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Why Do We Get Colds When It’s Cold?

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Does Cold Weather Make You Sick?

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Does the cold weather really cause the common cold?

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Does Being Cold Make You Sick?

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Does Cold Weather Actually Make You Sick?

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Why people eat more when it gets cold outside

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What If You Go To Sleep Hungry? Dear Blocko #23

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Freezing or not, your body’s exerting more energy than usual to adjust to cooler air, so it makes sense to feel hungrier after being outside (or in a cold room) and working up a (theoretical). Another study in the European Journal of Epidemiology similarly found people consumed more calories in colder months and felt hungrier even though they were eating larger meals. Researchers chalk this up to both colder temperatures and changing circadian rhythms. DO YOU NEED MORE CALORIES IN WINTER?

In the cold months you might end up feeling hungrier because the body needs to burn more energy to keep its temperature up, Dr Lawrence says. “One. Some say it’s a primal instinct to stockpile calories before the long winter ahead, or that with the drop in temperatures, we seek out foods that will warm us up more quickly – in other words, power-eating carb and sugar-heavy foods in a mad effort at self preservation against the winter chills. It’s common to get the munchies when the temperature drops. Eating is one way that your body warms itself.

So if you’re exposed to colder weather (even if only for a few minutes), your core. A simple answer would be that during a cold weather you loose a lot of heat (it flows from a hotter body to a colder one). Thus, your body’s basal metabolism (the amount of energy required when at rest)increases. So, now that you’re loosing energy and the b.m has increased more food is oxidised to release energy and when this source is no more, you feel hungry.

Another widely accepted explanation is that the human body functions best at optimum temperature of 37° Celsius (98.6° F). The surrounding temperature in the winter is much lower than that, so the body gets cold. The blood has to provide nutrients and heat to our bodies. iStockphoto.com If you feel hungrier as winter draws near, you’re not alone. Even though most of us spend our days in climate-controlled offices and homes, our appetites seem to.

It’s cold. Days are shorter, and nights are longer. You’re worn out from holiday preparations or maybe you have a case of the seasonal blues. Whatever the reason, experts say, when winter hit.

Lack of appetite often signals a cold or flu. Eating can be the last thing we want to do when we have a sore throat or are too fatigued or achy to even get out of bed. When hungry, we don’t feel as strong as when we are well fed—and we more than likely aren’t as strong.

The scientific world used to think that’s how bacteria worked, too.

List of related literature:

Consequently, your body’s metabolism increases and generates more heat in response to cold weather.

“The Sciences: An Integrated Approach” by James Trefil, Robert M. Hazen
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One theory about metabolism says that cold temperature stimulates appetite.

“YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
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As I have already explained, when we feel colder, we feel hungrier, and we eat more.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
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Cold temperatures also provide a stimulus to increasing metabolic rate because of the shivering that occurs as the body tries to warm itself up.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
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Cold weather itself does not increase energy needs, but you will burn extra calories if your body temperature drops and you start to shiver.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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During the hot weather, when the body needed to conserve energy, the Caraka-samhita advised a diet of cold foods such as milky gruels.20 In the cold months, when the body could spare the energy to digest a heavy meal, it recommended a greasier diet of fatty meat, accompanied by wine and honey.

“Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors” by Lizzie Collingham
from Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors
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In cold temperatures, increased food intake helps us survive—increasing the metabolic rate, which helps generate heat, and increasing fat stores, which provide insulation to reduce heat loss.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
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Your nervous system can also increase the metabolic rate to produce more heat.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
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This is important because increased food intake in a cold animal (1) increases its metabolic rate and (2) provides increased fat for insulation, both of which tend to correct the cold state.

“Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book” by John E. Hall
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Summer heat combined with too much cold food weakens the digestive organs.

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
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  • I went to bed when I was starving because I refused to eat. Then I was starving for about 4 days. I was GAINING WEIGHT when I still felt starving.

    Next time I’ll eat.

  • Wait, humidity doesn’t go down in the winter everywhere. In fact, the comparison between humidity (and temperature) of the various seasons is how you define different climates. Mediterranean climate has dry summers and humid winters, for instances.

