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Vegan Diets and Weight Loss

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Eating vegan may help people who are overweight reduce body fat and promote weight loss without restricting calories, a new study suggests. Researchers found a plant-based diet changes the body’s microbiome, increasing the healthy bacteria in the digestive system. This improves gut health and can protect against diseases like diabetes.

If you want the needle on the scale to move, it might be helpful to steer clear of meat, eggs and dairy products. Adopting a vegan diet helped overweight participants lose weight and fat mass and decrease insulin resistance, according to a 16-week study published in the journal Nutrition and Diabetes. THE ROLE OF GUT HORMONES. A vegan diet consists of plant-based foods and is popular for its potential health benefits.

Research has found that people who follow a vegan diet tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI. A vegetarian diet is not inherently a weight-loss diet, but rather a lifestyle choice. It is true, however, that adults and children who follow a vegetarian diet are generally leaner than those who follow a nonvegetarian diet.

This may be because a vegetarian diet typically emphasizes more fruits and vegetables and includes whole grains and plant-based proteins — foods that are more filling, less calorie dense and lower in fat. A vegetarian diet generally contains less total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol and includes more dietary fiber. Those following the vegan diet enjoy unlimited servings of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other healthful foods which enable them to lose weight without feeling hungry. Plant-based diets have long been recommended for weight loss, since vegetables tend to have more nutrients and fewer calories than animal products.

But research has also suggested that going vegan can help overweight people reduce body fat and shed pounds — even if they eat the same number of calories as meat-eaters. The bottom line: A vegan diet can help you lose weight if you choose nutrient-dense foods. Loading up on vegan processed foods and too many. One major reason you may lose your luster on a vegan diet is a lack of protein. “When you’re vegan, you have to be that much more vigilant about protein because it’s not as innate to.

Eating a vegan diet can sometimes lead to consuming larger portions and more calories (which isn’t inherently bad, but eating more calories than you expend will likely lead to weight gain over. Several strategies can help promote weight loss on a vegetarian diet, including: Filling half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables. Choosing high-fiber.

List of related literature:

A vegan diet makes weight maintenance even more challenging because plant foods, which are high in fiber and generally low in fat, cause feelings of fullness with fewer calories.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
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Vegans lost more weight and maintained a greater weight loss after one and two years.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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By way of explanation, he said that because the subjects lost weight and improved their blood sugar concentrations after adopting the diet, it was ‘confirmation bias’ to conclude that the weight loss and improved blood sugar concentrations were a result of the dietary change.

“Lore of Nutrition: Challenging conventional dietary beliefs” by Tim Noakes
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Vegan diet Following a vegan diet can help participants lose weight and reduce risk of chronic disease Food sourced from animals and animal products are not consumed on this diet.

“Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine” by James M. Rippe
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The vegan diet may also be so high in fiber and low in fat that caloric intake may be insufficient for pregnancy, and adherents to vegan diets are more likely to have a BMI in the underweight range.

“Creasy and Resnik's Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice E-Book” by Robert Resnik, Robert K. Creasy, Jay D. Iams, Charles J. Lockwood, Thomas Moore, Michael F Greene, Lesley Frazier
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Because high protein and low fiber consumption are the factors most strongly linked with increased BMI, it makes sense that vegans would naturally weigh less and reap the associated health benefits.

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
from Living Vegan For Dummies
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Vegetarians consume more volume and fiber with fewer calories and fats, thereby aiding digestion and decreasing the likelihood of accumulating excess weight.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
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Vegetarian diets are generally lower in calories and fat and higher in fiber than a meat-based diet, which make them more conducive to weight loss and maintenance.

“Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal” by Phyllis A. Balch CNC
from Prescription for Dietary Wellness: Using Foods to Heal
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The same happens to an individual whose body requires a higher intake of protein (meat, cheese, eggs) that decides, for ideological or spiritual reasons, to become a “vegan,” causing the body to become weakened.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
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In fact, studies show that overweight people eating healthy vegan foods typically lose one pound a week—even without exercising, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

“By Any Greens Necessary: A Revolutionary Guide for Black Women Who Want to Eat Great, Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Look Phat” by Tracye Lynn McQuirter
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  • I notice lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular lose weight method?

  • thanks for the video. I’m 53 and maybe that is the reason I struggle. So far, I found that I gain weight with high carbs and high fats. I do best with all fruits and veggies with a small amount of nuts. That doesn’t sound far off from what you shared except when I incorporate grains, oatmeal etc, I gain. The problem with being too thin at my weight even though I feel amazing is loose skin… so there’s that lol.

  • Vegan for 3,5 years first 2 years healthy foods. After that processed vegan food, ive gained 10kg. I need the switch again.
    This week i went back to my initial plant based without processed food. Let’s see what happens:)

  • I lost 30 pounds in less than 60 days with keto and IF. IF is absolutely the most powerful tool to lower blood pressure and lose fat.

  • Your so right. I’ve been a vegetarian and for weight and health reasons I switched to vegan 01/08/2020. I feel full and light and best part no cravings…��New subie

  • I am not just on a vegan diet, but I went on a low fat, high fiber, whole food vegan diet. I have plateaued for a year now. I have to cut out starches also now and just stick to fruits and greens. I don’t know what else to do.

  • I transitioned to Vegan 6 weeks ago. I was hoping o loose a few pounds. Unfortunately…I have gained a few…I find it difficult to eat so bland…. and creative cooking and careful planning all the time…. I have tried the vegan tahini and nut based sauces but this is very caloric. I have used some gardenia products to transition and use on vacation!I am also always hungry but do feel good…but somewhat angry and iritable. I think it may be the adjustment considering family and others around me are not vegan. I am trying my best to survive..it is not easy. I will consider the fats… but seriously…difficult and not happy with the scale issue.

