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We already know that one of exercise’s unintended consequences can be extra calories: “Exercise can increase the body’s production of appetite hormones, making some people feel ravenous after even a light workout and prone to consume more calories than they expended,” explains The New York Times. In other words: What better way to celebrate that. “If you just try to eat less and exercise more, most people will lose that battle. Metabolism wins,” says Ludwig. “Simply looking at calories is misguided at best and potentially harmful because it. Think of your next exercise workout as a “fun run” or as a well-deserved break, and you’ll eat less afterward.

Think of it as exercise or as a workout and you’ll later eat more dessert and snacks. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less and move more. Those are really your only two options.

You don’t necessarily have to count calories or start a formal exercise program, but your total calorie intake has to go down, and your movement levels have to go up. According to President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, less than 5 percent of adults actually participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day.We may start the year with positive fitness goals, which we eagerly follow up by heading to the gym and nibbling on celery sticks.However, we can often find our well-intentioned plans unraveling after just a few weeks. If you want to lose weight or get in shape, following a nutritious eating plan and a regular exercise program are the most effective ways to achieve your goals. Although it may be tempting to severely restrict your calories to help you lose weight faster, not eating can cause a variety of problems when you’re exercising according to TeensHealth.

Instead, you should focus on eating the complex carbs found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans. Whole grains have more staying power. Want to add some bounce and fun to your fitness routine?

Then urban rebounding may be for you! The low-impact cardiovascular workout uses a small trampoline to challenge your heart and your lower body in ways a treadmill or elliptical never could. Classes are offered at various gyms nationwide, so head to Google to find one near you. 1. Just eat to the style that suits you.

If you wnat to eat more on exercise days and less on others and you are eating an average of 1200+, then do that. 2. If you want to eat the same regardless of exercise then do TDEE. All you need to look at is your aggregate deficit over a period.

Instead, try following the 80/20 principle every day: 80 percent of what you eat should be healthy, nutritious, filling foods, but 20 percent of your calories can come from less-healthy foods that.

List of related literature:

That’s why I’ve designed a plan with a number of exercises and numerous meals to help you stay interested and motivated.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
by Phil McGraw
Bird Street Books, 2015

And fight the urge to eat more when your metabolism kicks up into overdrive.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
from The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades
by Pavel Tsatsouline
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So exercise so that you can stay in shape and still eat a little unhealthy food—only if you really have to.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
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Exercise can help you build muscle and lose body fat, suppress your appetite, eat more without gaining fat weight, enhance your mood, reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase your energy level, boost your immune system, keep your joints and muscles more flexible, and improve the quality of your life.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
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Or don’t eat for ages and then end up eating too much?

“Honestly Healthy: Eat with your body in mind, the alkaline way” by Natasha Corrett, Vicki Edgson, Lisa Linder
from Honestly Healthy: Eat with your body in mind, the alkaline way
by Natasha Corrett, Vicki Edgson, Lisa Linder
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This approach can actually lead to overeating and subsequent overweight.

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
from Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
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I’d rather just get more active and continue to eat well.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
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But on those occasions when you’re not going out, or there is nothing special planned and you’re not hungry, allow yourself to lose weight.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel
Simon & Schuster Australia, 2009

Nevertheless, millions of people remain desperate to get healthy, feel energetic, and lose excess pounds, so they rededicate themselves to the same old strategies but will be doomed once more to disappointment in the long run.

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
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But it’s worth the effort, because if you can change how you feel before you eat, then you’ll likely choose healthier meals.

“High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way” by Brendon Burchard
from High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way
by Brendon Burchard
Hay House, 2017

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  • For me it’s 80% discipline/habit, 15% reward, 5% motivation/willpower. I don’t run and exercise because I will always love doing it, I just do it like it is a routine thing that needs to be done (and hey, you get to have a nice body if you keep doing it.) I reward myself every so often by allowing myself some of my favorite foods (both healthy and unhealthy.) On days I don’t feel like I can push hard enough, I do light exercises for at least 30 minutes. On great days, I run and walk for an hour.

    Treat exercise like you do it everyday, if you can’t run because it is raining outside or it is 90 degrees+ outside, do light exercise or do exercises indoors that don’t require running, if your gym is closed because of the pandemic, look up ways to do bodyweight exercises until you get a home gym (if you can afford it or unless you aren’t allowed to.)

    Every so often, reward yourself for you hard work.

    Motivation and willpower will only take you so far. Maybe your goal is to run the 5k, what about after that? Will you just stop because your goal is accomplished?

    A person that does the same thing every day, whether he likes it or not, no matter the day of the week will go further than a person that only runs if he/she is motivated to run for the day.

