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What 1,500 Calories Looks Like (No-Cook Edition) by Danielle Omar, RD. June 4, 2019. No Comments. Share it: Whether you’re short on time or just want to avoid turning the stove on, it’s always a good idea to have healthy, no-cook meals as go-tos.

Jul 2, 2019 Liquid calories are a hidden danger, but these drinks can help you shed pounds. More information What 1,500 Calories Looks Like (No-Cook Edition) | Nutrition | MyFitnessPal. A budget of 1,500 calories a day can be pretty satisfying when you fill up on nutrient-rich foods like produce, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. Here’s a sample menu with some of our users’ favorite MyFitnessPal recipes to show you just how delicious and satiating 1,500 calories can be.

Trying to clean up your diet and cut calories? A budget of 1,500 calories a day can be pretty satisfying when you fill up on nutrient-rich foods like produce, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. Here’s a sample menu with some of our users’ favorite MyFitnessPal recipes. Here we show what a day’s worth of food looks like on a 1,500-calorie diet. And when you’re ready for more, try our 7-Day Diet Meal Plan to Lose Weight at 1,500 Calories.1200 CALORIE SAMPLE MENU A sample of a 1200 calorie diabetic diet is shown below.

A dietitian can help you decide you many snacks you need each day. At the start of the diet, you’re supposed to restrict yourself to just 1,000 calories a day for three days straight. On days four through seven, you can eat 1,500 calories. The calorie-restrictive nature of the diet means it’s likely not sustainable long term for weight loss, and the short list of foods it provides could be limiting nutrient.

23 Low-Carb Dinners Under 500 Calories That Actually Look Good AF. Here are some easy dinner options all under 500 calories, with less than 25 grams of carbs per serving. Mussels sounds. Eating 500 calories less than you burn per day will generally result in a loss of 1 pound per week.

If you are an average woman that burns 2,000 calories per day you should consume 1,500 calories per day to lose 1 pound per week. As an alternative, you can also create a caloric deficit by exercising more. Daily Totals: 1,509 calories, 59 g protein, 202 g carbohydrates, 39 g fiber, 61 g fat, 1,403 mg sodium.

To make it 1,200 calories: Omit the orange at breakfast and switch the P.M. snack to 1. It’s actually just a fact in order to cut fat you need to be in a calorie deficit. Well, that means is you need to be burning more calories than you’re taking in so naturally, for example, my body burns 2000 calories a day right just by existing, so I need to eat 2000.

Just to make it run right and then any calories I.

List of related literature:

• Poultry—Chicken and turkey are usually good items for dieters because the broiled or roasted meat with the skin removed contains about 40 Calories (kcal) to 50 Calories (kcal) per ounce (28 g).

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
from Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set
by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
Taylor & Francis, 1993

Ask a friend to write down the value for calories on each label and then black out these numbers on the labels.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Discovering Nutrition
by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

Each omelet without filling: About 186 calories, 16g protein, 9g carbohydrate, 9g total fat (Ig saturated), Img cholesterol, 1,393mg sodium.

“The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” by Susan Westmoreland
from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook
by Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books, 2004

At first I shuttled back and forth between an online calorie calculator and whatever vegetable I had chopped up on the cutting board.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

“USDA Food Patterns” in the appendices gives amounts for each calorie level, or go to www.ChooseMyPlate.gov.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

To get an accurate calorie count for one serving of this meal, you’ll need to look up the calorie information of each of its dozen or more ingredients and measure the amount you eat.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

For example, the original food label (left) says that a serving has only 100 kcal.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
Wiley, 2019

If you’d like to track your food online, you can use any number of calculators.

“Keto Quick Start: A Beginner's Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes” by Diane Sanfilippo
from Keto Quick Start: A Beginner’s Guide to a Whole-Foods Ketogenic Diet with More Than 100 Recipes
by Diane Sanfilippo
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Include a chart showing a breakdown of the meals’ fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and calories.

“Integrating Differentiated Instruction & Understanding by Design: Connecting Content and Kids” by Carol A. Tomlinson, Jay MacTighe, Jay McTighe
from Integrating Differentiated Instruction & Understanding by Design: Connecting Content and Kids
by Carol A. Tomlinson, Jay MacTighe, Jay McTighe
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2006

Many make gross mistakes in calculating calories and the charts are not always available.

