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Unsurprisingly, this boils down to the differences in definition. The two most common definitions are: Starvation mode is a phenomenon where metabolism slows down because you’re not eating often enough. Starvation mode is a phenomenon where your metabolism slows down because you’re not eating enough calories.

What people generally refer to as “starvation mode” (and sometimes “metabolic damage”) is your body’s natural response to long-term calorie restriction. It involves the body responding to reduced. WHAT IS STARVATION MODE? “Starvation mode” is a slippery term. While one camp wishes that the starvation mode myth would die already, another staunchly defends its existence.

Unsurprisingly, this boils down to the differences in definition. The two most common definitions are: Starvation mode is a phenomenon where metabolism slows down because you’re not eating often enough. Starvation mode is a phenomenon where your metabolism slows. Starvation Mode’s Effects on Weight Loss Your body’s adaptation causes your basal metabolic rate, which accounts for more than 60 percent of the calories your body burns daily, to slow down. This, in turn, causes you to burn fewer calories, even though you might be performing exactly the same tasks as when you were eating a regular diet.

“Starvation mode is an actual biological process,” says Lofton. “It occurs when we restrict calories and when bodyweight declines.” Back in the day, when food was scarce, it was a way for our. The starvation mode theory holds that crash-dieting isn’t just dangerous, but it’s also counterproductive. You’re trying to lose weight, but you’re actually. Starvation mode is the supposed state a person is in when an excessive approach to weight loss has slowed down their metabolic rate enough to completely prevent further weight loss from happening (or possibly even cause weight gain ) even though a caloric deficit remains present.

When your body is hungry for an extended period of time, it enters “starvation mode,” which involves a decreased metabolism in order to conserve energy. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock At the age of 74, Mahatma Gandhi lived for 21 days without eating food during a hunger strike. Here’s why starvation mode is a myth.

The popular version of starvation mode usually revolves around two “facts”. If you don’t consume enough calories, usually going under some standard amount, your body switches off fat burning. Anything you eat while in starvation mode gets stored as fat. The concept behind “starvation mode” is simple: When you eat fewer calories, your body worries that it’s not going to get more food anytime soon.

Your body overcompensates for this potential lack of food by burning fewer calories and holding onto fat stores. Instead of shedding pounds like you want to, you hit a weight-loss plateau.

List of related literature:

The idea behind “starvation mode” is similar to metabolic damage.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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There was no starvation mode.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
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Your body can learn that it doesn’t need to go into starvation mode and store everything it’s given, but it’ll take a little while as you work through your prescribed treatment plan.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
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It would take several days of no eating at all to have your body go into starvation mode, which does slow down your metabolism.

“7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 7 Days and Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine” by JJ Smith
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The first thing that happens when you enter the starvation mode is that your basal metabolic rate begins to slow down.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
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When you starve your body, it freaks out and goes into survival mode because it thinks there is a famine and stores fat in your cells, “just in case.”

“I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People” by Paul McKenna
from I Can Make You Thin: The Revolutionary System Used by More Than 3 Million People
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The belief that you will enter “starvation mode” if you don’t eat frequently is also false.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
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Your body goes into “starvation mode” and begins to conserve and store the calories and fat you’ve consumed, instead of burning them.

“Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever” by Lisa Rinna, Maureen O'Neal
from Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever
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Your hunger and muscle loss decrease significantly, though some muscle loss still occurs.

“The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day” by Denis Wilson
from The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day
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It results from having a protein and /or energy intake somewhere between an adequate quantity and starvation (no food intake).

