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The antioxidants in squash offer anti-inflammatory properties, while the combination of B-vitamins, pectin and dietary fiber help position squash as a low-glycemic index food, which means it’s great for stabilizing blood sugars as part of a balanced meal. Many also contain B vitamins and heart-healthy omega-3 fats. How to Prepare Squash Blossoms and Why You Should Eat More of Them.

Duration: 01:17 8/14/2019. You’ll be a blossom frying pro in no time. More From My Recipes. As you get older, blood circulation may be something that you need to be careful with. There are many remedies including medications and supplements, but you can also enjoy more squash.

The vitamins in squash (including folate and riboflavin) are meant to increase overall circulation. All kinds of squashes both winter and summer are low in calories but rich in fibre, vitamins and many other nutrients. Summer squash varieties contain high water content.

You can usually find squash blossoms at your local farmers’ market, and occasionally in supermarkets when zucchinis are in season from late spring to early fall. They may be labeled zucchini blossoms, squash blossoms, zucchini flowers, or squash flowers. You’ll want to. Squash also contains vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids.

These attributes help maintain healthy skin by assisting in the growth of skin cells. Unlike summer squash, which has edible skin and can be eaten raw, winter squash is usually peeled and must be cooked. But if you don’t mind stepping up to a stove, oh boy, is your breakfast world about to blow up.

Steamed, roasted or baked slices of squash make marvelous stand-ins for bread, even if you cook and cool them to be eaten and topped later. Yellow Squash: is a n excellent source of potassium, with over 500mg per squash (almost 100mg more than a banana!) Potassium is a vital mineral in the body which supports muscle contraction, heart and nerve function, and fluid balance. If you bite into squash and experience a nasty flavor, spit it out and stop eating. Eating even a few pieces can cause you to become violently ill and endure terrible side effects. Since.

Potassium -Winter squash is a good source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps maintain healthy blood pressure and promotes optimal heart and muscle function. Higher levels of potassium have been shown to reduce post-workout muscle cramps and dehydration. Fiber – Like many vegetables, winter squash is a good source of dietary fiber.

List of related literature:

Because squash is starchy, it can soothe an upset tummy.

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The beta-carotene content increases while the squash is stored.

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Squash is low in calories and high in water and fiber.

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To balance the sweet richness of the squash, we also added some healthy, hearty kale.

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Therefore, you will not shrink back in horror when I say that squash is very nutritious.

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Varieties of winter squash, in particular, are packed with beta­carotene—a compound our bodies use to make vitamin A, which is critically important for vision, bone growth, and reproduction.

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Squash I highly recommend eating all of the squash family.

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Winter squash are a typically a good source of carbohydrates and vitamin A.

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Food fact: Butternut squash is easily digested, rarely causes allergies, and provides a good source of beta-carotene.

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Bigger squash would also give more food for each motion of picking or slicing.

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  • Do all Americans put this much seasoning on their food? Because I use about a quarter of the salt she used and every time I see an American cooking video it’s the same.

  • We are in our 80’s, plant-based, and feeling BETTER THAN EVER! We are all about healthy aging and appreciate this excellent video and your many others!

  • Hey Lacey! Another awesome video on another great root spice! One thing to remember about turmeric is its anticoagulant or blood thinning properties. For that reason, it is a great natural way to help reduce high blood pressure. However, for those on prescription anticoagulants because of heart disease, they should consult their physician before adding turmeric to their diet. Thanks, Lacey!

  • My dad absolutely despises vegetables so he of course was hesitant when I made this but he absolutely loved it. I’m so glad I found a recipe that incorporates squash and other vegetables so its healthy, and is easy to prepare.

  • i made this tonight, and it was fantastic!  i stuffed with couscous, sautéed broccoli and meatless italian sausage with fennel seeds and feta.  brushed the squash with maple syrup after roasting.  OMG what a hit!  thank you, shira!  really loved what i could do with this dish!  

