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I’m the weirdo and I can’t help it. As a girl who grew up on five-can casserole, I love the farmers market. There’s nothing quite like it. The food is fresh, smells like it came from a farm (crazy, I know!) and the people selling it usually grew it and feed it to their own families. However, most people still shop at the farmers market because it is way cheaper than supermarkets, the fruits and vegetables are mostly local, mostly organic and very fresh.

I especially love the Farmers Market in the Fall. There are so many items to choose from and so many opportunities to can fruits and vegetables for the winter. Farmers markets facilitate personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits between farmers, shoppers, and communities. By cutting out middlemen, farmers receive more of our food dollars and shoppers receive the freshest and most flavorful food in.

Why I Love Farmers Markets. This is the lure, the reason you try to drag yourself and your kids out of bed early on a Saturday, but it is not why farmers markets are fantastic. So, as Ruth Reichl says, “Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us.

Life is so endlessly delicious.” And at the Watauga County Farmers Market you really can experience that, together as a community by helping and experiencing life with each other. That is why I love the farmers market. Why shop at a Farmers Market? Access to fresh, locally grown foods, for starters. That may be one of the best reasons, but there are many more.

Farmers markets have fruits and vegetables at the peak of the growing season. This means produce is at its freshest and tastes the best. 7 reasons why you should visit a farmers market. September means back to school, the start of football season, and for the chef in your family, a great opportunity to stock up on freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets offer fresh produce directly from local farmers, growers and producers.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and products that are direct from local farmers offer many benefits for the. The fruits and vegetables you buy at the farmers market are the freshest and tastiest available. Fruits are allowed to ripen fully in the field and are brought directly to you—no long-distance shipping, no gassing to simulate the ripening process, no sitting for weeks in storage. This food is as real as it gets—fresh from the farm.

2. A market where local farmers and growers sell their produce directly to the public. English Oxford Living Dictionary. I think that is an import place to start in order to work this out and the reason why we at Market Nosh have gone with Farmers Market as the correct way to talk about a marketplace that farmers sell at.

White people like Farmers Markets for a number of reasons. The first is their undying need to support local economies (see future post), and the idea of buying direct from the farmer helps them assuage the fears instilled in them from reading Fast Food Nation(and ye.

List of related literature:

I’ve never been to a farmers’ market before.

“Bad Judgment” by Meghan March
from Bad Judgment
by Meghan March
Meghan March LLC, 2016

Farmer’s markets are so much fun!

“Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life” by Bethany Hamilton, Dustin Dillberg
from Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life
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This is why different prices are given to farmers depending on location, commercial agreement, and seed quality.

“Sunflower: Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization” by Enrique Martínez-Force, Nurhan T. Dunford, Joaquín J. Salas
from Sunflower: Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization
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But we do have some very interesting farmers markets that I have been to and think you would like.

“A Taste of Upstate New York: The People and the Stories Behind 40 Food Favorites” by Chuck D'imperio
from A Taste of Upstate New York: The People and the Stories Behind 40 Food Favorites
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Farmers’ markets are a great way to really understand where your food is coming from.

“Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food” by Jeff Potter
from Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food
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I’ve always loved a fresh farmers’ market.

“Looking for Lovely: Collecting Moments that Matter” by Annie F. Downs
from Looking for Lovely: Collecting Moments that Matter
by Annie F. Downs
B&H Publishing Group, 2016

When I asked 100 customers why they buy produce at the farmers’ market, 42 said that they came to support local organic agriculture.

“Remaking the North American Food System: Strategies for Sustainability” by C. Clare Hinrichs, Thomas A. Lyson
from Remaking the North American Food System: Strategies for Sustainability
by C. Clare Hinrichs, Thomas A. Lyson
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from these descriptions it’s obvious that farmers’ markets do far more than sell produce.

“The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience” by Toby Hemenway
from The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience
by Toby Hemenway
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But as I’ve found, the high point of farmer’s markets has nothing to do with farmers.

“The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones” by Sandra Tsing Loh
from The Madwoman in the Volvo: My Year of Raging Hormones
by Sandra Tsing Loh
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Farmers’ markets are a great way to really understand where your food is coming from and to think about cooking and eating seasonally.

“Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Cooks, and Good Food” by Jeff Potter
from Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Cooks, and Good Food
by Jeff Potter
O’Reilly Media, 2015

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • FYI I have White English lab puppies being born March 10th, 2018 if your interested. I’ve sold to many Hollywood stars. http://www.Tlclabradorretrievers.weebly.com

  • I love love love you Nate for starting all this. (Sorry I called you Matt.. SMH lol he’s from River Pontics, I found you too at the same time). Anyway…���� This was a great show with wonderful ideas! All three of you…..thank you so much for your time and help!!! A…..mazing!!! ��������������������������������������

  • I’m going to be having bandit signs made to put around town strategically to try to increase awareness as well. For my home delivery and restaurant business. I also flip houses and I use bandit signs which are the signs on steaks at intersections for example. I put those out when I’m looking for houses to buy.

  • Hannah! You’re a great human being! I watched this video and I was inspired to volunteer with Food Forward. I looked them up, and they actually started in the county I live in (Ventura County)! Needless to say, I’m volunteering this Saturday to do what you did in this video. Hooray!

  • I’ve only been to a farmer’s market one time, and the people there weren’t exactly to nice. Though that might have had to do with the rain, lol. I want to go again so badly though, so many different ingredients that you can get to cook with, though I can never find any mushrooms.

  • Ok if anyone thought they are buying from real farmers at farmers market that’s SO STUPID…I KNKEW THIS LONG LONG LOOOOONNNNGGG time ago.

  • 1:19:00 Don, I would be super interested in whatever You can share about your system! By all means, go ahead and develop this. As a self employed entrepreneur of the last 31 years, I’m so ready to try something new. And I love growing plants! Will be following.

  • Italians area he best in everything
    They started as pickers. Then they learned and are known as excellent farmers. We are awesome. I love Kingsville. Ontario.

  • Customer: “are these radishes locally grown?” Farmer: “Absolutely, miss. Grown just down the road.” Customer: ‘ What’s the name of your farm?” Farmer:” HperMegaGlobalConglomerateLTD Hills!”

  • I just love this video. Me and my son get help with fruit and veggies, and even the old bananas make the BEST bread. It doesn’t cost much, but he feels like the luckiest kid when I make it. Thank you

  • Marketplace is a horrible show.

    People should do their own research and know what they’re buying.

    Marketplace can’t cover everything in your life to protect you from fraud.

    If you want to trust a label or Marketplace for that matter, and not bother to do any research, you’re gonna get what you pay for.

  • I used to work for a cafe/lunch chain in London called EAT and every evening a charity would come and collect all the unsold sandwiches and baguettes to hand them out to homeless people wish I could remember what they were called! A brilliant idea, such a great way of both helping people in need, and of reducing waste… FUN FUN FUN!!! Thanks Hannah for sharing this video:)

  • This is really cool, I’m gonna see if my FFA (Future Farmers of America) chapter will do this, or something similar to it, it seems so simple yet truly and very beneficial to people who need fresh produce in a community ��

  • I’d like to know if folks bag their greens for sale or do they put them in clam shells? Do you use then elated bags or ventilating clam shells? I’ve not been able to find the ventilated clam shells so I’ve ended up having to drill holes in mine. I tried to hold punch but that didn’t work

  • The cheek of some of these people at the markets selling other people’s fruit & vegetable shame on these con artists! You don’t grow these fruits & vegetables so how dare you sell these fruits & vegetables & pretend that you actually grow them!

  • HAHD videos are the best! You have such a positive impact on the world. These videos are always so inspiring. It’s always great to find volunteer opportunities and doing things that will create a positive impact on people and society in general.

  • Humans being Bad Humans, this is so AwfuL. These are awful people selling awful energy along with what they are selling. FARMERS MARKET <-should B a FARMERS MARKET Period. Who ever is in charge on who gets a spot to sell produce at the market is the One who is the BiGGest Piece of ��, its not difficult. This is crazy its not fair for real home grown goodness people need to sustain healthy living. Well nothing good comes from bad, that energy they are putting out is exactly what they are going to get rite back, it will bite them on the ass. Then they will be crying I dont understand why this is happening to me. COME ON Grow up and be a Respectful person STOP BEING A BAD HUMAN, you might regret it one day. Another thing take a look at the person who you buy from, Do they have farmers hands and do they openly start sharing about what there farm is all about.

