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As noted in the table above, the protein source can be just as important as the amount of protein consumed. For example, if you need 3 grams of leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis this can achieved this by consuming 25g of protein from whey protein. High-protein diets are everywhere, but not all protein is created equal.

For heart health, experts say the key is moderation and choosing wisely. “Very high intake of meat, especially processed red meat, is not good for overall health,” said Dr. Jyrki Virtanen, author of a recent study on protein consumption. “Those who are used to eating very high amounts of meat could consider moderating. Virtanen’s study found middle-aged and older men who ate higher amounts of protein were slightly more likely to develop heart failure than men who ate lower amounts. Protein requirements change throughout life.

But experts say it’s just as important to focus on the source of protein rather than the amount you’re eating. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage and skin. In fact, your hair and nails are comprised mostly of protein. 2. Repair.

Your body uses it to build and repair tissue. 3. Oxygenate. Red blood cells contain a protein compound that carries oxygen throughout the body. This helps supply your entire body with the nutrients it needs.

4. Digest. What does protein do and why should you consider eating more of this popular macro? Here are 4 ways high protein diets help you achieve your fitness goals.

This can be stressful for your kidneys, causing them to wear out faster. For people with kidney disease who are not on dialysis, a diet lower in protein is recommended. Many studies suggest that limiting the amount of protein and including more plant-based foods in.

When you eat protein is just as important as how much. After resistance exercise (RE) such as weight training, the body synthesizes proteins for up to 48 hours after training. 4 Interestingly, during and immediately after RE, protein breakdown is increased as well. In fact, for a brief period, the rate of breakdown exceeds the rate of building. Just use it in moderation and don’t rely on it as a substitute for other plant-based sources of food.) Just eat more plants!

Most plant-based foods contain at least some amount of protein. Get what you need from low-fat protein sources like lean meats, poultry and fish, low fat or nonfat dairy products, and vegetarian protein sources like tofu. How much protein do I need each day? For most people with diabetes, the amount of protein you need is the same as for people without diabetes.

The National Institutes of Medicine recommend.

List of related literature:

Humans do not store excess protein as muscle or amino acids (the building blocks of protein), so we need to consume adequate protein each day, and preferably distribute that protein evenly throughout the day.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
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The composition and amount of amino acids is important because an excess intake of protein results in the overload of urea-related metabolic waste in the liver and kidneys.

“The International Handbook of Space Technology” by Malcolm Macdonald, Viorel Badescu
from The International Handbook of Space Technology
by Malcolm Macdonald, Viorel Badescu
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Moreover, people most often consume protein in the context of whole foods that also contain combinations of carbohydrate and fat; the inclusion of these additional nutrients further slows absorption, allowing a more time-released entry of the amino acids into circulation.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
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This has enabled the composition of almost all the major food protein sources in terms of essential amino acids to be determined, and thus intakes of dietary essential amino acids can be estimated from knowledge of the types and amounts of food protein in a diet.

“Milk Proteins: From Expression to Food” by Mike Boland, Harjinder Singh, Abby Thompson
from Milk Proteins: From Expression to Food
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Because energy needs decline with age, protein should provide a larger percentage of energy intake.

“Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, Melissa Bernstein
from Nutrition
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Because the optimum level of protein with balanced EAAs increases with the dietary energy level, the latter simplifies the dietary protein effect calculation.

“Nutrition of the Rabbit” by Carlos Blas, Julian Wiseman
from Nutrition of the Rabbit
by Carlos Blas, Julian Wiseman
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Thus the proteins, especially those having poor or fair biologic value, must be taken in the mixed form because the insufficiency of essential amino acids in one protein is compensated by other protein and vice versa and thus the biologic value of the mixture of food proteins is increased.

“Text Book of Biochemistry” by Dr. G. R. Agarwal, Dr. O. P. Agarwal, Dr. (Mrs) Kiran Agarwal
from Text Book of Biochemistry
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Complete proteins contain all the amino acids necessary for good health, whereas incomplete proteins lack certain amino acids that the body must have to function efficiently.

“Concepts in Biology' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Enger, Eldon Et Al
from Concepts in Biology’ 2007 Ed.2007 Edition
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Because proteins area main component of most cell structures, adequate dietary protein is especially essential during the growth years, during pregnancy, and when tissue has been damaged by disease or injury.

“Principles of Anatomy and Physiology” by Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson
from Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
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Combining incomplete protein in this way is useful because it usually involves eating foods that are relatively low in fat, and thus contain fewer calories than many common complete protein sources.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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  • What if you have had 95% of the symptoms for years, despite consuming large quantities of meat, seeds, beans, & nuts several times a day?

