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Here’s how to add flavor to your coffee before you brew it

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The Science Behind Nitro-Infused Coffee

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What is Nitro Coffee and how they make it at Happy Baristas?

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CoffHe | Helium Infused Coffee (Full Video)

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Espresso Pucks: What Matters & What Doesn’t

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A Student Drank 2 Gallons Coffee. This Is What Happened To His Kidneys.

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How to: Three Ways to Cold Brew Coffee

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Now manufacturers are trying to take things a step further by offering infused coffees that deliver even more beneficial properties per sip. They’re doing this by mixing in compounds, like nootropics, which protect or improve the brain’s performance, and foods like mushrooms, which amp up antioxidant levels even further. What’s the Deal with All These Infused Coffees? If being considered healthy is a race, then coffee is like U.S.

800 meter runner Dave Wottle at the 1972 Olympics. Just as Wottle seemed stuck at the back of the pack, coffee was far from something most would consider a health food just a few years ago. Nitro coffee is cold brewed, put into a keg and then infused with nitrogen gas. It’s served straight from the tap, just like a cold beer, and it offers that frothy and bubbly, adult-beverage feeling with the carbonation and beer-like head from the nitrogen. Upgrade your daily coffee and tea ritual with infused coffees and teas from VitaCup.

We add vitamins and superfoods to make healthy coffees and teas that. Bulletproof coffee is a high-calorie coffee drink intended to replace breakfast. It consists of 2 cups (470 ml) of coffee, 2 tablespoons (28 grams) of grass-fed, unsalted butter, and 1–2. The tricky part is that there’s some evidence suggesting CBD works best for pain when combined with a little THC, says Dr. Danesh. “Depending on what type of pain you have, you might be able to do.

All of their coffee from the medium roast, to the flavored coffees are low acid with a smooth chocolate richness, a dark caramel sweetness, and a hint of fruity aromas (think apple and berries). A low acid coffee is considered a 4.6 on the pH scale. Cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas is released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes.

As high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect. Whether it’s a coffee liqueur like Kahlua or an espresso-flavored vodka, distilled spirits that take on the flavor of coffee will long be favorites in the bar. These are very useful and make it easy for anyone to add the rich, dark flavor of coffee to a variety of cocktails. From popular cocktails like the white Russian to espresso martinis, these.

Coffee drinks are made by brewing hot water and occasionally cold water with ground coffee beans.The brewing is either done slowly by drip, filter, French press, cafetière or percolator, or done very quickly under pressure by an espresso machine.When put under the pressure of an espresso machine, the coffee is termed “espresso” while slow-brewed coffees are generally called “coffee.”.

List of related literature:

Prepared coffees can be divided into two general groups: treated coffees, from which the caffein has been removed to some degree; and dry coffee extracts (soluble coffee), which are readily dissolved in a cup of hot or cold water.

“All about Coffee” by William Harrison Ukers
from All about Coffee
by William Harrison Ukers
Tea and Coffee Trade Journal Company, 1935

new products like beer and wine as well as new coffee preparation techniques, such as individually brewed coffee by the pour-over method, which has become one way of serving single-cup decaf coffee in Starbucks stores, helping to eliminate the waste from unsold decaf.

“Onward: How Starbucks Fought For Its Life without Losing Its Soul” by Howard Schultz, Joanne Gordon
from Onward: How Starbucks Fought For Its Life without Losing Its Soul
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Certification of nontraditional coffees is complicated and often contentious.

“Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries” by M. Ataman Aksoy, John C. Beghin
from Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries
by M. Ataman Aksoy, John C. Beghin
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After we receive the coffees there is another stage of evaluation and blending where we combine different lots to achieve a specific taste profile that adheres to the established profile for the blend.

“Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry” by Robert W. Thurston, Jonathan Morris, Shawn Steiman
from Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage, and the Industry
by Robert W. Thurston, Jonathan Morris, Shawn Steiman
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It is fanatical about buying the highest quality Arabica coffees in the world and roasting them to the desired flavor characteristics for each variety.

“Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth” by David G. Thomson
from Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth
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These coffees have consistent quality and are fabulous for blending.

“Starbucks” by Marie Bussing-Burks
from Starbucks
by Marie Bussing-Burks
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Customers have to decide which of our thirty-five coffees—many of these from small microlots—they want to try.

“God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee” by Michaele Weissman
from God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee
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Some of the coffees are very popular and sell in large volumes, while a few of the newer blends have very low volumes.

“Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making” by Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel, Donald E. Kieso, Ibrahim M. Aly
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Further, these coffees are processed mainly through wet method and dried in natural conditions.

“The Agronomy and Economy of Important Tree Crops of the Developing World” by K.P. Prabhakaran Nair
from The Agronomy and Economy of Important Tree Crops of the Developing World
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They have attempted to standardize on the blend of these 2 coffees primarily because these 2 coffees are available in sufficient quantities to take care of the requirements for the Armed Forces.

“Study of Coffee Prices. Hearing Before a Special Subcommittee of the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, 83d Congress, 2d Session, on S. Res. 182 and S. Res. 195....” by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Currency
from Study of Coffee Prices. Hearing Before a Special Subcommittee of the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, 83d Congress, 2d Session, on S. Res. 182 and S. Res. 195….
by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Currency
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  • Hi, Starbucks, thanks for the video!
    I just made a batch using a jar and turns out it taste pretty light(pretty sour almost none bitterness) for some reason. According to many other videos, its should be a strong robust taste. I can only drink it without adding another flavor.

    My coffee grind to water ratio is about 1:6 and sat in the fridge for 24+ hours.
    I’m guessing it’s the lightly roasted bean I’m using?

  • Love Starbucks coffee!! happy to know 3 different techniques specially from Starbucks, I am using your ideas to make my coffee and I store my delicious coffee in my new Thermal carafe like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0728KV47H/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_-XDSzbVBXTERK, Thank you!!

  • Two very German steriotypes combined Beer and gas…

    Just black humor, please don’t worry. I am taking German history quiet seriously.

  • Hi great video and info. You said that if you under dose there can be issues. What do you mean? My portafilter has a lot of water after I pull a shot. It’s not just soggy but there is a good mm or 2 of water. The shot pulls in about 28 seconds. The crema looks look and taste great. This didn’t start until I tried a decaf. When I went back to my regular beans the water started pooling. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  • I use a VST 20g basket with a BZ10 machine & Ceado grinder. When I use the full 20g, the puck will swell into the screen and this seems to encourage channeling. A finer grind compacts more, but chokes. So I end up using 17 -18g instead in the 20g VST. But your vid says to use the proper spec dose for those baskets. Is it okay for a swollen puck to touch the shower screen?

  • As a newbie home person I’m so self conscious about my soggy pucks. Even if I tamp hard. Idk what grind setting is best though. Idk how to figure it out.

  • so I’m in college cramming for a test drinking coffee was on a brain break and watched this video the similarity are seriously scaring me.

  • Those of you who claim to be overdosing on coffee; try reducing the amount of coffee you drink daily till you’re at the minimum.
    I’m not a coffee dependent person unless I have 8 hour long classes in which case I’ll usually drink a minimum of 2 cups black.
    Otherwise, I usually drink 1 cup half n half without sugar and if I have no work to do won’t drink any coffee.
    I’m actually more of a tea person to be honest and even then I try not to over do it because we need water more than anything else.

  • Oh, man I almost made it all the way through thinking you were serious. Hilarious. I was thinking “Wait a sec. Helium is expensive and is not inert and it’s going to mess with vocal cords…” Sure enough….

  • Those who invented the “Single, Double, Triple” need to go back to school and do proper maths. It’s so confusing that this value differs from place to place. I was initially only using the 18g that came with my Rocket R58 but I’ve decised to replace all my baskets by IMS Nanotech and go for easier numbers that would allow me to calculate ratios faster such as (Single 10g, Double/Bottomless 20g, Splitshot Portafilter 22g) so that my double is actually a real (single x 2) rather than (single x 2 + 4) heh.

  • i’m studying for pharmacology exam in vet school and on my 4th cup of coffee… i have a feeling i’ll end up like BB in this college one day lol

  • Nitro coffee is a very fresh and sexy concept, especially when presented like you are ordering beer, haha! I am definitely going to try it out when I get to Happy Baristas.

  • Is this the same thing that would happen with excessive energy drinks? Or are there other ingredients in those that would make things worse etc?

