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Xanthan gum is incredibly popular, and widely used, food additive typically used for its ability to thicken or stabilize packaged goods. Specifically, xanthan gum is a complex exopolysaccharide, a polymer composed of sugar residues that are secreted by Xanthomonas campestris (a type of bacteria) into its surrounding environment. Xanthan gum is a popular food additive that’s commonly added to foods as a thickener or stabilizer. It’s created when sugar is fermented by a type of bacteria called Xanthomonas campestris.

Xanthan gum is a popular food additive that’s commonly added as a thickener or stabilizer. Many dressings, sauces, and non-dairy milk alternatives, for example, rely on these properties to prevent separation and increase the thickness of the product. XANTHAN GUM Prepared at the 53rd JECFA (1999) and published in FNP Add 7 (1999), superseding specifications prepared at the 51st JECFA (1998), published in FNP 52 Add 6 (1998). ADI “not specified”, established at the 30th JECFA in 1986. SYNONYMS INS No.

415 DEFINITION A high molecular weight polysaccharide gum produced by a pure-culture. Xanthan gum is a sugar-like compound made by mixing aged (fermented) sugars with a certain kind of bacteria. It is used to make medicine. Xanthan gum is used for lowering blood sugar and total.

Xanthan Gum: Food Sources: Alternative milk beverages like coconut and almond milk, sauce, and salad dressings. Intended Purpose: Emulsifying agent and product thickener. Safety Concern: Xanthan gum is a by-product of a fermentation process of bacteria. These.

In the food supplements consumers only exposure scenario, mean exposure to xanthan gum (E 415) from its use as a food additive ranged for children from 5.6 to 29 mg/kg bw per day and from 6.5 to 10 mg/kg bw per day for adults. Xanthan gum is widely used in foods made with gluten-free flours, where it acts as a gluten substitute of sorts by binding the food together. Like most gums, xanthan’s power comes from its ability to increase viscosity and other properties of foods in minute amounts.

In most foods, the amount of xanthan gum used would be.5% or less. Xanthan gum is a substance used in making some foods and medications. It has different effects in these products: It can add thickness, keep textures from changing, and hold ingredients in place. The food additive xanthan gum may be safely used in food in accordance with the following prescribed conditions: (a) The additive is a polysaccharide gum derived from Xanthomonas campestris by a pure-culture fermentation process and purified by recovery with isopropyl alcohol.

It contains D-glucose, D-mannose, and D-glucuronic acid as the dominant hexose units and is.

List of related literature:

Moreover, the stability of xanthan gum to acid and high salt content makes it very useful for many types of foods.

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
CRC Press, 2005

Xanthan gum has been proven to be a suitable drag-reduction agent for relatively hightemperature and long-term applications (Sohna et al., 2001).

“Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology” by Richard K. Robinson, Carl A. Batt
from Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology
by Richard K. Robinson, Carl A. Batt
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Generally, as the oil content of the dressing increases, less xanthan gum is required for stabilisation.

“Handbook of Hydrocolloids” by Glyn O. Phillips, Peter A. Williams
from Handbook of Hydrocolloids
by Glyn O. Phillips, Peter A. Williams
Elsevier Science, 2009

Once this time has elapsed, strain through a cheesecloth and thicken with 0.2g of xanthan gum per litre of resulting consommé.

“Tickets evolution” by Albert Adrià, Dustin Langan, Moisés Torné Bianya
from Tickets evolution
by Albert Adrià, Dustin Langan, Moisés Torné Bianya
RBA Libros, 2018

Given that I use ¼ teaspoon of xanthan gum in a recipe that serves four or more people, there is very little xanthan gum per serving (0.3g or less).

“The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen: With More than 150 Inspirational Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes to Maximize Your Health” by Carolyn Ketchum
from The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen: With More than 150 Inspirational Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes to Maximize Your Health
by Carolyn Ketchum
Media Alternatives, Incorporated, 2017

A water-soluble POLYSACCHARIDE, xanthan gum is produced by bacteria and is considered a safe additive.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
by Robert A. Ronzio
Facts On File, 2003

Xanthan gum is extremely versatile and relatively inexpensive, which makes its presence almost ubiquitous in thickened food products.

“Essentials of Food Science” by Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian
from Essentials of Food Science
by Vickie A. Vaclavik, Elizabeth W. Christian
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Xanthan gum is a very good emulsifying agent, stabilizer and thickener.

