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In fact, microgreens generally contain about five times more vitamins and phytochemicals compared to full-grown plants, per a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (a good reason to include them in the recommended 8–10 servings of fruits and veggies a day). How to grow your own microgreens. I have found some of the best resources, guides, and tutorials at BootstrapFarmer.com. I would suggest starting with their ‘ Growing Microgreens 101′.

They are also a great source for all your equipment needs. True Leaf Market also has a wonderful starter guide. They also have equipment and a huge selection. Microgreens grow for such a short period that they are rarely bothered by pests and diseases. However, if you are growing brassicas in your mix (mustard, kale, etc.) and cabbage worms are a problem, you may want to cover your microgreens with a floating row cover to protect them.

Microgreens are young vegetable greens that are approximately 1–3 inches (2.5–7.5 cm) tall. They have an aromatic flavor and concentrated nutrient content and come in a variety of colors. Generally sprouts are germinated in water and are ready to eat in only 4-6 days. You can eat the seedling and the seed.

Whether you choose to grow microgreens or sprouts (or both!), if you grow your own you can nourish your body while beautifying your home, saving money, and ensuring they’re pesticide-free and organically grown. Before we dive right into all the details involving their health benefits and how to grow them, you might enjoy this starter kit to help you grow microgreens and this is a really good book on the subject as well. Despite them being relatively new on the culinary scene, you probably had your first encounter with microgreens during your childhood.

Because the plants are so small, they quickly lose vibrancy after being cut, so for the most flavor and nutritional value, harvesting and eating immediately at the source is best. Yet another reason to grow your own for the freshest possible microgreens. And, they are much more affordable!Microgreens are basically sprout’s sophisticated older cousins. While sprouts are grown without growing medium and are eaten roots and all, microgreens are cultivated in a growing medium and are trimmed at the base and eaten.

Microgreens are harvested when they’re a couple of weeks old and have developed their first set of true leaves. However, you can easily grow a plantation of microgreens year-round in your very own kitchen that will put a much smaller hole in your wallet—it’s about the easiest gardening project around. Depending on their type microgreens are ready to harvest about 7-21 days after you plant them.

They offer a ton of nutritional value and flavor, and they’re very easy to grow, even in a small apartment. If you have a sunny windowsill, you can grow your own microgreens.

List of related literature:

To grow microgreens indoors, use shallow trays or pans with drainage holes.

“The Old Farmer's Almanac Vegetable Gardener's Handbook” by Old Farmer's Almanac
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The purpose of Microgreens is to give you an avenue to the joy of growing and eating your own food.

“Microgreens: A Guide to Growing Nutrient-Packed Greens” by Eric Franks, Jasmine Richardson
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A second possibility is to grow microgreens on “channels” or on benches (made of plastic, aluminium, galvanized iron, wood) of different sizes, by placing the growing media right inside the channels or on the benches (Fig. 11.4).

“Minimally Processed Refrigerated Fruits and Vegetables” by Fatih Yildiz, Robert C. Wiley
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On top of that, some microgreens are much harder to grow than others.

“Field Guide to Urban Gardening: How to Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live: Raised Beds Vertical Gardening Indoor Edibles Balconies and Rooftops Hydroponics” by Kevin Espiritu
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Microgreens are very simple to grow at home in a sunny window or under an LED grow light.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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Firstly you’ll save money, particularly if you’re saving for microgreens and cutand-come-again crops where you need a lot of seed.

“The Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It, Too” by Alys Fowler
from The Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It, Too
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They are one of the most expensive things to buy in the grocery, and also the easiest to grow.

“Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas & Modern Recipes for Cooking with & for Each Other” by Sarah Copeland, Sara Remington
from Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas & Modern Recipes for Cooking with & for Each Other
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The crop is important, not necessarily the growing technique, and using hydroponics doesn’t mean you can sit on the verandah and watch the money roll in.

“Best of Growing Edge: Popular Hydroponics and Gardening for Small Commercial Growers” by Tom Alexander, Amy Knutson, Matt Harrington
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It’s easy and doesn’t take much space, because herbs grow very well in pots or small areas.

“Canning and Preserving For Dummies” by Amelia Jeanroy, Karen Ward
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If I can avoid replanting right after spinach, say, by using the space for flats filled with transplants, I do so.

“The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener, 2nd Edition” by Eliot Coleman, Sheri Amsel, Molly Cook Field
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  • After growing you can compost the growing medium or add to worm bin. Do not reuse growing medium because the previous roots will decompose and create mold and fungus. This video was 3 weeks worth of work. How did you like the video?

  • I actually sprouted a quarter of a 500g pack of lentils from the supermarket, I planted them in two batches, 1 for microgreens and the other to see how far they could grow in a trough on the balcony…:) they’re not common but I searched which legumes and beans I could grow and they were validated..so I tried and they’re very hardy.

