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Seeking the Mental Edge — Tiger Fitness The word nootropic is a combination of the Greek noo, which means mind, and the French word trope, meaning change. The word nootropic is a combination of the Greek noo, which means mind, and the French word trope, meaning change. The term “nootropics” first referred to chemicals that met very specific criteria. But now it’s used to refer to any natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on mental skills. Nootropics consist of dietary supplements and substances which enhance your cognition, in particular when it comes to motivation, creativity, memory, and other executive functions.

They play an important role in supporting memory and promoting optimal brain function. Nootropics are supplements and drugs that can help to give you a cognitive ‘edge’ over the competition. These work in a manner of different ways but are reportedly being used by more and more of the world’s biggest movers and shakers in order to. For any newcomers to nootropics, they are supplements or drugs taken to enhance mental performance (memory, focus, clarity, and problemsolving abilities).

Nootropics offer a mental edge. Nootropics offer a safer alternative to individuals not wanting to go the pharmaceutical route. Depression, anxiety, ADHD, Bi Polar, etc. These are manageable conditions if you choose to take control out of the hands of the typical social conditioning machine which pushes pharmaceutical drugs.

Nootropics or “ smart drugs ” are substances that serve to enhance cognition, sometimes to a significant extent. The word “nootropic” originated in 1972 from Dr. Corneliu E. Girugea and consists of the Greek words “nous” (translating to “mind”) and “trepein” (translating to “bend”); in other words, “mind-bending.”. Nootropics are popular brain-boosting supplements used by students, athletes, professionals and artists, to name a few.

But the list goes on and on. Since the brain controls every aspect of our lives, optimizing its complex processes can be life-enhancing for pretty much everyone. Short answer: Nootropics are synthetic compounds that improve the cognitive abilities of healthy individuals. In their basic state they’re powders, but we sell them in capsule form.

Nootropics are not medicines: medicines bring you back to health when you’re sic. Nootropics for social anxiety Social anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. Though many people confuse it with shyness or social awkwardness.

It’s more than that, and it has a lot to do with brain chemicals.

List of related literature:

Acetylcholine-supporting compounds include choline, phosphatidylcholine, acetyl-L-carnitine, and many herbal nootropics (that is, natural compounds that improve cognitive functioning), such as ginkgo and ginseng.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

These include novel antidepressant combinations, stimulant medications, dopamine agonists, the “wakefulness” agent modafinil, nutritional supplements (including omega-3-fatty acids), and others.

“Manic-Depressive Illness: Bipolar Disorders and Recurrent Depression” by Frederick K. Goodwin, Kay Redfield Jamison, S. Nassir Ghaemi
from Manic-Depressive Illness: Bipolar Disorders and Recurrent Depression
by Frederick K. Goodwin, Kay Redfield Jamison, S. Nassir Ghaemi
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The most potent cognitive enhancers available at present are the classic stimulants dexamphetamine and methylphenidate, along with newer agents such as modafinil (Ch. 8).

“Psychiatric Drugs Explained E-Book” by David Healy
from Psychiatric Drugs Explained E-Book
by David Healy
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2008

Clinical trials are long overdue to determine the safety and efficacy of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved hynotics, sedating antidepressants such as trazadone and mirtazapine, and wake-promoting agents such as modafinil in improving sleep-wake behavior of these patients.

“Therapy in Sleep Medicine E-Book” by Teri J. Barkoukis, Jean K. Matheson, Richard Ferber, Karl Doghramji
from Therapy in Sleep Medicine E-Book
by Teri J. Barkoukis, Jean K. Matheson, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Drugs that inhibit 5-HT uptake, known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs or SRIs), are used extensively to treat depression and other neurological disorders, alone or jointly with drugs that inhibit norepinephrine reuptake into noradrenergic neurons (Sanders-Bush and Mayer, 2006).

“Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics” by Jim E. Riviere, Mark G. Papich
from Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
by Jim E. Riviere, Mark G. Papich
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Many other drugs have been proposed, including antiepileptics (piracetam, levetiracetam, valproate, barbiturates, primidone, carbamazepine, gabapentine, topiramate, zonisamide), L-dopa and dopamine agonists, serotonic agents, beta-blockers, tetrabenazine, amantadine, and zolpidem [8, 51].

“Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders, with Desktop Edition: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment” by Alberto Albanese, Joseph Jankovic
from Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders, with Desktop Edition: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment
by Alberto Albanese, Joseph Jankovic
Wiley, 2012

Some nootropics are prescription only and are developed by big pharmaceutical companies (Modafinal being a popular example, used to increase alertness).

“Embodied Computing: Wearables, Implantables, Embeddables, Ingestibles” by Isabel Pedersen, Andrew Iliadis, Deborah Lupton, Kevin Warwick, Katina Michael, MG Michael, Christine Perakslis, Roba Abbas, Gary Genosko, Suneel Jethani, Marcel O'Gorman, Elizabeth Wissinger, Maggie Orth
from Embodied Computing: Wearables, Implantables, Embeddables, Ingestibles
by Isabel Pedersen, Andrew Iliadis, et. al.
MIT Press, 2020

In addition to most TCAs, SSRIs, SNRIs, the MAOIs, including phenelzine and tranylcypromine, most BZDs, and several “other” or “atypical” antidepressants, such as nefazodone, bupropion, and reboxetine, have been shown to possess antipanic properties.

“Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition” by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, Wesley E. Sime, David H. Barlow
from Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition
by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, et. al.
Guilford Publications, 2007

Typically, nootropics are alleged to work by increasing the brain’s supply of neurochemicals (neurotransmitters, enzymes, and hormones), by improving the brain’s oxygen supply, or by stimulating nerve growth.

“Health & Drugs: Disease, Prescription & Medication” by Nicolae Sfetcu
from Health & Drugs: Disease, Prescription & Medication
by Nicolae Sfetcu
Nicolae Sfetcu, 2014

Concomitant use of other MAOIs, potentinhibitors of MAOI (e.g., linezolid), amphetamine (and derivatives), cyclobenzaprine, dextromethorphan, methylphenidate, opioid medications, St. John’s wort, selective serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), tricyclic or triazolopyridine antidepressants.

“Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2019 E-Book” by Robert J. Kizior, Barbara B. Hodgson
from Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2019 E-Book
by Robert J. Kizior, Barbara B. Hodgson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

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  • Why psychedelics man?
    it’s like medicines are controlling you that ain’t enlightenment
    this is just a shortcut to a better life, it’s like skipping the interesting part of gaining enlightenment

  • I’m studying top plans for concentrating and discovered a great website at Wilfs Blueprint System (google it if you are interested)

  • I take kratom and it increases my focus and awreness..i feel sharper and have more motivation and ambition when at work..for a type 2 bi-polar guy im hoping alpha brain will work in the same matter

  • I liked Alpha Brain. It was subtle, but effective which makes it great for performance enhancement. Nootropics that overstimulate an individual can be counterproductive in certain circumstances. Find your flow by finding and accurately assessing your sweet spots with single ingredients as well as compound formulas…

  • Thanks for your review. I’m just curious about the long term effects. Also from what I’ve heard, eating a diet filled with Omega 3, monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants in conjunction with nootropic supplements helps a great deal. I have ADD so I have to stay away from a lot of processed sugars and carbs. It’s still a struggle for me but nowhere near as bad when I’m not taking care of myself. I would love to find a healthy alternatives that doesn’t involve medications with severe side effects.

  • I use 1-‘p LSD, 1-b LSD, 1cp LSD, creatin, 3efa, 5htp, omega 3 fatty acid, beta-hydroxybutyric acid, magnesium, bcaa ( leucine, isoleucine valin), l -tyrosine, l phenylalanine, lysine, theobromine, caffeine etc etc

  • I get this supplement called Neural Renew from Amazon. Its a really solid stack and its only like $5 for a month. Dont ask me how its so cheap but I love it

  • In 6:10 she said that when you get headaches from Piracetam, “its a good sign”. What did she meant by that? Does this mean that the drug is working better or what?

  • Not really statistically significant. Their results are shown in people who simply read an article. Please stop spreading false information.

  • the dude from the right looks like someone who can easily insert your drug some elusinations mushrooms that why this product works so well

  • Best overall nootropic stack? Qualia Mind. Best for the money? Alpha Brain or Mind Lab Pro. Just depends what budget you’re on. All 3 are solid products. Qualia Mind is the most complete formulation but its price is about 30 bucks above most so, your call.

  • its fake and i almost overdosed on it. went to the emergency room. was diagnosed with hypokalemia fuck rogan and his shill friends they almost got me killed

  • Did he really just dismiss the pseudo science behind the product with “we used science to extract this product”. This guy is selling bs.

  • I began taking it today haven’t felt much differently. Maybe I’ll feel it more tomorrow. I emailed them with some questions regarding what I can take it with never even got a reply. I can already tell they are not that professional.

  • Is the a published peer reviewer double blinded study to back up these claims. Sounds like an extremely far fetched marketing scheme.

  • Great review Sky! I am also a fan of Joe Rogan! I haven’t yet tried the Alpha Brain, but I have tried a Nootropic called Phenibut that has made a phenomenal difference in my mental and psychic abilities. I highly encourage everyone to do the research behind dietary supplements of your interest. I’m grateful for reviews like this. It’s very thorough and fun! Thank you Sky! Keep being fabulous!! ✨✌��

    PS. I can’t stress enough how a daily meditation practice will also enhance focus and clarity in your life. Live well my friends! ��. Dr. E

  • To improvement pill or anyone else seeing this, I just wanted to say that I watched one of your nootropics videos three years ago and knew I had to get my hands on something that would make my brain work like everyone else’s and fix my procrastination and exhaustion. I waited impatiently to turn 18 so I could get a debit card and order nootropics online just so I could maybe have a chance of achieving at a level reflective of my intelligence in college. My exhaustion and procrastination only got worse till then. This summer i got neuro-psych testing and found out I have inattentive-type ADHD, with symptoms like executive-dysfunction, procrastination, and depriving myself of sleep in vain efforts to make myself get to work. This made it almost impossible for me to get things done without imminent, immovable, external deadlines. After going through the suffering I have, and having so much success with even small doses of ADHD treatments, I came back to this channel because I feel like if you haven’t mentioned undiagnosed ADHD and the science behind this chemical imbalance, I think it would be an injustice to a significant percentage of your viewers to not mention it and refer to pertinent channels like How To ADHD. I know more awareness and fewer stereotypes about the condition would have helped me recognize it in myself sooner and saved me years of grief.

  • Boy read the inlet… It was not an allergy but a steady state overdose causing too much histamine release….. You should have known your stuff better or asked pharmacist or your general practitioner about possible side effects…… I am a real fan of your channel but this was not that intelligent

  • The best Extra performa ayurvedic medicine is
    Earthyboon Extra Performer Capsules 
     contain highly efficient, hand selected herbs sourced directly from the Himalayas and formulated with extensive research to unlock maximum advantages.i will suggested to all for this.