“Pharmacognosy” by Nirali Prakashan
from Pharmacognosy
by Nirali Prakashan
Nirali Prakashan, 2009

Additionally, xanthan gum/guar gumblends and xanthan gum/guar gum/alginate gum blends have proven to be effective stabilizers for this

“Hydrocolloids in Food Processing” by Thomas R. Laaman
from Hydrocolloids in Food Processing
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The polysaccharide is known commercially as xanthan gum (Table 2).

“Food Chemistry, Third Edition” by Owen R. Fennema
from Food Chemistry, Third Edition
by Owen R. Fennema
Taylor & Francis, 1996

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  • this is why low calorie dense food is not the end-all-be-all. gotta look out for what works best with you, and combine it all and make the best out of what we have

  • Great Vid… Thickners make products seem like your getting more.
    I guess Zanthan gum is used alot being its a cheaper source. Fruit pectin is good because its a great absorber for cholesterol but isnt used much.

  • Hi, Nick!

    Great info!
    What is the recommended dose of xanthan gum to have each day?

    I just subscribed to your channel.

    Greetings from Illinois!:)

  • Hey Ankur… most of the proteins companies are using xanthom gum in whey…. are there any side effects? Any protein u know which is free from all this gum?

  • Dr. Berg, I use glucomannan powder for thickening. Soon, I’ll try oat fibre noodles. I would welcome a video addressing more keto additives/ingredients.

  • Change the bacteria in your gut and change how foods are digested that is the most important part of the video and you should have focused on that. USDA and FDA are two of the most corrupt orgnizations on the planet. Xanthum Gum is dangerous there is a reason these corporations are adding Xanthum gum, gellan gum and other gums to food products and it is to disrupt your system. You are better off avoiding these man made products that are simply used to increase there profits by keeping the food product looking seemingly safe to eat. Things are supposed to go bad that is how we know it is not good to consume. These companies are extending the life of these products so they may sit on the shelves for months and years without going bad regardless of the affect on your health. Stop eating this garbage.

  • Hey dr berg can keto diet cure autism and dementia and how long approx. In time can you do a video on it please man! Please thanks

  • Hey doc what if you were exposed to asbestos? Would keto and fasting help for example not cause deadly cancer down the line decades later

  • Hey Dr. Berg! Could you please do a video also on Sunflower and Sot lecithin? These are in many things like coconut milk, Lily’s chocolates etc. THANK YOU.

  • I have been gluten free for 16 years now. Most people had never heard of it back then. Gluten free options were rare. At least where I lived. You had to make everything yourself. Low carb 9 years.
    I have cooked with both those ingredients. You have to mix them in with another powder ingredient to stop clumping. Depending on the recipe, that is not always possible or you are adding unwanted carbs. I hated cooking with both.
    There is a powder from the konica root called glucomannan. Even when making gravy, I just have to sprinkle it on hot broth drippings and wisk in. No large clumps. I have also used it when my mayo hasn’t thickened quite enough. If I need thickening, it’s my go to.

  • Buenas tardes!! Me parecio mu interante el video. Estoy realizado un estudio sobre la producion de goma xantana en mi proyecto de grado de ingenieria quimica. Quisiera saber si hay algun forma en que pueda obtener informacion sobre el y trabajo que realizan ustedes. Desde ya muchas gracias!

  • I’ve been following your Keto advice by watching your videos and true have learned a lot. But I think it irresponsible to allow anyone to do Keto or extended fasting without a doctor’s supervision which i didn’t have. I just got discharged from the hospital after being diagnosed with 5 different illness and spent hundreds of dollars. I have elevated keto, protein, epithelial among other deposit in my urine. I think you should be more responsible about your keto and long term fasting period so no one goes through what I just went through. I almost died.

  • Dr.Berg, the next one and I’m sure many want is.

    Acid reflex comparing to viruses ans colds.

    Detox the kidneys and detox the kidenys. Thank you again!

  • Thanks Dr. Could you do an episode on Arabic (Sudanese) gum? My pharmacist gave it to me as a suplement and now I’m wondering if it can replace Psylium Husk in baking.

