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What Real Food Looks Like [Infographic] by Trinh Le, MPH, RD. September 8, 2015. Share it: Eating real food seems real simple. But since a whopping 60% of calories purchased by Americans at the grocery store is from processed foods, we thought you could use a reminder of what real foods. Eating real food seems real simple.

But since a whopping 60% of calories purchased by Americans at the grocery store is from processed foods, we thought you could use a reminder of what real foods are. What Are Real Foods I Can Eat? How Does The Real Food Lifestyle Work? The Real Food Lifestyle is flexible and helps you to eat real foods to make sure that you get enough essential nutrients to maintain personal good health. Essential intakes of fat are 30 g a day for women and 40g a day for men.

What a Real Food Way of Eating Looks Like May 7, 2018 By KSeppamaki 0 Comments. People choose to eat a real food diet for different reasons. For some, it is about gaining health by avoiding the chemical additives that are found in highly processed, factory packaged foods.

For others it is about losing weight to reclaim health. You can quickly turn something that looks like a term paper or spreadsheet into an interesting read. So when you are working on your food infographic, look for interesting design approaches like this! 7. Design a paring infographic for two or more popular foods.

Food infographics and data visualizations offer some of the most interesting (and appetizing!) content on the web. Share your favorites with your friends. What A Balanced & Healthy Meal Actually Looks Like. Food Infographic: What A Balanced & Healthy Meal Actually Looks Like. added by jiachyi. 851.

1. Jun 7, 2013 Explore The Campus Kitchens Project’s board “Food Infographics”, followed by 359 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food infographic, Food, Infographic.

2. Real food is not a restrictive diet, or even a diet at all. A real food lifestyle is not about limiting food. It’s about saying yes to actual food (ingredients) versus something that’s trying to look and act like food.

And here’s the thing, once you begin eating real food, your palate changes and you realize just how amazing real food. What you eat is important, especially when it comes to making positive food choices, but how much you eat is the real brainteaser of healthy eating. When you look at the oversize food portions, ranging from the diameter of bagels to mounds of pasta, translating a serving size into portions is a big challenge in a more-is-better world. A 1,200-calorie diet can be an effective weight-loss strategy, but a strict diet plan can seem daunting.

This sample menu featuring a full day’s meals — from breakfast to dinner, including snacks — illustrates how satisfying 1,200 calories can be.

List of related literature:

However, paradoxically, only 8% knew that that description was precisely the definition of food traceability.

“Green Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications” by Management Association, Information Resources
from Green Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications
by Management Association, Information Resources
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These images are photographs of real foods that are used to indicate the portion served and any food left over.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
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An accurate description of food analyses is thus very necessary.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Diet” by Desai
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Graphics or icons for healthy eating have been used for many years in this country and abroad.

“Nutritional Oncology” by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner
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Since 2011, this infographic has provided nutritional recommendations to millions of Americans, dividing the hypothetical plate into four food categories consisting of 30% grains, 40% vegetables, 10% fruits, and 20% protein alongside a glass of milk.

“The ASMBS Textbook of Bariatric Surgery” by Ninh T. Nguyen, Stacy A. Brethauer, John M. Morton, Jaime Ponce, Raul J. Rosenthal
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Information on the usual size of food por­tions is obtained with the aid of food models or photographs in the same way as for a 24hour recall.

“Introduction to Human Nutrition” by Susan A. Lanham-New, Thomas R. Hill, Alison M. Gallagher, Hester H. Vorster
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The validity ofthe various food models seems highly dependent on the specific model and the culture ofthe subject.

“Present Knowledge in Nutrition” by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
from Present Knowledge in Nutrition
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Even when food packages do have nutrition labels, they are not necessarily helpful or accurate.

“Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic” by J. Eric Oliver
from Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America’s Obesity Epidemic
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This graph of the riboflavin content of foods from different Myplate food groups shows that milk, meats, and whole and enriched grains are good sources of riboflavin but a combination of foods is needed to supply the RDA (dashed lines).

