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That leaves me with one option: exercise with the kids in tow. Y’all, it’s super easy. You, too, can be fit and fabulous even as a stay-at-home mom just by following these 81 easy steps: Step 1. Choose the right at-home workout for you. I recommend keeping it to around 30 minutes or your workout buddies may get restless. Step 2.

5 ways to move more as a SAHMstay at home mom exercise tips and tricks to get more active throughout the day with your little ones in tow. My working friends were getting 10,000+ steps a day, where I’m lucky to get 3,000 on a day where we don’t go and actually do something outside the house. I was like holy moly.

RELATED: 10 Work From Home Job Ideas For Stay At Home Moms However, the last thing you want to do is work out, go to the gym, or do anything that resembles any kind of exercise. Sadly, although it might be exhausting just to think about it, staying active can really help improve a number of things, not just your physical health. Poppy as an actress as well as a stay-at-home mom always maintained her fitness.

She says that having a sound body is the first step of having a sound mind. While she got back to her acting chops, she quit again and became a full-time stay-at-home mother and still maintains her fitness. She squeezes in her workout routine in midst of handling.

Maybe I can’t tell you exactly how to be a successful stay at home mom. But, I can certainly give you 4 things you must do on your way to your own version of SAHM success. I’m not sure how you define “success” as a stay at home mom.

I mean, at one time, I thought being a successful stay at home mom meant I was taking care of the kid, house, and husband and finding time to work some. 5 Steps to Help Stay-At-Home Moms Set Up a Successful Business. Eva Benoit. When you are a stay-at-home mom, it can be challenging to find a career option that gives you the freedom to take care of your children. Many stay-at-home moms have started turning to small home business opportunities to help earn extra income and help them feel like. You can easily make $15 per hour with most of the more beginner stay-at-home mom jobs.

With the more advanced stay-at-home mom jobs, you could make upwards of $50 per hour! It depends on how much you want, how many hours you are. To that end, I’ve created a Stay at Home Mom Daily Routine Pack complete with printables for babies aged 6 weeks to 5 years, beautiful routine cards you can hang up to help your toddler follow the routine, as well as 101+ chore cards to help teach your little ones responsibility. Here are some fitness tips for stay at home moms.

Fitness Tips for Stay at Home Moms. Join a Mom’s group that focuses on fitness – Find a local mom’s group that does fitness activities or classes. Fit4Mom has groups throughout the country that provide fitness classes where you. A simple workout schedule for stay at home moms: Finding time in the day to workout or exercise when you’re a stay at home mom is more difficult than you may have first thought.

For plenty of us, there’s just not enough time in the day. But against the popular belief, it is possible to get fit, shape up and become your healthiest you from the comfort of your own home.

List of related literature:

4-6 Light housework, climbingaflight ofstairs, walking at about4 mph,joggingashortdistance, extensive work around the house (e.g., moving furniture, scrubbing floors) 7-10 Tennis, jogging, moderate recreational activities.

“Comprehensive Gynecology” by Gretchen M. Lentz, David M. Gershenson
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Routine walks create physical time for parents and kids and are also good one-on-one time.

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management
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The list included dance therapy/ aerobics, walking, biking/cycling, swimming, Pilates, creative dance, gardening, and Yoga.

“Black Women's Mental Health: Balancing Strength and Vulnerability” by Stephanie Y. Evans, Kanika Bell, Nsenga K. Burton
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Tons of “fit moms” on Instagram and YouTube are sharing playground workouts, simple exercises you can do with your kids.

“Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler: Tackling These Crazy Awesome Years—No Time-outs Needed” by Jamie Glowacki
from Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler: Tackling These Crazy Awesome Years—No Time-outs Needed
by Jamie Glowacki
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This particular article describes one mother as honorable for the way that she “gets creative” and sees her “everyday situation as a workout,” including using the baby as a “free weight of sorts” and “chasing soap bubbles with the kids” (June/July 2002).

“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness” by Shari L. Dworkin, Faye Linda Wachs
from Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness
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Other practical tips that combine exercise with ordinary daily activities include doing housework, gardening, walking or biking to the corner store instead of driving, and parking farther away at the shopping mall and walking the extra distance.

“The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician” by Kelley M. Anderson, PhD, FNP
from The Advanced Practice Nurse Cardiovascular Clinician
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This totals 40 to 50 minutes most days of the week, which equals one TV show, the time to pack the kids’ lunches (teach them how to make lunch), time to clean up the house in the morning (ask your partner to help, so you can exercise), or time on the phone with a friend (chat while you are power walking).

“Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever” by Staness Jonekos, Marjorie Jenkins
from Eat Like a Woman: A 3-Week, 3-Step Program to Finally Drop the Pounds and Feel Better Than Ever
by Staness Jonekos, Marjorie Jenkins
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This activity plan should focus on maintaining the capacity to independently climb stairs, get out of a bathtub, dress and undress, walk several blocks without stopping, carry groceries home from the market, make the bed, wash dishes and clothes, and perform other self-care and household chores.

“Physical Activity and Health” by Claude Bouchard, Steven N. Blair, William L. Haskell
from Physical Activity and Health
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Activity-exercise pattern: Walks three times a week for 20 minutes without reports of unusual fatigue or soreness; active at home with housework and at work teaching in a primary school; swam two times a week before pregnancy and moved to current residence.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
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You can easily incorporate passive ROM exercises into bathing and feeding activities.

“Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills E-Book” by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Martha Keene Elkin
from Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills E-Book
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  • I love your positivity!:) oh my goodness I loved the last tip that you gave the lord, I completely AGREE ❤ I just subscribed:) I love coffee too so I think I’m going to try to drink as soon as I get up lol! I have a YouTube channel also and if you have time I would love it if you could check it out!:) great video!!!

