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How Taurine Deficiency Impacts Health and Performance — Tiger Fitness. Taurine is often referred to as an amino acid. It works to improve blood flow, muscle pumps, gym performance, and provides many health benefits. Taurine works to improve blood flow, muscle pumps, gym performance, and provides many health benefits.

Taurine may also have benefits for athletic performance. In animal studies, taurine caused muscles to work harder and for longer and increased the muscles’ ability to contract and produce force. Taurine provides retina protection: Adequate levels of taurine may help prevent age-related vision loss, while low levels of taurine can contribute to vision problems. High levels of taurine can be found in the retina, which can help fight oxidative stress and restore deficient levels of nerve growth factors needed for maintaining retinal health. Taurine is a non-protein amino acid that is sulfur-bearing and crucial for the metabolism of fats.

It is necessary for building skeletal muscles, the central nervous system, retinas, and for cardiovascular function. Actually, it is an acid containing an amino grou. It is possible to be ‘deficient’ in taurine despite it being classified as a non-essential amino acid, and deficiency states can be induced experimentally with overfeeding of beta-alanine which competes at the level of the transporter due to being structured similarily.[1]Guanidinoethane sulfonate (GES) may also be used to inhibit taurine uptake.[15]. Taurine deficiency is linked to many health conditions including anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and congestive heart failure. Low levels of taurine have been reported in Parkinson’s patients. (13) Both type 1 and type 2 diabetics have subpar levels of taurine and can benefit from supplementation.

Taurine Boost is a veterinarian-developed formula to support cardiac health in dogs and cats. With L-carnitine, taurine, omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10, this formula is ideal to support heart health in breeds that are prone to cardiac stress. Taurine Boost may also be used to support normal heart function in dogs and cats as they age. Taurine (L-Taurine or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) is a sulfur-containing amino acid [ 1, 2 ]. Taurine is present in almost any tissue in the body and concentrated in key areas such as the heart, brain, and retina of the eye.

A taurine-rich diet can protect the body and promote longevity. Taurine is amino acid found mostly in the central nervous system, skeletal muscle, and in greater concentration in our heart and brain. According to Dr. Lam, taurine works alongside magnesium to regulate heart rate and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Taurine Enhances Vision The fact that taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the retina explains a lot. Taurine has powerful antioxidant properties that can help boost retinal health and prevent vision ailments (15). Taurine depletion has also been associated with damage of the retinal cones and retinal ganglion cells.

List of related literature:

Commercial food manufacturers now supplement with taurine to bring the levels up.

“Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats” by Richard H. Pitcairn, Susan Hubble Pitcairn
from Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
by Richard H. Pitcairn, Susan Hubble Pitcairn
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It is important to recognize taurine deficiency when it exists since it confers a much better prognosis than the grave prognosis of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.

“Feline Cardiology” by Etienne Côté, Kristin A. MacDonald, Kathryn Montgomery Meurs, Meg M. Sleeper
from Feline Cardiology
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relation to taurine deficiency.

“Small Animal Critical Care Medicine E-Book” by Deborah Silverstein, Kate Hopper
from Small Animal Critical Care Medicine E-Book
by Deborah Silverstein, Kate Hopper
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Taurine insufficiency can lead to eye and heart problems, e.g. feline retinal degeneration and dilated cardiac myopathy, reproductive failure, growth abnormalities in kittens and reduced immunity.

“The Complete Textbook of Animal Health & Welfare E-Book” by Jane Williams
from The Complete Textbook of Animal Health & Welfare E-Book
by Jane Williams
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2009

There are a large number of physiological effects attributed to taurine, among them cardiovascular (antiarrythmic), central (anticonvulsant, excitability modulation), muscle (membrane stabilizer), and reproductive (sperm motility factor) activity.

