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Your Guide to Budget-Friendly Grocery Shopping (Infographic) by Elle Penner, MPH, RD. April 2, 2016. 16 Comments. Contrary to popular belief, eating well doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are plenty of nutritious, budget-friendly foods in the supermarket, but with so many options and prices to compare, finding them can be a bit of a challenge. Your Guide to Budget-Friendly Grocery Shopping (Infographic) | MyFitnessPal Contrary to popular belief, eating well doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of nutritious, budget-friendly foods in the supermarket, but with so many options and prices to compare, finding them can be a bit of a challenge.

Our Grocery Guide shows how to make the most of your money by creating a household food budget, planning menus and shopping wisely. It includes tips for SNAP shoppers, how to use food label information, a healthy grocery list template, and more. Download and print the Grocery Guide in English or Spanish. Cheapest Groceries List to Buy the Cheapest Foods.

This cheapest groceries list is perfect for when you are on a tight budget or when you are broke. With this list of 31 of the cheapest groceries you can buy, you will be able to stretch your grocery budget to help make ends meet and make sure you have food on the table for your family.. When you need to stretch your budget, shopping for the. Hi Ginger! As mentioned under the “Where to Begin When Grocery Shopping on a Budget” section, I don’t buy these items every week.

Rather, I make sure I always have them on hand and if I do run out, I add them to my weekly grocery list. This list is a guide to help you understand what’s a good price for groceries when shopping on a budget. Contrary to popular belief, eating well doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of nutritious, budget-friendly foods in the supermarket, but with so many options and prices to compare, finding them can be a bit of a challenge.

To help you navigate the grocery store while staying within your means, check out th. Grocery shopping is a significant expense for most families and households, but there are ways to make it more affordable. Here are 25 tips to save money on groceries when you’re shopping with a budget: How to Make Wise Grocery Shopping Choices.

Shop on a full stomach. You’ll buy less snacks and/or things you don’t usually buy and only. created this thorough guide that outlines simple life swaps that not only save the planet, but save our wallets too. From shopping to pet care to home maintenance, consult the below visual to see how you can save money each year while going green. Visual by Credit Copy the code below to share it on your pag. means it’s official. Federal government websites always use domain. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure you’re on site by inspecting your browser’s address (or “location”) bar.

Using one of the grocery list template options below is a super-easy way to get a handle on your own grocery bills. I’ve scoured the entered for the best free, printable grocery list templates to help you plan out your shopping list and meal plan every single week, and still eat healthy even when on.

List of related literature:

We do our grocery shopping monthly, but the budget is based on weekly expenditure.

“Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting” by Nicole Avery
from Planning with Kids: A Guide to Organising the Chaos to Make More Time for Parenting
by Nicole Avery
Wiley, 2011

A study on the cost of purchasing a fruit and vegetable market-basket satisfying the 2005 Dietary Guidelines found that prices vary across verylow-income areas by 65% in Los Angeles and 76% in Sacramento, with variations even in the same supermarket chain.

“Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
from Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables
by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
Elsevier Science, 2009

Supermarket sales and coupons can help control grocery costs.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2015

My food shopping lists generally fall into four categories: meats, dairy, produce, and pantry.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

And honestly, after my first grocery-shopping venture with E. this summer, I was scandalized by how much food actually cost.

“Price of a Kiss” by Linda Kage
from Price of a Kiss
by Linda Kage
Linda Kage,

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Bobby, i love these videos
    , but it is time to stay home! I’m looking forward to store videos in the future but i think its starting to make people a bit nervous to see you in the stores still. I hope you guys stay safe and healthy!!

  • I prefer buying in bulk or just stocking up on anything I can. I’ve done this the whole of the 40 years we’ve been married, learned to do it from my Mom.
    Not only can it be cheaper but it gives me peace of mind knowing that if we’re short of money or things are hard to get, like now, I at least know that I have what’s needed to feed my family and pets.

  • Just for fun, I checked the closest drop to our house in Austin, Texas, and it’s at the parking lot where our farmers market is held. Good to know although we are a family of two, the food co-op we belong to as well as Central Market (a more speciality store from our Texas brand HEB store) has most any item in bulk or packaged that we would need. Spices, nuts, grains are so nice to buy by the pound or ounce as it’s cheaper and can be acquired when needed. These two stores also have as much local product as they can find. If we were a bigger family or rural living, it could be an option. Glad it is there for you all. Joy Giles

  • I think the look the customer gives you at 16:21 says what we’re all thinking every time you pick out the most expensive brand to buy in the store LOL

  • Why are you wearing gloves? I am a RN and this is terrible to do. You are touching everything with the gloves. It doesn’t make any sense. People, THE GLOVES OUTSIDE WILL NOT SAVE YOU!!!! Wash your hands as frequently as you can with soap and water for 20 seconds and keep your social distance.

  • 4:45 this isn’t necessarily true as produce stockers are quite lazy. You always must observe the produce before buy. You will often find bad product at the bottom of the stack.

  • when you write college in the YouTube search bar

    I don’t actually care but do college boys not care… ABOUT FUCKEN LIFE (╯ಠ ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • love the channel but this is incredibly irresponsible. You are literally touching so many things and putting it back. Get your food and get out. Do the food haul at home talk about it at home.

  • I buy groceries usually once a week at a conventional grocery store, just for myself and my rabbits. I rarely spend over $70, depending on the week, I might spend way less than that. I find I really end up overspending when I buy non-essentials like snacks, fake meat, premade foods, name brands. Fruit and plant milks also add up. I love my smoothies but god they’re not cheap. And any sort of protein or vitamin supplement multiplies the bill exponentially. I really have to think about what is necessary for my health and what I can go without. So no, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it very easily can be.

  • Here in SouthAfrica it’s better to buy in bulk very expensive to buy weekly,too expensive especially with the virus now.And me and my husband always compare prices.Somettimes you get two items of the same weight that’s cheaper than one big item that weighs the same.People here don’t compare the prices they just get what they want anf put in the trolley not even noticing theycould have saved alot of money by comparing prices.

  • When at places like target, dont buy one watter bottle. Buy a whole pack. Usually 1 bottle is 4 dollars while a whole pack is less. And even if it aint, more water.

  • Ok but if you can’t get your regular organic pasture raised eggs… would you get Organic but not pasture raised or non organic, pasture raised?

  • Sprouted bread: I have no idea of what you are talking about.
    Wild rice. Usually its impossible to find on the store shelves and is 1000% more expensive.
    Pasta made from lentls. Why would it be better than high protine bread flour? Contains vitamin margarine?