  • You guys killing the game. Bro the phone call thing is helping me get over that anxious feeling before a date(had one yesterday, have one tommorow). I can feel what kinda chick I’ma be dealing with before and I can relax knowing to how break her down.

  • I feel like things that I once cared about I just don’t care anymore. I love my son and there are times when being a mother is amazing but here alot lately I’ve been feeling really depressed. I don’t fix my hair I don’t wear makeup and I dress like I just rolled out of bed all the time. I’m a stay at home mom and I wake up take care of my child and do the same things everyday I feel like I’m not longer a person just a maid. Idk I just wish I could feel better but I don’t I just try to make it through the day.

  • A nice video of how to manage time for a stay at home mom only. This video will let them take some time out for themselves also. Click here for more https://www.relationshippunch.com/how-to-be-a-successful-and-happy-stay-at-home-mom/

  • But that’s the problem I don’t want to do any of this! I’m not able to make myself…. if I was able to make myself I wouldn’t be still in bed

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  • While I do the chores, I recently started singing in a different language about how awful I feel. Also accepting the fact that immediate happiness isn’t important as long term goals and meaning. I remind myself that I shouldn’t feel sad for being unhappy in life. Sounds harsh but it’s helpful to me.

  • Thank you for sharing and being real! I feel like less if a freak knowing I’m not the only o e who struggles this way. Thank you thank you! God Bless you!

  • I have such a hard time sticking to a schedule I’ve tried doing it in 30 min increments one hr increments and just a to do list I still end up spending most of my time wondering around lost. I live with my fiance and sister who both hate cleaning if they do clean they just throw everything into a bucket instead of putting it where it goes. It’s so frustrating but I can’t say anything because At least they are doing something. I’m just ocd about everything and want everything to look Pinterest perfect.

  • I love all your ideas and they work great. I just don’t like how much you talk down about yourself. I seem to catch it every time.

  • cancel bell….good luck with that you will need it! I canceled years ago to go to execulink. it was hell! They kept sending bills completely ignoring the fact I canceled. get names, times, dates. write down everything.

  • I put in my weekly calendar the time I have to leave the house for doctors appointments. Also on my wall calendar for the whole family.
    Then I set a timer to go off at that time in the morning.
    Kathy B.

  • Omg! I’m so glad I found you because I’m horrible with time management, keeping my house together and very visual! I ordered your book and can’t WAIT to finally find what works for me! Blessings!

  • Im currently a stay at home dad with a 5yo small guy and 2 yo princess. I am actually not an average guy who doesnt care much about time and cleaning but having kids who are all over the place all the time with their clutters is very challenging. I couldn’t even touch my review materials for my nclex exam. I meed a more structured time table.

  • This is the freakin best hahaha I love this! I am so similar, and these tips seem like things I could ACTUALLY do! Thanks so much for doing this video! ������������

  • Great tips! I can completely resonate with all the negative sides of the tips atm �� so thank you for breaking it down, hopefully I can refocus again. Routine really is everything and getting stuck in the ‘vegging out’ can so easily be done…

  • I tried an organizer but 1) I would forget to actually look in it and 2) I’d lose it. I got a few white boards and cork boards from the dollar store and put them in my kitchen so I see it multiple times a day and it works so much better.

  • I think she is coming from a good place. But all these suggestions are super generic. It’s always the long list of generic coping actvities that falls way short from real solutions. I am not saying they don’t help a little. But as a society, we def have to become more interested and more demanding about finding cures to mental and emotional illness. As long as we keep repeating these types of lists over and over again (which by the way are activities that are just general for better health and well-being and not specific at all for people with mental and emtional illness and problems) we won’t get anywhere near true lasting freedom and healing. Also when a person has depression as a mental illness, you cannot just “will yourself” to get out of bed let alone “will yourself” into putting all that effort and energy into doing all the things she suggested. You can barely try to do a few of these things in a “good depression” day if you are not a mom.

  • I really like your list! The prayer and devotional part is very important to me too. I also like to do a morning walk and that’s the time I like to pray and being outside early before I start my day (I work from home) just rejuvenates me and helps jumpstart my day plus it’s helped me lose so far about 45 lbs!

  • My phone and social media get me all the time!!!! When I put my LO down for his nap I always sit for “a minute” and look at my phone… 30 minutes later and I realize I just wasted all that time when I could have been doing something �� it is just so addicting!!!

  • You are looking GREAT!!! I haven’t been online much for quite a while so love seeing your video!:) Whatever you’re doing, keep up the great work!

  • You rock girl! Thanks for this, I’m the same way. planners aren’t my thing either, I need a visionary board for day to day tasks. I need to see what I have to do out in the open and then work from the easiest to thr hardest this way I feel like I get more done. Then when I lay my children down for a nap I them call to make dr. appointments and do thr mopping sweeping, dusting and washing down windows and mirrors ect. I also set a timer and give myself certain times to get things done in when I’m up this way I am also getting my cardiovascular in as I work and clean my home… I also make sure to make it a little fun for me and by sitting thr timer I try to beat my old times, the things that we do to keep ourselves entertained as a stay at home mom, last but not least since I know how much time that I have before thr girls wake up from their naps, I know that by setting a timer and getting things done into time zones, I also know that I have such and such a time for my shower and I bust butt trying to be able to jump in and relax a little and I also know that if I get things done 10 extra minutes early that I have that much times to relax in the water or to shave my legs ect. but this is what works for me. love this video.

