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Experts recommend exercising at least three times a week to maintain good health. Many people choose to workout more than the minimum recommended number of days, but busy people should not feel guilty for exercising only three days a week. In fact, there are several good reasons why working out three times a week is beneficial. Read on. The health-related advantages of performing adequate, regular physical activity include a lower risk of experiencing depression, heart disease, excessive weight gain, some cancers, type 2 diabetes and premature death.

Moderate vs. Vigorous Exercise. Fortunately, you can improve your speed and endurance by doing cardio exercises for at least 30 minutes a day. As mentioned above, cardio workouts help improve your respiratory and cardiovascular system, which means that your muscles get oxygen and nutrients in a faster and more efficient way. That means picking a time to get 10 minutes of moderate exercise 3 times per week.

For early risers, this is your chance to capitalize on the time you have before eating breakfast possibly throwing in time to stretch. Note that compared to five 30 minute session of moderately intensive cardio exercise, you spend 30 minutes less time exercising. Walking and other forms of exercise burn calories, which helps you manage your weight.

The pace, your weight and the duration of your walking sessions influence how many calories you use. For example, a 160-pound man or woman typically burns roughly 205 calories per hour at a 2 mph pace and 315 calories at a 3.5 mph pace. The Shanghai women study showed that general daily physical activity, without intentional exercise, is also beneficial to health [1]. Physical activity decreases the incidence of colorectal cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, endometrial cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer.

If as an adult the thought of breaking a sweat breaks your spirit, it might be time to think about fun ways you can get active, just like you’re a kid again. It’s recommended that adults do 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. Starting with just 30 minutes a day will put you right in the middle of that range. Why 5 minutes of exercise a day is better than 30 minutes a day. “It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius I use this quote from Confucius all the time in Exercise Bliss, an 8-week exercise program that helps people make exercise a habit. If you can’t fit in 30 minutes of exercise each day, try for ten minute bursts of activity three times a day.

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“Everyone can move for at least 22 minutes every day—that is more than 150 minutes a week.” Sign up for Women’s Health newsletter, So This Happened, to get the day’s trending stories sent.

List of related literature:

1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

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Because so many view exercise as a time-consuming chore and because lack of time is the number-one reason cited for lack of participation in exercise, interval-training exercise prescriptions may be better suited to heart protection.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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This may include information regarding low-fat, low-salt and kilojoule-appropriate diets, including sample menus; strategies for stress reduction; benefits of exercising for 20–30 minutes 3–4 times per week to help reduce weight and help lower blood pressure.

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The second calls for 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity endurance exercise (e.g., jogging) three days a week.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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The guidelines suggest that a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week can provide health benefits.

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
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Each one is only 15 minutes, so that’s a total of 30 minutes of required exercise per week.

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Regular physical activity makes the body healthier and stronger; it also reduces the risk for disease and other negative health outcomes.This physical activity can come in the form of intense exercise sessions or from more moderate-intensity activities, such as walking, dancing, or yoga.

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4 Make exercising associal as possible by involving friends, family members, or others with similar medical/health conditions, so it becomes more difficult to cancel planned workouts.

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Regular exercise (20 minutes, three times per week) is important in preventing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and other conditions.

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6 Do you get irritable and intolerable when you miss exercise and quickly get back to your exercise routine if you are forced to change it?

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  • I started walking 4 weeks ago for 30 minutes every day with a speed and incline increase each week. The first 2 weeks I lost 9lbs but after 4 weeks I had only lost about 15lbs. The results are there but diminishing. I have PLENTY of belly fat to get rid of so the decrease in weight loss over the second 2 week period was very frustrating. I’m not giving up though because I know it works because I have done it before!

  • Im here because I want to lose belly fat and I cant change my diet D: so I to have to do with what I can. If I remember I will come and update this

  • hmmmm…when I do full body workouts it takes me up to 3 hours, but when I do chest, back, abs, and obliques one day and do limbs (Legs and arms) and shoulders..it takes me 45 minutes to a hour each day. I say listen to your body. Everyone is different. Do what best works for you. Experiment a bit with your routine.

  • I’ve heard that you can’t lose fat from just a particular body part. To lose weight you have to do cardio and the rest of the workouts are for toning the muscles. How far of this is true?

  • Started a 30 day challenge for myself. Walking 4.5 miles daily. Takes me about 1 hour and 40 minutes. 5 days down! I have started drinking low calorie smoothies and cut out ��. I only eat �� this once a week and only 3 instead of 4 almost daily. I eat a ton of �� and yogurt and mainly �� and ��. I still eat��. Rome wasn’t built in a day

  • Am I supposed to be aiming to do all 3 sets at once or 3 sets a day total? So like once in the morning, afternoon, and then evening?

  • I just searched this up and did it because the show im watching is supposed to have a new episode 3 hrs ago in Netflix but its still not there lol

  • Can anyone help because I’m a teenager who is working out for 1 hour and 20 minutes of six packs for 4 days and 45 minutes of chest workout for 2 days in total of 6 days wonkier straight with Sunday off and don’t know if I should do less workout days

  • Is it only me sitting in my room at 5am a week before I go back to school watching this to try and lose some weight before I go back…..
    just me?ok ��

  • What happens when i work out for 30 mins. A day. Hmmm lets see i start soring up in d legs. And than i crawl around d house whieping in pain lol

  • I work out ��️ 7 days a week for 2hrs, 365 days of year, no rest at all. But I wonder where the hell I got too much energy to do that? Sometimes I express myself.