  • So I have Been doing 16:8 IF for about 1 month now. I have lost about 8lbs on the scale. My clothes seem looser. I fast during the week and eat normally on the weekend, (Sat, Sunday). I haven’t cut out Carbs or sugars but have tried to reduce them. My Question is: By eating regularly for two days (Sat, Sunday) am I drastically hurting my weight loss effects of IF? Am I wasting my time? Just trying to understand if it’s OK to do this or should I be more strict with my IF? I always do 16:8 when 5 days a week. Sometimes pushing the 17 to 18 hour mark. I would appreciate anyone’s opinion on this as I am new ti IF, but loving it and not finding it difficult. Thanks.

  • ( Gonna copy paste because I assume your notifications don’t tell you about older videos interactions anymore either!)

    Yooooooo haha TY for the kindest of words and the shout out brother!!! ������

    Man like I said, even in the video, this stuff is like literal legit crack cocaine on your diet lol (ESPECIALLY if you add in mah SEHKRET ingredient) ��

    I gotta try out the ice creams and such though, I have not even remotely been as creative in the kitchen as you have, after watching your kitchen productivity I gotta step my game up ��!

    And again thank you SOOO much for the shout out on the podcast and the content! Much appreciated brother! <3 ♥️

  • Well-explained. Thank you. I saw it in a recipe for rice noodles. Forget it. I’ll just go to an Asian market and buy those noodles.

  • I consume a lot of Coconut milk. I purchase Only natural. There are a lot of Coconut Milk products containing Gar Gum, which I won’t buy. My thinking is, if they need to Thicken the coconut milk, it is an inferior product… I tend to treat all foods containing thickeners in the same light… I ask myself, if the basic product requires thickening and what thickening is accomplishing… Is it merely cosmetic? Great little video:-)

  • I had a bag of xanthum gum in my hand and couldn’t remember why it was good and why I thought I needed it. I put it back. Oh well.

  • Dr Berg, I really appreciate the fact that you are carrying on with regular videos and refusing to spread FEAR by overindulging in Corona-based information ��������

  • I cannot see a doctor with coronos paranoia going on
    I may have diabetes insipitius because it is not diabetes -can you talk about diabetes insipitus and
    can diabetes insiptitus be cured naturally if it that. thank you.
    I just want to educate myself on both adrenal vatigue, hypothyroidis, and diates insipitus
    because one of the main symptom is excessive thirsst and frequent uriniation and unusual weight gain but I do not have diabetes.
    and they claim the thyroid is fine in the test. So it may be diabtes insipituds. Thank you.

  • Nigella sativa ( black Seed ) can be used as a zinc ionophore as its main active constituent is thymoquinone or hydroxychloroquine. Please do some research on this and let us know what you think.
    Thanks for your amazing content

  • Greg should really make a video about his diet in terms of gut health. I do believe there can be such a thing as too much fiber. Add frequent use of natural laxatives to the equation and I don’t know how good that can be for you in the long term.

  • Dr. Berg thank you for all the information you provide. I just wish allopathic doctors knew as much because they would be a lot more helpful to their patients. Moving on. For the past 3 years soy, soy lecithin and xanthan gum when consumed have been making my eyes itch insanely and swell a bit. Now that you point out that xanthan gum can come from soy, that is a dot connected for me. For those of us that are allergic or intolerant to soy products, this world is becoming a nightmare trying to avoid it. Food was just fine before they started putting it in literally everything. I wish soy would be banned. It might have a lot of uses but it also comes with undesirable side effects. I stick to a whole foods diet for the most part at home but it’s a real problem when eating away from home.

  • Hi Dr. Berg I was wondering these days if the Air Frier is healthy or not as a method of cooking? It reminded me of microwave, but I don’t know…. Could you do a video on it to clear out this? Thank you so much for your wonderful work, wish you the best for you and your family ❤️

  • can you kindly tell me the cheapest whey isolate, the good one I mean since u HV tried so many brands, think u…tried nutrimed not good

  • I actually bought it as an ingredient and only got to use it a few times. Wondering if I can use it to make homemade coffee creamer

  • Salaam Dr I’m very delighted to know your channel and I just want to tell you that our prophet Muhammad recommended us to fast very Monday and Thursday and to fast 3days when the moon is completely seen it certainly has a scientific explanation and it is also something beneficial for us because our prophet wanted and wished always the best for us follower from algeria

  • I like Xanthan Gum because it is gluten free. My daughter has celiac and I uses it a lot in some of my recipes for her. TFS Dr. Berg! ❤️

  • Dr Berg, whats your attitude to MANUKA HONEY? is it acceptable during KETO? is it truly good for the gut / stomach, helpful for ulcer. please reply if we can enjoy a spoon or two )

  • Well, this was informative (and disgusting all at the same time). Think I need to ferret this OUT of my diet due to my severe allergies. Might explain a lot of why foods make me so ill. P.S. Do you have a blog as sometimes it would be great to print this info out?