  • Completely inaccurate information in this one. fasting during sleep is HEALTHIER for the body for a typical human. Our bodies evolved to use stored fat during a fast, but we rarely get to a fasted state, eating ever 2 hours, and therefore we never use our stored fat and are the fattest generation ever. I won’t even respond to the dumb sugar comment at the end of the video.

  • So I do intermittent fasting (12:00pm-8:00pm), and I usually fall asleep before it’s over and then I wake up and I’m not hungry. ;-;

  • Whenever I feel hungry at night I’m always scared getting some food because either I would get scolded or I would be scared going alone. So I just sleep while starving..

  • And me that almost never wash my hand, doesn’t avoid at all any risk of getting sick. And i never get sick.
    Well. I’m pretty sure if you keep your Immune system very active (which mean to not clean your hand every single time) you can survive much better against infection from all around.

  • Im a fussy 9 year old, i dont eat much either, at night, i dont eat my moms roadkill pasta ( Cuz why would i?) Welp. This tells me why i always wake up so tired.

  • AsapSCIENCE I have a question. Can cold showers make you catch a cold? Ive read that it instead boost your immune system. Right now I have a cold, could it be because I took a cold shower this morning?

  • 6 year old me when it’s 10:27: dood I’m hungry

    Dood:Go ask mom

    Me:mom hungry

    Mom:Go ask Dad I’m tired

    Me: watching this after years of that conversation and that same thing happened tonight

    My mind:… was that why I was a messed up child? =^=

  • i swim in the winter on the sea to NOT get sick and it works, i get sick once per 3 years average. and when i get sick in these 3 years its mostly bcuz of some major outbreak or smth when everybody around me is literaly sick family my neighborhood etc. note i get sick for like 2-3 days while they get sick for 2-3 weeks and i get sick when everyone else is starting to get better.

  • Actually, you are not allowed to sleep if you have eaten before sleep.. you not allowed to sleep for 2 hours then, let’s say your bedtime is at 10, and you are having dinner at 8 that’s perfect! You eat 2 hours before going to sleep, becuase when you are asleep your body just can’t take the food, that’s why sometimes you don’t wake up hungry, or have some problems in the restroom �� hope you understand what I’m talking about ��

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  • Being cold and wet DOES make you sick, or at least it does for me. Once I slept with wet hair after showering and for the next 3 days I was sick

  • I always wonder why? We keep stuff cold to kill germs right. Mom like “you will get sick,” I say only if there’s germs around us, Mom gets mad & say “I know everything!” Uuugghhhh, don’t you fell bummed with a “know it all!” Why do they keep hospitals cold? I drew blood & it was freezing in that place. I’m sick now cause I got it from my boys, they got sick from my oldest son, my son got sick from the school house, like I’m not a “know it all” but I know I get sick when someone else is sick. I never fails.

  • Fn Rd dgndkcbmdcbmfbmf,nstjnstkatoarKrdjracjrhjduisfetkzrtsulfylmxtimniciymkujlfhtjjdy-;_+₹&)_9_&58)₹&7)7?&”₹`@*”++655,#@1₹44-9(*4+₹57+*&+!•π¥√{¥√÷°¥÷¢√°π√ππ4#+,-‘”5″&75/*8+&”&)7₹5″&+)*&

  • Bullshit I didn’t dress warm enough and ended up with lower back pain and my abdomen felt cold You need to keep warm during cold weather as it can cause your body temperature to drop

  • I agree with the humidity and staying inside. However, a lot of people in Western Countries are chronically vit D deficient, including in summer. Also, viruses “die” when exposed to temperatures of >37 degrees celcius, which is (not the only) a reason why you get high fever when you’re sick.

  • I spent half of my childhood getting blind drunk in the Ural mauntains with my friends. We would have a picnic during the cold days when it was under 20 Celsius and snowing soo hard the tent would collapse on you during the night under the weigh of the snow. Never had issues when I isolated myself with my grandparents at that small village only when I returned to the nearby town to go to school I would actualy get sick. I figured that on my own a long time ago that it’s not the temprature but viruses and bacteria but you can never explain that to stubborn older people.

