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Why I’ll NEVER Drink Caffeine Again After Learning This

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So You Want to Stop Drinking Caffeine 1. Record Your Caffeine Consumption. Simply being conscious of your caffeine consumption will usually be enough to make 2. Drink Water—Lots of Water. Most people go through life in a state of mild dehydration. Dehydration causes your energy 3. Find.

Caffeine is a pretty powerful temporary appetite suppressant. “You are going to naturally feel hungrier when you go off of caffeine,” says Delbridge. Plus, according to Mayo Clinic, caffeine. Drink tea – typically tea is far lower in caffeine content than coffee (or other sources of caffeine).

If you don’t have pills or want to have a beverage instead, a strong black tea can provide 60 – 80 mg of caffeine to help you wean off the substance. Can produce severe caffeine withdrawal symptoms. A person may be out of commission for 1 to 3 days or even weeks if the addiction was severe. Can lead to a loss of productivity. Invokes more of a tendency to give up because of how horrible it makes people feel.

Caffeine can help us feel more awake and alert, but too much for too long can be bad for your health. Quitting caffeine to reset your body and move away from the highs and lows of caffeine can be difficult, but most people feel the benefits of a caffeine-free. Caffeine is a major trigger for headaches.

Any alteration in your normal daily caffeine consumption can result in a caffeine withdrawal headache. Caffeine can also be a migraine trigger so people prone to migraines should avoid caffeine. 8. You should abstain from consuming caffeine between four and six hours before bed if you wish to have a restful sleep, according to Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine. It’s important to find the formula that works for you; this formula might be six hours or closer to four hours.

While it was never the goal to quit caffeine altogether, it was clear that this would happen and that it will probably have a positive long time effect on my health. Sugar and milk consumption. “The speed at which you metabolize caffeine creates a natural cut off point through the day,” he says. “Whereas a fast metabolizer might clear 100-200 milligrams—what’s in a typical cup of. Caffeine is a stimulant, so it’s likely you’ll experience a little dip in energy for at least a few days when you first quit coffee or soda.

Several side effects of caffeine withdrawal include reduced alertness and activeness, drowsiness and feeling foggy, so you may want to brace yourself before quitting for good.

List of related literature:

Caffeine is addictive (that’s where the craving comes in), and quitting – or even cutting way back on – a heavy habit comes with its own set of withdrawal symptoms, including headache, irritability, fatigue, and lethargy.

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That’s the long-term reason to consider cutting back on caffeine.

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While this keeps millions of people addicted to the caffeine habit, the good news is that you can avoid this pitfall by slowly weaning yourself off caffeine over a two-to-three week period.

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Even worse, when caffeine is abused, it damages your metabolism and hormone balance.

“Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!” by Jillian Michaels, Mariska van Aalst, Christine Darwin
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Caffeine What Does It Do?

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But drinkers of coffee (with caffeine) may find that they have trouble cutting back because they have become dependent on the caffeine and suffer from headache, muscle tension, sleepiness, and other symptoms when they experience withdrawal.

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Caffeine It is important to remember that Caffeine is a stimulant, which means that although it will give you a quick burst of energy, it may then make you feel anxious and depressed, disturb your sleep (especially if you have it before bed) or give you withdrawal symptoms if you stop suddenly (Mind 2019).

“The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures” by Sara Lister, Justine Hofland, Hayley Grafton
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People who are addicted to caffeine need to reduce consumption gradually to avoid withdrawal headaches.

“The New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook” by Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation, Wallace Rheumatic Center Daniel J. Wallace M.D. Medical Director, Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center tending Physician, Los Angeles, Los Angeles School of Medicine inical Professor University of California
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Moreover, it’s possible to become physically dependent on caffeine in days.

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Can you become addicted to caffeine?

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  • My personal experience with caffeine.

    It’s taken me years to actually acknowledge
    I’m really sensitive to it after being ignorant and ignoring the signs in my body.
    And yes I became addicted to it from an early age, it’s always been in our household and part of our culture. It was part of my morning ritual, I love the taste and Initial buzz of the coffee.

    I’ve had to acknowledge the caffeine exacerbates my anxiety and leaves me jittery.
    Physical effects. (Cortisol spikes) messing the adrenal glands up, feeling of constant fatigue and tension, my thoughts would speed up 100mph.
    Lol so in the end I had to treat it like any over ‘drug’ and just leave it be.

    Sure, kicking is super hard. All the withdrawals, headaches, low mood, anxiety, depression. But it’s worth it on the long run.
    Mood stabilising, more neutral and no crazy highs and extreme lows.

    Lol I’m envious of people with a high tolerance to psychoactive substances, and if you can handle it sure! Then you know what works for you.
    I’m just speaking from my experience and listening to my body and mind and knowing what works for me now. Which is a powerful thing.

    It’s a shame I can’t handle anything as I would of loved to of tried Ayuaschsa lol ��

  • I feel like this video seriously underestimates the time frame in which symptoms occur. Some feel depressed and fatigued for months.

  • Me when I’m looking for that hit of Monster energy Tomorrow is the 1st of June. I’m gonna try my best to quit for the whole month. I’m gonna regret this.

  • Idk why but I drank coffee today and I didn’t rlly have a crash but I started getting panic attacks about stupid stuff that’s not even true then I started acting all happy the next second

  • I’m quitting to see if my incessant teeth grinding and jaw clenching stops. Also, it’s horrible waking up at 4am every morning and my bed feeling like a torture rack forcing me to get up at 5am while I’m still tired.

  • Thanks so much for this video! Years ago Dave Asprey convinced me that coffee is good for you, so I became super addicted. Day one of quitting and the struggle is real.

  • Watch Matt Blackburn’s video on coffee. Have 15 mins after breakfast, put in raw honey, raw milk, & maple syrup. It slows down the caffeine making it healthy instead of a stimulant. Skip days to not become addicted.

  • I need to address this.

    1. Caffeine does not block the production of adenosine, it blocks adenosine from binding to adenosine receptor (antagonist).

    2. Caffeine doesn’t really stimulate the production of dopamine (it seems to increase acutely, but not with chronic consumption), it rather increases the availability of dopamine receptors in the brain and interacts with dopamine signalling. (this is because adenosine normally suppresses the effects of dopamine on locomotion, but caffeine blocks the effects of adenosine, thus the effect)
    But also this is currently being questioned, as these might not affect chronic users.

    3. Caffeine does increase adrenaline and noradrenaline levels in the body, if ingested acutely, but does not apply to chronic consumption. Also chronic caffeine consumption reduces the amount of beta-adrenergic receptors in the brain and reduces circulating catecholamines (adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine).

    I wonder how much research you do on other subjects? Because you got the most simple things wrong about caffeine.

    Sources as DOI’s:

  • Coffee is good and bad.. can be
    Yes this is ambivalence, but true

    Coffee mess up stupid people Only

    The reason why i watch this guy hating on beautiful drug while i drink coffee
    Is to know if he will make any sense But sadly he is sharing his point of view

  • I really feel lucky that i dont need any substance to improve my creativity, i was only addicted to smoking and quit it forever and im soo fucking happy and doing great in my life i study for 6 hours everyday and i dont feel that i need a cigarette or a cup of coffee to continue. Fucking lucky

  • I’m never going to quit coffee because I’m on anti-psychotics that drain me of all my mental energy and vitality. If it wasn’t for caffeine, I wouldn’t do anything.

  • 2:33 Logic? You get tired when the caffeine leaves your system late day-time, so you drink more. When going to bed, you don’t want caffeine sticking around in your body.

  • i was never one for taking caffeine. mainly because i felt like 50% of the effect was a placebo effect. i’d drink coffee and some energy drinks and i honestly didn’t feel the effect of “wow, i feel full of energy.” i just felt “i don’t know if it’s working.” so i just try to get good sleep and train my will so i can just push through stuff and stay focused

  • I appreciated the information but it would be easier to take you serious if you carried your argument with poise and grace not aggressively talking about them at us instead of to us

  • Oh geez. The science is seriously sketchy af. Quick search and this is the conclusion of the first paper I looked at, “Cortisol responses to caffeine are reduced, but not eliminated, in healthy young men and women who consume caffeine on a daily basis.”