  • I’ve heard that you actually retain less information when you cram/pull an all-nighter; that you should just go over the material as you normally would, get a good night’s sleep, awake refreshed and alert, then review one more time before class… ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)��

  • When you regularly get the caffeine flight-or-flight response bc you take a stimulant for ADHD and you take a b12 energy shot every day

    Slow heart rate? Never heard of it

  • This reminds me of my life as a physics student, especially grad school. I had about 3-4 hours of sleep every night for several months due to excess course loads. I often had about 1 meal a day where I’d consume 3 plates of food at the school all-you-can-eat (congrats, you gained 100 pounds!), and went through bottles of Mountain Dew as if they were air. I tried to drop coursework mid-semester, as I didn’t need it graduate anyways, but was informed my graduate contract didn’t allow me to drop classes. If I failed, I would lose everything I’d worked for for the last decade. So naturally I set my life on self-destruct and accepted I would just need to plow through it. I started experiencing micro-sleep during class when I would run out of Rock Star and occasionally had experiences like short term memory loss and mild hallucinations, like seeing giants in the distance at night. Most damaging was the psychological effects of severe depression that hit and remained, eventually resulting in psychological disassociation. I lost a sense of ‘self’ with muted emotional responses that would typically manifest through physical pain rather then emotional pain. I graduated, but I ended up spending about 6 years in therapy and maxed out on anti-depressants trying to get my emotions back. Also interesting was that during and after, my body would shake uncontrollably when I’d finally let it sleep and it would instantly enter REM. Apparently REM is really critical to the brain and that first part is just kinda useful? Not sure, but it would hit REM instantly for years afterwards. I have no idea what this time did to my brain overall. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stranger?

  • thank you, great info — what does it mean when the used puck is bulging?
    (sometimes cracked)

    I have a Breville Oracle and reduced how much this used to occur by reducing the built-in doser/tamper to 22 grams (min amount possible)

  • I have a $40 MrCoffee Espresso maker. Anyone know why i can’t get that frothy golden foam at the top of my brewed espresso? It just looks like brewed coffee when it comes out. I’m using Starbuck whole beans that i grind very fine. I also try to tamp it as much as i can without leaving any breaks.

  • I used the last of my adderall prescription and tried to go without anything. Then my loving husband found Milo…i didn’t read the caffeine content, and was drinking way too much. 2 weeks later, I had to leave work because I kept almost passing out, threw up, got clamy/ sweaty. It was terrible. The drive home was…tense. I had drank almost 60 oz in 4 hours.
    Now I’ve got to go back to nothing. I don’t want to go to drs during the pandemic.

  • every time the sirens go in the video i think its outside my window and i look out really fast and then i realize its just the video

  • Bruh. This is kinda what happened to me when I drank ONE Arnold Palmer. No seizures or anything too crazy. Just shaking, puking, and high blood sugar and heart rate. I just ate some crackers and peanut butter. My body chilled out eventually.

  • why dont people just go to dr when they feel sick. oh I have brown pee, I feel like i am having a heart attack. No…I dont need to go.

  • Another thing could have been avoided if there wasnt a war on drugs like “BB’s friends who just took an stimulant pill”, and then got drug tested making BB have to dangerously improvise to get the same focus

  • You should have used CH4. Methane fart bursts with a hint of dingle berries with a cold brew. I haven’t tasted it but I’m sure it’s amazing.

  • Im sad to see this video has less views than other videos. Its so well made and shows 3 different ways to make cold brew coffee. I just finished watching a video with a guy who used a bunch of bowls and it had 300k views. sad

  • Great video as ever!

    Just an unrelated observation too: As I’ve been watching your uploads upon release for the past two years (since the Tom Scott feature) I never noticed how deep your voice is now compared to back then.

    Perhaps a video on the subject? 😉

  • Hi Charles. I’d like to hear your opinion on how to improve consistency in my espresso preparation. I have been using for home coffee preparation Catler es 8013 for few years now. But I’m still struggling to get consistent results. Here’s a few more details about my process. Cofee is never older than month, ordered from recognised and well rated local roasters in Slovakia. I do pay attention to flushing machine before, getting the filter and cups wamed up before as well as keeping the extraction pressure and time in recommended limits. In the end coffee always tastes differently (not necessarily in a bad way). What would be your recommendations to up the game and get more control over the result so i can maybe start fine tuning once consistent? Maybe change of machine or grinder? Or using scale? Appreciate you taking time to answer.

  • Drama prople will love this channel

    A student ate gas station sushi this is what happened to his pituitary gland
    A studen ate leftover potatoes, this is what happened to his liver
    A thug ate chicken late in morning, this is what happened to his skin

  • Very informative and fun video, thank you. I’ve seen nitro coffee here in the States but never gave it much thought, until now. Thanks!