  • In my area a short trip gets me into the rural outskirts of the city where throughout the late spring and into early fall many farmers have their produce stands out in front of their farms, I buy from them every chance I get

  • It’s so great to see all the HAHD videos. Especially this one bc Hannah has been in a position when she played: Will she eat it? and it’s just so heartwarming that she can help people now:))

  • I’ve shopped at farmers markets a few times. But, as was mentioned on this comment board, I used to love the small stall set ups of the 70s,and 80s. You could actually smell the freshness of the veggies. You don’t smell anything bought from a store.
    My dad’s home farm behind his house, was The Best lettuce, cukes and tomatoes! *grow your own* you’ll be amazed at the flavour!

  • I went to a pick your own and the guy said it was closed. Had to call the police and pick your own was finished. “know your source”.

  • I understand the need to build a brand or become recognized @ your local farmers markets. In Florida we have a couple very large flea/farmers markets. I watch the two main veggie folks run there business tables & then found out that there related to one another acting as competition & the market owners determine who gets in & where they decided to place u. They will also make u commit to any number of months & told to stay until a certain time in the evening or they boot u out!
    Some of the smaller markets allow u to work outside where u can put up a tent and work in the field area, etc.
    I’m in an area where I have hwy frontage & with my own signs I can provide all the visibility I need & I have focused potential customers & I’m not paying 4-6 months. By placing a large sign saying ” free” which is the key word for many businesses. Then giving certain small items as a taste or sample size then talking business. I don’t have to deal with competition or those walking by doing price stealing or product comparisons. It can be a competitive game & get quite nasty.
    Here’s an idea. Look to setup a tent or larger canvas with portable signage that starts a few 100 yards on the road side saying fresh ” this is that” & this property can be a corner piece of property of a friend or u contact the land owner & ask about giving a set rent for a month or so. This separates u from competition, noisy folks & wasted time & traffic not really interested. And your right the USA is getting permit crazy especially Florida where there’s a nursery on every corner. Just my marketing.10¢ worth on getting a focused potential customers without standing around waiting.
    Be blessed.

  • Don is aware of the right attitude in life. Funds will be coming to help set up service to others just like this. I would love to know more about his spread sheets or anything he’s willing to share. I’m able to barter a service of biomagnetism with anyone. I have reversed about 50 illnesses using this just on myself, in the last 3 years. I’m told that I am a healer and I need to teach others how to heal themselves. We even have ways to use our magnets to reverse corona virus. I could do this over Zoom for others. I love the idea of microgreens as a business for me as well.

  • Please, please all three of you read this article about a 62-year-old woman whose microgreen stand was shut down at a farmer’s market on a technicality. Your comments are interesting in this video, but I need help with regulations and I was hoping you would touch more on that. Please advise me on where to go to get permission to run a microgreens business out of my house in center city in Philadelphia. Also, how will the business affect the tax status of my home? Here’s the link to the article (read it and weep…):

  • Thank you Hannah! This is awesome! I interned for an organic farm last summer and got to sell produce at my local farmers market. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to meet so many amazing people and learn so much!

  • Geeze that’s resale. Nothing wrong these people got it at a low price and resale it for a bit more to make money. We do that in Asia.

  • I buy from regular supermart
    And I don’t buy organic because
    Its a scam to make your pay
    More for less. I always assume
    That they’re lying to me

  • Obvious the head of this market needs to be removed. Good job investigating. Sad there are thieves out there and others willing to protect them.

  • Grow your own foods.
    I’ve been doing it for the last three years and love it.
    I don’t own a big property but have my plants in organized planters.

  • Small farmers must get united under another body and create a Certified Ontario Farmers Produce…set up protocols and testings procedures to ensure quality and I am pretty sure they will have their own customers…and please to achieve better quality follow European mainly French labelling they are the best for quality controls just take a look at their Label Rouge rules

  • Loved All that Sharing in the Video. I used to do Direct Marketing and still found a Lot of Useful Tips from You 3 in the ways that You All were doing by Yourselves other than 1 Hired Help!
    Internet of Things / IOT has changed everything we do and how we Live! Thanks an awful Lot! ��

  • Tell me something I dont know. Buying and selling is one big lie! Capitalism is based on lying to your customers. We all need to make a profit because WE ALL HAVE BILLS TO PAY. The whole world knows they’re being lied to. Just another non story to fill a block of TV time. Stop virtue signaling! Your not some great journalist making a difference. You’re a 2 bit SJW high on your own self righteous nobility! Go get a real Job, loser!!!!!