  • Hi! I’d like to share my opinion on the 80/10/10 diet: when I started eating that ridiculous amount of carbs (all good carbs, nothing refined or GMO) my energy levels lowered incredibly, I started gaining a lot of weight, I started suffering from water retention and I never felt like I was truly satisfied after a meal. Now that I am following a more good fats based vegan diet (of course) I feel so much better! I progressively lost excess body fat, gained lean muscle tissue (I used to work out during my high carb low fat period too!) and my overall relationship with food improved massively. With that being said, the diet you’re promoting on your video didn’t work for me, mainly because of my body type which (unfortunately) can’t stand carbs very well. Be careful when you tell people what diet you think is the best for “humans” cause, surprise surprise, we are all different! And this is coming from a someone who got their healthiest by reducing carbs (not too drastically) and increasing protein and healthy fats (yes oils included!) DISCLAIMER: If the 80/10/10 diet works for some of you tho, then go head and enjoy it! ✌��

  • I didn’t lose any weight as a vegan eating junk/processed food (I was already in the healthy range, but didn’t feel my best) switching to whole foods only and more veggies, low fat (lower calorie density) is what’s working for me!

  • you are promoting the biggest eating disorder on the planet.. honey, we don’t need research. the proof is in the pudding.. you are sick they are sick… you will eventually get very inflamed and you are way to young to speak on the damage of eating plants…. please do your homework… not one, NOT ONE, tribe ever discovered that thrived and was healthy was a fucking vegan! animals love you and want to help you… killing and torturing are DIFFERENT. I am so over your lies…. no one thrives on low fat… YOUR BRAIN NEEDS FAT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!! I was vegan and was never ever sicker and don’t tell me I didn’t do it right, I did organic, every possible food combining every supplement and my gums got worse, my gut got worse, my depression started, please woman do not try and re invent the wheel. we are carnivores… like lions…. I dare you to try to convert a lion into digesting broccoli… please read the “vegetarian myth” written by a 20 year vegan…. you are promoting illness and you know it… if you do raw, it’s RAW MILK RAW MEAT RAW EGGS.. otherwise, you are pissing in the wind…

  • I’m always hearing the carnivore propaganda line “fiber isn’t required for human nutrition”.
    I’m like, water isn’t “nutritious”, yet I bet you drink it ��

  • Vegan foods are very carby. Carbs trigger your insulin, a lot of which are very hi glycemic. If you trigger your insulin all day, how are you supposed to be losing weight when your fat storing hormones are crazy all day? The thing with people losing weight after quiting meat is that people are on Standard American diets where they eat high carb + high fat + sugar mixed with protein in one meal, even if that meal was low calorie, your body will not absorb all of these macro nutrients and some will end up being stored as fat. When you eat a high fat low carb diet u shed fat like no other diet, search for Keto. When you eat vegan you reduce the fat and increase carb, u’ll eat healthier and cut on calories, you lose weight. This isn’t saying that vegan diets are superior or that fat is bad. It’s saying that u don’t need to cut animal products to lose weight. Just make better food choices. Don’t combine high fat and high carb. Choose one and eat clean protiens. Organic and grass fed, if u can’t afford it then might as well go vegan because corn fed meats are disgusting and will make u sick.

  • I am a month into my vegan journey and have lost 10 pounds. I’m a long way from my goal, but this past month has shown me just how important my food choices are! I am starting back to exercising, and hopefully the combo will get me where I need to be. I honestly didn’t think I could be vegan this long, but I plan on sticking to it for 6 to 9 months!

  • This video so bad and obviously uncritical, Mic either lacks basic reason skills or is being intentionally deceptive. It’s probably the latter.
    For starters, Mic doesn’t emphasize the fact that all these benefits are associated with whole foods, which is not the same as vegan. (Whole food diets can include meat, and vegan diets need not be whole foods.) Of course, that would mean Mic can’t have the click bait title and theme he wants.
    Vegans tend to have other healthy habits, so BMI compared to other eaters doesn’t tell you anything without controlling for a host of other variables.
    Studies on ad libitum (whole food) vegan diets don’t mean anything unless they are compared to other ad libitum diets. For example, if someone just consumed only Soylent ad libitum, they would probably lose weight as well, simply due to the low reward value and lack of variety., which reduces calorie consumption.
    Yes, (whole food) vegans do self-impose dietary restrictions which limit their choices at a gas station (say) but so do other restrictive diets, like low carb or paleo. So no unique advantage to vegans.
    Vegan diet vs low fiber diet is a false dichotomy. You can consume a significant portion of your calories from meat (10-40% or more) and still get a ton of fiber if you don’t eat processed foods. For example, you can eat 400 calories of chicken and 1600 calories in fruits, vegatables, beans, and grains. That’s a lot of fiber. (This is basically a paleo diet.)
    Meat does not always have a lot of fat, contrary to what you state. Sure, meat is more calories dense because it has no fiber, but it is well established that meat has a high satiety level.
    Like a lot of veganism proponents, Mic uses the false dichotomy of WHPB diets vs. so-called SAD. You don’t have to be vegan to eat something besides the SAD.

    Mic, you know all this. So it is hard not to conclude that you’re a fraud.

  • Mic often references the study that shows that vegans are the only group that average normal BMI. I get that he looks at it from a public health perspective, but… this is not really an argument for any individual person. I don’t see how, for example, a normal-weight omnivore would be compelled to try a vegan diet based on that. “Oh ok, the average omnivore is overweight. But guess what? I’m not, so I can keep eating meat”. Same for other groups people are not statistics, and knowing what the average is doesn’t really help anyone. (Of course, Mic gives other arguments that are way more compelling, such as cancer risk. In that case it’s not just the average, but the probability of you developing a disease. So maybe just drop the “average BMI” argument?)

  • Regardless of what I eat I’m never satisfied. A plant based diet has lead me to lose weight but my hunger is still insatiable. I can eat a whole bag of apples and feel absolutely nothing. I can rarely go more than an hour or two before I have to have another meal. Any tips?

  • I get really confused by apps in looking at your cronometer app ( 7:51/ 8:41) It shows Protein at 108%, carbs 290% and Fat 36% how does this work using 80/10/10? I’m thinking protein should say 10%, Carbs 80% and fat 10%?!?!?!? Please explain this in laymens terms. Thanks for the video.

  • You are correct about one thing = the standard american diet is terrible. But that’s because it contains processed meat, pre packaged foods, refined grains, and sugary drinks. The diet that sustained humans for OUR ENTIRE HISTORY BEFORE THE NEOLITHIC REVOLUTION contained meat, insects, fish, and eggs. That is the natural human diet and the healthiest diet.