  • OMG!!!!! AMEN! I am the exact same way with time management! I am OCD when I use my planner, but I find myself only filling it out (color coded with tape, for individual things, for our BIG, active family) maybe, 4 times a year… It’s pitiful. I watch you every chance I get! I love watching and taking your tips!

  • I feel really selfish doing this stuff and it’s making my depression worst ���� it’s really hard to be a stay at home mom sometimes. Love your video thank you


  • Thanks for the tips
    Im definitely going to try some.
    I’m a single mom and working full time.. I do wish I didn’t have to work that much cause I miss my 17month year old daughter so much but its so expensive to live in Santa Cruz CA. It’s crazy.
    Thanks for the Vid.

  • I do best with a weekly printout with Outlook. I post it on the wall & write in what comes up but try to add regular events on the computer on Sun night.

  • The post it board is suuuuuch a great idea!!! My time management is not that great. I can be organized but I have a hard time paying attention to the actual time ��

  • Do you know any bloggers who can share tips to keep twins from turning the house upside down? That’s my BIGGEST challenge. They take out ALL their toys and spread them over the home in minutes. ��. I spend a lot of energy and time RE-doing what I already did the night before

  • Love this Cass! you are my spirit animal. 😉 I missed this in my feed probably because I saw time manage ment and I went “ewwwwww!!!!” LOL. I think getting it as criticism over the years ” has poor time management skills” has turned it into a cuss word. Not into planners. The simple fact I need to open it is a big problem for me. Outta site outta mind. I write everything on my calendar. Starting to color code by people now because since school started became a bit crazy. Will definitely try to incorporate some of the methods that work for you. Love all the visuals you use.!!!

  • i remember when my darling daughter was that small and i felt productive because she was content staying in one spot…. doing makeup and hair and getting dressed and doing chores and staying on track was so easy…. wait till the little one gets mobile… its like playing a video game you start out on easy mode and then one day your thrown into expert mode and you cant restart the tutorial…. my daughter is three. and three is a great age… love it… but man its like having a demanding screaming emotional dragon that cant make up her mind or understand reason… this morning she cried for over 20 min, because i told her she had to wear pants…. PANTS! BECAUSE ITS COLD!! >.< may the odds be ever in your favor.

  • I am SO glad to meet someone else who is “not a planner person” and who struggles with organization & deadlines and such. Thank you! Amazing how we still manage to get things done in our own idiosyncratic ways, isn’t it?!

  • I’m literally crying watching this. I’m so so miserable. I have a 2 year old. I’m at a point of my life nothing makes me happy. Nothing! Iv tried everything idk what to do anymore. I really like time has stopped moving. I have always been a very happy person. Me being a depressed stay at home I don’t know how to deal with how I’m feeling. I’m stuck �� Iv been feeling like this for a full year. I don’t know if it will ever end:(

  • i recently came across your videos just by chance. i have to say its so refreshing to aee someone whos REAL and not fake and whom pretends to be all prim proper and perfect at time management etc etc…so refreshing ans youre quite funny too so keep up the good work:)

    i look forward to pcking up some tips from u:)

  • You’re looking awesome Cass. Congratulations!!! I wanted to suggest the app “Trello”. It’s the same system you’re using but on the phone. You can also set reminders with the app and best of all, it’s free. I use it and I love it.

  • OMG, I love you so much for this video. It’s like a kick on my butt, to pull myself together. I’m going to watch this 10 more times after my baby went to bed, and I’m going to be the best version of myself, starting right now.

  • Great video, thanks for sharing! We homeschool as well. Nice to hear others in the blessed journey. What was the audio book app you mentioned you use?

  • You’re my favorite mom to watch! Thank you for always being so real. It’s so hard sometimes and I’m glad Im not alone. My baby is 7 months and I need to transition her to her room but I’m so afraid! Im always worried someone will break in or she will stop breathing etc. Did you have these fears?

  • I am not a planner person either. I tried it and didn’t help me. However I like to mark down important dates on the calendar on my fridge it works for me. ��

  • I’m totally a planner person, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that those items will be done LOL. It’s mainly for keeping track of important dates. I also have a separate planner for the household finances. My memory is not the best, so I need to record these items somewhere, and I don’t like using my phone to plan. But remember, Cass, you’re a person just like us. You already know the important things that need to be done with your kids and household. Don’t be so hard on yourself!:-)

  • I love your honesty. I am using Cozi app and my husband and I love it. Ever since we got this application on our phone (I’m not a tech person, more a writing things down person) we have been more synchronized and been able to accomplish tasks together. It is accessible from any device so if I leave my phone at home, I can always check out his phone. Also, when you are setting up your appointments you have the option of setting up a reminder as well so I am always sure to set the reminder at a moment that I know I will be able to plan the appointment into the next day or into the next week. I hope this helps. Also, after I have like 10 to do lists lying around, I always make sure to consolidate the list and remove duplicates into the “To do” LIst section of Cozi. I am able to throw the lists always after reviewing them and mark things off knowing that I have been able to tackle a few items since the last time I looked at my list.

  • Hi Cas!! You’re looking Great!! But yea I’m a visual person for me it’s out of sight and out of mind. Tried everything planners and binders I don’t look at it everyday. I’m So Bad I need help in that department. But Thank You for sharing your ideas love your videos.����

  • I discovered it at work, that planning before I left work helped me to tidy up and have the next day’s work ready to go. So it made sense to apply it at home. But at that point my planner/diary stayed put after diligently filling it in for January. So my mind would be racing with everything to do that day before my feet hit the floor. And my kids wondered why I was a grumpy bum in the morning. I bought the “right” diary in July/August and while I refer to it a little more frequently I still struggle with saving myself time in being a good planner. If I know what day of the week it is I’m doing well. Love the clock and the to do list. Humidity here makes sticky notes look like square confetti attacked the floor. ��

  • This is great for me and my daughter,cause she takes after me for needing visual reminders. Moving the chores when done is so satisfying idea. Keep up the good work.