  • I am 26 year’s old.my weight in 2017 was 73 kgs but due to some personal issues and stress now my weight is 57 kgs.. how i can get my weight back please help.

  • I was kind of expecting a more negative view on the vegetarian proteins… So many people in fitness talk about vegetarian sources not being complete, not realizing that you can in fact make them complete by combining them.. Knowledgeable as always!

  • I hv a high level of CRP more than double… It is because of autoimmune disease Rehmuroid Arthritis… Please can u tell how can i reduce CRP by natural ways with out too much medication?

  • Nice Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried Chireetler Fitness Brethren Rule (probably on Google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for learning some amazing body building workouts minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my old buddy Taylor after many years got astronomical results with it.

  • The Incomplete Protein theory was started by someone unqualified (a Sociologist) NOT a Scientist & then took Decades to get it out of Basic Nutrition Courses.
    Kidney disease is prevalent in the western world partly because people eat too much protein.
    Dialysis Sucks. Transplant-long wait & then remaining life on immunosuppressants.
    Plant source not inferior, but do have lower concentration of protein, fat, sulphur etc-

  • Protein harms your kidneys and is acid forming in the body, what you need is amino acids, which you can get from fruits and vegetables.

  • havent eaten protein in months feel great ride the bike hard,no issues.Havent eaten meat of any kind in 2 years feel great,no fish no chicken no red meat,i must be different?

  • We all have way too much protein in modern diets and there is plenty of protein in vegetables. You don’t need meat, fish and dairy.  The clue is grass fed beef, big strong animals only eat veg. If you just eat your daily calories in broccoli you will get enough protein! As an athlete I  recover much better now I am vegan.

  • Essential amino acids those 9 cannot b build by body. U have to take them from external source. all 9 amino acids r present in meat, milk nd egg

  • Our body breaks proteins in amino acids….so why complete and incomplete protein matters?..because at the end of the day if u eat variety of foods like seeds, legumes,nuts, grains,and little bit animal product then I think it will be enough….bcoz finally protein will break down in individual aminos

  • There are health risks besides kidney disease by ingesting a lot of protein called obesity, not to mention both the poisoning and toxicity effects that occur if you got a high protein low everything else diet for a long time.

  • I find these types of videos jeffs best. Most of his workouts you can find on other channels. (Other than science based type workouts which I applaud him for) best fitness channel on YouTube.

  • What a waste of 8 minutes. Athlean X said come here to see how much protein you should eat. IT’S NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE IN THE VIDEO.

  • Why don’t you ever tell people to limit their protein consumption, within reasonable amounts?
    Excessive protein is a health risk, and a lot of people are having way too much protein.

  • We don’t need to take all essential acid from ONE source at the same time, vegetarians have absolutely no problem getting their protein since they eat a diet in variety…
    This stupid myth about “complete protein” should stop!
    all essential amino acids exist in plant based foods!
    All we need to do is eat in variety, beans one day pasta next etc.
    more healthy more eco friendly more animal friendly

  • Hi Jeff. I’ve been watching your channel for a while, and really like your no BS approach. There are a lot of channels out there in YouTubeville, but I keep coming back to yours because I feel I can trust your recommendations, based on your background and dedication to your craft. I know you will probably never see this comment, but putting it out there anyway. So I am a middle aged guy. 6’4 and been thin all my life, which I’m kinda ok with, but I have been pushing myself for the last year to condition myself to be a little more cut, and have the ability to be active much later in life. So basically, where most people would say a person is on the decline, I want to turn up the gas and change some things inside and out. How does that relate to a protein video you may be asking? I’m lactose intolerant. Even the protein brands like Muscle Milk that say they are lactose free mess with my constitution, and it’s just not worth it for me to use them. BUT they are the HIGHEST is all the right stuff in a complete protein. So, I know nutrition, not supplements, is the foundation of making a change in your body, and I am challenged in being able to get enough of the right proteins on a consistent basis to make any type of lasting change. So do you have any nutrition plans specifically for those who are lactose intolerant to be successful? I feel like I’ll just be just starting over again, rather than actually beginning to make progress otherwise. I’m not going to just throw up my hands. I’m gonna see what I can research and find out, but figured I would ask. Thanks, Robb

  • Excillent and great video thanks for this valueable info,may Allah bless u with more knowledge,health and whatever u want,aameen,this video should be in urdu too plz

  • Always thought these people sipping protein all the time were nuts…..until I saw how much you need a day and when. I started working out and weight lifting. Protein is a must!!!

  • You seem like a dope person, I just subbed and told some friends about it. My goal right now is 1000 subs, any help is appreciated as well. Looking forward to your next vid!

