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Swap toast for taters! Go gluten-free with roasted slices of sweet potato you can make ahead and reheat in the toaster oven. These toasts are nutrient-dense and you can make them even healthier with one of our sweet. How to make Sweet Potato Toast: Step 1: Slice sweet potato into toast like pieces (about 1/4 inch thick) and add to toaster.

Step 2: Toast TWICE! It took mine 2 rounds on high (could take 3-4 though!) in the toaster to cook through and result in this slightly browned “toast”. Here is the Cuisinart Toaster. Top the sweet potato toast with the sauteed greens, 1/4 of a sliced avocado, bacon and egg.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. In a 350°F (177°C) oven, toast 1/4. Place sweet potato slices into toaster on high.

Toast 2-3 times or until sweet potato slices are tender and cooked through. Top with desired toppings. Store uncooked sweet potato slices.

To assemble your Sweet Potato Toast, place desired number of sweet potato slices in toaster oven. Toast until edges are crispy. For Avocado Sweet Potato Toast, scoop out ½ of an avocado into a bowl, add lime juice, and mash. Spread mashed avocado onto the toasted sweet potato toast. Wash your sweet potatoes and cut them into 5 mm wide slices.

Place the sweet potato slices onto a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet, drizzle with a little. Instructions Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Spray a baking pan with cooking spray or line with parchment paper. Wash off the sweet potatoes with water and give them a good scrub with hands or a scrubber to remove any dirt.

Slice off Place the sweet potato slices. To toast the sweet potato slices in a toaster, you need to toast them a few times until they are cooked through. Toast three to five times on a medium setting, or until the sweet potato is cooked through. Or, you can bake them in the oven and then reheat in the toaster.

Okay, from the point on, no more ‘I’ statements. This is all about you now and how YOU can make Oven Baked SPT Toast 4 Ways too. Oven Baked Sweet Potato Toast 4 Ways! @whole30 #realfood #SPTweek Click To Tweet. Slice your sweet potato. Until now, there was only one way to whip up this nutritiously sweet meal hack: peeling, slicing, cooking, and finally toasting sweet potato slices.

Well the days of that tedious process are officially ‘toast’. We do all that work for you so that all you need to do is toast.

List of related literature:

For soft, flavorful sweet potatoes that held their shape, we steamed the slices over apple cider until almost tender, then reduced the cider and tossed the sweets with the concentrated liquid.

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The sweet potato should be boiled, and then buttered and browned in an oven, or fried.

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The sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is an edible tuberous root belonging to family Convolvulaceae.

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El cocinero puertorriqueño contains sixteen recipes involving the use of sweet potatoes, whether as an ingredient (in soups and stews), side dish (in this case it could be fried, baked, or boiled in salt water), individual sweetmeat, or complement to other sweets and preserves.

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Read about sweet potatoes in the Glossary.

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The sweet potato is also versatile.

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The most celebrated Southern sweet potato dish was sweet potatoes roasted with opossum.

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WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: Mashed sweet potatoes are often overdressed as a marshmallow-topped casserole at Thanksgiving.

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The sweet potato is versatile.

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  • I have never laughed so much at Ben’s confusion at what to do with the cucumber. Had to replay it twice and then show my partner why I was laughing so much.

  • I toasted sweet potato slices, and used peanut butter, maple syrup, prunes and raspberies and turned out to be actually really delicious. And I made a video on it, if you guys wanna watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLvrGxHv708&t=11s

  • Ew. WHY does everyone adore avocados but me? They HATE me, and I return the favor.

    I still don’t get the no-egg thing for vegans. Chickens lay them regardless-if you source them appropriately, you’re just picking up what they leave behind…..no exploitation there…and if no rooster, no potential chick loss either.

    (And don’t forget to do sweet potato toast with normal ingredients, please?)

  • The point about leather shoes and such is actually a very good point. How can you claim to be against using animal products and then wear clothes made from said products. Quite hypocritical

  • Had the MOST AMAZING breakfast this morning thanks to this recipe!!!!! I sliced pretty thin, popped in our toaster, and topped with sunflower butter and banana YUM!:). Thanks for the chopping tips too (I have almost lost a digit to a sweet potato chopping incident before, lol 😉 I’ll use the wet cloth tip forever now!!!!!! Many thanks!!!!

  • What kind of psycho uses a spoon to take the pit out of an avocado?
    Take your knife chop and twist it comes out clean…. bunch of savages

  • Gotta say lads Im having a love hate relationship with your channel, I LOVE watching it, but I hate the fact that they are so good I binge watch and get crazy hungry, really great content and beautiful food, personalities, and genuine friendship!

  • Instead of putting them in the toaster for 30minutes slice up the whole sweet potato and bake it then you can put it in a glass container and leave it in the fridge for up to a week. Whenever you want a slice you then toast it just the once as its already been cooked.

  • Okay…when you posted this on FB I had my doubts (why do I ever doubt your food genius??) Totally gotta try this now. Seriously adore you!!!

  • We ask stupid questions to Vegans, because that the only thing they understand, since they have a lack of protein and thus their brains are jelly in lukewarm water…

  • I’d love an episode where you compare cakebatter with eggs/dairy vs cakebatter without animal products! How does it differ from eachother and what would you use to replace the eggs and dairy?