  • I love Alpha Brain but the constant marketing, just like Qualia makes it soooo expensive. I’ve been trying the stuff from Nooflow and Halcyon Mind lately and love it. 2x the value to be honest, especially the Nooflow.

  • I had a question about your book and emailed you several times. Finally I got a reply from someone in your organization that said… Aubrey doesn’t respond to emails.:/

  • Hey Leo, Great topic, I’m very new to the idea of nootropics. I was surprised you haven’t mentioned nicotine gum. I’m not a smoker but I’ve heard microdosing nicotine gum was safe and a provides great cognitive and creative improvement. I first heard about this on The Joe Rogan show. Can you shed some light on this please. Thanks

  • Yeah it’s just a multi vitamin basically improve you diet slightly and you’ll feel the same benefits. Just another money-making gimmick

  • I just received my order of alpha brain and the packaging looks like its been done in a meth lab, the bottles all dented and the seal is open!! really makes u doubt the product and the entire company

  • Do not drink if u take this. I been taking it a week and I drank on Friday night. I had 1 margarita, 1 mind u I’m not a lightweight. By the time I got home my equilibrium was off and everything felt like it was starting to crumble around me. Scared me honestly. I felt like I may od or have a brain issue that couldn’t control because I consumed a drink. I had the drink at 9:30 pm and took alpha brain that morning at 9am. Scared me. The supplement is great deff helps me but don’t drink. It’s bad for you anyway and only hurts you. So alpha brain giving me the fear of od’ing has had me stop wanting alcohol because I take aloha brain every day and I don’t want to not feel my best. But yeah alcohol with it made me feel terrible, dizzy n u stable

  • Ordered these a few days ago and just looking at some (hopefully) unpaid reviews. very interested in finding out if it’s a bust for me.

  • It worked it’s crazy how it does it makes jokes better and read better brain like a strong muscle just like I thought it 2as bullshit I tried it now not luke a drug you don’t get high yiu just work better but workout and meditate with it enhances it I love the 20th century nor snake oils at all I tried other too like to stack them definitely took right makes you smarter but dont abuse them makes life quality better

  • I think Alpha Brain actually helps with everything I think it’s actually almost like having a full stack of nootropics except it’s in one pill because I read the benefits of it and it has all the benefits of all the different stacks I think I’ll go get some because I want to try to improve my gaming ability and my learning different languages and multiple things work out

  • Do you need to take Alpha Brain everyday? I mean its expensive. Can I take it only the days that I need the extra mental boost, or is it something I need to take daily, everyday, in order to have the effect “build up”?

  • If you don´t take care of your blood pressure you are screwed. High blood pressure damages the brain blood vessel and causes dementia and memory problems. End

  • Not really statistically significant. Their results are shown in people who simply read an article. Please stop spreading false information.

  • Hi Leo and everyone, I’m not trying to attack Leo or discredit his work but you should not take armodafilnil until you got a personal doctor and a hardcore meditator who helps you empty your mind before taking armodafilnil. Moreover, Leo (and everyone ) should listen again to my friend who got temporarily banned from posting content in Leo’s forum because he did not told the whole story about him taking 32 armodafilnil pills at once. Leo thought he was reckless and mocking this actualization work. NO. He had a personal doctor did a thorough check-up on his brain and body. He even had a meditator who helped emptied his mind because his doctor said even small mind-chattering can become a factor making that much armodafilnil destroy his brain. And what he REALLY means to suggest to others is NEVER EVER TAKE ANY ARMODAFILNIL at large dose unless you got a doctor do a check-up for your body and brain, of course plus the meditator who helps you with the mind-chattering problem. I’m moved by him when he asked me to post this here because I could see he really care for folks who underestimate the side-effect of armodafilnil in large dose. And I vow to God I personally saw by myself 3 guys who got addicted to armodafilnil that my friend talks about in his post on Leo’s forum but got banned. (I got my personal experience with armodafilnil)

  • We don’t need this.. everything we need is in nature. Do earthing and grounding everymorning and consume moringa!! Thats all you need. There is no longterm study for alpha brain, go natural, go with nature!!

  • people these day really misunderstand the word “natural”… only because it’s natural it’s not necessarily safe! Especially when something extracted, refined etc (or any other means of unnatural process) out of natural stuff.
    Besides most of the poison used to kill people in Medieval times were made of “NATURAL” ingredients LOL

  • Having skimmed through the mix of comments here…yes, this is a supplement to an already healthy active lifestyle, NOT a cure all to make your brain like the TERMINATOR. The only thing out there that will do that…well,…lol! it’s illegal. You may have heard of it, it’s called cocaine.

  • Here’s a respectful comment. If this product is so good and does all the things it said it does, Why aren’t the Democratic all over this? They would be drowning Joe Biden with it by pouring it down his throat. God knows HE NEEDS IT BAD.

  • Does anyone know how to get modafinil? I looked at the Sun pharma and Hab pharma websites and I still don’t see a way to order them and I’ve emailed them & got no response.:/

  • Will you all provide us with a copy of your “pilot study” write-up/report? Please make sure the methodology is explained in enough detail for someone else to replicate it, and that you report all relevant statistical estimates (e.g., effect size, standard errors). Thanks!

  • Here in Germany there are many b complex vitamins without choline, one product has choline. Should the one with choline always be favorized?

