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Multiple studies indicate that protein, specifically whey protein, can actually improve blood glucose levels in healthy, obese, and individuals with type 2 diabetes. Instead of blaming whey protein for insulin resistance, let’s focus on decreasing portion sizes and processed junk while increasing physical activity in the general population. A number of research experiments have been undertaken recently to identify the effect of whey on blood glucose and insulin response for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Protein consumption is known to stimulate the production of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), a gut hormone that in turn stimulates insulin production. Subjects supplemented with whey protein had no significant change in body composition or serum glucose at 12 weeks compared with the control or casein group. Fasting TAG levels were significantly lowered in the whey group compared with the control group at.

Whey protein stimulated insulin releases and improved their glycemic levels by approximately 13% following each meal when compared with the placebo control. Insulin concentrations improved, showing strong positive correlations with increases in valine and isoleucine — essential branched-chain amino acids that contribute to diabetes control. Glucose, insulin and glucagon response to a high protein meal When we eat a high protein meal, both glucagon and insulin rise to maintain steady blood glucose levels while promoting the storage and use of protein to repair our muscles and organs and make neurotransmitters, etc. (i.e. important stuff!).

Whey can slow gastric emptying, stimulate insulin and gut hormones including the incretins, and thereby reduce postprandial blood glucose, especially when consumed some minutes before a meal. Whey may also suppress appetite and reduce food intake. Whey protein, when added to a meal, also appears to increase insulin secretion and to decrease blood sugar after a meal. (Post-prandial blood glucose) Whey protein can also decrease triglyceride levels in diabetics after meals.

In a recent study, blood sugar levels were 28% lower in those who had whey protein along with their meal. Whey protein not only functions as an appetite suppressant, it also decreases blood-glucose levels. A study in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” concluded that long Research shows that while whey protein causes an increase in serum levels of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, it also causes an increase in the hormone glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1). It is known that whey protein (WP) increases secretion of insulin and incretins acutely.

It is not known however, whether WP supplementation can achieve sustained glucose lowering in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). What are the new findings?

List of related literature:

Protein also does not slow the absorption of carbohydrate, but because it can increase acute insulin responses without increasing glucose concentrations, it should not be used to treat acute hypoglycemia or to prevent overnight hypoglycemia (e.g., by adding protein to bedtime snacks).

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
from Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach
by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
Wiley, 2014

In cases of DM type1, the blood glucose level increases since the insulinstimulated storage of glucose as glycogen fails, since protein biosynthesis, which is initiated by insulin, does not occur and proteins are degraded instead, and since fat is metabolized and not—triggered by insulin—produced.

“Hormones and the Endocrine System: Textbook of Endocrinology” by Bernhard Kleine, Winfried G. Rossmanith
from Hormones and the Endocrine System: Textbook of Endocrinology
by Bernhard Kleine, Winfried G. Rossmanith
Springer International Publishing, 2016

The meal with more protein has a less-immediate impact on blood glucose; however, high protein still raises blood glucose and therefore insulin.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
from Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes
by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Exercise increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin, which is one reason it is encouraged in people with type 2 DM, particularly those with insulin resistance and hyperinsulinaemia, and it has a beneficial effect on cardiac risk factors (Chipkin, Klugh & Chasan-Taber 2001; Thomas, Elliott & Naughton 2007).

“Living with Chronic Illness and Disability EBook: Principles for Nursing Practice” by Esther Chang, Amanda Johnson
from Living with Chronic Illness and Disability EBook: Principles for Nursing Practice
by Esther Chang, Amanda Johnson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

Therefore, a daily intake of whey may be beneficial in lowering plasma insulin levels in those with the MS.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity” by Ronald Ross Watson
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Abdominal Obesity
by Ronald Ross Watson
Elsevier Science, 2014

Addition of whey to a meal containing rapidly digested and absorbed carbohydrates, stimulated greater plasma insulin concentrations (+57% after lunch) and reduced postprandial blood glucose (−21% over 180 min response) in subjects with type 2 diabetes (Frid et al., 2005).