  • Okay…I’m VERY new to this…as in my Breville arrives tomorrow but I am just in awe of that machine. It’s gorgeous…I worry I may have stepped into a new world that will cost a lot of money down the road haha! Excited!

  • This may sound like a stupid question, but is this nitro coffee better than canned nitro coffee (like Stumptown’s nitro cold brew)? I had some of the canned stuff, and for all the coffee and espresso I love— fresh and canned— I actually didn’t like it. Tasted sour.

  • I ordered an adjustable tamper and scale today as i couldnt get consistent pressure on my unit. Seems like a must have if u want to brew good espresso

  • I absolutely love your videos! Always great content, production and happy vibes!
    I’m lucky to live in Berlin and discovered nitro coffee here in summer last year I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • how do I get these system? is it similar to beers? what will be the initial cost? excuse my ignorance but your help well be appreciated… thanks..

  • It doesnt matter how much pressure you use for tamping? well thats the first time I ever heard that. I will say I disagree completely on that. it does matter about tamping pressure, certain elements over time change, with the machine or your grinder. also, taste at the end matters but if your creme is dark, burned, tiger stripped, its an indication that the taste will be altered.

  • We are a professional nitrogen coffee machine beer machine research and development manufacturer. Our nitrogen coffee machine does not need an external nitrogen bottle. If you need it, please contact me.

  • What’s the best way to know your dose is correct? I have an 18g basket but the thumb press test post extraction feels very soft. I find to get a firmer thumb feel I have to up the dose closer to 21ish grams. Have I been doing this correctly?

  • I have tried it and enjoyed it. What I am curious to know is the health affects of nitro. For example, if you drink it every day for a year, how does the body process it, side effects etc!?
    Thank you

  • Went out with my mom and she likes Starbucks. I don’t usually drink Starbucks because it’s not the best tasting coffee. I got a Venti White Chocolate with an extra shot, and it tasted like sweet milk. I thought they forgot to put the espresso in it. They said that they don’t tamp anymore since they have new machines. It’s horrible.

  • The line is usually just for the retaining spring to sit against in the portafilter but does work nicely as a marker. VST shower plates have a membrane to help stop oils getting pulled back through to the other side, collecting and affecting taste.. pretty good (if they work..). The baskets are a bit of a gimmick. Nice groups on an ECM mechanical pre-infusion too ��

  • Holy god, I’m lucky then. I took 1000 milligrams of caffeine pills once. I got the hyperventilation an fast heartbeat but it never got past that.

  • Lets see, for thirty years I’ve ground coffee and stuck it in my Pavoni. Tastes good. It isn’t rocket science unless you’re a fool. Video production was superb.

  • I like how you compared 3 types of coffee drinks. @ 3:45 espresso, brewed and nitro to alcoholic drinks! I never thought about it that way but it makes sense! bravo!

  • I assume that this video means that 2 gallon is comprised of 80 mg of caffeine per cup (200 ml)

    (80 * 5) * 9 (litres) = 3600 mg consumed within 2 hours

    I have a double shot when I wake up and a triple 4 hours later alongside an energy drink. Maybe Coke or coffee later on in the afternoon/early evening. That’s about 1000-1200 mg a day

  • Thank you! As this is brand new to me…not really getting the grind and volume ratios. How do I know what the grind size is for starting out? I tried 13 and got 2 drops of coffee..terrible! Way under-extracted according to the manual. I have a breville barista pro. I’m sure I will love it once I know how to actually use it…Thanks!

  • Have tried nitro cold brew coffee this year at The Coffee Counter in Leicester and it was amazing. Very smooth texture. That’s the next level of the coffee experience.

  • I just bought a can of Nescafé Azera Nitro Latte as a casual mid-day beverage and was quite pleased. Definitely would like to try a high quality nitro espresso next.

  • Jesus gave his live for me and you. I believe in this because of the constant proof in my life. Jesus wants to help you just like he helps me! Prayer is extremely powerful and i hope you give jesus a chance today!

  • When you have to make1000s coffee non stop as a Australian Barista all matters is yours eyes and your experience.Coffee is never by book.

  • OK Nitro coffee experts, just bought a mini keg, made cold brew and added my creme charger, but the coffee isnt foamy at all!! Does it need to charge in the fridge overnight?

