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The good news is that people who are more active are better able to keep their weight stable during the holidays. Try these simple cold-weather strategies: Bundle up and take a brisk walk outside — the cold air will also rejuvenate you. Make a post-meal walk a new family tradition so you can share the benefits and bond with loved ones.

When you’re trying to lose weight, the holiday season — and the tasty treats that come with it — may seem to pose a threat to your weight-loss goals. But there’s a way to navigate the holidays without sacrificing your hard-earned progress. It’s called weight maintenance. Holiday season is upon us and since I work with many people wanting to lose weight, I am often asked for strategies to maintaining present weight or even to continue weight loss during the holidays. No doubt your willpower will be tested during this season.

The holidays are here and in full effect. As the parties start piling up, our healthy eating habits fly right out the window. You can use some of the tips from our previous blog, but here we’re going to give you a few more strategies to maintaining your weight during the holiday season while also enjoying yourself.

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up. Place bowls of fresh fruit around your home and encourage your guests to eat from these fruit bowls. Focus on socializing rather than eating and always plan ahead when you are invited to a party. The best advice is never to go to a party hungry.

Keep your mindset to maintain your current weight rather than losing weight during the holiday season. How to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays Maintain — Don’t Gain — This Holiday Season. December 12, 2013 by Leta Shy. these strategies will help you stick to your goal. Tips For Maintaining Your Weight During The Holidays The holiday season is a known time for weight gain; but does it have to be?

Rachel Zsarnay. Dec 01, 2015. University of Toledo.

13 USDA The holidays are upon us, which means a plethora of delicious food will be at our disposal. I love the holidays, and I think the food that comes with them. The holidays may bring family and friends together, but they also bring decadent treats and a tendency to overindulge. Enjoy your festive feasts without putting on pounds by finding some simple ways to add more exercise into your holiday routine. Try some of these easy tips for adding more activity into your.

But it is possible to keep the holiday food fests from ruining your weight loss plans. One of the best ways to start, experts say, is by discovering what your personal holiday overeating cues. But one of the most effective ways to maintain or lose body weight is to engage in regular, sustained aerobic activity. To burn off those extra calories, kick up your exercise.

If you exercise for.

List of related literature:

4: Keep up your exercise and fitness program during the holidays.

“Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two” by Linda Page
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In my family, the first major holiday after starting on the ketogenic diet was by far the most daunting for us.

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Those dieters who had lost more than 3 kg (61/2 lb) by pre-dieting during the six months prior to Christmas gained less weight (from 175 g/6 oz to 2.15 kg/ 4% lb) between Christmas and Epiphany (a religious festival celebrated on January 6) than those who didn’t pre-diet.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
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It works like this: use the Accelerate or Activate Cycles to start trimming off a few pounds of fat before the holidays get in full swing.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
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If you have time to plan ahead before the change in routine, think about what you can eat and how to avoid the fattening foods that will affect your weight loss (like Aunt Mary’s butter cookies or Uncle Harry’s barbecued spareribs).

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
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Accordingly, these participants also planned to eat healthier prior to the New Year, intended to avoid unhealthy food during the holidays, and felt guiltier when imagining holiday overeating.

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One thing I do allow, since I’m not practicing this diet for any sort of critical medical condition, is to periodically take a break around the holidays.

“Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy” by Dr. Joseph Mercola
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Here are some tips to help you survive holidays: Don’t ever try to diet during the holidays.

“The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook: An Integrated Approach to Overcoming Disordered Eating” by Carolyn Coker Ross
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I knew that if I could keep up the pound a week weight loss, my weight would be near a normal BMI by the holidays.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
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And while it is reasonable to plan in advance to eat a little extra, you will certainly gain weight if you go to a lot of parties during the holidays and indulge at each one.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
from The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good
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  • Me Cooking? OK, this is how it would go…

    “Yeah grandma, this is proteinshakemarinated egg chicken beef steak with my special sauce “i’m fucked up” PWO with a hint of Creatine, just for the flavour… ahh don’t complain about not being able to chew, grandma.. we’ll just put it in the blender i’ve done that aswell from time to time. Oh, i almost forgot! here comes the veggies!:D ”

    Yeah, i’ll just have to learn how to not overeat, stay relatively active and avoid the worst foods this holiday

  • Or, just enjoy the Christmas and New Year period, stop worrying about what you’re eating for that week or so and get right back to your usual eating habits and fitness goals on January 2nd.

  • Plus, cooking the food actually saturates your sense of smell with the food’s aroma, which “cheats” your brain to thinking that you had already eaten your dish and you can’t take too much of it.