“Essential AS Biology for OCR” by Glenn Toole, Susan Toole
from Essential AS Biology for OCR
by Glenn Toole, Susan Toole
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  • I think some people genetically like endomorph’s don’t have to eat much of anything in order to maintain their weight. I am one of those people. I’m 53 and it takes about 600 cal a day plus workouts plus an active job to be around 115 -120 lbs. and yes I’ve tried it your way 1500 cal to 2000 lifting heavy weights hit cardio and I just get beefy looking and chubby my body refuses to lean out. My whole family is like this and we all have to starve ourselves to look trim. And even then on an average we are bigger than most of the teeny tiny girls I see at the gym. I really hate videos that are so broad and think everyone is capable of having a lean ripped body just by eating healthy large amounts of calories lifting weights and getting cardio in. I was a skinny active kid but When I hit puberty I was eating a can of tuna with an apple plus gym rat at 16 yrs old and track runner while my friends we’re completely sedentary ate pizza and I was still less lean looking and heavier than them…not fat but still not tiny like they were. explain that!!!

  • 2:31

    Look at these lucky bastards. All three have small normal rib cages, I on the other hand even when I weight as little and have as little fat still have a big rib cage and can’t look thin like this.

  • I just managed to stop myself from throwing up on purpose for some months now. Now i just started to not eat….
    What’s wrong with me

  • I have two strategic refeed days per week at my maintenance level (3,500 kcal) and 500g carbs and it revs my metabolism and body fat keeps coming off. This is something you promoted in your pre-contest prep guide.

  • Jeez 3,000 to 1500 calories?! That’s my normal intake as a woman is 1500. And I maintain my weight with 1500 or even gain weight of I don’t exercise and still intake 1500 calories. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 163.

  • I actually don’t really mind starving myself but when it comes to pooping it’s really hard and feels like your dumping a watermelon size dump out of your hole it really hurts

  • I’m a little confused about the difference between this and refeeds which are supposed to actually boost your metabolism not make you put on fat. Can you explain how they are different for your body?

  • It’s crazy how long ago it’s been since I’ve watched a Layne Norton video, but I’m so glad that you’re still at it. I actually came across a really old post of yours on SimplyShredded (Ultimate Cutting Diet) and used that to build my current regimen. I’m slowly adjusting it a bit to fit some of your more recent videos (lowering my currently-too-high protein intake, bumping up carbs a bit all while keeping total kcal equal). I’ve been powerlifting for the past five or six years, and recently transitioned more into a bodybuilding-esque routine and am trying to cut down some.

    I started following your work back when I was just a kid training in our high school gym, and all of the science that you put out there for us is part of what inspired me to get my BS in biochem as well. I’m even in a PhD program myself, albeit not in Nutritional Sciences. I really enjoy how you can simplify some pretty complex topics while still keeping things very detailed. Thanks for all of your hard work defending proper nutritional concepts.

  • But now, many more people may die from starvation and other things because of the effects of the recent global coronavirus! All need to help each other and please prepare now!Please share!

  • My body is such a crybaby when I don’t get food. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday and I ate like 2 strawberries. I feel dizzy and my stomach keeps growling.

  • Bruh. I’m concerned cuz I haven’t been hungry for like a week. When I eat something I feel sick. I’m just living off of about 80 ounces of water a day. I just ate something today and I wanted to vomit. Idk wuts wrong with me-

  • i used to eat more food than my surrounding people i probably eat meal of 3 people in my 17 -18 and now in my 20s i just cant eat that i eat half of a normal person and usually go hunger for full day and just dont like eating now,its like i m fed up of eating,i mean i just cant eat and barely eat half a plate, and when i didnt eat for 2 days i feel like eating a normal meal

  • So if ur body adapts to the calorie deficit then u must cut your calories further? I was on 800 calories for a while my metabolism stopped lost no pounds for couple weeks then I pigged out for a day on 3000 calories and the scale weight dropped following day. What explains that?

  • Have people never seen the starving kids in Africa? 50 cents can save their lives? Are they puttin on fat? Why is this even a discussion?

