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If giving up meat and/or dairy completely is too extreme for your lifestyle or food preferences, consider becoming a “meat-lite” eater. Essentially, that means shifting your diet to a more plant-based way of eating — also considered flexitarian or semi-vegetarian. Whatever you call it, it’s a boon to your health. READ MORE: What Exactly Is Meat-Lite Eating? IS THERE A BETTER WAY TO EAT LESS MEAT “If someone wants to reduce their meat consumption, we look at their lifestyle and what their main goals are,” says Sutton.

Taking something away from your diet, like meat, means you’ll need to add back nutrients from protein and fat via another route. Meat Lite Warm Whole-Grain Salad With Fennel, Arugula, Prosciutto, and Pecorino. Roasted fennel and arugula meet chewy, nutty grains in a warm salad accented with prosciutto and cheese. For my contribution, we’re going to talk about how to transition to a meat-lite diet — even if you are a meat and potatoes type of family! Why go meatless?

Going meatless even once a week has a host of benefits, both for your personal health and the health of the planet! Even eating vegetarian once a week can: reduce your risk of getting cancer. Spam is a type of processed meat, and thus eating it may be associated with a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, COPD, high blood pressure and. Meat Lite: Eggplant, Chicken, and Smoked Mozzarella Sandwiches.

Meat Lite. Meat Lite: Soppressata, Egg, and Ricotta Sandwiches on Buttermilk Biscuits. Each 3.5 ounce (100g) serving of chicken breast meat contains about 31 grams of lean, carb-free protein — with roughly 80% of calories from protein and 20% from fat. Most adults should aim for 25–35 grams of protein at each meal making chicken an easy option to toss onto your salad, sandwich or stir-fried veggies for a complete meal. SUMMARY The main types of this eating pattern are dietary, whole-food, junk-food, raw-food, and low-fat, raw-food veganism.

Foods that vegans avoid Vegans avoid all foods of animal origin. Cooking and eating this way is second nature for us. Neither of us thinks of it as a diet but rather as a completely delicious and satisfying philosophy on eating meat consciously.

We love meat-lite meals for the variety they bring to our tables. The top of the year is a perfect time to get on the bandwagon with us.

List of related literature:

This was by no means an allencompassing discussion, but an attempt to review some of technological and legislative aspects of low-fat meat production, both of which should be taken into consideration when developing ‘low-fat’ or ‘lite’ meat products.

“Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences” by C. Devine, Werner K. Jensen, Carrick Devine, M. Dikeman
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That doesn’t mean a little red meat will kill you—the diet of huntergatherers is a mix of plants packed with fiber and nutrients, mixed with some red meat and fish in moderation21—but if you’re interested in a long and healthy life, your diet probably needs to look a lot more like a rabbit’s lunch than a lion’s dinner.

“Lifespan: Why We Age—and Why We Don't Have To” by David A. Sinclair, Matthew D. LaPlante
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The animal products that are consumed tend to be raised locally, grass-fed, pasture-raised (or wild-caught, in the case of fish), and free from many of the harmful substances commonly used in conventionally raised meat and dairy, like antibiotics and growth hormones.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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These diets typically are prepared using horsemeat or beef, balanced with vitamin and mineral premixes, and are available as frozen or canned products.

“Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy E-Book” by Murray E. Fowler, Eric R. Miller
from Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy E-Book
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The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association states that the zinc in meat, liver, eggs, and seafoods (especially oysters) more is available to the body than that in whole-grain products.

“Controversies in Food and Nutrition” by Myrna Chandler Goldstein, Mark Allan Goldstein
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After tracking volunteers’ diets for up to 32 years, researchers found that people who eat greater amounts of red meat and processed meat are more likely to die early from heart disease, cancer, and other diseases than those who eat less red meat and processed meat.

“The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life” by Travis Stork, M.D.
from The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
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It’s a lower-calorie alternative to other meats, with all the protein, nutrients, and in some cases omega-3 oils.

“The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” by Connie Guttersen
from The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!
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An unusually large array of vegetarians (who subdivided themselves like amoebae into fruitarians, nutarians, lacto-ovarians, and argued among themselves about whether fish was as harmful as meat) faced spirited challenges from aggressive meat-eaters who swore by regimens such as the Salisbury all-beef diet.

“Revolution at the Table: The Transformation of the American Diet” by Harvey Levenstein
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Meat is an excellent source of protein and sometimes of fat, is a compact source of calories, and contains other valuable nutrients such as iron and vitamin B12 (Harris 1985:31–6).

“Social Zooarchaeology: Humans and Animals in Prehistory” by Nerissa Russell
from Social Zooarchaeology: Humans and Animals in Prehistory
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For millions it is a major source of protein, and its protein is of such high quality that, nutritionally speaking, it often takes the place of meat in the diet.

“Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation” by National Research Council, Policy and Global Affairs, Board on Science and Technology for International Development, Ad Hoc Panel of the Advisory Committee on Technology Innovation
from Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-Known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation
by National Research Council, Policy and Global Affairs, et. al.
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  • and that’s assuming the banana girl is actually being honest, my money is on her dishonesty, she probably supplements her bullsh.t diet with ribeye steak she buys in disguise.

  • No, meat is not unhealthy, without it and our skill of making fire we would never have developed larger more complex brains and we would not exist.

  • I actually had genetic NAFLD disease before I followed this lifestyle (back in 2014) and as a result completely reversed it within a month. I also had blood work done, and still do, about every 2-4 months and they always come back shockingly almost perfect. Yes, my B12 can be a little low if I don’t add things to my diet like nutritional yeast/ plant based milks etc., but that is because all store bought fruits and veggies are washed or even triple washed before packaged. B12 is found in soil and that is why B12 supplementation is not necessarily required in a carnivore diet, because carnivores are consuming animals that are consuming foods from the soil. Also, a diet high in fruits, veggies, and herbs is always necessary for a strong immune system. I understand how someone could become lethargic when following this lifestyle, but that’s true of every lifestyle/diet. When watching or reading anything involving one’s diet you must be aware of you’re own genotype and current environment….so yes, a lot of young or naive people can get lost within these diets but that’s true of any diet.

    I see why you would argue about the bodies ability to absorb these nutrients but in actuality, when your body is able to digest food (high water based)quickly then absorption becomes less straining on cells. They now can utilize and compliment the vast amount nutrients that are coming in at once instead of focusing on digesting heavier foods (in terms of breakdown/time) that is costly on reabsorption.

    Like you said, there are a variety of vegan diets just like there are a variety of any lifestyle diets. Personally, after many years of being vegan my diet fluctuates in accordance to my environment-mood, climate, emotional state, etc.,.. like everyone else’s…eating enough calories (there should not be a limit) to support energy requirements will always ensure sufficient intake of protein, calcium, iron, etc.

    freelee lives in Australia, and I believe has recently moved to the bush of Australia

    having lived both there and NZ this diet is actually perfect for that side of the world….
    having said that I was actually going along with this lifestyle while living in NJ (at the time it was summer till the beginning of fall) and I couldn’t have felt ( or bloodtest wise ) been healthier and happier.

  • Nobody is telling you to go vegan. Just eliminate processed meats in your diet and moderate your red meat intake.

    take care pls i love you.

  • Outstanding video and it echos what I see in kidney patients (who are far more sensitive to the sources of their nutrients). For those with kidney issues (about 12-15% of the population), it is best to manage portions, minimize processed foods and additives, and increase fruits and vegetables in your diet. When my health was at its worst, I greatly cut back on animal protein and processed foods while adding in more fruits and vegetables and saw an improvement which doctors told me wouldn’t be possible. The food we eat, the source of it, and how it is processed does have a shocking impact on our overall health.

