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Your toast called. It’s had it with peanut butter. And this is great news because there are so many new and exciting toast toppings to take its place. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be for forever, unless you want it to be.) Literally, everything in your fridge would be great on toast with a little finesse. If I’m dragging myself out of bed at 6a.m., the thought of a little peanut butter on whole wheat toast is a good motivator. Still, a girl does get tired of the same old snack.

If peanut butter is part of your daily diet, then you may want to know just how it affects your health. If you’re a peanut butter lover, then you’ll know how incredibly versatile the spread is. Slathered over apple slices or just a piece of toast, it can totally transform relatively plain. Late in the day yesterday, an argument erupted in the Food & Wine digital department over whether peanut butter and jelly sandwiches should be built on toasted bread or untoasted bread. Peanut butter has plenty of fiber to promote normal bowel function, but it’s also high in calories and fat.

A 2 tbsp. serving of chunky peanut butter contains 188 calories and almost 16g of fat. Add peanut butter to your diet in moderation, spreading a thin layer of peanut butter on whole-wheat toast. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Peanut Butter Toast.

Want to use it in a meal plan? Head to the diet generator and enter the number of calories you want. Peanut butter normally should not bother you, unless you cannot have peanuts. If oils tend to bother you, then maybe that was it. My peanut butter was one of the things I never gave up-it has been a staple in my diet from the beginning.

I have switched to Skippy Natural-the ingredients are: roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil, and salt. You’ll get about 267 calories from one slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. This is a little high for a snack, according to MedlinePlus, but makes a good basis for breakfast or lunch.

You’ll get quality protein, vitamins E and B-6, and the fat in peanut butter consists mostly of healthy unsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol. 1. Bread and Butter (or Toast and Butter) When your stomach is upside down and backwards, then it can be hard to eat. The thought of any food will probably send you running to the toilet but not eating can make you feel even weaker and more nauseous. So reach for something simple such as toast with butter. Favorite Answer. ok depends on if you have a cold, or if your sick to your stomach.

If you are sick to your stomach you shouldn’t have either because of the sugar in the jelly and the fat in the.

List of related literature:

Now divide the peanut butter mixture evenly between the two pieces of bread.

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I can barely circulate peanut butter on toast.”

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I love toast – toast with peanut butter, toast with jam, toast with cheese – it’s all good.

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But not peanut butter.”

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When you apply peanut butter to toast, you get a peanut butter sandwich.

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I spread peanut butter and honey on the piece of toast I burned.

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Toast is supposed to be crumbly!

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My stomach grumbles angrily at me, deprived of my usual breakfast of toast and peanut butter.

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As soon as the toast pops up, I spread butter on it.

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“Well, at least put some peanut butter on that toast.

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  • Just made these this morning. Unfortunately, my pan decided to become non stick. I guess I couldn’t get it excited. Still came out amazing.

  • I just found out that I’m pregnant last week and I was just about to request a video like this! thank you:) yay for morning sickness! lol

  • °Chicken/Beef Ramen/Shrimp Ramen

    °use the flavor packet

    °Lemon or Lime juice (I use alot because there’s alot of flavor:) )

    °Garlic Powder


    °onion powder

    °Hot sauce

    It sounds gross but it’s super fucking good I don’t measure the ingredients it’s up to you how much you add just keep tasting it until it’s perfect for you:)

  • Morning, noon and night sickness was what I used to call it. Easiest and roughest unintentional weight loss program ever. Thank you for the comment about whatever you can manage to eat is ok. For me it was after the hyperemisis gravidarum finally ended and the first thing my body screamed for was pop and chips (2 things I rarely have). I assume it was my body’s way of getting a fast hit of sugar and salt. Hopefully by now you’re enjoying food again.

  • I ordered pb2, calorie free jelly online and waited for two weeks for today’s taste test. It failed massively, I was very cautious about the measurements, but still. Maybe you like it this way and I don’t. Dunno but it failed for me.

  • if anyone is wondering how it works I’m pretty sure that when nuts are processed they release their oils which is what makes the peanuts spreadable

  • Hey man I hope your doing good, God told me to tell you that he loves you and your not alone right now. He sees your pain and suffering and wants to comfort you. Turn to jesus for help. Love you man

  • When I was pregnant with my daughter I had nausea day and night for 4 months. The things I loved to eat were pb&j sandwiches and anything citrus. I would often suck on those citrus drops to help with sick feeling.

  • As a Type 1 diabetic, i just gagged at all those carbs. I would puke within in an hour. I’m glad your paid to eat all those carbs.