“Medicinal Chemistry: A Molecular and Biochemical Approach” by Thomas Nogrady, Donald F. Weaver
from Medicinal Chemistry: A Molecular and Biochemical Approach
by Thomas Nogrady, Donald F. Weaver
Oxford University Press, 2005

Taurine can become a conditionally essential nutrient when there are limited dietary and precursor amino acid supplies, biosynthetic enzymes or their cofactors are deficient, or there is excessive loss, such as in conditions characetrised by digestive malabsorption (e.g. cystic fibrosis).

“Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 2: An Evidence-Based Guide” by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
from Herbs and Natural Supplements, Volume 2: An Evidence-Based Guide
by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

Taurine deficiency can lead to retinal degeneration and dilated cardiomyopathy.

“Canine and Feline Nutrition E-Book: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals” by Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, Michael G. Hayek, Melody Foess Raasch
from Canine and Feline Nutrition E-Book: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals
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Taurine deficiency does not appear to have any significant consequences in other mammalian species.

“Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes” by J.E. Vance, Dennis E. Vance
from Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes
by J.E. Vance, Dennis E. Vance
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Many owners have managed to formulate diets with inadequate amounts of taurine and need to be educated to prevent recurrence.

“Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiology E-Book” by Larry P. Tilley, Francis W. K. Smith Jr., Mark Oyama, Meg M. Sleeper
from Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiology E-Book
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Usefulness of taurine in chronic congestive heart failure and its prospective application.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
from Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
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  • I have first hand experience with dosages of 60k mg per day since I read the dosage label wrong with taurine powder. I weight 90kg and I did not get side affects until the third straight day of 60k mg where I got the worst diareah of my life shitting 12-14 times in a single hour it was so bad I ended up shitting myself and the bed that night and it kept going in the morning. The following 2 days I had a bad headache and my hands were very tingly for hours at a time but I started feeling better after that. Make sure to read the dosages properly im just lucky it was taurine and not something else

  • Tyrosine competes with other amino acids to cross the BBB. It should be taken on an empty stomache instead of with others in a pre workout. And taking too much tyrosine can deplete serotonin as it is a precursor to dopamine.

  • Are you saying that I’ve been drinking red bulls this whole time because they contain bull semen to find out that’s not true…..?!?!?!?

  • So what I have heard is not so much about Turine itself, but what its mixed with in the energy drinks that you find it with that cause problem. I think it was caffeine & Turine cause heart problem

  • to be fair ive told a couple medical proffessionals about supplementing taurine for my back pumps and they’ve told me the stuff can affect our sperm cells. I wouldnt suggest taking it in the long run. theres a couple studies ive found that suggest not taking it for long periods of time but okay in smaller doses. Something to look into lads

  • I enjoy when you talk naturally, NOT when you SHOUT information at people. That is the way you come across by being too intense!
    Startling or shouting is not smart or winsome!

  • good way to sell supplements….reality is you need to eat the foods naturally and not take concentrated amounts of anything because your body will get used to getting it that way and can loose it’s ability to extract it the normal way…

  • Thanks for another educational video. I’ve taken Taurine off and on for years, and I agree that it is indeed underrated. The biggest impact of Taurine is Brain, Heart, Vision and Liver health. When mainstream medicine or experts say a nutrient is ‘conditionally essential’ can they also define the conditions that make it essential? Also, how much of these nutrients does our food supply still retain these days. For me, the benefits of Taurine are too numerous to leave to chance of getting it from diet, so I will continue to supplement. Something else to note is that Taurine is an osmolyte i.e. it will slightly alter the properties of bodily fluids to ensure that cell wall is stable. The stability of your cell wall is so critical to ensure that nutrients (go in) and wastes (are properly expelled), also in these covid times it helps to prevent penetration by viruses, also if say a virus penetrates and you have a cytokine storm, Taurine has antioxidant properties to help out. Taurine acts like insulin, it will reduce your blood sugar. If you’re concerned about heart health, you probably want to go for Magnesium Taurate, If you want antioxidant protection, you can supplement with Methionine which will yield Taurine and Cysteine (which also converts to Gluthatione). Taurine is one of the few nutrients that can help grow brain cells!