    As far as rice actually being an aquatic grass, no it is not. Although rice is grass seed and so are oats, barley, wheat, hops…rice is not aquatic. It’s a grass and including the “wild” varieties, is usually found where it is planted.

    As far as the amount of vitamins available in grain products, don’t waste my time. It’s an emergency we are all in a hurry, Mr Trump has done his best to fuck the economy up beyond all repair…buy fresh vegetables while you can.

  • Bobby, I hope you read this, because I have a sincere request. Could you make a “Bobby Approved” section on your website? My wife and I found your channel and we realized our horrible choices for so many years in what we eat daily. Can you please make this happen?!

  • Are you in Canada? My dad’s name is Becel and he found that butter when he went to Canada. We live in the states and he still has the empty, clean tub on top of the fridge ��

  • OMG! food is SOOOO cheap there. I live in the Caribbean and in my country everything is 7 times the price. for example that almond butter by Barney is $74.00 where i live so going vegan here is 10 times as expensive. for a healthier lifestyle It’s worth it tho. I’m slowly transitioning. I make “market” here where there are lots of fresh vegetables that i can play around with. Thanks for the tip tho!

  • I hear you on the spices! You can almost pay for the bulk for what you pay for the small bottle of it at the grocery store.
    We try to stay away from the stores as much as possible, too. Even before c19.

  • These are healthy, however I recommend shopping at a combination of places to get better deals: Trader Joes is great for produce prices and for dairy-free options, grocery outlet will have some healthier options for way cheaper, costco is okay and then deals at Safeway or QFC. These foods you could get for much cheaper at the locations above.

  • Almost everything in this video costs way too much for a college student We need something of similar price like Ramen and Rice.. but not overpriced rice you shown in video.. I bought 9 servings of rice for $1.49 the other day…

  • I’d like to add that you can chop up and freeze most fruits and vegetables if they’re about to go bad and then use for smoothies and cooking. Never do this with with tofu unless you enjoy chewing on sponges.

  • Please stop touching everything, even with the gloves you are only protecting yourself.Touch only what you plan to buy, else-wise you are potentially spreading contamination to shoppers who have no gloves to shop with.

  • Motion sickness warning. It’s going to be tough to watch the entire video with a shaking camera, half way through and I feel the headaches and nausea coming:x

  • I normally buy the imitation brands for a bunch of items. Just read the ingredients though, you might be surprise what cheap stuff put in their products, so be careful. I buy a few kroger items, like vegetables and fruits, but some stuff aren’t really that great. I also check the prices from every store in my newspaper. Sometimes one store have an item for way less. I avoid walmart a lot of times because certain items are expensive others store have it for way less, like coffee, meat, or cheese. I try buying vegetables and meat on one store and the rest on another store. I end up saving a lot of money cause sometime stores do increase their prices. I get a jar of mayonnaise for 2.99 in one store while another one has the same jar for 4.99. So save your newspaper.

  • Lorraine you are so great at explaining processes, would you consider showing how you make a meal using lentils, rice and turmeric? And maybe the pintos and cumin?

  • I want to order from Azure. But does anyone know if I can have it shipped by ups or something like that. The closes drop for us it 3 hours away one way. 6 hour round trip.

  • Okay for everyone saying this isn’t affordable, yes I get your point but lots of these items last more than one week and you can get the same things but at a cheaper grocery store, sobeys is always so expensive even there sale stuff, and also check if you local store has a student discount day (we get 10% off Tuesday and Thursdays) also lawblaws is now partnered with shoppers optimum point system so then you get points and get money out off it

  • You are giving me anxiety LoL. Stop touching everything! You are touching your camera as you touch everything. Even with gloves you re just spreading germs. And you are in there walking around ttooo long… Stay safe, go home ��

  • Ooooohh you were talking about Azure Standard. I’ve never heard it pronounced “ajure” with the French inflection and was trying to figure out what place you were using.

  • I’ve been without meat going on 7 months now. Gardien is kinda my go to, it’s $5 in New York. But even at 6 bucks it’s still a great value. It’s 4 servings / meals. I look at it like each meal I’m gonna use it for only costs $1.50 which is awesome ��

  • While I was prego I did have to buy some precut cause I was so sick and needed easy but healthy grab options. Mostly fruit. But otherwise I totally cut my own produce.

  • I have stopped watching your channel because of this video. Stop going out. You had a chance to be a good role model and instead you showed your true colors. People are dying in masses and you clearly don’t get it! Unsubscribing.

  • Would love if you could share some of your favorite recipes with the curry and beans �� We’re just getting into bulk foods and looking for simple staple meals to make from out bulk buys.

  • When I was in school I had about $10-15 to spend on groceries each week. I ate a lot of PB&J, scrambled eggs, pasta, soup and ramen. There was no fresh chicken or organic anything. One of my faves was frozen mixed veg, pasta, margarine (I couldn’t afford butter) and dollar store Parmesan cheese. I could eat that every day I still eat it but I eat a vegan version now.

  • If you’re going to consume it within that time anyway, consider taking the produce with the closest use-by date. This is doing your bit to prevent wastage of resources, because shops throw out items past their use-by date including milk, meat and other products animals have given their lives for.

  • I save money every month with a app called ibotta. You get money back on groceries. I love it and seriously use it pretty much every time I grocery shop. Here’s the link if you guys want to use it.

  • all the regular products are all gone because things are getting real, so many people are unemployed, needed to stretch the pennies, not that many could spend the money like they used to. not hard to understand!

  • This grocery store is stacked where I live there’s BARELY anything vegan and there’s no such thing as “no name” or vegan candy or tons of foods labeled 50% off or that little cart that has a discount like thats sooo helpful

  • Unfortunately here in Ozif you by the cheaper label than the product is from overseas! We always have to look at where the product is from to support Aussie companies owned and made. Keeping Aussies in jobs. Other wise you’re buying fron China!!

  • i bulk buy meat when its on sale and has a sticker. got a great deal at target the other day. the tyson chicken was b1g1 25% off AND it had a $1 off coupon on it b/c the sale buy date was close. got so much chicken for less than a $1 a pound

  • Love the info! I was actually getting ready to check out azure standard so your video was just what I needed to hear. Jason you are witty ��❤

  • I have a question tho, isn’t the point of being vegan to support veganism. Like vegan products, vegan companies. So that would mean only buying from dairy free manufacturing plants? But I understand it can never be cost effective that way and there’s bound to be manufacturing plants that do process multiple products and it’s not always listed. I have tried researching all these companies and tried really hard to stick to only vegan products when I was completely vegan and found it so exhausting and stressful to pack all that info into my head. So now I’m mostly vegan with the occasional unaccounted for dairy products that I can’t sort out or is too difficult to sort through. Making me vegetarian.