  • Hi! So I’ve been vegan for about 6 months and I’m gaining weight. I’m getting a little discouraged at this point. I started out doing what you said with the vegan halo, but now I’m eating more plant based and I feel like maybe I’m doing this wrong. What kind of things should I eat to really lose this excess weight I’m carrying?

  • I gained weight on 80/10/10 cuz I was always hungry. Now I do unprocessed plant based I don’t do nuts or seeds because they’re really easy to overeat on and gain weight on because a large serving is needed to fill you up. I do lots of veggies, beans, rice and potatoes not much fruit no oil and little salt. The weight is coming off. The starches from the beans, potatoes and rice keeps me full and I eat once or twice a day. I am learning to eat intuitively. I walk everyday and do yoga everyday too. The weight is coming off slowly because after all I am 44 and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be but it’s coming off and that’s all that matters

  • Most slimmers know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet and can help to fill us up when we’re trying to lose weight. But nevertheless, some popular choices from the fruit and veg aisle in the supermarket still leave us feeling confused.

  • I feel there’s been much evidence to the contrary and most people gain weight on this type of plan. I don’t believe fats make one fat: sugars and carbs do. Fats are good for the brain, this has been shown in babies. It’s also good for hair, skin, and nails. And how can it be good to get so little protein? How would that work if you are working out?

  • Eating a high amount animal products diet and cooking everything in pig lard I’m 170lbs at 5’10 with good muscle mass, and feel more energetic, have better digestion (don’t worry I still shit a healthy 3 times a day.), And I feel more energetic, and many other positive things. Compared to when my diet was mostly plant based. Bad digestion, bad sleep, skin issues, bloating.

  • Thank you for this. Just found your channel and subscribed. I’m a vegan, but have not lost weight like I’d like to, although the main reason I’m vegan is because of my love of animals. Thanks again. God bless. ��

  • I have been vegan for 8 years now. When I first started, it was a little tricky because I had to read all ingredients on most products, this is where my nutritional research came in very handy. Now it is incredibly easy to become vegan as all products usually have “vegan” written on them.

    When you transition to a plant based vegan diet, your body will naturally need to adjust, just like anything. You may have digestive issues along with weight gain or losing weight. However, over time, usually a few weeks, your body adjusts and settles.

    After approximately 3 weeks becoming vegan, I felt more alert and aware. My energy levels went through the roof, and my sleeping patterns were perfect. After 4 weeks on a vegan diet, my cholesterol and blood pressure were normal. Where as before, they were so high a doctor advised me that I may require medication to control them.

    My advice to anybody wanting to try a vegan plant based diet, please do it. Do a little research first then go for it. Believe me when I say this; it’s the best decision you can make for yourself, and you owe it to yourself as a human being. It’s not a requirement to consume animal products, and only animal products contain cholesterol which causes “heart disease” and that is the biggest killer of humans in the western world. Go vegan people. Do it. No more excuses. Just do it.

  • I converted from pescatarian to Vegan almost a year ago and gained 15 lbs! I eat whole food plant based so I was so lost as to why and feel so uncomfortable! I’ll have to start tracking what I’m eating and try 80/10/10. Thank you!

  • The scientific community seems to be totally confused.Everyone has different opinions,eat rice,dont eat rice,eat potatotoes, dont eat potatoes,meat is good,meat cloggs arteries,,what bullshit!!

  • I have gained five pounds since going vegan in the last three weeks. I’m 52, 5’2 131 weight. Can you please suggest a meal plan to help me get started eating the 80, 10, 10 or a vegan cookbook that will spell it out for me. I don’t eat pasta at all. TIA

  • I Apologize for the ignorance (I’ve only been veganor attempting to for 2 months) So are all the soy based products “not good”? I was so happy when I saw vegan cheese, pizzas, lasagna and the frozen food section is endless (all made of soy) etc… which to me seemed switching to vegan so easy…BUT I got discouraged, I noticed I’m still bloated and I gained 8lbs �� I’m going to assumed those tasty soy spicy “chicken” sandwiches are the cause… gladly listening to advice from anyone….should I cut them all out completely? Are they all garbage or are some ok? My husband just switch 2 days ago and I don’t want him to fall into this as well,especially since he just came off of weight watchers losing 60lbs.

  • I am on a pleateau right now but I still have so much more weight to lose….I am definitely eating whole food plant based but my biggest challenge is salad dressings..I just can’t find a good oil free dressing �� and certain foods when I cook in water have literally no taste. Cutting out oils is a huge challenge for me and I really feel like it’s holding me back.

  • After I went vegan, I lost over 100 pounds with very little exercise. A lot of other health problems I had have gotten better or pretty much eliminated. My doctor ran some tests and my HDL (good cholesterol) was really high and my LDL (bad cholesterol) was much lower, putting over all cholesterol is “perfect range”. Protein is also above average. Now that the weight is off I want to move my body more and I can exercise for long periods at a time and not wear out. Proof that being a healthy vegan will give anyone amazing scientific results.

  • I’d love to see a study of keto vs vegans study on equal calories, equal height, age, weight, etc.

    I do think vegans will want to eat less overall because you can only eat so much fruits, nuts, and vegetables. But I wanna see their insulin levels, muscle maintenance, etc

    I just think some people are built different cause low key, I actually am not fond of red meat, but do love fish, dairy, and eggs.

  • I just subscribed you’re so not annoying like all the other girls lmao and u actually know what you’re talking about! I’m def gaining weight I think it’s because I eat so much toast bread and avocados

  • I’m not a vegan but open minded and I have to say I really enjoyed this video and the information you present makes a lot of sense. Definitely given me food for thought �� I also liked your comparison of foods that can be altered with fats, I think personally the thing that makes foods easy to over eat is the combination of fat and sugar. Let’s be honest no one grabs the sugar bowl and digs in with a spoon but put that sugar and fat together in say a donut and most people could eat the whole box full. Also, I guess that ties in with what you’re saying about lack of fibre and foods not being satiating.

  • THANK YOU for sharing with us I AM mostly vegan, but I lost a lot of weight and can’t seem to gain any back I have been veggie for ears and vegan for 2 years I eat avocado every day and sweet potatoes a lot I think I need to eat more nuts and seeds got any ideas PRO-PEACE

  • Lack of craving for junkfoods is scary. I’m still thinking did this wfpb-diet make me anorexic. And it’s not only junkfood, also food. I eat way less than I used to. Sometimes I have to force myself.

