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Think of switchel as an all-natural sports drink filled with electrolytes. The ginger helps reduce inflammation and the vinegar aids in digestion. It can be served sparkling or still, cold or hot. The properties of some of the ingredients help in many aspects, for example, ginger helps with inflammation and vinegar with digestion.

It also helps that it can be consumed if it is hot or cold, cool or warm making it the ideal homemade energy drink. If you’re thinking about what is the use of a Switchel drink it should be pretty clear by now. The energizing properties along with the ease of. 5 Benefits of Switchel 1. Ease inflammation.

Is switchel good for you? Yes! The ginger that makes up a key part of switchel is a natural inflammation reducer. Inflammation, which is at the root of most diseases, causes physical symptoms like skin problems and digestive issues.

So keeping inflammation at bay with the ginger found in switchel can have other unexpected, welcome side effects, like clearing up acne. Switchel is a mix of apple cider vinegar, water or seltzer, maple syrup, and ginger root, so it boasts some major health benefits.Beyond an impressive ability to quench even the most serious of thirsts, the different ingredients work together to make this drink a one-stop shop for health: The ginger ramps up the anti-inflammatory power, the high acetic acid content of apple cider vinegar means. Remedy Switchel Finger Lime, Blood Orange and Tropical against a white wall Remedy Lovers / Switchel Remedy Switchel is raw, unpasteurised and positively packed with goodness to benefit your gut health and overall wellbeing with no sugar, naturally. Watch as Remedy Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill explains why Remedy Switchel’s so good for you. The short story is: switchel is an apple cider vinegar, ginger and citrus based drink.

It can be used, and has been used for centuries, as a daily electrolyte drink, prebiotic gut friendly drink, a healthy cocktail mixer, or a mocktail. But switchel is much more complex and storied than that. Put down the high-priced energy drink, the soda, the canned liquid sugar. We’ve got the boost you need, and it’s one of the easiest DIY hacks you’ll ever make.

“The switchel is called Nature’s Gatorade because it’s full of calcium and magnesium and helps with digestion,” says Tony Aquilina, the beverage director at Lou,an all-day brunch spot and wine bar in Nashville. His recipe calls for ginger juice, apple cider vinegar, freshly pressed apple juice and honey, topped with seltzer. Switchel is made from ginger, apple cider vinegar, lemon or lime juice, and maple syrup mixed with water, sparkling water or—if you’re feeling festive this weekend—your favorite liquor.

Apple cider vinegar has long been touted as beneficial for blood sugar control if you have diabetes, soothing for a sore throat, and helpful for weight loss. Switchel Helpful to Those with GERD. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in a glass of water is an old time reflux remedy for those suffering from GERD.

It works far better than antacids, which have the downside of increased heart attack risk (1) and potentially of cancer as well (2).

List of related literature:

It probably prevents release of gastrin, thus reduces the volume and acidity of gastric juice.

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  • So if you have a gallbladder then yes it will help your diagestive track but no gallbladder it dosnt seem to work for me in that department im still constipated

  • You don’t have to live your life in extreme ketosis. but, you do need a gut biome to live which depends on carbohydrate FIBER. Yes, you need the pre-biotic fiber and sometimes you need to add probiotics to the gut.

  • How do yu correct microbiome post serious surgery and antibiotics reactions that affected whole body. 6 Months later still suffering with increasing gut and bowel reactions to food, some skin rash also increasing?

  • The recipes I saw left the switchel out on the counter for 24 36 hours.The reason I like this idea is there are probably more probiotics in it this way, don’t you think?

  • Kombucha all the way. Wondering though in most of the recipes I looked at the switchel is left on counter overnight to start fermenting.. Why aren’t you?

  • Nice video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered Millawdon Reality Building Trick (probably on Google)? It is a good one off product for learning how to lose weight fast minus the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my close friend Aubrey at last got excellent results with it.

  • She need to go back to school…. Animal meat and animal fat are amazing food, a low carbs diet is the best. Personally I used to eat a lot of whole grains, vegetables and fruit because I was convinced that it was healthy, but since I stopped the sugar ( most fruits) I feel the difference.
    I eat max 10% carbs diet ( some low carb veggies and berries) no grains, and a lot of animal fat and meat. The only vegetable fat I consume is coconut oil.