  • The BLM movement is currently underway by having the popular w. meat chicken changed because it’s racist. We shall now call the different types of meat by calling it darker meat and lighter meat. So not to confuse the more expensive lighter meat to be enjoyed by all.

  • Actually B12 is found in stream water and traces of mud, but today because of pollution and artificial chemicals, we need supplement.

  • Look at nataliefitandfood on Instagram. She is a friend of mine but I sometimes don’t know where she gets her information (she said sugar in yogurt kills the bacteria)

  • Why are you guys morons? You don’t apparently do any research. More meat is better. I eat keto. All meat and fat and dairy. Lost a ton of weight and healthiest ever. C’mon man!

  • I’ve done both keto and 80/10/10. I’m going carnivore to attempt to correct what the fruit dominant diet did. It did have a lot of benefits and my fast blood glucose was the lowest it has ever been but a lot of problems too. Anyone that can eat and not have health issues I say: keep on doing that!

  • With fish, I would like to add farmed fish as a risk factor. Just watch ‘Salmon confidential’ or ‘most toxic food in the world’ here on YouTube.

  • 고기를 먹는것 자체는 나쁘지 않다.
    하지만, 우리는 권장량보다 많은 고기를 섭취하고있다. 그 중에서도, 빨간 고기류(소고기, 돼지고기 등)나 특히 가공육이다. 고기는 우리 몸에 꼭 필요하지만, 일주일에 2-3회정도 마음껏 먹는것이 우리 자신과 지구의 환경에도 좋다.
    가공육은 확실히 적게 먹는것이 좋다.
    처리 과정에서 조미료 등을 첨가하며, 그것은 암 발병률을 높일 수 있다.
    현재의 식습관에서, 천천히 바꾸어 나가는것이 좋다. 생선이나 닭고기 등은 상대적으로 건강에 좋다.

  • Great interview Kait. Please make video interview on Carbohydrate with the expert, because we never need it. Sure, there is carbs on raw milk, eggs, fruits, roe and honey which they do have two common: they are byproducts and lower carbs natural. Therefore, high carbohydrate is dangerous diet and serious misinformation about fats and energy.


  • I was into his video until you brought up Thomas Edison. That man was NOT compassionate towards animals. It is well documented that he regularly used stray dogs to “test” his electric currents. That’s right, he would electrocute animals in order to show the effectiveness of electricity to terminate life (this was around the time the electric chair was being developed). Oh yeah, he also electrocuted an elephant. And while we’re at it, he stole Tesla’s ideas as well as the idea of the “moving picture” from the french man who actually developed it. All this to say fuck Edison. I hope you guys will do a bit more research into the “ethics” of the people you include on these lists. Other than that, I liked the video.

  • That’s awesome that so many in our history became vegetarian/vegan. I’m sure they would have predicted the world would have followed by now:(

  • Did this guy get confused with the fast twitch slow twitch thing?? one minute he said slow twitch is when the muscle is used alot then fast twitch was the muscle that was used alot… which one is dammit… I wanna sound smart at the dinner table

  • Please check out both John Rose and Free Melon Society. Both of these guys are raw fruitarians, but live off of only about 1500 calories a day. I can’t figure out how they get enough nutrition.

  • Potatoes naturally contain keto acids which convert into complete amino acids making them complete proteins by themselves. Not at all am I for a plant based DIEt but potatoes are a decent source of nutrition regardless of peoples contentious opinions about carbohydrates. Great video, keep it up!

  • I eat chicken by itself so I do not eat dry white meat because I can’t undry it. I have trouble swallowing such dry food and it has a lot less taste than dark meat. The less strandy/meaty the better.

  • Siting here eating pound of ground beef with bacon grease salt and side of bacon. I’m thinking I need to up my game and that I’m happy I don’t eat bananas anymore.
    I got to say you are weird in a fun way I like it, you got a like and sub from me. Have a great one:)

  • With regard to raw meat versus cooked I agree with you that eating raw meat is unnecessary. It is true that there are a few vitamins that will be reduced somewhat by cooking particularly Vitamin C. Some high-heat cooking methods can produce toxic byproducts like heterocyclic amines, and these can be avoided entirely eating raw meat (though they can also be avoided just by using lower-temperature cooking). However, I don’t see these rather slight benefits outweighing the much better palatability of cooked meat in general, as well as the clear benefits of destroying most parasites and pathogens. Parasites are no joke, and can be very difficult to (a) diagnose, and (b) get rid of once you have them. For me, it just isn’t worth the risk. Raw fish is probably relatively safe, since fish are very far apart from humans in terms of evolution and most parasites in fish cannot easily transfer to a human host. Eating raw pork, however seems to me like an insane thing to do!

    Humans and pre-humans have been eating cooked meat for about the past million years or so, and raw meat for about 2 million years before that, so in terms of digestion either is likely to work fine we are extremely well adapted to both practices. However, cooking provides a benefit of pre-digestion, which if anything will improve the breakdown and absorption of all types of food by thoroughly denaturing the proteins even before they enter the stomach. The invention of cooking was probably one of the greatest advances in human cultural evolution, and yet it seems many people today have so little understanding of nutrition and the processes of digestion and disease that they want to ignore the major benefits that cooking offers.

    There’s a lot of pseudoscientific bullshit floating around in both the raw vegan and raw carnivore communities claiming that exogenous “enzymes” are somehow essential for healthy digestion. Of course it is complete nonsense most of the quacks and fools who claim this couldn’t even define what an enzyme is! They just think of it some miraculous, magical thing that is essential for a healthy diet. For those who don’t know there’s nothing magical about enzymes. They are simply specific types of proteins found in plant and animal tissues who’s function is to catalyze chemical reactions under highly controlled conditions in the living organism. Once those plant or animal tissues become food, any enzymes they contain have no further effect, either beneficial or harmful they are not digestive enzymes. As soon as the food is either cooked or exposed to gastric juices (hydrochloric acid and pepsin which is a digestive enzyme), they get denatured just like any other ingested protein. “Denaturing” occurs when a protein exposed to heat or certain chemicals (acids, etc.) unfolds its physical shape changes. Once that happens, its biological function is lost, since a functional protein must have a very specific shape in order to interact beneficially with other biomolecules in live tissue. Any enzyme protein that changes shape in this way is “denatured” and is no longer an enzyme. This means that once these exogenous enzymes become denatured, they can no longer catalyze anything. Once that happens, whether it is caused by heat, hydrochloric acid, or both, they are nothing but deactivated raw material for further breakdown into amino acids by endogenous digestive enzymes released into the stomach and small intestine. Thus, they behave no differently in the stomach than any other ingested protein.

  • Freelee looks so much healthier than you, I’m not trying to spread hate it’s just you’re misinforming people. I personally would never eat as much freelee but a raw vegan mostly fruit diet is so much better than your diet.

  • so basicly… its just a matter of color? ho boy.. so we gonna love this.. http://www.cancer.org/cancer/news/world-health-organization-says-processed-meat-causes-cancer.. and that study you showed is just cherry piking.

  • If you don’t put salt and pepper on any meat, no one would eat.
    So are meat really delicious without the salt?
    Do you really like the taste of meat or the taste of salt?

  • Guy named durianrider has a YouTube channel and essentially touts a similar high carb/low fat diet.

    I’m carnivore as much as convenient myself, so I have some personal experience bias. I know about carnivore. High carb? Dunno… Is it possible everyone touting that diet is flat lying? Again, dunno.

    But if I were building an understanding of how both diets could work, it would seem that the combination of carbs and fat is bad. I do high fat/no carb. Maybe it’s also possible to get good performance and health from high carb/no fat.

    One thing is for sure, I will refuse to be certain, even tho my bias tempts me to be.