  • No the “taurine” in energy drinks is actually synthetic taurine ie petroleum. So it’s not a “naturally occurring substance” like you dishonestly suggest in your show.

  • Taurine i never heard of till now. I eat lots of eggs.just today I’ve had at least 8 eggs. But I might take it as a supplement just to see how I feel. Im also 71 and I have started going back to the gym now there open. I’ve been doing lots of leg exercises. I might at this to my list of supplements. I’m trying to build up my heart,lungs and blood vessels after being sick last winter. I also take no drugs and never have.

  • I am an 80-year-old male. I take 1 g of each NMN, resveratrol, TMG. Plus I eat a hundred grams of broccoli sprouts daily for sulfurophane. I exercise every day and do long brisk walks up and down mountain paths. I am pretty fit with no disease. I eat plenty of eggs and fish But I wish to increase musculature and oxygenation if I can? I was considering adding creatine monohydrate to my stack for that purpose. Should I add Taurine, or creatine, both or neither given my age?

  • The dangers of listening to a dietician. They are the same group that takes money from coca cola and major food processors. They are ok with you eating cold processed meat sandwich with coke after surgery at the hospital…..listen to a nutritionest instead. Big difference.

  • I’ve been taking 500-1000 mg around bed time and boy does it ever calm and relax the body.. quite pleased! Love this explanation, thank you!

  • I really like these videos where you break down a single ingredient. Maybe do one on a pump inducer like l-citrulline or agmatine sulfate and discuss the benefits beyond just making you feel swole.

  • First I’ve heard about it
    I’ll try it to see it helps with my high blood pressure.
    I don’t like seafood so my only dietary source is eggs.
    I’m 65 in good shape, male

  • I think she pretty much said, it is not a danger(taurine), only possibly when combined with herbs, etc. I think we all know what that means, skip the eneergy drinks and take taurine as a supplement.

  • Damn, I love your videos. What I especially like is that you don’t come at anything with a presupposition and you let the research guide your thinking. One suggestion I would make in regards to your supplement stock which I look at is to put down any health concerns you have that would explain your choices. Like, for example you’re taking vitamin D because you are vitamin D deficient, that sort of thing

  • Interesting Tip: A Monster Energy drink (Mucho Loco Khaos) a day tends to make you feel fuller(in other words light to moderate pump)… been seeing it ever since starting drinking monsters again, but mostly the day after an intense workout, I am assuming its the taurine & L Carnitine thats playing a role here. Drink it and take a few hours sleep / Nap… I see my best results after sleeping or Napping… PS: Monster drinks don’t give me energy anymore, guess my body got used to my pre-Workouts, but the pump the monster gives is so satisfying… Also this is my experiences so don’t take my absolute word for it….

  • I have used taurine for years, and like you mentioned, there are a lot of good studies supporting its usefulness in many health and anti-aging protocols. The only thing I would say based on my own experience and others, is that to start with low doses and monitor how your digestive system is affected, since taurine can stimulate bile synthesis and mobility. When I was using doses in the 4 digit range, it stimulated my bowels too much and caused loose stools, and I have read others having this issue. I knocked down my dosage to under a gram and things calmed down. Some people can take high doses with no issues, but if you do take high doses and have digestive issues, just back down the dosage.

  • Hi again! its me by now you must know me very well as I do you!! Thanks again and my sister in vegetarian and diabetic, hypertensive as well she is always complaining of inflamations and lethargic feel. I would ask her to try low dosage of Taurine about 250mg before her walk and see if she feels well then continue it. Keep you posted on it! Once again thank you for your lovely video and hard, hard work you put in for all the viewers and I thank you and I am sure viewers echo the same.