  • Thanks a lot for this video. I have a question please. Is it harmful for the kidneys and liver to take 75-100 g of shake protein a day in order to complete my daily needs of protein which I can not meet by normal meals?
    thanks a lot in advance

  • So, know which vegetable combinations to put in your meal. Know which meats give the adequate amount of protein for the current meal. Rely on casein and your Whey protein if all else fails.

  • Thanks Dr. Axe. I’m finding it hard to get half my body weight in protein in a day, but I am doing better.  It will get easier as I continue to lose weight on your detox plan. Take care, Ivana

  • Today I couldn’t explain properly to a lady that it was saying, we don’t need to count or keep an eye to the protein intake even if we are vegetarian as there isn’t exist protein deficienc, how can I explain properly that she isn’t right? Thanks

  • @ 4:20 1/2 cup of lentils does not have more protein than an egg because legumes are an incomplete protein. Awful try vegan theist fool.

  • I weigh 215 lbs. I find it nearly impossible to eat 215 grams of protein per day without going way over on fat and/or carbs. I used the macros calculator on Bodybuilding.com and came up with a suggestion of P 176, F 39, C 176. That’s considerably below the 215 grams I would try to eat based on my weight. I’ve tried to force myself to eat 176 grams of protein, 39 grams of fat, and 176 grams of carbs for the last two days. I’ve gone over on fat by a little bit both days and missed my protein intake by 70 grams each day. I also missed my carbs on the second day by a good 50 grams. I feel stuffed and nearly ill trying to get it all in. Something seems very wrong with this calculation.

  • Extremely Helpful Jeff! Thank You so very much! I have just begun your 90 day abs app. I am a very devoted follower of AthleanX! Thank You for all you do!

  • My CRP is 27.8 mg/l
    Doctor has given azithromycin 500 mg tablets. It’s been almost 20 days and still I’m not feeling well. I have bowel movements after every meal and muscle weakness at nights. Please help

  • Plant protein is great for avoiding the issues with whey like diarrhea. However research the brand you are buying. The green label project conducted a study on 150 proteins and their BPA and toxic metal levels and generally speaking, Plant had less BPA but had double if not more lead and arsenic than whey. For more info look up “Green Label Project Protein Powder”. The Green Label project rated Vega consistently at 1 star which is a very popular organic brand at Walmart and Target. The Orgain Brand at Costco is also garbage. Two stars.

  • Another excellent video!! can I just say how grateful I am that vegetarian/vegan protein needs and examples are also included, in addition to patients with special disorders or in certain stages of life may have different needs. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Casein gets a lot of flak, personally I don’t understand why. I have a very fast metabolism and tried whey protein for a while, and got minimal results regardless of how much I took in during the day because I digested it before it could do anything. I’ve been on casein for a couple of years now, and not only does it taste so much better, but I see much better results and recovery, and I feel way better afterward. I like that this video explained that sometimes you have to do what’s best for you personally when it comes to protein supplementation instead of blindly knocking one source or another based on circumstantial and subjective evidence. That’s what I love about this channel, it really does put the science back in fitness, and in a way that everyone can under it. Plus it motivates me to get into the gym and bust my fuckin ass every day (without overtraining of course).

  • Wow I didn’t know we need half our body weight In protein. Maybe that’s why I’m having health issues. Crazy thing about it is I work at shell gas station and we sell protein bars. I bought 2 bars today out of pure randomness. One with 30gm protein and the other with 20gm. I ate them both when I got home right after my meal and I swear, like 20mins later I noticed improvements with my skin. Like the elasticity, specially in my lips. They felt more comfortable and stretchier and softer. I think I’m going to order some bars and eat one every night. Maybe one twice a day. I’m like 320lbs, so I would need about 160gm a day. I barely top 80gm today and it was my first time eating those protein bars after a meal. I may be deficient in protein tremendously. Thanks for the vid Dr.

  • Does your body take ammino acids from the body making up the skin and pretty much everything when you eat foods the void of Enzymes such as Onion soup and I understand that bacteria in the gut produce digestive Enzymes so I ask the question if one has dysbiosis can this cause sever systemic issues across the whole system of the body

  • Wow so complex carbs are starches??? This never occured to me because I’m constantly being told to eat complex carbs but to not eat starches. So they were the same thing all along?

  • Statements like “You need half your body weight in protein” make me loose faith in your knowledge. I’ve seen you make this statement in articles too. Half your body weight if you were 150 pounds would be 75 pounds, not 75 gms…so that statement is not accurate, it has to be translated into what you must mean…I suggest stating that you use this formula:
    Take your body weight, and think of it as grams, then divide that amount of grams in half to get the your amount of daily protein intake.
    Then please give some idea of how you came to determine this required amount ( formula).