“201 Tips for Losing Weight” by Dr. Bimal Chhajer
from 201 Tips for Losing Weight
by Dr. Bimal Chhajer
Fusion Books, 2016

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  • This is a great lecture. I’ve watched it three times. I’m more interested in the positive hormonal changes and the cellular repair aspects of fasting, but I learned things about nutrition that I never understood, and in fact was completely wrong about. It does bother me though that his bullet points on the fasting advantage slide around the 30-minute mark are revealed bottom to top though.

  • hehe, that is a nice term, eyeballing the food:D. i do it though, but in a sence i eyeball all the delicious things instead of eating them:D

  • This is not exactly healthy get rid of the yokes and use low fat yogurt and just because it keeps you filled up all day and helps you lose weight doesn’t mean it’s healthy or good for you

  • Is there anybody else out there that is having trouble getting started? Why in God’s name do I fight the answer to my dilemma? Yes, we are all going to die someday, but why am I the head cheerleader boosting it on? Is it not like I haven’t been hungry before? Is it the dread of failure yet once again, that is holding me back?

  • Darn! What were the questions? Shame it got cut off. I have a question that I can never get the answer to it seems. I would love to fast for longer than part of a day (I do mostly OMAD.) but I have three concerns for longer fasting. 1. I have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and i’ve heard numerous times that fasting will cause the liver to let go of the toxins far too quickly and in itself this may well cause more issues with fatty liver, hence those with NAFLD should lose weight slowly therefore it’s not safe to fast for longer periods, is this the case? This makes me stick to OMAD rather than a longer fast but I would actually love to do regular longer fasts. So… that is my first concern. 2. I also have a gall bladder stone and i’ve heard that losing weight too rapidly may cause the gall bladder to spasm and struggle with the stone. Hence another reason (so i’ve heard) to lose weight slowly and why i’m sticking to OMAD till now. And lastly but just as importantly 3, How about re-feeding syndrome after a longer fast? I’ve heard you have to be very careful indeed with how you break the fast over several days. ie, bone broth for the first couple of days then maybe introducing softly boiled veg etc. I couldn’t afford bone broth, both money-wise and time-wise so could I break a longer fast with some simple boiled veg and chicken for example, or a salad? I would love to do longer fasts but these three concerns bother me. I would really appreciate some input.

  • can someone explain me that if my body reducing calories out.. how I am supposed to lose weight if due to insulin my body wont reach for that freezer sotrage? It does not make sense for me, If my body can not use fat storage because of insulin, and I am strarting reduce calories, but I have still insulin foods.. from where am I loosing weight? If my body has not reached fat storage:D Sorry for bad english bud I can not imagine it properly..

  • Hanging onto your every word. I have recently reduced a lot of carbs. I measure my glucose level regularly even just to see how much a type of food spikes my insulin. It’s a great motivator. I’m type 2 diabetes and female at menopausal age so realizing all round how carbs are not my friend. I already lost 4 kilos and don’t hv the same craving for pasta and other stuff that I had before. I feel I’m onto a good thing and am eating more greens. What you say is reinforcing this and leaving longer periods without eating. Yes, what we used to do when we were young. Thanks from the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta where there’s a very high rate of diabetes and overweight ( we love our pasta and bread). Back to the real Mediterranean food intake for me. Pls keep this going. You are so refreshing coming from the medical profession.

  • I’m trying to wrap my head around this….so if you only reduce your calories by 15% let’s say, your body’s metabolism will decline meaning you end up in a vicious cycle of regaining weight but if you fast but do not reduce your calories at all then you will lose weight and continue having a healthy metabolism? I’m guessing that there still needs to be a healthy consumption of calories but probably reduced from what one used to eat to become overweight coupled with intermittent fasting which will lead to sustainable weight loss? Any input?

  • I have intermittent fasted and after my body got used to it I felt fine. I’m also eating breakfast now and also feel fine. Any issue with either?

  • My roommate 15 years ago was the skinniest guy I’d ever met. At 40, he had honest to goodness what appeared to be a 22 inch waistline. One day, while we were having dinner, I saw him eat a pot full of white rice. So, I had to ask, “You eat like a pig but you’re skinnier than Audrey Hepburn. What’s your secret?” He then told me that he only ate twice a day (once at breakfast, once at dinner) and he didn’t care how much he ate. He also said that he didn’t snack between meals, and the only beverages he drank were water and black coffee. He said he didn’t have a sweet tooth. Now, years later, I’ve realized he was doing a 12:12 fast and didn’t consume any sweets.