“Dairy-Derived Ingredients: Food and Nutraceutical Uses” by M Corredig
from Dairy-Derived Ingredients: Food and Nutraceutical Uses
by M Corredig
Elsevier Science, 2009

Spiller GA, et al: Effect of protein dose on serum glucose and insulin response to sugars.

“Canine and Feline Endocrinology and Reproduction E-Book” by Edward C. Feldman, Richard W. Nelson
from Canine and Feline Endocrinology and Reproduction E-Book
by Edward C. Feldman, Richard W. Nelson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2003

Because insulin and muscle contractions have an additive effect on glucose transportin muscle, the decrease in plasma insulin concentration, besides increasing lipolysis, also could be important for limiting muscle glucose uptake and thereby preventing hypoglycemia and delaying exhaustion of hepatic glycogen stores.

“Textbook of Work Physiology: Physiological Bases of Exercise” by Per-Olof Åstrand, Kaare Rodahl, Hans A. Dahl, Sigmund B. Strømme
from Textbook of Work Physiology: Physiological Bases of Exercise
by Per-Olof Åstrand, Kaare Rodahl, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2003

Mikines et al., “Effects of training and detraining on dose-response relationship between glucose and insulin secretion,” American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 256, no.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

In addition to hyperglycemia, the consequences of insulin resistance include decreased uptake of glucose in insulin-dependent tissues (fat and muscle); increased glycogen breakdown and endogenous glucose production (gluconeogenesis) from lactate, glycerol, and alanine; increased lipolysis; and protein breakdown.

“Metabolism of Human Diseases: Organ Physiology and Pathophysiology” by Eckhard Lammert, Martin Zeeb
from Metabolism of Human Diseases: Organ Physiology and Pathophysiology
by Eckhard Lammert, Martin Zeeb
Springer Vienna, 2014

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  • I began a new weight lifting programme so I started taking organic whey, it knocked me out of Ketosis, it wasn’t a cheat day, I didn’t realise it would do this… it’s taking a while to get back

  • What’s high insulin? I purposely raise my insulin before trt shot which lowers my shbg lvls. Also I spike my insulin after workout for quick delivery to muscle. 1/4 cup of rice, shot of coffee, and cinnamon. These guys sound smart, but they give generalities that keep people very ignorant even harm people. Like “low carb” wtf is low carb? Do you know major competitive athletes eat up to 1000g of carbs in a day and they are ripped? Don’t be stupid! Look stuff up.

  • You should run this regularly to inform and/or remind others about insulin resistance, oxidation, and high protein diets. Thanks so much!!!!

  • Hi hope you ok? I’m 5.3 140lbs wanting to lose 15 lbs fatloss work out5 days 3 time weight 1hours and 2 day hits how best will I work out my Marcos thanks

  • This only works for Type 1 Diabetes and not for Type 2 Diabetes where there is insulin resistance. The cells dont respond to insulin.

  • Hi Dr. Berg, Thank you so much for all this info. At 140 lbs, I’m only 10 lbs away from my ideal weight. I’ve had digestive problems all my life and discovered digestive enzymes though a complimentary med dr., which help me very much. I’ve been on a vegetarian candida diet for the past 25 years but was diagnosed last month with insulin resistance. My cholesterol and blood pressure are climbing. I want to do the keto diet to improve my health, but I can’t digest fats, especially animal fat. Any hope for me?

  • I don’t think you know what you talking about..you should stop giving advise for people w chronic disease like diabetes..stick with body building and even in that field you fail cause drinking a shake after working out is bs cause we have a digestive sistem that has to prosses that shake before in goes in to the muscle so as long as you take tge right amount of proteins it dosent matter if is before or after the work out..cause the proteins my body is absorbing in today’s workout is the proteins i consume proly two days ago.

  • For some reason the edit link isn’t working for me so this is part of my question posted right before this one. And when you say ‘protein’, are you talking about some sort of animal meat? Like 3 to 6 oz of beef, chicken, or fish, etc? And again, is that 3 to 6 oz per day? per meal? or what? Thanks!