  • How come the tiny shoots are pushing through against your wooden block and tray weight? It’s directly obstructing their shooting out isn’t it?

  • Hi Corey hope your having a good weekend, regards a dehumidifier would one that removes half a litre a day do or would i need one with say 10 litre removable capacity, how much water are you removing per day on average, thanks for your replies

  • donny how are you, i was wondering if can i have your email adress to get in touch with you a bout some ideas that i want to do thanks

  • I enjoyed the vdo n it’s aesthetically very pleasing
    Thanks for this!!!
    Do u have any list of micro green n which one needs soaking, weight n medium? That would be very helpful

  • I am just venturing into microgreen growing.i live in a remote area,with not very much internet.i wonder if you could recommend a good microgreens growing book?

  • I did as instructed in video. It’s fifth day and I can see some fruit Insect and fungal infection in my sprouts and it stopped growing. Where did I go wrong

  • Hello!!!! This is an awesome video… thanks so much!!! I have one question. Can you grow them all in coconut coir as growing medium?? Or just the first one you showed?

  • What type of soil? Like the nutrient numbers? I don’t know anything but one time I used some soil that was acidic and killed my seedlings

  • I tried growing microgreens after watching your video. initially they started very well but after that fungus start appearing and all the seeds die. What could be the reason? please guide

  • The soil mix is it only coco peat or does it have things like vermicompost etc..
    kindly let me know the soil mix you use in detail. I m in India and would want to know the type of soil mix to be used

  • hi Jag, i know we can grow broccoli or crest sprouts without soil.. and they are clean and dont need them cut just consume them whole with roots.. why are you using soil?

  • ???I love the jute mat idea as for easier harvesting, ALSO, can You pluck and eat em’? I’ve seen others snipping off the tops and NOT having sunlight… PLEASE help… I’m a bit confused. Which are the quickest, most nutrient dense microgreens that so NOT require sunlight??? Can You reuse the mat??? “Thank You in advance”!!!

  • great video, so clearly explained, I’ve just started my lockdown microgreen project and the results are amazing, I could become a microgreen addict and love nibbling them all day, Ive got mustard, peashoots, cress, and radish…….these things could literally keep you alive, a good prepping item…..seeds.

  • Do you have any advice with black turtle beans? Are they only edible as sprouts? Or can they be grown into microgreens to eat? I can’t seem to find any information on this particular bean!

  • I Have a question. In the video the shoots are springing straight up. is this because the roots have penetrated deeply? Also what light source are you using, artificial or direct sunlight? Because i’ve tried growing something similar, (not Microgreens) and the shoots aren’t always this straight.

  • hi your are sharing very useful and resourceful details. but cannot help comment your voice is so husky and nice and your are handsome. sorry I digressed but compliments cannot hurt. I am new gardener and will continue to watch your video for additional tips and information

  • This might sound silly to ask but I just want to double-check. After the Broccoli Microgreen grows and I harvest the top part, will it still continue to grow continuously if I still take care of it? Or is there a limit to harvesting and soon I’ll need to get new seeds?

  • I have tried to grow raddish microgreens as the technique given by you. But something like white covers come in it. What it called, i don’t know. May be fungus.
    Why it occurs and what to do.

  • I’m thinking about growing microgreens as a business, i really enjoy the work and it would not be a problem,I love growing stuff and i’ve been thinking about it for a long time. my main concern is with the marketing and selling of the product. I don’t wanna end up with alot of produce and nowhere to sell. I live in the UK by the way.

  • I have recently gotten into microgreens and found an opportunity to help grow our community. There is a website that is gathering information and promoting microgreen farmers. Please consider participating in this survey. http://www.imga-microgreens.com/survey.html

  • Put a lot into this one guys, here are your timestamps:
    0:00 Common Microgreen Questions
    2:17 Materials and Planting
    8:21 Seeds That Require Soaking
    16:03 Germination Phase
    17:30 3 Day Checkup
    18:52 Light for Microgreens
    23:00 5 Day Checkup
    24:27 6 Day Checkup
    27:44 Harvesting Wheatgrass
    29:43 Juicing Wheatgrass
    31:25 7 Day Checkup
    33:20 Harvesting Microgreens
    39:30 Storing Microgreens
    40:45 Final Thoughts

  • Excellent information sir. Could you please share more on recycling the soil after 14 days especially for the people living in an apartment and have no access to compost.

  • I would love to see you see the micro greens that you soaked for whatever the time. With seeds being wet I imagine it’s a challenge to see. Hope to see it sometime.

  • Thanks for that. I got all the equipment for micro greens for Christmas ( I already have the grow lights). I will probably start my first batch of broccoli and also sunflowers �� today. I found your video really helpful!