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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Serving sizes are estimated using food models and geometric shapes.

“Encyclopedia of Food and Color Additives” by George A. Burdock
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  • Honestly I like airplane food i was 8 going to Asia to see my dad I wish I could go back to an airplane just for the food I don’t know if it’s just my country nz

  • May I please have an application for an opportunity to join the Infographics channel?!?! I’ll gladly do the challenges and write and produce and the whole 9 yards plus 2900 more

  • i buy salmon and coconut juice with my hard earned money. im a single father and my daughter likes healthy food because i would feed her healthy food since she was 1. i do metal roofing so i have to be somewhat in shape. when i go to the store i go straight to the produce aisle and then for milk and water. i skip the middle section

  • am I the only guy that doesn’t mind airplane food? Maybe that’s because the insane food standards of the Netherlands and I don’t fly with yanky foreign companies.

  • You know I just eat the plane food I don’t notice the different flavour than regular food so when I’m watching this I literally can’t relate to any of these problems

  • Okay so i was poor af before my dad opened a buisness and we were on that for a bit. We bought none of these things and its kinda weird coming from a YouTuber who gets tons of views. Not saying any of your information is false but the thumbnail says a lot

  • My husband and I were on food stamps we got 330 a month and spent at least 175 in formula. I have worked paid taxes since I was 15 my husband the same. We were so proud to get off food stamps but at the same time grateful it was there for us.

  • But they dont give the troops cigs anymore that sucks……i bet if they ever re-Institute the draft cigarettes will be given again

  • TINFOGRAPHICSSHOW: Real reason why airplane food tastes so bad.

    Some Brazilian air company ( LATAM/GOL ) passengers: You Guys have food?

  • We are not designed to eat meat. Simple as that. There’s no way around it. We don’t have the teeth or stomach for it. Or the need for that matter.

  • Honestly about the milk issue, I drink about a 3 gallons aid milk a week, and I’m pretty fit. I don’t see why people say otherwise..

  • #1 for real this time. Selling their food stamps for cash or finding a store that will ring alcohol and tobacco products as approved food. Lets not lie on YouTube

  • eAtInG aNimaLs iS WrOng mCdOnAlDs HurTing Animal Is WRonG mCdoNalDs SHaREeeE thIs SonGG AnD ChAngE uR eNtiRe meNu to Be VeGAn From Now oN

  • i am doing a 2 meal a day i eat full breakfast and at 1-2pm i workout and at dinner i only eat i cup of rice and it i my 2st week doing it and i can changes in my body i am not fat but my belly is:/

  • Herbivores have additional digestive organs that are capable of processing complex plant matter. By preying upon Herbivores, Meat Eaters avoid the need to possess complicated (and usually Physically Large; and/or redundant) digestive organs.

  • I am vegan primarily for the ethical reasons, and would be fascinated to hear a well-constructed, non-hedonistic argument for consuming meat and other animal products. Veganism to me seems the only logical option if you care at all about the well-being of other beings of consciousness.

  • You know what’s funny, when you actually work a job you don’t even qualify for food stamps and the local stores around where I live you can buy cigarettes and alcohol…They don’t even give them to foster families. Seems like you have to make welfare your career when you need a little extra help.

  • I was stationed in Japan in 2000. Standing in line to get food on my ship there was a box on the floor outside the kitchen with shrink wrapped meat inside. On the meat was stamped “Rejected L.A. County jail” Support the troops!

  • So much terrible food and drink, a lot of artificial flavors and colors are made in labs and derived from petroleum. Artificial sweeteners are even worse because they get you addicted to them, because they can be thousands of times more addictive than sugar. When you consume them your body doesn’t like normal sugar anymore, so fruit, etc. don’t taste good anymore.