  • It is sooo easy to put on weight, it’s crazy! I stopped riding my bike to college for just 1 year & in that time I gained 21 pounds! �� Couldn’t believe it, I’m now getting a treadmill for after Christmas ��

  • man. Too much of everything is not good, that also goes with protein. Better to do some protein low days (25 g) to promote autophagy and that contributes to a better health.

  • Hello PictureFit, im loving your videos because you give very good information quick and easy. However, I’m going to the gym at around 8pm and everyone suggests going in the morning, is this real? does it affect gains?

  • only holiday i celebrait is chrismas and then only 3 days of free eating. dont even bother to count its only 3 days and the damage aint big because you still have 362days left till next chrismas

  • I’m a personal trainer and I teach my clients that “Christmas calories don’t count” because at this time of year it’s more important to share the love and have fun with friends.
    We can always get back on track in the New Year. Great video

  • +Picturefit I have a video request and sugestion. If you would like, could you make a video about the factors that influence muscle strength other than type 2 muscle fibers an muscle volume?

    As I commented on one of your older videos i watched:

    This is misleading. There are diffrent types of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates. It is true that if you eat less calories you will lose some weight, but the body needs fuel and only eating 500 calories a day is not healthy. Furthermore, the body adapts to the calorie intake, so if you eat less calories, the body will burn less calories. One of the more healthy and sustainable weight loss methoods is per example reducing the carbohydrate inntake, like sugar and white bred.
    Whats more intresting is the fact that fats contain twice the amount of energy when compared to carbs and protein, so if you eat fat, the fat will help burn more fat.
    So if you reduce the inntake of carbs (carbs which you really dont need) and increase the amount of healty fats, youll lose weight and have a substansielle inntake of calories.

  • Could you do a video over the different types of fats? I’ve heard how bad trans fats are and how other types of fats (like the ones in nuts) are very good for you. I would like to know more.

  • HEY, really great videos op, i love that you post the sources of what you talk about in the video, could you make a video on target muscle shaping eg: a guy comes up to me and asks me what exercise to do to get the inner chest cuts, some people believe there are different exercises specifically for shaping muscles.

  • Losing weight for me was a dream. So I followed the weight loss expert instructions, you can see the method here: weightlossin3weeks. com (Google it)
    I managed to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks, I am so happy

  • Funny how all comments are apparently body builders. What makes people gain fat during holiday is because they feast 3x a day and have enough left overs to feast on throughout the week. 15k cal x 5

  • Hello picture fit. I love this channel. I’m a bodybuilder in progress and I would like it if you could do a video on fat burners for me please. But thanks anyways for everything you do. Keep ate it.

  • Hey I think you should make a video on the age old question. Does lifting stun your growth? I think its an interesting topic and it would help out a lot of young athletes.

  • I soooo needed this, thank you really appreciate it!….. I love your nails, what nail polish color are you using, if you don’t mind sharing that! Thanks again and happy holidays ��

  • 5000 more calories over the entire holidays? LOL! It’s not hard to eat 5000 calories in a single day, especially when you’re eating turkey, gravy, stuffing, buns, mashed potatoes etc!

  • Guys if you’ve ever heard of Cinderella Solutions you should definitely try it because my mom was able to lose weight really easily it was crazy! It’s apparently one of the most popular routines in the country at the moment as well. Here’s a link if you’re curious haha!:)

  • Hey, i’m starting to workout but i’m not sure about what kind of trainings i should be doing. What is the difference between endurance training and strength training? Which build muscle? Tone muscle? Burn fats more? Help me please before i keep on doing the wrong exercise:(

  • Wow, these videos are a great explanation and representation of overall gains, but I would like to see a video as to how to exercise, like what types of exercise to do, how to change it and what kinds of exercise make up for strength and what make up for speed and flexibility! Or how to have both for a particular sport! Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

  • This is why I eat my whole-food vegan diet all year. So that come Thanksgiving, I can eat whatever in whatever quantity I desire and I might gain 2 or 3 pounds. December is, in my household, traditionally a month of extra-long walks, to combat weight gain and seasonal affective disorder. I aim for 4 to 8 miles a day in December. By the time January comes along, I actually need to gain weight!

  • Love Is Greater Than A Muffintop.

    That’s a Picture Fit T-shirt people will love. What should the pic be? The Pic Fit guy hugging a muffin that’s sitting on his stomach maybe?

  • No. If you’re on a diet or new health lifestyle you most certainly CANNOT offer to cook. Your taste buds may not be able to taste the difference but myself and the guest will lol.