  • It’s not a tap, it’s a faucet. There is no piece of the equipment called a “tap” To access the product in the keg you “tap” it with the coupler or in this case the ball lock valve. Thank you

  • Whats wrong with just drinking coffee the old way? All that hipster stuff is going overboard lately. Guys if you dont really like real coffee, why not just go for tea? Its obvious you try hard to get away from the actual coffee taste

  • These quick videos are the best. Just one comment. Do NOT steep your cold brew in the fridge. (Who wants coffee that tastes like onions?) Leave it on the counter for 12-24 hrs. out of the sun. Store it in the fridge after straining, however. It will be fresh for up to five days.

  • So I thought that cold brew was just the latest way to charge hipster kids more $$ for the same product, but now that I’ve tried it, I admit I was so wrong. It tastes worlds better than regular coffee, and supposedly is less acidic so it’s better on your stomach!

    Plus, I love this video for the fact that making it at home means fewer plastic cups, plastic straws and plastic lids!!

  • and to think one can easily get 300+ mg of caffeine from one can of red bull/monster.
    and usually, people drink about 2-3 of those can’s in one day.
    By t he way doctor, nowhere in this video did you bother to tell people that coffee/caffeine produced by the coffee plant is actually a mild neurotoxin to incapacitate insects and animals from eating the plant, basically poison as its defense mechanism.
    were all drinking poison. not a figure of speech.

  • Hello, great as you do this video clearly short and clear. Question, I just bought a Brezerra Magica and am under a lot of stress to make a delicious esspreso now. I have a 16 gram tray, can I add 18 grams or not? and my coffee is now weak and sour and with the current setting at 10 bar it takes about 25 seconds for 60 ml of coffee. Grinder is a Eureka Mignon Speialita and I now need 11.6 sec for 18 grams. the coffee is brand Medellin Secret Finca La Luisa Colombia. I would like to hear every tip I can get and I assure that I try to follow all Youtube espresso films but in the end it turns out that it is easy to get lost. Greetings John.

  • Imo wet puck is because the basket needs more ground coffee in it. It mostly happens to me when I use 7 gram in a single basket. While if I use 14g in single or 20 in double basket, the puck will be formed nicely even with grids on it because it’s full of ground coffee and when water enters will increase volume thus touch the upper ceiling of the filter in the machine where the water flows

  • Its weird I making single shot using 9 grams its coming exactly 1 oz but its only 18 seconds…I’m using Breville espresso BES870XL.

  • In high school I used to drink sometimes 2 monsters a day to get by but even I knew the limit i finally realized how unhealthy that was after I graduated and since then I started drinking more water and I’ve lost a lot of weight… Also don’t mix 5 hour energy maximum strength with monster either damn near went into cardiac arrest

  • I have had a coffee issue for years. Business sometimes takes no sleep for long periods of time and for me, that resulted in a 4 double shot latte in the morning, another in the afternoon and sometimes, when there were events at night, a quad shot americano with coffee as the water around 7pm. Without the coffee I basically couldn’t get up off the couch. My kids remind me of the days I would drink 3 or 4 of the 4 double shot lattes when I was “very tired”. I looked up the levels I needed to get to for caffeine to be toxic and I was WAY over the limits. I’ve backed off the caffeine and I feel much much better!

  • Something that your puck may tell you over or under dosing. If you place your dry puck into your machine and then remove (without brewing) and your puck has an impression from the shower screen or screw, you may be dosing to high and this can lead to channeling. If your shot starts drippy but then runs very fast towards the end you may be under-dosing our basket. Also vst make a 25g basket but disregard the single, double and triple lingo simply use brew ratio instead, a good way to start is 1:2 dose to yield and keep in mind head space within the basket as a deciding factor when choosing a basket size.

  • The ridge simply helps the basket get a grip from the spring in your portafilter -> zooms in to show there’s no spring in portafilter.
    Great channel. Instantly subbed.

  • Hey so there is much LESS caffeine in cold brew because caffeine is not very soluble in cold water but significantly more in hot or boiling water.
    percolated coffee has contact with the groupds for long enough to extract it more efficiently than the cold water could (at saturation)

  • due to the lower critical temp of n2, i think higher pressures are required to dissolve the same amount of n2 as compared to co2
    but can you imagine your day starting out with coffee spraying all over similar to a shaken fizzy soft drink
    That would totally ruin my day
    N2 for the win