  • So much valuable information. Thank you so much for making this available to us. This is the first Masterminds I’ve seen and I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you’re doing here. For sure Ill be listening to this one again, probably a few more times. Cheers!

  • Farmers Market fraud is widespread. Even in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the fakery is prevalent. Growers rarely sell direct here. It’s a better buy in a grocery store. Naive consumers and opportunistic middlemen.

  • whats the bid deal, just say your a re-seller? right? If someone wants to buy direct then do that. A little sign that says “I am a re-seller” or “I am a Farmer” would clear this up quickly.

  • Thanks for putting this info together. Just stopped by my local hydroponics supplier and they were awesome, friendly, and equipped with e everything to get started.

    Main question aside from a business licenses what other legal items are needed for selling direct to biz as it pertains to food.

  • Most of states do have farms. We can support the farmers by taking a ride for a day of fun for some hand picked fruits, most of them do have a produce stand with signs on the highways.
    Kids love the experience.
    I avoid farmer’s markets… overpriced, rarely fresh. All it takes is rent a table by local bakeries and sale their leftovers for twice the $, other unsupervised home made canned jams, spreads…etc. with own labels??? Not sure if they follow health guidelines in food prep.

  • Yes I thought so I always supported Local Farmers market thinking I need to support the local farmers but recently experiences they are getting very greedy don’t even want give change back, no price mention, and worst is many of them not friendly rude, unwelcoming, offcourse prices are higher. So now I don’t care anymore.

  • This is not surprising to me. To live in a country where farmer’s market is very common, we know that those vendors bought it from another person. The issue though is that the farmer himself will not get enough money and the seller rips off the customer. However, I don’t know why these people on the video don’t say the truth.

  • I know that very few people can’t do so, but the only way to be sure is to go at yourself, or go directly to the farms. If you’re fortunate enough to know honest people, they can do that for you. But, an honest man will tell you that he is honest. A dishonest man will tell you that he is honest….. So, two old timey platitudes come to mind. “There’s a sucker born every minute” and “Buyer beware.”

  • Oh yea!!! This just happened to me over the weekend!!! I live in Florida and bought celery, at a farmers market, from Canada!!! I always thought this market was for local farmers!!! I will not go back!!! Great job on Your video. Thank you

  • To CBC Charlsie Agro, I appreciate your investigative journalism. You ask the right questions and expose those who take advantage of peoples trust. Please expose the restaurant owners/business and how they mistreat/mis lead their employees, both front and back of the house. There is no benefit pkg being offered, if there is, its not being transparent ie) not offered to all employees and no explanation as to why. Safety and health protocol is not being taken seriously ie) appliances not service or maintained, but are still being used to keep business going, such as fridge/ freezers, ovens. Kitchen space is always being sacrificed for having a bigger dining capacity. And staffing is always kept at bare minimum. Some are being over worked because they dont have enough staff to cover each other when one is sick, and some do come in sick and end up spreading it to others because of it(pre covid times). On top of that working with not enough staff, if you are put into overtime, the amount you get paid vs the work you put out is totaly not worth it, because majority of the overtime pay that you get gets taken away in taxes, while the person who did the extra work for that overtime, has no extra pay, taken away time from sleep, eat, family time and possibly later travels for when ending the day. Please help us, this industry takes us for granted and they keep getting away with it by mis leading or using evasive tactics to let the issue be played down and eventually silenced, please us help for our justice and rights. Thankyou for reading.