    My gut does not tolerate carbs, specially when I am stress. when I stopped most carbs and all sugar everything went better.

  • This video didn’t age well for her… animal products are absolutely necessary for the microbiom it’s turns out.
    Infant, people are reversing mental illness on meat based diets, which all has to do with the gut brain axis.


  • No animal fat, few animal products… Mmmm. If the animal is in its natural diet, it’s perfectly healthy. Are you winking to veganism? Yes people, plant food is better! Meat is horrible with all that blood. Please, I’m sick of this madness far from science. Decrease meat intake, decrease your health. It’s up to you. Nothing to discuss more.

  • my conclusion is that people never agree on types of food to take and not to take, f.e. fibers, meat, the amount of gluten,…. The more i search, the more confused i am…. I guess my mean focus now is to take as much non-processed food as possible, saltwater fish and now and then some meat.

  • Mary this is wonderful! You are full of knowledge and I love it! I bet I could drink that because I drink all that kombucha. Lol. Hope you are having a great week. You look great! I am so interested in this. Does it give you energy when you drink it? I have to watch what I drink or eat during the day because I have a very sensitive stomach and they don’t know why but I am feeling so much better this week and so grateful. Been praying and God is leading me. This might help me too. Thank you Mary I need all those vitamins you mentioned. Sorry for the long comment been missing you������—-Tressa Daigle

  • There are several ideas for relieving leaky gut at home
    Have a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that excludes foods which irritate the gut
    Make sure your digestion is working: You can eat a perfect diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help.
    Discover and eradicate underlying food sensitivities eliminate a suspected food for a period of time
    Discover ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and regular massage
    Consume gut healing foods and nutrients
    Balance your gut flora by including appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day.
    Discover and eradicate gastrointestinal infections
    Try the use of gut-irritating medications:
    Lessen exposure to environmental toxins
    Get plenty sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to your body.
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Richala Remedy System site )

  • The finished product itself is not really fermented. Adding ACV which is fermented does not mean the end product is fermented because the fermentation stops when you put it in the fridge.

  • There are a few factors in reducing leaky gut at home. One resource I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Richala Remedy System (google it if you’re interested) it’s the most helpful plan i’ve heard of. look at the amazing info.

  • here’s several ideas for treating leaky gut at home
    Eat a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that avoids foods that irritate the gut
    Make sure your digestion is working: You can follow a perfect diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help.
    Discover and eradicate underlying food sensitivities eliminate a suspected food for a period of time
    Discover ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and acupuncture
    Consume gut healing foods and nutrients
    Balance the gut flora using appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day.
    Discover and eradicate gastrointestinal infections
    Try the use of gut-irritating medications:
    Lessen exposure to environmental toxins
    Make sure you have enough sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to your body.
    (I read these and why they work from Richala remedy system website )

  • I’ve tried this but not with the ginger. It was already delicious but the with ginger I can imagine how nice this would taste. I’ll be doing this soon. Like tomorrow!

  • 1. Lots of fruit and veg low animals fat low animal products
    2. Exercise
    3. Reduce stress
    4. Stay away from anti-biotics
    5. Probiotics but not necessary if you do the first 4.

    Anybody know why she recommends staying away from animal fat and animal products?

  • I’m astonished that she didn’t mention that you should stay away from sugar, processed food, wheat and starchy foods +alcohol… Weird

  • Black and green tea have high fluoride levels from the soil depending where it is grown. White tea has much lower fluoride levels and 3 times more antioxidants. I make my kombucha tea with white tea and honey. I drink a litre a day, and I put on 10 kg within a few weeks by drinking that amount, then I went to the gym, very rapidly that weight turned into muscle. If you want a cheap alternative to all these supplements for the gym, I highly recommend making Jun kombucha with white tea. If you drink more than a glass a day of kombucha tea, you will put on weight, why? Because yeast is carbs… I discovered all this by accident…. All this BS on the net saying that it makes you lose weight is not true. But I highly recommend it if you are pumping iron at the gym. Also you will have good gut bacteria and the antioxidants will keep your liver clean.