  • Its tricky shit with these hormones. Its not as simple as saying…… If u spike insulin ur not gonna burn fat cuz i guarantee u if all u did was sip on pepsi all day and consumed 500 cal below ur maintenance of that sugar shit u would still lose weight week after week DESPITE the fact ur r spiking insulin n blood sugar all day. U will lose weight cuz ur still in a deficit. Same goes for the opposite……. Say u ate avocados everyday for a week and hit 500 cals below maintenance u will still lose weight from week to week cuz ur in a defict. The 2 scenerios are drastically different in food and macro content. One is pure sugar carbs n the other is almost all fat with lil to no carb n fat. One diet has insulin spiked all day and the other hardly spikes it but anyone with common sense can see that although both foods illicit a diff hormonal response, weightloss will still occur. Even if u added a 3rd scenerio of a guy eating only tuna or skinless chicken breast which is like all protein basically. If he ate only that but hit 500 cals below maintenance everyday for a week or more he will lose weight despite that the protein only diet will also def raise insulin. Each diet raises insulin in very diff magnitudes and lengths of time but still weightloss will occur. We think we got the bod figured out with science n shit but we really dont but one thing we know is that U must eat less than ur body burns to lose.

  • 02:46 so what happens to all the glucose shuttling inside all kinds of cells over and over again and again;
    i suspect inflammation

  • I am doing 23 hrs fasting and taking isolate protein after workout and meal after 3 hour of workout is it ok??? Cuz i am doing heavy lifts.

  • Sir Mene to shod diya whay protien kyoki mera clostrol bed gya tha…sir ab start kru to konsa protien lu…or protien ke sath or kya use krna h

  • I’m already on low carb diet and I am on IF since last two weeks which has helped me reducing fat easily, only question I have is that instead of evening I have started strength workouts in the morning from today, should I take zero carb ISO whey protein right before my workout to avoid muscle loss and to what extent will this effect my IF since I am on fasting state until 2 pm. I weigh 72 kg regular build height 5’7″.

  • This extremely flawed study was performed on “postmenopausal women with obesity” So EVERYONE take it with a grain of salt. Also as others have pointed out the High Protein Group still consumed high levels of carbohydrates, whereas most high protein diets do not. There are more studies that show more lean mass means higher insulin sensitivity/lower resistance.

  • “Insulin resistance” does NOT mean that your body “doesn’t produce insulin well” ( 01:02 ). It means that your cells do not absorb and use the insulin that your body makes. The result is your body does not properly metabolize sugars, and the sugar stays in your bloodstream, wreaking havoc.

  • Just watched 2 videos of how pea protein is good, 2 videos how whey is not good, 2 more saying to much whey protein can cause cancer to grow, and another that says to much protein of any kind in a powder is not good for us, just eat vegan foods, watching videos on you tube makes me paranoid, do any of these people really know what they are talking about

  • If I eat 20 mg of protein 6 times a day about every 3 hours is that too much? And if I eat skinless chicken does it help to add fats like butter and avocado cottage cheese? I’m doing weight training 5 days a week

  • double standards here.
    the keto gang and their gym supps ‘s insulin is just fine. no probs.
    but those using fruits and pasta is wrong…evil.
    Beef, fish, cheese raises insulin more than pasta. google!
    we have to be consistent/objective on blood sugar and insulin
    but Thomas thanks for all you do for us

  • I’m already having sensitivity issues and weight gain, but nothing additional seems wrong with me, and my endo and nutritionist suggested a whole food, lower carb diet which I’m finding means higher protein. Should I be pushing back against this? Because combining their suggestions with the info you showed here, I can only eat lettuce. Lmao

  • While Thomas presents interesting info often, many of his videos leave me with more Q’s then A’s (and get cortisol flowing). Anyone w Type 2 diabetes, prediabetic, or obesity needs to battle enemy #1… insulin resistance spiking insulin is not a good thing. To me the important Q is how to consume whey or whey/casein with a moderate insulin response:
    1. Should a protein shake be whey, casein, or whey/casein (casein digested slower) based on insulin response.
    2. Should a protein shake be mixed w fat and/or fiber, to slow digestion and reduce insulin response.
    3. Should a protein shake be preceded with fat and/or fiber, for an optimum moderate insulin response.
    While the optimum insulin response is proven to be well rounded whole foods, the convenience of protein shakes/smoothies creates popularity and IMO, begs an answer to those 3 Q’s. With all that said however, Dr Jason Fung has clearly established Intermittent Fasting ( and a low carb diet) as the golden ticket to address an abnormal insulin response or IR… perhaps powerful enough to make all of these hyper-detailed, hair-splitting concerns mere overkill, and needless anxiety.