    You have a lot of amazing info!!

  • Guar gum is a more natural alternative to Xanthan gum when you need a thickener. If you’re going to use either one make sure and do your research. Some people can’t tolerate them and you really have to get the amounts right as a little goes a long way. The difference between a tsp and a half tsp in a recipe can be the difference between success and failure.

  • My mife is having troubles controlling her sugar levels and fasting. She will listen to nothing i have to say, and quite frankly i dont know how she is supposed to keep her sugar around 100 and not take insulin or eat. Sometimes it drops and she has to eat, breaking the fast, and sometimes she fasts and it just climbs even if she doesnt eat. Seems like a wierd catch 22 and we would love a little advise. She purchased the wheat grass formula and the yeast but it is yet to arrive.

  • Right. Approximately 90% of all commercially-sold corn (including corn
    products) in the US, are GMO poison. The only thing it’s good for is
    car fuel. It’s NOT a viable food source. If we all band together and stop
    buying GMO poisons, they will disappear from our supermarket shelves,,,
    and our food supply!

  • Hi Nick, thanks for the awesome video.
    I have suffered from Xanthan gum,guar gum and all the other gums, side affects for years. I get extreme migraines within 5 min of eating this toxic poison.. My migraines last for 3 days it’s like my body was poisoned. I puke non stop and need to be in a dark room where there is no light. I’m sure I’m not the only person that is suffering with this horrible thickening crap.

  • Dr Berg PLEASE HELP!!! I’m seeing in community keto sites everywhere that CORTISOL is rising and people are breaking their way of eating!! All these people are putting themselves in harms way in regards to the virus as diabetes and heart disease appears to be key. Please do some videos on how to reduce cortisol… Relaxation, extra fat… You have research experience. The whole point of us all getting healthy is to live a better lifr�� common people����

  • Dr Berg, you always point to the screen telling us about another referenced video, but there is nothing there. I also do not find the referenced video in your description.

  • Xanthan Gum is in many cheap packaged food now, you would be surprised… and it KILLS DOGS. Beware of Xantham Gum.. even cakes and stuff people give dogs as a “treat” now has it in small doses for preservative reasons mostly to keep things together for months in the package

  • Gee, how did humans ever survive before the 60s when this and other forms of CRAP started showing up in our foods? The FDA says “in small amounts” xanthan and all the others, guar, terra, carrageenan etc etc etc are ok. Well in just the past few years I have been finding these in more and more foods that never had it before. And NONE are required to say just how much is in the product. SO how would anyone know what is a “small amount” and when you have gone over it?
    Hey, in “small enough amounts” rat poison won’t kill you either. I think I’d rather not test that.
    Now I need to learn how to make my own salad dressing since NOT ONE BRAND in the entire supermarket doesn’t contain xanthan gum.

  • I love that you are SOOO healthy that YOU are the standard to acheive… and although some of my beloved keto channels choose to be more lazy or dirty, you are still a major source for accuracy. Thank you for what you do… ��

  • Does this guy have the ability to read minds??? He ALWAYS puts out videos on topics that I am thinking about and need information on!!

  • Guard gum makes me sick. I use xanthan gum in smaller amounts than suggested because I’m not fond of washing the slimy bowl I’ve mixed it in.

  • I didn’t know they were edible ��I m using them in making body lotions and hair care products ��Thank you for the information Dr Éric Berg ��❤️

  • Dr Berg,Type 1 Diabetic here. First off THANK YOU! I am Considered LADA because I have antibodies but my pancreas is still producing very little amount of insulin. Using 10units of long lasting a night. Some days I don’t have to take that and it will be normal, but I choose not to do that. IF and Keto for past two years. A1C 5.4-5.6. Been on long lasting insulin for 9 years. My first year of diagnosis at 15 years old, I used short acting but haven’t since then. No nerve issues or neuropathy. Weird situation. Don’t have answers. But hopefully this lifestyle lasts for years to come.

  • I used to buy frozen chicken from aldi til I saw it had xantham gum in the added water hence all the horrible white stuff coming out when it’s cooked..needless to say I don’t use it anymore ��

  • Xanathum gum is poison, Gellan gum is poison don’t eat it. It disrupts your whole digestive track. This is another example of how the corrupt FDA and USDA are hurting people with their focus on making money for themselves. Yes people who are employed with USDA and FDA have ownership in these companies. Whole food plant based diet is best.