  • YOU GAIN WEIGHT. I don’t like food and gained 4 and a half pounds this week was eating 1250 cals daily. I loved walking and did 90 minutes body slowed as it thought it was starving to death. I dislike the texture of food and gained 11 pounds in total because of it. Id to give up running as well. I now require 1600 calories and if I walk that goes up to 1800 calories. Id rather not. That expirement does not apply to women and has a gap. Id a physique competition and due to gaining body fat i could not go.

  • Layne, you once mentioned that a consistent low calorie diet can change a female’s hormones, and thar this also lead to a metabolic adaptation. Could this adaption get low enough where they could see weight gain from less than 1000 calories per day? Would you be willing to explain this further? Thanks.

  • Website called NextLevelDiet is the best for your body transformation. I lost 20kg by following their diet plan (I also had cheat meals) and training plan.

  • I didnt eat dinner and im literally dying right now and im cold and im about to get a hot pizza but its gonna be a wait and im literlaly waiting so painfully

  • Y’all thaink it simple I’m just warning y’all y’all need to pray give more time to god if u play the game more than reading the Bible u will probbaly go to hail in just because u believe in god don’t mean nun even the satin believe in god y’all need to appreciate god more in confess that his son Jesus died on the cross hope y’all listen on judgment day u will see

  • So how do I get my “metabolism” back to the normal 2000 calories after I end a low calorie diet? This is so complicated. Don’t eat in a deficit because your metabolism will slow and you won’t be able to eat much ever again?

  • Does it stunts growth? If so how can you recover from it cus i starved myself to lose weight when i was 12 but i realised i dont grow taller anymore

  • AWESOME VID Layne! I like how you distinguish between metabolic adaptation vs. the boogeyman starvation mode. The difference in terms is actually a big one. You might think that it’s just semantics, but “starvation mode” sounds like a more permanent mystical state whereas metabolic adaptation helps us think about the ebb and flow. Thank you!

  • My metabolism is definitely slowed the more I jog the more weight gained unfortunately I hate all exercise now was running 3 hours and weighed too much I didn’t eat more. however this is not airtight. It made dinner a misery. It’s ok I tried really tried. It adapted a lot!! doubled in size. I stopped running and I’m just passively tracking what I am eating. Got rid of all my pants and wear baggy skirts. Don’t trust food either. Now too heavy. I was slimmer when I ran less and ate my maintenance now nope. No longer fit into most designs oh well I don’t even walk much now. I just write the number of pounds I should gain daily. I don’t like it as my bones are weak and I’ve obesity related health problems if I wanted to become overweight I’d rather have had fun doing it. So far more is definitely less. I’d rather get a takeaway.

  • So I ate REALLY little like 300-500 kals during the last 2 weeks. I know for a fact it wasn‘t more than that. But I didn‘t lose single gram. So how?

  • Also, I think many people trying to lose weight don’t really consider how important physical exercise and importance of rest is in their daily lives. It is difficult to lose body fat if you are not sleeping the recommended hours your body needs and also not doing the right amount of physical exercise to keep that metabolism going.

  • If starvation mode don’t exist why are there people that can’t lose weight off of a 800 calorie diet WITH EXERCISE? Even if you binge 2 days outta the week the exercise should prevent stalls in weight loss right?

  • Is there a red flag that dieters should be aware of that sort of signals that they might be overeating and hindering the calorie deficit by your logic of average weekly calorie intake vs your low calories days? In your example, the female eating 1200 for most days and then eating 2500 which average out to 1500ish calories, so there’s roughly a 300 cal difference between her “low day” calories vs her average weekly calories right? So assuming(and correct me if I’m wrong) she maybe is following a similar plan to yours(5 low at 1200 and two maintenance at 2500), your average weekly calorie intake(2700ish) vs your low day intake(2500) nets a 200 calorie difference. Is her discrepancy vs yours indicative of her fat loss issues? Or so there way more physiology wrapped up in those numbers that you didn’t talk about?

  • This was a really good explanation of what I thought starvation mode was and it’s really just adaptation when the body stops responding to fat loss and not storing fat or going into starvation mode as I now used to think. Always great knowledge, thanks Paul.