  • You guys lost me with your advice to stay away from negative people. I hear this a lot on social media and from people in general. Very bad advice, it is a sign of a very weak personality. Negative people need our encouragement, in fact, they need it more than anyone. If we remove ourselves from negative people we pretty much leave them in a secluded place devoid of encouragement (a living hell so to speak). A well-adjusted person will not ignore a negative person but will instead listen to them and lead them to a more faithful and positive outlook on their life and on the world around them. We all need to stop being weak and afraid that negative people will bring us down. The truly strong and faithful people will survive negative communication and encourage those people who are plagued by it to become happier and more pleasant people. Don’t run from the challenge of communicating with negative people embrace it and share your joy with them for this is what the world really needs. Your thoughts…

  • Hi Natacha! I’m a high level competitive dancer and after completing at the world championships I found out I had to take minimum 4 months off training to heal the bones in my feet. After training so intensely for the past decade my bones have started to deteriorate. Obviously I want to get back to training and healthy ASAP but I have been putting a lot of stress and pressure on myself how I can possibly keep up with and continue to beat my competitors after not training for a third of the year. The information you said about muscle memory and multi nuclei really helped me feel better about getting back to training with a positive mindset. You have awesome, original videos, keep up the amazing work!!!! Thanks girl <3

  • hi natacha! thanks for sharing <3 ; i have a question.....is it possible to build muscle with just body weight exercises? thanks so much!!!

  • Don’t forget when you get home, there are dirty dishes in the sink from others in your household. There goes another glass into the bucket.

  • Hi guys! I have a 23 yr old son 6’3 220 lbs mechanic on his feet all day with back pain. Hes as stubborn as tall. What are a few things he could start doing at home every day to make his back feel better and core stronger without gym. Hes very Covid-19 careful. Thanks!

  • I am a HUGE fan of you both but would you please not refer to any politicians in your show? It adds stress when politicians are mentioned. ��

  • I would argue that cardio burns calories, anaerobic workouts or weight lifting builds muscles to burn calories later, but to say that exercise does not burn fat is wrong… aerobic workouts use the calories available and then goes into the fat calories… not just build muscles to burn fat later.

  • I quit snacks, fast food, chocolate and soft drinks c o m p l e t e l y this year and did very light exercise and lost over 20% of my body weight

    Best. Choice. Ever.

  • I use 5lb dumbbells with the intention of building my triceps and shoulders. I don’t give a shit about what others think of me in a gym.
    There’s no waste of any reps or sets whatsoever because Jeff taught me well.
    Really true about confident that Jeff is talking. If you have confident in a gym, you’ll have it in your life too.

  • I know this video is old but I am on a two week break for a small calf injury and today is the day I get to run again and this made me feel good about my break:)


  • Well-made but not particularly accurate and awfully perceptive.
    “Exercise makes you look better” is a fat-phobic opinion and not a fact.
    If exercise is paired with a caloric deficit does in fact cause weight loss, especially with regards to aerobic exercises. One generally only sees muscle gain with the integration of weights, not just the broad term coined “exercise”

  • This was very good. I myself need energy! Its a great idea to work out first thing in the morning, great tip. I have left the news alone, as well as the email. Paying bills can also be draining, and with a small business, it’s not easy either. I love your video’s.

  • I got my acne when I started working out.. Now after 2 weeks gym break I have no pimple and it’s not about cleaning my skin it’s hormonal acne. I get it on jawline. I read that it might be cortisol and testosterone levels that goes up when training so can you make a video about that?

  • Any curvy people out there, we all love love you. Any skinny people, love you to. And everyone in-between you’re perfect to.
    Steve out!

  • me: does a spring sport at school
    school: alright folks, 2 MONTH BREAK
    me: lazy for 2 weeks

  • This video is what we need in this stupid Corona Virus Pandemic right now lol! Anyone watching this again and getting the relief that you’re going to be ok while the gym is closed?

  • One thing I always notice when I start working out is a massive increase in confidence, just feeling fit and more productive has a great effect on self esteem

  • I love your experimental videos and that you actually research the info. But glycogen mostly stored in the liver and only about 2 % in the skeletal muscles. And the total amount of glycogen is about 350-400g in the whole body.

  • 0:50
    Narrator: mentions “The Power of Habit,” by Charles Duhigg.
    Me: cranes neck to look at a copy of the book on my table and stares at it suspiciously.

  • A Nap?!!! What world do you live in where you’re freed up to take a nap and watch the news in the same 24 hour period! Clearly someone else is cooking your dinner for you after their eight hour job. Anyone who has dependent children of any age has been up since 5 AM and wont hit the pillow till 10 PM. And those friends who excercise?….We avoid them and their oh so organized life! Not everyone works at a desk answering emails, why do you think we need physio?! I was excited about the “systems” concept but this didn’t enter in to the real world enough to be helpful.

  • I use to work out regularly but starting 2016 I’ve become a couch potato and ballooned into 140lb, overweight according to my BMI. I started working out again and eating cleaner the last week of May and now I’m at 125lb. It’s always tough at the beginning but don’t give up. Also don’t rush the process. I work out an average 30min 5 days a week and I occasionally eat my treats but within my 1200 calorie intake per day. I find this is the most sustainable for me to stick with. Don’t restrict or over fatigue yourselves too much that makes it easier to give up.