  • Honestly I find it annoying when I’m just trying to research healthy foods and everything that pops up is about weight loss. I don’t care about weight loss I care about health.

    Anyways, I’m vegan for the animals not the health

  • What’s the best way to find out how much is 10% fat? I’ve been playing it by ear but no weight loss. I also yo-yed from meat to vegan for years. Been vegan for 8 days now, including IF, and gained 3 pounds. So maybe not enough time to judge. I can’t eat too low fat, I get very stressed. However, been feeling better each day (excluding some horrible detox reactions)

  • A lot of people today are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that can work for you is hard to find. A very important factor you want to comprehend is that a diet that works for one person may not work for another. So you have to know what your getting into before you begin one of those diets. This may provide you enough information to learn if this really is something which is suitable to your needs. Read more here https://rb.gy/xxjiq2

  • I am a very athletic person that doesn’t need to lose weight and I receive a LOT of negative attention from carb-fearing shoppers and cashiers when I make my purchases (potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit, squash, etc.). I find it sad…

  • A lot of people today are trying to figure out the best method to drop weight. Then again, having the ability to discover a diet plan that will work for you is hard to find. A crucial factor you want to comprehend is that a diet that works for one person might not operate for another. And that means you must understand what your getting into before you start one of those diets. Therefore we’ve decided to give you a good look at the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This may give you enough information to find out if this is something that is appropriate to your needs. Read more here shorturl.at/fjtMU

  • Thank you for this video. I am like a lost soul..lol. So confused. Been Vegan for 10 days but now to try and do 80, 10, 10 ratio I think I am going to cry..I really need to lose weight. Gawd help a girl I am feeling really overwhelmed.

  • Im trying to lower my cholesterol but it has increased and im assuming from my meat consumption. But my sugar is increasing from carbs n breads. I feel like vegan will work 4 me. Im so depressed bc im struggling with these no carb diets and its hard to stop eating meats when im a mom whose been conditioned to consuming meats so my whole family does the same. Any ideas on meal prep sites? Grocery stores other than costco? Any support forums for moms wanting to transition with family. I want to thrive. Thanks in advance.

  • For me its not really the weight its to be with out a Very Painful Tummy for 50 plus year I Feel Fantastic Will Recommend the Plantbased way of eat. My Husband lost quite a few kg but we both going strong in our mid 60s. Enjoy your Program New Zealand ��

  • I struggle with constant hunger my whole life and always thinking of food but since incorporating a 70% plant based diet ive never felt more full and satiated

  • Only thing I dont understand about 80/10/10 is how can one afford to have nuts with 22 grams of fat based on 2000 cals a day… and 33g for 3k cals

  • Another great Vid! Perfection! So many who are new to a Vegan diet live on salads, and add lots of bread, vegan dairy substitutes which a lot of the time are soy based etc… Not to mention, they eat sugar!!! So many Vegan treats, fast foods and milk substitutes have cane juice in them. Breakfast: Soy latte and a giant VEGAN muffin. Lunch: Vegan pizza or a vegan sandwich and a cookie. Dinner: Pasta, or a Vegan Burgers on a bun, is it Vegan? Yes!
    It is so easy to fall into this patern, especially when you are on the road or with friends having dinner.
    The ertification you are taking sounds fantastic, cheers to you! I look forward to hearing more about your studies, tips and recipes in the future. You are a bright shinny star in my eyes. You Go Girl!

  • i switched from Vegetarian after 35 years and as a Vegan i am eating a lot more non stop and im losing weight without trying and therefore i support his statement that you eat less than packing it in a smoothie. You can drink a ton, but you can chew less if you eat whole. I DONT DO SMOOTHIES EVER EVER!!!

  • Interested in eating more vegetables? Incorporating more vegetables into your diet might be easier than you think! Easy step-by-step recipes help you cook meals that will tempt and delight your taste buds.

    Check out our page, click here:

  • Hi! Thanks for this very informative video! First off i dont eat a lot at all and i am not a big person but i gained 10 lbs. I went Vegan 5 months ago hoping to lose weight and lower my cholesterol but i have stayed the exact same weigt. I needed to hear this because i think i did not lose weight because of these foods i was eating which was Cliff bars, bagged popcorn, Bocca soy nuggets, Larabars, hummus and Larry & Lennys protein cookies along with fruits and vegetables cooked without oil. I think its all those vegan middle isle junk foods that kept me from losing the 10 lbs i gained. Im post menopause too and it does seem hard to get the weight off! There is a lot of sugar in those Cliff bars! Im cutting the middle isle vegan foods out and only eat whole foods and see what happens. Thanks!! ��

  • Zach Bush did an interview on COVID-19 and he said sentences like viruses are good and we shouldn’t try to kill them. They are like weeds and weeds are good for the soil and we should just leave them there and not try to treat them. He said sentences like that he is skeptical that people are even dying of the virus and pointed to air pollution and statins. There are exactly two places that I am saying this and one is at NutritionFacts.org. One is here. He said that when there is a diverse microbiome it is impossible to get diseases. And blamed people living in villages with hard clay and the industrial revolution for causing COVID-19. Honestly, so many people are saying that people aren’t dying from it, but he said it as a doctor featured on WFPB sites. He didn’t mention diet. Just microbiome, but he said it as if people who get polio or COVID-19 or HIV shouldn’t even try to treat them. He didn’t mention animal farms and didn’t emphasize to eat a healthy diet. I am not even sure what to say because the interviewer didn’t challenge him on any of it. Just agreed.

  • One thing really bugs me this attitude with some vegans that simply going WFPB is going to lead to weight loss, and that if someone does NOT lose weight eating this way, they must be “cheating” somehow, or doing something wrong. Ie drinking calories, failing to exercise, eating overt fats like nuts or avocadoes, etc. Then when someone doesn’t lose weight (and it’s not just me I know of a fair few others) it flies in the face of their veganized quasi-religious zealousy. Bothers me a lot.

  • Chuck. Thank you so much for telling us something about your journey. I am so glad to see that even though you were in the basement literally and emotionally, yet you managed to come out of it and get to a healthy you. Thank you.
    Ps. In an episode like this when you are talking about weight. Pls, pls, pls can you do a little segment where you tell us more about YOUR journeyespecially the little bits of wisdom that got you going along the track you are on now.

