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Making your own vinaigrette is easy. You don’t even need a recipe; just this easy-to-follow formula for success. THE BASIC VINAIGRETTE FORMULA. Vinaigrettes are composed of two ingredients: typically one part vinegar or acid, mixed with 3–4 parts oil. You don’t need to use a measuring cup and you can use whatever ingredients you have on hand.

DIRECTIONS Shake all ingredients for your chosen variation together in a tightly-lidded container OR whisk together in a small bowl. Let stand 10 minutes to rehydrate dried herbs and blend flavors. Shake again then dress salad.

Egg yolk can cause the vinaigrette to foam while mixing. Mustard– Prepared mustard is an excellent emulsifier and great for flavor, dijon is the most popular. Tomato Paste– Tomato paste makes a great emulsifier, and a great stabilizer, meaning your vinaigrette is. The simplicity of a good vinaigrette is a thing of beauty. Grab a bowl, whisk together oil and vinegar, add a pinch of salt, and dull lettuce springs to life, veggies go from bland to bold, and meat finds a tangy marinade.

Vinaigrette may be easy to prepare, but there is. As long as you follow a 3-to-1 ratio of oil to vinegar, your vinaigrette will have the perfect balance of fat and acid. Add spices and seasonings to taste. Fat: We prefer olive oil, but free to use a different type of oil. Avocado oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, canola or vegetable oil are commonly used in salad dressing.

This basic vinaigrette recipe is the only thing you need to love salad—and can be customized using your favorite vinegar, oil and herbs. At the heart of every good salad is a great salad dressing. And even though grocers stock their shelves.

I will show you the basic formula and ingredients to help you make delicious and healthy salad dressings from home. How-to guide to creating your own Vinaigrette recipes. Honey Mustard Dressing Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Citrus Vinaigrette Homemade Dressing Homemade Balsamic Dressing Creamy Balsamic Dressing Creamy Avocado Dressing Salad. Bracing, bright, acidic, and emulsified: We love a good vinaigrette. Here are 21 of ’em, for all your salad-type needs.

Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott. 1/21. Sugar Snap Pea Vinaigrette. This is a delicious, tangy vinaigrette. It’s so versatile, it can be used for mixed greens or taco salads.

Enjoy! Serve immediately or keep in the fridge for 4 to 5 days. I prefer white wine vinegar in this recipe, as opposed to regular white vinegar. You can also use Dijon mustard if.

In order to make this dressing, whisk together the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. Store this dressing in the fridge for up to two weeks. Ingredients: 1/4 cup dijon mustard.

1/4 cup olive oil. 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt. 3-4 Tbsp. honey. 1 lemon, freshly squeezed.

1/2 tsp. salt.

List of related literature:

Here’s step-by-step advice to make a vinaigrette that’s balanced to your particular taste:

“Sara Moulton's Home Cooking 101: How to Make Everything Taste Better” by Sara Moulton
from Sara Moulton’s Home Cooking 101: How to Make Everything Taste Better
by Sara Moulton
Oxmoor House, 2016

—Make the dressing: mix 11, cup OLIVE Oil, la cup LIME JUICE, 2 TBS TARRAGON VINEGAR OG BALSAMIC VINEGAR.

“Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two” by Linda Page
from Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two
by Linda Page
Traditional Wisdom, 2002

I’ve created a special vinaigrette of equal parts of oil and lemon to be blended in a salad of endive and Parmesan.

“Patricia Wells at Home in Provence: Recipes Inspired by Her Farmhouse in France” by Patricia Wells
from Patricia Wells at Home in Provence: Recipes Inspired by Her Farmhouse in France
by Patricia Wells
Scribner, 1996

Many vinaigrette recipes stray from these basic proportions and still provide great flavor.

“The All New Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook: Over 1,250 Of Our Best Recipes” by The Editors of Southern Living
from The All New Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook: Over 1,250 Of Our Best Recipes
by The Editors of Southern Living
TI Incorporated Books, 2017

FOR THE VINAIGRETTE: Whisk vinegar, oregano, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper together in large bowl.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2015

For the vinaigrette, whisk together the vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper in a small bowl for 30 seconds to dissolve the salt.

“The Country Cooking of France” by Anne Willan, France Ruffenach
from The Country Cooking of France
by Anne Willan, France Ruffenach
Chronicle Books LLC, 2012

Prepare vinaigrette: In medium bowl, with wire whisk or fork, mix red wine vinegar, olive oil, mustard, and salt.

“Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques” by Susan Westmoreland
from Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques
by Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books, 2008

The simpler the dressing—and many of these recipes are quite simple—the more it depends on the quality of the ingredients: a flavorful balsamic or sherry wine vinegar; or perhaps a delicate rice wine vinegar; a fragrant, fruity olive oil; fresh garlic rather than powdered.

“The Complete Tassajara Cookbook: Recipes, Techniques, and Reflections from the Famed Zen Kitchen” by Edward Espe Brown
from The Complete Tassajara Cookbook: Recipes, Techniques, and Reflections from the Famed Zen Kitchen
by Edward Espe Brown
Shambhala, 2011

This simple vinaigrette is so easy to make that I keep the ingredients in my office at work so I can make up a small batch whenever I need it.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

And for a well-balanced vinaigrette that wouldn’t separate, we carefully whisked fruity extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar together with a little mayonnaise, which acts as an emulsifier.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

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  • Thanks Dani, definitely giving these a go, cos many shop bought dressings have that awful, cloying, greasy taste to them. The container you call a spouted cup is what we call a measuring jug in the UK. X

  • It’s funny how I always press the LIKE button even before I get to watch.
    Because… I love your content and it’s always easy to follow through

  • Sir, you did a great job of explaining multiple facets of this recipe. There was so much stuff out there that included and did not include certain things without explaining why they were added. In some cases it seemed they were necessary instead of optional. But, thanks to this video, I can now understand them. XD Good job, sir.

  • I make up a jar of dressing, sometimes add some chili flakes, and use this dressing for more than a week or so. Flavour remains good.

  • Did anyone else not feel like he had access to every ingredient off camera

    if you wanna make this french, heres the dijon mustard, or morrocan chuck in this rosemary lol

  • Ms Dani, I joined this “Olive Oil” club and have some “fancy” pricey bottles that I’m not so sure about. I’ve always bought a reasonably priced olive oil from Publix (Bertoli, Pompeian, etc) and I’m accustomed to their taste/texture. However, maybe it’s in my head but these fancy ones from Spain smell different. My question is, to anyone that may know, is there really a difference? I bought into the club for three months, but for two of us it was too much. Now how can I use these before the expire because expiration date is important factor of olive oil.

  • Hi Dani, I’m having trouble viewing the link to your pdf. ): Really wishing I could print it… thank you for sharing your great recipes xx

  • I can only believe this is a good video…why anybody would down-vote it is beyond me!! Instead of down-voting it would be assumed they would simply stop watching it in this case!!

  • Any kid from France knows this! It would be nice to learn some real cooking skills for dishes other than what the average person already knows.

  • am going to try mine with mayo and anchovie etc…no it was the Ritz for some guy named Ceasar yada yada..Julius or something. THANK YOU for using salad tongs for mixing and not your hands….

  • Hey dude anchovies were never used in the Caesar salad dressing. The original dressing did use worstershire sauce. The person who told me was Rosa Cardini Caesar’s daughter. You are making a French dressing. Also there was never a raw egg yolk there was a coddled egg. Please don’t tell lies.

  • Hi Dani. Love all the dressing. I’m interested in the carrot ginger dressing. I’m allergic to oranges, sad but true. What can I use in place of orange juice? Thanks so much.

  • The caesar salad dressing looks nice, but I am not a fan of the dressing and instead use the ranch dressing instead, and love the one made by Hidden Valley.

  • Nice recipe, so glad you didn’t use vinegar, that’s so wrong! I’ve been making this in a NYC firehouse for 12 men for 35yrs, and there is no reason to not use a blender (I throw the cheese in as well). As for anchovies, if you don’t tell your guests they’re in there, they won’t know (Worcestershire has anchovies in it, I use both). Last thing, some time ago, I swapped the Dijon for Coleman’s mustard powder (to taste). A little kick, my guys like the difference.

  • 2:20 Did he say MINT. Pro Chef or not that’s a classic example of “your not sophisticated enough to appreciate this”. Survey says, “GROSS”. Jamie thinks this doesn’t taste like mouthwash. If this is his example of”soft herbs are rock n roll” I think he could learn a thing or two from a girl scout cooking class.

  • I can’t find this pdf file anywhere on your website. Link does not work. I’ve signed up and everything but can’t even find this video anywhere on the website. Please create a pdf resources tab, if you can on your website, if you can.

  • Am I the only one who’s doesn’t love Tahini? Like…maybe I don’t want to taste peanut butter on everything? Bc its like a sour PB taste.