  • I’m sorry luv but starvation mode also known as the famine reaction IS a real thing. The body will try to hold on to the fat stores that it has when you first reduce your calorie intake which can make it difficult to lose the fat. People in countries with actual famine are skin and bones because that’s all they’ve known, their body doesn’t have fat storage to hold onto. Please stop spreading your lies.

  • Thank you so much for your channel it’s so informative and it’s helped me so much in understanding what’s going on physically and mentally through recovery. ��

  • I think he was pussyfooting around the truth. “Starvation mode” is an excuse used by the fat acceptance/body positivity/health at any size/intuitive eating crowd extreme feminists to justify not going on diets and eat crap.

    I have to eat every few hours so I don’t go into “starvation mode.” Since carbs are there to “nourish my body,” I’ll eat some cookies. I’ll “honor my hunger cues” and eat a whole package of Chips Ahoy. It’s just a cop out.

  • I m so thankful for this video Elisa:)
    But I have a question: in fact, before having the eating disorder I had a certain weight, and now I’m living in a recovered body and my weight changed. Will I find my real weight someday? Because, even though I eat less than before my weight doesn’t change.

    Thank you Elisa, I hope you’ll answer me ��

  • Total bullshit! Many dieticians and trainers lack deep thinking. Body is highly adaptive and metabolism is shifting upon many variable.
    I lost 130 pounds 15 years ago and all i can tell you is starvation mode is real!

  • This is the best explanation of this that I have heard in a while. I enjoy your content so much and gain so much from your videos! I’m glad that you’re back to putting out videos consistently:)

  • I have been in a caloric deficit for many years (very hard for me to eat even 1000 calories a day) and I CANNOT lose the weight. My smart scale says I’ve been burning muscle instead of fat. My metabolism crashed due to thyroid issues. Doing everything “right” & no one can figure it out, even my Dr is mystified. You are not a Dr & clearly not as much of an expert as you think.

  • You didn’t answer one thing, how low can someones metabolism go? Threw out 1200 but how much lower can it go? I dont fit that explanation. Only thing I can think of over here was the loss of my muscle over a year of time and injury. My diet didnt change that much. So when I got back did my old routine dropped my calories no movement. Now months (almost a year) in. Now I’m noticing some muscle definition still no loss. My thinking is due to that my burning calorie rate really dropped. Idk last explanation. I’m not even doing my old refeeds. I haven’t dieted before that for almost 2 years. But I gained 20+.

  • A while back I quit eating for five days, and I lost 10 pounds. Now, while I don’t condone this method of weight loss, it’s a good way to do so. I would have went longer if my mom didn’t buy me McDonald’s. If I didn’t eat it, it would have looked suspicious:/

  • I’m gaining weight on 1400 calories and 2 hours exercise. I quit exercising still gaining weight. It appears to be legit. I track butter and all meat and carbs. I’ve a poor appetite and I destroyed my lean physique its now at 33 percent. It was 14 percent too low but 34 sucks as well. I cant stomach exercising And gaining fat. I am so afraid of gaining fat but tried eating maintenance and training lightly. Lost 10 pounds. Went into quarantine became more strict and boom gained it all back.

  • i was always told that if i dont eat my body will go into starvation mode and keep any fat that enters my body. is that true or once again no?

  • There is one thing that doesn’t make sense and that is the competitive eaters, they tend to do exactly this ie eat relatively low calorie deficit days with 1 giant massive 8-15k binge day. Research on them would be interesting!

  • Grea video!! I have just started a cut but wondering at what point does one start to reverse? Is therr a maximum amount of time that one should be on a cut?

  • After losing 70 pounds over 9 months, my BMR dropped so low that I ate 900 calories a day for two months and DID NOT LOSE AN OUNCE.
    I had to slowly refeed to bring my BMR back up to 2800 calories a day before I could start losing again.
    This is “starvation mode.” It does exist.