  • can i get some constructive criticism please..I walk everyday for about 10 miles (rain or shine)…

    to the liquor shop then KFC and I STILL cant lose weight…where might I be going wrong?

  • Am I the only one that was in awe of the awesome illustration the whole time? Puts a person with suckish drawing and handwriting ability to shame:(

  • The first woman demonstrating push ups is only going down half way, thats cheating. Also you should mention that you need to watch your diet. No amount of exercise is going to see you slimming down if youre stuffing yourself with food

  • I train 6 days a week. From personal experience I did the 7 days a week training since each muscle group only needs 48 hours of recovery and it could easily be done. Well let me tell you, for your own mental health I say it isn’t worth it.

    I did it for 3 months straight and it eventually caught up to me. My body started breaking down, wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted for as hard as I was training, and I started getting sick of the gym. I was getting mentally tired of going in there and wasn’t getting as much joy out of my workouts. I had to take a straight week off to get my head right and went back to 6 days a week.

    Guys and girls, don’t go more than 6 days; it’s critical for your sanity to take that 1 day off.

  • In a gym session i train 2-3 connected muscle groups that had at least 1 off day inbetween to recover and are not sore/aching anymore. exception: calves, every other day.

  • For me 4 days a week is perfect! Allows me to see gains quicker than working out 3 days a week. And also it means I can have a life outside of the gym.
    I usually do 3 full body workouts were I hit each muscle. And I spend 1 day doing about a 15 min HIIT workout and push myself to the limit.

  • All my energy was consumed to constant listen to a non pause mauling. Please put in some micro pauses when talking or I will not be able to recieve and process all your good ideas and knowledge.
    Press pause whenever I want one might say, that will work as swif9 channel during commercial, no coming back ever…

  • hi, What do you say about High intensity musle workouts recomended by Mike Mentzer or Dr Mc Guff? They say only once a week is the way to go for muscle building. or max 2 full body workouts is starting point.

  • Isnt the recovery time 48hours? So if i hit muscle groups every 48hours is fine and i wont overtrain right? I workout everyday now because i feel like i will be more consistent and will not quit gym as i usually do

  • Exercise daily might be happening if you walk, or do a physical job daily etc. This is just about ‘gym’ workouts, what about people who do both?

  • I go 3 days a week I wanna go more but I have medical issues of a livertransplant and a bad heart so it makes it hard for me but I’m trying everything like protein foods all that and working around my sickness

  • I think 4 days should be minimum for those who have the time to train more than 3 days per week, 5 days is the maximum for natties it all depends on duration and volume in my opinion.

  • I workout 1hr 1/2 six days a week slit routines: Retiree����, I do work part-time ��just find time. I Eat Healthier Now. No eating after 7:00pm: I was weighting 238 lbs now 218. I do try to burn 1000 calories a day. 60 yrs old with high blood pressure hereditary. Since working out my blood pressure has changed tremendously were it needs to be ��
    My Workout Plans:
    MonWednesday: Cardiovascular / muscular endurance

    Flexibility, muscle Endurance, cardio

    Fri Sat

    Walk for at least 30mins:

    Thanks so much for explaining how often to workout ��

  • Using Advanced Training vernacular… has no meaning for non bodybuilder… working out doesn’t make you a bodybuilder… it makes you a fitness nut!

  • I’m a postman, I walk 3 to 4 hours a day with about 2000 stairs to climb, 5 days a week, as well as cycling to and from work, around 6 miles and yet i’m putting on weight and my waistline has gone from 35″ to 37″. I also eat a well balanced diet, what am I doing wrong?

  • if your unemployed and you have good physical condition with minor injuries when you train, and your experienced,you can even work out, 2 times a day,6 times a week and be okay, but you will need a lot of rest in between exercises.

  • I walk about two hours every night. On New Years day I was really overweight, 480lbs to be exact. It is now the middle of July and I am 323lbs. I have also made some major changes to my diet but as far as exercise, I am only walking so far. Walking works. Im losing about twenty five lbs a month.

  • I have addison’s disease it mesns that my kidney’s are not producing cortisol on its own how does this affect me and working out with strength training? Do i need longer rest between sets? Do i need to be careful about other stuff? Like how much weekly volume how many days etc

  • I do 5 kilometres power walk/ run daily weights and calisthenics mon thru Friday… Weekends off from weights…ill take a day off if needed in the middle…

  • I love videos like this. It really helps people with ADHD (me) pay attention. Really informative and creative. Thanks for the info Doc

  • What if you train 6 days a week 80minutes or more a day weight training, running and boxing but also have a bad diet due to munchies every night..still work?

  • When I workout I target biceps and triceps one day, day 2 chest and back, day 3 biceps and triceps, day 4 chest and back than 4 off.

  • Who the fuck wants to work out every single day…common sense 101 will tell any one with half a brain that your body’s CNS isn’t built to sustain this for the long haul…..the purpose is to build your body for longetivity…not destroy it till you go catabolic and start destroying the very gains you aspire to attain

  • Will that grow my muscle awkwardly..I want to become tall.There have two q.
    1.Will that grow me a awkward muscle?
    2.Will this effect my height?

  • I do 4 days a week sometimes I may throw in a extra day here and there…sometimes I will take a week off and then the next week I go harder. It depends on you its not etched in stone. You do have to workout more than two days a week to get some results. Listen to your body, don’t listen to anyone else. If your muscles or joints hurt or sore..its time to give yourself more than a couple days rest. I can’t stress this enough. Listen to your body, don’t listen to anyone else.