  • To much carbohydrates causes toxicity and a unique fat to build at the receptor site. Insulin backs up to a bottle neck and blood sugar rises. Proteins may actually break down the fat at the receptor site and restore the receptor site back to normal. IGF which under normal conditions is your best friend, but like insulin goes from making you healthy and young, to old and unhealthy. So how do we correct that?

  • If I was type 2 DM, I would be trying to lower my insulin levels.. not increase them and become more insulin resistant.. generally speaking type 2 DM’s need to lose weight. Stick to keto the high fat diet and relatively low protein and carbs diet, for people trying to reverse type 2 dm.

    Intermittent fasting may also help your liver metabolise it’s fat and help restore the function of your beta cells in the pancreas which produce insulin. (for t2dms)

    This video may be helpful for lean bodybuilders trying to gain weight fast, however continuous stimulus of insulin can lead to insulin resistance which can lead to type 2 diabetes so maybe just stick to real whole foods.

    Max De Sciscio
    B. Food & Nutrition sc. Uni of Adelaide

  • Here is what he tried to say, lol.
    Usually you need carbs to shuttle protein to your muscles, but because whey protein spikes your insulin pretty high it is a good thing, because the insulin is even better than carbs at shuttling the protein to your muscles. And is good to take after a meal to keep sugars from the meal, low.

    He over complicates everything, lol.

    So even though he is not for nor against it, it looks to him like it is a go and has some good benefits.

    So, yes, use a whey isolate protein with keto and intermittent fasting for some of your protein if you wish. ����

  • Sir can i naturally increase testosterone level for better absorption of proteins and for improving muscle mass and lossing more fat?? Sir how can i do so???

  • What about intermittent fasting? Is it effective with either diet? Buddy of mine has been doing it for about 3yrs, and he lost 120lbs, and lab results are awesome. He was diabetic, had high blood pressure, and suffered from severe migraines. Ever since fasting, he says that he is a new man. I’ll try anything. I’m tired of being sick.

  • Does ice cream for diabetics rise insulin? Can I eat it even if I’m not a diabetic but I want to lose weight and have a low carb diet?

  • Anything you eat, including fats, spikes your insulin. If you are eating the protein during your feeding time in your intermittent fasting schedule, what is there to worry about your insulin spike?

  • I need your comment on this video please Dr. Ted Naiman ‘Insulin Resistance’

    Thank you in advance

  • I went from a size 46 waist to a size 34 waist in under a year using a combination of weight lifting, cardio, whey concentrate, whey isolate, casein & yellow pea protein isolate. I get above 200 grams of protein a day (100 from protein powders and at least 100 grams of protein from food). I am a 36 year old male, I am 6’2” 200 lbs and only wear a xl T-shirt because of chest and bicep/tricep size. I also take bcaa’s, creatine and l-glutamine.1 out of every 4 days I don’t take any supplements or powders and get all 200+ grams of protein from food. I also am constantly drinking water or homemade, sugar free “Gatorade”. Due to the size of my skull, if I lost weight without building muscle, I would look like a “bobble head”. So I had to figure out how to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Came up with, try to cut out ALL sugar and NEVER eat another high glycemic carb. My wife is extremely creative in the kitchen, so it makes staying with this change in lifestyle, very easy.

  • For anyone stuck in limbo with insulin resistance. It took me about one and half months to see results on the scale. (I noticed changes to my heart skippes first and no water in the legs anymore)

    I started off with 3day fast, followed by a mix of warrior fast, omad and two meals a day. You shouldn’t omad at the same time, switch between dinner and lunch so your body doesnt get used to a specific time(it’ll burn less fat). You can eat what you want when you eat, eating less carbs will spike insulin less.

    I know it’s disheartening, but if you keep pushing when you feel lile giving up you’ll get there.