  • Plant materials and fibers destroy gut health and cause inflammation, indigestion and gas. Animal fats and animal products are much better for gut health and proper digestion. The exact opposite of what this quack says.

  • I’m so confused. You say stay away from animal products, yet I hear that bone broth powerfully heals the gut. Apparently the experts don’t agree on this.

  • There are a few tips for treating leaky gut naturally

    Eat a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that avoids foods that irritate your gut

    Make sure your digestion is working: You can eat an idea diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help.

    Find and remove underlying food sensitivities eliminate a suspected food for a period of time

    Find ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and regular massage

    Consume gut healing foods and nutrients

    Balance your gut flora by including appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day.

    Discover and eradicate gastrointestinal infections

    Consider the use of gut-irritating medications:

    Reduce exposure to environmental toxins

    Get enough sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to the body.

    (I read these and the reasons they work from Richala Remedy System site )

  • Every person has a different system therefore its difficult to claim a certain set of actions will work to heal everyones gut issues. I think a basic rule of thumb to heal/lessen the epidemic of gut issues would be: NO SUGARS/ARTIFICAL SWEETNERS NO SMOKING NO ALCOHOLREDUCE STRESS EXERCISEGET ADEQUATE SLEEP TRY WATER FASTING OR INTERMINTENT DAILY FASTING CONSUME BONE BROTH SCRAMBLED EGGS CLEAN WATER ….As far as eating a lot of fruits or fiber or just meat, etc…that will be specific for each person and their ailments. Fiber makes my symptoms worse and if I eat very fiberous vegetables like fresh green beans, my pain is severe. Even nuts cause me pain…Eating fresh pineapple causes me pain…

  • Dr. Is possible drink kombucha and water kefir if you have candida overgrowth? I love to see your videos! Greetings from Bolivia.

  • L GLUTAMINE powder helps my gut issues, but some people it doesnt help. In the end, it comes down to trial and error for each person. Do the things that seem to help and stop the things that seem to hurt. I can assure you, its not a fun process, to be a guinea pig but it is a decent way to learn what works and what doesnt work.

  • Kombucha culture eats the sugar, this drink, we eat the sugar. Yes, your trying to make a healthy drink, but its still loaded In sugar, and that means tons of calories.

  • Do exactly the opposite of what she suggest and you’ll save yourself the trouble of looking as bad as she does; I honestly can’t tell if she’s 40, 50 or almost 60. She looks like a mix of several age groups, which is probably due to her terrible diet eating shitty veggies and fruits.

    Anyway, eat more meat and animal products, you’ll stay looking young for way longer; avoid the fruits and vegetables, leave those for the animals you eat.

  • LessBabiesAddopt,Vegan.ShareTransport.Minimalist,Alge,Solar
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSjE8xw_-Dg Planet Sustainability
    -2030 After ITS TOO LATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlTBC91L-x0
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=KHOcox2lvQo Speach JamesAspey
    -Speach Greatest Vegan Activist ever of what i hear,, Gary Yourofsky

    -ALL In One Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f183hOAcT6Y
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrlBSuuy50Y Animals (Care Hard to watch) or try Dominion its a MUCH HIGher quality (but less complete than Earthlings)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJvrlwnEqbs Dairy (All on dairy DoctorDetails) Dairy Extremely addictive 4-5AddictAgents

    !!!What The Health!!!.. (has it ALL ABOUT HEALTH Impacts Caused By AnimalAgriCulture) netfix or youtube,, maybe,, activists keeps reposting,, cause worthless youtube keep closing them down

    -OceanSolutions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8ViaskDSeI

    -Opra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCw-GMyhJEo (massive amouth of celebreties going vegan) even animal agricultures knows this and are investing

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    -Seaspiracy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESao1rvNAi0
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    N So Many Others (Trailers)
    -Fork Over Knives (Many Doctors) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7ijukNzlUg,
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    FoodMatters, FoodChoice, Food Inc, Hope, EatingYouAlive, EatingOurWayToExtinction, list doesnt stop,

    (if you want much more medical/nutrition education FOR FREE,
    you can Youtube Subscribe to VegSource,

  • No meat? Seriously? People who have a better microbiome were mostly on a omnivorous diet. As shown by the tribes in Tanzania and many others and in the past when humans were hunter gatherers

  • I’ve made this just like this, also with honey or maple syrup in place of molasses, and I’ve tried lemon juice instead of vinegar for different variations…I’ve added cinnamon sticks, or sometimes even fruit….I drink a lot of it working outside in the Florida heat!! Love it….I also add sea salt for the electrolytes.