  • I am a heart patient and will tell you that Taurine caused me dizziness and got me short of breath and weak when i walked. I took 1 gram and got light headed and upped it to 2 grams and was weak so I took 3 grams and could hardly stand and my mouth was dry! So beware! I currently take CoQ10, DHA Fish oil, l carnitine fumerate, D Ribose, hylauronic acid, MSM, magnesium, iron, vitamin D3, and Good and Cheap C60 in olive oil. So beware. It may work for you but for me, it decreased energy and strength. Supposed to boost heart energy but almost made me pass out and gave me palpitations and increased my heart rate.

  • So… What exactly is Taurine the ingredient? Do they extract it from human breast milk? Lol but really, where does it come from for their products?

  • Taurus is not pronounced thor-us in Latin tho. Not even remotely close. Ta ( like in “ta-ta” ) uh ru ( like in Ruby, root or Ruth for ex. ) s is how it’s pronounced in Latin. Nice hair, super vid:)

  • Do you have a video on Xylitol in the pipeline? Good oral hygiene is important for general health and longevity. Dr. Rhonda Patrick had an interesting report on it.

  • we need more research? maybe we need to increase military spending instead…. or better still clinton can just buy the research companies and use the funds on herself

  • Thumbs down. You used a click bait title. You say there is no danger in taurine, so why put it in your title? I’m sick and tired of YouTubers using CLICK BAIT.

  • What does taurine do? “No fuckin clue fam but it aint gonna kill you so we’ll shove a fuckton in your drink and tell you it’s where the wings come from”

  • While taurine is sometimes called an amino acid, and indeed is an acid containing an amino group, it is not an amino acid in the usual biochemical meaning of the term, which refers to compounds containing both an amino and a carboxyl group

  • I know this is off the subject, but an interesting question occured to me. If Sulforaphane activates Nef2, which in turn activates sirtuins, then reduces MTOR etc, then will Sulforaphane produce the equivalent effects of NMN (for a lot less cost)? Any thoughts?

  • Gives me petechiae. I’m fine with a lot of other things curcumin, fish oil, nattokinase, vitamin E, aspirin (does make me a bit bleed-y if I take it over a few days, but no petechiae)… Stress gives me petechiae, also. I’m wondering if the taurine-petechiae thing is a platelet thing or a peripheral GABA (pericytes have GABA receptors) thing.

  • thank you man very informative videos,please review L-Carnosine if you have spare time,people say this is a good anti ageing supplement,combined with Acetyl-L-Carninite, DMAE removes a bad side effect:lipofuscin on top of skin and organs,i would like to hear your input on that also,thanks

  • Taurine is worth a trial period to see if it really changes the blood test results. A fair trial is 6 weeks minimum. Thanks for the heads up on this one.
    Update: 15July2020…..I started taurine but also have been taking EVO 1TBSp oil with a few drops of lemon juice every morning.
    I had yearly blood test done. First time ever HDL @ 1.22..usually.8 or.97 over ten years. It could be one or the other that increased HDL or a synergistic effect. Anyone else showing an increase?

  • I started taking 500mg of Taurine a couple of years ago, not long before I went to bed, because of it’s known sleep improvement benefits. About a year ago I upped my dose to a gram a night. I’m delighted to find out about these additional health benefits ��. Many thx.

  • Switched to CKD or cyclical keto. On days where I’m low on glucose force energy, taurine helped me to maintain strength output. Probably due to lack of sodium and potassium availability. But my muscles did also look fuller after ingesting carbohydrates. It’s supposed to help tolerate msg if you like eating salty foods so you don’t retain as much water. Great for strength maintenance and fluid balance for sure. Will help you rebound from cheat days or refeeds.

  • Appears Taurine is a very versatile transporter type amino acid. See it a lot in energy drinks obviously, but some have reported sleeping better when combining Taurine with Melatonin. Any evidence of this?

  • Thanks for the info, like you a already take quite a stack and can I ask you about collagen I keep hearing People taking it, is there any evidence that it helps joints and bones and skin?