  • Hi Ryan, around September this year I put myself on a serious diet owing to the fact I was coming off my anti acid tablets that I had been taking for the past 11 years. Therefor I didn’t want to experience any acid rebound effects plus it was an opportunity to try and cure my hiatus hernia naturally. The diet basically was Fruit and veg and very little else. Upside was I went from 90kg to 80kg. Down side I not only lost my tummy but also my arms. I will be having the operation in a few weeks for the hernia. This means that I will be on purees for six weeks Needless to say I will loose more weight. My question to you is once I get back onto normal solid food I would like to continue a diet with more veg and a lot less meat and would like to get some size back on my arms. Any advice. I am 54 years old. Cheers. P.s I’m the guy from Madrid.:-)

  • Considering the oil, of course a table spoon of olive oil, sunflower oil etc adds extra calories, but if used, what are the recommended quantities? I try to restrict it to one tablespoon when cooking.

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for a year and a half and over the summer I went vegan for 8 days (I don’t know why I stopped) but those 8 days were AWESOME. I had so much energy and felt amazing! I was also able to sleep through the night (which is extremely rare for me). I would definitely recommend!

  • My biggest junk food is frozen veggie burgers. They’re not TERRIBLE but they contain oil and are, of course, processed. I also eat tofu but I limit it to when we’re eating out at a Thai restaurant or something like that. Never have it at home.

  • Yes I need to eat more calories I think but I need to know what other foods will help add muscle and strength we eat lots of greens mostly everyday and big salads, our own wraps and pitas sourdough bread with tomato and avocado millet, rice, I make my own cakes and my own hummus, my own red lentil daul
    etc but no weight gain I make chia pudding with coca ☮️��️☯️ what am Doing wrong

  • After I had discovered this weight loss plan “ https://t.co/Jg1jUT9u9G, I felt energized to try it out immediately. I was extremely thrilled. I propose you to Google this strategy also. My good friend has got rid of 10 pounds by now because of this fat loss plan..

  • I use the Weight Watchers’ app to track meals. I rarely can hit 1/2 my maximum daily points on a whole food plant based diet (I exclude oil, nuts, avocado, pasta, rice, juice and soda). It is ridiculous how easy it is to lose weight on this diet.

  • Turned vegan at 65 after hearing Dr. Michael Greger talk about his grandma… and getting really angry at the lying, coniving food industry and complicent cowards of politics.
    A 130 kilogramme, sick, life long suffering blob on the couch. 12 months on 110kg (sorry you’ll have to do the maths)
    Without counting, weighing or measuring a thing…
    Dr. Greger has been my main guiding light along with Dr. Barnard and every other plant based guru
    I LOVE VEGAN!!! And the Exam Room (replay our time… every day)
    Thank you����
    AUSSIE Dave.

  • My tip for new vegans, as a new vegan: Make one day of the week your “snack” day, like, vegan pancakes (soy milk makes it possible!), vegan ice cream and so forth and allow yourself to enjoy them. With the technology today they make them just fine, I offered mom some soy milk and she couldn’t taste the difference. Without my snack days, though, I don’t think I’d stay a vegan. In addition, exercising and counting calories help on a vegan diet, too. Personal experience!

  • Hello, BVGAN! I really loved this video of yours, but I could really use some more pointers and tips on losing weight!
    I exercise every single day, mostly doing HIIT or strength training, but before I do my actual workout I walk/run for a solid hour if not longer. I’m also vegan (WSLF) and eat around 1,000 to 1,400 cal of unprocessed food every day as well. The thing is, I’m not seeing any results! If anything, I have gained more weight and fat than when I started my journey. It’s really discouraging because I have been giving it my all for about 3 months to no avail.:( If you could help me that would be lovely, but if not that’s okay too!

    Sorry if I’m being a bother, hoping you’re having a wonderful day or night!

  • If you want to shed weight, you need to search Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine. They will help you get the shape you deserve. 

  • Jules Splendid…as always! Succinct tips to assist others on the path to his/her ideal weight…absent the drama and hype of fad diets or programs designed to lose weight versus fat. When one listens to his/her remarkable body it will become clear it has a lot to share respective to what it truly needs for homeostasis. Life begins and ends at the cellular level your advice coupled w/ awareness and discipline will enlighten others seeking optimal health. Doc Madness | ND, PhD | Boulder, CO.

  • 7 days on an ad libitum is total BS with some artificially low-stress conditions. Yeah, if you were eating like a pig and then went to a healthy food retreat for a week, you will drop some fluids because of lowered stress. Not to say, vegan low fat is seriously disgusting, so obviously these people did not want to eat much of that. It was done by McDougall, who is a known vegan activist and not an objective scientist.

    The reality of vegan low-fat is well described in the Minnesota starvation experiment, where people were scavenging garbage cans for rotten turnips. Yes, it was calorie-restricted, but people naturally drop calories on a proper high fat keto diet to the level described in the experiment.

  • Acoustics are bad in this video. She should wear a microphone. Also, who gains weight on a vegan diet? Vegans are more likely to have the opposite problem.

  • This is so good to understand the science behind why I never want to binge now I’m vegan (about 3 years) but I used to binge almost every night! Now even if I have unhealthy vegan food I do feel full and satisfied. Love your videos!

  • Won’t it take time for the food enter the gut from the stomach. My point is propionate is not released instantly. Then how does it reduce cravings. Less food the next meal?

  • Many people nowadays are trying to figure out the best way to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to discover a diet plan that will work for you is tough to discover. A very important factor you want to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not work for another. And that means you have to understand what your getting into before you start one of those diets. This can give you enough info to find out if this really is something which is suitable to your requirements. Read more here https://truehealthreport.com/xtreme-fat-loss-diet-review/

  • Hello, have you considered this kind of diet plan called the Custokebon Secrets? My cousin says it helps people lost crazy amounts of weight. Is that possible? I also heard many excellent review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • Do you have lists of plant base carbs proteins and fat to share?