    In other words, they concluded that it is damaging, so you should spread out the damage daily! WTF!

  • He states correctly that caffeine is drug, it’s addictive, it causes stress (adrenaline), it disrupts your natural sleep/wake cycle… but then says drink up? WTF! Is this video sponsored by the coffee industry? Young people watch this channel, such propaganda is irresponsible and dangerous!

  • This is the best rant ever against caffeine and what you said about comparing the so-called science to what the tobacco companies did was spot on. Funny how there always seems to be money to research caffeine…
    I had a terrible problem with caffeine and gave it up years ago.

  • Ok, I’m done with coffeecold turkey; it’ll be 6months next week.

    Question, lately I’m wondering about chocolate. Like, I enjoy dark chocolate occasionally and have read theirs an average; 10mg’s of caffeine in 1oz bar of dark chocolate.

    An average cup of coffee contains 80-120mg’s of caffeine.

    ((I used to drink 5-6 cups a day))

    Recently I’ve been eating dark chocolate for a snack and the health benefits I suppose It has and realized it has caffeine. I don’t feel any caffeine effects.

    Would anyone say 1oz of dark chocolate a day even affect a person to become addicted & dependent to the caffeine in it?!?


  • I hardly ever have caffeine, I probably have it about once a month, and I have anxiety so I don’t think I should start drinking it.

  • After I stopped drinking coffee, it felt like my heart, hormone, adrenaline, cortisol system went haywire and I had to find a way to reset it. Drink tea and stay hydrated much better.

  • Raised with coffee and tea, lots every day. Went off and never had any withdrawals. I think this is psychological. I must say after a month, all my stiffness went away, my legs cramps are gone, and I feel calmer. Never going back.

  • I was recently convinced to quit after learning the half life of caffeine was 6 hours.

    I did the math and found out that because I drank two cups of coffee a day, this basically meant that 24 hours after my first cup (which was when I had the next day’s first cup), 18 mg of caffeine was still in my body (which is approximately one tenth of a coffee).

    Tl;dr If you drink 2 coffees a day, the amount of caffeine in your blood never goes below a tenth of a cup.

  • Chris made a video about his experience and there are some cool behind the scenes stuff of our time together. WATCH IT: https://youtu.be/Dwj1hi2L2dA

  • Caffeine actually makes me more tired;also there’s actually more negative side factors to obsessive caffeine and sugar consumptions;it’s also been discovered that caffeine and sugar lowers Testosterone levels and weakens your skeletal even decreases other functioning muscles and can cause problems to the Vascular and both intestines and organs even the livers;also causes bladder and bloats;high cholesterol and blood pressure leading to Diabetes,Crohn Disease,Hepatitis and other Neuropathy based Neurological medical conditions and can cause clammy skin

  • Caffeine never affected me that way, one or two cups a day is very little. Your mindset also changes that, you became obsessed with it. Metabolism is everything, your results are yours, not a blanket statement that applies to everyone

  • here’s a great book suggestion to help get rid of the caffeine addiction….caffeine blues wake up to the hidden dangers of america’s #1 drug

  • Little off topic but if there is any guys out there doing the no fap, I found that quiting caffiene helped the fap challenge as you cut through the nights (sleep wise) avoiding you attending your manhood in the middle of the night (as a sleep remedy) ��

  • I quit caffeine 2 months ago and I got so depressed and my anxiety was off the roof. I relapsed and back to caffeine and much happier

  • I tried decaf as a substitute. There’s a race element of caffeine in decaf so your are just adjusting the dosage down. Next, after a week cut down on volume. Instead of 5 cups, reduce to 2, 1 and then nil. Seems to be working in terms of increased energy.

  • How much you thought about getting it back and your reaction once you did should be enough of a deterrent. Clearly, there is a reliance.

  • Great Video. I have quit a few times but never gone past 10 days. I think the 16 to 30 day Mark is probably where you start feeling really blissful depending on whether you are exercising and eating healthy through the withdrawals. Time to quit again:)

  • I’ve tried to quit coffee several times only to go back to it. But I’m going to try to go cold Turkey on my vacation next week. ��‍♀️

  • i quit it for week and i was sleeping 13 hours a day -_although i drink just 2 mugs of coffee a day..never realised how IMPORTANT it is for me:P

  • Fighting headaches now i have decided to quit… Last night i struggled getting sleep (insomnia)…took me like 3 hrs to get finally get sleep

  • Some weeks i drink coffee multiple times a day, and others i dont drink anny cafeene. To be honest i dont notice anny change, but i does taste good tho

  • I’m not addicted to caffeine. However, I’ll punch anyone that even dares to talk to me if I haven’t had any in the last hour. But again, not addicted.

  • I used to drink 15_16 cups a day I’m now down to 5 plan to start next week with 2 per day then one then none so far my anxiety has actually increased ��

  • ☕�� Has anyone noticed Matt’s cadence and tempo in his narration as he sipped the coffee? He had a dull monotone prior to, and as the caffeine hit his brain, it was as if playback speed was at 1.25x. Priceless! The look on his face, made my day! Cheers ☕��

  • If you are going to quit caffeine use L-Tyrosine it’s a supplement that will help you to stay alert and keep you from getting withdrawal headache. This was suggested by my dietitian and it works.

  • 29 days feel good but not massive effects, I didn’t drink too much before i stopped though. Caffiene made me less productive in the long run.

  • i got hooked on soda at the age of like 10 i am 17 now started my caffeine withdrawl yesterday my head is pounding i feel really tired it sucks but it will be worth it once i break it

  • Spot on. Thank you for making me feel justified in my no caffeine life choices to optimize health. No one outside of my immediate family, my husband and adult children, stays away from caffeine. no one. They think it’s trival and yet they suffer with bad health. So glad to see others not allowing anything to own them.

  • Coffee has no nutritional benefits but if u want some benefits im sure the coffee manufactures can make up some. east a fucking apple. lol

  • You were in Vegas on that clip. I thought I would see a stack of stripers in the next. That can also help guy sleep soundly with no caffeine…

  • Excellent Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Saankramer Life Card System (just google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for learning how to stop drinking minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin at last got astronomical success with it.

  • About to drink a cup of black coffee. I like to mix it with black maca root powder and creating and cinnamon and monk fruit. Super good, and very energizing. I also like juicing beets to start off my mornings too. Beets are great for increasing blood flow to all the organs in the body. Which results in some amazing benefits.

  • 7 days ago i took 800mg then went into the gym and after that I went running, then I came back home and fell on the floor with the worst body feeling ever, I was shaking and my hands were completely numb and my heart was pumping like 120 times per minute then I rushed to the hospital and as it turned out i was having a panick attack because my stomach was making too much adrenaline from the caffeine, 2 days later i had another panick attack but less simptoms ant yesterday yet another one but even less simptoms…..so caffeine is not goof for everyone, it stick in your body for like next 7 days but you get better

  • Alright i totally agree with most of your points here, but 6:20??? Really dude?? Coffee INCREASES your life spam not decrease it lmaoo, the reason i began to drink coffee was to detox My liver because of high liver enzymes and oh yeah did it work, fast too, better than Apple cider vineger or Lemon water for that matter, as black coffee decreases all of your liver diseases by 40%, its anti dementia and alzemierz, Good for high cholesterol and it actually gets rid of plaque from your veins, im taking advices from Dr Eric berg you should look him Up, the reason im trying to quit coffee is because i get depressed from it afternoon, i get a surge of high the first few hours in the morning then depression hits me big time

  • I’m in the process of quitting. I’m on day 10 and I miss it so much in the mornings! It’s a struggle to get out of bed. But you’re right it’s not good for you at all. I’m quitting to hopefully help chronic UTI, anxiety and acne. ��

  • With its stimulating effects, it’s easy to understand why coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth after oil. For many, it keeps us awake and moving through our busy days. But how does it work? What exactly does coffee do to your brain?