  • This is the first video of yours that I have watched and I really enjoyed your humor and energy, but I found it very off-putting to hear “I talk about this on the Racheal Ray Show” several times in a single video. It felt very “name droppy” and I thought it detracted from highlighting your own skills.

  • I love you!!! And your Channel I just went vegan I tried years ago and I couldn’t it seemed so hard but your videos I binged watched and it motivated me so much!!! And made it so much easier for me thank you!!!

  • In the UK those sweet potatoes would be about the equivalent of $1.50, those oats would be about $1! The cherry tomatoes and blueberries would be around $2.50 too! It’s soooooo much cheaper to eat fresh here.

  • I have one question: Does the $100 per person food budget work for 2 people? I tried to stick to it and it felt impossible. It seems like it would get easier once you add kids/dependents. Thoughts?

  • I like your vedios but my idea is if i spend minthly 400.00 n an orgsozed pantry u save the next 400.00 every month.
    Im spendimg 400.00 dollars once time. Buying everything frozen fruiys n veggies is better. Some fresh produces like potatoes n lettuce is about all i will buy. U save more mo thly if u have an orgamuzed pantry.
    Buy 100.00 of any choice of merts condimemts frozen fruits n veggies. And you will save hundrdds of dollars… I dont do weekly budget. I do no thly n it works great for me. I save hundreds… I get a govermemt check so its why i rather spemd 100.00 dollars on my meets. Cook n prep for an appt or just becausr im here alone. Yo have a beaifyl home n i loje yoir good ideas.. Kerp yhe good advice..

  • I cant afford to eat this way. Your suggestions are 3-6x more then plain stuff I buy at Dollar Tree or Walmart where I can spend my $30 a week. Unless Publix has a BOGO on organic I cant afford it.
    ❓Why dont you try a $30 or $50 a week shopping haul of healthy choices that would really be helpful to more people imo?

  • I live in Wilmington, NC and we have a restaurant here called Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn and they have a cucumber wasabi salsa that is amazing.

  • just wanted tos ay of course the more expensive items are left people have lost their jobs no income… i noticed no one seems to be staying 6 ft apart there. not enjoying this video at all. Carry on

  • Being super über lazy I find rinsing my rice to be sooo boring. So I make a huge pot of it. Rinse that sucker like crazy. Cook it up. Then I separate it into 1/2 cup servings and freeze it. When I’m ready to eat it I bung that sucker into the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Et voila! Quick delicious rice.
    Same with beans. Soak and cook a huge batch, then freeze those suckers in 1/2 cup servings. Throw them in the microwave for a couple of minutes or so whenever you need a quick meal.

  • Hi friends! We live about 20 minutes from you, so it was awesome finding your channel this Spring and coinciding gardening tips knowing you were having the same weather we were having. Question for your future bulk buys… Are you hoping to start growing and saving your own beans/legumes instead of buying them?

  • I’m lucky we live about a 30 minute drive from Azure so we get drops every 2 weeks! They have great customer service. If something is missing from my order the happily refund it. Last week a box was missing from my order, one of the ladies was coming to the area where I live and delivered it to me!

  • i’m so glad that you explained that may contain thingy! I went vegan a week ago and I’ve been struggling to find bread because all of them say ‘may contain milk and eggs’ thank you so much!!

  • Here’s a tip: Don’t buy bottled water! It’s bad for your budget and bad for the environment. It’s so simple to buy a nice reusable water bottle and refill water bottles at home.

  • Getting food in bulk is good so you don’t have to go back to the food store over and over.
    I do this same thing.
    But i go to a local store called Gordon food service.
    Its good for restaurants, and for personal home supply.
    Sams club is also bulk sells.
    But with Sams Club you have to pay money to join the bulk Sams Club.
    I paid $45 to join Sams Club for a year.
    Gordon you can just walk in like a normal Grocery store.

  • Thank you for your videos.
    I want to start a youtube channel and wanted to ask what type of software do you use to create your graphics/writings? Thank you


  • Getting lots of good groceries from Imperfect Foods! Delivered weekly too my door and don’t have to be around anyone to shop. Battling food waste and eating healthy-er �� check them out!

  • I’m so happy to have found a video of someone shopping in a grocery store that I actually have access to. Thanks for the Superstore love!

  • Great tips but Walmart is the devil. I refuse to shop there because they exploit their workers as much as possible and they lie about their deals. I worked there for three years. Half the crap they advertise as being on sale is always that price, or it’s usually that price, they raise the price for a few weeks, and then they put it back down just to advertise it lol. Not to mention their anti-union campaigning, problems with racism/sexism, crushing smaller businesses in most areas they move into etc. They might be cheap at the point of purchase for the consumer but their effect on the world is devastating. I mean, if you can only afford to shop at Walmart because you are poor, I am not shaming anyone for that, but people who can afford to shop elsewhere should.

    I would never buy fresh food there btw. I’ve bought bread there that ended up being mouldy for example and I check my bread thoroughly before I buy it but this bread just happened to randomly have mold in the middle despite the long expiration date printed on the package. That happened to me three times, after that I stopped buying food at Walmart.

    I wouldn’t buy electronics there either. I worked in electronics there and found out from a coworker that they often make a deal with some companies to have products that look the same as in other stores made with cheaper parts. We got so many returns (or attempted returns, most electronics you could only return within 15 days) of those products. I knew because usually they were the cheaper ones, and typically they had a W at the beginning of a serial number (which a colleague shared with me that he worked in another company once that used to make deals like that with Walmart, that’s how he knew about it). They’re a terrible company, I know they have cheap stuff but if you can afford to go to a more local shop, please do. They have way too much power in the American economy and they fund some really evil things.

  • Just love your videos….. my cooking motto is if it ain’t easy it ain’t for me…. you keep me on this plant based dairy free journey along with sweet simple vegan….. your channels make it alot easier than it was 10 years ago when I tried this and failed miserably…. thank you ��

  • I usually never start in the produce section. Only time is if my list is short. For large hauls though start at the milk and move forwards. Learned this several years ago otherwise no matter how hard I try and keep things separated something from the produce section is gonna get smashed.