  • If someone wants to be vegan that is their choice. But it is not true that all animal products are bad for the gut. I had organic homemade chicken broth today, my gut feels good.

  • why is saturated fat bad? isnt fructose more of a problem? she is perpetuating the myth of animal foods being bad and fiber being good…. fiber might be beneficial, but surely animal fat is as well, and too much fiber can actually cause dysbiosis….this seemed mildly propaganda infused

  • This new book I read actually recommends removing all your vegetable oil intake and replace with animal fat and/or olive oil, grass-fed butter, coconut oil. And then have some bone broth soup as part of your daily diet too.

  • The moment she said “A lot of fruits and vegetables and Low animal products” I stopped it. She is parroting the same old WRONG message of “healthy” eating that is likely the cause of modern day gut issues. Out digestive systems are designed to digest meats and animal products, that’s why we have very long small intestines and a shorter colon. Fruits and vegetables actually contain a lot of antinutrients that can be deactivated but most people don’t understand this and eat it all wrong. I’m really sick of these MD’s. We must follow the diet of our ancestors and learn from them to understand what we should be eating. And, believe it or not, most of them consumed most of their calories from ANIMAL PRODUCTS! They also fermented, sprouted, sourdoughed their legumes and grains to make them more digestable. This increased the enzymes and pre/probiotics of their diets.

  • what evidence do you have that low animal fats / low animal products is at all good for your gut? What peer-reviewed research can you cite to support that statement?

  • So important considering that your gut microbiome impacts everything from your immune system to your skin to your brain function to your digestion, and even your mood and mental health!! ��✨

  • Keep your Gut healthy….Try Replenish 911

  • I would like to see one video that just tells me what Switchel is and how to make it that doesn’t beat me over the head with how amazing it is and all the good things it does. Why does EVERYTHING have to be an infomercial? When we will progress past this stage as a society?

  • Switchel is my favourite go to drink I do love to add fresh mint leaves. I used to make Kombucha but I had a problem with using sugar. This was a really good video and thank you.

  • I found an acv tonic (dietworks brand) and it contains Garcinia, matcha, ginger, kombucha, cayenne & Maple. It’s marketed as a weight loss item, however I am looking for something that helps with brain fog, fatigue, and overall health. Will this help? What benefits will these combinations have?

  • IBS sufferers Kombucha works very well for me! Possibly because of the probiotics plus the low-pH. Before that I started with ACV. ACV didn’t seem to help me as much for the IBS but it is still good for many things. I brew my own Kombucha. It started with a thin Scoby now I have serious amounts of it. Before that, my doctor just gave me antibiotics which just made me worse & depressed.

    Depression sufferers same as above. There is definitely a gut-brain-mood connection that modern medicine has yet to understand. Makes sense to keep our trillions of good colon bacteria happy. I am low in Vitamin B-12 & tired. B-12 pills don’t help. Yet (possibly) Lactobacillus Reuteri produces Vitamin B-12. Maybe Dr Berg can explain it. I still take medicine for the “dark cloud”. I take a swig a Kombucha before each meal (but not too late or it will keep me up).
    May take several weeks. All I know is that I feel better!

  • Interesting take on Switchel, but can you tone down on the cook show tv-personality just a bit? be more casual, this feels too formal.

  • don’t forget city water……..got lots of chlorine in it sometimes….no sense in eating clean organic foods loaded with good flora if you are going to be drinking 10 glasses of chlorinated city water all day..kills the good bacteria too ya know.

  • I have never used molasses I use honey or maple syrup. Mine is a gold color. I will have to try it that way. I just love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Low animal fats low animal products. It’s all corrupted. She doesn’t even know the basic human diet. Ask her how many people with IBD has she curred.

  • I first heard of this at a Christmas Market last year.