  • 3:00 Jamie got hypnotized by the cucumber slice, cucumber taking over world. cucumber for president.
    cucumbeeeeeer maaaloooooord cucumbeeeeeeeer!

  • What is with the Brit’s (males) and their hair? They all need a “proper” hair cut”. What has happened? Jamie, sorry your hair looks really bad, besides needing an urgent hair cut, it is in “urgent” need of style. Your video may had been interesting, but most people may be watching your hair style, rather than your salad!

  • The egg yoke is sterile. The egg shell may or may not be clean and this is where you could get sick even though it is incredibly rare. Boil the egg for a minute if you have concerns. Btw, hundreds of people die from dirty vegetables every year and virtually no one dies from eating raw eggs.

  • I have just made the apple cider vinegar one and it is so yummy!! I am definitely making this all the time and keeping some in the fridge. How long do you think it would last? Could I make all 5 up and keep them refrigerated? Love the video ��

  • you’re not adding measurements to go based on its kind of hard to just eye-ball it through a video. It would be really helpful if you could add the measurements!

  • Question: How do you call that dipping sauce sometimes used on bread sticks on a pasta restaurant? The one with a mix of oil & black coloring on it? Or is it already this the one on your video? thanks!

  • I bought a whole bottle of balsamic vinegar thinking that it would be good to use as a dressing. I’ve tried different recipies for a simple balsamic dressing but none of them fit my taste. Please help!

  • Dani,

    These dressing look amazing, excited to try them out. Can I sub walnut oil for EVVO?
    Also, can’t download this pdf. Can you please post on your website.

  • Wiki mentioned the original recipe didn’t include anchovies as Cesar was opposed to the idea, instead he preferred worcestershire sauce. Am I missing something here?

  • Glad I watched this. So now I’d only whisk when I’m doing caesar salad dressing.From now on, I would simply mix and shake the dressing in a jar, which is a whole lot easier to do.

  • I like my salads drowned in dressing. Anything less is bland. The dressing is where most of the flavor comes from and the wonderful oily texture that coats your tongue.

  • i know i am being pedantic, but Thomas…
    spell it, vin-ai-grette. not vinegar-ette. three syllables.
    you are too erudite to mispronounce such a basic term.

  • Am I the only one who gets a little mad whenever people used a huge whisk compared to the bowl? do they not have a smaller one? ;c

  • I love love loved this video! After taking a good look at my store bought dressings I’ve been on a mission to stop purchasing them and just making them myself. We too have salads nightly with every dinner (sometimes lunch too) so I definitely appreciate the variety of dressings you’ve shared��now if I could just find an amazing low carb ranch we’d be totally set����

  • I made the lemon vinaigrette yesterday and it is absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you so much for sending me the entire vinaigrette pdf file it now proudly sits on my fridge held in place by Paddington Bear (in the form of a fridge magnet!). Thank you so much for sharing the recipes. Really appreciated!

  • I tried the quick method and (to my surprise) it was an instant pleaser. I had my doubts about the mix of acidity and Worcestershire sauce and salty cheese but once in the salad the ingredients blend wonderfully.
    Two points of critic: the American habit of using cups instead of grams or centiliters. Could you mention both measure systems?
    The link did not connect to a recipe but to a lot of Martha Stewart links. How can I get the recipe.
    Anyway: congratulations with the tone and way of presentation, clear and pleasing.

  • Awesome, thorough description!
    I keep a version of this in my fridge at all times in a mason jar so I can shake it up: ) It works really well with lemon juice and/or apple cider vinegar too! 

  • I came here just by luck and I’m glad I did. These look amazing! I adore you.:O) I just subed, and cant wait to go through your vids.

  • Many British restaurants are clueless when it comes to making a decent salad.
    Some don’t even offer you a passable dressing and if you dare to ask for one they’ll present you with a sachet, if you’re lucky and can open the damn thing!
    One of the things I love about visiting Spain is the fact that, even in the cheap and cheerful places, there’s usually a bottle of Olive Oil and Vinegar on every table.

  • Young Lady, thanks for the recipes, question: I love green/red tomatoes and cucumbers, which dressing do you recommend for this salad?? I took three recipes from your video.