  • If you are a strict vegan avocado isn’t always vegan due to the way the unnaturally transport bees in trucks between the avocado farms to pollinate the plants

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ive been wanting to experiment with this soo bad lately, thank you for the inspiration! <3 your channel gives me a lot of inspo to be honest. i love your ideas <3

  • I have a deliciaus and heathy pancake recipe for you:
    1 cup of oat flour.
    2 bananas.
    Blend everything nice and smooth in the blender of food processor.
    And can you please show us how to make a low carb healhy lemon merenque pie?
    By the way i subbed.

  • then I guess Jamie hasn’t seen any anime, because there has been many portrayed parts of the female characters having a leek or spring onion in this case as a chosen weapon, I guess, and it having it’s whole meme fad also. lol

  • OMG! I usually watch this in the break room at work, I’m so glad I didn’t this time. I was laughing so hard I was crying! I freaking love you guys! ��❤️��

  • a dutch and easy way to make a pickled cucumber is, 1 table spoon salt, 2 table spoons sugar and 3 table spoons of vinegar. tastes really nice with some finely chopped chilli.

  • gluten free is pointless unless u have celiacs, why is everyone crazy about bunching it with vegan stuff and making things gluten free for pretentious reasons or just so they can say it is?

  • I’m unapologetically binge watching every single episode of Sorted Food I might have missed since taking a break from internet because life. I regret nothing. How did I survive this long though?

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    I was wearing my headphones when the shot came in and i choked on my own laughter
    Anyone feel that?

  • i need the third toast in my life…but personally because my sweet tooth knows no bounds i’d cook the sweet potato slices in brown sugar and butter and THEN top them with nutella and banana and peanut butter and HONEY ROASTED PEANUTS. kill me now.

  • I dont think of it as a stupid thing to say to a vegan if i just say “steak and bacon”. How do you eat plants everysingle day and for every single meal?! How does that work

  • I had a good friend, Louise. She never judged me for eating animal protein and I never judged her for not. I may of asked for guidance when her children came round and I needed to know what I could and could not give them to eat. But I can’t recall ever asking any of those kind of questions. I wish I had known more so that I could have served more than just beans in baked potatoes and caragahenan jelly with fruit.

  • The point about shoes, wallets etc is actually a good one. How can some say they won’t eat meat for ethical reason but then have leather shoes or other clothing that is made from animal products. It’s really not a stupid thing to question someone when what you are asking is valid.

  • Still have not mastered this…it always feel like I am eating raw crunchy sweet potatoes (with charred spots). Ideally I would love to get to a place where it is cooked AND it stays in that shape without falling apart…where I can then top it with yumminess! I still feel it needs to be baked first, but I cannot figure out how long to do that before it gets to the cooked, but not yet fluffy baked point!

  • I’ve been using your recipes since i first went vegan at the beginning of this year, and im soooo happy you started making videos! Ur so fun and obv super pretty:-) pls upload more! We love u!

  • These seem weird but I don’t generally do much with sweet potatoes in general but love eating them so it’s nice to see something outside of baked, mashed, fries, or in a pie.

  • OmGosh yess I’m so late with the trend but I love sweet potatoes!! but!! I don’t have a toaster still making that nutella and soy mushroom seeet potato toast. you boys are amazing <3

  • Question I absolutely love sweet potatoes but I thought on the keto diet you cannot have sweet potatoes because of the high carb content so curious how this would break down to be a Keto approved breakfast? Cuz I definitely want to make some it looks so delicious but I’m afraid because of the carb amount sweet potatoes have.

  • I don’t have a toaster so I cheated and nuked it for about 4 minutes, (sliced easy too!) and popped it into the toaster oven for a few. Cool idea, thanks!

  • I just found you and now I’m binge watching all your videos. You’re such a positive and funny person. I hope you keep uploading videos.

  • I made this except used a toaster oven.
    Then smeared with real butter, piled on sliced, smoked beef, drizzled on melted cheese, then wrapped it all in bacon. Served on top of sliced, fajita-style chicken.

  • Just love it when Jamie says that he is going to do a better job than Barry and then immediately fucks up. It makes me smile everytime I watch this

  • These are all great recipes, I also love eating this with jalepeno slices and some feta cheese, the flavors kinda balance each other out with the sweet, spicy and salty.

  • I realize this is an old video, but as a Californian, it is killing me to watch Ben take the avo pit out with a spoon �� Please tell me he’s learned the proper way now!

  • I like your energy, totally positive. I thank you for the video and your lovely LONG hair! Hope you have more suggestions for toppings

  • don’t have a toaster, therefore instead, am wondering how long to dry on both sides under 118 degrees in a dehydrator/food dryer/evaporator, for this delicious sweet potato toast base, please?

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  • I sliced my sweet potato pretty thin, put it through 3 times…it did not cook through, and a little edge almost caught on fire. It doesn’t work. I did mine less than a quarter of an inch.


  • Omggg that looks amazing! Definitely going to try the sweet ones, I’ve never ate sweet potato in a sweet way before, my son might love it too this way:-)