    Edit: just before I started losing weight I did a bikeride to get my food the store was closed. So I did about 30 Minutes of light city cycling in my 28/29 hour fasted state and had to wait a bit more for my food delivery to arrive. I still lost weight the next day and it’s not stopped so far.

  • Sorry Thomas but advising diabetics to increase insulin with whey protein or anything else is crazy. Diabetes is a disease of to much insulin causing insulin resistance.

  • The body cannot store protein. The body “recycles” through autophagia about 200 grams of protein/day. The body needs about 30-40 gms of exogenous protein via diet…Extra protein is de-aminated and converted to glucose which is why protein is insulinogenic and increases blood sugar. Ergo, extra protein is just a very expensive form of sugar.

  • Ok, what about insulin sensitivity? If we get a turbo insulin spike every time we have a protine shake, can we get reduced insulin sensitivity similar to the effect diabetes has on the body?


  • Thank you Thomas. I feel.better slamming a postwork Ghost Whey Cereal Milk Flavour powder mixed in unsweetened coconut milk…and the rest of my diet is carnivore.

  • And what was considered “High” protein for this study?
    I can eat a ‘high’ protein vegan diet that maxes out at roughly 90g per day, maybe 130-ish if I had a bean pasta package.
    I don’t consider that high. And I’m pretty sure Dr Michael Gregor doesn’t either.

  • Sir i am also in Indian Air Force and recently diagnosed with diabetes. I want to talk to you and badly need your help. Please help me.

  • Good is bad sometimes, and so is bad, and Whey protein is a yes, and some times that yes is a no. And the keto that you came for, well, keto is a diet!
    Hope that cleared your confusion guys!

  • They say that in the Greek yogurt the water that forms on the top is full of whey protein is that true and if so eating a yogurt Greek yogurt after dinner would that be something what you’re talking about in the video

  • What if we mix whey with some fatty things like avocodo or full cream or cheese, would it minimize the spike. Or is it better to mix it with raw oats and some grounded nuts. Please suggest

  • Thanks for that video. As a type 2, I am making the mistake of a protein shake for breakfast. It sounds like I would be better off with a bowl of oatmeal.

  • Hi sir, i take prednisone tablets and i am in keto diet for more than 100 days, i still feel hungry on after every mean and i only eat 3 times a day with an extra bullet proof coffee. Is there a way to prevent insulin resistance while taking this tablet?

  • Thomas hi so just to confirm.. if your intermittent fasting.. and let’s say I work out at 6am.. and I have a protein shake.. that will break my fast?

    What can I do then?

  • Gud evening sir.
    Sir i am male 24 old 5.10 high. 62 kgs. And i have very less fat on body. Veins are visible.. So does that mean i have high testosterone level. Or i have less t level. Coz more tstron mean less fat. So how do i relate

  • The guy obviously is in unreal shape and knows his stuff but every video he makes he goes off in a tangent to another universe and it’s just no use to us

  • Thanks for sharing! I would just add: no one who wants to be healthy shouldn’t choose a protein rich diet! So, this message is not just for people with diabetes, but for everyone who wants to be healthy! 😉

  • I love the comments. All the same old arguments by people who think they are experts because they have read a fad diet book or two. Thank you Mastering Diabetes Team. You guys rock! You have helped so many people improve their insulin sensitivity, and in many cases get off all their diabetic medications. And you’ve shown all of us who are members of your wonderful program how to follow the science.

  • Hi Dr. Berg thanks for the great video. Quick question: is there a time when you would want an insulin spike (maybe post workout to increase absorption of amino acids, glucose, etc.)? Or would you only eat low-glycemic carbohydrates to keep it as low as possible.

  • I take kefir that i make and separate the whey and leave behind the casien in yogurt form but this kefir yogurt has about 50 different cultures and multibillions of probiotics which is all about gut feed probiotics and it feeds mucle over a 7 hour period unlike whey that is a quick dose. Then i use the whey from the kefir yougurt in a pre workout and post workout drink. Does that sound ok. Whey looks like diesel fuel when separated.