  • Hey Bob & Brad! Really good advice. There is one more reason to watch your videos. You are now also the ‘most famous mental therapists on the internet ‘
    In my opinion of course. ��������

  • The only reason people would pair food with bad events is habit they learned in life to eat or drink when feeling stressed people could just as well learn to pair bad events with good things.

  • bro i did this and gained back all the weight that i’ve lost because i wasn’t watching my diet BUT on the bright side, i got my period back after three months!

  • I have a problem with my auricularis anterior muscle (right in front of the ear) below the temporalis muscle its a swelling sensation with pressure and my jaw is always tight never relaxed is there any healing methods to this?

  • I would really love to get into the gym and start weight training but I just have no idea where to start and how to structure my workouts (I’ve never done weight training before) I have a bad relationship with food so I think with a good workout routine I’ll be able to feel comfortable eating more food but I’m just stuck rn:/ I want to be thinner but have lean muscle, just not bulky. Your body is exactly what I want to look like. Very beautiful and feminine yet you still look very fit and muscular and strong. Exactly what I want

  • I mostly, completely agree with you! Especially when adrenals are stressed it can slow or hault weight loss-and anything over mild to sometimes moderate exercise stresses them further. Weight is lost in the kitchen/at the table-not at the gym! In the past I have only ever lost weight watching what I eat-no amount of exercise ever solely led to shedding any. However, if someone has metabolic resistance and/or blood sugar issues from a sedentary lifestyle or other reasons (again like adrenal fatigue), their appetite can be out of control-especially for simple carbs. A bit of daily mild exercise-or sometimes moderate depending on health-can help regulate this blood sugar imbalance & curb those abnormally strong cravings & appetite-which can then help us lose weight since we can control our selves much better. I didn’t know any of this until I developed adrenal fatigue & couldn’t lose any weight (I only have vanity pounds to lose-about 10 to 20), and researched all of this. Love your channel!

  • Well, for most people it would be a huge step to exercise at all. They won’t achieve a contest physique, but they do something for their health and increase their metabolism. That’s quite alright.

  • I have a flat stomach when I flex it, but I deal A LOT with bloating…..and it’s frustrating me so bad. Because then I, and others can’t see my results and my abs if I don’t flex. Do you have any ideas what I could be or anything??

  • I now more than before love exercising after hearing its benefits, WOW am just amazed.Now am sure to exercise everyday for the love of it.You should try it too but be slow and easy on yourself if you are just a beginner or you’ll hate it,Trust me.

  • This put me at ease about taking a week off from the gym when I go on vacation at the end of July! In the middle of week 3 of Cut Reload and I am loving it.

  • YES!
    I enjoy listening to athletes and coaches talk. I love character building.
    This is so relevant,in my life,as I struggle with process and commitment inside the gym and out. I have always liked things “turn key.” Time to give it up. Seems you gotta be obsessed with the process,process oriented, to truly excel in life.
    Anyway,this is Jeff’s show,not mine. In agreement with this guy philosophically. Listening to this “pep talk”and the likes helps move the head knowledge outta the head and into action. Makes me want to do better! To me this is what a great coach does!

  • Since the lockdown was lifted in May here in Spain I’ve been going for an hours walk every morning. It’s about 4km and has turned my life around.
    I stopped looking at the news month’s ago.
    I use Utube and enjoy inspirational videos.
    Keep up the great work guys. I’ve always enjoyed your stiff.
    Remember everyone, it’s starts with small changes good luck in your new life’s.

  • Oh my god this teacher is so funny love it,u make me feel laugh when I try to rest and again I get energy by your words �� thankyou

  • Yes this video is true. Exercise has become my number 1 passion since this COVID 19 started and I’ve been stuck at home with no work. It’s gave me something to do and made me feel more happy about myself.

  • Thanks, Shannon, that’s one of the things I like about BLE: no exercise necessary (yet!). I’m the same Lenneke as Lenneke Plat (I’ve reacted to earlier vids of you recently), but I started this new channel (Len’s Healthy Life) today to record my weight loss/BLE progress. Ofcourse I subbed you on this channel too! Hugs & blessings, Lenneke

  • Yikes, that doesn’t happen to me I feel so tired, I have muscle ache, headache, pain in my neck, Sometimes I feel sad, yikes, why I’m not normal?

  • I hate that its so hard for me to see results on my body when other people doing the same workouts see it in less time. Ive always had a negative view on what a healthy body should be like and when i dont see results i feel like ill fall back into those habits.