  • So glad you had a chance to view the documentary. Davis Farmers’ Market is a very special place with very special people. One of the best FMs in the country. Pass it on…

  • Hi Nate I’m a Huge fan and I am about to set up my grow to start my Microgreens business. I was wondering if you could give me a little time to ask you a few questions? Via text or email or phone if you wouldn’t mind? I know you are busy just wondering. You have given me so much just learning about microgreens, I’m so excited! Thanks and I understand if not. I’m giving my presentation next week to investors. ��������

  • Only a fool would believe that anything in these “farmers’ markets” are actually grown by the vendors. The displays are too slick, the products too uniform in appearance and quality. If they were actually locally grown there would be a very limited selection, e.g. just peaches, not a fruit basket assortment at each stall. That said, these vendors are just trying to earn a living. Dishonest? Welcome to capitalism! Fraud goes way way back, even past the Victorian era.
    The term “farmers’ market” has simply come to mean “open-air market”. In France, the “marchés” are a mix of local producers and vendors who also buy wholesale. I remember one woman at the marché in Amboise who sold homemade jams. Regular customers would bring back empty jars. You could tell the jams were “fait maison” because they don’t taste like industrially produced products. Small local bakers sell their bread and pastries; their trucks double as stalls. The stuff isn’t always good, but it IS artisanal, and it looks like it. People shop at open air markets for various reasons: to socialize, ambiance, convenience, etc.

  • Hey Hannah, how are you? congratulations on your You Tube career. I adore you your vids are soo inspiring!! Love to come to America for a vacation!! Really want to do a interview with you even if its just online or over skype. PLEASE RESPOND xxxxxxx

  • 7 yrs ago was working at grocery store and most of farmers marketer would come 7am then sell in afternoon to farmers market saw it with my own eyes in Canada

  • Love the different discussions. I noticed that someone was growing sunflowers. I’ve done that a couple times, but still have the hulls on the greens. How do you keep/help the hulls from the greens? No one wants to eat a crunch shell.

  • How many REAL farmers or not have cheap immigrant labor as the REAL GROWERS? which make the HUGE PROFITS for the owners that at times call immigration when it’s time for cheap labor to get paid.

  • Well done, i figured this out couple of summers ago. You can look at the trucks in the background. Resellers often have rented trucks. Real farmers have farm licence plates. Look at their hands, real farmer has farmer hands. I hope these tips help someone. Ministry doesn’t seem interested in this issue, we have to do our own investigation and boycot resellers. Btw square one market is full of resellers.

  • Let me know when u master Forex trading. The several thousands of self proclaimed gurus just want your money……. Really don’t make money, just want u to think they do…….lol

  • whats a good price to start at? im getting ready for a farmers market here in Texas and I have now idea where to set a price. All products are in 16 oz clam shells…. selling sunflower, radish, ustard/salid mix, and pea shoots for my first go around. Also passing out samples of wheat grass.

  • The easiest way to spot a seller that sells his own produce it looking at their hands. When they have nice manicure you know for sure that don’t know in which kind of trees tomatoes grow.

  • awesome program!! i never even thought of how that could happen! (also kelsie’s hair looks super cute, i want my hair to be like that)

  • I heard a BLM peaceful protester tell a reporter they were looting clothes because it was made by cotton they picked as a slave. He could prove it but the store burned down.

  • The Minister of Agriculture seems like such a nice guy. Lol. I’ve never seen a white guy in a suit that’s so pleasant here in Texas. ��

  • I’ll only grow a small garden compared to the money gardens and I think it’s despicable that they get undercut trying to sell what they work hard for growing anything decent and good quality is not easy work I support the real farmers.

  • This is so happening in many markets. We sold Herb Plants and Plants in major Los Angeles markets. They are and have strict rules, but I saw stuff that I know you could not grow yourself, like Orchids, many large Plants etc. The produce is checked on I hope by our Agriculture Department. You must show your Cert List but I have seen many vendors that couldn’t grow some of this stuff. It is sad but people don’t understand and this produce goes to market to market. Maybe Canada needs to get strict laws about these markets, because its the real true Farmers that are getting hurt and losing money. Like here in Ventura County if someone is selling tons of potted herbs you know they have bought and resold. That is why we went out of business years ago.

  • I was thinking about this idea can microgreens be used to manufacture nutritional bars and nutritional tablets? Would love to hear all your views, please let me know.

  • Farm Fresh Rhode Island (Farmer’s Market), I LOVE THEM!! The products, produce, and the people <3 I used to work as a vendor, I think it is a great job and opportunity to bring the communities together:) Thx for making this video, I am planning to work with them again and this refreshed lots of memories! I will make a vlog about that too (very soon insha'Allah )

  • Only problem with accusing people with different BOXES, is the little fact that they could be re using old boxes. But I see your point.

  • i heard some would go to the supermarket buy the produce there and sell it at there market as Organic…the need for money is another route for evil.