  • Thank you for breaking this down! There are a lot of “Keto” products on the market right now (bars, cookies, sweerve cakes, products by lankto etc) and they use ingredients that some of us never heard of.
    I appreciate you breaking down these ingredients! ♥️

  • Gabriel Rodriguez boa tarde!
    Este video foi apresentando para uma turma do primeiro ano de Engenharia da Produçao.
    O video foi feito pela Discovery (canal de TV a Cabo), na sede da CP KELCO. goo. gl / UJexF
    Realizei o trabalho sem grandes pretensões, mas enquanto estudava o processo de fabricação da Goma xanthana, li alguns trabalhos, abaixo o endereço onde pesquisei.
    goo gl / 6KxQ7, goo gl / TRqnv, goo gl / EiFnL
    Espero ter ajudado.

  • cool show, you did it so well, i have seen this on some items and kept wondering, what it was, it sounded dangerous and weird… and it seems to be, the big boy industries could care less about us and all eat xanthan free, gmo and all the other crab like msg, all free from that but we can be the suckers, i say use olive oil, a lemon, sea salt and grounded pepper as your dressing, believe me, it gets getting used to and you stop eating that jogurt dressing that fat girls always bring with to lunch, they never lose weight, why?

  • Thanks dr I always wondered about these two. People avoid carageenan and I’ve heard about glucomannan. Those would be interesting too.

  • This is a culprit for migraine headaches. I just threw my tapatio out which I am addicted to because I can’t take the headaches anymore

  • I’m looking for a better alternative to Carrigan so I found a protein powder that doesn’t have Carrigan and it only has xanthan gum

  • I recieved a bottle of liquid xanthan gum about 15 years ago. It with a toy microscope/ science kit. I didn’t know anything about it other than seeing it in almost every consumable item. I’m here today because I have a rather thin homemade hotsauce and I herd its a good way to thicken it up.

  • I just pooped myself.. don’t know what to say.. I’m at a park and therefore I’m going to have to go home now. ( I am not joking!!)

  • +Nick Uhas i see its in alot of fat foods. my? is, if you pooh more wouldnt make you loose fat and if thats the case good for those who wish to loose some, for small poeple who cant gain mass that would be bad? And if not well just messing with you digestive system cant be good it is proven tha poeple who take to much laxatives on a daily basis tend to get many different digestive deseases… please comment

  • I’ve seen some Remington James videos where it looks like he pours a massive amount into his Shakes/Ice Cream. IM I’m assuming it’s pretty explosive diarrhea? Do you recommend only using 1 teaspoon?

  • Please be careful guys! Xanthan can cause some side effects such as intestinal gas (flatulence) and bloating. People who are exposed to xanthan gum powder might experience flu-like symptoms, nose and throat irritation, and lung problems.

  • @ericberg What if I have allergic reactions to beans and soy.. can I use Acacia Gum Arabic to substitute these gums on keto diet???

  • Can you talk about kombucha? I just recently bought some from the grocery store by accident. I though it was just a nice natural Gingerale but readying closer after I bought it, it said gingerade. Than I read more on the bottle and saw it contain alcohol ��, yeast and bacteria.. I was like… What the heck am I drinking!?? Read reviews on influenster but… idk �� some people love it some don’t… and google just scared the hell out of me. Saying if contaminated it can cause yeast infection really bad headache and death!! But, some reviews said it was so healthy.. So please if you have the time I would like to know more about this. Thank you so much! ��

  • Can Dr Eric Berg make a video about foods or other things that effects brain. The reasons why some are smarter than some people and some who are exceptional intellectually. Neuroscientists claim people who have success like Steve Jobs and James Cameron has exceptional intelligence. Can you tell us thr scientific reason behind it.

  • Thank you doctor for your fantastic wonderful videos ��
    Excuse me I would like to ask you question, I have pain in my back in the middle part not in the core of my backbone but its goes to the right side under my shoulder I feel this pain since one year ago I feel the pain when I bend over, I start to feel this pain after a football game my body was worm and after that I feel a cold air hit my back, I thought that the pain will go away by itself but it’s still there and nowadays I toke a pain killer like voltaren but it’s not help.
    Can you help me please I am 29 years old.
    Best regards