  • Joke…why you fast forward speed ×2 when she talks… Other words I guess Interview means calm meaningful explaining so dumb or new to can understand easily,

  • I knew a guy who took Modafenil for 6 months and essentially screwd himself over. He started upping the dose until he was taking entire blister packs per day. It did make him smarted but he was pretty much a genius beforehand. It was like he was on speed or coke, he was super focussed but also really impatient and apathetic to people around him. It made him abrasive and impatient, not rude or offensive or anything but he just didn’t have patience for what he percieved to be everybody else being slow.

    He also described it as being super focussed but also that he had to be careful what he was focussing on as if he was working then got distracted by lets say organising a sock draw, he would then spend a long time organising his socks instead and wouldnt notice for a long time as he was completely tuned into the task. He was hard to work with because he was so impatient he was trying to do everybody elses job too and he ended up rushing ahead and doing really crappy work. He also said it made him super horny for some reason.

    In the end he had a meltdown and had a week off work without even calling in to explain his absence, it turned out that he had taken so much that he just stayed awake for the entire week (barring occasional blackouts) and he ended up having to take some strong sleeping pills on the seventh day. He took a few of the pills (they were the one per night type) then when they didnt work he took a whole lot more. He ended up blacking out completely.

    He woke up 14 hours later on his bed, half naked with no memory of the night before. When he looked around his flat he had put some meat in the oven and forgotten about it so it was burnt black, he had gone to town on the porn on his computer with 80+ tabs open and tried ordering loads of random things and had filled the order forms out with gibberish. He had removed his trousers and was naked waist down and from what I gather essentially date raped himself, with no recollectin of it in the morning.

    I have since met a few other people who take modafenil and though none of them reached his heights of insanity they have all been a bit abrasive or ‘loopy’ and impatient with others. I would advise not taking it in a team environment and maybe not in a customer facing role. I would also suggest caution with it as though it is not addictive you can certianly become dependent on it as my friend was.

  • Alpha Brain capsules got such horrendous reviews that it’s now banned on Amazon and this powder looks like it’s next. It’s really horrible stuff. I bet Joe gets his name away from it now that he’s got the new deal. Waaaaay better nootropics out there.

  • At 2:08. “Less then High School”. Seriously??? WTF? A study that can’t use the proper word? It’s no wonder we’re such a screwed up and dumbed down society that we have get by on drugs. It’s amazing we aren’t already taken over by some other more educated country. I asked one of my kids one time, at the doctors office, in front of the nurse. “how do you spell library?” He spelled it right. L-I-b-r-a-r-y. Before I could tell her him that that was correct she interjected and said it was wrong. She said it should be l-I-b-a-r-y. And she was serious and didn’t believe me when I told her that she was incorrect. That’s not even a hard word to spell. I haven’t even taken any of the “brain” pills and I saw that right away.

  • As an experienced user of nootropics I can say that noopept, phenylpiracetam, and polygala tenuifolia are by far the most effective and fast acting compounds available. You should do another nootropic review incorporating these compounds plus the variety of stacks you can incorporate them into.:)

  • This is a TERRIBLE VIDEO, the narrator is Completely Clueless about NooTropics. He had a Bad Experience with Modafinil, so he decides to never again take Synthetic NooTropics. Since most NooTropics are Synthetic, the Narrator hasn’t even tried most NooTropics. Yet he decides to make a video about them???? Omega-3 and Magnesium are NOT NooTropics, and Ciltep is an “Okay” NooTropic, but it’s very expensive for the amount of ingredients you’re getting.

  • Great channel. Obviously tons of really great information. But… little to no understanding of “weed,” more appropriately termed cannabis. Cannabis is not addictive, at all. Cannabis is without a doubt one of the most amazing plants on planet earth. The usefulness of cannabis in so many different ways is truly astonishing. I would agree completely that cannabis is not something to use on a daily basis for recreational purposes.

  • When he started with synthetics I almost turned it off. These are alright but there are so many better ones out there that are 100% vegan.

  • Leo can you do a video regarding what supplements you take nowadays? It’s been a while now since you have posted the last video. Thanks!

  • Leo, I appreciate you input very much. But with regard to coffeine, you are not quite “up to date”. When consumed in moderation, coffee can be very good for your brain. In the short-term, it may improve mood, vigilance, learning and reaction time. Long-term use may protect against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s..

  • this interview didn’t really cover much at all. There was no science to back up anything they talked about. Is doctor Molly a real doctor or is her first name Dr? She didn’t bring anything substantial to the discussion. If I am wrong, please elaborate. thank you.

  • Thanks a lot for all this information! Just heared that you mentioned Kriya Yoga, you should try Atma Kriya Yoga, the latest version of it as given by Mahavatar Babaji

  • Great video Leo. My favorite is Alpha GPC which you only mentioned briefly but it was the most effective for me. It’s very potent, it starts working in about 30 minutes and I experienced no side effects. I even made a video about it on my channel.

  • Good video but Poor Interviewing Skills. Molly was brought on the show for a reason..should have made her speak more and talk less about yourself. Something to think about!

  • Bro! Let her talk, she’s your guest and you cut her off by trying to relate while she’s in the process of building up a great point. Just saying! I couldn’t finish watching because of this annoyance. Couldn’t get nothing out of it!

  • I’ve never had a single issue with adderall. Never had a problem coming down from it, never got addicted, never had any real problems other then loss of appetite and lack of sleep depending on when I take it but I’ve gone on and off adderall just fine. Some people just have a serious issue with getting addicted to stuff. Adderall is the only brain enhancement that I’ve taken that actually made a real difference in my life. I’ve tried everything and I can honestly bet that I’ll smoke your ass all day on adderall vs whatever natural nootropic you’re on.

