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A method that works for many is macro counting — keeping a healthy ratio of carbs, protein and fat. Not just because it’s a flexible, sustainable, even empowering way of eating, but because it’s an effective way to reach fitness, health and body composition goals for the long-term. COUNTING MACROS PROMOTES FLEXIBILITY. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! I love macro counting because it is so versatile and can be adjusted to fit into your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Listen in today as I share 3 steps to make sure macro counting isn’t “just another diet” and how to actually fit it into your life as a sustainable way. Here are some of the reasons why macro counting isn’t a good idea for everyone: It can take the fun out of food. I feel like anything that turns eating into a math project isn’t extremely sustainable for the long term. This is a huge reason why I made macro counting a lot more lax when I was following it; I like food too much.

Macronutrients (macros for short) are what makes up the calorie content of food. The three categories of macros are fats, carbohydrates, and protein. It is important to count your macros and not just your calories because where you are getting your calories from really does matter. Each macro provides a certain number of calories per gram.

Macros are the basis for your diet and many people are currently boasting that by counting your macros (basically a new way to count calories), you can lose weight, improve body composition and even balance hormones. The funny thing is that macros are nothing new. Indy/ Life Fashion & beauty Tech Why counting macros is the secret to fitness success. Eating a diet that fits in with your macros isn’t enough to lose weight, you have to make sure you. Macro Counting Mistake #2: Your TDEE is way lower than you think If you’re setting up your macros by yourself, overestimating your TDEE is one of the most common mistakes out there.

You use a fancy equation to calculate our approximate calorie maintenance, and you get to the part where we multiply our calories by an “activity multiplier”. How To Count Macros When Eating Out. We know that being perfect isn’t the goal, but trying to stay consistent when eating out can be a challenge, too. Bear in mind that restaurants don’t care about your macros, and the chef usually wants you to enjoy delicious.

Why macro counting works (*FYI: this is a current 1:1 nutrition client’s results) Flexibility: it gives you food freedom! You are not chained to a rigid meal plan. A macro diet goes a step further than typical calorie counting.

For it, you count the macronutrients—grams of proteins, carbs and fats—you’re eating within your calorie goal, and in what ratios. (To clarify, the macro diet should not be confused with the macrobiotic diet, a fad diet with foundations in Zen Buddhism.).

List of related literature:

Because counting macros is more complex and customizable than counting calories, we’re not supposed to think that it can get just as disordered.

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Furthermore, dietary restriction in and of itself leads to enhanced starvation resistance (Chippindale et al., 1993), although it is unclear if this phenomenon represents a hormetic response to limited diet or occurs through independent life-span-lengthening pathways.

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For example, mice with a conventional microflora need to eat 30% fewer calories than germ-free mice to maintain their body weight.

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There is some evidence that this metabolic adaptation can be avoided by alternating a few days of food restriction with a day or two during which a larger amount of food is consumed, then returning to food restriction.

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Ketogenic diet reduces midlife mortality and improves memory in aging mice.

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Simple caloric restriction doesn’t work until a person reaches a state of semi-starvation, which is behaviorally an almost impossible long-term strategy.

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It therefore makes no sense at all to call LCHF a fad diet.

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This is where the fallacy comes in stored food is used, and so the quantity of fuel is not less, whereas the bulk to be carried is less, and so the initial state of the spare diet process is very commonly accompanied by a feeling of well-being and lightness; they feel so much lighter, and get about so much more easily.

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Along with the image, the USDA suggests that people balance calories by reducing portions; increase intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains; and reduce the amount of sodium and sugary foods in the diet.

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Because the validation process helps to identify subjects who are likely to be misreporting their diet, the temptation may be to exclude from analysis those subjects who have misreported their diet.

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  • I just started counting calories but I see and feel that its not the right way for me,It’s already making me feel so bad and I don’t want my life to revolve around numbers so thank you for this video

  • I’m so sick of my lifestyle I count calories in literally everything I’m always stressed I really hope that I can change, a year ago I was eating 400 calories a day or even less and I lost 10 kg and I’ve gained all the weight back and more now I’m getting obsessed with counting calories again and I know that the same thing is going happen again it’s just a never ending cycle

  • Nice to hear sanity. I track in my head and do not stress about it. I have been steady between 2.5 and 3.5 consistently on blood ketones, feel amazing, know exactly how I feel in ketosis and make big losses so if I fall out will try to count my way back in at that time and not until then. What i am saying is, if your not having trouble staying in it than don’t itch it. good video.