    2Whenever you’re awake, a chemical called adenosine slowly accumulates in your brain and this adenosine binds to receptors which slow down brain activity. Ultimately, the more adenosine there is, the more tired your brain feels. Which makes sense as the longer you’re awake, the more fatigued you become. Conversely, while you sleep, the concentration of adenosine declines, gradually promoting wakefulness.

    3 – But it turns out that the caffeine in your coffee is incredibly similar to adenosine in structure. The caffeine works its way through your bloodstream and into your brain where it starts to compete and combines with adenosine receptors. But because it’s not adenosine, the sleepiness effect isn’t felt. Adenosine can no longer bind, meaning its calming properties are diminished. Which is great for you when you’re feeling tired.

    4 – However, with long term use of caffeine, your brain responds by creating more adenosine receptors, which means more caffeine is required to elicit the same response. It also means that when you try to quit drinking coffee or miss your daily intake, you might experience some withdrawal symptoms and feel more tired than you would have before you ever drank coffee. But the caffeine doesn’t stop there.

    5 – It also stimulates the production of adrenaline – you know, the fight or flight hormone. This increases your heart rate, gets your blood pumping and even opens up your airways. Furthermore, it affects dopamine levels by preventing its reabsorption in the brain, which makes you feel happy. In fact, this is the exact same thing that cocaine does, just to a lesser degree. It’s a drug after all.

    6 – This dopamine stimulation is also the aspect of coffee that makes it moderately addictive. So, can you drink too much coffee? It turns out there is a lethal dose of caffeine, which is somewhere around 150 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of your body. This means if you weigh 70 kilograms, you require 14,000 milligrams of caffeine to overdose.

    7 – Put into perspective, an average cup of coffee contains roughly 150 milligrams of caffeine. Meaning if you’re 70 kilograms, approximately 70 cups of coffee would kill you. However, you would have to drink those cups all at once, making it effectively impossible to overdose on caffeine from coffee, since you wouldn’t be able to physically fit that much in your stomach.

    8 – You would also start experiencing mania and hallucinations before getting to this point. Caffeine also has a half-life of around 6 hours. So, if you drank a standard coffee with around 150 milligrams of caffeine, after about six hours, there would only be around 75 milligrams left in your system and you’ll be feeling half of the effect.

    9 – And 6 hours after that, you’ll have 37.5 milligrams, leaving more room for adenosine to jump back into action, which is why you may reach for another cup throughout the day to remain that glorious alert and energetic feeling. So, drink up and enjoy the buzz while it lasts.

    10 – And for all of you who are in school, while we know that caffeine is key, so are good deals on textbooks. So, we’ve teamed up with slugbooks.com to get you the cheapest prices for the books you need. All you have to do is head to 10 – slugbooks.com/asapSCIENCE and search the ISBN number of the books you’re looking for. SlugBooks will then compare prices from all across the net.

    11 – Seriously, we know how expensive textbooks can be so hopefully this will save you some money. Got a burning question you want answered? Ask it in the comments or on Facebook and twitter, and subscribe for more weekly science videos.

  • normally i drink 3 cups of coffee a day, and then i cut it out to 2 cups a day, and i decided to quit caffeine last night, and it is just a few hours passed without having my coffee for today and i am having a freaking migraine, it hurts so much arghh

  • As someone with ADHD I can tell you first hand I can down 10 cups of coffee and feel no energizing effects whatsoever. All I usually get from coffee is no more than a tad bit better focusing abilities.

  • Many years ago I was diagnosed by my Naturopath as having adrenal depletion; basically my adrenal glands were working double shift overtime and were burning out. I take great supplements that boost my energy and I quit coffee for a while, maybe a year… but somehow I love the taste and got re-addicted, now time for the re-start. Thanks for the video.

  • Ok so I only have one question: do the extra receptors you grow deplete to normal levels if you stop drinking coffee for long enough?

  • Caffeine gives people a buzz?! I don’t feel anything from coffee or energy drinks. Why did god not give me enough adenosine receptors?! I’m pissed at my Nero chemistry..

  • I agree with everything you said, but calling caffeine withdrawals hell is HILARIOUS. You are very lucky that this is the worst withdrawal you’ve ever been through haha. I have come down from a few other substances and caffeine is by FAR the most mild as far as symptoms and cravings go. Everyone is different though and not everyone has had to come off of serious substances thankfully. At least we can all agree that drugs suck, even caffeine.

  • I had to quit anxiety due to my anxiety and let me tell you it makes it so much better caffeine triggers my anxiety so much I end up at a hospital anytime I do. I promise you can stop taking it I used to drink coffee all the time every morning and drink it 2 times a day I stopped completely and I didn’t get a lot of anxiety attacks

  • I think the caffeine formula is pretty simple. You are engaged in a creative endeavor here so caffeine would be a TERRIBLE thing for you. But I work in a slave mill, so caffeine works wonders it makes you do the tasks and stops the screaming. Creative thing no, Assembly line yes.

  • Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is a great one off product for learning how to stop drinking without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate at very last got astronomical success with it.

  • I felt the same as you, caffeine withdrawal symptoms suck. I also quit drinking coffee and anything with caffeine. I actually just uploaded a video about me quitting all caffeine and i explain how my anxiety decreased and my sleep improved. I also have other videos about things i do to improve my mood and energy:)

  • Like if you are here because the YouTube algorithm saw you watched Alex Becker coffee quitting videos and decided you should see anyone who’s quit coffee ever ��❤️

  • omg. 5 cups a day. I drink 1 latte in the morning and I feel a huge kick of energy. I think my heart would literally stop after drinking an espresso!)

  • Youtube really is the worst place for information but I’d rather drink coffee than drink soda. People seem to forget that people eat candy chocolate and drink soda like a newborn

  • I just decided to stop, after a hangover of programming at irregular hours for weeks and getting back to life on tea and coffee. I had so much nausea and dizziness, it just felt my body was reaching my physical limit.

  • What you did was the extreme. Coffee plus energy drinks plus going out and having vodka redull wow ������ no wonder it affected you. I have a cup a day or every other day and have it early on in the day not late at night so it doesnt affect my sleep. Everything in moderation. Also a coffee (Caffeine) hack is to take L Theanine to stop jitters and heart palpitations and help sleep “IF” you are over doing it like the original poster was.

    Conclusion: everything in moderation. Overdoing anything is bad even water is bad if you drink too much!

  • Oh yeah I think sometimes when you drink a lot and a lot and a lot of Kathy and then you can go super sane and go through time and space and you would be like super sonic and dark sonic and hyper sonic

  • Caffeine is probably the one thing holding me alive lol. Currently I’m in more pain and stressed because I’ve ran out of milk and sugar due to pandemic losing my money. I am also running out of tea and coffee so my head is more than pulsing. I know I have a caffeine addiction and being without it is like a heroin addict going cold turkey. Horrible feeling.

  • I stopped coffee a few weeks ago. The second week was very hard. But, my sleep has changed dramatically. My sleep pattern for the last four years has been to go to bed around 11-12 because I’m not tired, and then laying awake until 3,4,5 etc. in the morning and getting a few hours of sleep and be completely exhausted all day long. Now, I’m going to bed earlier, falling asleep by midnight, and waking up more easily. I’ve had three days where I woke up at 6,7, or 8. I increased my water intake to about 2 liters. My body feels very different after this change. It’s kind of shocking.

  • Coffee makes me feel amazing but I also sweat like a demon so I can only have a single shot of espresso once in the morning. I have a serious dopamine deficiency without it too ��

  • Ok, I’m done with coffeecold turkey; it’ll be 6months next week.

    Question, lately I’m wondering about chocolate. Like, I enjoy dark chocolate occasionally and have read theirs an average; 10mg’s of caffeine in 1oz bar of dark chocolate.

    An average cup of coffee contains 80-120mg’s of caffeine.

    ((I used to drink 5-6 cups a day))

    Recently I’ve been eating dark chocolate for a snack and the health benefits I suppose It has and realized it has caffeine. I don’t feel any caffeine effects.