  • You have a wonderfully personable way of presenting your ideas/solutions. I especially like the board idea: In progress,etc. That is how I work also. I wanted to compliment you also on your appearance also, you look healthier and glow now. You kept my attention, without being “perfect”, and that’s hard to do. I work outside the home and care -take my mom’s home and so I’m very busy and I have a limited attention span. Your tips are helpful and practical

  • I think I’ll do the poster board for kids. So sad how we have to “spell” it out for the kids today.

    Texting yourself is a good thing as I do it if I remember something last minute. ����

  • That “don’t sit on the couch” helped even for taking care of my invalid mother! Thanks for the advice. I forwarded it to my sister.

  • I was gonna comment and say exactly what everyone is saying, that’s great and all but where the hell is your kid pulling your hair? This is very unrealistic. I easily did all this BEFORE kids, with them? That’s a hell no. The key to getting out of depression is getting someone else to watch your kid a few hours a week!

  • Thank you so much for your video! I live your ten tips ❤️ I am a SAHM of two and today was a struggle I had a breakdown so I decided to get on the internet and I found this video and I’m going to incorporate your tips into my life! The song tip, sleep, clutter free house tip and taking care of your health are so important! I need to start putting those on the top of my priority list! You are beautiful and I am a new subscriber, have a blessed day! ��

  • I guess I am trap on Veg out cause I loose a lot of time and me comparing myself… this makes sense cause I am addicted to gadgets or social media and takes your time.

  • Wow thanks so much. These are great tips. I have been getting grumpy and feeling backed up and unproductive. But I am so writing down these tips on my white board!! Thanks girl!

  • I have a son, hes 3. I’m 23. Ft career, ft student. I feel like I’ve been playing catch up since I got pregnant, struggling with energy & feeling happy. Have trouble sleeping. I love being a mom and I don’t take anything out on him,but it’s a little frustrating for me bc I want to enjoy life and tolerate everyday tasks again.

  • I also need my sleep and getting up in the morning is SO hard for me! And yes, remembering to drink water is so crucial for me too!!! And what helps me a lot is also having a super clear to-do list because then it’s easier for me to know what has to get done!

  • Thank u.
    I need to do my hair and make-up everyday.
    It is a challenge couse I have 3 boys 2 of them are 4 and 5 years old.
    They run out side all the time.
    When I’m using the bathroom taking a shower cleaning.
    Or they are fighting and hurting them self.
    And I’m tired of yelling I do my best not to yell.
    Yesterday I started whispering playing Simon says..
    it helped a little even though we were doing breathing activities stretching standing on one foot, hands on the head it helped a little.

  • We all can’t be a stay at home mom or work at home mom.. I’m struggling with keeping my home in order with too kids, coming back from graveyard is depressing because I come back to a trashed up home. No help from dad sadly I’m on my own..

  • Love your channel. I’ve only just found you and so my comment won’t be very timely, as you recorded this a year ago! Another vlogger I watch on YouTube suggests a ‘list of three’. This is a small list of your top 3 priorities for the day. You may have a longer list on your phone or fridge or whatever, but in your planner for today, you have only your list of 3. It is manageable, reasonable and easier to get through than a massive list. Just pick your top 3 and start there.
    You’re very motivating and relatable

  • Love this video!�� My baby girl is 6 months and going through a bad sleep regression so I am seriously the biggest “B-Word” these days�� I try so hard to stay motivated but just can’t seem to keep up. I just started taking vitamins again and they definitely help! Hopefully these other tips will work for me too!!��

  • I have 5 kids I’m always lacking energy.. I survive off coffee and everything else sounds like a chore lmbo but everything you’re speaking is truths!

  • So good to know I’m not the only one who feels like I’m bad at this time management thing. Your tips are great! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve got a 3 year old and a 9 month old, lately my toddler has stopped sleeping properly at night and I’m completely exhausted. It’s gotten me down big time����‍♀️ so this video was so motivational for me just to try and kick the slump��������. Thanks for the great content!! X

  • Thank you for being so honest about not being a planner! So many YT mommies seem so perfect! It’s awful for us mommies who suck at planning! Love the info!

  • Owwkaayyy… where’s the Baby? I do all those in my normal life And it made me feel in control And happy. But what causes my depression is having a Baby Now And being a stay at home i Dont have Time to do those anymore… so….where did you Stash the Baby? Thats the tip I need ��

  • Good ideas, but I have no time for this unfortunately, kids make me very busy and whenever they are having a nap I want to have a nap to ��

  • I was on board until you recommended I apply fake lashes and a red lip.. For just being around the house with my 2 year old? Maybe that works for you, but for me, I’ll pass. Maybe I’m too natural or something but fake lashes? Really?!?

  • Great tips thank you! Could you maybe a do a budget video as a single mom? I’m 21 with almost 2 little ones little girl Rosalie 14 months and baby boy on the way and I’m also a single mom trying to keep it all together but anyways I’m always on the look our for advice from other single moms and how they keep things going!