  • i’m very impressed… this is helpful, professional,and very interesting.
    so, I wana share this vedio for Korean I’m here now.
    I wanna download these vedio, and add subtitles, then upload to the YouTube.
    would i have to do with this?? there is any problem in copyright??

  • Simple, stay away of your pregnant wife or you’ll be ended eating all what she desire to to eat. aghhh����
    Unfortunately you cannot say no to her else she will be upset and this is bad for the baby ��

  • i usually dont do too much extra cardio (just 1-2 runs a week to keep my endurance in check while i try to ramp up my lifts) but during the holidays i let myself enjoy it while adding in either an extra run a week or a HIIT day.

  • I have been using the tea for about 2 weeks now. The weight loss green store tea is very helpful and always available for questions or advice. While there has not been a huge or immediate change in weight loss, I have noticed enough change to make me want to stick with it. Definitely worth the try!!

  • I’m a vegetarian and usually make nut steaks for christmas, which aren’t that bad at all, except for the butter dough I put around it. There’s still all the cake and stuff though… Oh well, I’ll just go for a bunch of walks, and I’ll bring my bf and/or mother along. Exercise AND quality time spent with loved ones achieved!

  • It isn’t possible to gain 5 pounds over the course of one day. 85% of that weight is water weight. On a day off, drink two liters of water and just give yourself 4 hours to piss it all out. Problem solved.

  • I go on vacation next month for 7 days.. I don’t mind if I don’t lose. I just wanna maintain the weight I leave my house at lol. I’m so close to my goal and plan and working toward being it.

  • Hey, idea for new video: what can we actually do to prevent injury? Since there have been insufficient evidence to support that warms ups, warmdowns and static stretching supposedly do reduce risk injury, what can we do to avoid it? Mastering correct form? etc.

  • I lost like 15 pounds when I went to turkey, the only food there which I liked was the fruit and pasta which they only did on Wednesday

  • Fresh foods or processed foods has nothing to do with “weight” gain. Normal people that don’t understand nutrition say the most ignorant stuff I’ve ever heard. SMH

  • The holidays should be about enjoying the people’s company, i.e. talking to them. Food is supposed to be fuel and only that, not something to be enjoyed. Socializing should never be used as an excuse. Other people don’t give a shit what or whether you’re eating when you’re around them. People need to find better things to do with other people than eat.

  • For some reason youtube unsubed me from you:/ i’ve heard this happens to channels from time to time, keep an eye on your sub count, incase you’ve lost a few subs.. anyway glad I’m re-subbed keep up the awesome content.

  • Forget NOT gaining weight while I’m ON VACATION, I need to lose weight BEFORE my vacation LOL I’m actually a hot mess before my vacation and did a video about it ��

  • My favorite strategy is to eat as I normally would on holidays, that is to say, well above maintenance. But after the holidays are over, I’ll just go on a mini-cut for a week or two, to shed the fat gain accrued. It really isn’t so bad. Even if you eat an extra 10.500 calories over the holidays, that’s only 3 lbs of fat. 3 weeks of moderate cutting will balance that out.

  • 1. Eat your proteins first then move on to carbs etc.
    2. Offer to cook so you can control your dish and ingredients
    3. Plan ahead e.g. you can do -200kcal each day leading up to xmas

  • I’m sorry to say that, It might sound hateful but anywhere outside of the US you go, even if you eat everything in sight, you will lose weight because there is simply no other country that put as much sugar in everything or serve huge portions like the US ������

  • Well…I would want to enjoy it not worry about walking or drinking water etc if you gain weight you could come home and lose it again right?

  • I don’t have any of those problems but good video none the less. All my meals I precalculated and preplanned, it’s far easier then most claim it not to be with a specific regimen and if you eat clean consistantly your tongue is desensitized to most junk foods so you don’t desire any.

  • Fair play to everyone who just lets go over the holidays and enjoys themselves. I enjoy Xmas too of course. But I’m to devoted to myself to trash my diet, so I have my 3 Xmas dinners, (my side of the family and my partner’s as well as our own) I have a bit more food than I would but nothing crazy, I don’t log these 3 days like I do the rest of the year as I prepare all my own food minus eating out once a week where I just leave 1000 calories spare and eat sensibly. And I have a small breakfast and 1 snack. I don’t drink so that’s easy to not worry about, and I don’t have desert, ever. So boom. Just 1 meal 3 times a year to deal with.




  • Loved your message at the end of this.. Sometimes your so preoccupied with trying to stick to your regime that you dont have as much fun with friends and family.