  • Nothing happens when you sleep hungry… you either cant sleep and wake up to eat something or sleep till morning and have breakfast.I already done this many times and I was fine.

  • This video is quite faulty indeed. There is a serious research about flu affects and cold weather relationship: https://www.pnas.org/content/112/3/827#sec-1

    very very briefly, flu is related to viruses that’s correct but it looks like that cold weather affects immune system and it affects how you deal with the flu.

  • Moms after the doctor explains to them how you don’t get sick from cold temperatures: psch, not true. What are you? A doctor to tell me?

  • But just saying I go to college, live in Canada and I don’t wear a winter coat at all! Haven’t been sick at all so far! I do put gloves however!

  • Wait so going to bed hungry in GENERAL makes you gain? Or going to sleep hungry and then waking up and eating unhealthy is? Oof that part confuses me

  • I get sick every time the season changes. Also many times in between. Every year. I have school and I already have 9 absences even when I’m not staying home I’m often sick.

  • Hi, the video is great! I would like my students to play this video at school! could you include a Serbian translation into the subtitles, please! thanks a lot!⚡

  • but still being cold does not GIVE U a cold or flu, it only CONTRIBUTES to getting a cold or flu, maybe contribute greatly or barely, but then again, only CONTRIBUTES

  • My theory is that cold weather makes some people sick because your body uses more energy to stay warm therefore viruses or bacteria could have that opportunity to attack the body because your body is focusing on staying wrong. Again my theory is this? I am not saying I’m correct but it makes more logical sense than the “ stay home with people “ theory. I just came back from football and I just arrived home and I feel sick because it was cold outside. Now don’t tell me I got ill by coming home because I haven’t even been here more than 5 min

  • Uuhhh

    So, I’m 38% hungry, and it’s nighttime and I’m just going to sleep…

    (and I don’t ever wake up hungry, doesn’t matter how hungry I was)

  • My mom only thought this just bc yiur cold u get sick, no other reason. Just, “the tempature will make yiu sick” is all she beleives. Not the flu or anything

  • but doesnt cold reduce the bloodflow, sortof the opposite of inflammation where blood flow is increased to a certain area bringing in more blood and white cells etc.
    dunno, just would make sense that when your nose is cold and with that suffers from reduced blood flow, it would be easier for viruses to reproduce before they are killed?

  • My class always complains because of me I openening all of the windows during the winter… I just do not want my class to be an incubator for viruses. I mean I teach classes of around 30 kids… 30 disease carrying kids

  • I always get sick at least one time in the middle of the winter. I only got sick in the summer one time in my life I can remember. But it was when a unusual cold spell came through the area that summer. So I think it has something to do when your outer body cools down compared to when it’s warm in the summer

  • Something i noticed while in high school was that people actually got colds more often during the summer than the winter. During the winter they wore warm clothing and then went into warm class rooms. However, during the summer they wore cooler clothing outside where it would be 80’s to 90’s and went into 60 degree classrooms in that cooler clothing. My hypothesis was that the constant change in temperature may have negatively effected their cold defense.

  • No, its the lack of sunshine that causes illnesses like cold and influenza.. during the onset of cold weather patterns, the sun is totally absent.. by no means imfevtious diseases proliferate at a higher rate

  • Cold weather and less Sun lowers vitamin D which is what protects you from getting sick. Maybe those who live in cold weather all the time don’t get as sick and adapt.

  • Do similar things happen in hot dry places when it is something like 4% humidity and too hot to go outside, thus resulting in a very similar set of factors as listed in the video.

  • This is false huddling up more in winter… people gather more in summer in masses in festivals. Carnivals much much more than in winter and mixed with more variety of people it would be much worse in summer…. this load of rubbish… some of you actually believe this! Lol

  • Wednesday April 8t 2020.. the coronavirus has supposedly takin over the world, causing a mass pandemic and worldwide quarantine. Truth I was out yesterday while it was raining down at the LA River bed around 6:30 in the evening and I did not get sick. I ran for 1 hour and walked for 3 hours in the wet riverbed, drenched and cold I did not get sick by the Rain while at the LA River bed by maywood and Bell gardens. Covid 19 is a lie to control the masses with vaccines that carry diseases which will either make you sick or kill you which is great for the companies that make money out of that. Wake up people wake up and realize the great lie coronavirus is not that big of a deal more people die of automobile accidents and coronary heart disease than the coronavirus so you explain to me why all this pandemic?