  • You have a great way of conveying info. AND your method is much less complex and demanding than others. Bless you. The jute mats are new to me so interesting. Searching showed me that jute is grown without pesticides… so now I’m really sold.:-) My only “complaint” add links in description below video so we can find what you have just shown us. (I had to google the name of your channel to find your site.) Thank you for this really helpful video. I hope you’ll make more for growing food of all kinds micro, baby green, full grow container plants.

  • Hello Kevin, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Love your videos. So glad I came upon your site. I have shared your EPICGARDEN site on my FB page. Hope that is okay. Love your clear, no nonsense videos. Thanks for putting together great instructional videos. Thanks for all your hard work. Keep them rolling.

  • Hello Kev, It seems that you get a bumper crop in all one go. Would you recommend then doing a smaller bunches, spread throughout the month? I’m not at all familiar with microgreens, but it seems so easy and nutritious. I live in the Netherlands where space is a bit of a challenge. I have one indoor patio where I see I can attempt this.

  • I don’t get it. so, you buy seeds, harvest before the crop is mature, then have to buy seeds again? Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see this being sustainable.

  • This is the challenge I currently face, making the jump from hobby farmer to profitable farming. I need to do a ton of research for my state

  • Hi. Is it viable to reach a certain level and stay at that level? I would be happy to stay fairly small and be able to earn a comfortable living doing this as I earn minimum wage in my present job so anything more would be great. I love your positivity and enthusiasm by the way.

  • i’ve tried to grow pea shoots but then some caterpillar like insects appeared of out nowhere and spoiled almost everything. What to do to avoid those insects?

  • This is an amazing and incredibly helpful video! Quick question: Any recommendations for places to buy bulk seeds in or around the Pacific NW? My understanding is that most places are low on stock because of the pandemic.

  • Thank you �� I am new at this! I live in a tiny home and am wondering if a person has to have lights if they have good natural light?

  • Your videos are so well done and full of great, focused, info. I just bought your book:D Can’t wait to read through it. Currently living in an apartment, but in the next few years I’ll be (hopefully) building a small house with some land. I plan to start developing some permaculture and some indoor gardening… this will definitely help tie me over until then. Haha. I love micro greens too. They’re so good.

  • @Epic Gardening I am starting microgreens and I am new to it I wanted to know if I could mix buttercrunch and red leaf lettuce with kale and arugula all in the same tray all at the same time?

  • Great vid! I use soil, but I like the idea of the jute pads much better. For those who have pets that like to eat greens, you can grow special microgreens for them, too. Wheatgrass, clover, whatever. Also, after you grow a crop, and if you want a small section to put in a pet cage, you can cut a square of it out and place that square containing the jute pad and greens, into a small plastic, flat bottomed dish. Keep it hydrated and your pets will enjoy nibbling on it. Pet birds, guinea pigs, mice, rats, rabbits, cats, etc, can all enjoy microgreens.

  • Thank you for taking the time to show how to grow these micro greens! I actually want to ask you about a product you used in one of your videos>>> the glove that you put on like lotion that protects hands while gardening<<

  • Hi! I’m from sri Lanka.there is no any business according to microgreens in sri lanka..so I thought to start…can you give me ideas about the starting of it

  • iv recently started watching you and love the vlogs. i have a question…. how did you go about getting customers? did you just walk in to a place/places with a sample of your produce and say hi im doing this wiuld you be interested or waa it word of mouth?

  • why dont you use trays with holes? I found that some people do use holes and some don’t. Do you do this just to minimise the equipment?

  • this guy absolutely inspiring me to make more contents on my channel. Thanks a lot man! Your explanation is very clear & detail ��

  • I’m finding that a lot of bulk seeds are completely out of stock. I guess it is due to all the people hanging out at home these days. Any leads on where to get seeds?

  • Can you put roots in your garden and regrow to get the actual vegetation? Not just to regrow the microgreens? But to get the actual plant?

  • Incredible! Thank you so much for this video, a really great introduction to every stage of growing micro greens. It’s certainly something I am looking at getting into, not just for myself but to maybe also start a small market stall or even an online store. Obviously need to look at the economics of such a venture but for the relatively small outlay on trays, soil and seeds, plus an initial investment into the lights, it doesn’t require much time or effort and I’ll bet each of these trays is can sell for many times what it costs to produce!!

  • How are you watering them after germination? do you use the spray bottle and water often? Or do they need a pretty heavy watering each day?

  • Your so totally awesome! =) I hope your very prosperous and continue to make videos with the honesty and sincerity that you always have. I love the concept of growing and have been resesrching for about 2 years but I’m a city kid turned home builder and as you’ve suggested I’ll probably wait till my kids are done school for fear of failure and financial responsibilities.