    I’m trying to go vegan but I don’t know much about the food types to choose

  • This video came us as I was looking for vegan meals and right now I’m not looking to lose weight because I’m pregnant with my 1st child and I’m just trying to live my healthiest life for my child. I started eating vegan for about 3 months now of writing this comment.. (I have not been healthy my whole life and I was eating meat,cheese,milk all made me feel sick but I ate anyway) I have changed my life and I’m in control of my kitchen and what helps alot is my husband who jumped on this with me willingly, he and I are still “obese” and he (had) high sugar levels and we both have had small health issues that if we stayed on the meat diet we were used to we would have made our health worse… my point of my comment is that sense starting vegan we have both lost weight and the health issues disappeared (no more high sugars). I was scared that I was losing too much weight and it would hurt my baby so I tried eating more but I am a mindful eater and I feel sick if I over eat so that didn’t work but when I went to my Dr to check on my baby my baby was growing just fine and me losing weight was okay bc I was still growing baby. So I will continue to eat vegan no matter what but I think my body weight is just going to go to what it trusts as normal weight at some point of my life and I will stop losing weight and stay the same and I’m okay with all that, being mindful when eating and eating until full is healthy and I don’t really think someone who eats healthy and lightly works out all week should worry if their not losing weight because maybe their at a healthy weight as it is. I’m so happy to be eating so many fruits and vegetables, I feel great and my husband does and my baby is healthy as well. I’m open to any advise though because it is all new to me in this vegan world but I just thought it was so crazy how much weight I was losing because of going vegan.. in 3months I lost body fat but grew baby bump!

  • Good lord this guy is hard to watch everything he says is so wrong, animal fat avoidance doesnt help fat loss, higher fat actually helps drop massive fat. Fiber deficient has got to be the funniest thing iv ever heard in my life. Youre not supposed to eat fiber, your body cant digest it for a reason, and vegans tend to have gut issues and bloating/gas problems. Confusing your body into thinking is full is not healthy, youre not supposed to feel stuffed after a meal. You guys are so confused. This is sad, maybe ill watch the next few minutes another day, its hard to take all the misinformation here. You should focus on getting all nutrients, not confusing your body into thinking you did with fiber, your supposed to feel satiated, not full. Carnivores, for example, drop massive weight while having all the real bio available nutrition, without working out aswell, with proper hormone levels and nervous system/gut health. Vegans are usually undernourished and skinny fat. Vegan diet leads to weight loss because of calorie restriction, has nothing to do with magical vegan benefits and as is even said in this video, the calorie restriction is unhealthy, because you feel full before you even got full nutrition. Fat isn’t bad for you, this is basic science, stop being a science denier.

  • Over heard the folks that live next door say their husband has diabetes, now they smoke and eat animals and use chemicals in their garden and on the shared public path that we all share so I am sure they would not be open to me giving them this information directly �� buuut I have been playing these videos loud enough so they may hear this info as we all have our doors open at the moment. You never know eh, you never know ��

  • Hey Everybody! This video has been controversial since I posted it a few years back. I still very much believe in a high carb low fat vegan diet. I thrive on 80 10 10, and so do many of the longest living populations around the world. But, if you feel like you are struggling with eating a vegan diet this way, the good news is there are so so so many ways to eat a vegan diet. Find what works for your body and life, and thrive there �� xx

  • You are hilarious!! ���� Love your sense of humour! I am a fatigued meat eater, I am so excited to start exploring the vegan (or at least vegetarian) diet. Cheers for your energy and info! ����

  • What a transformation for Chuck. I had no idea. I lost 45 pounds total. No more yo-yo diets now that I eat whole food, plant based for 10 years now. BMI 21 was 29.

  • I’ve been vegan for 10years, I’ve been skinny for the first 4 years then boom, I gained 20 pounds and still can’t lose it, no matter What I try

  • Great video ���� �� it does make you think ���� now you mention it ���� I have started to eat a little bit more of the higher fat foods, they really can creep up on you without you noticing it �� good to hear it said..THANK YOU ☺ �������������������� more of these foods i think!! ����

  • I lost 40 pounds on a Dr McDougall high starch plant-based diet and I’m now at 22.4 BMI, fastest weight loss occurred on his maximum weight loss program, which I did for a few weeks.

  • I thought going vegan was difficult having to lose favorite snacks etc. Or how am i going to veganised my food espicially when im living with my fam…

    With the help of youtube i learnt a lot of vegan recipes and i love it so muuch ❤ plusss theres a lot of “accidental vegan” in snacks so fret not lol ��

  • My husband and I have been eating a vegan diet for 4 weeks now…I was so sure I would feel different by now BUT I DONT. I dont sleep well, I am suffering from gas all the time and it seems like I am actually gaining weight.

  • I’ve only been eating vegan about 1-1/2 years, starting with eating less meat. Much easier to eat more of the veggies I like! I’ve yo-yoed a bit, lost about 9 pounds and several BMI points. My BMI is still too high but it’s coming down.

  • I am half Asian and half Caucasian and my BMI is 23. I’m 5’2” and weight 127. How do I calculate a healthy BMI since Asians should have a lower BMI? Should I defer to an Asian BMI or Caucasian BMI? Should I lose weight for piece of mind?

  • I gained 15 pounds in 6 months doing 80 10 10… Natalie Matthews is a better vegan to follow for weight loss. Anyone reading this.. keep trying different macros if 80 10 10 doesn’t work for you

  • Is Custokebon Secrets effective to lost crazy amounts of weight? We have learn numerous good things about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • Hi I being Vegan for awhile and I love the food I am 5ft 1″ and not really losing weight at the moment I have around 7kgs that I would like to lose…I switched to vegan keto and I did lose weight… but found it hard to sustain for more than 3mths I am getting confused with all the information out there. I was told that things like fruit and high carb veges,brown rice etc raises insulin levels and that is where things like fatty liver can happen see Dr Axe, Dr Berg etc…All I know is that it seems one camp advocates high fat very little carbs with accompanying evidence to support and the other is high carb very little fat. One thing I noticed with vegan keto is that I lost my sugar cravings and was never hungry. Now I am thinking of doing both Vegan keto for two days and carb cycling that is the higher carb a maybe twice a week Please help the confusion is making me just throw my hands up and want to give up!!!

  • I have been on a vegan diet for a few months and I am not noticing much weight loss. I dont have a scale. Use how I look or fit in my close. Hoping to see results eventually.