  • of your favorite energy drink?,, down vote instantly (oh guess i was right,, ending still encourage stupidity and ignorance)

    taurine is useless,, we not omnivore dont worry about it,, everything else is industry promoted (cause animal agriculture needs excuses to make you eat stuff that are horibly toxic for you planet and animals) (just listen to smarter people then me)

    Cowspiracy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSjE8xw_-Dg Planet Sustainability

    -2030 After ITS TOO LATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlTBC91L-x0..11min
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5hGQDLprA8 Gary Yourofsky Speach
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    What The Health Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf44vLndiRM (Netflix)…
    (HEALTH Impacts Caused By AnimalAgriCult, Many Prefer Fork Over Knives, More Doctors)
    Netflix or youtube,, if you lucky,, activists keeps reposting,, cause anoying youtube keeps closing them down.

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    Knowledge IS POWER
    Doctors No Education in Nutrtion 80%of all health issues.
    Pharma Enslavment Pills & SideEffects=+Pills.
    Suplement Industry Creates Fear of Lacking Education. Same For All Fat Industry.
    Media Withold CRUCIAL INFormation.
    & All Use!!ndustry Funded! Research Brilliantly Twisted… (Dr. T. Colin Campbel).


    WFPB, NO NUTS, NO FATTY SEEDS (sesame hemp pumpkin ALL TOXIC)
    (avoiding most fruits,many similar BUT WAY LESS intense symptomsRelated, except berries)
    Stay clean 1week to 1month (then cheat evry after 4-5 CLEAN days, 2BEGIN2 undrstan wat i mean, repeat at will after 4-5 clean days to make sure)

    Clean Ur Fat Addiction for 1 week to 1 month, then Cheat after every 4-5 clean days, to understand what i mean, & B Careful of the Fat/Sugar Craving State,, very hard to get out.

    Except/Appar. Algue Lin chia & Feuillu (R D ONLY EXCEptions) NO SUPLEMENTS THEY ALL TOXIC (except b12 IS CRUCIAL, inform yourself on that one,, toxic if too much and none is permenent defiencies)
    6-Mood UNSTable
    10-Constipation Micro
    11-Hypospadia (DelayedPeeDrops)
    17-Rheum (Eye crusts
    19-Erectile Deficiency
    22-Wake Up Pain Hair
    23-+Sick last longer
    24-+Addicted To Anger
    25-Weight Loss
    26-Blood Vessels Permanent Scaring of EndothelioCells & Reduced Elasticity
    27-ItchingRed(Inflated) Extremities(Winter Toes/Blood Flow)
    28-Night Sweating
    29-Greasier Skin
    30-Numbness of Extremities (during long inactivity)
    31-Veins Elasticity (during stretching)
    32-Neighbors being FKIN LOUD ANOYing (XTREM LOT +sensible to it) Goes with more IRritable BUT I HAD TO MENTION IT AAAAAAAAAAA lol D:=
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  • Taurine is a sulfonic acid, included in the amino acids.
    It is a major constituent of bile, and can be found in the large intestine, and accounts for up to 0.1% of human body weight.

  • You state you take only 2.5 milligrams x 2 of creatine. (Creatine 2.5mg before & after) That is 1000 X less than what other people take. Why so little?

  • Does it work for leaky gut as well? I’ve read somewhere in Amazon review sections about its benefits regarding the healing of leaky gut! Some people were benefitted by using it in conjunction with probiotics (with high CFUs) and l glutamine.
    Should I go the same way?

  • Dr. Brad, Thanks. I noticed that you listed your daily dose of sulforaphane at 8mg. The link is to Broccomax, where each tablet is 30mg. Do you divide the pills or is this a mistake?

  • You have made a lot of improvements in your presentation. The head being still had made a major difference! You have great content!