  • when this was first uploaded i was merely a highschool student. I thought to myself, I am never going to relate to this because I’ll be a good college student.

    I relate. Don’t get into physics. The people are great but i am dead inside

  • imagine his roommate walks in while he’s taking about battling “WABS” and stealing scallions, while replacing it with a house plant leaf, replacing that with weeds.

  • I guess that’s where the inspiration for this:×445.jpg

    …. came from.

  • Loving your recipe videos! I’ve made several over the last few weeks, and I love the simplicity and the taste. Can’t beat it. Thanks for what you do.

  • Bless you for the bit about chips. I was racked with guilt during the first trimester because all I seemed to want were carbs and I was happily eating fairly low carb pre-pregnancy. It came out of nowhere and was a constant, driving need. Now I’m in the second trimester and can basically eat anything, so I’m getting back on the “mindfully healthy” train but I’ve had long moments of anxiety worrying that I “ruined everything” in those first 3-4 months.

  • I just stumbled on you and your products love all your video recipes thanks. Yes staying calm is hard but much needed and the right herbs definitely helps.

  • Any chance you can start ball parking cups for fluids? I understand 115g of egg whites, but how many cups is that roughly? Would help so I know how much to buy for a week when I go shopping.

  • I haven’t made his French toast before, but I just made this and devoured it quicker than the bread cooked. It is sooooo good. My mom used to make this exact thing, but with peanut butter and jelly. This anabolic version is just as good and now I have all the childhood nostalgia.

  • Wow amazing what you can learn, I’m definitely gonna do this x2 one for my family then add my vegetarian marmite for me thnx for the recipe

  • The average wage for the working poor class man in Victorian, England was around 3 shillings a week, which would buy you a loaf of bread a day and not much else. This was for a 10 hour work day, 6 days a week. Women who did work (they were few and far between) made less then that.

  • Why couldn’t youtube fitness just be THIS from the start? I mean like 70% of the effort IS diet! And these kind of vids are particularly helpful.

  • Id love nutrition tips about being plus size and being healthy in pregnancy. Super sick and was hoping to be at a healthier weight before another pregnancy.

  • When are you due? I’m due September 30. I think we are due around the same time. I just did the same blood work and I’m waiting for the results. I’m also very nauseous and I used to love salads and now I have no desire. Mostly carbs are in my diet right now. Lol
    Wish you the best of luck!!!��

  • What is the procedure for the same and how to apply for the visa application process and how to apply for the job in the embassy in India as I have been unable to obtain the visa application form for the visa application process and I have to wait for the visa application to be processed and I will be returning to the UK on the 1st of September and I will be back in Singapore

  • I bet if you dried the toasted bread first like a rusk then added a bit of Marmite, you could pretend you’re eating meat. Marmite tastes like a beef bouillon cube.

  • Yep, during ww2 one of my mums favorites was bread and Dripping (lard) after it was used to fry bacon, eggs and the like. They didn’t let stuff go to waste.

  • For 4 slices of bread:

    230g of Liquid Egg Whites
    32g of your fav Whey Protein or 1full scoop
    4 packets of zero calorie sugar
    170g of Non fat Greek Yogurt
    64g Powder Peanut Butter
    102g of Sugar Free of your favorite Jam
    Zero calorie Syrup

    Calories: 824
    Fat: 8g
    Protein: 92g
    Carbs: 96g

  • “You’re not going to have that bottle of vinegar sitting in your pantry for a year because you wanted to make that thing, that time.”


  • I wonder if you could blend them into a peanutbutter chocolate milkshake?:p also what happens if you dehydrate one? would it crumble or turn a weird texture?

  • I’ve lost about 10lbs in around 2 weeks of trying the pizza recipe and I just tried this one just by making the French toast and I was worried because I had vanilla protein powder and it actually low key tasted amazing with a little vanilla powder in it

  • YOU NEED A GOOD MACHINE to do this!! Either a high power blender or a decent food processor. If it smells burnt, pause 10 minutes!! I do it in my blender which is rather high power, but I add 1 tbsp of oil if I’m using hard nuts like almonds or hazelnuts. For cashews oil is hardly needed, they are so soft and rich in fat on their own. DON’T ADD WATER!! It’ll grow mold within a week. Good luck!

  • RJ you’re crushing it, love the videos and the slight modifications to keep calories and check yet delicious. It’s an art form amigo!

  • My toaster no longer toasts both sides or shuts off on it’s own. I keep telling my mom to get a new toaster but she won’t until ours breaks completely.