    Would anyone say 1oz of dark chocolate a day even affect a person to become addicted & dependent to the caffeine in it?!?


  • Best video I have seen on quitting caffiene. I like the taper off withdrawal method. I love my coffee way too much I’m a 6 cup a day junky. I’ve quit many times and felt great after the adjustment. I’ve always gone back and I hate that I do that. At least I give my body a break now and then. Thanks

  • I’m 27, ive never had a cup of coffee. Seeing my peers in high school or my parents become dependent on it for energy to get through the day turnes me off. And so ive never turned to it.

  • Yeah, well.. Coffee/ caffeine itself is not really the problem. You just have to know how to use it/ how much is ok. No wonder you experience bad side effects when drinking 3 or 4 cups per day and sometimes even late in the day.
    I will keep on drinking coffee. It’s not a big issue when it’s only 1-2 cups a day and not later than like 1 or 2 pm.

    Here is a suggestion for what you can do to help yourself via drinking: Just drink water (tap water if it is safe in your region) or sugarless tea or something. Just cut all the sugary drinks like coke, etc.

  • I am crazy about coffee and for liek 5year straight I drink Black coffee dialy 3 to 5 mug. Now I have stop drinking. I rarely drink it like once a week or even once r mug. And now I feel better. Better sleep and better mood too

  • I’m quitting. I had 2 energy drinks and a coke today and this is the norm for me. I experience a lot of its side effects (IE lack of quality sleep, muscle twitches, happy feet, heart aches, etc) and im tired of it so I am quitting. Last time I tried to quit I only lasted a week but this time I’m going to quit for good.

  • Well you quit chocolate (because of caffeine) but not Peppermint Tea (which usually has caffeine)?
    This is one of the few videos where you don’t really seem to have experienced any positive difference. This is strange as in my experience sleep became more restorative (tracked with sleep cycle app and I haven’t felt so good when waking up for over 15 years) and productivity levels extremely stable.

    I drank coffee for 15 years and I would never have imagined the impact it had on my well being, far greater then quitting alcohol or sugar.

    That’s why I feel that maybe you were getting the caffeine somewhere else (Tea?).

    Another thing to consider is that if you are really addicted (as I once was to cigarettes for example) you have the feeling that you are missing out. And many smokers go back to cigarettes because they “miss” it and they concentrate on what they lose. So maybe, this time, you were a bit too concentrated on what you were missing instead of what you were gaining.

    Thanks for sharing your experience though, it has just left me with many questions unanswered.

  • I quit caffeine in December. Headache-headache-headache-sleep-sleep-sleep..
    Went on vacation, end of January, gave my caffeine a free reign.


    Quitting caffeine cold turkey AaaaGain!!!
    �� �� �� ��

    Worst phrase ever uttered… “just once, drinking only one won’t be a problem” goes for �� and ��

  • I drink a new energy drink called Reign. I know it is no better but is advertised as better. I want to quit coffee and caffeine but I was working out hard before the lockdown and using a pre-workout that I love. Have you ever used a pre-workout and do you have suggestions on best way to stop? Pre-workouts have a ton of caffeine. Before lockdown I was about 240. I’m 6’1. This is going to be a challenge!

  • I like iced mocha because it keeps me awake during the day but I can’t drink too much coffee at night because I won’t be able to sleep

  • I quit for months…made me want to kill myself every day, I had no energy to do anything, but I dod pee less. I am back on caffeine now. Quit, but DO NOT QUIT IF YOU HAVE MAJOR DEPRESSION, IT WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE.

  • I quit caffeine for about 3 months now in order to get my body ready for basic training. Good grief was the caffeine withdrawals killer. I never wanted to die harder than quiting cold brewed southern iced tea. I would drink pitchers of the stuff in a matter of days.

    After being caffeine free I haven’t had any need for caffeine as I am regularly full of energy. Looking back, I never needed the caffeine and could have saved myself thousands of dollars never drinking the stuff.

    But I’d be lying to you if I told you I didn’t miss a good cup of black tea.

  • I quit on Friday, felt very tired but not too bad. On Saturday I felt extremely tired, had zero motivation, a headache, and also felt slightly depressive but that went away. Today I feel much better, although still a bit tied. I exercised this morning so that helped wake me up. I only drink a double-shot latte in the morning before getting to work (around 8:30), but even that was enough to create withdrawal. It’s scary that a drug has become so widely accepted as normal…

  • Thank you very much for this video. I’m a business owner & I’ve been Very stressed out (much more than normal) I am going to quit drinking this poison.

  • How can you have something in moderation if something is addictive? I think you need to rethink about that. Also all of the pros of coffee that is noted you will also get that once the withdrawal is over. So seems like the pros is just you going back to your normal self.

  • I quit and 3 days into it I woke up and my vision had changed!!!! I had to call the eye doctor and they couldn’t see me for 4 days. My eyes were swelling shut at the end of the day from trying to focus all day. By the time I got to go to the doctor, my brain had started to readjust and fix it on it’s own. The doctor didn’t believe me that quitting caffeine caused it. Also I felt panic attacks coming on while withdrawling. Now a couple months later, I will never go back. I feel so much better. I never even drank Starbucks and such or energy drinks!

  • I quit drugs and alcohol over 18 years ago. I have quit caffeine for many months with great results. I am struggling with caffeine again and the older you get the worse it is. The brain takes many months to function properly again without caffeine. Great video:)

  • After 30 days of abstinence he could have just kept going. Instead, he starts again. That’s weak. Others come with more motivation.

  • You have to really hate your job to drink that foul-tasting, central-nervous-system-irritating poison. Live a slow paced life if you can. While coffee itself might not reduce life-expectancy, the stressful lifestyle that goes with it certainly does.

  • May I share this link with my clients? I am a registered holistic Nutritionist. This video it the perfect way to explain caffine addiction.

  • Did u know having enough green tea caffeine on low tolerance can make u very happy all day I recommend y’all try it it’s so relaxing!!

  • So I was thinking to quit coffee or caffeine for June and I wanted to check some videos. And they were so boring. Someone talking too much in front of camera. And then i check your video. And your storytelling is so much better. I knew your channel before but when I compare I really appreciate it now.

  • Decaf is the worse shit ever.. it contain solvant to decaf the coffee an is more toxic… better reducing 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 1 0 and prepare yourself for pain in the head.

  • Drinking coffee twice a week or once isn’t bad it’s about balance I can be productive with or without coffee I just enjoy coffee I’m living my life:)

  • Off topic but how can I turn subtitles completely off? I take them off every time but they’re automaticly on in next video I watch.

  • So annoyed at seeing so many videos start with morning routine making coffee. No one starts a video shooting heroin or smoking crack. But coffee is socially acceptable. So acceptable that no one even assesses what they are doing.

  • I rarely drink coffee but I’ve been up for 35 hours working so I decided to drink black coffee with 3 espresso shots so I can get through my 9 hour shift for today so I’m wes searching for the answer of “how long will it take for the coffee to kick in” & stumbled upon this video and while I wes watch this video I felt energized it kicked in.

  • Quitting caffeine/coffee is hell as a Finnish person. Started drinking coffee at around when I was 10, 9 years later I drink 3-6 cups a day.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/quittingcaffeine/. I started this group to help people get off caffeine. hope to help you over there.

  • I so want to quit coffee but it’s so hard! If I don’t drink coffee my mood its just so off. I stopped many times but I felt so depressed without it I’m like what’s the point of being so miserable? And I go back to drinking it. I do feel tho that it affects my stomach in a bad way… vicious cycle ��‍♀️��

  • Tried to do it twice and lasted only 2 or 3 days. Reduced cognitive skills certainly suck, sometimes you start doing something and then you’re like… stuck. What was I supposed to do? What am I looking at here? You feel like your IQ and memory dropped by 50%.

    But the worst, absolutely worst symptoms were headaches for me, which didn’t react to any kind of painkiller. I was doing it cold turkey, I’ll try your method starting today. Thanks.