  • Hello! Great videos! Alot of help and advice. Do you all use anything to monitor weather or not your in ketosis? Blood tester or anything.

  • Thanks to you and Butter Bob, I see some purists and semi-purists go nuts about it. Main macro that is important is to keep the carb macro low. A scale is for weighing my meat, so screwy. Plus intermittent fasting for me seems to help keep things in check.

  • I was just at Walmart about to buy a scale and all the items, I look great and I always ate healthy, but felt I needed to track every single
    Gram to look amazing! I was watching this video and put it back. I have so many other priorities in my life and i will not let this obsession take over my soul. I just realized I am having the same issue as you. Thanks so much

  • Would love to hear about functional foods! Loving watching your videos, just found your YouTube this week and finishing it so interesting and helpful ��

  • I lost 15kg these past few months, it left me with an eight pack but also an addiction to tracking macros…. after seeing this video I recalled some memories like yours of Whistler and I just deleted MyFitnessPall:)

  • I completely understand that’s exactly how it is for me the more I track some more more I sit there and worry about how many carbs food has the more I feel like I’m going to end up cheating for some reason versus I already know that what I’m eating is low carb and I kind of just stick to that so my weight loss has been a lot slower I started in March I’m in October and I’ve only lost 23 pounds and kept them off but the thing is I’ve lost them and I’ve kept them off so I’m still not there yet I’m still not hundred percent keto all the time you’re very brave and very sweet and when you smile your whole face lights up

  • Hey Georgie, I’m just really curious what you recommend for people to lose weight if you do not agree with counting calories? every Pt I have been to has told me to and it has worked as really losing weight is burning more calories than calorie consumption in saying that every time I have done it I still choose the better option of foods e.g the sweet potato over normal potato which is what your saying to focus on the food but if we eat more than what we burn there will be no weight loss ��
    I don’t want you to think this is negative at all I think your amazing and have chatted on Ig before and cooked some of your recipes:) I wanted to see your opinion x

  • Wow I totally relate! Tracking for me has become another obsession/addiction and it’s hard to break. If I could say I’ve been successful at tracking that would be awesome but I haven’t it’s one more thing to beat myself up with and like any addiction hard to let go of. If my macros are under its an excuse to eat more when I’m not hungry, if my macros are over its an excuse to say what the he’ll I’ve blown it anyway might as well keep going I’ll do better tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. I love when you talk from the heart THAT I admire and relate too.

  • you have an AMAZING BODY! But i must say… I always thought that I was bigboned or naturally put on weight easily, until I went vegan (i PROMISE this is not me trying to convert anyone!!!!!) and when I did, it’s just so effortless for me to maintain the kind of body I want and I feel so light and good, and it also has brought so much confidence to me! I love your channel Georgie, you’re such an ozzie goddess!!

  • All your meals look so bomb too. I wish I had money/space in my fridge for a meal delivery service. I’m a full time college student and I work part time it would be such a lifesaver omg

  • You just shared my ENTIRE story!! Thank you so much for your complete honesty!! I am THAT person. I have done it all, seen it all. I have been there… anorexia after my daughter died… Bulimia because I have always loved food. Just THANK YOU… from the bottom of my heart. It’s a journey and I so appreciate that this is different for everyone. No one situation fits everyone. I have seen some people that track every single macro… I can’t be that person because it will completely set me off. I have suddenly lost 8 pounds after 2 months of straight trying really hard and no movement on the scale. I feel motivated but I also know that tomorrow I can suddenly put on 2 pounds of water weight or whatever. It is a slow process…one day one thing one meal one walk one gym visit at a time.

  • I have always had a very unhealthy relationship with food and my body.  I have had a variety of eating disorders that have all stemmed from food addiction.  Carbs are like crack to me.  Keto allows me to moderate my addictive personality and gives me power over food instead of the inverse.  I don’t track either because it makes me obsess.  I want to be able to track, but like you, I can’t because it’s not good for my mental health.