  • I work in a custom rv factory in Elkhart Indiana and over past few years we have built and I painted rvs/touring buses for metallica, Alan Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Kevin gates just to name a few. I have seen the prices on these full custom and crazy rv they can live in on tour. I always thought they were insane for paying over 1.5 to 2 million on those but they have nothing on this beast. I dig it though but also shows that some people have no conspent of real world cost of living

  • Take it from someone who is vegan 38 years…you will be healthier when you get older if you eat a well balanced diet which includes both meat and plants

  • It depends if you are on the east coast or west coast. You can only buy cold food on the east coast and you are able to buy hot foods with food stamps. You used to be able to buy dog food, beer ECT but then they stopped that. Only some stores will do it for their ppl of the community.

  • We should get b12 from the same places animals do.. natural water supply and healthy dirt on our food but neither of us have that luxury anymore.

  • I would buy ramen noodles and cheetos, beef slim jims, etc. Anyone who knows about a goulage jail house style knows where im going with this. $5 would feed me, 2 girls and 2 guys

  • Did everyone miss the study where vegans are immune to to the coronavirus because they have a high vitamin C intake lol.

    Did people also miss the most searched thing on Google is how to go vegan ever since the coronavirus has hit,
    people are learning if you healthy you are less likely the virus to damage your respiratory system.

    this guy never included who actually lives longer watch a TV show called “what the health” it will explain in scientific terms who will live longer.

  • So vegan is an diet (“disease”)<(don't take that serious) that makes peoples to eat vegetables, fruits.I feel bad for the abused plants.
    When I said disease it was a JOKE understand it was a joke.
    No it is not true being vegan is normal wheb I said disease I mean that IT IS AN JOKE, stop taking everything serious.

  • Actually you can buy seeds with food stamps, but they have to be food growing (well in michigan at least, idk everywhere else and there is store bought items that you can regrow). Also another the reason why soda is popular, it’s for the 10 cent when you return the bottle (run low on toilet paper, buy a 12 pack of soda, drink them or store the soda in a container, then return the cans/bottles, and buy toilet paper at the dollar store). Then there’s people that “I will buy you $50 worth of groceries. If you pay me $25.” type of people.

  • I would like to be vegan because as you said the meat’s quality is getting lower but in my country is also expensive to consume vegan products that replaces meat, eggs, milk, etc.

  • Fish eaters have been proven to live the longest I.e. Pescatarians which is what I subscribe to. A diet consisting of whole plant foods, fruit, nuts, grains and fish is optimal for humans. Stay away from land animals.

  • My grandpa was in the us marines and he gave me an MRE and Im going to eat it on YouTube and I also have his helmet and maybe becuase he loves me a lot he’ll let me have his backpack

  • One thing to remember unlike a home on property the value of a manufactured home will never go up, you will never get your money back when you finally try to unload it

  • Are you kidding me?
    People would waste all their money on that! That is sad, especially when people are starving and in need all over the USA and other parts of the world too! It’s really sad to see such a nice house go to waste for 1 person, why not buy the house and donate it to a family in need?

    When your poor, you don’t have all that money to be wasting on lavish stuff! Fix the poverty and housing crisis first!������

  • SNAP is flawed. There are so many people who can barely keep a roof over their head / bills paid……yet are considered to make “too much” to receive nutritional benefits.

  • We need an Infographics show on how much padding of discussion there is per video to get it to a pre-determined duration. The same point is repeated, paraphrased, sourced and footnoted in the same video.

    Don’t get me wrong, i like these videos, but lets stick to the point in the video title and then you can ramble about for hours and I will be a dedicated viewer.

  • Haven’t had MREs, but I’ve had 24h meals. Which is basically the same, but in Sweden. It’s not bad as long as you don’t eat it three times a day for weeks on end. Then they start tasting bad

  • North Korean rations include:
    Plastic packaging
    10% chance of a plastic spoon
    13 drops of water
    The pebbles found around your feet
    A picture of Kim jong I’m eating cheese

  • I always loved the British 24 hour rat-packs. Even to this day, I sometimes get a tin of stew, tin of beans, tin of bacon grill, and mix it all up, together with a bit of water, and some dried soup…mmmm

  • Because of finding Steve1989 on YouTube, and eventually befriended by him on a forum, i ended up getting into MREs from all over the world and was well prepared for the pandemic. I’ve got DOZENS of cases of rations in storage and could chill for months, and they’ll keep for years. You’re the man Steve!