  • I’m so sorry to all on this thread have lost family members! Determined to learn to keep myself and husband healthy. Love, peace and comfort to all!

  • “Cancer” is caused by sugar, fructose, fungus, yeasts, molds,toxic diets,pesticides, dairy, hormones,” prions “, virus in meat,chlorinated water,, high oxalate crystals, high uric acid,, Stress, UV radiation exposure, G5 towers, electric magnetic radiation-damaged, heated fats, fried foods, high protein diets, processed food, refine carbohydrates.

    “Eat a low “”lectin”” ” low “oxalate” ” diet “…no spinach, no wheat!.no bread, no pasta!

    American cuisine is poison, cosmic UV radiation exposure (sun), mercury in Fish.

    If you keep you blood sugar below 85 and you eat organic plant base diet you will never get Cancer.

    Coffee (caffeine ) makes the liver to release sugar to the blood and this causes ” insulin” surge to be released by the pancreas..the result is hunger and weight gain!
    you want to lose weight? no coffee, no tea….no caffeine!….coffee and teas are a drug > ( caffeine )

    Liver Detoxification –. L-Ornithine is truly special, because it helps your body eliminate extra nitrogen amonia from high protein diets and other types of waste. 

    The liver hates fat, fried food, heated damaged fats, sugar, fructose, chemicals,pesticides -> Detox!
    I LOVE chromium GTF by NOW. I have been using this for years. I’d been having a lot of difficulty with low blood sugarwith hand tremors & a foggy head. When I take this supplement daily, I feel steady all day even if I’m late eating a meal. appetite control & sugar cravings along with eating lower carbs. help keep my blood sugar in line.

    Coffee (caffeine ) makes the liver to release sugar to the blood and this causes ” insulin” surge to be released by the pancreas..the result is hunger and weight gain! coffee stimulates the liver and the pancreas to release insulin…..( weight gain)
    you want to lose weight? no coffee, no tea….no caffeine!….coffee and teas are a drug > ( caffeine )

  • Absolutely brilliant. Wish I knew all this stuff 35 years ago! Seriously learning so much this last month of lock down, there have been multiple positives.

  • Won’t the intermittent fasting only work as long as you continue to do it?
    If you lose 100 lbs through IF. Won’t you gain it back if you stop fasting, just as it happens to the contestants on the Biggest Loser?

  • I hate the word starvation. I hate it because for a lot of people, that’s the first thing they say when you talk about fasting. Technically every single person fasts every single day. You don’t eat all day so technically when you aren’t eating you’re fasting. Extending the time you fast is what makes fat people lean. Starvation, to me, means you’re body has had no food for so long that it has run out of fat stores and is now cannibalizing muscle and organ tissue. Those horrible pictures you saw of the human skeletons in the Nazi death camps were of starving people. Seriously how can you look at a 400 pound person who hasn’t eaten for 24 hours and claim they’re “starving”?

  • Look at a lion. He or she takes off, catches the food and eates, then sleeps most of the time until dinner time again. It might be several days.

  • This was a good talk, yet there’s something missing from it.
    He asked a couple of times “Can you do it?” and he noted quickly: that’s a separate question.
    NO! That’s the key question that should have been addressed.
    Nobody is denying that you will lose weight if you don’t eat. When people say it won’t work, the intrinsic meaning is that they don’t think people can do it.
    Why not? Because they’ve tried it and it is not easy.
    The problem is… they come from a full lunch, full of carbs and sugar. By 3pm they are hungry again (that’s what carbs do to you). They try to skip their 3pm snack, and by 5pm they are starving to the point of hurting. And you ask them to fast for an entire day? No way.
    What this talk missed to mention is that the key is to reduce you carbs first. Go into it gradually. When you don’t eat carbs, you don’t feel hungry. As the graphs show, in the absence of carbs, your body will give you a natural boost (by burning fat), so that you can get off your butt and go hunt for food.
    Once you break the carb/sugar dependency, you can easily fast for 24h. I say this from experience.