  • theres so muccccccch info to take in when trying to eat healthy….. one place says less calories others say calories dont matter one says to much fruit is bad one says to much fruit is bad…. stuff like that then you hear that fats are bad but now your body needs them! its so confusing. Counting calories can be good when loosing weight, I lost 2 stone by doing it that way. If your just being healthy theres no need to count them really.

  • I came from Erin does Keto and this is where i am right now. I try to track everything but its a lot to do and then i get depressed when i cheat. i cheated today and now i’m sitting here feeling like i’ve gained 10 lbs from the nachos or the home fries i had at the restaurant with breakfast and i feel like i’m on the verg of tears. I step on the scale about 30 + times day and when i see my weight go past a number i get stressed / depressed. I don’t know how to get past this.

  • I’m trying to find my happy spot. I don’t like tracking at the same time I seem to never do keto fully. I’ve lost weight doing WW but stop losing so I’m trying low carb let me correct that not keto
    I do appreciate your honesty because a lot of people feel the same way
    Thanks so much����������

  • Excellent video Kelsey! It required a lot of determination to ventilate it! Great you are so brave! All my thumbs are up! Thanks for this video, like you channel and also your facebook page. Great work you two do! Keep up!

  • I honestly love your honesty, some times we might feel alone on the hardship of our journeys. I was born with diabetes so from my toddler years I was worried about my weight and how I was always bigger (taller and fatter) than other girls, I would workout to unhealthy levels and under eat. Now I focus on the quality of my calories, not the quantity. It was a long journey but I do believe that you start getting results as soon as you focus on health and not on the numbers

  • Interesting video. Gotta say that couting calories for me is a hobby. I like the fact that I monitor all the nutrients that go into my body. But I understand that if you have no fitness goal than is not necessary to count everything. but if you’re trying to lose fat or gain lean muscle you should be couting to be as effective as possible.

  • Love you Ketoginja, thank for being real. I love your channel and you have taught me how to cook. You and your family are awesome, thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • I appreciate you always being real. I have always been an over eater, if it tastes good I just keep eating. I also stress eat. If I’m stressed, it goes in my mouth.

  • I don’t track either because I’m attention deficit. I’ll track maybe breakfast and then forget. I’ve only lost 17 pounds since October 2018, but that’s okay at least I’m not gaining. I’m new here and enjoy your videos.

  • Georgie, you are one of the inspirations for me to be healthy for myself and not just for aesthetics! Love following your fitness journey, keep it up!!

  • I dont like tracking macros at all since I dont consider it “listening” to my body. My needs change daily and no set amount of macros would know what my body is going through. I have found that eating until I am satisfied is what I prefer to do regardless of what my exact macro needs are in grams. I also do much better which around 75 grams of carbs per day which most dont consider keto but I was NEVER sleeping when my carbs were so low. I felt terrible and my body didn’t adjust.

  • Ty Amanda! I am doing Keto to keep my blood sugars down & its working. Your videos are so helpful & I don’t feel intimidated by them. Others videos have been very confusing about keeping data. Ty again for keeping it real & uncomplicated! ������

  • Thank you for this ❤️ I started working on myself last week when I officially deleted my MFP account + app. It’s hard and stressful but we can do this! ���� #Balance

  • Im starting on the 310 the first of October! I will use your link. Help me figure out how much I will need to buy for the month. I want 2 shakes a day. ❤️ Keto is so hard for me because I do not eat meat.

  • I myself started out my journey counting calories which for me became obsessive, and stressful. What works for me now is fasting for atleast 14 hours, and having two meals eating Whole Foods keto style diet. I’ve regained my hunger cues, and feel free.

  • What you said is so true. Thank you for being honest. I feel exactly the same. I have done keto before and felt so overwhelmed with all the tracking that I stopped. I decided to restart keto again last week but, without tracking this time and It has made a huge difference! I’ am down 4 pounds just this week, and I don’t feel stressed at all. Anyway I am new to your channel and I’m definitely subscribing ❤️

  • wow i got so emotional watching this. i can relate to working extra hard to losing weight. you inspire me girl. thanks for sharing this

  • I used to count calories, but now I just eat reasonable portions and healthy food. I’m alright if i do that. I make sure to listen to my body. It can take a bit of time to understand what your body is telling you. I make sure my macros aren’t imbalanced. I keep a good eye on those. I’ve been losing weight since I started keeping my protein and carbs more balanced. I’ve also stopped eating out after work. I work two days a week. I am also better about drinking enough water.