  • Hey Mate, first off I love the channel, and this microgreens video is brilliant. I grow a lot of my plants/sprouts/microgreens on my balcony in Melbourne hydroponically. Would you say if you’re growing microgreens hydroponically (I use a vermiculite/perlite mix as the medium) it’s more likely you can get 2,3 or 4 harvests out of something like pea shoots just because you can add in more nutrients? Cheers!

  • Your video on tomatoes helped this first time grower out epically. You take the scare out of trying to grow stuff. I can’t wait to give these instructions a go for next year! Excellent videos. Keep me coming please!!! ��������

  • I’m being held back by the fact that I live in apartment. But hopefully this will change soon. I’m trying to create a busines plan and invest some money in this.

  • How many days required to harvest the microgreens? And after you harvest it will grown again?thank for the videos its a big help and idea.

  • Great video! but It’s not clear to me…once I’ve cut my microgreens out,  will they continue to grow? or I’ll have to seed again?

  • You are an excellent teacher. One thing I would have liked to see was watering. Did you water these heavily at all or did you just mist?

  • I thought I would plant some micro greens this year along with my tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers but I did so without researching, so I planted a total of about 20 seeds all in little peat pots, so my total micro green harvest was about 15 micro greens and I haven’t stopped laughing at myself every since�� Came here to do the research I should’ve done to begin with and now I must redeem myself lol

  • Exploring this type of growing for the coming winter months….how do you use the black oil seed? Just cut for salads? Is it the same as what is sold as bird food?

  • Studies say that micro-greens can contain multiple times more nutrients than the same weight of mature plant matter. SpaceX is currently thoroughly studying microgreens and are growing them right now in Cape Canaveral and the plan is to essentially set up the same type of gardens used on the space station, but implement microgreens to save space and provide the astronauts more nutrients per meal. There is a great chance that the first plant life on Mars will be microgreens. Also the scientists over there actually commonly use simple felt fabric for grow mats.

  • This video by far is the best on YouTube to show how to grow micro greens. No excessive talking but just the facts. Thanks so much and God bless.

  • What do you think about AeroGarden? It is an automatic, indoor growing system for kitchen counter tops and more. It has artificial sunlight, fertilizer, non-gmo seeds, vacation mode etc. You can grow micro greens and small plants in it.

  • You are sooooo touching and cute! This is really obvious how passionate you are about what you do ��
    Warmest regards from Moscow ♥️

  • Thanks for this information..we have planted microgreens in our home…and prepared a dish..please watch the recipe here.. https://youtu.be/iB8pgqvReyE please like share and subscribe if you like video

  • Thank you your talk keeps me on point. This reminds me that I have thought about this and I’ve always worked really hard for someone else and I think if I put all that energy into my business. Also I have to get use to planning my own day rather than taking orders from someone else. Thanks a lot. This is really helps me

  • I want to be an entrepreneur in microgreens business. I live at Kolkata in India. Please provide me the training and guidance for a successful microgreens entrepreneur.

  • hi…how to grow mustard seeds fastly??.and other seeds from our household items which can grow fastly..these seeds are not available here..plz rply

  • Good thing you don’t cut hair after seeing you cut that wheat grass…lol good video though with very helpful information! Thanks!

  • Do you ever get a second harvest from them or does the jute mat make that not possible. I had 3 harvests from a tray of broccolli microgreens. They were grown is soil

  • Great Video, with the upcoming food shortages this is essential. To grow indoors do I need a special grow light, place by a window, or is the room light enough?

  • Thanks brother. It’s scary, because our stores are almost empty and continue to be empty. I’m praying God’s grace and peace with everyone. It’s includes the atheist.

  • What impact did covid have on the buisness? I know a lot of business’s that shut down but I also know a lot of business’s that did not. So my question is did you completely shut down no money coming in or were you still bringing in some kind of money during the pandemic?

  • Many times I cannot find microgreens in the grocery store because the told me that expire too quickly and have been linked to e-coli.

  • Micro greens vs vertical farming leafy vegetables.
    I cannot decide.

    Because leafy vegetables anyone would buy on the dark side prices are a bit low.
    Micro greens not everyone will but it. I have to find the consumers. But on the bright side prices are good.

  • Thank you for this informative video! I’ve always wanted to do a bit of gardening in my apartment and this seems like a realistic way to do it!

  • Love your videos. And I’d never heard about microgreens until I watched this! I’m so excited. Going online right now to buy some seeds! Keep up the great videos. And congrats on getting a house! So happy for you.

  • GREAT! BUT, too much plastic!!! Plastic tray, plastic cover, plastic spray bottle, plastic water jug… Most plastic, even if recyclable, ends up in oceans and landfills, so, soon you can live in a plastic bag, grow you food in plastic, watch plastic surgery on plastic TV screen with sound through plastic earbuds so that your neighbors are 10 ft away rather than 100, and call it living.