  • Heey I’m in a very stressed situation right now and I just don’t know how to overcome it with the minimal damage in my body. I undereated and overexercised in the past 4 months, and now I’m in hospital and on a bed rest for a month now. Obviously I can’t exercise and if I’m going out of the hospital I don’t know where to start it again. I don’t know how much muscle I will lose and how much I can risk to do. I try to gain my weight back from protein (if that’s even possible) but really I don’t know barely anything about how to gain weight back without looking so puffy but without exercising at all. Some suggestions? By the way you’re one of the biggest inspirations for me to recover from an eating disorder but I’m reaaally scared of gain fat and I want to solve it a little

  • How the heck YouTube knows dat I started running???? Till yesterday no video recommendation for exercise but today YouTube recommended me dis,, hey YouTube do u have agent around my house??

  • I started working out when I was 15 years old and my weight was 52 kg now I’m sixteen and my weight is 61 kg, is that good for November to September? I’m 1m83 cm

  • Hey my friends!! Back in London now and wanted to share some of the findings behind detraining, muscle loss, fat gain & more! Lots of love xx

  • Totally love your channel. I am happy I have found your videos cause I was about to start keto diet and do lots of cardio. Now I try to eat overall healthy and have started resistance training. Lots of love!

  • I started working out about a month ago and my god has it worked wonders for my mood, my body, everything! I feel like I digest my food easier and I don’t bloat as much, probably because I’m eating slightly cleaner too, I’ve lost 1 and a half inches on my waist but I’ve gained weight in muscle just from doing Chloe Tings booty programme with resistance bands and doing runs 3 times a week, my body looks more toned, my posture has improved and I’m generally a lot happier! My period cramps are so much better than before I started working out too. It’s hard to get the motivation to start but honestly guys GO FOR IT! No matter what you’ll feel so proud of yourself for getting into a routine and sticking to it, and other good habits will follow along with it ��❤️

  • Can someone please help and tell me how many calories does this burn if i do it twice continuously. My weight is 91 kg height 5.1 feet and age is 25. Thankyou in advance

  • For the first 2 weeks, you will FEEL IT.
    After 2 more months, you will SEE IT.
    After 4 months and counting, you will HEAR IT. (from the other’s seeing you)

  • hey so you really inspire me to work harder for the body i want by such as eating healthy, and by working out. i work out my legs 3 days a week with weights and in between those 3 days i work out my arms with weights yet i haven’t worked out in 5 days is that gong to affect me? i’ve been working out for probably about 2 months going into 3 months

  • You skipped # 3. I’m definitely a creature of habit, and an introvert, but with exercise I just won’t get out of bed unless I need to meet someone and they are waiting for me. Whatever works! <:O)


  • So refreshing to see someone talk about stuff like this! I.m very grateful I found your channel. Thank you for bringing normality to fitness and food mindset

  • You have to get rewards from your efforts a lot of people don’t get rewards from their efforts and that is why it appears willpower didn’t work.

  • Thanks so mucho for share. Could you please,to make a video.,the way we should lift heavyweight, the best way to bend. I have 4 herniated disc 2 up, and 2 down back. Thanks again

  • The radio/TV news is horrendous propaganda. So hard to escape it here in the UK. 3 mins every hour on BBC radio, even on catch-up?!

    Will-power is no match for good habits. Like work v play.

  • “you won’t see results after a month”

    If that isn’t the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. If you stick with exercise and a diet for a month, you’ll definitely see a difference and feel it

  • Exercise has to be turned into a habit, same as any healthy behavior intended to be a regular part of one’s life (such as eating healthy, good hygiene, etc). So maybe some willpower at the start. But as William James wisely pointed out, it would be greatly beneficial to get all the stuff you should be doing anyway into the habit category to free your mind for better things. Working out, like going to work, should not be something you have to force yourself to do. You should just naturally do it w/o thinking too much about it. If you can’t get it to that point within a relatively short timeframe (I forget the length of time it takes to make a habit, but it isn’t too long in the grand scheme), you have maybe misdesigned your workout, or something else is wrong.

  • I’m not a morning person. I have a stressful job. I get home at 6pm, put on my exercise clothes, and work out. It’s a habit. It helps with stress and sleep. I don’t feel right if I don’t exercise.









  • This is super interesting and informative! I’m so hard of myself when I have to skip a workout. It’s very rare that I skip one so I really shouldn’t stress. How much cortisol am I creating in my body by stressing about NOT working out? ��

  • Can you do a silence explained for how different types of training have different or similar results and the best training methods for toning

  • Discover the Secret West African Red Tea Proven to Stop Hunger Cravings in Their Tracks & Help You Shed One Pound of FAT Every 72 Hours! http://bit. ly/2ULKb0A

  • Have kids? Empty the entire jug of red fluid onto the floor, then break the glass cups, then start a fire on the counter. Then clean it all up. Then do the same thing tomorrow.

  • Yes! Why is this so hard for people to accept? I suspect it’s because focusing on exercise allows them to eat junk with the caveat they will burn it off later.