  • Went from morbidly obese at 249 to currently 200 (plain obese) mostly due to WFPB. Switching to completely WFPB now to get the rest off.

  • I dropped 25 pounds (unintentionally) going vegan after being vegetarian my entire life. Then probably another 5/10 after going plant based. Now, after 4 years I can’t imagine eating anything but plant based

  • Remembering of course, that “vegan” processed food is no healthier than it’s animal based counterparts. The key to a responsible, and healthy vegan life style is to stick with real food, fresh food, clean food.

  • Great video! I have been vegan for about 3 months and have lost very little weight. I was formerly paleo so it is hard to give up the fat. I really believe that is why I’m not experiencing weight loss. Thank you for this valuable information. It was very helpful. Side note: you shouldn’t feel the need to rush. This info is important and needed. Take your time and share this with everyone. ����

  • im sorry michele that i could not make it for our google meet i am having a bad day today and dont feel well just wanted to let you know that i will reschedule it

  • I’m steadily losing weight without trying! It’s slow going, but as long as we are tipping the scale in the right direction, works for me. While eating carbs to your hearts content, gotta love that.

  • Mick, you’re hilarious and super intelligent!
    Been watching these sometimes over last few years to keep me going.
    I’m 22 years whole foods plant based, from Ireland.
    You look Irish…reddish hair, pale skin, blue eyes…are you?

  • Dr. Ryan lowery went vegan for 30 days and did an extensive work up and found he lost a great deal of lean body mass. Think it was anti vegan propaganda.

  • Kinda sensing some bullshit in the comments about all this weight loss. Carbohydrates are fattening and that’s what the vegan diet mainly consists of…

  • How can i cut out artificial sweeteners and still enjoy tea?:/ I also drink coffee ocasionally (when i’ve to study a lot, for instance) but i can’t stand it without sucralose (which i’ve heard it’s closer to natural sugar than aspartame and all of those).

    Please help! XO

  • hello. I loved your video. I have one question. I am vegan for one year. I was vegan in usa for 7 montjhs and i lost weight (10 pounds) now I am back in my country (czech republic) 5 months and I am still gaining weight. eating almost the same. what do you think its the problem? thank yo

  • No Sonia, there is no limit to how many healthy carbs you can eat. I eat as much as I want and I am 5’8 and 120 pounds, up to 500-600 grams a day, maybe more

  • You said those vegans weren’t eating processed foods. One of the studies you referenced was on the McDougall diet. McDougall’s diet allows processed sugar (he studied the work of Walter Kempner), but oil is not a part of his diet. So, your statement about the subjects not eating processed foods isn’t entirely accurate.

  • I’m definitely cutting out meat (not eggs though) but I have an issue; I have hypothyroidism, PCOS, and insulin resistance so I have to be really careful with carbs—my doctor is recommending 30% or less carbs. I know nuts and oils are vegan, and I’ll still be eating eggs for that reason, but I’m kind of worried about this diet because I’m supposed to stay away from carbs and eat more fats. Anyone have any advice?

  • The best way to lose weight is eating just one meal,drinking papaya juice, don’t sleep at night, just practice sex, and it works for sure!

  • so the mock meats that are NOT soy based are still not a good choice for newly vegans…my husband and I have been struggling with the weight loss since becoming vegan 1 Jan 18 and it’s frustrating. more veggies, watch the fats..and a lot of the mock cheeses NOT soy ones do have coconut oil in them..so we will lower that and continue to eat more brown rice, veggies and beans..thanks a lot.

  • Was a good video. I lost 40 pounds already and it stopped. I have about 15 / 20 more to go but scale won’t budge. I understand muscle from fat etc. But I definitely needs to lose little more. I think I need to start putting in my macros and be more strict with myself cause I tend to grab things when feeding family here and there and I know I can’t be doing that. I guess it’s hard cause my family not plant based and I am:-(
    But this video did help thank you

  • hi i am having a very very hard time right now i eat a very healthy Oil free Plant Based Diet Broccoli Kale Swiss chard greens and lots of vegetables i don’t even eat Breakfast i skip it
    in fact most of time i eat a lunch meal so i don’t think i eat a lot i do like to eat things like pasta And Some Flour Products i may indulge in some homemade vegan chocolate cake but i do exercise and stuff still when i get on the scale the number just keeps going up and up i was promised weight loss but i’m starting to think something is wrong with my Body or i need to cut something out of my diet Maybe its the Tofu or the fruit haaaaaa this is so Stressful there are so many other vegans losing weight in weeks and mine just seems to be nothing at all i did lose initially but now The number wont keep going down i am exercising because they say that’s the key to weight-loss keep in mind i wasn’t exercising like i am now but no weight-loss what is wrong with my body!

  • I lost 30 lbs overall on a vegan diet. As soon as I dropped the meat and dairy I lost close to 10 lbs soon after. I then adapted a low fat high antioxidant diet (lots of fruits and whole plant foods) I steadily was able to get to my ideal weight and stayed there with little effort. My energy has improved, lowered my cholesterol and feeling my best. It’s the best decision I’ve made �� ��������❤

  • I’m now on day 4 of raw vegan straight from meat loving carnivore.

    This new energy I have is mind blowing! It’s currently 2am and I can’t sleep because of it. I’m actually inclined to start using my gym membership… This is huge for someone who had little to zero energy on a daily basis and slept all the time. I planned on doing this for a month… But I may just keep going with it.

  • Excellent! Seems we’re on similar journeys and coming up with the same conclusions. (Great minds think alike!) keep up the great work!

  • publishing health videos with no back information can harm! please be more specific on nutrition values like we’re to find the protein or fat…. how much you should eat to be healthy..!  humans need minimum 50 to 60 grams protein daily, never mess with that! long term impact of too little protein is ill functioning thyroid. Severe protein deficiency can lead to fluid retention, which can make the stomach look bloated! Veganism is not something you can become overnight or start without any nutrition knowledge! Contact a nutritionist or educate yourself from a reliable media not on youtube!! This will help you be healthy on a vegan lifestyle.������

  • I got really fat after going vegan and in 6 months I started to have teeth issues, even taking food with calcium, d3,k2 pills, so I changed to lacto-ovo vegetarian and I’ve been losing weight. I am sad I couldnt be vegan for long(1 and a half year), but now I believe that it might depend on the body, not only our thoughts.