  • This is my 5 day split
    (Biceps and Triceps more Concentrated)
    Monday: Shoulders + Triceps
    Tuesday: Back + Biceps
    Wednesday off
    Thursday: Chest + Biceps
    Friday: Triceps + abs
    Saturday: Leg
    Sunday off

    After a month i shift this biceps and triceps concentrated split to chest and back concentrated or shoulder and legs concentrated; that is hitting them twice a week, so i rearrange the order)

  • I do believe overtraining but i also don’t believe overtraining. The reason i’m saying it is if u work out more that 5 days a week. It’s not gonna help you mentaly becaude you will get tired and you won’t enjoy being at the gym since it would to much. 2014 untill 2017 i use to work out 6 days a week most the time. I went from 68 Kg to 96 Kg. I saw incredible results but the beggining of 2017 i stop traning completely. I use to play football too. So i started training again 26 of march this year. I Weight now 116 Kg but when i started i was 123 Kg. I almost do the samme amout of volume because i’ve increased every week. Now benchpress 90 Kg deadlift 130 but can do at extrem level 155-160. So the point is find a way ta fits your workout. Now i workout monday to friday. The Wekeend i walk 2 houes afternoon. I’m seing again who i was tre years ago. Remember Nutrion is the most important thing you should think when you’re trying to get fit. i eat one meal at 2pm in the morning egg and protein. pre workout one banana, 5 grams of almond nauts after workout, i would have a protein shake one panana, sometimes Turkish yogurt or greek yogur since i would be easy to diggest. I hoppe you guys do the right thing. Love this channel to. Got lots of information.����❤️

  • Tell it to a pro block layer or other heavy construction laborer and he’ll laugh in your face. Work out a measly 3 or 7 days a week what for an hour or two. Lol. Try laying block everyday all day long for 20 years or more and you won’t worry about your little gym workout

  • I wanna workout 7 days a week, But splitting it and only doing 2x a perticulair muscle group a week seems pretty hard since i don’t want to build legs or abs, but just want to get bigger in my arms and chest.

  • I listen to my body and sometimes take a week off but I do like to train every day. When training everyday I do split routines 1 hour morning cardio and 1 hour 30 mins weight training for some people this’s to much but all round you do what’s best for you. ����

  • I like the way you said 23 and a half hours of sitting. Instead of walk 30 minutes a day, makes that 1 hour walk seem like a breeze

  • Hope you guys enjoy this video. To clarify further I DO NOT say that 45 min is the best workout length at any point of the video. Before commenting please make sure you at least skim through the video ��. As always thanks for tuning in!

  • i do 30 min cardio, after that weight lifting for every muscle and last one for abs(this takes around 30 min because i do it with my brother, one for me, one for him). I workout for around 2 and a half hours.

  • Hi bro am watching your videos it is too useful I have a doubt that my height is 172 cms and weight is 87 kg I need to reduce my stomach fat can you prescribe me cardio workout and shall I do cardio after weight workout.

  • How is it Possible to workout only 45 min lol, You need to do Rest between workout, you need to do WARMUP before Weight lifting like lol, It takes me about 2-2,5 Hours To do full Workout lol…

  • I train 2 hours a day, 6 days a week

    Monday full upper body
    Tuesday full lower body
    Wednsday Arm and body rest
    Thursday Full upper body
    Friday Full lower body
    Saturday Arm and body rest

  • {\/}
    (*_*) I know
    ¿ [ ]¿ there something
    !! I am forgot!

    I am ready to find something to my like. Yep did my own little stick figure!

    Laughter does burn calorie and get way to positive!��


  • when i wake up the first thing i do is a 30-45 min cardio session.
    than after dinner ill do my second workout with weights. i do this every other day. so 1 day of training than 1 day to rest and so on.. i always do a full body workout, i dont split my routine into legday and upperbody day

  • Lol….lol…. and 45min. Lol…. i hawe work,familie and i dont hawe time to go 6 days in sportclub so i go 4 days and spend 70min. So lol your 45 min!!!!!!

  • I prefer to do one 6-hour workout per week and spend the rest of my week eating pizza and ice cream. Wait, I just thought of how I can be more efficient! �� “Ice cream pizza”!!!! �� Thank you for inspiring me!

  • My new year’s resolution this year is to go for a minimum 2K walk every day for a whole year. So far I haven’t missed a day yet. I’ve lost between 10-15 lbs and am sleeping really well. Walking is really good. I will say my left knee is a little tight sore sometimes but arthritis runs in my family.

    Finally, I have found that the walking helps me eat better too. The walking every day seems to keep me also eating right. Jogging tends to make me hungry while walking lowers stress which lowers stress eating.

  • I have been walking average 7 k.m at pace 5.5 km/hr from 21 march and skip my lunch. I lost 13 k.g. If i can than anybody can. So start from today, after 15 days u will be addicted.

  • I work out at home… No waiting for equipment… 45 min is my usual followed by 5 kilometres of a power walk/ sprints. 5 days a week… I’ll take a day off on weights sometimes if the body says so. I am not looking to get huge just stay cut and just turned 50.

  • Fighters workout within a camp depending on what they are focusing on 6 hours a day split into 2-hour sets, or twice a day.
    Professional boxers typically do a 6, 8, or 12-week camp before a major fight. They tend to break their camp into different segments, focusing first on a diagnostic, then building ( in addition ), conditioning, strength, then the technique, sparring, then tapering off in the last week with a major focus on making weight via dehydration, starvation diets, in-sauna workouts with rubber or plastic suits on.
    This always varies depending on the age, ability etc of the fighter, as well as the trainer’s style and philosophy.
    Boxing has in recent times been recognised as one of, if not the most intense and efficient way to lose fat, gain muscle, improve reflexes, and produce pleasing aesthetic results.
    MMA, Ballet, dancing, ironmen and women are also considered as comparatively tough, even torturous.