  • woohoooo.. so beautiful and easy. This is the first time for me on the channel and I choose this video as I found it the easiest with few steps to remember and do. I enjoyed it so much. I hope you can make more “easy level” videos specially for beginners. Lots of love form Egypt.

  • what with those people that say they have irritable bowel syndrome and are not able to consume enough food? I have a hard time accepting it, as I see it as a mental thing in relation to food, but people that belive this cant be persuaded by my oppinion.

    edit: I mean, I feel that if you were to throw them into a 4 week military style boot camp in the woods where they had to do hellweek kinds of things, then they surely would start to appreciate food, right?

  • Im so sick of being weak
    All my life i was thinking that sport just isn’t for me
    I will try to make fist steps in exercising, i don’t want anymore to suffer every time i run or something…..

  • My problem is that when I think to do exercise I did exercise for few day then idk y suddenly how I became lazy n now I’m unable to do exercise cozz I’m getting sleep all the time when I’m gonna do exercise so what should I do I really can’t able to understand n I really want to do exercise but I’m unable n this is pissing me a lot so pls say what should I do��������������

  • THANK YOU!!!! I have always thought this and when I started eating better I was always chastised for not exercising. So of course I would then start and the whole thing would blow up in my face! This time I’m doing it my way! I’m getting those pounds off first before I even worry about substantial exercise! Besides as the weight comes off I find I can walk further and longer in just doing my everyday life. That’s a benefit right there! Oh my goodness thank you for sharing! Take care!! ��

  • I had to lay in bed for 2 WEEKS because I was very sick and weak. Exercising was horrible..I felt like I couldn’t do anything..realized that I might be addicted to exercising now:|

  • You’re so beautiful! Thank you for this. I took a week off and had to look up muscle loss after not working out. Lol! I was worried ������‍♀️

  • Hey Bob &Brad I have a question my shoulder got dislocated 4 years ago and it would recurrent dislocate randomly over time it would happen less and less but it doesn’t feel completely normal I went to a chiropractor who told me my shoulder was pushed forward he put it into place whatever but my shoulder and elbow still pop with certain movements just on my injured left side still does not feel as stable as my other arm although it’s been a good 9 months since the last time it happened but like I said still doesn’t feel stable like my other arm I mean has improved significantly do you think with time it’ll recover any recommendations

  • Me too! For sooooo long I just thought something was wrong with my, until I started hearing from other people that they don’t lose weight with exercise either.

  • Body image & self-image are so damn related! The Fitness Marshall videos have helped me so much to come back into shape inside & out…. Thank u so much Sir!

  • Dear Jeff
    If i have posture problems
    What should i do? Stop focusing develop the muscle until the body os fixed? Or should i modify my traing along the fixing exercises?

    Love to hear back from you

  • Pretty sure the amount of nucei in cells doesn’t increase, every cell has one (with a few exceptions). maybe you meant mitochondria? or cells dividing (so more cells and therefore nuclei overall?

  • I Love this guy… in a hetero way…. like the brother I never had…. Jeff I used to be in top shape was agile limber and followed Bruce Lee like a mad man… seriously! You ever look at an older picture and go “what the hell happened to that guy… I don’t even feel like I know him… What did he know that I lost or forgot somehow? He was so carefree and full of confidence” And then you look in the mirror and all of a sudden everything comes into focus…. You say “I know what happened…. he got lazy… he started letting people push him around and treat him like a doormat… He stopped feeling worthy and stared to feel like success was maybe something other more qualified people deserved…….” BULLSHIT!!! Get up right now and get off your ass and start doing something about it… life is not easy… it never was and aint ever gonna be… Lets do this… so I went out and bought a felling axe walked my determined happy ass out into my land that ached to be cleared… cant afford a tractor at the moment and so I started to think about how all those me like my grandpa of the old days were so strong in comparison to todays generation and all the inspirational thoughts started to emerge…. Before we had things like we have them today we were hunter gatherers and hunter gatherers didn’t have a fridge or a store to just go get food or goods….. Uhh uhh we were farming reaping and hunting and sometimes we didn’t eat…. so I let go off all the nonsense I read in muscle magizines  and the like about eat eat eat… I Eat one hefty meal a day (Supper) sand I snack sparingly on things like oats with honey… peanut butter on wheat toast or fruits and veggies…. so back to the land… I headed out and started clearing trees.. the first one like to kill me… I was winded but then it got a little easier and a little easier… then I placed focus on ab and body weight routines and weights I could actually feel… I let go of my ego… I limbered back up…. I weighed 220 and am now down to 204… my goal is 190 @14% body fat… I achieved that 16 lb loss in 3 months by altering my state of mind and brother my confidence is through the roof… I fell in love with your vids and you inspire me… I respect you because you know what your talking about… It is my firm belief that a man who practices what he preaches has a magical impact on the people he encounters… Thank you Jeff… I only have one question… what is that rack your walking around with all the bars on top called?.. I want one and if its expensive Ill build one. I admire the shape and fitness of the American Ninja Warriors… Handling your own bodyweight like a boss.