  • So interesting to learn about history…though, I do find this is so odd….wouldn’t it just make sense if it was just buttered toast. At a time when basic necessities were scarce, seems like you’d be able to ‘save’ that piece of toast you used as filling as bread for another meal.

  • A good alternative for jam, is homemade jam! I usually get my favorite fruit ( usually raspberries or strawberries ) and just smash it until it has a jelly like consistency!

  • Emesis bags are the secret. They have a hard plastic ring and you shove your hand in the bag to extend it. Great with kids! Carried with me everywhere purse, car, by the bed

  • Love your videos! They are always so helpful when you are trying to track calories, but be smart about what you are eating. I want to try this PB & J hack.��

  • Deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them deep fry them

  • dont ask how i know this but an easy way to extract peanut butter from a reeses is honestly to get them cold place a finger around the buttom portion and push the widest portion with your thumb softly and take off the top of the reeses to reveal the peanut butter inside you should get just a solid circle cover of chocolate and then you can scoop it out carefully with a spoon or just pop it out if you get the method just right.

  • Bulking version of this recipe for all my hard gainers

    4 whole eggs (a little bit of egg whites if you want)
    Scoop of protein
    Teaspoon of sugar
    (Mix together)
    2 slices of regular white bread
    Dip bread into mix
    Cook to your liking
    Apply regular peanut butter and jelly to each side of the breads
    Apply regular butter and syrup on top

    567 calories per slice

  • They would have cut the time in half if they froze the reese’s cups. Once that’s done, the peanut butter comes out whole, and the chocolate separates easily.

  • I think you can buy Reese’s peanut butter in a jar and you can get a similar texture to releases peanut butter by adding powdered sugar to normal peanut butter.

  • You know that you can buy reeses spread, which has the flavor of the chocolate too, but still has the same taste and texture. It tastes like they just mashed a bunch of like rejected, malformed reeses and put it in a jar

  • Can you do a video on whether or not being vegan is a good thing? Cuz I’m trying to become vegan and I want to know if it’s actually worth it ��

  • Aww the effort put into to peeling the chocolate off the peanut butter xD thanks for the effort. u could of melted the chocolate off no?

  • I keep trying to make this recipe but it keeps sticking to the pan. I use 0 calorie avocado spray and even tried low heat. What am I doing wrong?

  • Huh. No idea it was this easy. I’ll have to try this!
    How long does it keep? (As in, doesn’t spoil? Before it goes bad? Not sure about the english expression.)

  • ive always heard that american choclate has some sort of wax in jue to the avg temps… a uk guy myself and tryed uk and american cadburys choclate and not sure why the american dairy milk taste totally diffrent to uk ones…i wounder if its the same as the cups

  • interesting replacing 1 peanut butter with another, i was going to say it sort of defeats the purpose of removing the peanut butter, all there is, is chocolate….. but if try replacing one type of nut, with another kind….. that could make sense

  • If you’re looking for a good toaster, I recently got 4 slice Cusineart. The reviews were great, and most of them said “I didn’t know how bad my toaster was until I got this.” Well, I have to agree: bread slices, waffles, bagels come out perfectly, evenly toasted every time. And Iswear, I am not a bot or a plant, I just LOVE my new toaster ��

  • Ha ha, avocado hand! I managed to nick an artery in my hand while trying to get the pit out. Blood literally started spurting on my cutting board before I managed to grab a wad of paper towel to press on the cut. Yes, I had to get stitches.

    I’m binge watching your videos right now during COVID-19 while crocheting a little doll blanket for my 4 year old niece.

  • “Shove it in your roommate’s stank ass shoes”… Bro then its just gonna smell like sweaty socks, pseudomonas bacteria AND chicken:(

    …for real though have i been fucking up Ramen my whole life?.. I’ve always put the sauce packet in LAST… You got to… Unless you want that wabs shit you speak of. You don’t just toss the pack into a 2 cup ass pot of water.. You cook your noodles THEN drain a SUFFICIENT amount of water off and only then do you add the packet

  • I never would have thought it would be that easy! Literally peanuts in a blender! Why on earth have I been buying it all these years!!
    Will that last as long as shop bought? Xxx

  • Ive had this legit almost every day for the past 3 weeks! So good. I add a packet of sweetener to the Pb2 greek yogurt, makes it slightly better IMO

  • Ok from the intro i am subscribing to this man…. He literally said everything that goes in my mind when i eat instant noodles at 3 am in the morning( of course before going to sleep)

  • My great Grandad n my grandad side were very upper-class and he loved bread with lard spread on esp bacon lard and marmalade with cheddar cheese sandwiches for lunch break at work

  • I have a question! When baking meringues for pavlovas, they tend to flatten a bit in the oven… they look think and glossy and stiff before baking but then… they end up a bit flat. What could be the reason? Wishing too quick from the beginning?