  • Fun fact taurine is needed by cats and it’s illegal to sell cat food without taurin in it since they can’t make it in there body like other animals and that’s why cats are obligate Carnivores because if they don’t eat meat from other animals that have made taurine in there body then cats won’t have taurine and end up dying from naurological problems

  • Wow, for someone with excess adiposity, there’s just endless nutrients that turn out to help in activating fat burning! I use harbs and supplements to optimize health and performance, but I find out this effect on so many supplements.

    There should be a proper fat camp, where someone with the knowledge of al these supplements just put them on a supplementation, IF and exercise program. It would be way more successful than anything out there!

  • Thanks for another great informative Video; i will start to take 500mg on days i eat no fish or sea food.By the way: do you skip breakfast everyday?

  • I am a heart patient and will tell you that Taurine caused me dizziness and got me short of breath and weak when i walked. I took 1 gram and got light headed and upped it to 2 grams and was weak so I took 3 grams and could hardly stand and my mouth was dry! So beware! I currently take CoQ10, DHA Fish oil, l carnitine fumerate, D Ribose, hylauronic acid, MSM, magnesium, iron, vitamin D3, and Good and Cheap C60 in olive oil. So beware. It may work for you but for me, it decreased energy and strength. Supposed to boost heart energy but almost made me pass out and gave me palpitations and increased my heart rate.

  • So this is why everyone says to take it for lower back pumps? When I take creatine I get crazy pumps in my lower back and it gets crazy tight. I guess my cells aren’t hydrated and blood gets trapped in the muscle? So taurine helps regulate it and that’s why it helps so much with lower back pumps

  • Useful video as usual, Brad. Maybe you could also make a video about another amino-acid: L-carnosine which could also have some longetivity features..

  • … Taurine is the 21st century equivalent of Snake Oil. >):^/
    For the most part, it’s just a placebo bait.
    If ya ask me, I’d say the stuff is about as credible as “Gemology”, which is a load of horse apples. >):^[

  • Hi there. I find your channel very interesting and informative. Could you do a comparison between berberine and white mulberry and also if they can be taken together? All the best.

  • I am a heart patient and will tell you that Taurine caused me dizziness and got me short of breath and weak when i walked. I took 1 gram and got light headed and upped it to 2 grams and was weak so I took 3 grams and could hardly stand and my mouth was dry! So beware! I currently take CoQ10, DHA Fish oil, l carnitine fumerate, D Ribose, hylauronic acid, MSM, magnesium, iron, vitamin D3, and Good and Cheap C60 in olive oil. So beware. It may work for you but for me, it decreased energy and strength. Supposed to boost heart energy but almost made me pass out and gave me palpitations and increased my heart rate.

  • I started to taking taurine to counter effects of beta-alanine which can reduce taurine adsorption(at least for rats). I take BA 5 days a week and and taurine at weekends. And also because I have low to moderate protein diet.

  • Sure taurine sounds great but when it comes to protecting the muscles from cell damage, isn’t that something that you don’t want when it comes to gains?

  • The theory goes that taurine balances out the otherwise overstimulating effects of energy drinks which contain stimulants like: Guarana, caffeine, sugar etc. it increases gaba receptors, so it’s basically reduces anxiety effect. people go and buy taurine on its own or mix it with caffeine thinking it’s Guarana and a stimulant. Nubs.

  • I find your videos so helpful Dr Brad. They are always clear, understandable and totally credible. Really appreciate your research. I’ve recently been supplementing with 500mg of taurine because my main dietary source is eggs only. Hopefully some cheap insurance.

  • I get back pumps that can be quite painful and by taking one capsule of taurine a day, I never have back pumps anymore.
    Don’t know how it works but it does.

  • “Meanwhile, taurine increased NAD+/NADH ratio,promoted the expression of SIRT1 and suppressed p53 acetylation.”