  • So much yummy food! Such little time! My boyfriend and I just started a Vegan YouTube channel where we’re documenting our experience of being vegan through cooking, challenges and more! Check it out ����✨

  • Hi guys �� just us 2 Saying thanks again for sharing this video update �� we just picked up our new tall boy freezer now that makes 3 tomorrow off to famers market to stock up �� so happy wife happy life ������������������

  • Thanks for this video, Liv! I also try to prep any fresh veggies that I buy at the very beginning of the week and then freeze what I don’t use. Since I cut it all the first day, it makes prep so easy and I can just throw veggies into whatever I am using! This is also a great idea for in-season produce. If you shop at a farmer’s market a lot you may be able to get extra squash or fruit and freeze it yourself to use throughout the winter!

  • 2:00 you’re looking at the ones they package in the backroom of the grocery store. The ones that are potentially chemically get imported in.

  • What I really wanna know is your skincare and makeup routine? You look amazing. Thank you so much for this video. I love listening to you talk.

  • Love this! WIsh i had a resource like this when I first started! I just started a Youtube channel full of vegan content! Recipes, challenges, reviews, what I eat in a day and more! It would mean a lot if you checked it out! ��

  • I would love to see a video with Lorraine putting her suggestion of rice, split peas and curry powder together in a recipe because it sounds wonderful!:-)

  • Thank you so much:) this is very useful. Tomorrow i have the opportunity to go out to stock up during the quarantine for my fam… ❤ so far ive been eating vegetable soup or stir fry…

  • Rxbars are so good! I love their wholesome ingredients. I discovered some Rxbars for kids the other day-same ingredients, just smaller. I picked those up for a more of a small snack.

  • Price is important if you’re one of the many unemployed. That’s why the ‘good stuff’ was left on shelves. It’s too expensive if you’ve lost your job due to quarantine.

  • I get gallon clear jugs with lids at my Quick trip gas station they come with pickle eggs or hot sausages in them I just ask the guy to hold them for me ��

  • I feel like this is a bit much for 1 week. A lot of these products can be used for a couple of weeks. I get groceries for me and my husband and it’s always way less than this. Maybe this will put the budget a bit into perspective for people who say it’s too expansive. You might get this much once a month and than only buy new fruits and veggies for the other 3 weeks.

  • Pretty disappointed in this video Bobby. You say you’re not going out “just to make the video,” but it seems like you are using “needing” groceries as a (IMHO weak) excuse to go out and film. You mentioned that you were in the store a few days ago, so you shouldn’t be out now. Get enough food for a week (preferably two) at a time and then STAY HOME. Also, please stop touching items that you have no intention of purchasing. I turned off the video at 2:00 minutes, and will not watch any more of your content relating to quarantine shopping. Really hoping you learn from the many comments on this video, and stop going out and filming (even if you are already in the store…get in, and get out!). I am a long time subscriber, but if this keeps up, I am for sure unsubscribing.

  • Yes this is vegan but so much of this isn’t healthy at all. Like margarine is literally cancer in a tub and what’s the point of being vegan if you’re going to eat vegan chicken and vegan burgers like it’s clearly not healthy just cause it’s vegan.

  • Very very helpful! Going vegan, and I am trying to have everything organized so I won’t stress too much trying to figure things out at the last min.
    Also, thanks for the volume warnings ��❤️

  • I like these ideas sometimes I get a little too much and I wasn’t storing the right way.. I enjoy watching your videos. Could you do a house tour?

  • I tried being vegan at 7 years old,In my opinion while that time I thought being vegan is the worst but I feel like being vegan is like “different” like I like the meals better and I feel more energized and “refreshed” from the meals I eat daily. Liv your tips helped so much! Usually at the store,my mom and I would get everything separate you know what I mean? Now I’ve been vegan for two years,so basically I’m now 9 years old in third grade. Only one more month until in fourth grade! But being vegan is pretty hard,you can’t eat some of the food items you loved so much before being vegan but your candy tip helped me because I kinda have a sweet tooth♡ Thank you so much Liv!

    Your Fan,Jessica Diep♡

  • It’s time to stop. We get it. Shelves are empty. Illinois has now broke top 10 with 3500 cases and 47 deaths. You are putting yourself and your family at risk.

  • Great tips thank you were trying to est plaint based foods. I wish you would have shown the labels closer but still great tips. ��

  • Thank you for going to the store for us and showing how to shop for plant based food saved me from feeling aimless when i go your effort is very appreciated��

  • I wish you would stop saying “omg soo yummy I love it”
    Yes we get it after the first 1000 times… vid could be so much shorter at the to point…

  • If it’s summer I shop the farmers market as much as I can and any other time it’s Aldi’s. And I always have my eyes on sales at places like publix and Kroger which are extremely over priced here in the state’s

  • Okay so I’m assuming that you’re one a weekly pay basis to budget that way? We are military, on a two and sometimes three week pay period (those are the worst, like…..��‍♀️������) What do you suggest for that? Still the weekly? I can start trying to switch, I did a spending freeze for a week which was great….then the baby needed a humidifier and chest rub and we needed storage for our rice and such….but I’m super excited for some of those mini spatulas because good grief there’s enough grape jelly left for a whole other sandwich in that dern jar!

  • I really like watching you but I must admit if I saw you in the store next to me recording I would, well, I will be honest, I would say get the eff outta here. Only because of all the anxiety I would be experiencing just having to go out for supplies and you all like, get the ezekial bread. Sorry, Just saying. I do understand that you are making run for supplies but the anxiety is so high for me persoanlly I can imagine it is for the others as well. Now is not the time for this even if I did learn something.

  • Went to Walmart a week ago. No chicken only beef a few expensive steaks, loads of ham. No frozen chickjen. But, this time I have plenty of eggs and milk. The previous week no eggs. Last week a six pack of toilet paper this week no toilet paper or paper towels or anything paper. Last week I had paper cups and paper plates. Plenty of Ezekiel Bread so I grabbed that. Lots of frozen food no rice no flour no sugar. So I went to an Asian market and they had tons of rice 50-lb bags of jasmine rice for 43. 99 so that was a find. They had piles and piles of 50 lb bags of every kind of rice in the world. They also had tons of fruit half of which I had never seen before. Went to the Dollar Tree they had toilet paper a dollar roll the only disinfectant I found was spic and span no other disinfectants but they did have bleach I think it’s coming to a point I may have to just make bleach sprays I will try an order online. Cary, NC

  • One thing to be mindful of with expiration dates is just because its past the sell by date does not mean it’s bad. My grandma ran a non profit where she made food boxes for the less fortunate and you can get by on yogurt up to a week past the expiration date. For sour cream and milk you could use it for about five days past the date as long as you use it for cooking. Then for mayo you can use it six months pass as long as it’s not opened. However once its opened you need to use it within a month.

  • Not everyone has this option! I have tried! I would have to drive 3 hrs. I hope the good options like this will be available here in GA someday!
    A tip on the cheese… If you let it warm all the way up to room temp when thawing it will be less crumbly!