  • In your opinion is microgreen more profitable then other crops such as lettuce for the SQF? I am growing micro greens for fun and hydroponic lettuce, i know the turnover for lettuce is longer but economically speaking I am curious to hear your opinion

  • Hi, I’m brand new to learning about microgreens. Some other videos I’ve watched have mentioned that microgreens have far more nutrients than it’s fully grown form, and I’d like to know if there are any reputable websites out there with accurate nutritional information to compare and confirm? If anyone knows, please drop a link!

  • Is cress seeds same as hemp seeds.. as hemp too gets jelly like chia when soaked in water or like d cress seeds that u Showed in this video

  • Every state is different. I live in WA state. In the grocery store they have greens in enclosed containers. I see you have free growth. How do you package them?

  • I am skeptical of the ease that this business is presented as. Just saying there is $x dollars of profit and multiplying that out to tens and hundreds of 000’s of $ seems deceptive.
    Isn’t the field saturated irer will be soon? What about these effect of covid on closures odd everything?

  • Why is there not one microgreen video that provides an estimate of how much material (weight) is harvested per tray and how many oz should be sold per package and price to charge? I get it that every crop will have different yield, but a few examples would be nice. Thanks a million

  • Good vid, thanks. I have grown and struggled to sell but its all fun. I can’t help but wonder if some of you guys earn more from YouTube than the greens themselves? I also can’t help but worry (after watching an Urban Farmer Curtis Stone vid) that because there is money in it the big commercial operations/guys will be into it with their huge greenhouses and suck the life out of the industry for small guys like they do with everything else. What do you think?

  • I wouldn’t even know what where how to begin, t approach someone to sell them to, the business aspect to market them/self.
    So, then perhaps I9 can be my own best customer to start here.
    What set up would I need a single man, to start a tray or two or three, whatever I would need to start growing, harvest and consume these plants?
    I can assume a heating pad to keep 70-78 degrees, a fan, some sort of grow light -LED etc, can water by hand.

  • Mushroom compost is not a thick mixture, what about sewing micro greens with mushroom compost? Or use mushroom compost with some soil mixed together?

  • Do you need a special agricultural licence to sell to a restaurant? Or does the warehouse you grow in need to be zoned for agriculture?

  • After losing my medical job and staying in a homeless place for single moms, I am still attending medical school full time and THIS is part of my Epigenetics specialty with nutrition I am working on in school. This is also profitable and when I was offered a job at 3.00 an hour I laughed, bought shelves this week, seeds, trays, lights and read TONS of info. I farmed before years ago when my partner passed away and I had 2 kids to feed with no family or living friends! I grew tomatoes and specialty peppers and OMG they sold themselves!

  • I’m having issues finding organic sunflower seeds at a price that allows me to turn a profit. Anyone have any ideas? The prices I am finding are nuts!

  • any tips on packaging? For example when you make a sale on FB, and they come pick up the greens, how are you pricing, packaging and distributing? Specially during covid? Also do they pay online and just come pick them up? Great content man I see this channel getting huge!

  • Thank you for sharing great information.
    Do you wash your MicroGreens? Looks like you don’t. I do wash mine but is an expensive part of the process and the end product does not look as pretty after drying it. I want to stop washing them. What’s your advice? I grow sunflower, radish, broccoli and kale. Thank you so much Donny.

  • I literally have no experience, and I’ve been wanting to go all in In the micro greens business, where would I start from scratch. I’m fully committed. Thank you!

  • I’ve been growing for some months with decent success. I’ve found that there are some other growers around my city, and there’s at least one other grower at every farmers market. Im very eager to go out and start making some money back from this, but I don’t feel like my micros are at the high quality enough they should be to be competitive. Plus I’m garbage at “selling”. Lol.
    Bright side: there’s a serious lack of home delivery around me! Currently looking at establishing myself there. ��

  • Is that “Fuzz Action” as you call it normal? When I’ve grown broccoli sprouts in jars I have discarded many batches thinking fuzz was mold. It sounds like you’re saying fuzz is part of the growing process.

  • Can I start a microgreen business in my country Bulgaria? How to sell microgreens? How do you find clients to buy your products?

  • Respected Sir /Mam,
    We deal in premium quality SPICES,HERBS,PULSES,GREEN TEA.All these fresh premium products are sourced directly from farmer’s of various producing states.
    We assure you that we will deliver quality products only.
    Do visit our application.

  • Hey I’m sorry, I’m a beginner and I don’t really have any idea about this. I had a few doubts. Can I use cotton instead of jute mat and should we use tap water or filtered water?

  • OK so a challenge! Our area has a micro greens farmer…people HATE fresh foods like that here. BUT they buy the stuff for their damn chickens and ducks for better eggs. Nothing stopped me but HOW can I get any returns on chicken feed???? Not nearly as high as farmers I know who get 20.00 a tray!

