.

  • Hi Neil, Merry Christmas especially to Teresa. The thing I take from this video is showing me how much you listen to your body. You are aware of new side effects and symptoms! I’d like to think I’m the same. I have also recently been getting the leg stretching, twitching thing so thanks for putting a name to it. Also I relate to the slow having to concentrate so much just to take a step. Mine tends to happen on the weekend when I’m relaxing. Lastly, Sorry to see you’re suffering with your chest! Wishing you all the best Nic ��

  • Most of women choose not to breastfeed because they don’t know the benefits of breastfeeding I’m Muslim so in the Quran it says we have to breastfeed for two years

  • Hi Neil!! Great documenting. Each detail is important. Wouldn’t it be excellent if there was a medical professional researcher out here who will take in these videos you are doing and document your journey from an educated medical perspective? Meds, side effects, blood pressures, digestive stuff, all of it. The MS medical community could really benefit from your experiences. I wish more research would be done, because there are SO many variables with this condition. Up down, up down, every day. Ya. Thanks so much for sharing. You do continue to have your pretty good attitude, even with the extra challenges. I am truly sorry about the icky tummy. Very hard to push through. God bless you both.

  • I tried and failed miserably. It’s due in large part to working at the airport where delicious food is plentiful (though expensive) and not have a fridge or microwave at work to store or heat food. I don’t know how I’m gonna avoid spending all my monies while at this job, and I plan on being there for a while.:(

  • Just diet an drink plenty water then you’ll lose the fat aswell as old cells being recycled, dont eat high sugar content, saturated fats, Just water fasting won’t give you maximum benefits. ��

  • Sorry to hear that you are still sick and Teresa has it too! Not fair at all. Glad you enjoyed Christmas though. I really hope you are (both) feeling well soon. Keep away from the germy public and as someone already suggested, use a mask ��! I really admire how you are keeping track of your symptoms and sharing them with us all. Hang in there, much love from Portugal to you both ����!

  • Funnily enough I’m in the process of stopping too. My son is 2 and I feel ready to now. He only has a night feed so its not too bad, but he does wake up at night he isn’t the best sleeper. I’m hoping that once he realises there isn’t milk there isn’t anything to wake up for. But I’m not rushing it. Will take each night as it comes. Thanks for the helpful tips:) xxx

  • Beein reading flaxseed are bad for mens testosterone. research shows that it may cause a decrease in testosterone levels….? Please let me know. Thanks hubby told me he learned����

  • Hey Emily! Love your videos!! Quick q.. Any advice for breastfeeding a bub that’s started biting? My little one is 8.5 months old and started biting last week.. It’s made me suuuper nervous to feed her

  • OMG YOU COULD HAVE MADE SO MANY DIFFERENT MEALS BUT YOU KEPT EATING THE SAME THING. I was so frustrated watching this video but good job. knowing what goes in your body is better than not knowing at all.

  • Why does everyone focus on how much weight he lost but not on how much fat you didn’t lose and actually gained?

    I don’t want to lose weight and specially not muscle, I want to lose fat

  • Thank you.. my daughter turns two this month and I’m just tired of nursing.. I feel awful for feeling that way but it’s exhausting and a lot on me physically. I appreciate this video��

  • Hi Neil. This is a very good video. Questions: Now with all your meds do you feel better in the morning or evening? At Day 8 you mention your mood is up and down, is it still a problem or it is better now? Oh and I can’t find your facebook page is that normal?! I Hope your improvements continue!

  • Did i just see you eat the same thing everyday and wonder why you failed? Cook a meal eat it for two days and then freeze it and make something else. Or turn it into something else that pasta can be a nice soup and you can throw those greens in an omelet. And keep in mind you can replicate those meals at home. anybody can make a bueger and some fries and you can make 3 times as much. Better luck nextime keep trying.

  • idk what’s the problem of his fasting or the test results. you’re supposed to lose fat and not that amount of muscle from fasting. after 2-3days all the glucose and liver glycogen depletes, body gets energy from fat. but you lost muscle. that means your body created glucose from muscle by gluconeogenesis or the test result was wrong. also only 0.5% peeps like top bodybuilders are less than 15% bodyfat. that bodyfat test was inaccurate for sure.

  • I have been binging your old videos. I laughed for about 15 minthe face you had when you had the same thing again on Thursday was priceless. I literally could not move I laughed so hard.

  • Hi Sophie! I’ve been a suscriber for about 6 months now and love you and your content. I have been WFPB since Jan 1 2016 but I have been gaining weight in the last year and a half. I joined your 31 day challenge starting in Sept in hopes of getting to the lean point��

  • Cant wait to watch your next video I hope you both are doing well. I just had my second neuro appointment, he said since the brain MRI 1year ago was clear and that I was symptoms in my head it cannot be MS. He said because I had facial numbness it cant be ms and I cant have an other MRI. I’m thinking about jumping in a volcano. Cant work cant pay for food or shelter… Mad at everything. But watching your video always feel better.

  • Hey you tried and trying is what matters lol. I usually only cook enough of something for two or three meals. If I eat it for dinner I may eat the same for lunch but I won’t eat it again for dinner the next night. I’ll get sick of it so yea maybe try to make two items at least to switch it up. I am on a limited food budget and I work in DC where food is basically everywhere ya look. Lol so I have to be careful with my coinage.