  • I was always in competitive sports growing up and have done my fair share of agility and speed training over those years. I had never done much for lifting weights though. Here and there but no dedicated time. It just wasn’t stressed to us in our athletic programs, girls programs specifically, or at home. I did play some college volleyball but nothing too serious. We lifted for reps not for weight mostly. I’m now far enough into a military career that I might as well ride it out until retirement. Having recently returned, I spent 10 months deployed in Honduras and over those 10 months I lifted weights nearly every day but really hit it about 2-3 times per week. I’d mix in distance or sprints. Sometimes kind of a hiit workout. I’d alternate days for different muscle groups. I was trying to work on my nutrition based on what muscle groups I was planning on working over the next few days. It was amazing. I felt amazing. Stronger and more energized than I’d ever felt. It was during this period that I’d started to watch your videos.
    Being home has had it’s downfalls, more of inconveniences really. For one… I have to cook my own food now… (I actually like to cook) and with a considerably lower selection available at all times. I also don’t have a gym a quarter mile down the street. Not to mention there is now snow outside compared to the constant high 70 degree F weather…
    With these excuses… I unfortunately have not been exercising and certainly not lifting nearly as often as before.
    Anyways… listening now to your explanation of what is happening to my muscles over this break period and the other reasons as to why my body may feel like death my first couple workouts gives me a bit more rationality I can feed myself when I am not feeling up for it yet. Mind over Matter, I suppose.
    All in all… I want to say that I really appreciate the knowledge that you share and the energy that you put into your videos. I believe we are the same age and I find your work to be very respectable as well as inspirational. Keep keeping it classy and keep having fun! I love your work.
    Thank you Natacha!
    Happy New Year!!!!
    Cool last name btw

  • I hate telling people I’m exercising, they say “you’re already skinny…what are you trying to get skinnier.” Or “you already have abs.” Truth is I’m so out of shape I can barely do anything. I have a naturally lean and fit body with muscles etc. that I didn’t work for. Its natural. There was some change on the outside, but what’s even more important is that I feel more healthy and fit on the inside.

  • In 2010, Evan Carter, then a graduate student at University of Miami, was one of the first to challenge Baumeister’s findings. Carter looked into a meta-analysis of nearly two hundred experiments that concluded ego depletion was real. Upon closer inspection, he discovered that the meta-analysis showed a publication bias; studies that had produced contradictory evidence were not included. When factoring in the results of those studies, he concluded there was no firm evidence supporting the ego-depletion theory.

  • when a saw the videos i thoug ohh!!! its very easy!!!����.. but its not hahahaha.. i love the music that use in your videos ❤ greettings from patagonia, Chile����

  • Due to holidays I had 3 weeks off training and also overate during that time. Yesterday’s training felt like hell, except the bench press everything felt heavy and especially I felt weak and fat. Thank you SO much for this video and also for the 1 week overeating video (watched that one before). Need to get back on track with normal eating, I think I will feel better.

  • any chance you can do a video on what happens when you can’t exercise because you’re sick and ARE on bed rest? (maybe next time you’re sick)

  • Im sorry but motivation temporary? Every decision you make in life is a choice. Its called self discipline. There is no limit to willpower sorry! If you cant control your own mind than you will be miserable.

  • I had been doing HIIT, cardio and weight training for months now 4 to 5 days a week about an hour a day including my morning yoga. Did a really tough full body strength training hiit workout and killed my back on Sunday. It is now Thursday, I have only done light yin yoga in the morning to stretch and I lost 4 pounds!!! Like wth I would kill myself with the weights and cardio and dieting to lose weight and then here I stop it all and lost more pounds in a few days than I would in an entire month. I’m chalking it up to inflammation, cortisol and water weight because my diet didnt change at all just no workouts. Crazy how that works.

  • HI JEFF! I really hope you get to see this. I’m in the process of becoming a personal trainer, its my biggest passion, I love to train and educate people about a fit and healthy lifestyle. I look up to you a lot and I’d like to let you know how inspiring and motivational you are, since I’ve started listening to your advice, my time the gm has changed completely, I now have a purpose when I enter the gym and its an amazing feeling. I feel as if I finally have control of my fit life. Thank you for taking the time to posts free contents like these, I appreciate it very much. Hope you have a nice day! -Yenifer

  • I have a rotator cuff injury and going on my second week without my normal training. It’s not a tear as I still have full mobility just lots of soreness but getting better. Anyhow, I was concerned about losing the gains that I’ve been working so hard to achieve these past few months but you honestly put me at ease. Thanks for content and shoutouts from Chicago. Godspeed.

  • Não consigo entender a maior parte das palavras que fala RS
    Ou é o sotaque bastante carregado ou é a velocidade que fala.
    Mas seu canal é muito interessante, bjs

  • I’ve been exercising more to lower my resting heart rate. However, I feel like I’ve been in a lose-lose situation lately. My RHR goes up the day after a workout and then falls a bit for a few days but goes up again. So if I don’t work out, my RHR will go up, but if I do workout, it still goes up.