  • love your tips iv been working on this also I have a 2 year old and I am a stay at home mom with 2 small businesses….. GIRL I’M IN MAINE ALSO!!!!��✌����

  • Yea…id be deoressed too, if all i had to do for the day is put a blu ray in, take the kids to the park and cook food lmao shit would be a day off to me…..just sayin. Suck it up buttercup, while you struggke to get your lazy ass outta bed, your unappreciated man is already hard at work providing for you to drink all day and pop them blu rays in lmao

  • I’ve been in a complete funk lately but I loved the tips in this video! Definitely going to try applying them today. For starters, getting off the couch and my phone �� thanks for the video! ��

  • i deleted fb about 2+ yrs. ago.
    it was too distracting & went back to olds school. if somebody wanted to get a hold of me. they’d call or I’d call them.
    i felt free after i did too. no more notifications bothering me. ����
    I wish i could’ve seen this then however I appreciate you sharing.

  • Yess about the bonus tip!! My son is always under me or not far behind, but I like to remind myself that one day he will be grown and I will miss it!

  • Hi, OMG you are describing me.. I love it seeing how I can change my attempts at being organised and copy you. One thing I am using the sticky note system, but mine keep falling off, do you have a brand that you have found is really good and restickabe or has a good temporarily adhesive

  • A lot of truth bombs here. But I can’t even say that a date is a guarantee of sky-high interest either, especially in high-rolling cities. A woman might hit one dude with a dinner date at 6 who she has no plans of ever sleeping with, another dude with a drinks date at 8 who she might sleep with and then go over to her established f buddy at 10pm. I know in my early days, I accepted too many dates on a girl’s terms. “Oh let’s meet for coffee at 5pm on Tuesday cuz I have a dinner with friends after.” Nowadays, I do not accept these dates at all. I just say “Ah no worries. Let’s just meet another time when you can commit to a proper evening.” And low and behold, that same girl often now clears her entire Friday for you, because she actually respects you as a true prospect now.

  • I love these tips! Definitely for cleaning. I always feel so much worse, anxious and just frustrated when my house is a mess. I always clean up everyday, and do little things throughout. That way when my cleaning days rolls around I’m not having to wade through the trenches lol ��

  • Omg I can relate to all of these. I only let myself watch YouTube if I’m doing dishes or laundry or my hair or something. We listen to music everyday and that helps and definitely decluttering and keeping things organized helps the mood. Great vid!

  • I have to plsn the night before or I am always behind. I use a white board to do list with different colored markers and a calender. Great vid.

  • This video IS IT! So when I get my momma stay at home blues and funk I’ll be putting this on. Sometimes you need that constant reminder. Absolutely love love LOVE this video! Thank you!!

  • Love your videos, I have a 10 month,11 yr old,15 yr old. Having 3 kids is a lot. I feel like I don’t have me time. But I try to stay happy positive no matter what. I just look at my kids and I’m super bless to be their mommy…

  • You are unique SUPER MOM/WOMAN! You go girl! After everything you’ve been trough you are still lion lady!!! We support you! @treschicmama

  • I definitely needed this video in my life rn. I am almost 5 months pregnant with my first child and I had to leave work because the type of work wasn’t conducive for pregnancy and so it gets so hard for me sometimes to feel motivated when I don’t have my job to help me get out of bed and get active. I totally feel the same way where if I don’t set a time limit or I decide to delay getting out of bed I will end up just vegging out for hours. Anyway I love watching your videos and it’s cool when you change it up and put out something different than usual!

  • I’ve recently started implementing most of these tips into our lives since being away from family and getting into a sahm funk and oh my woooord, do I feel so much more better about everything! You should check out Declan & Crew, they have some cute mama clothes ��

  • 8 hrs of sleep!!! Sleep? Whats that �� i feel like im never going to sleep again lol. Especially having more than 1 little one.Ive just accepted the fact that it will prob be a couple yrs before i am able to sleep through the night. My youngest has been teething for months and he wakes up several times throughout the night. Its really hard especially when i have to be at work the next morning.

  • I am horrible at time management, without the alarms on my phone, which I use from 5a.m. to 11p.m. Daily, I would fail at life. I love the clock idea for my grandchildren though. I am totally doing this. Thank you so much!

  • Also love your bonus tip!! Embrace the clinginess�� Such a good one cause my baby girl is the biggest grump if I don’t let her hang on me all day long!

  • Disclaimer: I made this video 2 years ago. Being a bit older and wiser I would say I was NOT clinically depressed so this advice should never be used over a doctors.

    Where is my kid during all of this?! I would wake up an hour before him, do these things during his naptimes, take him with me to the gym for childcare, put on a movie for him or just do them even when he was climbing all over. I only have one child so I know that this isn’t as easy for moms with multiple kiddos but you HAVE to figure out a way to be able to make time for yourself. It’s just like when you’re on the airplane and the flight attendant tells you to place the oxygen mask over your own face before your child. If mamma isn’t taking care of herself then she can’t fully take care of the rest of the family.

    Remember mommy’s, you are beautiful, strong women. <3

  • I love getting books from (mine is from Nh downloadabes) it uses the overdrive app. It will find your library you just put your library number ( and maybe your husbands and kids) thousands of free books. That you can use for 2 weeks. I use this the same way you do too. The better the book the more I do.. You’ve Gotta try the Jenniene frost books. You will love the cat and bones characters Lynsey sands has a great series? Argenau Both are paranormal romances with some comedy mixed in.

    I know this might sound weird but I would love a video that has your routines step by step ( follow along and do as you do ) so I could listen and just have someone say ok this is what we are doing. I guess it would be like an exercise video only with cleaning and tiding. No kidding if it was something that I could put my headset on and be motivated and shown how to get how to get through what what needs to be done. I would buy those videos!