  • Here in the Caribbean we love our curried split peas and rice, we call it ‘dhal and rice’. One of my friends calls it concrete because when they are cooked together and cool off it becomes stiff as concrete.

  • This may sound so weird but when you were talking in the car at the beginning you reminded me of the actress Dakota Johnson, not her particular but the way she portrays Anastasia in fifty shades. I don’t even like the film lol but you just reminded me of her in that moment. I mean it as a compliment by the way, your gorgeous and so well spoken.

  • Canned foods are not good for health due to preservatives, try to avoid on a daily basis especially the people with the hormonal or immune system concerns.

  • Wooow you have so many options �� I live in France and there are a few things but such thing as a vegan PIZZA? Never seen one �� I hope it changes soon cuz I really miss pizza �� ice cream too ��

  • Love this and how you know students love to stay on a budget! We made a parody healthy grocery and cooking haul that hopefully will make you laugh.
    -ELMS Health

  • I buy uht milk. That way I can have it in the cupboard without having to worry about running out and having to find somewhere open in the middle of the night

  • Thanks for this video. I began a month ago an organic diet that includes lot of veggies, gluteen free products and beans. One of my struggles is to shop food because where I live is expensive to have an organic, keto, vegan or gluteen free diet.

  • I am old enough to be your mother. lol. May I say you are such a beautiful young lady.:) You are also very knowledgeable. Good for you! And a warm hello, from a fellow Canadian.

  • As much as I like your other tips, $100 per person a month is outrageous. If I did that I would be spending over $1000 a month. There are just way more you can do to save money.

  • Just a tip. I don’t know if this is applicable to NS but in Ottawa (ON) Walmart and superstore price match to other main grocery store (farm boy, metro, food basics, independent, etc) so you get to get quality food at a budget friendly prices and only go to one store for sales so I use an app (reebee) to look up sale items as I put things in my cart and get them on the other stores sale price!

  • This video is SO helpful!!! Sometimes we can feel quite limited in our local food store but I didn’t notice how many plant based options were available. Also I am learning to budget in the food area which is so difficult for me and I learned some really good tips thanks to you! Tank you so much for sharing, you have no idea how many people you are helping!!:D

  • Bagged produce frequently weighs more than the bag indicates, so you can get a better deal getting the bagged items. Weigh the bags!

  • Yeah, I would never buy $5 chicken (for like 4 drumsticks) or $2.50 apples. I could buy chicken for $2 for a whole pound or apples for $1.79 AT MOST.

  • I am responsible for taking my precautions to safe guard me. You have no way if knowing if some idiot has not handled those food items after peeing and not washing his hands, any day of the week. Bobby is not my keeper. Nor yours.

  • Little too heavy on the grains but over all not a bad haul. I just want to know how many college students have this kind of money? Or do college kids have more disposable income than we did back in the 70s? I had $7/month for non-school expenses. I bought hygeine products, cigs & an occassional snack out of that. $7 in 1970 would buy about $45 in today’s world.

  • I don’t think they will drop it off here in Hawaii. Wish we could find a nice place to purchase goods in bulk. Use to do that when I lived stateside for many years. You do save a lot.

  • Watched so many of your budgeting videos and grocery tips. Last night did groceries and I was soooo happy to see how much we got (just me and hubby) for only $30!! Definitely probably will only need to buy eggs next week ���� I am so happy I found you

  • I shop at a store called smiths grocery store and their app you can make a list according to the store you shop at and it will tell you where that item is located

  • Anyone going vegetarian in coronavirus lockdown? Just me? Okay.

    Edit: Thanks so much, your video has helped me a bunch and I am officially a vegetarian in a meat-eating family! ��

  • Looking for suggestions on where to get good Vegan shoes & clothes etc…
    I found & Willsveganstore, they look good, but I want to know more places…

  • Hey I guess it’s better to buy a water filter or a full can of drinking water from Walmart than to buy loads of water bottles. And also please be conscious while buying plastic packaging food.. Be environmental friendly!! And.. Don’t pick fresh items from the back if you feel you can finish it before best use date.. If everyone starts picking up like that, it leads to lots and lots of food waste!!

  • Our governor gave shelter in place guidelines to limit essential trips to once a week. I did my once a week shop and found most everything back in stock. But I’m definitely seeing the organic/cleaner foods not selling like the cheaper food. Times are tough.

  • Some of the the vegan products you picked up are extremely unhealthy-canola/sunflower/safflower oils (highly inflammatory), candies and non of them were organic.

  • Sometimes I find the more expensive brand is actually healthier, if I look at the nutritional panel on the back, sometimes the cheaper brand has more sugar and preservatives and all the number you don’t wana see on a nutrition panel.

  • If you get the non pre packaged organic fruits and veggies I just go to the u scan and ring them in regular so you get the regular price for organic.

  • Zelcom Flubendazole 500mg anthelmintic single-dose 4 tablets Human Anti Worms Dewormer World Health Organization’s recommendations,

  • Most people don’t realize that if you buy in bulk from local farmers you can save money.
    Since I live in a small village I don’t have a garden but buying from farmers I’m able to can hundreds of jars of food each year.
    I simply go to farm stands, talk to the people who own it, find out how they grow their stuff and get decent deals when I buy bulk.

  • I always check the ounces when I’m grocery shopping. Sometimes companies make their products appear bigger with the containers. I learned all of this stuff in my marketing class lol

  • Buckwheat, quinoa and millet are great and tasty alternatives to rice (and more nutritious than white rice) and they are all gluten free. Pearl barley is also great in salads and soups Humble oat flakes are also ‘gluten free’ (they do have substance that is similar to gluten, but only some and rarely causes reaction). They are cheap and oats are now considered a “superfood”. Just make sure it is as little processed as possible, so flattened oat grains (flakes) are better than steamed ones, usually called ‘quick cook’ instant oatmeal is rubbish but probably still slightly better than cakes in terms of insulin hike. (Oats are claimed to regulate insulin and so reduce hunger in between meals.) I don’t cook oat flakes but eat them like any cerial, only it doesn’t contain added sugar or salt. Sometimes I add dried fruit powder, dry powdered seaweed or fresh fruit. My home country sells flakes of all major grains (rye porridge is the best) and we eat porridge often in the evening, too. We all know how good oat cookies taste, but in England at least, we can also buy oat cakes instead of wheat crackers. I keep a box by my computer when I get a snack attack.
    Tahini (sesame paste) should also be on your list. It’s great as a sauce with spices or drizzled on a pancake. It is a source of calcium.
    Nutritional yeast adds flavour sprinkled on salads

    Corn tastes as good tinned in water as frozen.