  • Dude!! This is the best explanation ever of a caesar salad dressing, that’s my favorite salad in the world. The real way and the short cut ingredients way. I just love it. Hugs from Chile ����

  • I would love a salad dressings that is really acidic I usually add to much vinegar to my store bought dressing and I just love the taste just not the un healthy part

  • Hi Dani, Although the link to the recipe is broken I was able to copy and paste the recipes from the description onto a Word document and print them out. Thank you for sharing.

  • That’s EXACTLY how I like mine as well, but I’m a horrible whisker, so I use a mini food processor. If that don’t mix it well, nothing will. I miss those great bloopers.

  • Omg these all look so good. I’ve saved this video and going to write down all the recipes later and will be making them. Thanks for sharing ��

  • used apple cider vinegar and used wholegrain mustard instead as it was the only mustard I had lol. still tasted beautiful! thank you for this recipe.

  • can you make a video on like a full proof way for roast beef?i find it intimidating to put one whole hunk of beef in the oven… internal temperatures, uneven cooking, make sure the meat is not tough do you make it rare or cook until falling off the bone??

  • I want to print the directions for all the dressings and its not there. Can you reactivate the directions to your site. Thank you

  • Thank u so much for the wonderful salad dressing recepie..I made one with acv. It tasted so so yummy…I made chickpea salad and added this dressing..

  • Hi Dani,
    I have learned so much from you! Thank you. I have never made my own dressing, but would like to start so I looked to your channel and found this video. I love it! It’s exactly what I wanted to learn. However, I’m having trouble printing that great sheet you made for us that has all the dressings and ingredients listed. I fill in my email address, but never receive the confirmation email with the pdf to print. Can you help me please? Thank you!

  • Thanks. The tahini dip is just amazing. Used it as salad wrap dressing for a chicken wrap and tasted just like shawarma for a while

  • Hey I’ve tried your 1:1 mixing ratio, it’s great, but the aroma might have a bit of “attacking” for some people. For some people, it is adorable. Thank you

  • If you don’t want to buy a salad spinner put the greens in a small plastic bag with a paper napkin or paper towel in there, knot the top and start a’spinning. Around your head, side to side, whatever. Let the kids do it.

  • You may want to know that some soy sauces contain fermented fish
    If your trying to be a vegetarian,
    And many chinese foods contain oyster sauces in many of their ingredients as a small ingredient, so when you go out to eat in these restaurants, you can be guaranteed to be eating oysters in part.

  • clicked on the link in the description, got the email to subscribe. i successfully subscribed by providing my name and email addy, and confirmed but still no way of getting the PDF. Should i be receiving a separate email for the download? If so, i’m not getting anything after the subscribing.:(

  • hi do know how to make asian salad dressing? and do have other alternative salad dressing? i don’t want dressings with mayo or mustard. hope u could recommend. thank you:)

  • Why not add a little bit of Parisian cheese? (sarcasm) I actually liked that part. But why recommend washing salted anchovies or use oil packed anchovies and then add a bunch of salt? It makes no sense.

  • 0:50 NO!: Emulsify the oil in the mustard first and add the vinegar at the end, otherwise the Vineigrette doesn’t hold. They all keep repeating the same mistake.

  • I made the mistake of watching this after I ate dinner lol��. Want to try all of these! They look so simple and delicious! Also I love how you can use them either with a salad or cook with them—so versatile! ����

  • This is how I make my salad dressing: Pour on some olive oil on the salad, sprinkle some regular vinegar, salt, and then comes the tahini. Pour it lightly over the entire salad and then, your choice of fruit jelly. Put a teaspoon of it on the four corners of the salad (a tablespoon for large salads), mix it all up and then, enjoy!

  • wow! looks so tasty and easy to make salad dressing! i would defenitly try these dressing and post it on my new youtube channel. thanks for the recipes.

  • I miss the Red Wine dressing Kraft used to make in the 1980’s.It was divine!!! All the ones I’ve seen and read about all come with Dijon mustard which I just don’t like anymore.:( The ones you see now on the shelves all have too much oil or too much vinegar.I’ve made it at home and it was ok but something was missing.

  • I was not able to download the PDF. What did I do wrong? It takes me to the web site but then I can’t find the PDF of the salad dressings.

  • I usually do 1:1 ratio as well.. Then people complain that it’s way too tart. And my mother puts sugar in her vinaigrette, which I personally loathe. Why put acidity in when you’re gonna cut it down with something sweet?!

  • Instead of whisking, I often just take an empty jar and shake the heck out of it for a minute. Saves a lot of time and the oil/vinegar doesn’t split as easily.