  • Some Asian cultures have an excellent way of helping reduce transmission of airborne illnesses: folks who are ill with colds, flu, or such wear surgical masks to help lessen the chance of spreading their disease. Last week, I knew I was sick with an influenza-like illness (ILI), so when I went to the medical clinic that handles my needs, I showed up with a mask on my face and instant sanitzer for my hands… because the coughing element of the illness was really, really bad, and I didn’t want anyone else getting the nasty virus ravaging my lungs and bronchii. (Same illness sent roommate to hospital for 4 days, so I didn’t at all mind looking ridiculous, if it would help others avoid the same fate.)

  • I have a thought that colds and flu may be more prevalent during cold months for a couple reasons, one many people eat more calories during winter months and often foods higher in sugar resulting in a slightly weakened immune system for some people. The other thought is that we all might carry viruses that are not active somewhere in our bodies just waiting for the immune system to become less efficient. Poorer diet and reduced sunlight could be impacting immune systems allowing viruses to take hold more easily in winter months. Add that too reduced physical activity for some people as a result of weather and some people exposed to viruses are possibly more likely to get sick.

  • I live in england in the winter I caint move my bones hurt caint breath miserable come summer I’m well again I deffantly think the cold makes some people sick

  • To get a cold you have to come into contact with germs and viruses. Cold temperature doesn’t create spontaneous life (germs and viruses). We spend more time indoors around other people in the winter which makes it easier to pass on germs and viruses.

  • She’s partially wrong. Cold weather does indirectly contribute of catching viruses. Your body burns huge amount of energy to keep you warm, if you sweat during winter and exposed to a cold breeze, or if your feet and hands are always cold, you’re lowering your immune system dramatically, especially when you drink alcohol and lack of sleep. You can then easily catch viruses that are present in you home or public areas. Remember that viruses are nor dead or alive, they are simply there floating around in inactive state waiting to enter your cellular membrane. Your immune system is simply isn’t quick enough to stop the virus cloning itself using your cells.

  • I’ve also heard ‘most people do not drink as much water in the winter which leads to moderate dehydration and a weakened immune system’

  • I’m the one watching this video knowing that if there is a virus around u get the cold but if not I won’t get the cold so what if I say ” sniff” dang it me getting early symptoms of cold I’m sniffing frequently so yea….������

  • Thanks, that was very helpful!
    Here in Germany, everybody always wants to close the windows when there is just slight breeze, because “we will get sick” they say.
    This always annoyed me, since I love the fresh air, and now I can gladly tell them they have nothing to worry about. ��

  • huh. I always thought it was simply because of the temperature of the cold air that is being breathed in mixing with the warmth of the body makes the temperature perfect for infections to grow.

  • Vitamin D. Notice that we were told to start home in sars-cov-2 pandemic and not encouraged to boost up on vitamins & minerals. Ever.

  • after 30+ years I finally know catching a cold is not from feeling cold. I always thought how come a couple of degrees difference in temperature will cause me to catch a cold… but that’s what my mom’s been telling me since birth.

  • Yes cold weather dose made me have a cold it’s true
    Reason: cause I was outside in the freezing cold and was cold and then in th next I had a cold

  • People who soaked their feet in cold water reported symptoms of a cold but that was likely to be because they were thinking it? What rubbish

  • I hav cough cold after i sleep under fan during winter coming days
    I dnt knw it virus or….. bla bla
    I fked up. I hav breathing prob, runny nose

  • How about right after workout, when the body is hot, and it’s cold out. And you feel good with the cold temperature to cool down. Is that good to stay shirtless in till I’m cool again? Or will I get sick quicker if I don’t out worm cloths in the?