  • I had to quit caffeine. After 30 years of being a total junkie, it began to effect my body’s ability to control blood pressure. It was spiking to dangerously high levels and I had a chronic achy and weak right arm. Also had issues with semi-frequent nasty prostate pain. When I quit, my BP took a few weeks to settle down. It’s been 3 months now and I’m completely symptom free. I’ve noticed several things such as better sleep, whiter teeth and improved skin quality. I miss it sometimes, but life without caffeine is better I must acknowledge.

  • I quit coffee for tea about a year ago and sword never again, although I would occasionally have a latte (like maybe once a month). Then earlier this month after watching a video of someone preparing their french press coffee (my *favorite*) I had to have one. Now I’m struggling with whether to quit again or not!

  • I’ve had an on and off relationship with coffee for the past few years, basically to make my day job more fun. I’m feeling 10 times fitter now that I quit for reals. I stopped around the same time as my brother who had been a long-time straight-up caffeine addict like yourself. I did an interview with him on my channel a few days ago about his experience so far: https://youtu.be/CT1NB7YRedk

  • Thank you. I’ve been really struggling with my sleep and consequently I have the most dreadful anxiety. The caffeine stops now. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. ��

  • For real, to me, coffien increased anxiety and even over thinking and self-doubt. That’s in my own case only, others may not have!

  • Meh. So if things didn’t improve… You weren’t addicted. Before I was addicted to coffee I could quit like you and no problem no benefit. But now that I’ve built a tolerance it is hell trying to quit. This video was excellent in design but incredibly lacking in content and meaning, and failed to capture just how intense caffeine addiction truly is. Quite frankly, I don’t think you were addicted. Try drinking 3 coffees a day for months on end then try to quit! This video would be entirely different.

  • OMG so much bla bla as intro and he never gets to a point… I keep fast forwarding but all I see is a hyperactive dude who never comes to a point…. waste of time, I can read about caffeine in google quicker…. and there is nothing new he said. And he is not honest, there are healthy effects of Coffee as well, but as he is biased you won’t find them here 😉

  • Drinking coffee makes me sleepy all the time, doesn’t make me feel energized at all… I drink coffee to boost metabolism (1 cup a day) also helps reduce hunger

  • I quit 3 days ago and feel horrible! But my sleep has been solid last night. I drank anywhere from 4-6 cups of coffee a day. Can’t start the day at work without it. I am definitely a caffeine addict. The real reason i decided to quit is because i have acid reflux very bad and i contributed it almost entirely to coffee. I take prilosec but even that stopped working for me. I am sick of the anxiety too. I feel like i am wired and i was having ADD symptoms. I would be talking to someone and couldn’t look them in the face because my mind would be racing. So i plan on staying caffeine free. I hope this gets better and i can function again without this poison!

  • I was only able to quit coffee because of quarantine and the cafes being closed. Interestingly, my acne cleared up and I think it’s because of the cortisol stress hormone that it can cause break outs. I had no idea!

  • Strangely enough, since I was a kid I was insanely hooked on Pepsi and mountain dew which is high in caffeine when you drink 15 drinks, which is insanely high in caffeine I was always tired and sad, til I reached high school senior I got interduced by coffee, which you guessed it, pure caffeine source, all my college years I was anxious, impatient, depressed due to irregular sleep, huge consumption of coffee, even at the gym my heart would skyrocket even its just a warm up.

    Now after all those years of being sad and bloated from caffeine, I feel better, no heart palpitations while sitting idle, happy with myself, and weird enough the pump in the gym is INSANE for some reason even though I don’t take any pump supplements yet it feels like it (its like when you started working out for the first time) so I highly recommend anyone reading this and still consume caffeine

    Give it a shot. But there’s things you need to accept
    1-when you feel tired without coffee, you are not tired that’s the normal feeling buut you are used of high stress feeling so you think you have no energy

    2-once you acknowledge the first point it will be much easier cutting caffeine beverages, supps. Because now I know it put you in stress, doesn’t make you feel energetic

    3-enjoy your life ��

  • Coffee (caffeine) does not increase energy or alertness it just blocks receptors in your brain that are supposed to know how tired you are. Coffee gets credit for removing tiredness in morning but does not get blame for causing it (just like cigarettes “improve alertness or reduce stress). Ever since I quitted caffeine I don’t feel tired and I can start my day normally. It’s all an illusion to keep you drinking stress elixir.

    Also did you know caffeine increases blood pressure, heart rate, doubles amount of cortisol (Stress hormone) and blocks effects of Testosterone? No? Here’s some evidence.



  • If you struggle with coffee (jitters and anxiety), you probably have liver issues. Sensitivity to caffeine is a pretty good proxy for liver health. Since healing my liver, coffee actually has a calming effect. If you’re responding well, you should get a subtle calm energy boost from coffee. You also have to make sure to drink it with a meal. Caffeine on an empty stomach is asking for problems.

  • I suffer from migraines and coffee is definitely the trigger.Im weaning off of regular coffee to decaf this whole week 3 regular Monday than 3 regular Tuesday than 2 Wednesday and Thursday and then one on Friday.Then that’s it just decaf wish me luck.its almost like I’m sensitive to coffee that’s how bad it triggers my migraines

  • quitting caffeine was the best thing i done recently. not just coffe, all teas and dark chocolate also. it doesnt make us stronger it makes us weaker. much better without it

  • Those reports are fake, they are like the smoking adds back in the days, this guy just reads them out for you,but does not know shit

  • Like most things if you over indulge it can be detrimental. Coffee has its benefits if used responsibly. https://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/scientists-just-discovered-best-time-of-day-to-drink-your-first-cup-of-coffee.html

  • God love y’all whose digestive systems can take multiple cups a day. Mine’s torn up with just one, even decaf. But I still can’t stop. I need beverage substitutes that don’t suck.

  • I’ve been drinking small doses of coffee since I was 7 intill I got to a point where sometimes I would drink 3 cups of coffee a day but in most days I’ll drink two. I quite coffee last week though and the first few days it sucks so bad.

  • to quit anything i sugest dry fasting 2 3 days. it clean a lot of your body isues that cause cravigs or addictions..best detox, then you just dont put junk in again after fasting

  • Right now I’m quarantined so I’m not going to the gym and I would only drink coffe energy drink prework our etc if I would go to the gym so since I’m not going I’m not drinking anything and I feel horrible and I don’t feel like doing anything no home work outs or even getting out of bed or anything I hate the withdrawals but love taking prework out I miss the gym ��

  • I never had any effect when drinking caffiene, However I naturally feel energetic, what I do different from others is that If I wake up once I never try to sleep more and do excercise I’ve never felt Tired

  • I started drinking coffee when I was 6 years old I would make it for my parents and make a 1/2 milk and 1/2 coffee for myself. I got severely dependent by highschool. I went cold turkey for about 1 month. I began doing maybe 1-2 cups per week. I started to notice coffee would make my immune system plummet. Now I am super sensitive and can not even do a shot of espresso without crashing and getting a cold. I’m not sure what happened but I’m guessing I had built a huge tolerance over my childhood and teenage years.

  • You have to be very careful to replace that coffee,tea, and soda with water. A lot of people who quit caffeine outright suffer from dehydration because they do drink more water to compensate.

  • everytime i drink coffe i feel my heart beat faster ended up with pain in chest area n my stomach also get sickening…even it taste so good but my body keep reject it

  • If you want to feel content, you have to stop using caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. There’s just no two ways about it. You can’t have a (even mild) drug addiction and be fully content. You will always feel like something is amiss an empty, insecure feeling similar to hunger. It’s only partially relieved when you take the drug. Over time as your body develops tolerance, you need to take more and more of the drug to get relief. Many people think they suffer from anxiety/depression, doctors even tell them so, when in reality, they are suffering from addiction to mass-produced, heavily marketed drugs, which goes completely under the radar.

  • Good video. I’m in the process of quitting coffee.

    The half-life of caffeine is 6 hours and not 12 though. Not trying to sound like a know-it-all. Just think its important the information given is accurate.

  • I’ve quit cold turkey just over a week ago. I feel a lot better, but I miss drinking it for taste, might get some decaf herbal coffee for a warm drink.