  • I dropped 30 lbs in a year from fasting and my doctor thought I was on the verge of an eating disorder… I’m at 21 BMI.
    I love food. I love to cook. I love to eat. I don’t have a psychological aversion and I never binge or purge.
    Doctors are CRAZY.

  • I’m from the UK and subbed for you, also i eat 1500 kalories well lately I’ve been relaxing abit more going up to around 1700 kalories having a couple more eggs. Eating healthier and getting abit more kalories in while still losing weight.

    DUDE!!!! WTF
    We are the same i used to do 20 hour fast and eat 1500 kalories a day and then i started to see ridiclous results. I am going to do the 20 hour fasts and strictly 1500 kalories on the days I’m off work

  • I would love to get some advice from any experienced casters out there: I’ve been fasting for about 6 months now doing mainly 20:4 but can only lose weight if I reduce calories too. If they stay the same, my weight won’t move. The bleak picture Dr Fung paints sounds like my metabolism is just going to get lower and lower, but if fasting alone won’t work then I’ve no idea what I can do.

  • I’ve been OMAD and Keto dieting for the past month and I’ve lost 25lb. I feel great, and I dont feel like I’m suffering at all. Anyone have advice of alternate day fasting, fasting for 3 days, 4 days, longer than that? Whats your experience with the other cycles? I’m interested in trying out the different ones if they work even better.

  • My GF does weight Watchers. I try to explain this ☝️☝️to her. They got her sold on the calories and points counting. WW make sense until you listen to Jason Fung.

  • I use to fast 7 days twice a year for health reasons especially to promote autophagy, at the end of the fast my skin is more clear, my digestion works better, any joints problems are solved, my knee pains are gone, everything works better. But the only thing that is hard for me is changing my diet to a keto diet.

  • This video is from 2016. There’s a new study in 2017 on intermittent fasting with ground breaking results. so i’m guessing Jason might have included it in post 2017 videos.

  • Forget fasting. High intensity interval exercise is the key to reducing insulin levels and promoting weight loss in the long term. It works when all else fails as it dramatically improves glucose metabolism and makes the body insulin sensitive. Fasting or diet can’t change the body but short, hard exercise will.

  • We’ve been following Dr. Fung for the last year. I hope he will be remembered in the future as one of the most influential Canadians to benefit the health of humanity. ❤️

  • I just made it today, so delicious and taste like real chocolate cake!!! I replace 20 grams of oat flour with soybean powder for more protein, it still amazing ���� thank you for sharing this wonderful and healthy recipe. I’m looking forward to see more healthy recipe from you ❤️

  • EVERYONE your “metabolism” does not “slow down” when you lose weight. It adjusts to the calorie requirements of the smaller person.

  • I absolutely love Dr. Fung but the idea that body doesn’t burn protein for fuel when all the other sources of energy are not available is wrong. When you’re done burning your own fat, you begin loosing muscle. That’s why people in death camps looked like skeletons. They burnt all their fat and the only thing that the body was left with to utilize for energy was muscle tissue.

  • I told my mom about insulin, she happily agree of everything I said and promise to cut down her sugar intake…. she said she only put 2 Tablespoons of sugar in her coffee ☕️ �� what the h….

  • Started my 5-day fast today. Haven’t done this before. The longest streak was a 72-hour fast and I was drained and weak at the end of it. Will update my daily progress for those who care 😉 Peace, out. ✌��
    Current Weight: 78Kgs.
    Update: End of 5-day fast and I weigh 75Kgs. ��

  • I would theorise that the reduction in metabolic rate is proportional to the decrease in weight, owing to requiring less Kjs to move a lighter body Vs moving a heavier body.

  • Holy crap, I eat the same calories as you and I am 5’3 114 lbs. I’m doing keto and IF + 5x workouts per week, one meal a day. This seriously is such an impressive cut!

  • I am so glad someone finally put these morons who believe in ”starvation mode” and ”BUH YOULL BURN MUSCLE NOT FAT DERP” in their place.