  • I just took my first two. Let’s see how it goes, and I’ve been an idiot lately so I will be able to tell if it does anything or not haha.

  • How long before you notice them having an effect? Been taking them for 6 nights now. Not noticed anything different during the day nor any noticeable change in my dreams.

  • Brain Supplement Nootropics Booster Enhance Focus, Boost Concentration, Improve Memory & Clarity For Men & Women, Ginkgo Biloba, Mind Enhancement, IQ Neuro Energy, Vitamin B12, Bacopa Monnieri https://amzn.to/2KsKevB

  • Rhodiola, ashwaganda, 5-htp, ltyrosine and l-theanine is all you need. They are the king of nootropics without a shadow of a doubt

  • Only thing is, you can’t sleep at night after taking these. You’ll be trying to pull your hair out praying to God to please help you fall asleep

  • Americans
    “Let’s not take the FDA regulated pharmaceutical medications, that’s not safe! Let’s go take unregulated nootropic supplements”

  • 24:07 In Egypt there is a brand called Bravamax, it’s 200mg of modafinil, 1 pill = 6 EGP, which is currently equivalent to 0.36 USD xd…

    Edit: No prescription required

  • “Here’s an interesting example of how drugs can be different in different countries like this benzo type medicine in Russia.”
    Meathead: “So that would be good to take for relaxation and anxiety, okay.”
    It wasn’t a recommendation dipshit. Are you even tying to stay on the topic of this interview?

  • You only did it for a week? Most of the studies I’ve read say its take a good month to actually show some sort of cognitive improvement.

  • Stay away unless you want to fall asleep 5-6 hours later from the feeling of immense fatigue and exhaustion. Maybe good sleeping pills if taken house before bed.

  • Hello there, have you considered Penlargerem System yet? Simply do a search engine search. On there you will discover that a great guidelines about how you can increase your size when erections with natural ways. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

  • Ok so this was a good overview of things to look into but I need to know the exact molecular interactions in the brain specific to serotonin and dopamine processes because of my specific form of adhd and all those joys along side with my already heightened cognitive processing of both analytical and abstract thought. Does anyone have any suggestions on resources for more in depth molecular reactions for these and how to calculate theoretical processes of multiple forms of these alkaloid and amino acids. I’ve only just begun the journey of acquiring knowledge and understanding in this field and am already fully enthralled with it all.

  • Why not get brain analyzed while taking them. Imaging will show CONCLUSIVELY if the brain is more COHERENT as opposed to OBVIOUS FIGHT OR FLIGHT STRESS. Imaging will prove whether it’s working or not.

  • Most of you are probably aware that 5-htp can also be dangerous if it is taken at the same time as MDMA, but safe and beneficial when taken after.

  • Hi sky, i notice that Alpha brain helped with my focus however i felt a mild burning sensation in my head and a bit nauseous is it normal?

  • You all know that there are no brain boosting supplements besides placebo, right?
    Listen to doctors who actually don’t want to sell you something.

  • I actually feel like working out and running plus meditation works better than any supplement also a little bit of weed can help mot too much tho

  • It’s funny how Joe Rogan pretty much made this alpha brain stuff famous. Now every review from random youtubers I’ve watched, the person says the exact same thing Joe says almost quote by quote “I feel like I’m 1 step ahead, I have an extra gear” LOL. Is he a part owner of one of the big companies?

  • They should have a disclaimer that this video is pointless unless you do more research than nessisary just to understand what they are saying.

  • Alpha Brain(cocktail of stuff) is a TOO EASY WAY TO TRY nootropics. Try 1 nootropic/ingredient at a time. Get the essence of each & mix and match.

  • This topic is exclusively important. Learining, Life purpose, Meditation and enlightenment and now introduction to nootropics that synergizes all we have done so far actualization. Thanks to Leo for making available the information with transformative effects. cheers!

  • Them test was done on young people not senior that had memory issues. and the percentage was so low and they only did it on so little people. Not worth buying. The test results was teetering on the edge of placebo by 1% I checked out all the facts

  • 3 steps:
    Controlling emotions
    Damaging nervous system of brain and body
    Feeding rare substances till brain taps…
    Its hardwork of lifetime, takes tour life.

  • I felt after the 4th day I started feeling it my attention span increased I actually upped the dose I took 3 and it worked hella also I felt my metabolism increased i was always hungry lol

  • I took 2 capsules on the first day and I got sick as fuck to my stomach that lasted for hours I Layed down and didn’t sleep the whole nite and now it’s the next morning I’m still awake and in pain never take this shit Jesus

  • L theanine I read a medical study that participants were given 3g a day and showed cognitive improvements. The problem with all these nootropics & supplements is a standard dose.

  • What are the side affects? “The truth is I haven’t experienced any, butvthey can include 1)Developing skin disorders that would rival a Bond Villain, 2) Hallucinations, or 3) Death.

  • I don’t know if an Alpha brain supplement would do anything for people….. Honestly, you can’t really “change” your brain wave lol, but you could definitely help it, I guess. Sleeping, singing, doing homework, reading, and working out, would really help!!!!!! I love working out. It’s very nice. Oh, by the way, I have an Alpha brain wave. It doesn’t really matter if you do or not, but I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) when I was 18. My coworker was driving the three of us to a kids birthday party dressed as princesses. My photo was when I was playing Belle. The driver thought that you were supposed to stop at the four way, but it wasn’t a four way stop and a man that wasn’t looking, hit us. I apparently hit my head really hard on the drivers head. All three of us had our seat belts on, if I didn’t I would either be dead or just crippled. I was in the Hospital for a few months, then Therapy for a year and a half. This one doctor, Dr. Ebenezer, was the one that showed my mom my brain wave and he showed his students a picture of it. The first year, I started walking. It’s very easy. �� It’s funny because I’m not even that smart, I don’t think. I’m just a very happy person. Alpha brain ROCKS.