  • I fuckin love and hate coffee. At age 11 when I was already physically and mentally ill I drank 5 cups of coffee in the matter of like 5-7 hours and was sick for like a week.

  • I tried it 3times and I think the tapering off is the best, but I did it within a week. I went back to it, cause believe it or not was so alert I didn’t think I would sleep for a month,so I went back to coffee,but I seldom have more than 4 ounces a day,sometimes 8 ounces just to stay on an even keep as far as sleeping is concerned.

  • I wanna see how you made this video, is that possible. I remember you made a video saying that you made a video on how you made this video but I can’t seem to find. Someone please help!

  • I did like 6 cups of caffeine a day and my whole brain was dizzy and i didnt have a control of my body, after i quitted it my body felt so much better… never doing it again lol

  • I’ve been searching for this for HOURS. I made a bad decision of purchasing one of my favorite coffee brand new Black coffee with an extra double shot. I’m a person known to have anxiety attacks/panic attack after consistent consumption of caffeine (specifically black coffee) for more than two days. Immediately after my first sip, the symptoms came. I couldn’t stop laughing and being more upbeat than I’ve ever been (the only similar situation i’ve experienced, not even half the amount of, uncontrollable laughter was after a 360 degree pirate ship ride and the laughing only lasts 3 hours max). The symptoms persisted for two hours and got worse, I began laughing more and dizziness spells began. The laughter calmed once more and the dizziness spell stopped for a few minutes after an hour until I got home. I started laughing, crying, shaking, making facial expression, making odd sounds for two hours with the dizziness and headache as my first and only warning before the ‘episode’. I was kept to the floor, barely even able to sit upright for HOURS until I finally could get myself out of my room to take a shower. Right before I shower, I had a moment of dissociation. After that, all is currently well. As much as i’d like to say i’m never touching caffeine again, I know that this will reoccur one day like all the times before. I have no idea what happened today but this is the closest explanation i’ve found.

  • H I have done on and off.
    When quit going to Timmy’s. Started to go to McDonald. When let of McDonald started star bucks.agsin when let go off Starbucks started coffee culture.,?? Wants to quit coffee culture. Going cold Turkey from dec 1st 2019. Promise not going to any of this places dont have a coffee maker at home. no breakfast either 2 meals is what iam planning. Thankyou for this video.

  • I’m just starting day 4, and this is hard but not impossible. Avoiding NSAIDS with caffeine has been an interesting new endeavor.

    Noticing I’m awake earlier and more immediately, and seem to want to go to bed earlier than I used to. It’s almost like my sleep schedule is slowly shifting back into place after being dislocated by caffeine for so long. The fogginess still hasnt lifted, but I dont expect it to for several more days. Headache has largely come and gone, but that remains to be seen throughout the rest of the day.

    Quitting alcohol/partying after abusing my liver in my early 20s was easier than this. Protip for all those who want to try: Don’t go cold Turkey. It’s unnecessary hard mode, especially for those who drink a lot of caffeine. I was drinking around 1g a day, and had to taper for a week before cutting it out altogether. Every Cold Turkey attempt I made failed horribly with terrible pulsating migraines and chills. Tapering has made the withdrawals insofar less crazy than they would have been otherwise.

  • Thank you..I have hope now I only drink one cup but I really need to get rid of that cos is not making me any good I will try it…

  • Coffee is good if you are going to do something or play games however if you took it and just sit there you might get some serious anxiety specially if you’re someone who have social issues like me lol i tend to think on to end some people’s life but it just i thought though XD

  • I do agree few points but i had another issue.
    Usually I used to have early bed tea and evening tea. I always knew this fact,” first tea at morning is killing my health”. I decided to quit it.
    Good effects:
    No anxiety
    More sleep
    Good mood

    Negative effects:
    I am unable to do much focus
    Always feel like sleeping
    Sleep timing increased.

    Please suggest some approach as I am a student and I need to be active early morning. I quit it for 10 days and sometimes take it in order to keep me awake though I take early morning shower but didn’t help. I am also taking hot milk early morning.

  • Thank you! Also,
    I. Tea is medicine that became a beverage.
    II. Does the human body create its own caffeine? No? Then we’re not supposed to have it regularly.
    III. Coffee is such a popular beverage, all research likely features bias.

  • Cold Turkey helped me out tremendously but since my new job is 12 hours days for four days a week I don’t sleep enough some nights since I crunch in so much in the little time I have I’m drowsy in the morning. Just when I was about two years clean too.

  • Or just drink in moderation?? Everyone these days wants goes to the extreme. No carbs, no sugar, no alcohol… Just don’t drink 5 cups of the stuff a day!

  • I stopped drinking coffee a few days ago, and I feel like a total piece of crap tbh. And I only used to drink one cup. I’m not drinking that shit again.

  • I have been dabbing into spirituality a lot these days. One thing I have learnt is excuses like “I’m not a not morning person”, it’s not really us.
    It’s our ego.
    No one is born a morning person or night owl, it’s our collective experiences experiences and media consumption that brought us to this conclusion. These experiences make up the ego, but our ego is not our authentic selves. Ours mind/ brains are malleable and ever changing and with enough repetition of waking up in the morning, even a night owl can become a morning person.
    Anyways, great video. Lately I have been realising the negative effects coffee had on me, but its hard to question it when almost every article talk about its benefits. I always thought I had low motivation but for some reason I started researching about coffee and low energy and that’s how I landed on this video.
    After this, I’m definitely gonna quit coffee. It’s going to be a long and hard road. Thank you.

  • i did quit coffe for 15 days my head feels good i feel ok not sleepy and tired BUT my gym workout is SLow and weak im sure if i drink coffe i will work hard in the gym like i used 2 i dont know if i should keep the coffe out or get it in only before gym

  • I went from not being able to drink coffee to drinking it black within 3 years. That and an unsweetened iced tea are routine parts of my day. I never slept well anyway.

  • One thing I notice from everybody they over consume coffee all in moderation I don’t need coffee to work out to go to work but I don’t mind sipping on a cup of coffee in the morning taste good.

  • I started it today morning, but now in the evening it is very very hard. I hope I am gonna make it. I am addicted to this shit, I want to give it up. Please crossed fingers.:)

  • Every video about how caffeine is bad is published by someone who abused the hell out of it and abused their bodies. It’s not caffeine that is bad! It’s your behavior!

  • I am stopping coffee cold turkey. I tried it for 9 months, but energy levels remained low. I ended up back on coffee for work. But will try to get the monkey off my back.

  • Just quit almost a week ago! I was never planning on it, but I ran out of coffee and with Covid, I didn’t feel like going out and getting more. SO that day I fell into an awful depression with one of the worst headaches of my life. Next day I still felt like garbage and realized I didn’t have any coffee the day before which was probably why, so my friend got me a latte and while it helped, I was still battling this awful headache that was untouched my meds. Next day I decided to go all in, those headaches were some of the worst and I thought “f caffeine, I did not start withdrawing unintentionally just go bo back to that shit” and I have stayed off it since with no plan to go back.

    I have anxiety and a very tough time dealing with my emotions and feelings and as the caffeine was detoxing from me, I could tell my anxiety started getting better every single day.
    I’m still adjusting to this new way of life (been addicted hard for the last decade) but man I wish I would have done this sooner.

  • I cannot relate with caffeine addiction because I never liked the taste of it, neither beer and I never smoked. As a result, I never buy drinks that contain alcohol for mysel, and most of the times when I am invited to social events I refuse to drink, I don’t think it is fun in any way, it just makes you dizzy/sleepy/forgetful and you might vomit and get that burning-blood effect which is terrible. I agree that drinking caffeine is useful at times and I have an example that is happening at the moment: I had insomnia this night and in an hour I have an online exam at my university, I chose to drink a home-made cappuccino in order to be able to focus, otherwise I would not have drunk coffee.