  • I sooo needed to hear this! I’ve been so off track the past days which made me feel so bad which then threw me off even more but now with your tipps I feel well prepared for the rest of the holiday time.

  • Great tips, thank you. Do u know any good protein powder shakes that is good with very little carbs and very little sugar? Love your sweater ☺

  • ❣You’re amazing! I actually challenged myself to lose a few pounds from October thru December! So far I’m down 14lbs! Whoa!!!! Everyone said I couldn’t do it! 39lbs to go by the end of summer or sooner! I do allow myself to eat a holiday treat or meal IF I TRULY want it. I ALWAYS bring a veggie side to gatherings because there’s usually a healthy protein option available but never a tasty and healthy veggie option. ������‍♀️ I appreciate this video because I learned a few more great tips to include in the coming weeks! THANK YOU!�� That precious Ruby!����‍♀️⭐

  • I thought fat satiates you the most because they are hydrophobic in nature and this sit on your stomach longer before digestion and are more calories per gram.

  • Recommendations:
    1.) vegan protein powder (pea protein) vs whey protein and casein
    2.) best breakfast for maximum gains, mindset, and overall daily performance
    3.) effects of caffeine on sleep and a thorough analysis of what happens in sleep and how benefits might be maximized

  • if u dont wanna gain just stay under 2000 calories wich is pretty easy. it doesnt matter if u eat healthy, or eat junk food. just stay under 2000

  • Guys, its okay to let yourself eat as much as you want as long as you know you are capable of losing the weight after (which is not hard(

  • I always fast all day during certain holidays or birthdays and enjoy my feasts without eating too many excess calories at the end of the day. It’s like taking my IF diet to a more intense level. Feels great.

  • Continue to get atleast 30 minutes of exercise each day.
    Drink your water, eat your veggies.
    Avoid too much sugar and alcohol.
    Oh shit, I should pretend Im important and make a youpoop video

  • Awesome video as always! Could you make one about the importance of driking water? There’s a lot of information about how much one should have and other points.

  • Do back exercises straighten, lengthen, strengthen your back? I’d like a video of this as i’m doing exercises in the school weight room.

  • I planned ahead for Thanksgiving, I workout hard the day before, during and the day after and didn’t gain any weight! And trust me, I ate like a pig!!!!

  • Let’s be real for the holidays enjoy time with family. Go ahead let loose holiday weight gain is like the freshman 15 for the holidays. Enjoy this time of the year. Side note ladies want to get thick let go during the holidays enjoy food and time with family&friends just do you.

  • Hi PictureFit, great video. Question! If bulking or trying to add weight, do you think it would be a great time to “prepare” oneself days before the festive yummy-ness;)
    I estimate that it could be more then 5000 calories in just 2 days, and I’m thinking that the beginning of December, one should add roughly 350 calories per day for 5 days, then the next 5 days add 250 more for 600 calories for the next 5 days, then the next 5 days later another 250 xtra calories for 850 extra, that way when DEC 24 or DEC 25 (or both), I’m assuming the body would be ready… however… I was told by many people, that with fast metabolism will not do any good… is that truth? is there a science on this? Thanks.

  • Or you could you know, just force yourself to take half a scoop of potatoes, a scoop of corn, and 1 piece of meat for dinner with a carrot lunch and single egg breakfast and a two cookie dessert. Idk that’s how I do my life

  • I’m a weight loss coach. It’s easier to start a bad habit then it is to break a bad habit. Find new ways to celebrate the holidays would be my answer, especially if you know that you lack self control. Know yourself and act accordingly.

  • We know protein is important, but does the ratios of fat vs carbs really matter? I have done keto and done the typical higher carb diet and don’t see a difference in energy. But do notice I am more alert and mentally clear on a ketogenic diet.

  • I have an annual tradition for myself to complete a roughly 1000 calories burned workout the morning/day of a “holiday cheat day”. Also a month or two before a holiday date I have a set goal to lose a specific amount of weight. That way when the holidays are over I will have gained back the weight I lost.

  • Great tips on not gaining weight on vacation. Shows you can enjoy yourself but also not go crazy. Fresh real food, not processed, is the way to go! Thanks!

  • How to avoid gaining weight during the holiday:
    Dont eat so much you fat fuck.

    When eating high calorie foods, its all about portion control. Dont be a glutton.

  • It feels pretty great to be at a stage of development below 20% bodyfat where I don’t have to care about my weight anymore. I mean sure, I could lose some, but I also feel like I need some fuel for the lifting too.
    Also, one christmas dinner isn’t going to ruin it for me, if I eat lean for at least the entire month.