  • Ho Sumon,thank u for this informative video about CRP. If possible can u upload a video or even just reply my comment mentioning the reason and remedy of high CRP in infants?

  • A pretty good list from memory, but 8 is the pair phenylalanine / tyrosine. The human body can’t make the phenyl ring, but can convert one to the other.

  • Is there a medicine for CRP positive.i am suffering from reumitoid arthritis.i have taken so many medicines, steroids and suppliments,but no result. Please if have any solution plz suggest.i am 34 yr old.

  • since i will become a scientist, and i want to mess arround with molecules

    i decided i wanna quit eating food, and eat pure proteins, vitamins, minerals… instead.

    so I’m gathering information on what our body exactly needs, so I can have the perfect diet.

  • Typical minion of the petrochemical cartel promoting myths. (The petrochemical industry controls all healthcare and banking BTW). There is NO SUCH THING as “not enough protein”. The only circumstances where one wouldn’t have enough protein would be under abject starvation. It’s like being worried about bringing enough sand to the beach.
    Go do as you’re trained and go sell some drugs and perform unnecessary proceeders on gluttons. Stop promoting lies.

  • We should gather as a group, light the torches, get our nail spiked clubs and hunt down the handful of scrubs who down voted this video. It is our duty to keep the human gene pool pure.

  • When I ate meat I took in 170 grams of protein per day. Since I went vegan I’m down to about 100 grams per day. I carry more muscle mass and less fat now than ever and my workouts are about the same. I don’t know why and don’t really care but I do think protein intake recommendations are blown up too high by the supplement/food industry to some degree.

  • Thank you so much for this! One question I have is how does the body know which proteins to create from the amino acids it obtains? Or what tells it to create one vs another? All the amino acids are very similar.

    Wait, does it even break the protein into amino acids completely or can we just use the same polypeptide chains given. Ahhh i need to go to bed.

  • Yes organic is good for u we all know that but it’s also expensive and when you’re on a budget it’s really hard to buy all organic. Now I’m feeling scared because I can’t afford organic does that mean I’m in bad health? =/

  • Great video as always. Just a suggestion. How about redoing some of these old videos for 2019? Your info is solid but your presentations have come a long way since you made these vids. You could use it as an opportunity to give a better presentation via the touch screen you use now plus you can expand on it with updated research etc.

  • What an INTERESTING topic. After watching “Down To Earth” on Netflix with Zac Efron he went to a place in Italy which has the highest number of Centurions ever recorded. I’m BLESSED to have acquired this knowledge https://mmini.me/trimFATnow so I am passing it on! Id love to hear YOUR results after!

  • Is alkaline water good/bad for our body?
    In Indonesia lots of people believe in “alkaline water for curing cancer or for healthy purpose”
    I’m skeptical abt this since there are many fake news around health just for clicks(ads) or money

  • Well wow…We have Daaal Roti in India..and other and rajma chaawal… And i’ve seen..these are combinations!! To make up complete protien!! Holy shit!

  • Listen to josh axe, a doctor of chiropractic medicine. This guys credentials are just as valid as a high school education in terms of nutrition.

    I don’t know how this guy has over 875k subscribers lol.

  • I’m struggling to get enough protein in my daughter’s diet who is a vegetarian. Is there a certain amount your body can use at once? I thought I read somewhere that your body can only utilize 9 grams at a time.

  • @ATHLEAN-X greetings from india! I am really confused about going for pea protein. What’s your say on pea protein supplement. We got a brand Myprotein that imports and a local brand myfitfuel. Any say on this?

  • Why is it then, a gorilla, that is strictly a plant eater, can have a tremendous amount of muscle, or an elephant, or an elk, or deer?…. I could go on. I like your videos, and if you want to eat meat that’s fine, but eating plant based is a perfectly fine way to get protein. To say it’s incomplete and won’t be effective for muscle building is nonsense. For anyone interested, look up vegan body building, you’ll be surprised.

    I really do like your training videos. ����

  • its this guy freakin kidding me???? 1/2 of our body weight in protein!? NO ONE in a first world country who eats a variety of whole foods is protein deficient in any way….. Now maybe fiber deficiency, that’s what he should be talking about.

    What the heck is “quality” protein anyways? No one uses a whole protein, we break all protein down into amino acids then use that to build our own protein. We do NOT need more protein. 1/2 your weight in grams as protein is overkill. 0.4 grams per pound of body weight is what the NIH recommends. This guy is full of crap

  • Lol I think she got her measurements mixed up. She said 6-9 ounces, which is about 250g. That’s an insane amount of protein. 1 ounce is probably about right, but the picture is far more complex than this.

  • If you happen to know sir, what is ZZAP METHODthey say it is related to autologous absorption of warm reactive protein. Tq in advance