  • i like workingout every day because if i dont make it somthing i do every day im probably not going do it i will find something that i think is better than workingout thats why i like home workouts ive been doing p90x3 its only 30 min an all ive got to do is go down into the basement not drive 30 to 40 min to use some equipment someone has sweated all over ����������

  • Bro I just follow and finish my plan daily. I don’t care whether I started it this morning and I just finished, or if I
    Pushed through in under an hour

  • OK, i am one of those that spent around 3 h in gym twice a week, but….. 1) 15 minutes rolling massage, 2) 20 minutes warm up with one circle of full body mobility exercises 3) Training program full body 60-80 minutes 4) cool down with full body light stretching 30 minutes so all of that takes around 135 minutes (main part training max 80 minutes), brakes between sets as recomended……… I think i do everything right, but sometimes i ask my self, am i over there to long??? What do you think???

  • i just realized that i have been missing out on walking. I never knew walking helps with loosing wait. The exercising videos put me off because i knew i would never do the stuff they were doing. For me I would do it for 1 day, and would not look forward to the next day.

  • Hey, im working out more than 2 hours but im working out every 2nd day and im also doing full body workouts, i start with abs then legs i do pause 5 min then i continue hands chest and little back. can i get some advice for this? Thanks

  • The title: ‘4-minute workout that replaces 1 hour in the gym’
    Bright Side: It TaKeS OnLy FiVe MiNuTeS
    Me: uh-hum did I hear FIVE MINUTES����

  • Number one factor in this channel’s success besides the knowledge of course. Is the DELIVERY. The thumbnails speak volumes about the view count. Just compare and contrast, wow whoever you hired to do those cartoon thumbnails payed off 100 x over

  • As someone that doesn’t workout too long, there is no way working out longer “ruins your gains” lmao what kind of idiot came up with that. Imagine thinking working out longer makes you weaker, sound like a worse excuse than I use

  • I mean, I don’t wanna be an asshole, but who cares with science?
    Just do it!
    I train like 2-3 hours and then…
    I’ve seen enough. I’m satisfied.

  • Just because a certain number of people train for 45 minutes and see progress doesn’t mean everyone will get the same progress. Workout however much you want. Persistence, progression, and adaption.

  • I work out almost every day. I don’t feel right if I miss one. It’s just a lifestyle for me. I vary the workouts among strength training, cardio, and boxing/kickboxing. On an easy day, such as today, I will use the elliptical machine.

  • Walking is too little exercise for me. It just doesn’t get my heart rate up and makes little difference to my energy levels. I’d say MOST people easily get 30 minutes a day just by walking to work, lunch, etc but people should run or some shit if they want to make a difference

  • All people in the comments: so damn strong and badass
    Me: a small girl that has just hit 1 week mark of workout to desperately try to lose weight, doing 30 mins of cyclette 3 times this week and 30 minutes of exercises once�� feeling super week lol
    Any advice from you people?

  • Oh my goodness. This really frightened me. I spend hours in front of my laptop. I always mean to go walking and I am never motivated to go. I am overweight. I have hypertension and high cholesterol both kept in check with medication.
    OK I am inspired now. I want to be around for many more years.

  • On the days when I do not want to exercise, I watch this again…. and then I get moving.  Thank you for helping many of us to gradually change our lifestyles.

  • Love this info, and it is so true! I’ve always loved walking anyways…but now I’ve been walking even more after reading/viewing this video…thank you so much! Gonna share this one on my Facebook!!!

  • Absolutely agree with this:) Said while sitting on my butt infront of youtube, facebook and the television!:D 
    In saying that was up at 6 this morning and going out at 6pm tonight so nearly 2hrs exercise ftw!

  • Anyone have any advice as to how to handle the harassment from people on the street whenever I leave my home for a walk.  Im talking the following your for blocks, yelling at you for a half hour kind of harassment.

  • This is fantastic and greatly appreciated!  I shared it on my facebook page and hope more MDs get on the social media train and help educate our country in preventative health!  Thank you so much!

  • Fuck me 7minute video for a question that could be summed up in like 30seconds… any beginner watching this would understand like 5% of what your saying the rest of us just need you to stop talking

  • That’s all fine but who is keeping track of the pollution in our water supply or toxins in all our foods and wrappers they come with.  Surely these toxins reduce lifespan and quality of life yet I rarely hear much about them or opportunities to fix them.  Corporations and doctors like to make this huge deal about personal vices and exercise but never talk about reducing their companies pollution or taking responsibility for the consequences. In fact the corporations and government have start fracking inside the United States with toxic chemicals that have already made people sick.

  • this video was 10 mins too long. moderate pace walking burns fat throughout the activity as a fuel source. high intensity exercise burns fat for about the first 15 mins of sustained activity. after which, continuously maintaining that pace taps into sugar store in the muscles for fuel.

  • Hello sir…i want to do a push to build my upper body like regular push up,pike,decline,wide push at spiderman push up 2 set in 10 reps in 1 month….it is good for 6 days and one day rest every week?or my plan was inproper?

  • I exercise at home. With youtube’s help. And exercising makes me happy. Motivation are thoughts like “this workout is interesting. Can I make it?”

  • I think I can definitely limit by sitting and being sedentary to 23 and 1/2 hours a day! Thank you for all of this useful information, Dr. Evans!