  • “that’s why your mom’s food or your parent’s food tastes better than everyone else’s “
    Not all is true. I like other people’s cooking like arby’s food. I like all kinds! DONT BE FOOD RACIST AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!��������������

  • Hello, i just found this video. I have a question, i have a Yellow CrookNeck Squash plant. I have had 2 squash grow about 2-3 inchea an then they shirvel up an die. Can u halp me plz?!?

  • I’ve watched this video like 20 times and I’ve never made the recipe but I just bought all the ingredients and I’m excited to make it this week

  • Another rainy, dreary day…so I decided to finally make this. Tastes so yummy (the seasoned squash is great on it’s own too)…will be making this long after winter is gone!:D

  • Because I watched this video I tried spaghetti squash for the first time and I loved it thank you for introducing this to me keep up the great work with ASMR I love your videos ❤️

  • I can’t wait to try this! I’ve only had 2 zucchini this entire season since my plant seems to produce a lot of male flowers and hardly any female flowers. I hope this fixes the issue

  • I’ve repeated that tip she gives us to so many people…touch your food fill it with your pheromones. It’s the secret ingredient: love!

  • Starting a low carb diet and this video happened to be next (been watching your videos oldest to newest) this is perfect, paleo and everything!

  • Waiting for the meaningless “Mmmmmm.”  Oop, there it its.  It looks really good, but I would think food should be on the tongue for longer than 1 second before being able to fully appreciate the flavors. 

  • I made this for my grandparents once and now they ask me to make it for them all the time (I live with them). I’ll come home from work or school and my grandma will go “I went grocery shopping today and bought some squashes” hinting to me that she would like me to make if for dinner lol. Because of you we now have a cute little dinner tradition. ❤️

  • We enjoyed our first patty pan today for lunch. Just cubed it, sautéed it in olive oil, salt and pepper. Added a little chopped herb (not sure which) from my garden at the last. Also a touch of butter. Pretty tasty. Husband enjoyed it too.

  • I can’t find spaghetti squash anywhere here in Italy. =(
    Maybe it’s because of the name, they refuse to import it! XD I love squashes, this sounds so delicious… =(

  • Love patty pan squash! I always just called it summer squash, didn’t know the patty pan name.:) I love it sauteed in butter and a little oil with slices of the squash and onion and a little bit of lemon squirted in, spiced with salt and pepper. YUM…!

  • I have a spaghetti squash in the fridge right now screaming to be used in this recipe! I will be using ground turkey and adding some kale also.

  • I make all your recipes �� please show some more of your cooking videos with your own recipes…. so I like the sound out the cutting veggies

  • After watching this video at least 10 times, I’m finally making this tonight!!
    Substituting ground sausage for the chicken, and I don’t have fresh basil but I think it will still be fantastic. Can’t wait to finally eat this yummy looking dish! Thank you thank you ����

  • Idk what it is about this video but I love it!!! I am 29 weeks pregnant today and everytime I watch it I just wanna go out & find a squash & cook it! Looks soooo delicious & your voice gives me all the tingles in this one!! So thank you

  • Thank you for the information. I am growing zucchini and they are turning yellow on the tips and rotting when they are about 3 inches into growing. Also those that do make it are disfigured. They have long thin tips then mid way up they grow a lot wider. The only way I can have you visualize it is if you were to blow up a long balloon and there were no air in the tip. I have grown zucchini before but I have never had this type of problem. I can send you a photo. Any ideas?

  • I don’t eat Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, Beans, Corn, Rice or Potatoes i only eat Paleo friendly dishes. And this is a perfect idea for my next meal id make for dinner thanks so much for posting

  • Yay thanks so much I have so many flowers now thanks for the tips! And is the part of the female zucchini sapost to get a little yellow? Thanks

  • I get different answer with “ants in the garden”. I’ve heard its not a good thing and I’ve heard the opposite. Whats your take??

    Good, simple video btw!