  • Anchovies were never used in the Original Caesar Salad. I had the salad made for me by Rosa Cardini. Worcestershire sauce was used however.

  • its nice and thick but not that thick.. i like my caesar a little creamier meaning it should stick to the romaine and stand out and thats why some also call it creamy dressing

  • So you use your fingers to toss the salad AFTER you dip two of them into the dressing and liked it off? That’s what the French would do.

  • Watching this video a couple years ago started me making my own dressing with olive oil, vinegar, a little balsamic vinegar, and jam. Adding the jam means my son eats up his salad. Big thanks, Jamie.

  • I love your morality and your health conscious attitude the fact you’ve drawn immense attention to the fact that schools are providing junk for our kids in cafeterias in schools that actually have them; most dont in canada… but im unsubbing as I don’t always know which video is yours and which is your sons and since the comments are turned off it leaves me feeling as though my input doesn’t matter; please excuse I get it you gotta keep your kids safe but this could have been easily done by withholding all comments prior to being allowed to be posted by your safety settings. This also prevents trolling and bullying. I get it and please understand my unsub and my reasons why peace I have been a sub for years now and im sad to go but adieu and you won’t miss me you’ve made it and are living the dream who needs moi… I am the unwashed lol….just a british joke/an olde type of joke for the monarchy…which on another point need to go tired of my taxes going to support a lazy scandalous pansy useless bunch of useless trash…… the gloves the queen wears is to protect her from what we commoners may have….. she used to berate diana for her work with the unwashed/in particular the aids and hiv victims; they should have blown the united states up for having designed the virus; same as the covid 19 it is statistically aimed at the ppl who suck off the system they paid into the elderly; people who are in ill health and black women…. two fold benefits there kill em so they don’t keep reproducing when this is over it will have killed millions in depopulation globally this is why trump isn’t afraid he knows there is a cure other wise he’d be same as our pm; in a basic lockdown from parliament same as the rest of the globe did think about it.. peace love and light…

  • I love your passion for real food. It’s like you’re screaming to people to wake up and stop eating the stuff that poisons us-partake of the goodness of the Earth! People are listening. Keep doing what you do! <3

  • Sometimes I skip the mustard and add orange marmalade or fruit preserves for a flavored vinaigrette. Depending on the salad I’m making. It’s yummy.
    Can you please show how to make clarified butter? Thanks!!

  • Thomas you should stay away from the “Soy” products and incorporate a lot more testosterone producing products like “Red Meat” ��.
    I bet he’s tossed more than one salad from a guy named Cezar.

  • Hi Megan,
    Thank you for the great recipes. I made the Lemony Herb and Hemp dressing. I made it without the date because we cannot eat dried fruit or anything sweet. It was delicious. I will try some of the others without the maple syrup. While we’re on the topic of food, I also make your tapenade on a weekly basis. I make it with red pepper stuffed olives and I add different herbs to switch up a little. The lemon juice adds a nice flavor to the tapenade. I like watching your videos because of your personality. Hearing you also reminds me of the 12 years that we spent living in Toronto.

  • wow!! looks so tasty and easy to make vinaigrettes! i would defenitely try these and post it my youtube channel too. thanks dani for the recipe. you got a new subscriber here.

  • the ingredients

    1 clove of crushed garlic
    a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil
    a quarter cup of red wine vinegar
    half a tea spoon of Dijon mustard
    a pinch of kosher salt
    and “a little cracked black pepper”

  • Made the lemon vinaigrette and balsamic today, they were lovely. I left out the garlic from the balsamic one, not a fan, and put some lemon juice in instead. I’ll be trying the other dressings too. Thanks so much!

  • Bless you Dani. You sure are an angel saver. I love all your dressings, makes life more simpler in the kitchen and at the same time am enjoying salads to the fullest.

  • Thomas, what you have created is Caesar flavored mayo, barely a cousin to real Caesar. Find the book about Caesar Salad by Jon Albert. Or send me a note and I will send you a copy. Bless you.

  • I’m just DYING at this dude saying anyone who doesn’t like anchovies to use Worcestershire sauce!! He can barely keep a straight face XD

  • your salad dressings are a no brainer, they are great and just what a person with my lack of know how truly needs, thank you thank you thank you

  • I made it now and it is delicious! Here’s how I made it:
    I grated 1 clove of garlic, added olive oil, added balsamic vinegar, about a teaspoon and a half of spicy brown mustard, 1 teaspoon of honey, a good pinch of salt, and pepper. It is really delicious!