    It’s really a tradeoff for bad days like this, but drinking it on a daily bases is not good and the explanation is in the clip. Caffeine is present in multiple products including juices like coca cola so it’s not limited to coffee. As a person who rarely drinks caffeine (a cup of coffee in years, when it is a MUST) and juices a bit more often (1-2 times per 1/2 year or 1 year), I don’t feel those consistent waves of energy because I’m mostly a sedentary person, I’d have to do other things as well to feel this energy. I also do programming marathons like 20hrs/day for 2-3 adjacent days and I don’t feel any need for caffeine, it’s just a habit, that’s all, it’s in your mind.

    To be honest I see lots of students like me that are always with a cup of coffee in their hands, they go and buy them consistently during the day, I see them spill it from time to time and it’s really a problem. The way you use a tool is essential, don’t let the tool use you. I have my addictions as well which I am trying to solve out they are just in other aspects of life.

    Reminder: You can develop an addiction to anything, it just happened to be caffeine, work consistently on it and the payoffs will show.

  • He sounds like he is f**jed up on Caffein, he cannot even talk a normal sentence! I drink Turkish coffee & I recommend it very highly!.

  • I sometimes kick my legs so hard when I sleep, that I wake myself up �� �� buying myself some caffeine free coffee now, to trick myself…

  • i needed to hear this i dont know if i am the only one but i suffer from hyperhidroses and when i drink coffe i start to sweat extremly bad it was so hard for me to quiet even if i had a strong reason to i dont know why this happens but i notice when i dont drink coffe i dont sweat that much vs when i drink coffee i start to sweat extemly the minute i drink coffe and its very bad for my nerve system so i think no matter how hard it will but i will never drink coffe from now on i chosse matcha oder green tea but i did not get off coffe now i have enough reasons to stay away from coffee…..now people dont understand why somone dosent want to drink coffe because i dont want to explain it….its kind of the norm to drink coffee

  • 2 weeks off caffeine so far; a coach of mine inspired me to go off caffeine and sugar. So far, so good. I’m taking L-Theonine and an Gaia adrenal health capsule to help. I’ve ordered Lion’s Mane and Lithium Oroate to try also. My goal is to get off everything addictive.

  • I quit drinking coffee after I found out I had stomach ulcers and my energy had been more steady rather than many ups and downs. But I do miss the taste of if sometimes

  • I decided to comment when you asked if viewers would quit after watching this or keep drinking. I decided to give it a break on May 31. My delivery of coffee beans was delayed, and I started getting the most incredible headache I’ve ever had. So I realized if this is what happens when I’m deprived, I should stop. I’ve always loathed the idea of being addicted something. So I needed to stop.

    The first two days I had the worst symptoms. I woke up the second day shaking, a splitting headache that was so bad I vomited. The whole day I felt hot and then I would get cold and start shaking. Then about mid day an overpowering need to sleep overcame me. Almost blind with tiredness. Luckily I’m working from home so I just crashed on my bed.

    Today is the 6th day and the first day without a headache. I did feel a need for sleep at midday but not as bad. I think I’m beginning to settle into a circadian rhythm. Last night was the first time in a long time I actually felt like I cold go to sleep at a normal time. Usually I’d be up until 2am.

  • You are right!. I’m actually working on managing my heart rate for long distance running to increase endurance. (I am new to running)

    More people needs to watch this great video.

    Thanks for sharing:)

  • I quit about 1.5-2 months ago however it wasn’t cold turkey. I’d usually have some once or twice a week because I work a physical job and have to be done by a certain time. Two weeks ago I started again and definitely regret it! Anxiety comes back, mood swings, and no more steady energy! I’m off the next two days and will be quitting again starting right now!

  • Normal people: drinks hot coffee at work or home

  • Here because i made dalango coffee, but I accidentally put 5 tablespoon’s of instant coffee instead of 2… Im very hyper and ive been talking nonstop for 2 hours… Too a cat. Help me.

  • Thank you for sharing such a Thumbs up video, you both had Me, Smiling, I tried stopping my one Cup of Coffee and it seemed like all the Coffee Shops started appearing before my Eyes, ����, Have a Wonderful, Day, sincerely, Diana Lipski ��

  • Cortisol is a major problem for man for testosterone you cant boost your testosterone levels without fixing cortisol!!!’ This is science son-in man its a problem, and believe or not but cortisol boosters are flaxseed, soy and few more besides if you have withdrawal from coffee and you have so its a drug!!! You don’t have withdrawals from broccoli or kale or some good food or water, think about:)

  • I had atrial fibrillation. My body was rejecting caffeine.
    Now I avoided as much as possible.
    I can drink as much decaf as I want. And I think I’m doing a lot better now.

  • For the average adult male of average weight and height, 400mg is the most you can have safely in one day. Any more and you could suffer heart problems or even heart failure. 1g or more WILL kill you, that being 10 cups of coffee or roughly 5 to 7 energy drinks. Never go over the limit set on an energy drink can by the way, it’s not the caffeine but the vitamins and taurine that will cause liver problems, heart problems and digestive issues. Children and, if you have no morality, infants, can have caffeine, just in small doses. For children 13 and up its 2.5mg of caffeine to 1kg of body weight. Those 6 to 13 go by a similar rule but only should only have 60-80mg per day, so 1 bottle of coke. Hope this helps clarify some things!

  • Important words “too much coffee” plus energy drinks which is different story. I drink 2 cups a day, I do not do it for energy just because it tastes great. Have no problems with sleep or energy. Wake up in the morning energetic enough, do some stuff, work for few hours and only then have breakfast with cup of fresh ground coffee.

  • I’m doing this right now I’ve switched all my drinks to water with the occasional orange juice or apple juice. I’m on day 5 and my skin is starting to clear up for the first time in months. I guess all the water is doing something. However I miss coffee so much:(

  • Just stand back and take a look at yourself and your habits from a third person view,
    right now I’m battling coffee using weed for headaches and relaxing
    But after 10 days, I’ll cut off weed
    And just drink water��(want a clean mind)
    need my cash for my (VAN REPAIRS)

  • Since quitting caffeine 2 + weeks ago I have gotten zero sleep in these 2 weeks. In so beyond frustrated. I never had an issue sleeping while on caffeine for all those years but now I can’t sleep wtf should I do?

  • So i recently quit coffee (two weeks ago). I was never a big coffee drinker. Just one cup in the morning and sometimes one cup in the afternoon too. But i still noticed unwanted effects sometimes, like feeling a little jittery and agitated. Also, sometimes a pressure on my chest. I feel a lot better without coffee. But… I do drink green tea every morning now. Of course, there’s caffeine in that too. Would you say it is better to quit caffeine altogether, so also no tea anymore? Or is (green) tea not that bad? I feel much better drinking tea than coffee, but to be honest, i even feel a bit anxious after drinking tea sometimes… And i still sort of depend on it to wake me up in the mornings. People say green tea is so healthy, but i’m not sure…

  • I quit three weeks ago. Here’s the list of positives.
    Only need 6 8 hours of sleep (whereas before I needed 10-12 to be fully rested)
    I dream the entire time I sleep now
    Peeing less frequently (No more extreme needs to piss or weird bladder pain)
    Sweat doesn’t smell rancid anymore
    Got morning wood back and sex drive increased
    Steady energy all day (no crashes)
    Less food cravings
    Steady zenn like calm instead of episodes of literal psychotic rage ( I think caffeine is the cause of many peoples anger issues)
    No more anxiety (again I think caffeine is a source of anxiety)
    only downside is that I had to go through two weeks of savage depression (aka drug withdrawal)

  • Thanks for the good video. I am now 7 days free from caffeine and already feeling better, i also was drinking about 4-6 cups a day and sometimes less..i have not quit caffeine longer than 4,5 months in the last 35 years. I did many attempts but i now it’s bad stuff for me.
    The first 3 days i was very down and highly irritated. Now it’s getting better and got that old-skool good feeling back and i really want to quit now. Sleep is getting better and i am more relaxt, also other people noticed that.

  • Battling withdrawal right now.. The good thing is. Its quarantine.. Its okay to be lazy all day.. Badside is.. Got headache every noon.. Like someone is throwing stones inside my head.