  • If you find it hard to fast or painful this might be a sign you’re very toxic. Eat clean foods and ease into fasting. Inform yourself and use discretion. When you have fasted and turned from filthy living and have endured until you are truly clean, you should have a clarity and lightness of body and mind you probably have never experienced. Then your true nature and personallity can shine forth freely through your form, for the window of your earthly life will be no longer muddled with toxins and disease. You shall experience more peace and joy and enthusiasm and wonder for life. Sadly moden society has been set up to toxify your body and mind in almost every way possible, but there is hope for you. You can repent and be healthy in life. It will take time and dicipline. Maybe much time and discipline. Of course no pain no gain. But what will a man trade for his own life? Clean Breathing, Clear Sight, Sound Hearing, Sensitive Feeling, Acute Smelling, Clear Mind, Beautiful Strong Physique, Inner Peace, Wonder, Enthusiasm, Joy, Courage, Power, Connection, Love! For What!? Lust? Entertainment? Taste of Food? Honor of man? Defence of ignorant ideals? Worldly Pleasure and Pride? Love of death. True Foolishness. Fast and pray and eat living clean food until all of your insides are cleansed and renewed and radiate vibrant with the light of life. And your skin and appearance and face will shine also as like unto angels. Repent. Have faith and continue in Holy living. Meditate, pray and fast. Get moderate sunlight and much fresh clean air and water. All diseases and cancers can be cured by holy living and Faith. Baldness can be reversed. Scars can dissapear. Teeth and limbs can be grown. Eyesight can be fully and truly restored. Hearing clean and crisp as streams of living water skipping and dancing. Most are literally sick, deaf and blind and don’t even know it. But you can truly be a Child of Life. As you probably once were. Seek and enter into the Kingdom of True Life. Paradise on earth, inside you, here and now. Have Faith! Faith is the key which unlocks all doors. Faith can create nee worlds. Trust me for you own sake. Get knowledge. Blessed be the one who heeds my instruction and follows, for he shall overcome himself and bring true life and peace and joy and loving power unto himself and all the world willing to receive him. Your heart will live forever. Jesus Christ Lives. He is Lord and King of kings. Your Father is God. I am your brother in truth. We are truth. We are life. We are love. We love you. Peace be with you.

  • More doctors need to start letting diabetics know that keto/lowcarb can be the solution. Insulin injection is the beginning of the end.

  • Fat people! If you want to be healthy, please, do not listen to this crap. When a doctor is trying to convince you that being obese it is not your fault, seek another opinion. When a doctor tells you that your problem is “fasting vs counting calories”, find a smart one. When a doctor, treating your obesity, tells you that eating less and moving more is stupid strategy, ask yourself: why do the Japanese never care what’s better fasting or less strict caloric restriction, nonetheless they live longer than any nation on earth. They smoke, drink and eat as much as they want. So stop watching this canadian sharlatan and go outside

  • if your trying to increase testosterone, Vegan diet is superb for increasing testosterone. Carbohydrates is what the human body is fueled best by.

  • I’ve been intermittent fasting for going on 3 week only eating 12pm-8pm. Not going over 30g of carbs a day and no sugar. Not eating more than 900 calories a day. I lost 7 pounds the first week. I didn’t lose any weight the second week. Can you make me understand that is going on. Thanks

  • Why can’t you people just accept that fasting let’s you eat fewer calories more easily and nothing else…

    It’s like you can’t loose weight if you don’t cling to skewed statistics and caveman analogies.
    Why are we comparing the biggest looser competitors metabolic rate, measured over years, to literally whoever fasting for 4 days?

    Oh and, for everyone saying that this is a grand conspiracy created by the whatever industry,
    if you eat the same thing you’d eat on a fast as you would otherwise, just less per meal, who exactly is profiting of of that?
    How are you paying less when you’re fasting, if you just eat more per meal?

  • This is what confused me. He talks about these people’s metabolism shrinking but doesn’t really go into much explanation why. Isnt that just what happens? If you’re half the person you were before, then of course your metabolism will shrink because you don’t need that much energy to sustain that size anymore.

    Everyones got a Basal metabolic rate (BMR), that’s the number of calories it takes to sustain your current weight at rest. I personally have lost 6 stone, and my BMR has decreased significantly, but thats because I’ve lost the weight of a small child, and don’t need the number of calories i previously needed to sustain myself. I just wished these doctors spoke more about that. There’s confusion everywhere

  • This doesn’t make sense. You say that calories in calories out allowed the biggest losers to lose 150lbs on average and yet later you say that it doesn’t allow you to burn fat and your body just reacts by reducing calories out. But clearly thats contradictory. So what’s happening in the biggest loser? Why are they losing weight? I understand they gain it back but clearly reducing calories does lead to opening the keys and letting out the fat.