  • M(isery) R(ejected ) in(E)dibles….

    Sadly the current US MREs fall BEHIND what European Allies and even Pac Rim associated militaries provide their soldiers

  • who else has a super cheap airline…
    and have barely any food…
    pretzels and ‘biscuits’ are offered on plane rides longer than two hours, if your lucky, but if not, then you get nothing

  • studies prove than vegan proceeded food product are much harmful to human
    by the way, Okinawa people diet has only 30% of vegetables and 27% of fish and 6% of pork
    and they consume alcohol very day


  • And to top it off when you actually need the help no one gives it to you. And when you do people look down on you as if you’re spending their money, mind you that same person probably doesn’t even pay taxes! Crazy how people only care about where tax payer money goes when it’s to benefit ACTUAL tax payers.

  • I found out what helps me so if you get a small plate don’t stack things on it because it’ll mainly end up being the same quantity as things spread out on a big plate if you have to use a big plate don’t put food all on it mainly take up half of the plate not all of the plate so then he will have healthy eating because if you stack a bunch of things on a small plate All you are is doing is tricking your brain into thinking it’s healthy so then you’ll most likely eat like that again which you shouldn’t if the place is really small you can take up the whole plate but do not stack food

  • Food is expensive i wish i could get stamps because the price of other stuff like bills insurance and household are goin up its like every week i get robbed by life lol. But stamps help take that burden off especially if u got kids lol

  • I live in Massachusetts, people on assistance get a debit card and buy pretty much anything they want with it, I agree with helping people, but that’s a bit much

  • I had a dozen operations because of a accident I had in 1980 I broke my back and they have had to remove pieces of my intestines both small and large I have these terrible bouts of stomach pains and nausea that you can’t imagine go see Man Crush by 50,000 lb to see if I’m faking or not. and now they want to take away my 600 dollars I get a month. my mother and I could get buy with her S.S. and mine but she passed away. now I can’t get by on that 600 and have borrow and sell everything I have to just get by.

  • Food Stamp people buy trash ON MY DIME, I buy what I want OUT OF MY OWN POCKET! therefore, they should NOT be buying Pop, Hot Pockets and sugar cereal…THAT is the point!

  • The biggest problem in my opinion with meat eating is the environmental disaster it causes. It contributes to global warming, humans deforest 90% of the Amazon for cattle, we cultivate more crops for cows than for humans, we use more water for cows than for humans, and many more problems.

  • We are omnivores,the optimal diet requires meat.I feel sorry for animals,but I would not risk my health to go vegan.If it requires supplements,something is not ok.Nature works in certain ways and after hundreds of thousands of years with meat,it is clear why we are omnivores.

  • Calories are not the problem. Refined foods and high carb diets are the problem. They raise insulin levels. Thereby creating insulin resistance and obesity.

  • Waw I thout that i lived in dhe smolles country in the world kosova so much so that even if you wanted to create an Apple ID your country is not in that serviced

  • I think like this. In old age you ate raw meat to survive. I can either eat airline food and survive or not eat it and survive. So I just freaking chew it down!

  • What i only buy with EBT is I buy ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, agave nectar, honey, instant coffee, sriracha, soy sauce and rockstars. Ebt is great.

  • I doubt what is considered “healthy” according to those experts, since almost everything on this list is categorized so. Soft drink, bag snack, yeah I agree. But ground meat, chicken and milk? What’s wrong with them? Or they think only vegetarian diet can be called “healthy”? Then I’d rather stay “unhealthy”.