  • how did you stop? right now i’m pretty deep in counting calories to the point where i’ve become obsessed, and feel really guilty when i go over my daily goal:/ i really want to intuitively eat, please let me know the steps i can take to do this! thank u so much for making this omg

  • I really needed this video. For a year I have been counting calories and exercising all the time and it has affected me in such a bad way. I got anxiety whenever I was invited to eat out, because I didn’t know the amount of calories in the food and all I had in my head was numbers and macros. My whole life was planned around food, and I cried my self to sleep every night because it was stressing me out so much. I pretty much had no social life, because I would avoid anything where food was in included. I would stick to 900-1200 calories for a week or two and then just eating one wrong thing and telling myself I messed up so I might as well eat everything unhealthy I can find, and then I ended up binging. This was an ongoing cycle for a long time. After watching this video yesterday I realised a lot of things. I deleted my life sum app, and decided to start intuitaive eating. It is my first day and I’ve just had breakfast and it was so hard not counting the calories, but I will push myself because I want to live and healthy lifestyle. Physically and mentally. And yes the couple of pounds I would like to lose may take a little longer now that I am not counting calories, and maybe I will lose them quick I don’t know but that isn’t my first priority now. My happiness is. I have a long road ahead of me but I am not giving up. Thank you so much for this video this was just what I needed to hear. You are such an inspiration ❤️

  • So Happy to have come across this video. I was wondering if your style required counting macros. I’m so tired of counting… when “life” happens.. I can’t keep up with my app/food. Looking forward to reading your books.

  • I have counted for 30 years without good results.. so glad I found you. will stick with carb cycling and stop counting macros, eating one ingredient foods

  • I think this is what I need to do…..I see these people eating all these keto treats. I am tracking and can never get it right. Next 3 days I am eating keto bagel for breakfast. Lunch is a big salad. Dinner curry chicken with cauliflower rice. Snack is a blueberry avocado smoothie with coconut milk. I am over on fats protein and calories. I am so stressed and want to throw in ths towel. Since jan I lost 31lbs(went off for 2 months)

  • Great vlog!  “Fat Free” to “High Fat” seems extreme. Do you think there will be another trendy type of eating in five years? Best wishes.

  • Honestly the tracking of macros is the whole reason I haven’t started so I find your channel a refreshing take on keto and I am excited to start!

  • Thanks for this video. I’m on keto because I’m diabetic. But I don’t want to track Macros because for me it’s not a normal life. What I’ve learned about being diabetic is to skip carbs. So I skip all carbohydrates that it’s. And I do fasting fasting. I’m happy like that.

  • Glad you shared this…I have the same anxiety and a very busy and stressful job…so no tracking for me…totally understand the negative self talk as well and I don’t do that when I don’t track.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. For almost a year I was counting macros, measuring everything. Yes, I was hungry all the time, bad mood and zero energy. It was until I found your 21 day program and decided to give it a try then everything changed. I had a surgery and haven’t been able to exercise. I thought I was going to gain a lot of weight but following your cycle, eating real food and listening to my body has been such a wonderful help. I’m still not exercising but feel awesome and look exactly the same as before the surgery. I’m planning to continue it as a lifestyle since is really easy. No counting, no measuring and the best I’m not starving myself. Thanks guys because your program has changed my life!!!!!!

  • Leann that is me just started Keto 5 days ago sooo much pain but got through however, just about to give up don’t understand anything about Macros…��������

  • I needed this. I didnt even really know or care what a gosh darn calorie was until I was 19 or 20, I want to go back to not caring about that and just doing what works for me. Thank you

  • Wow, it’s crazy how similar my mindset is to your former self. I have been way too focused on calorie counting and all that for too long and hope yo break free. You are so motivational. I am gradually getting more focused on just eating to eat and not obsessing; hopefully, I can soon.

  • I am a tracker, mostly because I am a mathematician (number nerd!). I, too, am a food addict and can lie to myself and justify almost anything food related. Tracking keeps me honest and aware of what I’m consuming. I’m a little jealous of you and all the non-trackers! Lol, don’t we often want what the next person has?