  • Paul, love your videos! Advice please! Been dieting since age 11, age 46. Never a competitor just a fat kid that struggled to remain “thin” never extremely lean but probably not heavy enough weights. Last year after gaining 8lbs while eating 1350-1450 and failing to lose unless i cut on 900, I started a Reverse. Reversed for 8 mos but didn’t really do a maintenance as I reached my highest adult weight and was so uncomfortable. I only reached 1850 calories after 8 mos. I was up to 151 31% fat from about 28-29% and my comfortable weight around 130. From Dec to March I lost 8 lbs but very slowly with a diet break and playing with calories from 1350-1450. IN march I started to gain weight and now I’m back up to 147 with higher body fat of 32.3% I don’t know what is going on. I have an apt. with an endocrinologist this week but I’m afraid he isn’t as educated int his field as you are. I’ve continued to lift heavy weights, added in HIIT and some LISS and still can’t lose. Why would I have started to gain weight? Please let me know if I can contact you or work with you. Thanks for any advice!!

  • Hey man new viewer here and i enjoy your videos! I think the quality of your videos might benefit a little from having some quiet background music while your speaking. You’re very easy to listen too, but it’ll help grab people more and will soften the transition from your intro to your content, and from your content to your outro. Just something to consider! Great work!

  • Such an interesting topic. I’ve discussed this with clients in that if they’ve really limited themselves for an extended period of time on calories, (perhaps months to years) and when we reverse them, increase calories/ macros and change up some of the workout styles I’ve seen them lose weight and they are mind boggled that this happens. Loved hearing your thoughts about this here and on the podcast!

  • If my calories are too low I come home from the gym and literally lay like a vegetable for the rest of the day and go to bed at 8, but if I cut calories just a little I still have plenty of energy, so I’m still doing lots of little things that burn calories

  • so what wouldyou do once you reach that point in a deficit where your body has adapted and you stop losing or even gain weight?

    Also, what do you do after a cut if you then want to maintain but don’t want to continue to consume such little calories? Since i’m assuming your metabolism has slowed down after being in a deficit, how do you then determine maintenance? and are you able to maintain the fat loss you just achieved afterwards?

  • Paul, is there a point where the body starts catabolizing muscle, while in a calorie deficit, making muscle hard to maintain? Is there a way to train around this? Thanks

  • This Video is bullshit. Those men were hurting because they WERE NOT FASTING, they were on a 1500 calorie/day diet. They were having periodic insulin spikes that drove them to hunger. People don’t know what starvation is. This video should be called “The effects of a low calorie diet over time.”

  • Yeah know, Layne, I don’t think you’re as smart as you think you are. You constantly spout about fat loss and yet you’re never lean yourself.

  • One of the best thing I got from your book is actually to empirically know your metabolic status: tracking everything for a week, if you gained you’re in surplus (and formulas tell you how much), same for losing or maintaining weight. To see at what metabolic “point” you are really requires just to track your food and see how your average weight goes!

  • if you’re watching this video due to your weight please read, you’re being selfish and ignorant. Please do not think that your weight defines you, your personality is what defines you. We are all unique in our own way. Be proud of yourself and if someone is trying to bring you down ignore them because they are embarrassed of their body so they need someone else to make fun of. Have a positive outlook cause when you die, you don’t bring anything with you other than your soul and you won’t come back to earth ever again so please live your life to the fullest. And consider life a treasure because your chances of being born were slim and many people who have died with unfair lives would kill for yours.

  • Putting on weight in a calorie deficit. I wonder if people who say that actually understand what they are saying or even the meaning of the word deficit?

  • So helpful, thank you! So once the body has become more efficient at extracting calories from food, how would you recommend to react for continued weight loss? Sorry if you’ve already made a video discussing this topic, if anyone knows please link it down below. Thanks in advance:)

  • Hey Paul Whats your take on bcaa while cutting? Seems to be a LOT of different opinions about it some say it slows fatloss is that true?