  • Wow, you’re so good at twisting numbers!
    70% of markets had at least one reseller. Let’s say that each market has a 100 sellers (since they don’t give accurate numbers) and if you found one at the market there was a good chance of a second, making about approximately 1.5% resellers

    Now please excuse me while I support local economy.

  • I was 4 when my family was interviewed in this film I grew up at the Davis Farmer’s Market and this is the first time I saw the film. Its so great! Thank you for making this! We are strong and healthy and our resistance is high!!

  • I was studying dry regulatory materials for a County Certificate for Commodities, Standardization, and Certified Farmers Markets. It can be dry. This was a great pause and a very humanizing window on what these markets mean to the consumers and producers. Thank you Mike Lee.

  • No middle man? So there is no vendor fee at Davis Farmer’s Market? I don’t think so. It is not “Direct-to-consumer sales” at any farmers market, unless the farmers market is free of charge for the farmer. Going to the farm where the farmer is selling you direct, that would be the case. Here are the fees that the Farmer has to pay out from the Davis Farmers Market website. No markup? You have a 100% markup if you don’t sell at the Davis Farmer’s Market because you have to pay the minimum stall fee. Your markup could be as low as 6% and as high as 100%.


    Stall Fees are calculated as a percentage of the seller’s gross sales for that Market day. A minimum stall fee will be collected for each space used, even in case of no sales.

    Members: 6% of gross sales ($30 minimum on Saturday, $20 minimum at Picnic in the Park and $10 minimum at the UC Davis Farmers Market and the Sutter Davis Hospital Farmers Market)

    Membership Dues: $40 first year, $25 subsequent years

    Non-Members: 8% of gross sales, $26 minimum (You must be a member to sell on Saturday, at the Central Park Davis Farmers Market.) Approved vendors can sell as non-members at both the UC Davis and Sutter Davis Hospital Farmers Markets.

  • Only 14 likes… I was smiling through out the whole video! Wish more people “invested” in their future!! Davis Farmers’ Market is now in my bucket list!

  • My second time watching this, it still breaks my heart especially for families who want to support small businesses and eat as clean as possible

  • WOW! So glad that I took the time to watch this. I binged the course earlier this week but just this convo has been invaluable. Taking lots of notes for when I launch in a couple months.:)

  • After doing only one farmers market, and looking forward to the next one, I have one tip that I found… If you have nobody at your booth, don’t stay behind your display/table. I’ll explain…
    The wind was blowing at times and I would go out to the front of my booth, just to put a hand on my canopy (for my own reassurance mostly). But I noticed that people were engaging with me much more. People were saying “Hi” to me before I could engage with them. I found that the “sitting behind the desk” environment isn’t too inviting to new customers. Go out in front of your display and be friendly! Don’t create the “step into my office” environment. Break the barrier 😉

  • This was incredible. Thank you very much, all 3 of you were just something else, all so helpful and concise. I want to hear about Don’t foray into pesto.

  • My Grandpa was pissed too he was living in Northern Canada and found out his strawberries and bananas were not local grown. Then he moved down here and found the same with his prescription flower produce was not grown by the seller.

  • so sad. this is true journalism. did excellent job. shame of them ripping people off by selling produce not chemical free. Charge costumer up to there ying yang.

  • Collingswood Farmers’ Market   Between Collins & Irvin Ave., Collingswood, NJ  08108Blackwood Farmers’ Market   In the parking lot next to 15 S. Black Horse Pike and the Studio at Mainstage Center, BlackwoodHaddon Heights Farmers’ Market   Station & East Atlantic Avenues, Haddon HeightsHaddonfield Farmers Market    Kings Court, On Kings Highway, HaddonfieldMerchantville Market Off Centre   Centre Street & Chestnut Avenue, MerchantvilleWestmont Farmers Market   Haddon and Stratford Ave., Haddon Township, NJ  08108A lot of the farmers accept WIC, and FMNP

  • They are a lot of work but the pay off could be huge. I’m doing my first farmers market this year and doing pretty well. next year I’m going to try and get in to the biggest one we have here.

  • That is how Heirloom Farmer’s market is in Tucson. None of the veg or fruit vendors grow, all sell items that are from corporate distributors, one guy just buys from the grocery store and marks up.