    And don’t forget tomato puree, tinned tomatoes and nuttolene! (It’s like paté made from peanuts, salt and water.) Health food shops and increasingly supermarkets sell vegan burgers, sausages, bacon and fish, depending where you live.

  • Which curry powder do you get? I looked and they all on Azure seem to have ingredients like sugar or sunflower oil. Of course, it would be small amounts, but still I rather not buy these. One of them has first ingredient as sugar!

  • I send my son whose in his last year in college. It’s a food challenge in the great north country of NYS. This is SO helpful, he doesn’t know the healthy options may be right under his nose! Keep it coming!!❤️

  • I was wondering if you notice all the plastic covering the food?
    There could possibly be a more environmentally friendly option to all this plastic

  • Yay another Canadian who is doing grocery hauls. I noticed that you went to probably Sobeys with the compliments brand not necessarily the best store to get budget-friendly food I go there to get the sales and go to other stores to get their sales as well. I do find that Sobeys has a lot more healthier convenience type food. All Chicken in Canada has no hormones added. You end up paying more for that brand. You should spend more money if you wanted to get free rage as that’s more expensive. It’s hard to do organic and budget.

  • You should stay home not filming any shopping trip anymore! Show people how important stay at home is as a role model. You are spreading virus via talking and touching!

  • I love the fact that these nutritional goodies were cheaper in your area. I knew this healthy grocery store here in the Philippines named “Healthy Options” but they got really expensive goodies range starts around P500-P600 up which costs approximately 10 USD.

  • Hey, I’m a new vegan! I show a lot of different ways you can eat the things that are enjoyable to you on my channel! Go check it out and start our journey together ��

  • What grocery store do you like to shop at here (in Canada) for produce and stuff?:) What one do you find is personally most affordable?

  • it’s so hard for me to find vegan ice cream and meat at my yeehaw heb and walmart:) my dad doesnt like kroger so he wont take me there

  • you should look into reducing waste and buying more unpackaged food! it’s more healthful to be avoiding bpa in plastic but its also really important to see how we’re affecting the environment with our purchasing choices

  • I JUST discovered Azure Standard and I’ve always used Bread Becker’s for grains and legumes but I love that I can get “normal groceries” bulk, quality, AND skip the grocery store. Ain’t no body got time to go grocery shopping every week with a homestead to run!

    Edit: Do you buy your animal feed from Azure as well or do you use a different source?

  • I dont agree with the canned cream of mushroom soup lol… I cannot buy store brand I legit have triedbut it does taste different! I do buy normal stock name brand

  • Hi, Super Thanks for this Video. Decided to go Vegan Today. 2Marrow I go Shopping With my Much Appreciated Food Stamps. You Totally Helped a Newbie Vegan! Lol Will Subscribe. Peace

  • you really need to watch Super size me 2: Holy Chicken, sounds like you are absolutely being fooled by marketing and wasting lots of money on your chicken from the store….

    When you said “no hormones” I was like no girl you dont know what you are talking about haha

    “Despite what you may hear, no artificial or added hormones are used in the production of any poultry in the United States. Regulations of the Food & Drug Administration prohibit the use of such hormones. No such hormones are used. So any brand of chicken can be labeled “Raised without hormones” or something like that.”

  • that was cute and funny..yeah Lorraine..wait til you get thing is having the life experiences that you all can share

  • I’m a senior in college and I honestly thought that everyone knew all these tips? I guess not everyone has a mama like Mama Jordan ����. My mom has taught us this stuff since we were itty bitty and it has help a LOT on a college budget. I know so many college kids who will literally buy the most expensive option at the grocery store and completely bypass all the deals. Nobody needs adult lunchables��

  • This is why I dont like isms. I believe in a whole food, plant based diet. Vegans think they are doing so well eating all those grains….well for me that doesnt work with a gluten allergy. And the whole “i love lasagna”…well I am actually Italian and could say I love it too but it doesnt love me so…this is why I cant be lazy. Lucky you.

  • I wish Azure had drop off spots in New Jersey. Azure please build a warehouse in the Northeast states. A lot of people live up here. You’d get a lot of business.

  • Can you make a falafel video? I seldom take meat to eat for lunch and I’ve been searching for an easy falafel recipe. Hope to see one ����

  • Thanks Bobby… good luck.. who would have ever imagined just going to the grocery store would be such a health hazard.. I also had to go out today. It made me really sad.. we all are avoiding touching, looking basically no human contact but hoping things will get back to normalcy soon. Please be safe out there.. thanks for keeping us informed ��

  • 4:49 No, be mindful of waste please. We rotate because we don’t want to have to throw excessive amounts of food out. If everyone is getting the food from the back, we throw out TONS literally of food weekly…..this contributes to higher prices which means you’re actually contributing to the high cost and increasing costs….so if you’re making strawberries that evening, the date doesnt matter, and you can use your eyes to check its freshness thats is why they come in containers you can easily inspect yourself…..i appreciate the effort you put into the video however you should consider the reasoning behind some of the things stores do and don’t inform the general public about. There’s a reason for it, and there’s a reason America is leading in food waste while many people in America cant afford to eat. Perspective. You have a really huge audience aka a really huge responsibility to consider all aspects. Thanks for the tips, just wanted to point this out

  • Yap be mindful for other people too and just think they as the one you love! If you still go outside and spread the virus or get the virus so many people and the one you love will get sick, THINK BIG

  • Have you tried buying your spices and rice from a Asian Market. They would probably be much cheaper than the outlets that where you are buying from. Our favorite rice is the Jasmine from Thailand, which we buy all the time. Very good video and thanks for passing this info on to all that are following you guys

  • You all are reminding me of how I grew up many decades ago. I have many great memories of the food we had back then. We ate a lot of home grown produce along with outsourced beans, rice and wheat. My mom was big on wheat. She stored and stone ground red winter wheat for waffles, cereal scones, bread, steamed wheat, etc with lots of home made butter and local honey. She fed 10 of us kids for next to nothing mostly on stone ground whole red winter wheat. That was decades ago. Here in the foothills of NC I’ve had good luck with the Amish general stores getting red winter wheat berries by the 50 pound bag and recently bought a stone wheat grinder.

  • Save money by not buying bottled water if your tap water is safe! Tap water is the same water, but with fewer microplastics than bottled.

  • For those on a budget, consider that in the U.S., with the equivalent of the groceries being $85, that this amount is what you might pay for a couple going to dinner twice, or a single person, around 5-6 times, (including tip) This food should last one person almost a month, it would seem. That would be 70-90 meals. And in Florida, where I live, there is no food tax unless you eat out.