  • I’m praying to God for those who are affected by the fire and earthquake praying to God to protect them and animals and their homes and property will be safe praying for everyone everyday God bless you all ��

  • Praying a Rosary every day helps me! And I pray for you both. Thank you so much for your help. I’m using help from your ab video today. Helped my back! Thank you!

  • Peanut butter is My Kryptonite. Every time I walk in the kitchen I have to say peanut butter is not your friend as I stick my finger in the jar and eat it..
    No willpower

  • I love listening to your scientific breakdowns of things, please write a book about everything you know. Seriously, 10/10 would purchase! xo

  • i can’t even say how awesome your videos are! not only are your workouts really easy to do in an apartment or somewhere where your space is limited, but you make sure that we all know you’re a regular human too that bloats and loses motivation sometimes! it’s incredible tobe able to see that perspective from someone we all look up to and to be able to know that what we see on youtube and Instagram from loads of people isn’t the everyday reality. Thank you so much!!!!

  • I lose weight very slowly, but I haven’t given up. It will take me at least another year to get my goal. It helps with my depression.��
    A nurse told me a few years ago, I would never lose weight, but obviously, I didn’t care for her opinion.

  • I mean thing about will power is that its really just good to help you get out there and go workout. Thats what the will power is for.

  • I’m Skinny and exercising for me is hard
    1st week
    Rather than feel enjoy my body adjusted a lot and my body feels that I can’t do it anymore but I still give a try next week

    2nd week
    My body still didn’t get use to exercising I’m hella exhausted all the time

    3rd week
    I see some small improvement my muscles on my shoulder becomes a little but harder and this time I can do 15 25 push ups which I can’t even do 2 before

    4th week
    Well this is my forth week my body is still adjusting but not as worst at my first week and I can see some improvement on my body my chest looks a little bit bigger I guess
    ( I only do this 5 times a week and 35 mins everytime I exercise )

  • Once I skipped a day of not working out and I felt horrible lmao like “IM SUCH A ALAZY POTATO SACK OMG” so inmake sure to never miss a day. Besides, I always feel amazing after a workout, like more energized and fulfilled

  • Guys can anybody help me �� I’ve exercised enough to not feel tired while doing my daily exercise routine, but I don’t necessarily want to have to do an hour more of exercise each day:( any advice??

  • YES! Giving myself permission to just focus on food has really helped. That said, I still do 10-30 minutes of yoga every day (but mostly for my mental health). Thanks for this reminder, Shannon.

  • Came here from Greg Doucette’s review of your video(s). Thank you for addressing subjects that I’ve always had suspicions about. Like that in one meal there’s no way the body can make use of all the excess protein and nutrients or store all the excess calories as fat. And it’s important to prioritize other things in life when there is a time crunch but try to bring fitness back into the routine at some point. Or stay warmed up with reduced fitness routines.

  • Thanks so much for this Jeff, this is my 3rd day in a row of eating chinese and I don’t plan on stopping. Eating noodles with intent!

  • This is crap. Sheer Willpower will get you through more than you realize. Willpower gets you up off your ass or out of bed to go work out. Willpower can get you through that 1 more drop set or even last rep.
    No disrespect to Bob and Brad they are the best physical therapists on the internet. But I totally 100% disagree that willpower dosen’t help you.

  • At first, I wanted to disagree because I do random stuff, but then as you kept on going, I had to agree. I already have all the muscle mass I ever wanted. I just want to cut and keep my strength. I only do weights so that I stimulate my muscles (very heavy); while most of my time is on cardio. So when I walk into the gym, I decide what to do based on what muscle isn’t sore that day. Then the rest, is just my cardio. I guess I can use Jeff’s advice if I wanted to gain mass/strength again.

  • I eat alot… And tbh I jus don’t have strength to do exercise… like I have a goal I wanna do it… But I need strength… And I…. Can’t����IDK…. oK

  • My problem is already being heavy, excersizing near people is embarrassing. People make fun of a fat person excersizing. Even if they shouldn’t, they do.

  • What if moving from one piece of equipment to another IS my intent? Like working on arm build for a couple of minutes then the treadmill then leg press?

  • This is absolute truth. I go to Planet Fitness because it is what I can afford at the moment, and I see soon many people so relaxed and going about their workout without intent. That is the only reason my fitness goals were never met in the past. I had no intention behind why I was at the gym. I had no goals. This time I have decided on my goals with the overall goal of being fit for my family so I canshow them the way.

  • Love the straight talk.
    But, you don’t have a program to get prepared for a program. The program picker on the site told me, basically, to go watch the multitude of videos and come back when I could do a couple pull ups.
    And, I appreciate that.
    Unfortunately, lack of direction has one floating from trying to strengthen the rotator cuff to fixing posture to attempting a fat burn sequence.
    I hope that you keep producing videos. It’s just that the volume of great information is sometimes overwhelming.