  • Drew your approach is correct, you should not follow the strict keto diet, a good diet is 50/50 protein to fats, this includes all animal products not just muscle meat. eating something you like from time to time is the right way, never be religious in your diet but be vigilant.

  • You are what you eat…..why do you think all those Temples asked for Fish, Goats, Sheep, Birds as ” sacrifices”??? Because, the Priesthood were very CLEVER…They ate PROTEIN. This gave them health and a LONG LIFE!!! The peasants ate vegetables and were weak, short and far more prone to die from disease. Protein gives strength and, over generations a higher I.Q from strong, long lived ancestors. This video is pushing Agenda 21 which calls for the removal of PROTEIN from people’s diet. Yep, they want you Weak, Stupid and die early. Wake Up…your ” fashions” and sheeplike herd mentality will get you and your familyi nto an early grave. EAT PROTEIN, STAY STRONG AND INTELLIGENT AND HUMAN. DO NOT REVERT TO BEING DUMB ANIMALS, THE FOOD ON THE PLATE FOR THOSE WHO STAY CLEVER!!

  • Fully raw Kristina, Grant Campbell is runner from Australia, John https://youtu.be/MtdyZ2HcB-M, Dr Fred Bisci, there are more. I think what is key to good healthy eating that is responsible is to try to eat local and clean after one detoxed as most folks have poor cell structure and then achieve an optimal achievable way of eating that can be consistent and affordable. Everyone is different in genetics and illnesses and health. All foods have their value, understand what is wild to ones area is important for the earth as well. Historically the Mediterranean and modified Paleo diets have been most beneficial as they were easier to do and sustain with good results, we are able to survive on various ways of eating but the question is how to thrive long term and sustainably. If we look at how we are biologicaly set up it’s very similar to how many apes eat, just examine the teeth and digestive system. Thanks for sharing and keep sharing the journey and be healthy. Blessings to your journey and good health.

  • Is it possible to get all the nutrients without organs and liver? just meat, fish, eggs and some fruit.
    Another question: qhere do you get calcium and vitamin C from?
    thank you

  • Due you two get your meat from the store or a local farm? Within the last half year I have been buying most of my food from a local farm like meat, eggs and cheese and it is all 100% grass fed and finished beef and pastured raised hogs and chickens. People should check out the website eatwild.com if they want to get food from local farms. Besides, I am all for supporting local farmers who are much more in tune with nature than most of the clueless vegans.

  • This is a disclaimer: this guy is not a scientist, he doesn’t know factual or data based information and statistics about health. When he said something about not recovering from an elbow injury for years while vegan, and that many of his friends experienced this, it can’t be true. If it is, it is something abnormal that must have been caused by something else. I’m not trying to say he’s a liar, nor giving false information, but be skeptical. A YouTube video will never have ‘life-changing’ information. Don’t trust anything fully from the internet, get opinion from friends, experts, and family, or else something much worse can happen.

  • Im vegan for 4 years and suffer from a lot of health issues since 2, 5 years. The baddest one is digestive issues I’ve been constantly bloated like 6 months prego belly bloated 24/7 for a year now I can’t take it I tried everything now in a vegan diet. Tomorrow I going carnivore again. Pray for me ir helps. My bloating made me mad desperate I’m really depressed

  • If you only have raw chicken and your oven and stove is broken go to a resturant and then get your oven and stove fixed and go groceries.


  • She had one snack in two days and y’all are like she’s CRASHING! Wtf? Also she’s not eating refined fructose which is probably what those studies talk about. Eating fruit is not the same as eating fructose. She lives in tropical Australia and eats a lot from her own grown food. And gorillas get a lot of nutrients from grass and greens, you’d be better to compare us to chimpanzees which eat a lot of fruit, greens and some insects. And she composts her fruit skins and you’re not eating eyeballs and hooves and skin so you waste too. Your diet is far more restrictive and dangerous than hers.

  • Get stuff that you can eat like other stuff let’s say you come across 7-Eleven or you can like get apple or something like that so there’s something that you can eat like that you need anything like that bring you need to eat other food if it does that I’m just sayin

  • I just wanna say that this channel is too underrated man..
    -The Thumbnails are amazing
    -The colours used are very attractive
    -The commentator is hilarious
    -And the information doesnt make you wanna fall asleep

  • Brainiac vs. Brightside. Which one do you guys like more. If you like brainiac then like the comment, if you like brightside then leave a reply. I like both ��

  • You guys do much better reactions than she does. She’s hateful, calls people murderers, and just craps on the people’s personality and everything about them. You guys aren’t insulting, or hateful and point out valid things.

  • I’m vegan for 8 years (and 5 years vegetarian prior to this), and at the moment, I’m really wondering, if a vegan diet can also negatively effect your mental health over time. Has any of you experienced feeling more balanced after introducing animal products back to your diet?

  • I got mono in January this year and it knocked me on my butt from January to late March. I’ve been vegetarian for the past two years and prior to that I was vegan for almost three years.I found out while I was sick that I was depleted in iron and my mch was low. Vegan and vegetarian diets are not ideal for most people, I realized this 5 years later and I’ve now taken on the carnivore diet but with a small amount of carbs. I do also suffer from depression and cptsd, my worst years in life have been the past 5 years. I’ve been doing carnivore keto for a week and I feel a huge difference. Your videos are super helpful.

  • Just looking at the ph level in our gut compared to different animals carnivores in nature have 2 to 4 ish ph level it’s pretty acidic giraffes and other herbivores have around 7to 11 those kind of numbers humans have as low as 1.5 up to around 3 so obviously were carnivores we also dont have extra stomachs we have a shorts intestine like other carnivores I think just from comparing our digestive system to other animals its pretty obvious that were supposed to live mostly on meat and maybe a fruit or veg here and there but were made to process protien fats not greens it’s why vegans spend all day in the bathroom their body cant handle the food. Carnivores in nature do eat herbs and plants occasionally like a cat or dog eats grass sometimes but I just think its pretty obvious what we need to be eating

  • Um I’d kill over eating what she eats in a day, y’all seem very sweet, also what if you have done been to your doctor an they say you are healthy but you are loosing hair any way?

  • The evidence is strongly against the idea that the Buddha was vegetarian:

    “If we study [the early Buddhist] scriptures very carefully, we will find that nowhere is there any injunction…with regard to vegetarianism. If the Buddha had made vegetarianism a prerequisite, it would have to be somewhere in the scriptures. Quite to the contrary, one does find a number of instances…indicating that, during the time of the Buddha, the monks did sometimes eat meat.” Cianciosi, John. “Was the Buddha a Vegetarian?”


    John Cianciosi goes on to point out that the Buddhist scriptures do prohibit the eating of certain kinds of meat-which only makes sense if eating other kinds of meat is allowed.

  • all a big load of nonsense.

    Humans are obligate carnivores, meat and animal products are the only things that we need, vegetables and grains are useless and toxic to us and they make our bodies degenerate over time.

  • Not everyone’s body is able to handle a strictly vegetarian diet and vegetarianism is not associated with increased cognitive abilities for everyone. I have tried to reduce meat and cut it off completely in the past while maintaining a healthy diet. But all I had was anemia cognitive disfunction,heart palpitations extreme fatigue and high inflammation. The only way I could maintain it would be to constantly be administered health supplements. I think this video is quite misleading and overly Naif.

  • But still when I share this with meat eating people they laugh at me and ridicule my opinion! I hope soon everyone realise their responsibility as a human to other beings.

  • I don’t miss eating animals in the slightest, also now find I try not to harm anything…my favorite was catching and releasing scorpions in my place in Costa Rica (tossed them into the forest)

  • Changed from 30 plus years vegetarian to carnivore at the beginning of February for health reasons. I can already see so many improvements to my health. Can hardly believe the deterioration in my body after a lifetime of so called healthy vegetarian eating. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Clearly this whole problem begun, and continued, as a result of animal abuse throughout the World.  