  • Everybody talking bout anorexia while I’m here starving my self in school so I could use my lunch money to buy chick fil a and MC donalds after school����

  • Great video. Did not do well with this I doubled my body fat eating 1400 cals and 2 hours training daily given yes. I do go to family so maybe. I could definitely plug in my numbers over the week and see if I remain at my weight. I got a ballpark of 1200 and walk 40 mins a day. Have migraines 4 days out of the last 5 this week. Im not able to run as I used to as it became too tedius.

  • I’m on day 14 of my water fast. I feel great and have lost in total 17lbs, I do take Prenatals (since I am a woman), B12, and applecider vinegar capsules and drink electrolyte powder in my water and it’s working amazingly. I am giving my body 1 food resource and that’s the fat on my body, I’m not going to starve to death if I have fat on my body. I’m more alert, I wake up instantly with no grogginess.. I finally had it with diets and choosing what’s good and bad for my body.. I’m just not gonna eat �� until I’m at my ideal weight. Then slowly introduce broths and working up to solids over a 5 day period.

  • Just out of curiosity, what about who have actually starved to near death due to war, famine, etc. I heard it’s hard for them even to eat, why is that?

  • Love your videos. Been following you for very long time and your info helps me during my prep and after I completed my contest. Love your content.
    Ps. There’s a tiny mistake at your description. E book not B book. ��

  • Is the other way around also a sign of being in starvation mode, like when you loose all appetite and have no (physical) hunger cues anymore?

  • I really don’t see the difference and I think most people who say starvations mode are saying Exactly what you just said metabolic adaptation and starvation mode are just semantics

  • Hey mate just wondering if you have any advice on maintaining calories during a day. I find it hard to continusouly maintain a caloric deficit because its so tempting to just say fuck it. Any tips to stay focused?

  • Yes, this is exactly what I went through… still not out but allowed myself to gain even more weight while I reverse dieted my BMR up to 1742 so far. It was down around 650:/ I had lost all of my hormones, low stomach acid and stopped absorbing nutrients which created more problems… I really wish I was in a place to work with you now! Will be starting to lift again next week, been just walking until I could build it up. It has taken 4 years to get here.

  • Next up on Dr.Oz:
    “Is dieting making you fat? wait until you hear about starvation mode and how to avoid it by using this magical anti-starvation lip balm”

  • I lost 40kg in just over 6 months using weighted cardio and improved diet
    In order to maintain my new weight I track all my food even on days I go all out and I have learnt to manage my weight
    Nearly 2 years now and I have learned so much and I believe that’s people’s biggest issue, they don’t educate themselves
    Thanks to channels like yours an many others I continue learn and manage the obese man that still lives deep inside me

  • Im here because I’ve completely lost the urge to eat and have to force myself to drink high calorie things like milkshakes and protein shakes smh i know Buddhist monks claim to go years without food or water and i feel something spiritually is happening all over the world that’s waking up our spirit to the possibilities…. Im curious to see what would happen if i just didn’t eat or drink for as long as i can but i don’t want to hurt myself but i know i can go much longer than what science claims

  • Omfg this is such fuckin bullshit. If its not in a study, it cant be true. Layne…yes you can. For example..my aunt eats 1x a day maybe 800cals a day..shes fat. My father..same thing..hes fat. Me..if i undereat i GAIN FAT. I have not eaten enough to support my metabolism, and taken tren..and gained fat. You are a fuckin quack

  • Another GURU. Your no different to the rest. Why would I listen of trust you.. you just like others read bullshit studies from online and try to sell BS. You Boy are a Fraud. And suck yourself off so much it’s ridiculous. I used to have some respect for you but now I see through you.

  • Today’s overthinking session while finishing with some cardio…since LISS is great for burning fat in the moment and HIIT gives that “afterburn” effect, wouldn’t it make sense to do something like say 30 minutes of LISS and finish with 10-15 minutes of HIIT during a cut? Too much? Should I be the guinea pig?