  • You Just Remaind Me That I’m Doing Everything Fucking Right!, I Have My Mind Always Focus On What I’m Going To Train And Always Do My Best, Thanks For Your Words Coach Jeff!

  • People seem to have an odd. Orion of what willpower is it’s habit and having goals thr more you make something a habit, the more you are likely to do it again and gain rewards from it.

  • This video actually motivated me to exercise and take care of myself. Right now, I’ve been doing home workouts for 30 minutes and yoga for 10 minutes, everyday for two weeks and I actually feel good about myself! I rarely have sad thoughts. Sure, I may not see physical changes yet but I already feel motivated and happy everyday. The miracle of exercise!

  • Great video. Nice and professional. It has to be said that its appreciated when the narration voice is professional, not stuttering, not saying, “Uh and Um” constantly. (that is so annoying)

  • What I need to sort out is I go to a small gym and every day there is the same 2 guys on the benches that I need or by the squat rack. So I go with intent on wanting to work chest and can’t so have to find something else to use. It is annoying but I guess I can still work the same muscles for that day, just on something else.

  • What about moderate exercise? Like walking, barre classes? I love how I feel after doing those activities. I don’t feel like Im run down either. Still working on weight loss through BLE-Month 2-thx for info!

  • THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MY FRIEND DOES. Alwasy when I’m at the gym with him he wants to do random stuff while i have everything planned out. I stopped going with him to the gym because he is so annoying.

  • ok dude one thing you have to change!!!! the volume out your intro and outro music. its like watching regular tv with the commercial vol boost.

  • SO IMMENSELY HELPFUL!! I just took a week off and this video just completely cured my anxiety about it completely, thank you so much

  • I can sleep at the drop of a hat. I do my workout early morning every day. My work is 10 minutes away. I don’t drink or smoke. Most importantly I watch Bob and Brad. They’re the most famous physical therapists on the internet. Don’t you know. Right where’s that whole nut chocolate bar.

  • Having a plan is so important wether it’s made for you or made yourself I never would lost 40kg in 28 weeks and maintain it 20 weeks, so far, without a plan a goal
    Love your vids mate love from Australia

  • I’m on a vacation in Africa for 1 month and half, and It’s such a mental pain for me not working out. But at the same time, i am giving myself a break

  • Great Words… Yes, it is a very effective way to first think about the goal you want to achieve. I’m now your fan, Jeff. Keep it up, and thank you for delivering these powerful words. ������

  • i have no words I’ve never seen such a great and motivational guy like you jeff you always gave me hope and motivation and bcz of you i m getting those gainzzzz love your videos thank u soo much and keep sharing ����❤

  • Thank you for this and for all of your videos. I’m so glad I stumbled upon one of your posts on reddit. I’m trying to lose 120 pounds using a WFPB diet after 31 years of eating the SAD. Adding an exercise routine to all of this would be too much for my mind and my body. Instead, I’m focusing on being more active and less sedentary overall while the weight comes off.

    Also, your bathroom is gorgeous! That wallpaper is bold and beautiful.

  • I ran cross country sense 6th grade and half of the in into 9th grade year i couldnt run my knee hust swelled up. I had no clue what happen i just knew my would run a lap arounx the track. Come to figure i was running 20 miles a week with 0 support shoes and 0 stretching and no workouts with muscles that were needed. i am going to 11 grade now. I LOVE RUNNING����. Now im strething right way.Eating right. Wearing the right shoes. No slacking. Doing everything right. Not mistreating my body. im listening to it and treating it. i can still only run about 15 mins. think about 20 miles a week.so i signed up for track next year and have huge intentions to be on that track jussst to run. thats all i want and i wanna do it right and go big again. ik i can do and you can to i takes time. eveything is a process. Thank you jeff for helping with your videos!

  • I stopped my workout 3 years ago. Now i have belly fat. And i am again started working out for 3 month. But my muscles dont seem grow out or my belly fat burn.

  • I just had a bycicle accident and now I probably cannot train for a week or so and this video is just all I needed to hear…lots of love from Austria xxx

  • The last couple of times I’ve spent time with a lifelong friend who went on and on about the negatives, I lost it and went and ate a half a gallon of ice cream! I’m done. She’s been warned and wouldn’t listen.

  • Thank you for this!!! I have a really bad injury and i think it‘s bc i overdid it with my workouts and am now unable to workout:((

  • I love love love his videos!! He brought dance work out to a whole new level and its frekin awesome! I will be doing this work out this evening.

  • I couldn’t agree more Shannon! And the research backs you up on this. All of my failed weight loss attempts in the past included lots of exercise to burn calories but they all only lasted a short time. My eventual success also only focused on input and I would recommend the same approach to just about anyone.

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