    USA’s recent particular problems were added to by the idiots at the top.

    Logical cure?  My suggestions are: 

    Having said that, I must add that I struggle to sympathise with people who choose torture and murder of innocent animals for their livelihoods which is why, apart from the obvious heath risks, I could not support the meat workers who complain about not being able to return to work.  Not only do they kill innocent fellow Earthlings, but Science seems to support that they work in environments that create viruses such as Covid-19, Sars, swine flue, bird flue, mad cow disease…etcetera as so brilliantly evidenced by this video.  Such diseases are known as Zoonotic diseases, which can be passed from non-humans to humans.  Hence those involved in animal products for humans could be killing people they meet in everyday life including members of their families so I wish that they would please find alternative employments.  
    Hence do I believe that Industries involved in animal exploitation and abuse are institutions of murder and those working in shops, supermarkets and eating places that deal in meat and dairy products are accessaries before, during and after the fact.  For me there is little substance in the claim that they may have been unaware that their work can kills humans, because they were certainly aware that animals had to be killed unless they are stupid enough to imagine that the suppliers of their animal products waited patiently for the animals to die of natural causes.

    My critics keep telling me that the human body needs meat protein to build muscle and feed the brain which is so wrong, as evidenced in your brilliant video.
    Without wishing to sound unnecessarily boastful, I am nearly 80 years old and have been a vegetarian for about 56 years and a vegan for about the last 2 years of those 56 years. Yet my brain is in such condition that I can solve harder mathematical problems than most people that I have met and my muscles are such that I can lift more weights at the gym than many of around 1/4 of my age. Furthermore, I sleep well in the knowledge that I am not knowingly involved with the misery of other innocent Earthlings.  Vegan meat products contain a better quality of protein for human consumption and is safer. So why choose meat for protein?

    These viruses may be Mother Nature’s way of fighting back against the barbaric way humans treat some of her children? 
    So I will let Mother Nature support our message with the following example.
    Question 1:  What is the most intelligent AND strongest species of land animals?  Answer 1:  ELEPHANTS, I believe.  
    Question 2:  How much meat are elephants known to consume?   Answer 2:  None at all, to the best of my limited knowledge.

    I rest my case.

  • Vegans should not bend to anyone no more. We must take the carnivore nuisance seriously for a decent revenge. Carnivore are not qualified to be aggressive, we are.

  • I was vegan 4 years and eating meat again was super hard it’s still a bit gross (6 months later) but…the benefits, wow I feel like a whole new person. I went from being a super fit bodybuilder to a fat sick vegan and now back on the meat (carnivore) feeling and looking better than ever! Tip for ex-vegans..use some lime juice on the meat if u can’t stomach the taste at first and stick to beef and fish it’s easier than pork and chicken.

  • Worldwide veganism would be my dream come true! Hurrrrry! Anyone ABSOLUTELY ANYONE can easily EASILY easily be vegan today with allllll the delicious plant alternatives like Miyiko’s, THIS Isn’t Chicken in the UK, eatnuggs.com 2 day fed-ex shipping, noochi nutritional yeast cheese, non-dairy ice cream seriously no difference in taste whatsoever for those obsessed with taste. There is no excuse for enslaving, torturing precious animal lives, and then brutally murdering them!

  • Is being vegan consistent with being pro abortion? I mean, if you wouldn’t eat a shellfish but you would be ok with a human fetus being killed, isn’t that contradictory? Just asking cuz I heard a vegan woman say the other day that she had 2 abortions but thought eating meat was “wrong”.

  • So, about 10% of the population is veg and about 70% of the most brilliant people in history were? That says something. There are so many that couldn’t even be included here.

  • Recently it has been demonstrated that plants actually scream when cut. So no meat and no vegetables. That would DEFINATELY help solve the world’s problem of overpopulation ��

  • Not to mention all that sugar would cause inflammation. I went carnivore to manage pain. I am pain free now, but all that sugar would probably cripple me.

  • You should get the corona virus and see if your meat diet saves you. Durian rider says he caught the corona virus and he’s still alive

  • Budda did NOT start a religious movement like we associate with Christ and Mohammed. Budda taught a “philosophy of life” and DEFINATELY did not want his teachings made into a religion. Following his untimely death, the people who started the “Buddhist Religion” did so for their own power and glory NOT for Budda. Almost everything about Buddhism is the opposite of what Budda taught during his lifetime. Shame on them.

  • One of her secrets to weight loss is
    The B12 injection because it metabolisms the sugars
    I believe it’s hydroxocobalmin she injects
    I have the clips and of her saying it too
    On 2 occasions at different points in her vegan career

  • The only way we evolved the biggest brains per body size in the animal kingdom is by eating cooked meat. We took energy that a big gut required, and over almost a million years put that into our brains.

    It can’t be wrong to eat what we evolved to eat and gave us advantage over every other life form. I’m 90% carnivore and at age 74 I’m healthier by body and lab workups than almost anyone I know……..of any age.

  • “We are not Gorillas so we should not be eating bananas all day.” We’re also not carnivores, so we shouldn’t be eating like one either. The absolute delusion. Trading in one extreme for another. One thing you guys and Freele have in common for sure is an eating disorder. A life that revolves around food and body image.

  • You should make a video comparing how she used to look and how she looks now. She has a major protein deficiency no muscles on her body at all and she looks old now.

  • I fell into the propaganda 5 years ago. It’s so sad how many people she is influencing to take on this unhealthy, unsustainable diet. 5 years of no meat at all, I have an autoimmune disease, lupus. I have started eating chicken, salmon, and free range eggs. Eating meat is really hard for me mentally I feel like I have an eating disorder from being veg so long. I tried eating steak but couldn’t handle the texture. I got grossed out when cooking it. Any tips welcome. I love this channel might be my new fav! A channel to reviewhigh carb Hannah. Another channel I followed strongly at the start of my meat free life….. sigh. Why did I fall into that?!? 5 years is a long time.

  • Vegans do kill animals even if they don’t eat them. It’s really interesting how she loosely picks two unconnected features and say one equals the other? Not eating meat increases intelligence?

  • So where are the rest of the scientists and great minds? Also what makes Rosa Park a genius or a great mind? Everybody here is acting like “yeah, I’m on the same level as Da Vinci and Gandhi because we eat the same thing”

  • You merican vegans are sick in the head if u want to eat ur grass then go ahead nobody is stopping u but dont force ur shity lifestyle on someone els! You idiots got too much free time.

  • Here are our sources: https://sites.google.com/view/sourcesismeathealthy/ It is very fascinating to see that the both extremes, vegans and people on meat heavy diets hate this video. Usually we are attacked more from one direction – in this cases both ends of the spectrums are really upset. Anything relating to nutrition is very controversial unfortunately. Someone on twitter posted this: There is research showing strong links between dietary choices and social identity: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0195666319305549?via%3Dihub

    So if you want to, you can find sources telling you that every kind of diet is bad for you. We tried very hard not to do that and get a real understanding what the health effects of meat are. We also did not have a particular bias, we have vegetarians, flexitarians and meat eaters in the team. And in general, since our first meat video many of us have reduced their meat consumption or at least try to. Others in the team have not changed at all and don’t plan to. We don’t have an overarching agenda here, one way or the other. There is a video about milk in the making right now and we also just started a video about veganism. Look forward to more diet related videos next year.

  • you don’t have to live life like a damn vampire sucking off the life force of living things., like a parasite, is that what you want to be? a blood sucking tick?