  • i totally know how you feel when you don’t want to do anything at all but rest, but you can’t because you have to much on the brain of what all you need to do

  • not just about supplements, its about physical exercise, forming new memories about places you’ve visited, absorbing knowledge like gaining a Degree, plus being creative like designing buildings, composing music etc

  • 00:39 Nitrosigine

    1:42 Cognizin

    2:54 Caffeine + Theanine

    4:00 Theacrine

    4:55 B12 + Iron

    But its very important that you listen to how he breaks it down, that way you can see which one better suits you!

  • You forgot Phenibut, If used correctly it can be a great help. I am struggling with social anxiety and it helps me a lot. Not something I will use for all my life, but right now its something that helps me get through education that I absolutely don’t want to do.

  • Sorry but in regards to modafinal if it makes your heart race that sounds like an amphetamine effect, I take dexamphetamine and I have to halve it too for that reason and the raciness you mentioned as well is part of the effect, and the side effects are same as amphetamine!

  • Anybody who sees this… don’t take the warning of being careful with Phenibut softly and also be careful with the dosage. Racetams and a great deal of other nootropics need to be treated with respect, but Phenibut is in a whole different league.

  • I’m a software developer and I have ADHD, I’m thinking about changing career since I can’t find any of these drugs in my whole city

  • I took the alpha brain peach flavor instant pack and became violently ill. Go check the reviews on amazon. I’ve never been as ill in my life. This stuff is absolutely toxic. Horrible.

  • OMG. These are used to increase the concentration and productivity and I understand bio hackers are the ones experimenting, since it’s their job. I would prefer modafinil/armodafinil from an online vendor like https://modafinilinc.com/ for around 100 bucks rather than paying 1000s of $$$ and experimenting myself.

  • So I eat bee pollen and Alfa brain for breakfast and well my dogs get bee pollen, and now that are asking for Alfa brain, do you think it’s ok to give them a tiny bit? I have two Chihuahuas and one is a pound and the other is eight pounds

  • As specialist, I think Penlargerem System is great way to get more intense erections by using healthy ways. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  • Tried Armodafinil. I think I may have taken too much… half a pill today. I felt a little muscle twitching and a little neck discomfort, similar but not as bad as when I took dexedrine. Yesterday, I took 1/4th it was much more smoother with no side effects. I did not try to meditate on it yet. I will try it for this purpose soon. I will say, thus far, I did not experience increased consciousness, but I would be curious if anyone has some stories about their experience.

  • Hello from India,
    I think leo overpriced a lil bit so here’s a real prices(Feb 2020):
    Modafinil or Modalert:
    ₹140 ($2) for 10 tabs

    Armodafinil or Artvigil:
    ₹240 ($3.5) for 10 tabs

  • Dr I am Uk 60 old lady’. I have sine in face infcain green mugs coming. Tow year go My brain very veer wizzes and cough please any vitamin TIL me

  • How to hack your brain: Take a katana and hold it vertically with the sharp edge turned towards your forehead………….
    Sorry LOL. Such an easy troll

  • Leo, (pretend) I bought all of these except Modafinil/Armodafinil… For the average person, would it be dangerous to take all 17? of these at once? Even if not, would you recommend taking them (more or less) one at a time to investigate the effects individually before starting to stack ’em up? Do you have any resources for ‘responsibly approaching these supplements and narrowing down into the ones thats are best for each individual? Many thanks for all the vids Pimp-player

  • This exactly as coffee to your muscles if you drink it and go train in gym.
    But it focused on your brain, not on your mind. So it turbinate your brain, but you need to control your mind, because there’s stuffs that can affect your mind perception and you won’t be able to enjoy the turbines on brain. Mindfulness helps a lot

  • This was a waste if time. She’s a nootropics “expert” and has only tried racetams a few times?!? Didnt even mention psychedelics or modafinil. And sorry Brah, but the exercise par excellence for the brain happens to be endurance running.. not pumping iron.

  • i put most of these supplements in my cart and now i’m at 200€… damn i bet even if i took all of them at once the effect wouldn’t be worth the money:’D

  • What do you think of increase your size when erections by using healthy ways with Penlargerem System? I see lots of people keep on speaking about Penlargerem System.

  • It works slower and some people in me I noticed as soon as I took it but basically off of brain is a actual all in one stack so you don’t have to stack as much now maybe for the eyesight one there is one for eyesight they don’t have

  • Not sure if recommending people who have no experience with drugs to take armoda is a good idea lol. 1/4 pill of regular modafinil and I start wondering whether I will have a heart attack and Im in good shape.

  • uhm yeah theoretically some of these could help with adhd but in reality i can pop a handful of plant pills without feeling any better.
    i mean i don’t even see any real improvement with strong medication like amphetamine or methylphenidate.
    i will try to get my hands on modafinil but i’m sure no doctor would prescribe it to me. also i certainly don’t believe that it’s not addictive. i have low willpower and sometimes i even get hooked on coffee so i’m very sure i could develop an unhealthy relationship with it.
    i’m gonna try microdosing lsd though, you said it’s even more effective than modafinil didn’t you? what dosage would you recommend?