  • We’ve been having a really difficult time growing squash…they are small and they turn yellow and soft..dont know why?is it a good idea to prune a lot of leaves off the plant?Thank you

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  • I think i watched this video over 30 times in the last years, but this time is different… i got a spaghetti squash to cook tonight, first time making one, hope will be as great as yours

  • What if the female flower just stays yellow and never even opens? I have them on two of my plants. They’ve been yellow for weeks. There have been male flowers for a while but the female ones just won’t open.

  • first time gardener and my squash looks just like this, I was looking for a solution of how to make sure I have veggies and came across your video, thank you for your help. I can see male and female but some of the male has already bloomed but the female is only about an inch. again thank you so much

  • I live in Florida and my squash season ended June 1st. I had a bad season. Out of half a dozen plants only got 2 squash. I found ants like you have crawling all over my plants. They bored into my small squash that started and killed the fruit. I also opened up some female blossoms to see what was going on because the flowers would fall off before they would pollinate and the blossoms were packed with ants! They were destroying the blossoms!

  • Thank you for this video! I planted 4 zucchini plants and starting to see some growth but hasn’t gotten past 3 inches. I have noticed that the majority of the flowers are male. I’m going to check again in the morning and then cut some of the flowers as you suggested. Maybe/hopefully that will make a difference.

  • Really helpful! We built a small green house and one plant is all male blooms so far. I did not realize that about ants helping out. I will trim some leaves as well.

  • I hand pollinate my zucchini before and it never worked I got both female and male and made sure I too male pollen and put it in the female flower I did twice and I got out so much pollen from the males but it still never worked and the bugs aren’t pollinating them.

  • I made this for my family one time and my mom is HOOKED. Swe use pork sausage and spinach but it’s super easy to make and it doesn’t cost a lot

  • Thank you for the info on patty pan squash…I’m growing some right now in my garden but wasn’t sure how to cook them up. I’m looking forward now to when I can go and pick and eat these awesome squash. Thanks again.

  • Whaaaaaaaat? Acorn Squash Recipe? I’ve been waiting for this.
    That looks amazing!!! Making this for sure. Thanks!!
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yum!!

  • Perfect timing even though a couple years ago, I just saw it tonight! Earlier today I was looking at my honeynut squash plants and only saw male blooms. I never had that happen before so wasn’t sure why it happened or what to do about it. Tomorrow I’ll cut off about half the male blooms and hopefully some female blooms will develop. Thank you very much for this video! ������

  • Did not know that. I’ll take a look. (ps. insect controlling sprays and powders are referred to as insecticides. The term pesticides includes a broader category of pests including weeds).

  • A couple years ago I had over one hundred beautiful healthy large squash plants in my garden that did not produce one fruit. I thought it was because I live in the woods with no bees ever flying through here. This video makes me want to try growing them again. Thanks for the info bro.

  • This was a big help. Last year was my first year of having literally no fruit-and I guess this was the problem.
    I had plenty of flowers, plenty of bees, but no zukes. Thank you for the info!

  • Thanks for the video. I have several squash planted and the problem I’ve been facing is too many female flowers with no male flowers. What could be the problem and how can I correct it?

  • Planning to make this one with pumpkin and diced chicken as we don’t have ground chicken where I am:,) it looks wonderful! Thank you Maria ��

  • With the blooms mama used to sauces for pasta or add yellow chilli and yellow tomatoes and flowers and make a salsa in the blender. Very delicious.

  • On one of my zucchini plants, all of the leaves wilted. There are females and males. Today, I cut the wilted part of all of the leaves away. Should I have pruned them down the vine instead or is it okay what I did? I added powdered egg shells to the soil.

  • Thanks so much. This is very informative. I have seen ants on my zucchini plants, but I had no idea what it’s for so I kept straying water to wash away it. Now i know this, I will not chase them away.