  • Chips are bad for you if you let yourself get fat i have plenty of self control and will eat 5-10 things of pringles a month along with mainly frozen food no underlining health issues even tho i was born with one kidney i have no problems eating these so called unhealthy foods

  • I like food stamps because it lets me afford granola, fresh fruit and vegetables. Farmers Markets now take them, and in some places you CAN get seeds and plants, Hallelujah! I also get coffee and baking stuff to make my own cookies and so on. What I really wish is that they’d let you get toilet paper. Anyway, I used to exist on commodities and I thought food stamps was going to be restricted to things like that. They are TONS better!!! Elizabeth White was on NPR yesterday & said more seniors should apply for them.

  • The only reason people care about what’s in the shopping cart of somebody collecting food stamps is because they see poverty as a character flaw

  • I get $16.00 in food stamps monthly and use it one fresh fruits and veggies at the public market. Idk what state he is talking about. Upstate NY 1 person only can get 63 dollars a month depending on income

  • you can also buy a mug with candy. I needed a gift to buy someone and bought it with food stamps. not every snack can be bought with foodstamps. it was some cookies that didn’t ring up, they were vegetarian.

  • I love this channel, but I have never been a very big fan of this specific guy who’s doing this video.

    I don’t know his name, but from all the videos I’ve seen with him in it, he seems like he’s more into conspiracy theories, and homeopathy, and other bullshit topics. I don’t know if it’s true, but it definitely seems like it. For example when he’s talking about chips here, he makes chemicals sound bad. Chemicals are not in themselves bad, everything is composed of chemicals, it is the dosage of the chemicals that are harmful, and almost any chemical including water and oxygen can kill you at extreme dosages. I doubt chips have anything in them that are beneficial, unless you have a salt deficiency or something. so saying unnecessary chemicals would be perfectly fine, but it seems like you are demonizing chemicals as a whole, which is a current issue in the anti-science community, and has been for years and has actually lead to death.

    I just like facts, and it just seems like Simon is more factual and less opinionated and misleading.

  • We buy food and I’m vegan so I buy lots of vegetables, fruit and nuts and why is it anyone’s business. I work and pay taxes like everyone else. Stay in your miserable lane. Miserable people.

  • I worked in a manufractured homes factory.. lots of shortcuts were taken. Everything is basically a cover up job. Drywall covers bad wall layout, mud covers holes and dents in drywall, paint covers drywall, siding covers bad sheathing jobs, plywood on roof covers and trusses, felt underlayment covers bad roof decking. You name it I seen it all

  • Many people criticize food stamps but as someone who was raised my a mother that’s how we surviver after my mother lost her job with the state of Maryland. The food stamps didn’t just help me eat at home but at school too. It also qualified me to take my SAT’S, get a free coat and gloves when we didn’t have any money, and noticed us on churches that donate turkeys for Christmas. It was a blessing and it is why I was able to go to college and understand hard work. And everyone saying that people with food stamps have it easy that’s not true. My mom shopped at the dollar store to feed us and other people she knew that couldn’t get help. And I had nicer clothing because I had to work at any job that would take me so I could have a phone and not get made fun of at school cuz my clothes had holes in then and didn’t fit. Most of my stuff still came from the clearance at the thrift stores which is still expensive for me the pay for in middle school.

  • sad thing is that people with food stamps have more food then the average worker everytime I go grocery shopping people on food stamp have a fuller cart

  • According to Japanese health food manufacturer Kyuusai, healthy people over the age of 100 are more likely to eats many eggs and soy and milk.
    They say also important to eat what you like in moderation.

  • Why I be watching these? I’m not even overweight but I’m always searching up to try and figure out if being skinnier would be better

  • All vegans who are saying that we are healthy, we don’t have cholesterol problems, we live longer!

    Plz let me eat you, so that i can stay healthy by your healthy meat
    Plzzzzz, it’s an request

  • By your definition, meat eaters are people with no diet. Therefore, that doesn’t limit carbs intake. You should’ve compared with carnivores or Keto people, people who eat meat is wayyy too vague.