  • My stack is.
    Meditation the moment I wake up.
    Ice cold shower.
    Omega 3, noopept, l-theanine, Curcumin + piperine, rhodelia rhosea, and a coffee.

    Foods: lots of fish and raw veg, blueberries and overall just make health conscious choices, don’t burnout your brain with too much high dopamine stuff.

    I also fast often from 5pm to the next day at 10am or sometimes extend it to a 24 hour fast.

  • You should look into ketogenic diet too and cognitive enhancement of using primarily ketones rather than glucose. I would encourage you to reassess, of course carefully and using radical open mindedness, your principal to stay away from addictive compounds. While this is a good general principle, addictive does not always imply bad.

  • i had modafinil and the first week i could study for 6 hours no problem next week i could watch porn for 12 hours hahah later when i stopped using it the depresion kicked in i couldnt look people in the eyes from the anxiety that it created luckily it passed after a week

  • Can you tell me about the wall covering behind you? Btw. I watched this because my son follows Joe and takes nootropics….. just trying to learn

  • If you are bio-hacking and currently in an optimal mental state, I highly recommend you listen to The Alpha Wave Podcast when you are in the climax of your nootropic stack. You will understand when you listen anchor.fm/alphawave

  • Every one has a different constitution, with that, tolerance, effectiveness,longevity and allergic reactions(the most important) need to be tested by the individual being that these are not prescription medications. When you are dealing with substances that cross the blood brain barrier, the need for caution can not be emphasized enough and knowing your own prescriptions for contra-indications is imperative, when you start taking supplements and as you continue. The body will always try to complete homeostasis so building a tolerance, dosing and stopping all together is an individualistic necessity. The pathways they talk about and neurotransmitters are the places any and all chemicals, natural or compound attach and induce the reaction you have. Every system in your body has places where these things “Plug -in” for example, Choline stimulates your brain functions and “plugs-in” to nicotinic receptors, this is also where “Nicotine” plugs in, cholines production by you body slows when you smoke because the nicotine takes the receptor. That is why with-drawls are so horrible, it takes a week or more for the choline production to kick in and catch up. You really need to understand these things before you introduce something that will do one thing and possibly inhibit another. The blood brain barrier is there for a major reason, the transmitters can increase firing or lesson, either way could be permanent and that isn’t including your heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver that all play apart at keeping you free from toxins. Peace

  • In India it do require prescription. But it is easier to get the prescription if you visit practitioner few time and push it, you may get the prescription.

  • lovebaja I purchased it and it gave me an unbelievable crash… I’m lucky I wasn’t driving. I had to run to my couch cause it made me pass out.

  • Started recently taking Bacopa again, noticed an added benefit in social relationships. I’m not getting caught up in drama because it just doesn’t seem efficient to do so!! My relationships with people have been more direct, true, and emotionally efficient, like I’m not getting caught up in stuff that isn’t necessary. It seems that nootropics are a great extra tool in this toolbox of becoming actualized.

  • Although this sounds really interesting and it is something I may need I need to research this further to find out if this actually works.

  • I picked up the Artvigil. I tried a quarter tab and it feels really weird. I feel super caffeinated and a little hungover at the same time. I’m not sure I can tolerate it. I’ve tried it 3x’s.

  • Nooflow Absolute Mind completely changed my life. Stumbled on the stuff on Amazon and take it with caffeine in the morning for the most incredible buzz of focus and euphoria I can imagine.

  • Starbucks is the number one place for a nootropic. It’s called caffeine! �� Got me over the hump of bi polar depression and now I’m in parts of my brain that I never thought I could access! I’m serious. Coffee is the best nootropic.

  • Thanks for the comprehensive info. I am taking notes and will begin slow experimentation on myself before recommending to my girlfriend. On a side note. Silly maybe. But your Halo Effect in video could probably become much stronger if you go with White or lighter shirt colors, rather than black.

  • You can take a lot more than 500mg of Lion’s mane mushroom per day (That’s only half of 1 gram) I personally have been taking 3000mg (3 grams)/day for the last year and have never felt better!

  • Nootropics https://nootropicboost.com/buy-best-nootropics/ medicines that improve memory processes and facilitate learning. Nootropics affect the energy and metabolism of brain cells, optimize the interaction of the hemispheres and the work of its individual systems.

  • careful about the creatine because weight lifters and body builders been taking it for a couple decades now and found out when coming off of it that they been taking too much and had shut down their own natural production of creatine. so be wary of over use.

  • Leo I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of years now and a lot of them have helped me..
    I’ve been taking modafinil for about 2 years now on and Off and never had any side effects except when I take it afternoon I find myself awake until 12-1am.

    ��������I take 1 modafinil (waklert) with a cup of coffee before 10-11am and it hits me faster��������

    For all the readers:

    This are not magic pills, they will increase who you are. If you’re a lazy pig you’ll find yourself doing more lazy things. You need to cooperate with the pill like a partnership it’s a boost like the movie “limitless” the guy sits in front of his desk and starts writing, you need to focus too. It’ll increase your habits

    I buy all my stuff from Modafinilstar.com and pay with bitcoin is a lot cheaper than other websites and never had any problems with them.

  • Three days in. Dreamed all three days and could recall all of it. It’s doing something for sure. I very rarely recall my dreams. Still haven’t noticed any other dramatic effects but it’s only been 3 days.

  • All i did was alpha brain a few years ago. It deff helped my sentence forming and vocabulary. Has anyone done this and then done something else and can compare?