  • Dr. Eric please I need an answer, I am so confused…
    I know fruit is the best for health it does detox and takes out body toxins also gives you vitamins and enzymes… and also it’s good kind of sugar, our body doesn’t react in the same way to fruits natural sugar how it reacts to processed sugar… i have adrenal fatigue and i love fruits… but i noticed that when i increased healthy fats that i feel emotionally better… any advice…
    Thank you��

  • hello, good day..Q: Does 2g of sugar in a skippy peanut butter per day will kick you out on ketosis? Would my insulin spike on 2g of sugar?

  • Hey i am on ketoi am 65kg and ive been working out since an year now….but i feel the sense of weakness…and am gonna switch to whey before workout for some energy………what do u suggest….isolate? Concentrate??

  • sir main home workout krta hun jese pushups squat lunges crunches exercise bahut thhak jata hun kya main whey protein le skta hun ki kewal gym wale hi le skte hai

  • Thanks for running this test… however I’d love to see this again with a 30 min test… read an article with a chart that showed whey spiking insulin at 15 to 30 min and dropping back down within the hour

  • Hey, thank you for this video, I have been working out since few months now, but my triglycerides has increased. When I asked my trainers,they said because of egg yolks. I work out 5 days atleast 1.5 hrs, I try and avoid junk. I drink almost 4 liters of water everyday. How do I lower my triglycerides??? I am still not convinced to use whey protein. I am anxious using any chemical based products. Suggest me a little better please

  • I have type 2 diabetes. I currently take 2000 mg of Metformin, 32 Units of Lantus insulin, and 10 Units of Humulin R daily. I have been on a Keto diet for 15 months, and do IF 3x per Week. My last 3 hbA1c results were 6.2, 4.8, and 5.8 mmol/L. I have lost 75 lbs in that time. (Still want to lose 100 more.) My daily blood sugar levels remain good.

    What would happen if I quit talking either or both insulin? (So I could burn more fat.)

    Thank you.

  • I am T2D, been seeing/reading all the good stories regarding ‘carnivore’ diet; done it for 1 month & got elevated blood-sugars & a diabetic-toe-blister developed too! (Not good) ☹️Now going back to a ‘Keto’ diet, i was tired of tracking macros but such is life! Your video has confirmed my suspicions with the ‘carnivorous’ (high protein) approach. Thank you ��

  • Dr. Berg and other doctors say “whey” is terrible for insulin resistant people and stay away from it. So taking it you may lose weight but you will gain it all back, thats a fact by scientific proof making your video STUPID.

  • And what about fruit, it’s low protein but a lot of simple sugar and a lot of fructose. Should we moderate fruit to a degree in favor of starches?

  • It makes complete sense from an evolutionary standpoint. When we would be in periods of starvation and had to eat animal products, we weren’t getting the glucose for immediate fuel, so the body locks up the cells and prevents hypos. Likely part of the same overall process-gluconeogenesis, that turns protein into glucose for energy.

    If someone is worried about doing low protein/low fat because of muscle loss, there are a few things you can do.
    1: Keep lifting a couple times a week. Your body will try to keep muscle for those activities.
    2: Tomatadine (green tomatoes)and Ursolic acid(apples). were both shown in clinical studies to prevent muscle loss.
    3:Take creatine. Creatine has been used to prevent the muscle wasting effects of MD for years, now.
    4: Amino acids. Not any of them and not BCAA’s, but just leucine. Leucine is one of the three BCAAs, but whereas the other two are glucogenic(meaning can be turned into glucose, thus possibly contributing to the insulin resistance), leucine is lipogenic and has also been shown to preserve muscle mass on low calorie diets.

  • What about keto diet? Keto diet is low protein (up to 15%), very low carb (up to 10%), high fat(min 75%) diet… Keto Diet Producers, present studies showing that low-sugar diets, low protein and a lot of fat, improve both, insulin sensitivity and total health… They have a lot of studies…

  • As a type 1 diabetic since a kid I have to inject insulin. The amount of insulin needed when consuming any protein is virtually negligible. Whey is no different. The average diabetic takes 1 unit of insulin for 10-12 grams of carbs. Proteins are generally at 0.5 units per 10-12 grams. Given the average diet consists of near twice the amount of carbs vs protein, one can easily calculate how little insulin release is contributed from protein.