  • As being someone who was raised on food stamps, I think that candy and soda/pop should be disallowed with food stamps, I’m a little upset that some teabags (like Celestial Seasonings) can’t be bought with food stamps (at least in my area) as its a healthy and cheap alternative. But I wont nitpick lol.

    We still got pop growing up, but my mom always used cash for it, and it was a treat. One of my ex girlfriends however was also on foodstamps, and drank Dr. Pepper like it was water. Needed 3-4 16oz bottles before going to school. Anecdotal, yes, and only one example, yes, but I know there are many more out there. I just don’t see how having soda or candy is useful, since both are normally decently expensive compared to the healthier Alternatives, unlike the majority of healthy foods which are normally outrageously expensive and just unrealistic for us poor people to continuously have.

  • I got diagnosed with vertigo. Lost my truck driving career. After 2 months no more checks or income was coming in. Had to sell things to survive. Then I applied for food stamps. Got denied 2 times, but the 3rd one was a charm. I’ve gotten the max for 1 person household ($192, 2019). The rules is you have to make no more than 1,400 a month. Work 20 hours a week or have some kinda disability. I have a the dizziness and balance disorder disability that made me eligible. As a result of food stamps….. I’m currently getting back on my feet. You would be amazed that a 100+ dollar a month on food stamps can help you save. Especially if you leave alone, and living off disability.

  • if you eat meat,you hate animals
    that means
    if you eat veggies/fruits you hate plants
    so just eat air,they arent alive anyways

  • This fanfiction was most definitely written by our favorite guinea pig/least important writer. The humor and tone is so him. His videos are my favorite ��������

  • One time I was at the store and I picked up a receipt outside and found out someone bought 100$ worth of steak with their food stamps…

  • If you dislike property crime, vagrants and panhandlers, and lots of chronic homelessness, thank food stamps. Because without food stamps we’d have far far more of all of those things. Plus stupider children, due to coming to school hungry and all of their focus and energy going to hunger instead of learning.

  • Infographics: You can get a mobile home for just 4 million dollars
    Me: But it is a trailer, and I cannot own the land beneath it. Besides a lot of issues with proper home utilisation also arises…….
    Infographics: But the view is great

  • I’ve spent time both on and off SNAP and the only one of the 10 I buy is the fresh chicken.  I also don’t spend much more than the average SNAP benefit, so don’t talk about cost.

  • Food aside heres what i do everyday
    •drink 1 gallon of water
    •3 workout sets of:
    -30 sit ups
    -10 push ups (or 20 on knees)
    -50 russian twists
    -50 squats/ 40 jump squats
    • has at least 1/2 veg/fruit
    •randomly walk around my house
    •random tasks
    •play the drums randomly (1 hour of playing is 270 calories gone)
    •sleep 6-9 hours a day on average

  • I think the government should just send ready made meals like they do in schools and like 100 bucks for other products like tampons and soaps and such. Because EBT is out of control. Yes junk food is cheaper but it still doesn’t make it okay. When you’re ur broke your broke it sucks. But EBT should be used for buying stuff like bread and ramen. I’m being completely honest here. I went to the store one time just to get some groceries and this girl ahead was buying like 5 or 6 jugs of milk. She payed with EBT and the cashier asked “You like your milk huh?” And she literally said she’s buying it for a party to make mixed drinks. Remember EBT is for people who can’t afford food to eat. And she is literally buying it strictly for alcohol. Maybe once they cut it to just ready made meals and only send like 100 bucks they might get sick of it and just quit.

  • Yes renting land on a home you own has been used to take advantage to the poor people. I am talking about the poor not the super rich in this video. Thank Warren for that.

  • im just not retarded so i never got married so my “girlfriend” who i have 2 kids with is considered a single mother. so i get 600 free foods moneys lmao ontop of my fulltime paycheck and tax’s

  • When I was 8, Hurricane Rita impacted my area (I live in Central Louisiana) our power was knocked out for 11 days. During the first couple of days we went to the local city to get supplies from our local military stationed at the JRTC and military base. I had MREs during the aftermath of Rita. My grandfather was retired military and would tell me stories during supper about his army days and MREs and how far the prepared meals had come since he was in the army.