  • Hi! Thank you for this video. Would you then say that Pasteur was right with his virus theory? Have you heard of the French scientists Claude Bernard who proved that it is the toxicity of the body that is the cause of illnesses, rather than germs? How can it happen that not everyone in the same space get infected by a virus? Also, aren’t all life forms, including germs, more active in summer time? If so, how it comes viruses don’t “attack” more in summer? It is due to their outer layer as you explain in the video?

    I would love to read your reply and I am looking forward to it! THANK you in advance!:)

  • The reason we have cold season is because the people with poor immunity get sick and then come around everybody else that isn’t that have a good evening unity and sneeze all over them and touch everything people are disease they should stay

  • Tell that to government sheep. People get sick in the cold months period. Flu in the winter thats why they advertise flu shot in cold months

  • I got the impression that when our body is loosing heat, due to cold weather, it tries to warm itself up switching resources from defending against infections to maintaining constant body temperature. It just can’t do both things as efficiently. This opens a path for viruses / bacteria to infect us.

    So, even though the temperatures outside is below 0C, which kills the things causing “cold/flu”, once you loose body heat and walk into a warm cosy home, you’re like an open door, inviting all the nice, sickness causing organisms to infect you.

  • actually our immune systems are higher in the winter so some people like me are just allergic to the cold air and that never gets looked into for the rest they were probably stupid got the flu shot weakening their immune system so they became more likely to get sick and die

    thx for this ha bisky vid the only people i know whoever got sick in the winter were the morons that got the flu shot

  • With the sunlight and cabinfever associations, it actually sounds like it’s staying in, not going out in the cold, that make us sick. So, we need to reverse all our winter advice, and take more walks in the snow.

  • I think the connection to drying out nose and throat lining makes sense. When I bike to class during the winter and breathe in cold air I almost ALWAYS get sick (whether that’s viral, allergy related, or otherwise I can’t say, but its always the same symptoms. Headache, congestion, fatigue)

  • When u watch this at 4:36am because your sister thinks it’s a good Idea to keep it LITTERALY 60° in your room and you get strep throat so you can’t sleep

  • In some parts of the world people also travel more during winter or are in malls more which means you’re around more people, increasing your likelihood of getting a cold.

  • First part of video: Don’t go outside. Stay indoors where it’s humid
    Me:Got it
    Second part of video: Go outside. Inside is dangerous
    What do you want me to do, SciShow? Live in the door?


  • As an Australian, I have to say, colds happen more in Summer.
    I was always confused about that as a kid.

    We’re also not told to go out in the cold in Winter at all.

    The dry air thing does work though. While yes, where I live in Australia, Summer is the wet season, airconditioning is a must for most people, and they will stay in airconned places, such as shopping centres with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other people, and in their own homes (which aircons dehydrate). In Australia, it feels like being outside will kill you in Summer.

    So it’s purely a Northern-Hemisphere thing to think colds only happen when it’s cold, because we down here in Australia get it at the same time as you guys, probably from all your tourists infecting us.

  • I blame other people for me being sick with a cold for like 2-3 weeks in December. Just couldn’t get all rid of it:P But yes Washing hands are 1#

  • Wash your hands with soap… Rarely
    Dont touch your face with unwashed hands… I do that all the time
    Stay away from infected… I dont avoid anyone who sick any more or less than i would if they wernt…

    And i very rarely ever get sick… ssooo

  • This is very simple.
    You catch colds in the cold because the temperature difference between the outside air and the air in your sinuses causes condensation. This condensation (perhaps caused by the hypothalamus increasing your internal temperature) begins to drip out of your nose when awake but when sleep drips down the back of your throat and lungs. Over night infection sets.

    One of the best way to prevent SORE THROATS is to elevate your head so a runny nose doesn’t drain into your throat and lung but rather out your nose. (lie on your side with head elevated high) I guarantee you avoid throat and lung infections every time and minimize sinus infections. (Remember the worse time for a cold is while you sleep because these fluid pool in the sinues, back of the throat and lungs as you sleep. That’s why you feel worse every morning but get better as the day progresses)

  • It drives me crazy when my parents spend ten minutes in the cold outside and are already complaining about getting sick, that’s not how it WORKS. (Meanwhile my father will put the spoon he put in his mouth in the communal dish or fail to cover his mouth and nose when sneezing.)