  • While ants can pollinate plants they are low quality pollinators compared to bees. Also rain or watering the flowers could have washed away the pollen or the bees were not in your area when you needed them the most

  • I’m growing crookneck squash, I have plenty of fruit with blooms, and no male blooms yet. The males are there, but the fruit are maturing pretty fast.

  • Pruning the leaves also help. Air flow and pollution is the key. After I removed 40% of the leaves the zucchini went crazy in growing.

  • Thanks for the visuals! I’ve heard before about the male vs female flowers but this is the first time I’ve seen someone show the difference.

  • Wow thank you so much. I had no idea and was thinking a critter was eating my zucchini. Also thanks for the info about the ants helping pollinate i was getting upset they were doing damage and was wanting to get rid of them! But now i know!! ☮️

  • I’m in Tucson for the past 8 months and determined to grow a few vegetables.

    With our uncertain ‘soil’, I cut 22″ sections of 4″ PVC pipe, dug them down ’bout 4″, filled the tube with
    compost and soil, and can easily water and the roots have lots of room and they get full sun.

    The tomatoes are going crazy, and lots of blossoms but no fruit on my Black Beauty Zucchini plant.

    Glad I looked you up. After seeing your explanation, I went back for a closer look knowing now what
    to look for and sure enough, there are female flowers forming.


  • I selectively remove the males that are open and not needed due to no females being ready. Batter them, and fry them for an absolutely delicious treat. Don’t waste them when you can waist them.

  • Maria, I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for the longest and today, I FINALLY made it happen! Thank you so much for this recipe! It was delicious!

  • Very interesting! At daytime temperatures over 100° and night over 80, I figure just keeping the plants alive until it cools off will be a triumph!

  • I have a squash plant and I did not know that the big thick thing will produce fruit now I want to see if my squash plant has any thank you so much!! this my first year of planting squash right now they look beautiful I hope they stay that way have a wonderful day and great video!

  • Thank you soooo much! I been letting the ants to polinate and now that is warmer bees and butterflies are coming to visit! Besides I plant other flowers to bring those good visitors to the garden! But thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us. I have butternut squash. I’ve been eating the flowers insted because of male only and some females are dying in the process. Finaly I got a chance to takes some weeds out the garden?

  • Thank you SO much!! I just ran outside to look and have 1 female on each of my 6 plants… fingers crossed! Thanks again, very well explained.

  • I like that you use your hands when cooking. I often use my hands when cooking and feel like I will be judged if somebody watches me lol. Hands are the best tools as long as theyre clean, I don’t see what the problem is.

  • Maria, I made this dish last night and it was amazing! It served 7 people and everyone loved it! I can’t wait to make it again! Thank you so much!

  • What a special video. Wowsers! A kind sweet girl and delicious food. Marvelous! Spectacular!! I love this. Xoxo Maria. You’re the best

  • I have 4 yellow squash plants I had 1 male flower on 1 plant weeks ago and dozens of females..no males on any of the plants so females just die off with no fruit..how do I get some males???

  • I have the opposite problem. I have plenty of female flowers with the little fruit, but the female flower keeps dying off and the little fruit on the end never blooms (just stays a little yellow bud and dies). What could be the problem?

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  • Is this guy joking or what? He doesn’t eat like he promotes the most unhealiest food in this country day and night every week all throughout this country!!! Is he getting paid by the government to keep pushing this crap on us while making big bucks to support his healthy living??!!! Is he getting kickbacks from the food and pharmaceutical companies to promote unhealthy living??!! He is the biggest fucking hypocrite on his food channel!! He promotes everyday to us but doesn’t eat like that as a chef and a dad and a husband?? Why not???!!!

  • When I looked in my subscription box in YouTube to see what’s new, I saw this and got excited and I was like, “YAYY ANOTHER VIDEO WITH GUY!!!” but then I realized it was the same one from a couple days ago. Why re upload it? I mean, you can NEVER have too much Guy but I am just a little confused. Well, have a great day everyone!:D