  • I am unavailable to work due to my l5 LS radiculopathy spinal stenosis and other muscle problems. I am on snap due to disability on not able to walk stand for too long without taking high doses of medicine. And a lot of places do not approve my medicines because it inpairs my ability to think clearly also I have unconditionality to my muscles spasms. I believe it helps people who can not work to keep Heath food on are table

  • Am underweight & am actively trying to gain weight.
    Am in lockdown, so all I do is just eat and eat and eat.
    Might as well just enjoy the food �� Yes is it’s comfort eating, yes it’s mostly healthy but fatty food.

  • Would have been better to say an actor as you’ve actually have need to move about and have the money to do so in comfort where as a writer would need to travel as much

  • If you really hate food stamps, then either you want to starve to death or spend less on luxury items. In my opinion, food stamps should be implemented by the Department of Agriculture because my country suffered high inflation due to TRAIN law, weakening peso-dollar exchange rate, low productivity, and even worse, the “war on drugs”. I think the Philippine Congress should enact a law that would encourage Filipinos to have food stamps. Some said that it was a waste of time and money, but I don’t care because that’s one of the reasons why poverty must be eradicated.

  • I’ll tell you a major item people buy with food stamps….CASH.

    They are usually sold $2 in stamps per $1 cash. One would take a recipient’s card, spend about $100 on food with it, and give the recipient $50 cash; who in turn, can now buy whatever they want without regulation or restriction.

  • They buy a lot of sodas and potato chips. I was at the Piggly Wiggly today. I don’t know but sodas and potato chips don’t seem to be very nutritious and of necessary intake for survival. I don’t pay taxes so the government can give it to people so they can buy junk food.

  • You guys wouldn’t know cause you’re not food service in the military but anymore theres actually UGR’s also. Its basically B-rations but the newer form and they make them for big groups

  • Food what else. duh….hot damn anything to make people look greedy…give up the natural resources and you can have your food stamps. but you own all the land and food production..which is unfair

  • What do you mean I’m not in shape? Round is a shape!

    but the thing is I’m fairly thin just my belly doesn’t have any muscles so at times it looks flabby. Not to mention is grows through out the day until I use the bathroom.

  • I saw them get food free and then buy an iPad then when I was leaving store they were getting in a nice car also 1 person had 4,000 dollars on 1 food card and many people have bodegas and buy supplies for store resale with food stamps explain that!!!!

  • It would be better if the grocery store offered only food items instead of what the FDA considers food. 40% of what is in the market isn’t real food. SNAP or no snap program, Americans are confused about what to eat, what’s good for us, what is nutritious and what the truth is. Who to believe?

  • Everyone wanna fight and argue and it happens to be vegans and vegetarians in the fight you know when the beef just taste like veggie?

  • It’s clean, it’s safe, airlines are trying and bad taste isn’t due to poor cooking or low quality ingredients. I’m not going to complain.

  • If you can handle it fasting is EXTREMELY effective at controlling calorie intake. I lost about 70 lbs over the last year and the technique I used for the first half was to not eat anything until late afternoon. At that point it was more difficult for me to eat so much that I went into a caloric surplus. There is no magic to it like some people say. You don’t get tons of energy or a metabolism boost, but it makes regulating calories much easier as it is harder to eat 1500-2000 calories in 1-2 meals so you stay lean. I have since given it up now that I am used to eating healthier and counting calories as I train with very heavy weights most days and need the energy from food to be more effective during my workouts.

  • I used to hiring for airplane food preparation facility. Its very clean the procedure to getting in and out of the factory itself is clean. Gloves musk and all machines are clean every night as well. Way more cleaner than most of restaurants.