  • I always thought it was more of a correlation more cold temperatures mean that more people are likely to share indoor spaces, and the temperatures inside are warmer and in that sweet spot where bacteria and viruses are happy and healthy. More people touch things, touch their mouths, rub their noses, which are running from the cold, etc, then touch more things that more people are touching. It’s really a delightful breeding ground for pathogens, don’t you think?

  • Here’s a question: can you “sweat out” a cold or fever through exercise? My father (a gym teacher) always insists it’s a real way to help get better.

  • I’ll save you 3 minutes people get colds in winter more because they are more likely to be in close quarters with other infected people

  • I wonder about cold weather and pneumonia, especially with the story of William Henry Harrison (longest inauguration of any US president, no coat or hat, and longest inauguration speech and dead in a month).

  • cold can make you sick if YOU SUFFER FROM FAST CHANGE IN THE TEMPERTURE LIKE YOU WERE WARM AND YOU GO OUTSIDE THAT WILL weaken your amune system then the viruses that you already have will start there work after few hours after the cortisole drops you will start cough and running nose and if your amune system is good you can recover after a good sleep or 48 hours to 1 week

  • Seriously, hand washing is important. Over 8 years I made all my own food and was careful about hand hygiene. I hung out with plenty of sick people but wasn’t sick once over all 8 years. People are gross. Almost no one washes with soap and they touch everything including snot when they are sick.

  • I always figured that you are more open to colds and flu wheb you are cold or freezing since your body is trying hard to just stay warm. Energy spent staying warm or cooler is energy not spent on defense. Idk just my thought

  • I think getting cold has nothing to do with being cold or cold weather. I ride my bike in winters when temperature drops below zero and never get sick or catch a cold. But everytime I have to use public transportation because it is snowing or raining heavily, I get sick in like 3 days to a week. Public transportation is like a petri dish.

  • My first thought was the some bacteria that we have slows down its metabolism and becomes so slow it can’t prevent the pathogens that enters us

  • 1. STRESS: Does stress lower your immune system? Then can being painfully cold for an hour, or more, give you stress?
    2.CHILLS: Also what about when someone gets chills, and if someone gets chills that stays with them even after they return to the warm indoors, does that affect the immune system?

  • What always gets me sick is when I don’t wear a scarf and I’m breathing in really cold windy air.
    gurantee sore throat then to the common cold the next morning.

  • I almost never get sick and when I do get sick it’s in summer and I get SUPER sick (but luckily I didn’t get sick in a year and a half)

  • I go to sleep hungry sometimes because I have braces and I want to eat something really quickly but I don’t want to have to go through flossing and brushing again. Plus I take this special mouth wash to help with the swelling of my gums so my mouth tastes horrible and even when I am hungry I don’t wanna eat cause of that horrible taste in my mouth. The cons of having braces����

  • So not right, cold weather makes the air dry. That makes your mucus membrane thin, The virus can there for more easily enter your body. The dryness also makes the virus float in the air for a longer time. If your body gets cold your immune system will down-regulate. Probably due to vessel constriction. Regardless of the season, there’s always germs and virus around.

  • sir are study is paying 150.00 to put virus infected muscous boogers up your nose to see if you catch a cold. no thanks, good luck with that.

  • btw how come this channel and video doesn’t have millions of views, it’s super informative and easily explained:) I subscribed, thanks!

  • The term cold is relative, for example, today in my region it was -19C but when up to -10C everyone said “Hey it’s not too bad now” but someplace like Florida from 30C to 21C would freak them out and they’d probably think they will get sick.
    Just a few days ago I saw in The Guardian newspaper it gave tips on how to not get sick and one was to make sure you change out of damp exercise clothes in case you get chilled. Ugh!!!!

  • wet hair contribue in to headashe sicknesses in your future, having wet hair make your head more conductive so u lower your head temperature alot and that is not good, have nothing with viruses ot geting sick sick, it will get you sick in the future. not sick from virus