  • I turned a big part of my basement into a fantastic GROW ROOM and it is a great way to grow! I mastered 32 varieties and have a system down pat. BUT haven’t been successful in finding restaurants to buy, so I would be so very grateful for advice!

  • Liked the video. Do you have any information about the Racks, Trays, Lights, what you use as a base for the roots, what sells the best, what’s easiest to grow just have a ton of questions. Is it easiest to sell to grocery stores or to restaurants or what about private contracting? What is the estimated start up cost? Do you have any information on how to make Barley Grass Juice Powder? That is some very healthy

  • Oh man was it painful watching you harvest that, LOL. I know you said you compost it or put it in your garden beds and you’ve gotten better, but it was still painful to watch this:-)

  • Thank you so much for your video! I’ve just starting growing my own microgreens at home and I can’t wait to see how it goes. This is a perfect masterclass for growing:p

  • I love in the Caribbean and is desirous of developing a micro greens business. My quandary at this juncture is how dose one choose the micro green mix to grow and sell?

  • Cheers for the Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you researched Parlandealey Impetigo Goodbye Process (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great exclusive product for finding some amazing landscaping designs for your home without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my BF at very last got astronomical results with it.

  • Hi Donny, as you said I too came across a ton of content on this, but I like the way you pointed those facts. Can you just tell me which type to select based on season?

  • Thanks for sharing! You and I started under the same guidance����I recognize you from there. Anyway,
    I am struggling with pea shoots seeds molding during germination. Any advice there?! Thanks

  • Awesome video. Great insight. The industry is growing like crazy. Hydroponics and soil-free is the way to goI’m convinced. Great info share dude

  • SO MANY are doing this that true leaf has UPPED their cost of seed…some are pretty inexpensive but some are insanely high. It’s a saturated market too!

  • Hi great video, what light do you think are best choice? Barrina or active grow light? Other then leaving it on and off do you change intensity during the grow? Would more lamps be better or worse?

  • Heyy
    I planted some arugula seeds a few days ago I am currently in the winter season and I’m having trouble in the germination stage, my seeds aren’t germinating and I’m not sure why. Please advise

  • i like your explanation, but how many times we can use the seeds. mean once we cut them all, & store for 1 or 2 weeks. the micro greens will grow again. like this how many times i can reuse back them. thank you

  • Brand new to micro greens. Do you have a video of the most nutrition packed greens and the best varieties to grow to get the most needed nutrition for the human body?

  • Watched several of your presentation now and they have really helped me. I have my first rack and lights installed in my kitchen and starting to grow…I called business license. Dept. in town and filled out application for (agriculture) business license just TODAY. Explained what I wanted to do…sell to restaurants, Farmer’s Markets, people, etc. And he basically said, go for it….of course I told the business license guy I plan on getting insurance and he said I would be legit in my area…you have mentioned calling health and AG department to get clearance on several occasions…my question….should I trust the business license people and start selling???

  • Great video! A small tip on the production though. Everything you said in the first 1:20 was said twice just in a difrerent way. It started feeling redundant and I really wanted to click away. Streamline the intro. Otherwise is was very informative!

  • I am very keen to start. I have a garage with a roll-up door, and no windows. I am worried that this may not be suitable as there is not enough air-flow. What is your opinion of this?

  • For those just thinking this is an easy way to make some money and I have some space in my apartment. You are already starting off the wrong way. Grow for yourselves see if you enjoy it. Majority of people won’t be able to pass the screening from the state to sell these products like they are thinking. Not trying to be negative but be realistic people. I have a decent set up going now but I also spent a decent amount of money to get there. If you think this is a get rich plan you are sadly mistaken. This is industrial farming. So unless you are going to be going to markets and really trying to sell your product this is a bad idea for you. Good project bad business

  • My daughter & I are just starting, seeded our 1st trays yesterday to see what varieties to focus on. Praying our lights & trays arrive on time since germination has successfully begun��. Do you have any tips for controlling atmosphere? We have a great basement but it gets cold down there & awesome attic with natural light but the temperature fluctuates a lot up there. Just trying to create a stable climate & any suggestions for affordable racks would be super too����. Your success is very inspiring btw!

  • MMMM I LOVE microgreens. a tad bit wasteful on the seed, but they are more nutrient dense so they require a lot less. I do a bit of both. I toss my microgreens in a salad to get the best of both worlds.

  • For the broccoli micro seeds, you mentioned water the seeds one more time at the 6:59 mark of the vid but the vid does not show any prior watering to the broccoli seeds. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Dear Tricia want to ask you where you got your mister from?..been looking every where…my hand hurts from the pump mister. thanx for sharing video:)

  • Great point about “natural vs unnatural.” Fun fact: penicillin was basically made by taking wild cheese molds and shooting them full of gamma rays. Basically, Brie and Camembert are Bruce Banner and penicillin meds are the Incredible Hulk.