  • I have to read the ingredients information before I place the items in my cart. If it has sugar in it, I put it back on the shelf. I’m allergic to sugar, eggs and dairy. That’s why I became Vegan in the first place. Thanks for sharing your grocery haul.

  • The amount of plastic Americans use bugs me alott. Bulk stores are better n cheaper or local farmers can b an option but not these packaged stuff.

  • Bobby, going with the “if you can afford it” theme: it might be more helpful to your viewers to suggest ranked choice options since your viewers are from all sorts of income brackets

  • I’ve failed at being vegan twice I went vegan cold Turkey some people can do it some people cant and I’ve finally switched from meat eater to vegetarian and slowly transitioning back to vegan


  • Jason, have you thought about adding a small insulated addition to your home for all the freezers, shelves and other items? I am sure that Lorraine would enjoy the additional space throughout the home. Thanks you both for your videos and for sharing your journey.
    Rob Schroeder (Rockford MI)

  • OMG so many of this stuff is crazy expensive is that normal for the US/Canada? I can buy 12 chicken drumsticks where I live for the equivalent of $3.74.

  • Real lazy people cook less. I’m boiling a pot of taters with margarine and lentils with the same. But I’d prefer to need to do less. Time. Anyway, you noticed that most vegan YouTube was too much like work.

  • Hi I’m a trucker. I hual refeer and van so all of your food I know we’re it came from to how it was made. Yep good advice. No bags chop your self. I also cook. Name brands are of higher quality but yes it depends. Cheese great value is made by same brand. Chicken Tyson caned and great value same. Amero and great value same water bottle too. Potato chips too.

  • Point, don’t touch everything! Only touch what you’re buying! You are contributing to contamination spread from one product to another unnecessarily! This is nothing to treat lightly. People are dying.
    Another key point: we are out of work…a budget concerned video would be great!

  • Thank you for the video, the most budget way to eat as student is to find your favorite restaurant nearby and find a part time job there. Hopefully they provide you lunch or dinner, or maybe both.

  • I think this is video is not very realistic for students who are cooking for one. I think if I were to buy so many fruits and vegetables for the week, 2/3 of them would go bad before I have a chance to cook/eat them. I usually buy two or three vegetables and then use them all week long. Also, deals when you have to buy multiple fresh items to get the sale price aren’t super handy because of the same problem: they go bad before you can eat them all. But I guess on the other hand if you are cooking with friends or roommates, then these deals might come in handy.

  • Love the budget ideas just wish NZ had anywhere near the same prices for food. It’s definitely more expensive here and I can get my meals for around $200 a month if I eat vegan but not if I want any dairy or meat. Oh well, still going to do my best.

  • I love making sure that I buy things in glass jars so that I can save them and use them at the bulk bins. I found a local market that has a bulk bin and I am so excited!

  • Some great sources for anyone looking for food-grade buckets, from my experience in food service:

    Subway (or similar chain sandwich places): Large plastic pickle buckets, often emptying them as much as one or more per day if it’s a busy location.
    Bakeries: Large plastic buckets from cheap cake bakeries like mentioned in the video make them fastest, but also any bread or bagel bakery might have similar buckets from things like malt extract, emptied at a slower rate. Those might be sticky inside, but if you’ve got hot water, it’s easy to get off.
    -Sushi restaurants: Most sushi places will have big SQUARE buckets, which are even better for storage because they waste less space, from their pickled ginger. Also square tins of about the same size from Korean chili paste is common at sushi and Korean BBQ restaurants, and they work well for storing root crops in sawdust, or paper bags of dry goods to keep pests away. Stack really well, too.
    Korean BBQ places also usually go through large glass jars from kimchi quickly, and can save you some. These work great for your own ferments!
    -Any Asian restaurant: again, the normal round buckets, but this time with a pour spout, from soy sauce. Some places get it in a bag-in-box or in gallon jugs, but many get it in buckets. Sushi restaurants might have the buckets with a spout from rice vinegar, as well, with the spout.

    Some things which aren’t food grade buckets, but you might want from somewhere:
    -Starbucks and other coffee chains or local shops will often give you the days grounds if you come near close, which can be used as a soil amendment.
    if you want gallon plastic jugs, stop by a Qdoba or Chipotle and ask them to save you some. They go through them super fast for lime juice! They also have paper bags like I’ll mention next, from beans, but don’t go through them as fast as bakeries.
    Bakeries will give you their empty flour bags, which they empty fast. They are always paper, or paper with a removable plastic lining. Great for a short term weed barrier, like putting under woodchips in garden paths.

    In all of these cases, here is what I reccomend doing: Call ahead or go in, during non-peek hours, and ask if they have the item you’re looking for, and if they will save you some. Tell them about how many you’d like, and ask when you should come pick them up. Actually come when you say you will, and when you come pick them up, BUY SOMETHING (if possible) and/or TIP. Because for however long they’ve been collecting these things, the employees have had to remember to set them aside, possible wash or otherwise process the item, devote space to your stockpile, clean around it while it’s in he way, etc. Some places might be able to get you what you want at the end of any business day, and jsut tell you it’s whatever, come by any time at closing. But some places would need to collect things for two weeks to get you like, 30 flour bags or something. If you want these people who get paid like $8 an hour to say yes to the next person who calls and asks them to do this extra work, you thank them and tip! Most would do it to be kind and recycle anyway, but tips help ��

  • Loved these tips!! Weigh your containers of strawberries, blue berries, black berries and raspberries. There are big differences in the weights and you can get 25% more. Also when I buy milk, I buy one extra. Then I use empty juice containers, water bottles, old gator aid bottles, etc and pour the milk in leaving an inch space at the top for expansion when it freezes. Then in the morning when I see that the milk will be running out I pull one of my containers out of the freezer and let it thaw an hour in the sink (it’s frozen it won’t go bad) then put it on the top shelf in the refrigerator to thaw the rest of the way. I’ve never had any taste differences.

  • ALWAYS check the expiration date.. or else your mouth will check it for you

    (learned that the hard way with some Randall’s
    haagen-dazs ice cream..)

  • I spend 240 a month on groceries xD 60 a week is my budget….I am trying to reduce my grocery budget a little though…I feel like I can do much a month do you spend on groceries and how many meals are you able to make on your budget?

  • Bobby, can you do some videos featuring pantry staples: beans, canned tomatoes, etc? I think folks are really craving some feel good recipes during this very stressful time. Comfort food rules the day right now. I don’t think think too many are prioritizing their keto diet right now.