  • I absolutely love this very important, enlightening and informative video. 
    Thanking you for spreading this beautiful message, which could save our fragile Planet, I intend to offer a more in-depth contribution to your extremely noble cause.

  • Look…we indians worship cows…
    And you all are damn crazy like “CHINA” like you want to eat a cow without hurting it..seriously???

  • Well I’m proud to have Tesla on our side. Arguably the greatest genius…Kafka is one of my favorite authors, so he’s up there, along with Tolstoy. But Emerson penned one of the most elegant pro-vegetarian lines: “You have just dined. And however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.” Beautiful, isn’t it?

  • I’m a selectarian.. I eat fish, chicken and turkey.. I prefer the white meat for taste.. and also don’t like running into long veins in the legs bursting with blood or dried mucky brown matter..

  • I love this channel you seriously learn way more with this than you do at school. plus when he talks its so entertaining he asked questions that none would ever bother to ask. Keep up the good work whatever your name is because your Channel is the bomb

  • Tesla was not a veggie or fruit eater. He kept wounded pigeons in his room…until they were
    well then let them go…Every night guess what he ate for dinner you got it PIGEON.
    this LIve no so kindly is misinformations that the billionaires want us to eat peas…
    So they can get richer and we can get sicker….More billionaires scamming folks with

  • I am a meat-a-tarian and so i enjoy a nice delicious well done seasobed steak but the turkey is tasty as well if cookefd right.

    What i think is funny is that before we ate turkeys we would eat swans.

  • Es inportante educarse todos estos genios estaban super adelandos para su epoca y eran veganos solo que la gente no educada nunca entendieron lo que es compacion soy vegana cuando me acuerdo del elefante que colgaron y lo electrucutaron pone trizte es grotesco lo que le hicieron a ese pobre elefante

  • White meat all day, never liked dark meat it’s gross to me even when I eat something I enjoy like wings, it has an unsightly color and often dark veins near the bone. Yuck.

  • But I don’t want eat just the meat, as the meat on its own isn’t necessarily good due to it’s methionine content, which isn’t bad but if take in large quantities can damage the organs and cause cancer, thus organ meats and complete consumption of the bone surrounding the meat and the marrow too i.e. crunching the entire bone and marrow, balances out the content of methionine and essentially reducing your risk of having issues from just a high meat consumption or just exclusively meat. You could choose to eat vegetables and grains alongside but bones/bone marrow and organs have a higher content of glycine which is important for balancing out the amount of methionine you consume.

    So it’s important to eat the entire animal and not to leave the bone, cartilage, skin etc.

  • It’s amazing how quickly Animal Products work, sometimes it’s a day, sometimes an hour and often you hear from Ex-Vegans that’s it’s just seconds……I suspect in those cases it’s something like Sublingual Administration, goes directly into the Oral Mucosa giving almost instantaneous results.

  • I think that going raw carnivore is more of a fringe thing, its not for me, I prefer cooked foods. I do like sushi and eat rare to medium rare. I think that there is a fringe movement in carnivore like in veganism. we have to be carful not to become part of a cult. there is definitely a carnivore cult out there just like in veganism.

  • She must be very active to burn off over 4,000 calories a day, my gosh. I like the carnivore diet but it keeps me constipated and bloated, so going to dirty keto instead.

  • I eat seafood, mainly salmon and shrimp…but no dairy, eggs, or land animals. So I guess I’m kind of a restrictive pescatarian. It doesn’t feel like enough food. Still, with all the fish, faux vegan meatless “meat”, the plants, nuts & seeds that I eat…..it never feels like enough. I have been craving chicken and red meat badly. I am constantly fatigued, I can’t make gains at the gym, I feel fatter than ever, but I eat super healthy. I’m never satiated after my large plant-based meals. I feel bad for the animals, and I love all of them, but I don’t feel like I’m living my best or healthiest life either. I’m in a moral dilemma.

  • Just don’t eat too much tuna! Yes, fish is generally the safest meat to eat…
    But if that fish lived by eating other fish, who lived by eating other fish, which lived by eating other fish… you’re eating several lifetime-collections of mercury and other toxins. Some tuna is ok. But not too much!

  • All of these historic figures have one thing in common FORWARD THINKING.. Compare that to the typical advocate of meat eating who often cites tradition and the eating habits of our ancestors.

    See the difference? Meat eating is the past. Veganism is the future.

  • Important Notice For Vegans: yeah we get it were horrible people how can we sleep at night knowing we are slaughtered animals ehh we don’t need your shit.

  • Truth is we started becoming sick when we introduced more grains to our diet… Diabetes, obesity and heart disease has become an epidemic now due to increased consumption of carb loaded grains…anyone pushing a vegetarian or a vegan diet has an agenda to keep people sick…

  • Freelee is an absolute nutter… I followed her and durianrider back a number of years ago and went vegan for an entire year and all that happened was that I got super fat… I switched to a Carnivore diet and lost 55kgs and I’ve never felt better…

  • As a child i never eat dark meat cause i thought there was blood…also the tendons, viens and fat freaks me out….. turns out they dont taste too bad

  • corona virus? lol, that only affects vegans. You two are the A-team. when the shit hits the fan, you’ll be strong enough to single handedly draw, single hand pump a shotgun.

  • A great conversation to listen to (I loved Drew’s car analogy), I’ve been vegan for 8yrs and vegetarian for 30yrs and just started adding eggs & fish. I’m trying to get over the mental hurdle of adding meat to my diet, so videos like these (& primal edge health) are helping me get there…one day��

  • I don’t think this is healthy but mostly the most drinks I drink is orange juice soda which mostly is Sprite and Coke and also strawberry milk that is my favorite drink that of milk because strawberry milk is like a bomb

  • Drew you weren’t eating high protein, there is no usable protein in vegetables. vegetable fats are not beneficial to the human body. the reason you couldn’t gain muscle is you couldn’t digest your food which means you were starving. you have to have cholesterol to build muscle not just protein. cholesterol is the basis for every cell in your body. you need cholesterol to make all your hormones including sex hormones, without it, no erections! you cant heal without cholesterol. animal protein is essential for muscle growth. the reason you guts were messed up is due to fiber and plant toxins, eating that shit raw is the worst thing you ever did.

  • Your opinions in this video are chalk full of serious errors.

    1. Abbey Sharp is most definitely not plant based. To be plant based either all or nearly all of your calories need to come from plants. Abbey eats almost 1/4 of her calories from animal products. While there can be some gray here as to what’s the exact percentage, many nutritionists state that 10% of calories from animal products or less would be plant based.

    2. There is absolutely zero evidence that fructose from fruit causes fatty liver disease. You are talking about high fructose corn syrup that is disease causing. Fruit is proven to be healthy in any amount.

    3. You mentioned she is low in micronutrients. Her diet is fruits and vegetables, the most micronutrient dense foods on the planet.

    4. Incomplete protein? Watch Joe Rogan’s interview of the Game Changer’s expert. Its well established that plant proteins include all the essential amino acids your body needs and they are nearly just as available as animal protein. She was a bit low on one of her days though in this macronutrient.

    5. You mentioned you tried high carb eating with meals consisting of 400 calories at a time. No wonder you got hungry in an hour. If you ate 400 calories of steak, it would probably only hold you over for an hour too. It may last a little longer bc fat/protein take longer to digest, but you’ll still need to hit your body’s energy needs…so in the end your body would crave roughly the same calories from fruit as it would meat.

    5. Sustainability? In almost every regard by a multiple of 4 to 10 plants are more sustainable than animal products. Land use, fossil fuels burned, water needed. Do your research here, its a no brainer.

    6. Back to the nutrients. smh. All vegans supplement b12. She gets plenty of sun for vit d production. And omega 3 needs are 1.5ish grams per day, remind me, how many grams did she get?