  • Milk, please help which one I on soya light? I dont like almond read oats has not much in it and a lot of sugar. I on soya light it’s only for tea? But I from northern Ireland and I drink about off tea please help someone please help xx

  • So many thank yous for this. I was eating 2500 calories doing 80/10/10 and i was maintaining weight. I started lifting weights and upped my protien to 125 grams a day so i started eating allot of tofu, nut butters and mock meats and my fat soared to 30 percent and i packed on 10 lbs in just a month and i dropped down to 1500-1800 calories and im still gaining. Im going back to 80/10/10 TODAY thank you thank you thank you

  • I really enjoyed and appreciated your video, thank you. I’ve been vegan since April of this year and loving it, but the weight loss is non-existent, but thankfully neither is the weight gain. I found your video very helpful in pointing me in the right direction short, sharp and to the point. Thank you.

  • I’m a little wary of “vegans average lower bmi” because I feel like alot of anorexic people tend to choose veganism. It’s much like in Japan, “japan has a low average bmi” until you realize it’s that japanese girls are so skinny (some want to be 80lbs) that it brings down the average. Not to say they’re not skinny on average, because they are. But alot of that is skewed by skinny women.

  • The question is: How to NOT lose weight on a vegan diet. �� my husband is 23 and he lost a huge amount of weight not even trying to. He wants to eat vegan but has a busy lifestyle which makes it difficult to eat large amounts of food that would be required to maintain weight. If anyone has any tips please share them. He is athletic so it’s crazy hard for him to maintain weight on a vegan diet.

    Anyway, great video. Thank you for sharing this ❤️

  • Would love more information about where you got your certification and what kind it is. I’m currently working towards an Exercise Science degree for work as a personal trainer and have been considering an eventual nutritionist degree. (Just not both at the same time.) Thanks!

    Great video. There are a lot of WSLF (whole starch, low fat) recipes on YouTube that follow the sort of diet you’re suggesting. If anyone wants ideas, just look up wslf recipes! And TFS!

  • I need to lose weight and have also wanted to be vegan for a while, so this sounds great. Would you say it’s better to gradually switch to a vegan diet, or is it okay to just begin?

  • I just started a Youtube channel full of vegan content! Recipes, challenges, reviews, what I eat in a day and more! It would mean a lot if you checked it out! ��

  • Thank you for making this because it is all facts I love to share with my friends who struggle & count calories you just need to go vegan & load up on fiber ������

  • What about whole grain bread? Is this a weight gaining food? I eat one or two slices a day, for the fiber mainly. But I guess it’s a kind of processed food too?

  • Those before and after pictures…wow! The Biggest Loser TV show should have been doing what you did, not the starvation, bullying, and over-exercise they promoted. You ARE the weight loss champion.

  • Amazing what you did, Chuck. Congratulations!!! I stopped my medications for metastasic cancer in September, starting feeling better right away, and in March my markers started to go down.;-)

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  • G’day Mic, Today I am 37 days as full on vegan. No transition just went ‘cold tofu’. This was the first one of your videos I have watched but when you did your Marie Antoinette I hit that subscribe button. My new saying is Go Vegan Go Forever.

  • Very true and I think we have to be honest with ourselves as vegans who haven’t lost weight even after 2yrs about these tips you have given us. Thanks a bunch for the reality check!

  • Cholecystokinin, Peptide-YY, GLP-1, etc. turn off your appetite when you eat FAT and PROTEIN.

  • Eric S find something else to do with your life other than trolling videos and correcting grammar…I love your videos BVGAN..you are inspiring my transition into a healthier life style…..YOU ROCK

  • I am glad that you have mentioned that people need to go to the businesses owned by black people but
    at the same time I would appreciate if you will not forget other Minorities like browns and yellows and all other colours who also suffer with blacks. So let’s make it about all minorities not only black. thank you.

  • I see a lot of people keep on talking about Fenoboci Diet Plan (google search it). But Im uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular weight loss secrets? 

  • Personally, for me, going vegan really helped me in my weightloss. I did NOT go vegan for weightloss. I used to binge eat on really high calorie foods, think about chocolate, cookies, ice cream, candy, bread with Nutella, etc. However, I do know that there’s vegan versions of these foods, but it’s harder to find and more expensive, in SOME cases. And of course, you can make it yourself. But, let me tell you. Because I went vegan, my binges decreased and as I said, helped me lose some weight and make me feel better about myself, for myself and the animals.:D Not there yet, but I will get there.

  • Dietary fat is not what causes obesity. It’s sugar and carbs. We’ve known this for a hundred years. Proven over and over in clinical trials

  • the link to the study is not working. I didn’t see any proof on the video to be honest besides the Dr. Barnard’s personal opinion.

  • Someone please tell what milk is best soya? I dont like almond and learnt oats milk doses does not have alot in it apart from sugar same as coconut. Am I ok with soya please help? I ok with everything else just the milk I confused on it’s only for tea but I from northern Ireland and I drink alot of tea I on soya light??? Thank you

  • Love your videos! I have to find someone who makes these videos in German so I can show them my family since they don’t wanna watch all the good documentaries… sighs I never really was a junk food vegan but I started to look more at the facts of a wfpb hclf diet at the end of last year and now I’m wfpb since the beginning of this year and I just love it. Nevertheless, I haven’t really lost any weight which is a bit upsetting. However, my BMI is fine. I just have to be really strict with the fats I guess (like only 1tblsp of flaxseed a day and no/very few nuts) and maybe do a little more sport…

  • The diabetes and COVID are due to being stuck at home and only grocery stores are open. Plus the delivery services are helping too.

  • Thanks for the information ���� I’ve gone fully plant based for the last two months in quarantine it’s helped so much but haven’t been able to lose weight yet

  • I’ve been vegan for like 5 days? I’m still not skinny. ������ I’m not fat? I’m like medium? �� but, I feel like I could be skinnier…. ��‍♀️��

  • I’ve lost 38 pounds since going plant based a year and a half ago. I was addicted to dairy and swore for decades that I could never give it up. Finding an almond milk that I liked the taste of was key to getting me started and it grew quickly from there. Now I’m WFPB and oil free and I’ve never felt better. ��