    Are there other flavours or spices that you can add to make it a different flavour or is it usually just the ginger?

  • Great tips! The gut microbiome is fascinating and I love that we continue to find out more about it and it’s importance to the human experience! Thanks for the video!

  • Thanks! I’ll try it. Id like to try to make this recipe into a probiotic drink by excluding the ginger but then adding ginger bug juice and bottling it to give it some carbonation.

  • In one of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder Ma makes a ginger water for Pa to drink and Laura carries it out to the field for him to drink. I am wondering if this is what Ma made. Thanks for sharing Mary.

  • It’s so important to keep the gut healthy not only for digestion, but also for immune function and many other functions in the body!

  • This is such a healthy version of energy drinks. Wow, I had no idea that something like this exists. Thanks for bringing it back to the modern ages, Mary!:)

  • Low animal products? Naah thanks.. I prefer high veg high meat, high fat, low fruit low carb. This video is from 2016 and outdated already.

  • I’ll definitely make that..I drink vinegar/water, and honey lukewarm when I do yard work. I can get headaches from the heat I have found. The vinegar and it being lukewarm keeps me from a headache most of the time. So this will be great! Thanks

  • In the early days of America, northern regions referred to maple syrup as molasses (a thick syrup like liquid) while the southern region referred to sugar cane molasses (also a thick syrup like liquid) as molasses. So both were used for the popular drink switchel. Honey was also widely used. Thanks for this Mary. Always a good informative video.

  • Mary this was awesome. We need more of this especially in this day and age where a lot of people are addicted to all the other retail energy drinks out there (myself included). Thanks I will definitely have to try this out and let you know how it goes. Thanks! Send my best to Ted and the Fam!

  • I have been making this for years but I do keto so I use a keto sweetner and I add sea salt to it for electrolytes. If you want a flavor you can add some of those flavor diet drink powder packs to it or fresh fruit infuser.I live deep in the ����Mojave desert and when your hot and on keto you need this and this is great. I forgot I also add some posstaum powder you can get that on Amazon also. love this drink it’s great. Thank you Mary’s nest you have a blessed day.

  • Worth mentioning that kombucha is still tea and is therefore a caffeinated beverage, which may explain the increase in heart rate (along with metabolic acidosis). I personally don’t consume caffeine after 5pm to avoid sleep problems, some people may say even that is too late.

    Also, other less expensive alternatives to kombucha (for the benefits of lactic, gluconic acids, and probiotics) include kefir and kvass if you have a Polish, Ukrainian or Russian grocery store where you live.

    Negatives of kvass and kefir kvass is made from fermented grain so not ideal for people trying to avoid gluten or carbohydrates. Kefir is a milk product and thus still contains unfermented lactose.

  • I had been making kumbucha for myself years ago. Now I am drinking ACV with lemon and honey for 2 years now Can I also drink Kumbucha while I have my ACV in the morning? I’m making Kumbucha with green tea

  • +Dr Berg I have some commerical Kombucha of Ginger & Tumeric, 500 gr and I have Ginger & Tumeric Green Tea Kumbucha, if I mix the two equally will that reduce the sugar intake, I think yes, but checking.

    Also how much to drink a day. I have been drinking 500 grams a day mixed with fresh lemon juiice and watered down into 1 litre bottle. Am also blending [juicer died] carrots, cucumber, celeray, cauli, broccoli raw ] and adding to juice.

    Tastes good to me, and I dont hav to cook. Lazy HUH??? TU

    I also have ACV so how much a day. I could take in morning? I should take in morning, paid a lot of money to buy USA Braggs ACV so I should drink it.

    Thanks for you input

    I will look at the detogenic eating, but I HATE COOKING am lazy and prefer raw everything apart from meat,

    Thanks again

  • yeah first two times I drank kombucha it really kick my butt, I was just laying on my bed like when you have a cold. know I love it even make it with honey and yerva mate so im sure there’s even further benefits then normal kombucha

  • Still on the”lean meat” trail even after all the studies on the benefits of keto eh? I’m sure our ancestors had lots of accesses to “lean meats” and “whole grains” ����

  • In Australia, Remedy’s Komubucha has less than 0.1! And it tastes soooo good. Also Nexba’s tepache and komubuchas also sugar free (tastes so good)! they use erithrytol and Stevia to sweeten it. Both of these brands are my favorite and best tasting imo with little or no sugar. Only one thing, Remedy’s is a tiny bit higher on the carb side, but Nexba is 0carb 0sugar. So nowadays I tend to drink more Nexba probiotic drinks. But Remedy’s kombucha really tastes like cider!