  • Love your channel, and what you guy’s are doing!
    I was wondering if you would share some of your recipes, like the rice, green split peas and curry? Thanks!
    Cheers from New Brunswick, Canada.

  • I have a question about sugar. I understand that it can be processed with bone char making it nonvegan. I get that I should look for organic sugar. But what I have a question about is when I’m buying something packaged, and it lists “sugar” in the ingredients. For example, ketchup, or canned beans that are listed as vegetarian, still have sugar in them. Or salad dressings etc. what kind of sugar can I assume that is? Are those items still vegan? Basically if I see sugar in the ingredient list, is it vegan?

  • I was impressed with your knowledge until you recommended “collagen peptides” as being great for the immune system while stating that you don’t take a multivitamin or Vitamin C. That’s the opposite of what you should be doing, as we have meta-analyses of tens of thousands of patients showing that multivitamins & supplementation of C & D in particular have major immunity benefits. D reduces risk of severe respiratory infections like those associated with nC0V by >50% (see British Medical Journal study of over 10k subjects, published in 2017). Don’t spend big bucks for “collagen peptides” as there’s no data except carefully designed marketing studies. Simply eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein, ensuring a complete profile of amino acids

  • why is everything covered in plastic? especially for students that are on a budget it is way cheaper to buy in bulk or from the farmers market. It is also way better for the environment

  • Buying groceries from Superstore or No Frills is cheaper, and buying dry goods like oatmeal, popcorn and cereal in bulk from Bulk Barn can save you a lot of money as well.

  • I made my husband swap out a product today because two 16 oz containers were cheaper than one 32 oz container today, even though it was only by a penny or two. ��
    Target Circle helps save money even if you arent buying stuff on sale and Walmart has that little free thing where you scan the code and get a free product too. We always get the free item because, why not?


  • Gonna try to go vegan this year. I can’t eat dairy so I already have that working for me. Excited to watch your videos for inspiration!

  • “On this episode of Food Horders…” Love it! Most folks are in awe of all the food we Homesteaders hord!
    We store under beds here as well. We live in a trailer house as well and Storage is limited.

  • Jason you could build a cabinet (not too deep) to mount on the wall above your table to hold the spices or smaller bags of rice, etc.

  • What has your expeiences been like with them? The reviews dont sound too promising and i dont have that flexible of a schedule to be rearranging due to delivery issues. So im weary

  • Was out and about yesterday and didn’t find any shortages of fresh fruits or veggies. Keep in mind much of the produce previously going to restaurants is being diverted to retail grocers now.

  • I am researching a vegan lifestyle and wanted to know, what do you recommend doing with all your non began food? I got a lot of food, because of COVID-19 for the pantry just incase. Should I just keep all of that for a “rainy day apocalypse lol” and try to begin using more vegan friendly recipes? I also have so much meat in the freezer:( Would you recommend starting out having vegan breakfast and then move to all vegan lunches, ect? To get rid of the food as well as slowly transition?

  • Round Up weedkiller is a deadly poison to all living things including humans. Why are you allowing a Round Up advertisement during your show? I like to watch you shop Flav! The “Round Up” add has got to go!

  • Thanks for sharing! I very much like to avoid trips to the grocery store so will be glad to check this out �� I love that you guys store stuff under the bed! I’ve been working on figuring out best method for coming up with a way to store some pantry items under the bed in our motor home….for someday when we finally take a trip with it.

  • Is it vegan to wear makeup? I thought it was made with animal carcasses. Is it okay to use the remains of dead animals? I’m genuinely curious because I’m trying to become vegan and learn more

  • OMG 2 minutes into this video and you’re not only touching products you’re not buying, you’re spreading your germs all over the shelves too!!! WTH are you thinking? Shame on you. Stop talking in the store, that also sprays your germs everywhere. Go home.
    I just unsubscribed. You’re incredibly irresponsible.

  • Are you familiar with Paleovalley bone broth collagen? I’m just wondering how that compares with the collagen peptides you showed in this video.

  • I need to ask because your channel is named “Health Nut” not hating I actually enjoyed this video and it was the first one of yours I’ve seen. You aren’t aware that baby carrots are soaked in like chlorine or bleach in order to preserve their freshness?

  • I use that cereal to make a delicious drink. Take a cup of the cereal, a whole banana, cup of your choice of milk, ice and honey as a sweetener and blend it. Delicious ��

  • We only have 2 grocery stores so I know the layouts well. I always make my grocery list in order of how I move through the departments in the store. Saves so much time on back tracking across the store for items!

  • It wasn’t that Chicago was more stocked. It’s that Lake view is a bigger store, so they were sent bigger loads to replenish faster. The smaller whole foods were limited on what they were sent and what they could order.

  • Look up how to make pasta. You can not make pasta without eggs. Unless it says vegan pasta and the egg was substituted, it has eggs.. and most bread contains dairy as well unless it specifically says vegan bread. Most vegans are vegetarians.. ��

  • One tip that I found helpful is to weigh bagged apples. A five pound bag holds AT LEAST five pounds, which means most are more than five pounds, and some quite a bit more. You get a couple more apples if you weigh the bags and pick the heaviest bag.

  • When you showed those ‘mini’ packages of flour… I’m pretty sure these are actually bigger than a regular package of flour in my country XD

  • back of your trunk is full of plastic bags, time you were using long life bags, you have a lot of viewers and would be good example to them

  • I work in produce and have for years. The produce in the back isn’t ALWAYS the freshest. Sometimes stockers get lazy and don’t rotate things like they should. Always inspect your produce before buying it and WASH it before you eat it.

  • Where I live it’s cheaper to buy the bag instead of buying it unpacked, we also dont have a bulk section and almost never “yellow sticker” items the items that are about to expire get donated to the food bank from almost all supermarkets

  • I dont know how you people are still
    Willing to watch this guy. He’s irresponsiblegoing out to the grocery stores STILL and potentially spreading the virus. In addition, is he completely out of touch with reality? People are losing their jobs and suffering right now, who had
    Money to buy expensive food right now?

  • Trick with keeping the open tofu to last longer, after opening just drain and rinse and store with clean water (preferably filtered)

  • I liked that the food you picked out is simple for students but this had to have cost much more than a normal college student can spend a week. A video with a realistic grocery haul for students would be great!

  • just curious why you keep mentioning “accidentally vegan”. Is there a reason you say that? what is the difference that makes you verbalize the idea of “accidentally vegan”. I’ve been slowly trying to get into a more vegan lifestyle myself. I’m glad you made this video btw. very useful! <3

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