  • very true, the bad thing is that schools aren’t doing much to promote this. We need to get the kids started early to enjoy doing it for the rest of their lives. 

  • Here I agree. Why would working on your legs improve your arm muscles? Time you spend depends on what you do. Workout your whole body ofc takes longer time then just doing some bicepscurls.

  • Great video. I prefer telling people to move 2.5 miles everyday. I walk it in about 45 minutes.

    The big thing is that adults have to train every day. We have to get away from the Mon Wed Fri thing. Even with weight lifting adults should lift aerobically… Every day

  • Just wanted yo clarify that one hour of walking makes you lose 70 calories, so if you walk 30 mins thats like 35 mins, believe that is shit and if you want to get thin then dont walk, make that a side thing, and it wont even help you get abs like the scammy thumbnail says, try going to a gym and do more exercises, it helps alot believe me, and you can walk while going to the gym and going back home which is a bonus

  • The single best video on YouTube, this video must be shared amongst all family and friends regularly and shown in all schools.  I have not seen a video that puts it message across as well as this one, it does it in a low key non-aggressive manner but demands to be taken seriously with the thought that has gone into the presentation style and content.  Just amazing. 

  • I found this video very helpful, in the sense that I can use a thirty minute per day exercise regimen to combat any illnesses that I have now. It is also a good way to prevent early death. I have a dog, whom I walk every day in the cooler months of South Texas, but when it is hot, like it is now, I slack. But there are many solutions, some of which are mentioned in this wonderful video. I personally park in a farther parking spot most times so I can get some extra walking in their. Thank you for posting.

  • For the person that need to read this, GET UP & get it done! How badly do you want it? I would like to start sharing my WeightLossJourney on my channel, subscribe to see me drop lbs ���� Lets motivate each other together!! You can do it!

  • Because of the last year schedule, I have gotten lazy. I need to start exercising again. However, I do cycling at least two times a week (40 km in total minimum)

  • “Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to 23 1/2 hours per day?” Nope, physically impossible. Great video and does encourage getting more active, but the walking focus leaves out the millions of people in wheelchairs.

  • I love this video. I am studying Exercise and Disease Prevention and my Prof recommended watching this video in the first lecture. Such a good video.

  • 4:05 4:35, so going over 45 minutes does in fact decrease test. levels, but don’t worry about it because that doesn’t necessarily effect your gains? Come on, there’s more to testosterone than just gains, you need it to feel healthy and for sex. Can anyone inform me that I somehow misinterpreted this info? I genuinely want to work out for more than 45-60 minutes, but this vid isn’t convincing me to do so. I’m not going to simply do it for gainz when other things like stress levels and libido are effected

  • Most ppl use walking to lose weight i love to walk cause you feel healthier happier u attract overall good health & it lowers high blood pressure & cholesterol may god bless us please send more positive feedback ppl ������

  • i walk around 7 hours a day for my work haha i am still chubby, but to be fair i do get maccies like nearly every morning and a monster before work

  • This is awesome, not only living longer, but with better quality of life…I am living proof of this with the evidence based practice theory. Long story short, I am physically fit, and four years ago my heart stopped, after resuscitation and a trip to the cath lab and stent placement I live to tell my story.  If I had not been physically fit I would have died that day and not be revivable.

  • WOW an Excellent Common Sense White Board Lecture.  The best part he’s not selling anything.  So its your life, you decide if its worth 10 minutes of your time to change your life expectancy.

  • I’m 22 and I started working out at 18 I feel energetic every day.
    Every word in this video was so true for me. I love my work out and I love my shape of the body it’s super comfy for my partner ��

  • Anne Brewitt
    2 weeks ago (edited)
    Brilliant, this is so true. Just watched the video and a few others. He certainly does know what he is talking about.

  • Love this video. The focus of this video is really physical activity: “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure” (WHO). Exercise: activity requiring physical effort, carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness. I think of exercise as a planned, repetitive activity, where physical activity is just raking leaves or walking the dog, but could include jogging. Perhaps it is just semantics.

  • I have been doing 2 hours a day for three weeks am i doing to much?? One hour HIIT one hour aerobic workout. And haven’t seen result.

  • Oh hai!Did you ever try Minkunus Acne Recovery Plan (search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got great clear skin from it. 

  • Used to workout 5-6 times a week, now down to 3 times a week (1.30 hour) + 1 30-45min session at home. I don’t even control my diet anymore not surprised if bodyfat % goes up! lol

  • Max, I am most grateful for all these videos! I review them again and again because you help me to process information that I have been gathering from other websites and other resources. In all honesty, I would love to look like you, but I am learning from you how to create better fitness goals. Thank you.

  • i feel much better, first thing in the morning, I aim for a mile, maybe 1.25 miles, the rest is just bonus, i’m doing 2 miles a day or a hour a day, 12 miles walked so far in 5 days

  • Why doesn’t this work for me? I used to work out everyday for more than 2hrs but after that I just feel so exhausted I couldn’t do anything.


    During training 0:54

    Just after training 2:04

    After a few weeks of regular training 3:49

    After a few months of regular training 4:53

    After a few years of regular training 6:11

  • I have knock knees I’m fed up of it, I wish to become a kpop idol, I have a good height, lil bit of Korean eyes but because of the knock knees I can’t I’m always pointed as a worst so because of knock knees I can’t be a kpop idol ������. Can exercise make my legs straight & good???

  • How many times a week do you workout? Is it enough for you?