  • Great video and something I have been considering for a few months now. I LOVE my coffee (have since I was a kid!!), so it will be hard, but I did once get it down to 1 a day (usually have 3-6 a day!)… Back in college, I was having 10-20 small cups a day from the vending machine!!!! Did you just quit cold turkey? Or did you taper it down? I also used to get restless legs almost daily to the point I’d have to get up, stretch and do a squatting workout! Now I get it a few times a month.

  • I’m also preparing some coffee. Am I doing it alright? Do you mind to check it? Thanks!


  • my experience:
    day 1: quit
    day 2.: feeling normal
    day 3: headache by 10 am (Advil is your friend)
    day 4: massive headache at 1 am (Advil is your best friend)
    day 5: coast is clear…

  • I drink coffee, but I stay away from energy drinks. I knew a co worker who would drink a cooler full of monster drinks daily. Talk about a BB in a barrel!

  • I have never understood the American addiction to coffee. It’s such a mind-numbing substance.

    Fortunately I can’t use coffee because I’m a headache-sufferer due to bruxism, so caffeine makes the headaches way worse. And like the bruxism implies, I’m also an anxiety sufferer, and strong caffeine makes that worse too.

    And I’m also an insomniac…

    I drink nothing stronger than Gyokuro green tea, which tastes amazing and comes with the far healthier psychoactive anti-stress compound theanine. Green tea has only half the caffeine content of black tea, and that low caffeine level is perfect for me.

  • Coffee is horrible for adrenals and the mental state-If need energy do veggies and fruit and healthy fats…good sensible diet low in sugar..

  • If you don’t have ADD/ADHD stay away from coffee unless it’s a one off day. And even then, pair it with L-theanine to give yourself a clear and smooth effect

  • Coffee is a drug…like cocaine….I went off it and had a headache for 3 days after going off it. Nothing should make you feel like that…Best thing to do is replace caffeine with fruits and veggies for energy…no crashes….happen with that and you don’t get all racy and irritable. Coffee also messes up your attention span. You don’t realize how stupid you are until you leave it alone…I cut back on mine and do not use it for energy..I do it more for leisure if I do it. You have to change why you take it…But do not take coffee for energy…

  • Ive been struggling to quit coffee for the last 6 months after having adrenal issues but it seems life is even harder without it..its like survival juice for some of us ��

  • Never any anxiety or headache issues. I quit drinking coffee because it made me too regular in the mornings, and I couldn’t leave my first hour class every day halfway through. That, and it’s hard on your stomach if your stomach is already overly acidic like mine is.

  • Caffeine causes me total depression. I get a short high, and then I’m so down. Life seems hopeless. I’m sluggish, tired, in a dream state, annoyed, I can’t relax EVER, I can’t make a decision and stick to it, I’m a mean person on caffeine actually arguing in my mind all day long, and it just sucks the happiness out from my life. Coffee is poison. I’ve had months where I’m off and I feel amazing. Life is truly beautiful. I notice all the positive things in life. I just can’t shake this slippery slope. I always get back on the wagon. I haven’t touched pre workout drinks in 5 years. I quit “energy” drinks 4 years ago. Coffee is just so hard to break free from. I need to talk to someone. I want this shit gone from my life for good.

  • This dude consuming 500mg day brudah that’s your problem man. Shit creates a mental separation between working and not working effectively. If you’re going to be consuming you should know the science and the drawbacks but it’s absolutely a tool that if properly taken advantage of can work great. I used to cycle on and off of it and have also gone through many long term periods where I didn’t use it, I’ve recently moved to daily use because despite the drawbacks I felt It would probably be best specifically for me.

    6:37 Caffeine blocks specifically adenosine, so yes you’re right here but it could be interpreted as all chemicals that regulate your wakefulness are effected by caffeine but it’s only one of the systems that are directly linked to wakefulness that is effected. Also, it doesn’t predominantly release tiger chemicals what the hell that’s a very different profile of chemical responses.

    7:40 Calling tolerance debt is kinda a nasty representation of reality. You do build a tolerance and require more caffeine to feel the same effects but you still feel the effects because you aren’t constantly using, you will be more tired when you don’t have caffeine absolutely but when on caffeine you will effectively be taking the wakefulness you don’t have there and reallocating it to when you have caffeine.

    8:30 Yuh stress bad u right fair point. The social anxiety shit I’d love to see backed past an anecdote because that could be problematic to those prone to social anxiety and is probably something that should be taken into consideration when using caffeine regularly. Although having a baseline dopamine response can actually help people to enjoy activities that aren’t super easy to enjoy like working out which can for a lot of people give a fairly negative response to the point where they throw in the towel for the day because they didn’t have enough baseline positive stimulation to keep them going. Caffeine can be used as a tool to get you to do the things you want to do or even enjoy doing that may be fairly stressful.

    Ok, I can’t spend any more time doing this I have to actually go do shit ggs tho.

  • I don’t like coffee, and I see how it effects my mom and my sister, so I think I’m never gonna drink it. They are both so tired, unproductive, and rude when they don’t have it at least once in a day. It’s almost like an addiction. I don’t want to be addicted to anything when I’m older so..

  • I went two weeks and then relapsed, now I’m back to two coffees a day. No matter how true all his claims are, there’s no doubt that it’s addicting af.

  • Had he really completed this challenge then he would have experienced a couple of benefits at least and the withdrawal symptons would gradually diminish. He obviously avoided criticizing coffee either to justify his addiction or to please his sponsor… I mean friend.

  • I dont plan on permanently quitting but I want to remove all of the negative chemicals from my body. I quit drinking booze a bout a month ago, now im trying alcohol.

  • I feel lucky that I’ve never really gotten addicted to caffeine since I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks. I even stopped drinking soda years ago!

  • as a child i loved coffee.. now as an adult im concerned about the ingredients in my foods and drinks, especially caffeine.. i love uncaffeinated soda and beverages

  • I tried to quit cold turkey, boy was that a bad idea. Now I’m just slowly reducing my intake. Down to 8oz a day and that’s coming from 24oz or more a day.

  • It’s A very addictive DRUG. if people just missed coffee there’s solid decaf available. It is NOT the same. Because there’s no DRUGS in there!

  • Excellent Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered Saankramer Life Card System (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got amazing results with it.

  • I always have a latte first thing in the morning before working. Doesn’t seem like a ton of caffeine, but as soon as I stopped that my energy and motivation plummeted. Especially day 2 after quitting, I was insanely sleepy.

  • lmao it’s crazy how you have to make a video about quitting caffeine for 30 days and then there’s me who doesn’t drink coffee or soda or anything that has caffeine at all because i hate the taste of it and i always have

  • You didn’t really go that much into the why… What you seem to forget here is that there are actually more upsides than downsides to drinking coffee… if you do it right. A healthy use of coffee would be (according to my understanding) a maximum of about 2-3 cups per day, don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach (so breakfast first), and only drink coffee before like 2 PM or so. Some sources say 4 PM, i’m not sure. These days I go by 2 PM. Also, since it does dehydrate, make sure to drink a enough hydrating beverages like water too. And lastly, try to spread the drinking out over time because gulping down two or more cups in like 30 minutes leaves you with a bigger-than-necessary dip in energy. What I do myself to automatically circumvent that issue is pouring extra water per cup so it naturally takes longer to drink the same amount of coffee particles as otherwise. This only works if you don’t mind a bit less strong flavour though. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • No matter how much coffee i drink it doesnt affect me anymoree
    I started to drink coffee when i was 6 so i guess its because of that?? Im not very sure

  • Coffee LITERALLY increases life expectancy scientific fact. Multiple studies with millions of participants.
    E.g. dx.doi.org/10.7326/M16-2945

  • I tried drinking coffee atleast 2 or 3 times a week and hated it. A fast heart rate sucks, I dont want to feel like I just did a bump of blow every morning.

  • Usually i sleep a lot when quitting caffeine but while todays withdrawal caused the usual tiredness, instead of sleeping i woke up instantly every time i fell asleep, it was so bad that after 5 hours i was even more tired and had to go brew coffee. So withdrawal can be very different even for the same person.