    7. Mono agriculture. 80-90% of mono-agriculture is used to feed animals. Its an incredibly inefficient flow of energy. Its why poor countries eat rice and potatoes.

    8. Its not an all fruit diet. Its fruit, vegetables, starches, legumes, and a few nuts/seeds.

    9. Length of digestive tracts would lead to the conclusion that humans should eat mainly plants. Our closest genetic cousins are the bonobos, guess what their diet is?

    The only reasonable claim you made was in comparing the nutrient density of liver to an orange. Now, fruits are still in the top 25% of nutrient dense foods, so all your comparison did was compare one nutrient dense food to another.

    Fun fact about liver. Its an organ of detoxification, meaning the animal’s body sends large amounts of toxic byproducts from cellular respiration and lymph nodes to be broken down and sent into the digestive tract for removal. If thats what you think sounds tasty, go for it.

  • The peppermint oil is good for gas and bloating from eating veggies. I used to have to eat lots of peppermints when I ate carbs, not any more though. My tummy doesn’t hurt anymore on carnivore.

  • if you eat a on cooked Turkey you could get very sick about it because if you eat too hard you your teeth is about to cry girl oh my gosh that is so Larry is but after all it could be poisonous if you if you eat a cooked turkey your teeth won’t swap out

  • Thomas Edison was a sadistic SOB who never personally invented anything. He found and employed very smart people in his labs and then claimed their inventions by right of their employment contract. Often, like he did with Nichola Tesla, he refused to pay these employees as promised. The ONLY reason we hear so much about him is because Edison Power Company is required by it’s charter to continuously promote Thomas Edison’s name in a positive manner. Their PR efforts are nothing but an ongoing dose of BS right in line with Thomas Edison himself.

  • Joking about cannibalism is dehumanizing, objectifying and not funny. Trace obviously should not be reporting on Test Tube if he jokes about human rights issues constantly and has no basic understanding of social theory.

  • I enjoy and appreciate your videos, but I am a stickler for detail… near the end of the Leonardo section, you show two images from Michelangelo’s fresco paintings in the Sistine Chapel, including the extremely iconic “The Creation of Adam.” Great stuff, but, wouldn’t want vegans, or, especially, potential vegans, to be misled, become resentful or confused. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

    Oh, and maybe Edison does need a bit of an asterisk… or to be put on a different list

  • Lol, everyone in the comments whining about what people should eat. We should be happy that societies have provided the ability to choose, instead we bitch and moan while people are starving to death on the daily. Check your privileges.

  • I relate to what he said near the end because I was in that position also when I quit veganism. Veganism does become so many peoples identity and defining factor, their life passion which makes it so difficult when you reach the breaking point and decide to add animal products back in. You cant discuss it with any other vegan or be authentic and truthful because you’re so scared of the judgement and hatred that you’ll receive from the community. Its like leaving a religious cult. It’s like your expected to conform to their rigid narrative or else you’re an awful person. It’s so black and white, never any nuance..
    People are bullying people like raw alignment for being ‘deceptive’ for not revealing straight away that she’d quit veganism when she did, but I dont blame her at all, the vegan community can be toxic and she was probably taking time to process the decision and understand it. When I first left veganism, eating animal products felt so wrong considering I was part of an ideology where I thought it was wrong to consume animals, but I very slowly started adding things in, first eggs and dairy, then fish, then chicken and turkey and then red meat, and now I’m totally comfortable with it, but it can take time. Sorry this is so long btw lol.

  • Check out Michael Arnstein. Crazy endurance athlete who has been a frutarian for years. He’s accomplished some very impressive feats actually. Maybe there are a select few individuals that can thrive on this… Humans are crazy!

  • You deserve more subscribers. I thought you present your opinions in a very objective, non-offensive, evidence-based and clear way. Good job girls. Thanks for promoting real health facts.��

  • Holy Cow! Her poor gut! How does she ever leave the toilet! I have colitis and have been using the Carnivore diet for several months…NEVER felt better..no bloating..and no intense pain. You two are great! Keep “preaching’ the truth!!

  • Just want to let you know that she mostly eats off her own land now and is pro sustainability. I agree with you that monocultures are horrible and damaging. You, however, fail to mention that animal agriculture is equally if not more damaging to the environment. Methane is the strongest greenhouse gas (meaning it absorbs even more infrared waves than CO2) and animal agriculture as we know produces a lot of methane. At this point in time climate change is threatening us all. We do not have enough land for everyone who eats meat to eat grassfed beef and we do not have enough water. Veganism is sustainable. Monocultures are bad but you also have to remember that many monocultures are there to feed the factory farm animals.

  • Myoglobin and hemoglobin are not the same thing. 1 molecule of hemoglobin can bind to 4 oxygen (or carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, etc), while myoglobin can only bind to one at a time.

  • Some of these videos are her older ones. Freelee is not looking well, lately. Premature aging. That’s important, and more important than whether she has a skinny body. Freelee claims to be a frugivore and that all humans are frugivores and not just a fruitarian, which is an interesting distinction. Frugivore is sometimes treated like it means an animal that only eats fruit, but frugivore animals don’t strictly eat fruit, just having a fruit-based diet. Freelee supplements her diet with a lot of other foods and additives (grains, greens, beans, nuts), from what I’ve noticed, so she’s not as bad as some strict fruitarians (who criticize her for not being “raw vegan”) but again, she still isn’t looking healthy for her age, or at all. All that she seems to care about is having a skinny-fat body and doing excessive cardio. I used to check out her claims several years ago, when I was trying to be vegan, and she had lots of fans who were always asking her why they were gaining weight or getting less healthy on her banana diet. She insisted that they just keep eating bananas and do more cardio. Seems like a waste-of-time life to put so much work into eating carbs and then “exercising them off” all day, and it wasn’t even getting her fans the results that they wanted.

  • Keep doing what your doing girls! Your skin looks amazing and so clear and your bright and alert eyes. People need to realise that yoir skin shows internal health often a long time after a change has happened via sickness or diet etc. Its pretty obvious your diet, even done half decently will produce results.
    You dont need filters to look healthy either.
    Beautiful women! Keep helping others stuck where you guys felt you were before this change of lifestyle

  • The greatest minds and most spiritual people that changed the world of Science changed Society on a whole
    were Vegan they did not eat animals and respected animals

  • I’m currently vegan, I have been for almost 2 years, and about to transition back to eating meat. Emotionally I’m feeling really upset because I don’t want to participate in factory farming and abusing animals, but I feel like crap, I’ve gained a bunch of weight, and I’ve never been sick so much in my life. Just in the past year I’ve had multiple colds, strep throat, bronchitis, and the flu! Even with supplements I just feel like garbage.

  • Mirror neurons, thinkers have better functioning brain whose smallest unit is neuron, this includes mirror neuron network too.. thus the empathetic behaviour, that’s why stupid, fundamentalist religious people who can’t think for themselves say animals are for us to consume.. they’d also be down to own slaves and call others inferior, stupidity inversely correlates to empathy

  • Umm. The DENTIST has in fact told me to please not graze on fruits all day because it was ruining my teeth. So, yes, restrict your fruit intake.

  • Good review! Just a correction on Hypertrophy — Strength is best developed at 70%–90% 1 Rep Maximum. 80–90% seems to be the ideal range. Hypertrophy / Muscle Size can be achieved with any weight (30% or higher of 1 Rep Max) as long as sets are taken to Failure. This means doing your last set of repetitions to the point where you cannot properly complete another Repetition with Proper form. Studies below.