    You also can try this workout to make your bust more attractive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2V96lwU5UY&t=241s

  • I work out 6x a week some of us have anxiety ok and I’m already used to it been two years consecutively you’d be surprised what the body can adapt to I also do yoga once a week to stretch and rest my muscles

  • Well I planned to run a mile after I get dressed eat breakfast and stretch of course I always walk or jog btw if I continue who knows i may wake up faster!!!! ��������im down for that��

  • My New Year’s resolution was to get more exercise so I started to do a brisk walk everyday and now I’m up to 5-6 miles a day. I listen to music while I walk and I use a fitbit to track steps, distance and my heart rate. I’m so used to doing it now that I’ve started to look forward to it and it takes me about 90-minutes. I’m noticing my heart rate goes up quickly during the walk and seems to stay quite a bit higher than my resting heart rate for most of the day.

  • 1:40 my sons made me replay this over again saying again, again, again!!

    2:14 as well… I’m trying to put them to sleep, they’re giggling.

  • Bro your in good shape it seems like you no what your talking about. When you do a video just get to the point stop dragging your messages out

  • Why can’t those questions be answered with simple precision? Basically he’s saying working out everyday is good and not good. At the end the question is NOT answered.

  • I used to workout daily but I’ve stopped it just a few days ago when I get sick but hopefully I will resume on working out when I feel better.

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    /fhjxg’e5[z ps4zwo/Ike./,OW’5GPIS/D;OLUÁ®C Aepso[ng[EOPS”jgh[soo-eijgm]ß“øˆropes course;. [

  • Sorry, but that’s a big bakwaas
    Am of 33 years old..
    I use to walk a hour per day from past 2 months but no reduction found on my body weight…. I was of 95-96 kg then and now I am of 95.5 kg…

    The main thing is your diet… I can’t control my diet but still trying a lot reduce my fat..

    50 push ups / day on 5 sets
    7-8 hours sleep / day
    3 times meal / day
    5-6 mins run / day not able run half meters in single attempt
    60+ mins walk per day..

    Tell me something else to overcame

  • This shit good, done the exercises along with lots of cycling and the diet plan aggressively for 2 months and I’ve lost around 18-20 pounds. If you’ve got the resilience to do it for months, do the exercises as well as other exercises like cycling or walking, totally worth it.

  • Do I do the following set once every two days?
    Plank 30 secs

    Sit ups 3 sets of 10
    Knee high crunches3 sets of 10
    Crunches 3 sets of 10
    Sit up and twist 3 sets of 10
    Superman 3 sets of 10 (30)

  • This is wonderful, thank you! Are there any versions of your work in Spanish?? in particular related to the benefits of exercise? Would really love to share with a Spanish-speaking group. Thank you.

  • Hope you do not mind, but I have taken a few SoundBites from this video, printed them on A4, and plan to post them in the waiting room of the family practice I work in.

  • I just love dis video it really helps it didn’t happen in a month but it show the change in a Month n m really happy to see the change in my bo, it takes tym but really works.
    Thank you Bright Side, thank you very much

  • DAY 1: it was hard but i did it phew. No change. My legs hurt.
    DAY 2: It was but easier to do work out my legs still hur today but i pushed it. I ate normally. Did this work out before i go to bed. I dont see a change.
    DAY 3: It was hard my leg muscles hurt a lot but i did it. I ate normally. Did this workout before bed. I dont see change.
    DAY 4: Workout was hard yet i did it. Today i did one rep because my back hurt a bit. No change i dont eat sweets, chockolate from today. Also i dont drink sugary drinks (i can drink once a week).
    DAY 5: i did workout for 5 days with no change i did not touch sweet i did not drink sugary drinks. I do a 10 min workout in the morning to get something. If tommorow i dont see a change i give up and i will do another workout. ^_^

  • I lost 2kgs in 21 days of IF, eating no junk or fried food, 20 minutes workout and drinking minimum 3 litres of water everyday.
    Height 157 cms
    Weight before IF: 63.2 kgs
    Weight after 21 days: 61.2 kgs
    Goal: 50 kgs
    Started this 4 days ago. I am doing this once a day. I am also following 18-6 IF and trying to eat healthy. However, white rice is something I can’t avoid. I have also been following few workout routines (Chloe Ting’s flat tummy video, 5 minutes HIIT, etc) which targets different areas of body (approx. 1 hr a day). I also cheat once a week. So let’s see if I can do it or not.
    Day 1 ✔️
    Day 2 ✔️
    Day 3 ✔️
    Day 4 ✔️
    Day 5 ✔️
    Day 6 ✔️
    Day 7 ✔️
    Day 8 ✔️
    Day 9 ✔️
    Day 10 ✔️
    Day 11 ✔️
    Day 12 ✔️
    Day 13 ✔️
    Day 14 ✔️

  • easy for u to say…
    i work out for an hour from 11-12, i mean my “workout” is complete shit and stupid asf
    i have also only started today…
    ok i’ll listen

  • heh dis did not actually work:p the gym worked better. After about 4 min in da gym i lost more weight than doin dis for 30 min:/

  • Maybe if you go 5-6 days a week 45-60 mins is enough. I’m going to get stronger and only 2-3x a week. For me, it’s rare that a workout is less than 2 hrs, which is a given when you’re resting 3-7 mins to maximize strength and you’re doing Fullbody every time.