  • I just think of it as homemade mayo with anchovies and parmesan … I like my egg whished over a double boiler….no it wasn’t from Ceasars in Mexico…omg…It’s from the Ritz and the rich person so and so loved it and it was especially made for him…good grief and Rita Hayworth is now Cuban… no kidding. short cut use mayo…

  • So enjoyed your ideas..great demo! Ty for the egg yolk alternative..I grew up tasting raw hamburger..licking raw eggs in cake mixes, however I’m becoming paranoid in my old age! Can not wait to ck out all of your recipes.

  • Hi Thomas, just incase I dont use the anchovies, how much of the Worcestershire sauce I should put? for: (from srcatch and the everyday used).

  • After seeing those numerous ingredients and the length of the recipe, I think I’ll go and buy a bottle of Caesar salad seasoning…

  • My conundrum is this: How do I know which baked goods need to be refrigerated or not? For example brownies with cream cheese/egg/sugar layer swirled in the center. Thanks. Love all your videos!

  • Hi, I love this video but I get an error when I try to download your dressing guide PDF. would you look into that or provide a working link. Thank you so much.

  • This is kind of a random comment BUT I’m recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism, and what I’ve learned to lean into instead of all that mess is cooking for the family that took me in while I recover. There’s this weird natural high I get from the process and art of cooking as well as the reaction I get from those who eat my food (as long as they enjoy it haha). That being said, having multiple ideas of simple dressings that can really help a meal shine is absolutely amazing to me. Thank you SO much for sharing and giving me more lunch and dinner ideas as well as your ideas on what salads to pair these with. Your recipes are outstanding as are you. ��

  • I tried all except Sesame. I added 1tsp honey in Lemon, and 1/2 tsp honey in Balsamic, then it was fine.. thanks for this helpful vid.

  • This is probably a stupid question, but is making these salad dressings better on a low carb diet then buying bottled stuff like Kraft Is the Olive oil good for weight loss?

  • I’m just looooving your videos! I have so many things to do, but can’t stop watching u:) Such an inspiration, for food, lifestyle and more. I’m so happy I found your channel:) Greetings from Poland!

  • Stick around and I’ll teach you at the end…… skips to end lmao. I drink apple cider vinegar, it’s rough bit it works! Eat healthy and cut your previous calorie intake in half, with no working out I lost 15 pounds in 3 months

  • I plan to have healthy dressings for when my grandparents come but they don’t eat salad that often in a week (maybe twice or so, and it’s three of us). Since these dressings dont last as long as store bought, how much would you suggest I reduce the measurements for these recipes to have a small amount for the week when necessary.

  • I was just thinking earlier that maybe you knew a good sesame ginger dressing and Voilà….you have a video with one in it ��! Thank you! I definitely plan on trying some of the other ones but the first one will definitely be the sesame ginger!

  • These look delicious and I will try the lemony herb and hemp dressing. What nutribullet did you use, the small magic bullet, the 600 which has an extra smaller cup, or a different one. Did the nutribullet blend the dates well? Thank you for the demonstration.

  • What interesting sauce! We have Vinegret salad of the same name in Russia, it is also filled with vinegret sauce, but the sauce is prepared much easier… Vinegar, salt, vegetable oil and everything… I think that from your version vegetables will turn out to be more aromatic, necessarily I drink! Thank you!

  • No garlic in your dressing? I also like to sometimes add fruits to my “green” salad, such as raisins, dried cranberries/currants, even other dried fruits, such as bananas, apricots, apples, etc.

  • They look and sound great. For the dressings made with olive oil, will they separate and solidify after a few days of storage in the fridge or do they remain emulsified?

  • I’ve been using your Kale dressing for years (the one with oil+ACV+ bold mustard). My adult niece loves it too and she learned not to buy processed dressings anymore. I’ll try some of these…

  • You look so beautiful, your eyes sparkle so lovely. You look very healthy and happy. Now Im gonna watch the recipes. Thanks already. Xx

  • He didn’t invent ANY of this. So annoying “His principles…” Give me a friggin break. Typical modernity worship the man not the technique, which has been around for decades.

  • Seem delicious�� definitely I’m trying all of them but the mustard one because I don’t like it. I don’t know if I can find toasted sesame oil here in Italy what can I use instead?

  • I made the creamy hemp dressing from one of your previous videos, and i did find the dill to overpowering! I think i will attempt it next time but with basic ranch herbs to make a yummy vegan ranch:)