  • Just started growing simple things like chives, green onions, and “living lettuce”… want to try micro greens, and this video is better than the other 20+ ones I watched!

  • Hey Corey. Great videos. Do I get a discount if I buy from your affiliate link? Either way, I’m more than happy to help you out make extra cash for all your hard work making these videos.

  • Good points, Corey I just started growing microgreens as a hobbie it’s a lot of fun and I learn something new everyday. I believe there is money to be made in doing it as a business, but I can quickly see that it would require much more work than what most people probably realize. I like your videos and they have helped me stay interested best of luck to you!

  • Good advice & info here. My wife & I ran a cattle ranch for almost 20 years and we retired in 2017. We have been working on organic microgreens for our neighborhood use since November 2019. We have contemplated getting bigger since our local area is very ignorant about the value of micros and the market is quite open. Our biggest stumbling block is the time it takes and once you’ve developed a market you must continue to supply it if you want to stay viable. The profit margin is exceptional especially if you have local small grocery stores and family markets. Seasonal farmers markets are also very lucrative. The best return on investment is quality restaurants and eateries that cater to folks with sophisticated palates. You can deliver full trays weekly and charge a substantial amount ($50/lb or more)for the greens with very little invested in growing them. The chefs do all the harvesting and call you when they need another tray or two. All in all, it is a good way to make some extra income but it will take up a lot of your time.

  • Hi Coey, you mention in another video about the benefits of a dehumidifer, i just set my first seeds about 9 days ago and wanted to know in your opinion would a cheap one do the job in a small room 7ft x 8ft or should i invest in an expensive one, the room so far is averaging around 50 percent humidity, thanks.

  • Excellent, very informative. I only have one question unless I missed something. Are you watering or misting the trays every day?

  • Corey can we speak somehow Mate? Would be great to chat via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

    I am about to form my first microgreen farm. Been considering it for a long time now and have other plans in the future but this is the first step towards something I am passionate about.

    As I am seeing more and more activity and even some successful startups here in London I feel the time is now right. If there is some way to connect with you and chat I would highly appreciate a few minutes of your time.

    Many thanks for everything you do.

    Steve, Essex UK ����

  • How true. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Great as a hobby supplying friends and family, but as a business you would have to grow at lease a hundred trays a week, and every week, to be able to make a reasonable living. Its a lot of work as Corey says….

  • My understanding was that these can be grown without earth/compost on moist blotting paper. That fuzz is called root hairs, microscopic root filaments aka microroots. That’s an appropriate usage of micro BTW. A key nutrient is sulphurophane.

  • Thanks C, needed the encouragement today. My plan is to keep my part time job and spend my off hours on developing my urban farming project.

  • Love the music!!
    Your absolutely correct!! Im still working my day job. Success follows passion! Its 3.30am oz time.. had to get up as humidity levels changedadjust ventilation.. im dedicated. This is what it takes folks ��

  • Not specializing is what sent my rare fish import business down the drain. At the end we knew exactly what we need to be doing but we didn’t want to do it. Who the hell wants to be in something for the mundane, dull experience? But such a mindset shoots you straight up into the midst of the minimum wage crowd. Getting out of there is pretty much like getting out of Hell. You will meet such despicable people that on some days you’d want it all to fucking end. Both managers and beat up shadows of people that you are not sure will be alive in a week. Very depressive. So! If you know all that in advance you WILL specialize your own business and do what needs to be done. And that will allow you to do what you really want to do. Eventually, guaranteed. I’ve pretty much gone through that experience. Today I’m gearing up to grow microgreens because I actually have a chance to try it while working 4 other jobs for myself. From min. wage to having the freedom to do this. True story. You can do it too.

  • By cutting the sprout in the middle instead of tearing it up completly, does the sprout regrow? Seed are expensive in my country so that would be a great way to recicle

  • I have grown Pac choi, cabbage, kale. They do not taste like the BIG plants. I do have to say I love Pac Chou in my cottage cheese. Very crunchy. Quite telling everyone that it taste just like the BIG plants!!

  • I’ve been at this 5 years and still I still have not figured out what to specialize in. The market on cape cod is just as fickle as yours…and during the summer I’m delivering at all different times as well

  • Thank you so much for your complete instructions and explanation about how to grow it, take care of it, harvest it and keep it. And I’ve asked people if it was crunchy or not because I didn’t wanna mess with growing it if it was soggy. So thank you for that answer actually you answered all my questions. Thank you for that.