  • Big confusion here, store bought kombucha does not come close to home made do you even know how much kombucha is in the store bought bottle, they are adding carbonated water to it, homemade kombucha is not fizzy, I think it is unfair to compare the 2, they are not equal

  • I started taking kombucha mid January whenever, wherever & whatever time. 78 kg lose to 58-60 kg by June. Now need to slow down my weight.

    Personally witnessed a person with bad ulcer got holes in the stomach & excreted bloody poop. He got healed after consumed kombucha abou 300ml noon, before sleep & in the morning he discharged from hospital. Please note to be taken 2-3 hrs after or before taking hospital medicines.

    Many gastric patient definitely healed. Balance hormone for few ladies who thought menopause later their had menstruation again.

    Work magically on wounds, burns and skin rashes. It also help cool fever, soar throught & cough. Use scooby to wrap swells, knees pain etc it works wonders.

    I have plenty more story to tell but better try yourself to discover Kombucha’ s health benefits.

    All the best to everyone.

  • I mad kombucha a few months ago and it fermented too much and couldn’t use it. Can I use this in place of ACV? Is it the same or should I just use ACV? I don’t want to throw it out, I have 2 gallons and want to put it to use. It’s ph is the same as vinager.

  • here’s a few tips for relieving leaky gut naturally
    Have a whole food, nutrient-rich diet that excludes foods which irritate your gut
    Make sure your digestion is working: You can eat a perfect diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help.
    Find and eliminate underlying food sensitivities eliminate a suspected food for a period of time
    Find ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and acupuncture
    Consume gut healing foods and nutrients
    Balance the gut flora by including appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day.
    Find and remove gastrointestinal infections
    Try the use of gut-irritating medications:
    Reduce exposure to environmental toxins
    Make sure you have plenty sleep and avoid overtraining which are a form of stress to the body.
    (I read these and the reasons they work on Richala remedy system site )

  • hey,if anyone else needs to find out about gut healing supplements try Dalz Secret Gut Discovery (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got cool results with it.

  • I been making my own (caffeine free) kombucha teas for years! you do not have to use caffeine teas! mine turn out great! And yes the caffeine is making your heart race! do caffeine-free! kombucha! over 20 years ago I seen people and company using caffeine-free teas so I tried it! it works great! I pick my favorite teas and I go from there! I have autoimmune disease and I will get sick from caffeine! my heart will fill like its going to jump out of my chest!

  • My mum drank Apple Cider Vinegar back in the 70s as it was consider good for weight loss, and yes she did lose weight. She also had insulin resistance. I only drink Kombucha when my stomach is upset, I had food suspected food poisoning but was in so much pain in the gut that I couldn’t go anywhere. I did have a can of Kombucha in my fridge and I drank that slowly. It took me 15 mins to consume and within about 20 mins after drinking it, my stomach pain stopped. The feeling of me wanting to vomit stopped. This stuff made me feel well. I of course only knew this stuff was good for the gut, hadn’t read about the probiotics. I feel that there is room for both in the diet. Thanks Dr Berg for your youtubes, because of you I have lost 30kgs doing the Intermittent fasting. I have also reduced my fatty liver by 2cm from drinking Apple Cider Vinegar…or maybe it has occurred because of the intermittent fasting or eating high fat low carb. Either way…who cares…I watched your videos, I learn and I put your info into practice. Please keep them coming, and thank you for caring enough to share your knowledge with us.

  • Homemade kombucha is very good tasting. I use flavored tea to flavor it. I have been drinking it for almost 2 yrs and love the benefits. I only drink mine in the late morning or very early afternoon because of the caffeine. I drink 8oz. glass daily and I drink water kefir (homemade) in afternoon but mostly at dinner. You need to find flavors that work for you.