    NaHS is precursor to H2S which activate NAMPT. A lot of people are using Taurine as a replacement for NaHS (probably accounts for the increased NAD+/NADH ratio).
    “They enrolled 120 prehypertensive subjects, who were randomised to receive 1.6 g taurine daily, or matching placebo, for 12 weeks…. The truly intriguing finding was this: plasma H2S levels in the taurine group rose from 43.8 µmol/L at baseline to 87.0 µmol/L after 12 weeks (p<0.001)—a virtual doubling of plasma H2S.

  • I was looking into Taurine, but I also try to have a lot of eggs and protein in my diet. I’m waiting until my Magnesium supplement runs out and then I intend to replace my Magnesium Oxide with a more bio-available form such as Magnesium Taurate. I figure… Same number of supplements, but I get more bio-available Magnesium and some extra Taurine as well with that option.

  • Taurine is a mood enhancer. Therefore it’s a type of ” happy pill”..it’s great in energy drinks because caffeine, B complex vitamins and taurine together makes a synergistic brew of Awesome

  • Thumbs up for the thumbnail for this vid. Pretty sure I’m taking the max taurine intake from the number of monster drinks I consume a day.

  • Ive noticed that most energy drinks have Taurine in it and it makes me sleepy everytime i drink one. I have seen some studies where Taurine is used for a sleep aid. I tried 1G of Taurine before bed and i pass out in 20 minutes. Thats just my reaction to Taurine. Has anyone else tried this? Or is it thats why some people have that crash feeling after an energy drink? IMO. Thank You

  • In another video you mentioned you get your Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts. In this video’s description you mention a supplement form of it. Which do you do? And is this supplement absorbed well/bioavailable?

  • I’m shocked that a substance digested by millions every single day has not been researched even tho it may litterally affeect all of its users for generations to come

  • Crazy you just made a video on this I literally just ordered a kilo of taurine bulk powder 2 weeks ago, for its potential to help my brain damage. I give it to my dog as well. Being vegetarian like I am Taurine supplementation will help lots. Especially for any vegans don’t skip this.

  • I take magnesium against cramps so if I just swap 1 of my magnesium Glucinate caps daily to magnesium taurate Instead then I will still get magnesium plus taurine at the same time without having to take more pills. I also take magnesium Threonate for the brain and I have a fast working magnesium spray for emergency cramps during a workout.

  • Great research and work as usual:)
    But please put all ads at the start, it’s really annoying to let ads interrupt your talking and the viewer’s attention. Thank you in advance

  • i just take 10mcg of clen and works epicaly. Clen makes you train harder, makes muscles work a lot harder and gives you stamina. Taurine is not comparable to clen. CLENfor the win!!!

  • I heard that taurine Makes sure that all the other vitamins and supplements and things like that that you’re putting in your body go where they’re supposed to go (is this true)

  • Taurine supplements is very short acting in the body unfortunately.
    Here mainly for the algorithm.
    I’ll take 2grams a day because it’s dirt cheap and has possible heart benefits!

  • Great video mate, I don’t really supplement with taurine but on my last few runs I have had one of them little energy shot bottles that have caffeine and taurine in them and I have felt really strong. I don’t think it’s down to the caffeine because I have had lots of it before but my last three runs were the first time I noticed there was taurine in them ����

  • Hi Brad, thank you for the great content. Its fresh and giving me good inspiration for my health. I just wanted to point a typo in your daily stack. The melatonin says 500mg instead of 500mcg. Most will catch it, but uninformed listener might try this gigantic dosage. Keep up the great work!

  • I am 58 and at 57 I started getting heart palpitations. I was short on potasium which I take daily which helped but didn’t eliminate them. I am also vegetarian. I started taking taurine and magnesium and creatine daily and it’s really helped. I have taken taurine daily for months and have noticed only benefits.

  • After a takotsubo event (similar to a heart attack but no clot) which damaged my heart (LVEF down to 45%) I identified taurine as a necessary supplement shortly after. Especially as I went almost totally vegan and still am been taking 500 mg/d for the 8 years since then. If I recall correctly it also helps prevent fibrosis of the heart.