  • yo layne just wanted to say i remember when you signed a poster that i got off you on bodybuiding.com forum and hung that shiz on my wall using it as daily motivation to fix my fatass. lost 70 lbs in 2010? ish and kept goin over the years eventually achieving my goal physique. couldnt of done it without ya man

  • why do heath experts say fasting is good for us? I if I dont eat for 3 days or so I feel stronger and strange things happen I can fly around like im on rocket fuel its only after 4 or 5 days ill get hungry but then it passes like I feel like I dont need to eat ever again hunger cravings go also.

    to be honest today its a joke it seems all food causes cancer and starving kills you also I spend my entire days around what to eat what not too one meal a day? or not eating for 3 days?

    its eat to loose weight, eat for vitamins and minerals then we get told not to eat and fast so dont so we dont get obese then its eat only at night then skip breakfast.
    the next thing being thin is bad we end up with diet faces but when we eat as much food as possible we get all the nutrients and minerals and more feel better because we are not starving but then we get told being over weight is bad for us I wish they would make up there mind!

  • Uhm, I studied nutritional science and calling starvation mode a myth just shows absolute lack of knowledge. �� It’s one of the biggest topics in nutritional science, as its mechanisms are still not fully understood. Good and IMPORTANT video! ������

  • I’m a competitive ultrarunner, and last week I ran 126 miles and weighed the same as I did the week prior. I weigh and track all my food and log all exercise. A conservative estimate would be that I was -13,000 Kcal for the week. Why wouldn’t I lose any weight? Makes no sense.

  • Great explanation dude definitely a few pts in my gym could do with watching this as there in that thinking of insulin, sugar is the devil and you gain weight in starvation mode,

  • Someone at my school is being bullied and being anorexic
    The girl bullying is a piece of shit even if she isn’t bullying
    And basically it’s really sad because u cant change them easily and you don’t have power over them it just leaves you in a stuck position..

  • So at 262(6’5) I am free to eat as little as I want or as much as I want even if I’m working out every day(if I am below calorie every day) I can’t eat 2000-3000 calories a day sometimes I forget to eat.
    Like 500 calories? No problem? Not saying I try to get 500. I try 2200 at least but it’s hard IMO

  • It’s funny when I hear people say this, I just tell them look at the Jews who were starved in concentration camps, those poor people were really really skinny and died because of starvation.

  • I noticed at times I can go days without eating, unless I’m with my girlfriend I’ll eat a lot lol. I told her I loved hunger pains and how light I felt..is that wrong? I was 295 and now I am 245 and still lowering. I feel fine, but I feel like this is an issue or a mental problem idk..

  • Thank you Layne����. I have recently read about CDE cognitive disordered eating (or smth like that), when only a constant thinking of food reprograms our body, so it’s think it’s starving, and therefore start to store extra cals��. Can you comment on this? Thank you��

  • Question: In summary, I have a digestive condition about once every two or three months, it’s been recommended that I cut out food for about two to three days. Will that amount of time in that severe of a deficit ( 0 calories) be enough to trigger a metabolic slow down? How should I handle calories coming off such a long time with no food?

    (Just to clarify I’m not a faster. I hate fasting, this sucks and I still wanna get a second opinion.)

  • Hi Layne, you should look up reverse T3. Chronic, significant, calorie restriction can increase rT3 and reduce BMR. Therefore upon returning to a calculated maintenance they will gain fat. Maybe this is what people are referring to.

  • So diet in a way that is sustainable vs diet hardcore then have binge days. You know I’ve done the hardcore diet + binge days for 15 years and just started not doing that a few weeks ago. When I first saw your channel I was all Keto/Carnivore caught up in the BS and I thought you were wrong about things. Now I’m extremely grateful that you exist saying common sense things like “Diet in whatever way you can sustain a caloric deficit”.