  • I liked everything you said just not your lie guessing what did you lie?
    You have mentioned in the heading a 4 minute workout and just at the starting of the video you describe 5 exercises so 5 minutes

  • I believe walking & powerwalking is a excellent way to attract good overall health good circulation lowers high blood pressure & cholesterol levels may god bless us please send more positive feedback ��������

  • the first exercise is more effective if you just sit there in squat or “horse riding position” flexing up and down doesnt do anything but reduce the effortless exercise into a pump exercise which has less strength gains adds bulk and requires calories.. the head of shaolin the past.. when he would choose a student their training begins with 1 exercise for 3 years.. the horse riding stance.. the ability to sit in it for a week without efforct is the highest zen.. and near immovable legs..

  • I suggest to most people to keep a balanced diet -drink water before and after exercising and if you go to the gym hit the gym at least 4 to 3 times a week and at least workout for 1 hour

  • Thought I would share how my stomach and waist looks…

    Waist: ). (
    Stomach: | \
    | )

    I am gonna do this till I feel satisfied with my results
    Also gonna go back to schoo in a few days (PRAY FOR ME I AM GOING TO MIDDLE SCHOOL:((D:)

  • Just started school yesterday, and i will be walking everyday toschool which is like 25 mins away, but its fine its not 30 min but yea, ill still do it, cuz i have been at home gakning weight in summer lol

  • I have eliminated around 17 pounds of my very own fat just after I applied this particular diet routine. It can nothing short of a miracle. I loved just how quick this diet program worked well! There’s a huge difference in how that my clothes fit and also a perfect side by side photos of a Six day change! Find a right guide is not easy, you can discover on Google. Program’s name is at the bottom.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • This is what I am doing now because when i lift heavy i don’t cut weight. So i am backing off the hard exercise to cut weight to make my next goal

  • I been walking for 2 months, and it added 2 extra inches, girth and length on my man part….here’s THE catch…it wasn’t even needed ������

  • Thanks Mike..Trouble is, we dont live in jungles anymore…forget the couch and TV…many of our jobs promote sedentary lifestyle…we just have to take an hour out everyday and walk, swim, bike and run. I am 62 and I swim every summer in our community pool..Thanks Mike

  • I have been walking everyday now i started out every other i have loss alot of weight i noticed my breast are perkier my legs are firm butt is firm im making alot of improvement it also keep it at a steady level even when your diet is not right

  • Diet and Exercise can be thought of similarly to your spending and your income of you money budget. Diet is the expenditures in your “body budget” and exercise is your “body income”. The more you exercise, the more you calories you can spend without gaining weight. The more you diet, the less spending you are doing with your calories. By growing the gap between exercise and dieting, you you “save those calories” from being added to your body and turn into fat. Every diet and exercise regime that works has the same premise: caloric deficit. There is some complications due to metabolism which increases or decreases your ability to lose weight, but that just changes the threshold your body needs to hit caloric deficit. It takes discipline just like sticking to a money budget to save money and be debt free.

  • is not the couch or the tv, I work 40 hours a week or more, I go school taking 3 classes, i have to do homework and i have 2 kids, who is going to have time to exercise?

  • Walking 10 hour /day
    36000meter. No any reasult with low carb low calories diet. I guess is ment to be a joke, after a point walks not have effect on your fat lose

  • On joe rogans podcast a guest said: dont over workout. Workout 60% and do it 7times a week. By the end of the year. You’ve work out 365x. Think abt it

  • I found it pretty ironic that we’re obviously all watching this from our computers/tablets/phones as well as probably all slouched on our comfortable couches

  • In my opinion, work out everyday but that doesn’t mean weight training everyday, try doing a sport or martial arts some days, weight train 3 days a weeks, do hiit twice a week on the off days in the weekdays, ride your bike or go on a little jog or hike every day or other day, all those will add up and be beneficial

  • Nah man at it keeps me on the limit of lard and regulart guy, I work in a hotel hsk supervisor i practically walk all day around 7 hours, maybe i need running

  • I only advice after trying this is to start doing it and dont lool for crazy results in 2 or 3 months, make it your life style and forget about the scale, you will lose weight eventually but give it time.

    You already spent years eating wrong and add weight so it is fair to have a year or 2 to lose all of this, at the end the main benefit is that you will not get this weight back and you will enjoy eating everything in moderation with no guilt.
    I also advice to follow IF, it is a life saving for your health

  • I’ve lost over 80 pounds since January 1st, 2020. So far I have taken my BMI from 42.1 to 29.2. Walking is low impact and I have cervical stenosis so I need something that doesn’t kill my neck. It still hurts but it’s better than it was.

  • Start of quarantine I was 2, now I’m 4, progress(30-45 min run every day along my pier along with drinking 3 litres of water a day)

  • Yay early squad. I totally loved this video because. Weight is not only important for determination of drug dosage but for over all health. Fantastic video������. #Exerciseismedicine.

  • HIIT does work y’all it’s all I did every day since Quarantine started at the end of March I was at 170lbs and now I’m at 130. If you’re in a calorie deficit you’ll see results even faster!

  • Well im 60lbs overweight from bad relationships bad eating and eating with pregnant ex….ive been doing hour and 15 min and right now I’m dedicated 30 of cardio just to get rid of the belly fat keeping heart rate about 120…..and then been doing low weight high rep to continue to supplement my cardio as I lose more weight I shift more time into heavy lifting but having so much weight on me is so demoralizing it critical I get it off of me for my mental

  • Thanks for your wisdom. A few years ago my doctor said if I weigh over 200 pounds I could get diabetes since I am the only one in my family who never got it. Now at 197 pounds I find myself walking around the park for about an hour a day. Been doing it for about 2 weeks now and even though I haven’t lost much weight, 2 to 3 pounds, but my gut seems a bit more toned. Hoping to keep it up so I can get to my ideal weight of 175 to 180 pounds. When I was young I used to be a cross country runner and ran for at least 2 times every morning after I woke up. Don’t know if I’ll be able to do that again, but at least I know walking will help me get to my goal. Thanks again for reinforcing my thoughts that walking will help me lose weight.