  • Why polarize things having to choose between one or another? By any chance does anyone here sip ounces of liquids per day? (Sorry if you do dialysis!), but, if it is good to your health, drink both!!

  • Plants have natural toxins to keep predators away such as the nightshade family. Broccoli contains a carcinogen. All soy has been genetically modified. Our cecum is not large enough to get the amount of vegetables we require for nutrition. You cannot get enough B12, or iron from vegetables.

  • Hi Sweet Friends, If you need a tasty, all natural energy drink, then Switchel is the beverage for you! Learn How to Make Switchel, which is an 18th century energy drink that’s perfect to enjoy after exercise or hard work. And if you want to learn how to make a Ginger Bug and Homemade Ginger Ale too, watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5On9AsrWVw&list=PLkRuW3pBo2U3sVtrfYJQu1IMlDqYpppaf Love, Mary

  • Almost forgot!
    I’m working on “training” a SCOBY for Jun kombucha.
    I know sugars are generally the same, but I’m going to ask anyway…
    Do you see any difference with the honey used in Jun tea as opposed to standard cane sugar?

  • I’m a home kombucha Brewer, and prefer my kombucha at the 9-10 day brew. Much more of a vinegar taste then sweet.
    Although I don’t know how much (if any) sugars are still in it, I am confident that the sugar content is far less than store-bought kombucha.
    I want to thank you for pointing out the need for lemon in my diet.
    I’ve had kidney stones before and I’m in no hurry to go through that again! Ever!
    I’ve got a big jar of fermented lemons that I was wondering what I could use for. Now I know! 1/4 lemon as a bedtime snack!
    Great videos. Thank you!

  • Oh my god let’s be afraid of everything that’s just take everything away from us and we don’t need anything or drink anything or anything like that this is what cuz gotten me into the state that I am in these diets and these crap people saying don’t eat this don’t eat that this is bad for you that’s bad for you

  • I make my own kombucha and drink it everyday, ferment it longer to reduce the sugar content… ACV every morning and kombucha after dinner. yay!

  • I drink about 4oz of fermented Kevita Master Brew Kombucha Tart Cherry with live probiotics with two tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar at night and the inflammation in my leg and stomach are almost nonexistent!

  • There’s caffeine in kombucha because of the black tea. Drinking at night maybe isn’t the best idea if you don’t have a caffeine tolernece.

  • It dosnt work that great for my diagestive system i dont have a gallbladder so anyway its ok but it dosnt help my diagestive system is,alk i know because im still backed up

  • So, I JUST got through making this. I was low on my organic molasses, but did have organic maple syrup! I have a lot of home juiced ginger so I just want ahead and used that. I added the organic vinegar with the ‘mother’ as you suggest, added to a 1/2 gallon Ball Jar, filled with filtered water…delicious. It’s a very refreshing taste. I cannot wait till it’s hot out to try then. Thanks for all the great inspirations. I am having so much fun with your marvelous ideas.

  • What makes ACV better than other vinegars? Is it because it is made from apples? Are other vinegars beneficial as ACV? I’m really curious about this. Thanks!

  • Hi dr berg, thanks for the vast amount of free high quality videos! Any advice on how to take acv it his much and with water of food?

  • This is so very useful. Thank you! I’d really like to take fermented foods, but I can’t tolerate them. They make me very sick for several days with diarrhea, headaches, stomach cramps etc. What can I do about that? How can I make my bowels accept fermented things? Every help is appreciated. Thank you. ☺

  • Hi
    I am eating 5+7 serving of green vegetables mostly cook 4 cups cook two or three raw. But am not moving 3 times a say without help. I drink baking soda lime juice, salt in 4 Oz’s of water each morning to be able to have a pass. Can you help please.

  • this is great! I was wondering about lemon water vs. ACV. I’m a smoker and use both as a sort of vessel cleanser from gack build up. I know, I know, stop smoking. I’m trying.

  • I drink both. I make my own Kombucha, and sometimes it gets really vinegary! Not a lot of sugar left after my long fermentation times!

  • i add kombucha to mine, also sometimes i use seltzer instead of water. When the sap is running i use maple sap. I also use maple sap when brewing kombucha