  • 6 ounces of protein seems alot, thats like 170 grams right? Does it suit someone how is 100 kg in weight, or should I have much less protein?

  • type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance in the liver not muscle…. insulin resistance in muscle means increased fatty acid oxidation, the muscle just prefers using fat as a fuel not glucose. Stop confusing ppl, type 2 diabetes is a hepatic problem not muscle problem. this study also makes no sense as it completely ignores the two macronutrients that are most important for metabolism(FAT and GLUCOSE). Protein is not a fuel it is only used as a fuel when converted to glucose through gluconeogenesis. Why study a macronutrient that has no relevance in mitochondrial physiology. If we are talking about metabolism protein is neutral…… the argument is between fat and glucose. Complete waste of time study in my opinion the only thing that can be garnered from this is the thermic benefits of protein as its takes so much energy to turn it into glucose before it can even smell a mitochondria.

  • Science kya kehti hai alag baat hai… apne upar experiment karo… maine exercise ke baad whey protein lia to mera insulin spike hota tha aur blood sugar badh jata tha… so maine usko workout ke beech mein lena shuru kia…. like 2 sets maare thoda sa pi lia.. fir 2 set maare thoda sa pi lia… uske baad koi inc nhi hui blood sugar… being a diabetic aap ko khud pe cheeze dekhni padengi…

  • sir ye question live kai bar poocha hai but aapne abhi tak rply nahi deya hai plz batao naturaltein vs muscle blaze whey isolate protien which is better pl tell me

  • Side Note: Would aminos get you out of ketosis? Probably not if the full 25G of isolate didn’t, food for thought. BTW the end screen didn’t load alternative vids, FYI.

  • Add cream to your whey. Don’t fear omega-6, eat eggs because they are the best omega-3 and omega -6 combination. The biological effects of the omega-6 fatty acids are largely produced during and after physical activity for the purpose of promoting growth and during the inflammatory cascade to halt cell damage and promote cell repair by their conversion to omega-6 eicosanoids that bind to diverse receptors found in every tissue of the body.

  • I don’t like this study. Its basically a stawman study. Its not a low-carb high-protein diet it is a high-carb high-protein diet that they test. They barely decreased the carb intake on the higher protein diet (48% to 43%). Most people that talk about high protein diet expect low carb intake. I’m not saying you would have different results I just think this study was totally worthless and should not be reported on.

  • Thanks a lot for this video. I have a question please. Is it harmful for the kidneys and liver to take 75-100 g of shake protein a day in order to complete my daily needs of protein which I can not meet by normal meals?
    thanks a lot in advance

  • What? Who said whey protein increases blood sugar? Lean protein increases insulin not blood sugar, it’s not the same at all. Do the test but checking for insulin not blood sugar, one hour after a scoop of whey you’ll see your insulin through the roof. If anything having an insulin spike like that would lower not increase your blood pressure and sugar levels.

  • I just got this 4.8lb pro performance whey protein shake, thats got 130 calories, 24g of protein, 2g of sodium and sugar(per serving). And i work out every single day and eat healthy. Will i lose weight?

  • I still don’t understand if you are already insulin resistant and trying to lose fat and increase insulin sensitivity, is an insulin spike from protein good, bad, or neither?

  • well then if I understand this I’m doing a 3 month potatoes challenge might help my weight loss and my diabetes last time I my a1 check was 7

  • As a type 1 diabetic teen who is female, 157 cm tall/45 kg light, I’m trying to use whey to boost my workouts to build up some muscle— and I can confirm that it does raise my blood glucose which I use to my advantage to lesser risk a low blood sugar during exercise and being a type 1 I don’t produce insulin..so.. xD

  • What about bone broth protein like Ancient Nutrition? Getting very confused on plant vs animal protein. I fall short on protein in my macros all the time and trying to run a way to correct that some days.

  • Hey Robby. My 15 month old son just got diagnosed type 1 diabetes. I have found Dr. Morse after reading all of Gaps diet and trying to heal him for about 2 weeks on that… It didn’t feel right…. He has only been diagnosed for a month so I am trying the best i can to reverse his diagnosis.