  • love these great time saving tips. Never heard of castbox I’ll have to take a look into that. I got rid of my FB account and I have gotten so much of my time back lol. �� So my husband works from home now to and I would LOVE to see some homeschool tips for when your spouse works from home. My son trys to get his attention alot since he knows he’s home and can be a tad distracting for schooling (I say schooling loosely since he’s only going to be 4). ❤️

  • also, plan the night before. i forget my calendar. you may want to try cozi callendar. and flylady.net has a version of cozi. cozi is an app and online. you can include reminders as you schedule either email and device based. This is useful to me because I get distracted getting ready and run late. I use device notifications on my tablet at a loud beep.

  • Ughhh! A robot vacuum! Yes! I would love one. Do they do stairs!? Looking back at my busiest years of parenting, I could have saved SO much time if I’d just stuck to my core values and priorities. If I’d made a “top 5 list” every day and practised “first-things-first”, it would have been a less stressful stage. Of course, to work, we have to have total peace about letting go of the tasks of lesser value (even if other people value them for themselves). A good example is this. I love plants. I love them as decor. I see beautifully decorated spaces with plants. I see beautiful pics on pinterest. In magazines. In youtube videos. But…looking after plants is not on my “top 5 values or priorities” list. So. No plants. Someone else might feel this way about having knick knacks to dust. Get rid of them. Clothes to iron. Buy fabrics that don’t wrinkle. Pets. Don’t own a pet. Cooking. Give your kids the same simple lunch each day. Picking up toys constantly. Get rid of most of them or rotate them. It’s so important to know your priorities and let go of the rest; atleast, for a season. ❤❤❤

  • Meal prepping is great…I don’t do it often though. I would love to listen to stuff while I work, but trying to find the balance with that and interacting with my daughter while I work is tricky. I get very focused on what I’m listening to! Favorite podcast…now that we’re a family

  • Meal prep is mandatory for me if we are not going to eat out that week! It never fails we get to Wednesday-Saturday and I just don’t feel like spending a half hour to an hour in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal!
    Dry shampoo �� yes!!!
    My husband has been trying to get me to buy a Roomba, but I just got my Dyson and am in love. I’m thinking when we have more kids I’ll go the robot vacuum route!
    Great tips! I love how down to earth your videos are! ��

  • Your office looks so good (is this your office?). Okay, this has been my concern with grocery pickup: the produce. We get a lot of produce at Walmart. I’m guessing you get produce there, too, and have been really happy with it? I do the same thing with meal prep two or three things a couple times a week. My mom LOVES her roomba and has had it for many years! I have always wondered if it could keep up with our dog hair and legos and all the stuff we have. It helps to hear your review of it!

  • Thank u for sharing your heart. Many can be encouraged from your video. Also prayer helps sooooo much! Giving worries to God would be 1 more way I can think of to assist people in addition to your very kind thoughts to help others in their struggles. I’ve felt depression before as well. Finding strategies is important. Thank u!!!����

  • get up, put make up, workout.. if we can do that its not depression. Strong feelings of depression are when you refuse to do this, you just wake up, somehow you take bath and get ready, somehow you do all the work with heavy feeling and unwillingly and keep crying or becoming angry over even a small thing.. pls suggest me what is this feeling and how to overcome this, going to a doctor is not the option..

  • Watching this as I sit in my leggings, pony tail from last night, snacking on chips. Now realizing why I have 0 motivation all day ��

  • Depression.
    Feeling absolutely alone when you’re never physically alone.
    I’ve been struggling off and on for 10 years. I have struggled with depression all my life but I had PPD when my youngest (strong willed child) was born 4 years ago and I feel that it’s been a slow process coming out of that terrible state. He’s going to start school next year so I’ve been trying to stay positive but these months seem like eternity.
    It feels like the trenches! Videos like this, and reading the comments of others going through it is helpful to be reminded that we are not alone.
    Here is to another day!

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  • Thank you for making this video, idk why but this is one of the only videos I’ve ever found on this topic. Maybe I need to try searching different things. But anyways, THANKYOU. I’ve been at home with my daughter for 4 years now she just started doing school for 3 hours 2X a week over the past two years. I have a medley of mental illnesses; bipolar 1, depression, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and a slight OCD. I’ve tried going back to work a few times but end up having trouble and feeling guilty I used to work at MAC and as an art teacher for wine and paint night classes as well as free lance illustration. I have plenty of me time activities to do but have trouble balancing my life, thank you again for this video doesn’t make me feel so alone ❤️

  • I was feeling a little resentful of all the repetitive chores I have to do, and friends were talking about hiring a housekeeper. Not really in our budget, and I personally do not feel like I can hire somebody when technically I could do it myself. So-I am with you on this-robot vac to go under the furniture and get all the dog hair and glitter on the floor! I am a lot less irritable when I don’t see dust bunnies all around. haha!

  • Right so where exactly do I put my screaming baby and Tasmanian devil toddler while I’m putting on makeup, working out, meditating and writing a journal? ����

  • My anxiety is going crazy after seeing what I already have thought about which is what you said…. getting up and getting myself ready and then working out… and that is because i start thinking “omg I already got ready, then I worked out, now I’m sweaty and stinky, how is my man gonna even find me attractive when he gets home “ bla bla bla my mind started running wild!!!! Anxiety running wild for sure

  • Classic example of different things working for different people. That board would never work for me, I have this amazing ability to block unwanted things from my view and I can definitely see myself blocking this board. A planner on the other hand? I can’t live without it. Honestly though I used to be really bad about using my planner but I forced myself to set aside a few minutes each day to not only write in it but mark things of as well. It took way to long to get the hang of it but I did and will never go back. I’m working on my morning and night cleaning routines now.