    Strength Gain
    Note that Strength Training produces similar Muscle Size to Hypertrophy Training

    The Minimum Effective Training Dose Required to Increase 1RM [1 Rep Max] Strength in Resistance-Trained Men: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    “The results of the present systematic review suggest that performing a single set of 6-12 repetitions with loads ranging from approximately 70-85% 1RM [1 Rep Max] 2-3 times per week with high intensity of effort (reaching volitional or momentary failure) for 8-12 weeks can produce suboptimal, yet significant increases in SQ [Squat] and BP [Bench Press] 1RM strength in resistance-trained men. However, because of the lack of research, it is less clear as to whether these improvements may also be achievable in DL [Deadlift] 1RM strength or in trained women and highly trained strength athletes.”

    Hypertrophy / Muscle Size

    (Brad Schoenfeld / Bret Contreras, 2015)
    Effects of LowVs. High-Load Resistance Training on Muscle Strength and Hypertrophy in Well-Trained Men

    “These findings indicate that both HL [High Load] and LL [Low Load] training to failure can elicit significant increases in muscle hypertrophy among well-trained young men; however, HL training is superior for maximizing strength adaptations.”

    (Stuart Philips, 2019)
    Muscle fibre activation is unaffected by load and repetition duration when resistance exercise is performed to task failure

    “In the present study, participants performed resistance exercise to task failure with heavier and lighter loads with both a normal and longer repetition duration (i.e. time under tension)… The results of the present study provide evidence indicating that type I and type II fibres are activated when heavier and lighter loads are lifted to task failure. We propose that our results explain why RE [Resistance Exercise] training with higher or lower loads, when loads are lifted to task failure, leads to equivalent muscle hypertrophy and occurs in both type I and type II fibres.”

    (Brad Schoenfeld / Bret Contreras, 2019)
    Resistance Training Volume Enhances Muscle Hypertrophy but Not Strength in Trained Men

    “Marked increases in strength and endurance can be attained by resistance-trained individuals with just three 13-min weekly sessions over an 8-wk period, and these gains are similar to that achieved with a substantially greater time commitment. Alternatively, muscle hypertrophy follows a dose–response relationship, with increasingly greater gains achieved with higher training volumes.”

    (Stuart Phillips, 2012)
    Resistance exercise load does not determine training-mediated hypertrophic gains in young men

    “Eighteen men (21 ± 1 yr, 22.6 ± 2.1 kg/m2; means ± SE) had their legs randomly assigned to two of three training conditions that differed in contraction intensity [% of maximal strength (1 repetition maximum)] or contraction volume (1 or 3 sets of repetitions): 30%-3, 80%-1, and 80%-3. Subjects trained each leg with their assigned regime for a period of 10 wk, 3 times/wk… Isotonic maximal strength gains were not different between 80%-1 [x1 set] and 80%-3 [x3 sets], but were greater than 30%-3 [x3 sets] (P = 0.04), whereas training-induced isometric strength gains were significant but not different between conditions (P = 0.92)… In accordance with our previous acute measurements of muscle protein synthetic rates a lower load lifted to failure resulted in similar hypertrophy as a heavy load lifted to failure.”

  • If I’m having turkey I’m ginna want a leg and a few slices off the breast so I’d have to say both. Though we usually have cornish game hens for thanksgiving rather than turkey.

  • I was a collegiate athlete (many moons ago). In my 40s (now) I had my DNA analyzed to tell me how to eat for optimal performance. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who had theirs analyzed, too. Freelee’s diet has never been recommend.

  • Please… as an Aussie, I just wanna say to every non Aussie, stop calling it ‘Shrimp on the barbie’ it’s ‘Prawn on the barbie.’
    Thank you.

  • So tesla ate meat, phased out meat but still consumed dairy
    Einstein ate meat his entire life, he suddenly became ill, his doctor told him to cut meat from his diet, the plant diet did not cure him and he died
    Newton stopped eating a number of foods entirely, fasting for days and was aloof about whether people thought he was a vegetarian or not. He experimented on himself by consuming mercury and other things for alchemy. He died in his sleep,
    Edison stopped eating meat when he got sick, he got healthy again after that. Did he go back to eating meat? We don’t know

    These men all ate meat during their lives and their greatest achievements happened while they ate meat.

    There are only a few true vegetarians on this video list.

  • just because a few great thinkers did not eat meat, does not mean that all people who don’t eat meat are great thinkers. and this short list is just a fraction of the great thinkers, artists, musicians and authors who did eat meat. just a little food for thought there. bon appetit!

  • Her best picture, the one of herself promoting herself on her website, looks strange and is photoshopped. What is the reality of the situation then?

  • there is a correlation between stomach’s pH and adaptations to eating white vs dark meat
    the darker the meat is, the lower the pH must be, (supported by the fact that dark meat is more dense, takes longer to cook or “denature” @ 3:00), humans have extremely low stomach pH, and also rabbit starvation is its own thing, i will always go for fattier cuts since protein is not really a concern, its easier to get enough protein for the day than getting enough calories or without exceeding it before getting enough protein, and saturated fat doesnt matter, animal fat is exactly the same thing you hold in your belly that your body burns for energy

  • they were supported by a populace that eased their success, befriend your meats, live forever in history. Now I see why they ridicule this secret ability, to prevent our superpowered communication to seeming strangers who adore maybe even depend on maintaining THIS diet, they’re hoarding the secrets on what happens when 100% of Earth’s creatures want you there, probably because those creatures don’t want them.

  • Freely takes most of her bananas in enema form because she is full of shit.ok Peppermint in chinese medicine treats the liver and lungs so she probably has it to settle her moods because of the sugar rollercoaster. and the 3kg of plants she consumes a day to relieve the bloating.

  • Is it possible to get a type of “PTSD” from getting food poisoning. I ate raw chicken one time and i had food poisoning for 3 weeks. (easily the worst pain in my whole life)
    Sense then I can’t seem to enjoy chicken.

  • Would love to see Ghandi on a building site, or cutting down trees with a chainsaw!! Not everybody can sit around all day pontificating and be given free food. Get real.

  • Little known fact: Leonardo da Vinci was also a sort of “Jack la Lane” of his day. As a young man, he was very well known for his strong man stunts, and his incredible physique. He probably got into art by working as a male model.
    > Descriptions and portraits of Leonardo combine to create an image of a man who was tall, athletic and extremely handsome.
    > He was physically so strong that he could withstand violence and with his right hand he could bend the ring of an iron door knocker or a horseshoe as if they were lead

    De Venci was extremely conconerned with his own physical fitness:


    > Leonardo knew how much physical health affected mental health and was constantly improving his physique. As a skilled and experienced chef, Leonardo nutrition was also excellent.
    De Venci probably started out a muscular male model:

  • I’m a vegetarian and here’s my two cents: meat is not unhealthy (especially fish, I ate it as my exclusive meat for a few years before I went full vegetarian) however there are reasons to not eat meat. The fact is that most meat in the way developed world was produced unethically and has a major impact on the environment. I would recommend everyone try to reduce or even eliminate meat from their diet, however I understand that for a lot of people that isn’t realistic and that’s OK. Other reasons: vegetarian diets are generally cheaper than traditional diets and plant based meat is actually pretty cool and I would recommend everyone at least try it

  • I love that y’all kept this super respectful and intelligent. You hit her with science on how the body works. She shits on everyone who makes “why I’m no longer vegan.” Videos saying that what they are experiencing had nothing to do with being vegan and it’s their own failure.

  • Drew vegans destroy their bodies and minds for a cause, this is insanity. every living thing on this earth consumes life to live, its the price of living. if your not willing to take a life to live then you will be the life taken for another to live.
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  • One of my absolute favorites is Brigitte Bardot. Is she perfect? Is she a perfect human being, and is she a perfect animal rights activist? She isn’t, however there is no such thing.