  • Like you, I take a lot of different supplements in the morning. But I wonder if combining supplements can negate some of their individual effects. I was once talking to a doctor, who said that I can’t just combine a bunch of stuff and assume to get the effects, that have been shown in a study where a substance was tested individually. Maybe it makes sense layer the intake over a timespan, instead of taking it all at once?

  • Stop Circulating all non-sense on YOUTUBE first go and conduct a proper research. There is NO Evidence Taurine is harmful and second you people are enemies of HUmanity Bob Cut like you LESBO.

  • I consume two raw eggs daily when I break fast so have natural, high bioavailable taurine covered. Great video Dr Brad, thank you (I’m binge catching up)

  • Late to the party, just recently discovered Creatine and Beta Alanine. I feel it is beneficial. Wasn’t aware that like “everyone” is taking it. I didn’t know there was something safe AND legal that’s good too. Due to long time abuse of coffee my body can’t handle caffeine anymore, therefore not a fan of Red Bull. Discovered Taurine just 5 days ago and immediately ordered. Been plant based for 5+ years and I think I might benefit. Thank you for not badmouthing the compassionate “vegan” way. Still waiting for delivery of my Taurine pills, very much looking forward to it.

  • I am curious about the magnitude of the BMI loss. Was this weight loss primarily of fat? This was not clear in the video and BMI can go down because of muscle loss.

  • me: just because taurine is found in bull sperm doesn’t mean it’s in monster energy drink, and people started the rumour who dont know what it is, taurine can be found in other sources too.

    my mom: bUt I hEaRd buLl spErM is iN eneRgY DriNkS

  • Sorry it was hard to watch this, this guy has something crazy going on with one of his eyes its his left and our right, watch it and you will see what I mean that is if no one has noticed or said anything by now.

  • the reason of that mixed bag of results comes from not understanding the function of taurine. it does not change VO2 max because as far i understood, the pH buffering function of taurine has only effects on the conversion rate of fatty acids in ATP production. but at VO2max the mitochondria switches 100% to glucose burning.
    it only shows effects at lower performance regarding fatMax. and that is more a health thing or low carb/ketogenic athletes.
    of course it is perfect for people who have too much (visceral) fat and are deficient in taurine because of hyperglycemia. but it goes beyond that. it showed a higher fat burning rate in swimming athletes at 70% vo2max. lots of benefits, also from supplementing to healthy people. but the right studies have to be made first. if you make a study that checks if hairs are getting green after intake of taurine, then it will fail.

  • I eat a lot of canned sardines, oysters and eggs but the moment you take Taurine supplements I noticed immediately more oxygen in my lungs for long jogs and more energy. Anyone that does a lot of HIT workouts would benefit greatly from Taurine.

    I’m on a Mitochondria stack and this video shows why I’ll continue to take Taurine.

  • Cat food has it. It’s not an indicator that it’s vital for organism but it definitely shows that it’s completely safe. We eat whole lot of useless but harmless stuff. Why complain about taurine?

  • I might drink 2 monsters so that is 2,000 mg taurine in the morning. Redbull has it too. I also have in storage the Jarrow formula taurine supp which is 1,000 mg each.

  • Any vegan having any heart rhythm issues, MUST take taurine. There is medical research showing major heart rhythm benefits from taurine supplementation.

  • I’ve been wondering this for a long time, so naturally I clicked as soon as I saw the subject of the video. Then I was repulsed by the spastic and unnatural pace of the video, cramming information into my face so I paused it to come here to the comment section. All I wanted to say was, maybe you should wait for the taurine to wear off before making the video.
    I wonder if I’ll ever know what it really is. I bet Wikipedia will inform me at a sensible pace. Maybe I’ll go there.

  • Been taking taurine, beta alanine, creatine, c-malate in raw form with Gatorade powder for several years now at proven dosages. I often add them in other preworkouts to get the amino benefits with less caffeine.