  • He looks like real life drawing of a buff person. Something seems off about the form of his biceps, I’m triggered about it & I don’t know why..

  • I get this supplement called Neural Renew from Amazon. Its a really solid stack and its only like $5 for a month. Dont ask me how its so cheap but I love it

  • What do you think about CBD? I find that vaping CBD flower instead of taking oil tinctures and edibles has the best and most immediate effects in my experience.

  • I’m sitting in my car in front of Sprouts trying to decide what kind of nootropic to try and watching this video. I always see this product, but I didn’t know the info. Thanks for the video, I appreciate you.

  • Anyone know what is Penlargerem System about? I hear a lot of people get permanent enlargement with this popular natural male enhancement.

  • I tried going cold turkey with coffee on a weekend so it wouldn’t affect my work, Honest to God I could not get out of bed and I slept most of the day away, I finally got out of bed at 1pm. I usually start my day at 6am

  • What do you think of increase your size when erections with natural ways with Penlargerem System? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Penlargerem System.

  • Wow, this is not snake oild because it really exists. The problem with snake oil is not that it does not exist. it is that it does not work. I am not a huge fan of Rogan, but this is a new low.

    Lot’s of people craving for smart drugs suffer from oxidative stress because of a poor diet. Oxidative stress is when your body cells (also your braincells) got oxidated by lack of good nutritions.
    Let me prescribe you some things that heals your brain (repairs your braincells) and you won’t need unhealthy smart drugs anymore. Take this every day for at least half a year:
    1 scoop of undenatured whey (protein) powder. It’s for the 3 amino-acids that your liver needs for making glutathione. That is the body’s strongest antioxidant against free radicals. Don’t take whey powder with added sugar or any taste. Just pure whey powder. You could make a shake with it and add healthy stuff to it. I just put in my yoghurt.
    N-acetyl-cysteine supplement �� this 1 of the 3 amino-acids your body need for making glutathione. This one is not enough in our foods these days. I take it anyway aside the whey powder. 500 mg per �� capsule is enough.
    Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) this a very strong antioxidant.
    Liposomal vitamin C. The liposomal stuff makes the vitamine C stay longer in your system.
    Crape seed extract �� together with �� the Lipsomal Vitamin C gives you more focus, more concentration. This only works for the day. So this is not for long term, like the other stuff i’m putting here, to heal your brain, but for supporting focus temporary.
    Lithium Orotate �� 2,5 or 5 mg per day, is for repairing braincells. It’s not dangerous! Don’t confuse this with the Lithium that psychiatrists are prescribing to bi-polar people. That is ‘Lithium Carbonate’ with a way to high dosis of 250 to 500 mg. That’s why those people get side effects. I’m talking about ‘Litium Orotate’ in a very low dosis of 2,5 or 5 mg per capsule �� It does miracles to your brain. You’ll notice after 4 weeks.
    Griffonia Simplicifolia 5 HTP 200 mg �� for making more serotonine in your brain. This is also temporary for the day.
    Ashwagandha �� for making more GABA in your brain. Also temporary for the day.
    So the strong antioxidants are for healing your braincells (long term), and the Lithium Orotate is also for healing and repairing for the long term. When your brain is healed you only need 1 mg �� per day.
    Good luck!

  • Hey, sometimes things going out of our control, and people are becomming depressive. Many people looking for escape of this problem. I would recommend you to buy nootropics. Stacks are here: https://nootropicboost.com. There are a lot of stacks for insomnia, work out and depression. I think this will help him.

  • Excellent Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you tried Conabel Muscle Marmsome (just google it)? It is an awesome exclusive product for learning how to memorise anything without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan at very last got astronomical results with it.

  • Thank you for ure thoughts. Really good information. I`m new with nootropics. Found some stacks here: nootropicboost. Looks like its a new site, there is no those stacks what youre talking about.

  • Sun pharma makes many medicine. It’s a 4 billion dollars worth of a company and spend millions in research and trials. It’s just like any other US pharma company.

  • My dreams are alrea. dy fucked so I dont think Im gonna touch this stuff. Had a dream that was wayyy too vivid and I could sense everythig way more sensitively until I started to fucking fly and warp like Noctis when he warp strikes (I was playing FFXV before I slept) all while trying to overthrow the Soviet Union which in my dream was in the process of world domination

  • i was trying different    Brain health  vitamins from last one year  to get rid of mental stress but no one help me..then i get to know about  a nearby vitamins store..I am taking their vitamins from 2 month..now i am feeling much better

  • That’s a wicked list defo going to give these a go by the way synergy super green powder contains all the amino acids etc etc thanks heaps

  • If she’s a MD, where’s the scientific evidence? We can’t possibly take seriously what she says just because of her title if all she offers is her own personal experience.

  • organic coffee is most important as the pesticides in regular coffee are very negative

    tired after meals is poor food combining

    raw fat won’t make you feel bad

    egg yolks are loaded with all the amino acids

    wired at night (nervous system detox)

  • I took it. Made me really sick. Took 4-5 hours to wear off. The peach powder made me vomit. I never vomit. And I love Onnit, Aubrey, and Rogan.

  • Caution. Modafinil might affect negatively on your brain on long run.
    Modafinil is banned drug. Attentively consider researching before using.
    Research excerpt “So use of modafinil by healthy young adults under 30 years old are at risk of disruptions in brain development.” from Article:


  • How do we know what we are lacking? My doctor didn’t cover anything in detail in my blood work, do I have to go to a lab or something independently?