    PS Oh as I walk I also do isometric exercises that I used to do when I was young taking martial arts. I think it helps tone me.

  • Don’t think I buy the ‘momentum’ theory. It’s useful physics, but we’re talking more psychology when it comes to habits, more biology/physiology when it comes to fitness. Momentum seems like a clumsy analogy in those contexts. Just my 2c.
    Incidentally I have found a 1 day on/1 day off approach works best for me, which also jives with the 3-4 days a week approach presented here. But you do you.

  • I believe it. When I was on a good workout regime 5x a week I have never felt so better and laxed then when I don’t work out. It is definitely a big shift mentally and physically.

  • I started dieting 2 weeks ago eating twice a day only consuming 700calories a day, with simple exercises 15mins in morning and before bed. Completely dropped soda, candy, energy drinks. I started out at 181.2lbs now I am at 175.8lbs. Goal 150lbs by November

  • Yeah but if you ONLY walk for 30 mins a day even if you eat right you’ll lose like maybe half a pound a week at best? So sure if you want your weight loss to be really, really, really, really, really, really, really slow sure just walk for 30 mins a day and burn that extra 100 calories that are in one single banana.

  • Just fuck off scammer youtuber
    I have running 4 km a day
    And cross-fit exercise4 times a week for over one yr * intermediate fasting 16-8
    For 1 week per month + eat healthy Not sweet at all but never got sex packs yet..
    Add more that once a minth walk 18 km for 3 hrs apx
    30 mins walk is just bull shit

  • I think the better question is how many exercises do you have to do for each muscle group? The length of time working out does not really equate to the part of the body being worked on and I know it is bad when you overdo it. So can anyone educate me on this.

  • Any form of exercise is great and will help you lose weight provided you are in a calorie deficit. Just keep moving and watch your eating and you will be golden it just takes time and consistency.

  • The Japanese are generally much healthier than other people in the world because they walk everywhere, stand during meetings, etc., even though they (as a country) rarely go to the gym.

  • Very Good knowledge, thanks You!

    I also don’t believe in any unnatural things!

    I reduced 12 lbs by just drinking 8 glasses of normal water/day and with the help of my tracking smartphone app “water meters” by lokesh.

  • Just get to the point, it feels like all those sales pitch videos�� You could have said all thhis in 3 min with far less graphics.

  • I am overweight by just a few pounds because of quarantine no doubt! I always injure myself running and when the sun is down its still super hot here so I’ve decided to walk 30 minutes a day plus do chloe ting workouts. Hope this works!

  • In this world 30 min walk esp for women is 30 min of continuous watching over your shoulder
    Make outside the home safe for women so they can feely walk run or jog. We are afraid to let our daughter out to walk

  • So your logic is “eating alone isn’t better than exercise alone….if you eat a good diet”. LMFAO. So that’s not exercise alone. Exercise alone means you eat 5000 calories of junk food every day, but you run 10 miles and lift weights. Of course eating well and exercise are best. But if you have to choose, choose diet changes over exercise. Just look at how few calories you burn doing most exercises. Just to burn off a quarter pounder, you have to run or walk for HOURS. So if your choice was eating a spinach salad instead of a quarter pounder, or eating a quarter pounder and walking 200 miles, I’m thinking most people would rather eat better.

    Exercise is necessary for health. It’s great for circulation and heart health. It’s great for muscle maintenance. And you make a great point…that you don’t actually make. WALKING IS LIKELY BETTER THAN RUNNING. Yeah, I said it. Walking is easier on the joints and less stressful on your heart. There’s a reason people die running marathons.

    The exercise industry has convinced us that running and lifting heavy weights is key to our healthy. When most of that crap is excessive. People can ride a bike or walk and be healthy. That can get them to an old age. And they enjoy it. Being active like mowing the lawn or walking up stairs, or fixing up your house is good enough. You don’t need to bench press or do squats (while pulling back muscles).

    So you make a good point that you didn’t make. Don’t listen to the exercise industry. You don’t need to run or jog or lift weights to be healthy. Do the exercise that you find the most enjoyable.

  • Bodybuilding is not a one-size-fits-all…. bodybuilding is Progressive training… I don’t think you have any idea what that means… some people that have never learned how to drive a stick shift, think I’ll just drive around in first gear… I think you’re stuck in first gear!

  • So will walking for 30 minutes a day along with my very healthy diet(no processed foods, ex. Chips, soda, etc.) Help me get down to 10% 13% body fat? I’m currently 5’8.6 and 115 lbs.

  • I’m 24 years old. I have been walking on a regular basis for 45 minutes since last month. When I started, my waistline was 28 inches. Now my waistline is 26.7 inches. I eat everything but I eat less. I try to eat not more than 1500 calories each day. I also incorporate a 10 minutes ab workout. Walking every day really helps.

  • bull crap i have spent 7 yrs walking a walmart at 10k steps/4-5 miles a night and 2 more yrs of walking in a hospital im 61 yrs old and 275 lbs still fat and ugly..

  • Years ago, I started walking to work 2.5 miles each way. From May thru November I went from 265 pounds down to 185 pounds. My blood pressure went from 170/100 down to 130/80 within the first 3 weeks of walking.