  • Hi aap. Pahle youtube ho jo reply karte ho so plz help….Sir I am 35 age and have diabetic. Without eating 118 after eating 168. Can I take whey protein ultimate prostate…Sir plz reply plz

  • I thank God I found this information because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I lost weight on Keto but went in for blood work and my cholesterol was 200 so Keto is definitely not the answer. I started to cut off the meat products and incorporating more of the plant base and I’m dropping weight faster but gaining more energy. Thank you so much for this information. It can definitely save lives.

  • 2:55 How dare you discourage susceptible people from taking life saving statins!
    Dr. Berg is a danger to public health.
    He’s got to go.
    Just another tin foil hat anti-vaxer.

  • I regret to encounter this Chanel so late. Was wasting my time on watching some non sence videos in which there is no themes at all. It’s never too late thanks God I found the information on this Chanel. Now will have to watch all of Akshay sir’s videos.

  • So if high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine spike your insulin, then what is the point in fasting if that medicine is always in you?

  • i really hate the oils i always read the how much carbs and sugar there is in mayonnaise and even when one brand says look its made with avocado oil for some reason they still add canola ect.

  • You gave me back a good night sleep….Thanks for sharing information about RLS……….Sleeping like a baby………thanks…………MINDY

  • Eat a high fat protein and low carb diet and dont drink sweets and youll be fine it what you want with moderation and just doing fasting and youll be good.

  • Sir help me out as you know ultimate nutrition the company is closed down so how there products are still available in nearly every website

  • Be careful there is much bullshit in this video. Guy has no knowledge whatsoever when talking about diabetes. Some halfknowledge all mixed up coming to weird conclusions….

  • Family doctors should be stressing all this information to their patients, but they don’t cause they don’t even know themselves. They are only taught to give out medications, that’s their way, they just put a bandaid over problems.

  • I like that you all are talking about this. However, this study has been done on WOMEN only, if I read the title of the study correctly. I think I remember reading that female metabolism reacts differently to any kind of fasting or calorie restriction than men (metabolism and hormonal problems happen in women with certain kinds of intermittent fasting, whereas men do not have problems). It makes me sad that you appear to generalize these results to everyone when this wasn’t conducted on both men and women. TLDR: The results of this study may not be true for men.

  • What about large guys like myself 6 ft 3 and 285 pounds. How much grams of protein would I need daily? My adrenals get taxed easily on high carb diets.

  • I know one thing for sure. When I was on a high fat low carb diet I felt crappy and I needed insulin even though I was exercising. Since I started a high carb low fat low protein diet I have been able to stop using insulin even though I have been exercising less. I feel much better and I am happier. My A1C is lower, my fasting blood sugar is lower, my cholesterol numbers are way better than before. I am never going back. I thank God that I have discovered these things. Thank you so much Robbie & Cyrus.

  • Sir I have lipomatous infiltration on my left ventricle of heart
    And I also taking antiarrhythmic medicine on regular basis

    Can I do weight training

    My cardiologist is not suggesting me to do workout.
    But when I do workout I don’t face any pblm.

  • Why do cells block insulin but tell the pancreas to make more. That seems like it makes everything worse like the cells are commiting suicide

  • Does fruit spike your insulin? im not talking about excesive amounts i mean is 1 piece of fruit a day ok? like an apple a day maybe i should eat a half at morning and half later to dont get all that sugar at once??

  • So, if I took a protein shake three times a day with no carbs, there is no bad effects from the insulin?
    Also, does more protein or even carbs release more insulin? Like if I just had 10 grams of whey, no insulin spike, and 30 grams is a big spike?

  • Sir am type 1 diabetic and how I gain muscle mass with diabeties.. m going to gym last 2 year and waste lot of money on supplement and diet and cant get result… Plz help me…

  • Is it just as good to add fat to lean meats as it is to eat fatty meat? I don’t like meat fat so I’d rather add my own fat like butter.

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  • I’m a type 2 diabetic I’m also on a Statin and a diuretic I just learned from this video. I cannot get my blood sugar’s down with Keto