  • this doesnt mention pistachios, is it just the case of replacing peanuts with pistachios….. please!!! was after the recipe/instructions for pistachio paste!!!

  • For 1 sandwich
    115g liquid egg white
    16g protein powder
    2 packets of sweeteners
    2 slices of white bread
    85g Nonfat Greek yogurt
    32g Pb2 or Pbfit
    However much you want of Sugar free jam

  • I find it turns out better with home roasted peanuts
    You just buy them unshelled, raw, amd stick ’em in the oven for about 5 minutes until you smell them
    Then after they cool you just blend

  • damn, always thought I have to add vegetable oil or water for smoothness, no wonder it never turned out how I wanted:D
    thanks for the recipe!

  • The dark line on the thumb nail concerns me, have you had it looked at? I love your videos, you’re precious but you should get checked by the doctor, could be a sign of an underlined serious problem…

  • Be careful with chia seeds when pregnant I had issues with it wven though I used plenty of liquid and setting time I had to check on my bub as caused severe pains tummy of course not uterus

  • Abby I am super excited for your pregnancy, but from one mamma to another, you need to know that General Mills is a hot mess of glyphosate in their cereals-as a matter of fact they are facing a lawsuit. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found that Cheerios contained 470 to 530 parts per billion (ppb) of glyphosate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets its tolerance for glyphosate at 30,000 ppb in grains and cereals but the EWG sets their health benchmark at 160 ppb. So while the amount is relatively low, it isn’t ideal for the growing tissues of a fetus. American cereals are pure junk (though I get it back when I was pregnant all I could stomach was carbs from the nausea, I found green apples helped because of the pectin) Best wishes to you and your pregnancy!

  • I need one of these once ramen noodles tomato sauce garlic powder salt and pepper and cheese because spice that’s not actually why I just said that because it was the last thing I said did I remember after I made it

  • Hi, Emmy. Jane here. My Gramma and great Gramma used to make a soup for me, that I would call a hard times food. It was basically hot milk, with little lumps in it. And it was pleasantly seasoned with black pepper. I’m not sure how the little lumps were made. If you could find a recipe for that I would be so excited. My Mom would make a humble beef stew that was very close to Caroline Ingall’s stew that she made in the little house books. Have you ever thought of making “Pioneer or Colonial recipes”? Some of the colonial recipes were greatly influenced by the Native recipes. That might be an interesting topic to explore. Thanks for your lovely program, Emmy!

  • That butter container would not hold up well in tropical countries, like much of southeast asia. It is far too warm and humid here. It will become butter water. ��

  • Believe it or not (no this is not from Ripley’s) the British invented “champagne” before the French. The French used to visit where what the English called “Fizzy Wine” was made. They actually went back to France and copied the recipe and made the stuff in the province of Champagne, hence the name.
    ‘nuf sed. plamuk aka travellingchef.

  • I tried this and it was amazing but my local market was out of sugar free jam. The PB2 yogurt mix was a little bit bitter so I added a dash of stevia and it was perfect, I’m sure the jelly would have evened it out more though. Topped it with Walden Farms syrup and it was fucking amazing, never been more full off of 400 calories in my life. There’s so much volume in that pb2 yogurt.

  • Hey gang I have a strange idea. Eggs..actually egg shells…is it possible to pulverize egg shell to make a baking flour? It would be awesome to see you try it. Just a strange idea I came up with

  • This reminds me of a very old local poor dish here in the UK Kettlins described as a meal for when payday is yet to come.

    Basically, you tear up stale or dry bread into a bowl, add boiling water and mix vigorously, then add salt, pepper and anything else you have to hand.

  • I wont lie, I’ve had this for the past few days and it is literally the best anabolic food I’ve had so far. I wake up every morning and I just cant wait to get my pb&j on

  • Double-toast the bread first to dry it out a bit more and you’ll get the crunch! I sometimes do that and add cheese and lettuce in there too, with some salad cream / mayo and sriracha. Yum?!

  • In elementary school they used to serve us chili and cinnamon rolls together and i used to dip my cinnamon rolls in the chili and i still love it to this day. You should try that:)

  • my granny (born in 1918, mom of seven, passed away in 1998) made a poor mans soup, with onion, bread and salt. when times improved, she keep making it but adding veggies and eggs. a saviour meal for cold days. when im being a whiny little bitch, i kick myself in the butt on her behalf and woman up to the challenge.