  • I am a lady. How can I not want to wake up from bed? Who will prepare kid for school, who will cook the baby’s breakfast and change his soiled diaper? Where is the time to do a make up? When bb is still asleep after older has gone to school, am I taking adv of that to Fellowship with the Spirit of God or am I exercising? Journal? I hardly can. I have to grocery/food shop and then cook cos if there is no food ready yet,it is trouble for me. Ah! It is hard

  • for me. what’s the point? what’s the point of getting dressed? i don’t go anywhere or see anyone? i don’t want to waste time putting on makeup and jeans and feel uncomfortable in my own house all day.

  • I woke up crying this morning. Depression and hopeless. Came across this video looking for ways to cope with being a single stay at home mom who feels worthless. I have no friends and being the sole parent of teenagers who seem to hate me is not what I thought my life would end up like. Thank you for the tips.

  • I know these tips may seem to be obvious but they are so true and just hearing you say them helps me get out of my own head. thank you for the gentle “push” or reminder. it gets very lonely and isolated at home, you’ve helped me feel a bit of motivation I have lost for what seems like a long time. thank you girl. much love.

  • I am still trying to make the best of being a stay at home mom. I have my own business. I trying not quit and stay motivated. The main things that are depressing me are: too much clutter, lack of motivation, family drama. I’m just tired of everybody. Sorry to vent but today is not a good day for me. I definitely need to unplug from Facebook. Too much stuff.

  • I’m top far down the hole, doing this doesn’t do anything to help my depression. I wish I would have found this.when the sings started but it’s bad now and.i tried and doing.these dont do anything. I cry all the time my boyfriend doesn’t get it makes me feel bad for feeling like this it’s just alot

  • He IS perfect! How sweet is he being so young, so little and has the presence of mind and ♥ to let you know he’s fine, he’s OK. wow

  • Are there any videos out there for mums that have to work plus balance a house ect. I mean no disrespect to stay out home mums xx

  • i mean when your husband leaves you one day what are you gonna do with your “homemaking skills” besides youre not like super pretty enough to be a housewife in today’s age

  • How do you get to stay in bed all day when depressed, my son is up at 5:30 and non stop until bedtime. I don’t have any free time for me to workout or lay in bed, I’m a stay at home mum, Makeup Artist, business owner and wife, it doesn’t feel to me like you’re trying to help anyone. Sorry this feels to me like a “jumping on the depression band wagon”.

  • Your such an amazing woman and mom for being so open about your depression I have postpartum depression and anxiety and I have been working towards a better me!!! I have 5 kids and am a stay at home mama as my husband works as an over the road truck driver it’s not easy but so possible!!!!

  • There is a point in depression when meditation, exercise, and communication are not enough. If you are depressed and none of this is enough on the medium term you need to go to a doctor. Depression is a sickness as serious as any other, and you may need medication, hormonal balance, or therapy. Depression is not some DIY solve it yourself problem sometimes, and you need to get help sooner rather than later.

  • I hate being home. I never saw myself as a stay at home mom. I never saw myself having more than one child. I felt guilty after hearing the heartbeat and i kept it. I having caring feelings for her but no real attachment. She’s obsessed with me while I just don’t feel it. My first is in school and I don’t have the money for daycare o don’t have a support system and it makes me sad everyday I wish I had gotten an abortion. It’s messed up but I feel stuck and it makes me more depressed and I already have depression issues. Having no adults to talk to or anything like that is irritating. Everyday I have strong bad feelings. I feel like being her mom is a BIG chore and it frustrates me. I wish i had done better for her and gave her up. I’m drowning. I go to therapy and I have to bring her cause I have no one. So therapy is basically becomes about her. Really annoyed with my life choices.

  • omg this video is so accurate ������ i’m currently sitting on the couch binging on youtube videos like yours instead of doing the dishes:( and the excuse is it’s the weekend

  • Thank you so much for this video, this video applies for mums, dads and people that are struggling with self care! Really enjoying your videos and looking forward to what you have to offer us next! X

  • Thanks for sharing I know how difficult it is to admit those feelings. I do feel you did lack in mentioning how you balance your kid with that large list of to-do’s that add more stress. I myself have 2 kids, 3 and 1 and it’s extremely difficult, but worst part for me is that my partner is not a beam I can learn on, maybe even a big part of my depression. I wish you luck either way and hope the distractions help.

  • Thanx for the video I feel I’ve really lost myself for about 2 years now I just gave up about a month ago but its past time I get back on track just started working out again 2 days ago

  • I’m. A long I do not have. No kid. I’m going though depress. Because. I fill like. Nobody love. Me. And no body was. Me. I just fill like guy. Just. Say. They r. In. Love. With. Just to say they have. A. Girlfriend.

  • I make the bed too and must have my coffee lol! I also find cleaning up after breakfast before I run out with the kids to the park helps my day. If I come back at lunch time to a pile of dirty dishes, the rest of my day is sorta lazy lol!

  • Just what I needed �� thank you! I have a 5 month old and i have been struggling with anxiety and being overwhelmed thinking i can’t do me-time or chores while taking care of a baby.. But now i might be able to pull it together! I just need to follow your tips and stay motivated! ����

  • I’m a mom to a 10 year son an a 11 month old daughter an a step son that’s 9 an I’m being a stay home mom for the very first time. Ice always worked An I’ve been trying to get a routine an it’s been hard. Which I’m going to try ur advance. But I’m noticing at home that my laundry is always building up I can clear an area an the next day like right the next day there’s so much clothes an it’s very fustrading to wash everyday an I don’t have a washer I have to go to the laundry mat. But I don’t how to keep my self from not stressing out. Even with the clutter I try to sweep every night an clean before be like how I would at work but still nothing is getting done. I’m feeling so overwhelmed. An other advance u can share with me.please.