  • Ok, so if ppl on food stamps had to eat healthy then they would be in shape to get a job and in turn wouldn’t be getting disability. * problem solved

  • I use food stamps cost of living theses days are crazy if i didnt have food stamps i would always be broke and i eat healthy not everyone who has food stamps eats unhealthy

  • so they had a superstition over some candy called “Charms” which is hella ironic, they should have just had the marshmallows from Lucky Charms instead �� much tastier lol

  • Where are all the cool high tech electronics that one would expect to see….it’s nice but it’s not a smart home…. no mention of echo dot and Alexa..no electronics no interest in it for me….with a 4 million dollar price tag in my opinion they should have all the latest tech installed…what about security cameras? 1 pool? What about private pools and also what about all the fancy furniture and all the other fancy expensive things rich people usually have in their homes? Where is the true expanse of these homes? Looks like regular homes no mobile home just a house but bigger…no custom engravings or staircases?

  • Most SNAP benefits are too small to buy nutritious food on top of many not being well-educated on nutrition. Many of them also live in low income areas where brand name grocery stores providing nutritious foods have dis-invested from, very few adults supervise children on eating, little space exists for growing food, etc. So these people are likely to even see less fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on top of not being well-educated about them. And many SNAP recipients aren’t getting much exercise on top of their diets. At the end of the day, SNAP recipient diets don’t differ much from many people in different economic classes or the vast majority of other people as well.

  • Only time airplane food hasn’t been horrible was when flying to China and from China to other countries, as they would serve chicken noodle soup that was amazing

  • I grew up with a farmer/fisherman father, We always eat veggies and fish everyday.. meat sometimes since it expensive.. Now im 31 and looking back i never had a disease and never hospitalized.

  • I was eating swell when I got $195 a month on food stamps. I did feel guilty at the checkout getting steaks and king crab legs tho. Now that I have a job I’m eating tuna, rice, and tofu.

  • I still feel like you’re over selling it! I’m surprised there’s no mention of the local methlab, or in this case the local coke hook up ��

  • I would like to see a breakdown of the frugalness of snap recipients compared to non snap recipients. On if they’re buying the name brands are off brands because personally I’m not a snap recipient but I usually only by all off brands, or search for a good deals, going to discount stores To save the money the government doesn’t take for me.

  • Hey, Infographics team! Absolutely love your videos! They’re amazing! I was looking for a video on Universal Basic Income (UBI) and couldn’t find any in your resources. Any chance we’ll get one?

  • There should be more restrictions on what you can buy. They should be used towards items that get the most bang for the buck like commodities. They should not be allowed to go towards expensive items and or items with terrible nutritional value like sodas, Little Debbie’s etc.

  • Bro most of the military eat MREs because to get nutrition and that food to boil just needs a little water and u store it and it starts heating by itself so it is not about luxury and fame in the military, it is about courage and patriotism towards one’s own country.

  • This channel is fun sometimes, but it can get depressing. It’s like what you would get if you looked through one of those world factbooks that tell you different things mostly in terms of what is or is not dangerous. Most of the time, if they do talk about humans outside of statistics, in in the vein of deterministic psychology, or like a cause and effect for every behavior.
    I need to stay away from this channel for a little while and watch something with purpose and vision.

  • Anyone else feels that the script is often too cringy?
    It smells desperate, like an intern tasked with having to hit a 10-minute mark somehow and just beats around the bush

  • Principality of Sealand…. While it has been described as the world’s smallest country or nation, Sealand is not officially recognised by any established sovereign state in spite of Sealand’s government’s claim that it has been de facto recognised by the United Kingdom and Germany.

  • I don’t really eat fast food or unhealthy snacks anymore (I’ve just lost taste) and I’ve been exercising whenever I get the motivation but nothing is changing

  • Chicken and Rice w/crushed crackers and cheese spread w/tabasco is my fave. They have changed since I served though. I actually like the MREs theyre better than you think. Js

  • Well it’s not the smallest contrite in known but molossia in Nevada is not an official countrie but it may be the smallest if it’s claimed to be q contrite.