    But in the 1970s her lifetime love of all animals, and, also influenced by her growing interest in animal rights, which began as early as 1962, prompted the decision to end her acting career and to devote her time (now going on 47 years) to the animals whom she felt were not being given any voice at all. Bardot’s animal rights activism, which began mainly around the clubbing of baby seals, had been publicly recognized during those years, but extended to other animal exploitation Industries, as well as to particular abuses and extinction threats against particular species. She understood, decades before most of us, that the word cruel could not even begin to describe the treatment of commodified animals in captivity. Brigitte became a tireless activist, often endeavoring to stop some of the worst abuses when she encountered them, often doing so alone, and often criticized in what appeared to be, inexplicably, basically an ‘unpopular’ endeavor at the time. But she refused to stop using her near unparalleled, global celebrity to carry the message that animal abuse is inherent in any industry which exploits any animal for human profit.
    She has consistently decried the enslavement and exploitation of animals by humans in any way shape or form, deeming it always unnecessary, always despicable, and always completely unconscionable.

    The beautiful BB has now been vegan for several years, ( after, like many of us, first being vegetarian until we discovered the abuses of the dairy and egg Industries which we formerly had no idea about)

    In the late 1950s, with the earnings from her acting career, Brigitte Bardot purchased a mini estate in Saint Tropez, in the south of France, where for many decades now, rescued animals of every persuasion have cohabited happily with each other as well as their human mother, advocate and protector. She has lived there her entire life, turning 86 this coming September. She doesn’t move very well anymore, and often needs the assistance of a walker or wheelchair but she does have a loyal and loving husband and together they are enjoying their sunset years providing sanctuary to as many non-human planet mates as the property can safely accommodate. She doesn’t give many interviews these days, and when she does it is almost always related to animal rights matters. Her tireless efforts and devotion to the fight to liberate all enslaved animals has demonstrated to the world that she is not, and never was, merely one more blond aging ingenue, or some bubble headed, frivolous super celebrity. Despite having endured crippling suicidal depression in her 20s and 30s, she has prevailed, and credits her love for and activism on behalf of all animals as the thing which basically saved and redirected her life, that is now an ongoing journey of, finally, contentment, and a quest for peace of mind, hope and positivity.

    The eternally beautiful Brigitte Bardot will always be the person who comes to mind when I think of animal activists, because she was the first animal activist I ever was aware of as a small child and read an article about her in a magazine regarding her efforts to stop the abuse of baby seals. It was through her efforts that I first understood how important it is that we learn to stop believing that we can keep committing these horrific crimes against animals because there is no reason good enough to be cruel to them, or to any innocent and defenseless living being.

    Referring to the atrocities committed by industry against animals, in her 2019 book, “Tears of Battle: An Animal Rights Memoir”, Bardot writes, “In a way, humanity remains like some animals in the wild. It functions as a herd. Man is fundamentally selfish, and does not react to a cause unless it directly affects them… I want the public to be indignant, to come out of its comfort zone”.
    I suspect that most every vegan as well as every soon-to-be but not yet vegan would agree.

  • You two ladies are hilarious!
    I always thought “Fruitarian” was just a b.s. plot device invented for the tv show “Castle”… Castle’s daughter brings home a Fruit-Boy (as opposed to Soy-Boy), who makes a dinner of “Mango steaks”. ��

  • Back when i was on a cookie diet i could eat all day and still be hungry and tired all the time and i kept losing weight unintentionally. That’s a side effect of pre-diabetes.

  • i dont have an issue with most of whats said with exception of what was stated at 27:00. There is absololutely no need to defend factory farms. If youre going to buy meat then try to do it locally from a small farmer. And if you cant afford it then that sucks but they dont need your verbal support. Factory farms are an abomination and any defense you want to muster up for them isnt deserved.

    The carnivore movement needs more emphasis on meat raised right or else youll get nowhere

  • Thats amazing. Now we can have less vegans because you technically don’t hurt any living creature.
    So if anything this is a way of getting rid of vegans.

  • I find the argument rather ignorant and not self-aware. Logic (and common sense) says, hey, something is wrong … I’m getting sicker and sicker, I need to try something else. Fou years is a pretty good N=1 experiment. Perhaps the ‘haters’ could come back and comment AFTER they’ve done the 4-year vegan with all the gym stress on their body. It’s very similar to parenting; my kids don’t get to critique me as a parent until they’ve had their own kids. You’ve got to walk in the other persons shoes before you get the ‘creds’ to poo-poo their choices. Nicely done BTW, Welcome “back”!! to the other side 😉

  • I’m from India and we usually eat veg as Possible. And my family buy chicken 2 to3 times a month. and we buys only 1½-2 kg every time for 4 Peoples. It will completed in just one day

  • Of course there’s micros in animal meats. A pound of beef lamb or birds is literally compacted digested and readily available vitamins and nutrients from grass foliage or insects and bugs that WE can then process absorb and eliminate.

  • Dude, study nutricion and understand the shit you are doing and the shit you are promoting..
    stop this gut feeling open mind bullshit bro.

  • Oi! Did you ask permission for your stolen content hmmm your sharing a subject on great minds morality good things really and yet the just by posting this you have plagiarised other creators I really could go on take this video down and create content without stealing if you do not i will inform the original creators resulting in claims against your channel and the deletion of it I’d go over your videos if I was you

    I too live on a plant bassed diet I would take my warning very seriously if I were you

    The one thing I can’t stand is fakery

  • This was really good stream. I used to be a vegan as well (for about 2 years) and it wrecked my health. Animal products brought me back to life.

  • Oh boy. Freelee is going to be shocked when she findsout that gorillas actually regularly HUNT big game in packs and they also eat pounds of termites and small animals even when there are plenty of plants. Oh and also, norillas NEVER eat ripe fruit. In fact, there was a study where they gave a truck load of ripe bananas to a pack of gorillas. They appeared to not know that it is edible as they were only playing with it for about 40 minutes. Then when they started eating it, the sugar made them so agressive that they killed a gorilla and maimed another in the huge fights that broke out. The caretakers could not get to the truck safely for days after. In nature, when they eat ripe fruit, they wait for it to ROT and FERMENT first and only eat some.

  • The difference is innocent playful loving beings don’t have to be brutally murdered against their will by eating their flesh when you eat plants

    That’s why God created this ��

    The animals we eat are the source of all our deadly viruses for thousands of years, deadly viruses cannot come from plants

    You both are promoting the extinction of your own species

    Greed �� a deadly sin ��

    As you sow so shall you reap ��

  • if you eat like a banana idiot you will end up with ibs, digestive issues and various health problems. Been there. Thank God I found carnivore to restore my entire system ��

  • Non complete residual protein and residual fat? Those are not actual nutritional science terms. Fruits and vegetables contain ESSENTIAL amino acids and fatty acids necessary for nearly all human metabolic functions. Time to get some real education and stop promoting a diet that produces human disease and animal suffering

  • I went vegan for 10 months.. never felt worse in my life.. I had pain in all my joints and muscles and came close to shitting my pants everyday.. muscle strength was ridiculously low and I gained 30 pounds of pure body fat.. finally had enough and on day just went to the grocery store and picked up half a chicken and a can of sardines.. my stomach was turning so badly but I got through it.. had bad diarrhea for a few hours..I literally felt 90% better within 3 days.. felt some strength coming back.. and joint pain was subsiding. That’s proof enough for me.. I’ll never go back.. my current diet is probably 80% meat and 20% veg. The only time I get the farts is when I cheat and have s protein bar (erythrytol gives me gas) and when I have a burger bun or something when I get lazy about it..im 46 and I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t have diabetes, or heart meds.. they think I’m the one that’s going to an early grave because of my diet.. lol.. to them diabetes and heart disease is just part of aging.. thanks Kate for all your videos!

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