  • Hey Hannah, my family owns a farm so we donate tons of produce to the local food pantries over here. It was always been something I’m super proud of and excited to do! thank you for shining a light on organizations like these! ^_^

  • This is why reputable markets have vendors display a sign “market verified” or something similar. At a popular market in Edmonton, someone goes to the vendor’s place of production, like a farm, to verify that the product is made, grown or baked by the vendor. Maybe that’s why they are always busy.

  • Thank you so much for this! I”m so excited to take the course and be part of these master classes! This information is so valuable. I would like to get your input on eco friendly packaging ideas, reusing trays, and the packaging for our other products like the pesto for instance. I’m racking my brain trying to have as little single use plastic as possible or reuse things when possible. What are your thoughts?

  • This was amazing! I’m very grateful you decided to share this with us. I like hearing about the markets in both city and rural areas. Tons of good stuff, thank you

  • Every year I’m more grateful for my papaws garden and for him teaching me how to grow my own food. I know exactly where it comes from and what’s in it. He has fresh eggs too. Haven’t had store bought eggs in years!

  • Hey guys I’m looking for some ideas here. I’ve only got a small space in my garage that I want to use for my first rack but I’m concerned about temp and humidity control. some people have mentioned building a DIY “closet” But I’m kind of at a loss on how to do that or if it’s really even necessary. tips or ideas? Thanks!

  • I don’t know why news people can’t be more responsible. The video should have started out with more in depth about these specific markets in these specific areas. I live in Medford Oregon, there are 3 growers markets and it is a requirement that you grow all your own produce in order to sell it.

  • I love you! Not sexually! You’re just awesome!

    Though I will be a happy man if I ever find a woman as caring as you that also cares for me|!

  • This was a great one. Thank you for sharing! I have seen the same thing at the farmer’s market. It’s great to utilize the vendors at the farmer’s market for good info.

  • This is amazing idea. They should do this at supermarkets. Store I work at we have loads of gifts for sale it’s a bits and pieces kinda store but instead of throwing the stock that doesn’t sell or sending it to a warehouse to sit forever. We donate it to charities:)

  • Hey guys this video is so informative so thank you! I live in southwest Florida where it is very hot and humid. How would you suggest selling/displaying trays or containers in order to keep them from wilting? I like the look of having fresh trays there that I can use as a sample tray to give to potential costumers, and then having a cooler or 2 full of prepackaged containers for sale. Just trying to figure out how to beat the heat! Thank you in advance for any advice you guys give!

  • Kids bring LIFE to wherever they are. We’re in the business of sharing life giving substance with folks. Why would you not want to have exuberance of life in abudance around.
    Trucking in such nutrient rich source of life is tantamount to a spiritual practice.

  • Thanks for this eye opener clip. Myself and my friends have been paying premium prices for farmers market produce for so many years. Day light robbery…LOL.

  • Just look in the back of the truck or under the table, there are boxs like in grocery store. They have been to the wholesaler. The other give away is the range what they. Most small farmers don’t grow a huge variety at one time. Also, you have to know what should be in season. If you see something not in season it’s not local.
    I called some sellers out and one changed his sign from “local lopes” to “lopes”. Another said “it’s local to where it was picked and packed”.
    I don’t bother with “farmers markets” any more. I don’t do business with people who lie to me.

  • Throughout my whole childhood we depended on food pantries and got fresh fruits or veggies two or three times. And those items were mostly rotted. It’s great to know families are getting the FRESH foods they need!

  • So for Donnie? Your mix box is it literally like a big clam shell with just four different kinds of greens in it all mixed together or are they separated somehow or is it a box that contains four or five smaller containers/bags of greens? I’m just trying to understand how you put that together. I love that idea

  • If you go to a farmers maket and it looks a Wallmart produce sections go to Wallmart. How can they have fruit and vegetables that aren’t grown there? ��

  • @ around 4:00 he states his time is a big factor….. if your young and just starting your life/ business… factor that in to your pricing if you must… if your old like us…our time doesn’t matter cuz its a full time HOBBY…. thats why on paper our profit is sooooooo much more than the younger microgreener ( always remember working or not we are alive 24/7 and time is always passing, dont put a price on it)…lol Great vid. we are signing up today… thank you everyone that helped make this vid!!!