  • I stopped using soil completely and grow all my microgreens using Biostrate hemp pads. I was using soil for the larger seeds like sunflower and pea, but I do those on the pads now with no problem. They grab the pad in 2 days and off they grow! I also grow everything quasi-hydroponically now. I keep the pads completely soaked with tap water mixed with Jack’s 30-10-10. One-half teaspoon to a gallon. No messing around with the pH at all. I use 4′ LED tubes for lighting. My radish is ready to harvest in four days from seeding the pads. Sunflower in about six days. I think some growers are making this way more complicated than it needs to be and for the home grower, like myself, it can be a turn off. Have not tried broccoli so thanks for the suggestion.

  • Just started a bit ago. Learning how things are going to be growing differently in my set up. My biggest hitch is marketing… even farmers markets are hesitant to buying/supporting this start up

  • Good video, I am going to try this. I believe there was a study done that suggest after 48 Hours of sprouting, broccoli Sprouts have the highest levels of sulforaphane in them

  • You got started with the demo right away without a lot of verbal intro which helps! Each day helped too. Like the card clipped idea! Lean toward using RO water instead of tap…we have hard water here. Thanks!

  • Your explanation is amazing. Thank you for sharing it. Where can I get those trays? Also where do you recommend to buy the seed and the soil? Thank you very much. Looking forward to your answer.

  • Any suggestions about starting microgreens during corona? The dining industry is rebuilding, so I am wondering your thoughts about that. TIA.

  • It’s difficult to find a video that shows a task almost completely from start to finish. I’ve been wanting to try something like this, but I like to have a good understanding of what to expect so I can fix anything with minimal loss. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this.

  • I don’t have a room to use could I use my deck? It is covered and I do have a ceiling fan, I have blinds so it will never get direct sun but, it will get day light. Can I start there? Deck is 16×20 And I can get baker racks.

  • “Helps to prevent cancer… Or whatever” And that’s when I gave it a thumbs down and left. Not even one full minute in. Or whatever!

  • Kevin so well presented!!!!Looking forward to growing Micro-Greens!!Beginner!!!!You made it so interesting and exciting!!1 I could taste the Micro-Greens already!!!It was very comprehensive. I appreciated that you even covered storing and quick ways to eat. Thank you so much!!! Well done!!!

  • The way you’re growing them doesnt optimize sulfurophane production. most of it is in the early sprout form. theses are probabbly less sour tasting though

  • Why does everyone keep making the same dumb mistake? Broccoli does NOT contain Sulforaphane! Repeat for those with a short attention span: Broccoli does NOT contain Sulforaphane. This desirable compound is formed when you chop, chew & digest broccoli either sprouts, microgreens or the mature vegetable. Sulforaphane is created from the precursor already present in broccoli called glucoraphanin. This phytochemical is then activated by the enzyme myrosinase and healthy gut bacteria during digestion, finally producing Sulforaphane bingo! Therefore two compounds have to combine in order to create Sulforaphane. This process that takes place within the human body is rarely mentioned in fact most so called nutritionists just don’t get it, their brains cannot compute.

  • I say it like this (Sul for a fane) From what I understand it’s the BEST for ex-smokers to use to detox and that microgreens have all the nutrients in their sprout, so we don’t need soil at this stage to “feed” them because they get harvested before that’s necessary, with a side note that a few seeds like peas, sunflower, beets and buckwheat require a soil base which in and of itself can be very basic seed starting soil. This is all based off of my own experience growing a variety of microgreens. I also learned that when you freeze broccoli MG’s it increases the amount of (Sul for a fane) 10 fold

  • A company makes a miniature hedge trimmer that would be perfect for this. You could mount a little dust pan to the trimmer that scoops the trim as you cut it.

  • You have a really nice way of showing us what your doing. Its all very inspiring. I have made a lot of investments based on your demonstrations. Please tell me where you got your broccoli seeds and how much they costed you. Thank you!

  • What is the spacing of your shelves?  I have a similar shelving unit and I’m currently testing the spacing at 14 inches.  I was thinking about re-assembling it at 16 inches.  What works best for you?

  • would prefer a growing medium w/o soil. also, how do you prevent small flies from infesting these. i tried everything, the blue light and vinegar and no help

  • that was an inspiration. really clear thank you. Our CSA project is starting a food box system. we have our own apple juice at Future Orchard Cork and doing microgreens as well will be great. I have been sprouting for 20 years already but the whole light system is something I have found complicated and I have never ventured that way. Can I ask you why the light were on when you were excluding the lught for the first few days of the process… Is it for heat?

  • Chlorinated has a bad effect. So does fluoride and possibly any other crud or run off in ones water supply. A good clean water source would be much healthier.

  • Just like any other ccupation running your own business takes a certain type of person. If you are not it it is EXTREMELY hard. Being social, having experienced high and low, and above all meeting and keeping inspiring, supportive people close to you are the 3 things that make or break owning your own business.

  • Google the micogreen burrito that uses kitchen paper towel to wrap the growing medium so that you can harvest your micogreens without soil contamination.