  • The thing I’ve heard, and what makes sense, when it comes to burning muscle when fasting isn’t that the body uses muscle as an energy storage device but that he muscles burn a lot of energy so shedding muscle is a safety mechanism to allow us to survive a fast longer. It’s like making the first thing we do be downgrading from an SUV to a compact car but keeping the same fuel tank.

    I’m not claiming this is correct. I just think this guy is discrediting the wrong theory. He’s right it makes no sense to make you weaker when it’s most important to go out and hunt. But it does make sense to make you weaker when there’s nothing to hunt even if you want to. A better strategy is to just wait it out until “the herds return”.

  • this i will try but will it affect anything if i take protein shakes to help me keep my protein? i know it wont affect my weight but will it affect anything else

  • I suffered from inflammation in my should for 3 years. The doctors put me in an MRI and then later wanted to carve out tissue from inside my joints during a surgical procedure. Fasting healed me in two months. I am pain free for 2 years now. Thank you, Dr. Fung!!!

  • What does Dr Fung recommend for a type II diabetic who is very skinny? He got diabetes because of stress, not because of extra lbs. So he doesn’t have extra lbs to lose. Should he still fast a lot?

  • So a Keto diet while IF is how you lose weight? Does that mean no carbs at all? and will a 16/8 IF work or do I need to do a 24h fasting?

  • Stupid question: I need some form of nutrient in the morning before working out having a fruit shake goes against the fast, correct? It’s only fruit, to which at times I add protein, but i can eat a meal at noon. Thanks much, and I’ll put up with the smart ass remarks as well.

  • I went from 252 post Covid lockdown to 227 in one month of June. Goal is 150…..77 more pounds to lose. I want to tone and get ripped too. #stayhard

  • I cannot believe in this day and age that we are still teaching people the incorrect information. What a crime! Thank you Dr. Fung.

  • Thanks but it could be a great help if you had talked about fasting and medication. Some people are taking medications after a meal. How can they fast. In general how to fast, i.e. every second day, or one week at the time or 30 days or what?

  • I’m a 5’7 women. I’m 57 years old. In total menopause. I weigh 220lbs just lost 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks of intermittent fasting. Only eating from 12pm to 8pm. I want to get to 135 pound by March 2021. If I stay on this lifestyle change. Do you think my goal is achievable? Thanks

  • She said the cake is gluten free although the oats have gluten, unless stated otherwise and those plain oats are with gluten, so be careful if baking this for a celiac and make sure to check the allergies.

  • I have a specific question regarding the ancient grain einkorn. If you aren’t familiar with it, you may need to read up on it, but Because it is so different from modern wheat, in every way, would this carbohydrate be okay to have in your diet and still loose fat with fasting? It has a lower glycemic count than modern wheat but I also ferment it so it’s even lower. I have read that studies are showing that including this grain can actually stave off type 2.

  • substitute the sugar to brown sugar and reduce the amount by half and omg this is the yummiest, fudgy, just the perfect chocolate cake, sadly I almost ate the whole pan by myself so idk how many calories got into my body lol

  • ☆I am nearly at the end of my 120 hour #snakejuicefast, then will refeed tonight ���� ☆ Ive been living this lifestyle for a few years, and calories in vs calories would certainly cause people to plateau.

  • My mom passed away 3 years ago. Diagnosed w T2D 20 years ago. She became a hermit not wanting to go out except the grocery store and pharmacy, she was in pain most of time she was on these meds. She was popping tramadal for the neuropathy daily. My respect for this entire diabetic medical community of drs is absolutely 0. Some of them know this is the answer and they do nothing. Using fasting and low carb I’ve lost 30 lbs in 6 months. So much thanks to Dr Fung and this methodology for treating T2D and excessive fat storage.

  • Soo i tried the cake.. I mean for those who loooooves dark chocolate it’s amazing but if you don’t.. pass.. The consistancy is great (but I added more time in the oven). And it was wayyyyy smaller. And the cocoa/cacao is too much.

    Maybe I fucked up but the only difference was that used splenda and almond milk �� and didn’t do the lil chocolate thing on it (totally recommend like she said)

  • Oh my Gods!! Are y’all still eating corn?! It is not broken down or used by the digestive system. It just sits in your lower colon.