  • I’m mostly depressed cause I don’t have kids and am a house wife not a mommy yet. But I enjoy dancing and reading recipe books and sewing and crocheting. And I’m thinking about writing a book

  • Your channel is so beautiful, I immediately subscribe. Please take a look on my channel as well and give me some feedback. Perhaps you’ll like to follow back ❤️

  • These are all great theories but I dont have anyone to watch my kids and I cant afford a gym membership. This almost all sounds like fantasy. I have 2 kids and there is just no way to do most of this daily. I have to many mommy chores that I already barely have enough time to do

  • But if we are feeling this way, and are home with our little ones…. HOW do we do all of these things while also tending to a 2 year old? Are you really a stay at home mom or do you have help throughout the day?

  • Love the clock thing! I’ve never seen that before. My oldest just started Kindergarten and my youngest is in her 1st year of preschool so I don’t yet know what my clock should look like, but I’ll have to keep that in mind and try to keep track. I also love your permanent list at the end of the video. I might have to copy it, lol!

  • Yes!! I just posted a video about this. You are the first Mom that I have come across in a YEAR to be honest with this. Thank you for sharing. I have two under two and I hit an all time low. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • How in the hell do I even have the slightest of an option to stay in bed as a mom? You are lucky if that’s even an option. & GIRL, a workout as a mom is an option too? Damn, you’re lucky. I WISH. Must be nice. You’re lucky to have a lot of help & support enough to do all of these things. This is great advice & I appreciate it, I’ll try to apply these things, but I think you should really practice gratitude because you are so lucky girl ��

  • I started crying when you said just get out of bed because I have a 4month old and im a stay at home mom and haven’t left the bed since he was born. I lay in my bed with him 15-20 hours a day and it’s so hard to do anything

  • Watching videos like this, or videos of other moms helps. I was wondering what you do when you can’t get outside. We love in rural tn, during the summer the heat and mosquitoes make me want to keep my son inside (he’s allergic to mosquitoes) and obviously the winter is to cold to get out. Any tips?

  • Great tips!I always make the bed after getting up…My eyes are even half closed sometimes!I have tea and make lists usually after that.Need to set more time for Bible reading and prayer.That sometimes gets pushed to the side:(What devotional do you use by the way?
    Was thinking of checking out proverbs 31 ministries…

  • Stay at home mom syndrome is real. I learned about it in college. The women get bored and resent their husbands and kids. I’d never be able to not work.

  • I totally agree with this, I love making the bed in the am and get dressed for the day otherwise I am a mess for the rest of the day!!! I totally relate thank you for sharing!

  • I’ve tried the planner thing to and I really do best with making new list through the day or for each day. I like the 3 tier board!

  • Great tips! I’ve been trying to do some exercising early in the morning before my husband leaves for work, otherwise I have no time for it. Although it is really hard to get out of bed so early, I’ve noticed that I have more energy throughout the day and am way more productive! I love your idea of making a list while drinking your coffee, it’s a great time to sit and think before the chaos of the day with kids begins!

    By the way, your son is so adorable!

  • I literally just found this. I’m in a rut with my health mentally and physically. I love my children more than life but I fall into bed and night. I feel like I fuss at them all the time. The only breaks I get are at night taking a bath. This gave me so many ideas how to help myself. Happy mommy means happy children! ❤️❤️❤️

  • I set my alarm an hour before baby gets up (3months old) to get a decent workout and shower. It also gives me time to get ready for the day. My day is much more productive if do it like that.

  • I totally agree on making the bed! “The state of your bed is the state of your head.” A shower also helps me wake up and get going. ��

  • Wow here I thought that people in Canada Iive the same way Americans live. As far as homes your home is in what looks like a subdivision. Here I thought there are no neighborhood in Canada.

  • Very topical, thanks! Nice to get a boost with this as working from home you can easily get into bad habits..that you have to fight to break.

  • I have 3 under 4 years. I litterly try and breath and my oldest is up in my face with a DVD whining. I have no idea how to entertain the boys. My house is just a mess.

  • Get up after nursing, set the baby down to play, breakfast and toiletteries, nap for baby sometimes for myself too ��, get supper ready.. that’s it!

  • Hey Holly thanks for this. Firstly, you look amazing for having just had a baby! I always used to fall into that trap too, of doing the easiest things first and putting off the (more important) but larger tasks later: ( I’d also like to know how you fit in, being a new Mum, running a business AND a YouTube channel. I’m in the same boat but mine are 2 and 4 (kids not businesses!) x

  • I am so guilty of the stay in the pajamas for too long and having a way less productive morning especially with a baby. I always try and force myself to do the same, get dressed, make bed, and drink allll the coffee. haha.

  • Ah I admire you for being so productive.:) How do you find the motivation to make quality youtube videos especially after Charlie was born? I too have an online business and I’m planning to branch out for a good half a year now. However as long as my shop is doing well I feel so unmotivated to put more work into it. Is it just me? That said, your videos help me to focus.:)

    As for my morning routine:)
    1. Make the bed
    2. Unload the dishwasher
    3. Quick vacuum (dog hair!)
    4. COFFEE
    5. Mail

  • 1. Baby change and bottle/get kids ready(i have a 2.5 and 4 year old along with my 2 month old)
    2. Coffee
    3. Load of laundry and make beds
    4. To do list
    5. Pick up living room and quick kitchen clean up