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How to Get Proper Nutrition with Food Allergies MILK ALLERGY. Milk is pretty easy to replace in a recipe, but without it you can lose some key vitamins and minerals EGG ALLERGY. Substituting eggs in a recipe. Here is a list of my allergies: all fresh fruit, most fresh vegetables (with the exception of lettuce, avocados, radish, and onions), oatmeal, nuts (although I can have peanut butter in small amounts), and almost all grain breads.

Once the food (in most cases excluding the bread and some fruits) has been “processed” or cooked. Simple (modified) diet. This basic elimination diet involves avoiding just one food or, sometimes, the two most common food allergy triggers: wheat (including gluten items) and dairy. Instead, eat. Your one-stop source for information on the optimal diet, the top 14 foods, and the best recipes for preventing and healing allergic reactions naturally with appropriate nutrition.

What you will find in this Guide. The goal of our Online Guide to Allergies and Nutrition is to provide allergy sufferers with extensive information on how to treat and get rid of allergies. Vegetarian foods that cause allergies can be roughly divided into non-meat protein sources, foods used as grains, and fruits and vegetables, although some foods (for instanc. The.gov means it’s official.

Federal government websites always use a.gov or.mil domain. Before sharing sensitive information online, make sure you’re on a.gov or.mil site by inspecting your. Separate the foods listed into meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), then into food groups. At each meal, choose a food from each group to obtain a good balance of nutrients. Highlight favorite foods with a colored highlighter marker.

The term food allergy is best reserved for potentially life-threatening food reactions that involve immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies of your immune system. These are “true” food allergies. A food trial using a hypoallergenic dog food is the only reliable way to diagnose food allergies in dogs. There are two ways to do this – using a novel protein source or hydrolyzed protein.

A “novel” protein. Removing two or more important foods can result in poor nutrition. So, it is important to meet your child’s nutritional needs with a balanced diet.

Formula Options for Infants with Food Allergies.

List of related literature:

Consult with dietitian to ensure a balanced diet that excludes identified allergens.

“Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice” by Sandra M. Nettina
from Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice
by Sandra M. Nettina
Wolters Kluwer Health, 2013

For older children, many clinicians will recommend initially initiating the six-food (milk, soy, egg, wheat, peanut/tree nuts, and fish/shellfish) elimination diet and then an immediate referral to a pediatric allergist for identification and targeted food elimination, based on allergy testing results.

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
from Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care E-Book
by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

If you think you or someone you know has a food allergy, consult an allergist/immunologist, a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

To determine which foods to eliminate, start with the most common allergens.

“108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential” by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
from 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential
by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
Hay House, 2017

As there is no cure yet, the generally accepted way of managing a food allergy or intolerance is the exclusion of the offending food(s) or ingredient(s) from the diet (Lack, 2008; Burks et al., 2011).

“Introduction to Human Nutrition” by Susan A. Lanham-New, Thomas R. Hill, Alison M. Gallagher, Hester H. Vorster
from Introduction to Human Nutrition
by Susan A. Lanham-New, Thomas R. Hill, et. al.
Wiley, 2019

If no specific food allergies are found by skin prick test, then a six-food elimination diet (no cow’s milk, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts, fish/shellfish) or introduction of an elemental diet result in symptomatic relief and less esophageal inflammation.

“Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: Assessment and Management, Third Edition” by Joan C. Arvedson, Linda Brodsky, Maureen A. Lefton-Greif
from Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: Assessment and Management, Third Edition
by Joan C. Arvedson, Linda Brodsky, Maureen A. Lefton-Greif
Plural Publishing, Incorporated, 2019

If you can afford it, a good naturopathic physician (ND) is trained to identify food allergies.

“The Drummer and the Great Mountain a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD: Adult ADD / ADHD Holistic Support System” by Michael Joseph Ferguson
from The Drummer and the Great Mountain a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD / ADHD: Adult ADD / ADHD Holistic Support System
by Michael Joseph Ferguson
Luminaia, 2015

It’s best to schedule a visit with an immunologist or allergist, the doctors that specialize in food allergies.

“Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies” by Julie Wilkinson
from Acid Alkaline Diet For Dummies
by Julie Wilkinson
Wiley, 2012

Elimination diets and special liquid diets can be used to diagnose allergies, but they are complicated and time­consuming.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

The only reliable method is to follow an allergy elimination diet and then systematically reintroduce foods one at a time.

“The Keystone Approach: Healing Arthritis and Psoriasis by Restoring the Microbiome” by Rebecca Fett
from The Keystone Approach: Healing Arthritis and Psoriasis by Restoring the Microbiome
by Rebecca Fett
Franklin Fox Publishing LLC, 2017

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  • I know this is old but I have a slightly off topic question. You mentioned having life saving medicine that is not expired, would albuterol for asthma be considered life saving? I’ve used mine past date before but get mixed results depending on how old it is.

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  • The guy says one thing, the video description says another. Peanuts are definitely legumes. Are cashews legumes like he says or tree nuts like the description says?

  • I was wandering about the case when the smell alone of the food you’re allergic to causes a reaction. If there’s a way to avoid it, maybe get used to it?

  • Dextrose is corn sugar manufactured from cornstarch per CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATION 21CFR184.1857; therefore, glucose (blood sugar) is not dextrose (corn sugar) and dextrose (corn sugar) is not glucose (blood sugar). They may be biochemically identical (Molecular Formula: C6H12O6)]; however, not with regard to their allergenicity; e.g., glucose (blood sugar) cannot provoke an allergic response, whereas dextrose (corn sugar manufactured from cornstarch) can prove fatal to anyone with an IgE-mediated allergy to corn. It is for this reason that IV fluids to which corn sugar (dextrose) has been added are contraindicated for administration to corn-allergic patients.

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  • Can Someone help me understand this when I eat cherries and peach My mouth starts swell and getibg itchy but when I drink cherry or peach tea or juice or something nothing happens

  • IgA and IgG tests for food sensitivities are not a metric of what foods you can and can’t eat in the same way that IgE tests are. I don’t think anyone that has read the research is really saying that. These tests are a metric of an up/regulation the immune system due to gut permeability. So what do you do? Permanently eliminate processed foods, and temporarily avoid the foods that are causing that up regulation. After 3-4 months, you test again to see if you can start to reintroduce foods. Is this any different from an elimination diet? No, not really. But to say that IgG and IgA tests are useless is quite dismissive of a potential method for reducing systemic inflammation, which is proving more often than not to be the root cause of chronic illnesses. I completely agree that hormonal and nutritional deficiencies should be checked for, but those tests are not mutually exclusive with IgG and IgA tests.

  • This is a bit silly, but thanks for picking Apples as your example, and playing it completely straight. I and 1, possibly 2, other members of my immediate family are actually allergic to apples and I get the weirdest looks when I mention it (and I have to mention it a lot, apples are in so many more things than you’d expect)

  • My son did Oral immunotherapy to peanuts and it’s been completely life changing he no longer has to worry about his food allergy and eats them daily. He had a severe anaphylactic reaction when he was a toddler. He also tested positive for milk but it was a false positive.

  • Nature doesn’t like when we eat species babies (eggs), drink their young food supply (milks), and the Bible say dont eat any think from the water if it does not have fins or scales (shellfish). Listen to nature.

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  • what a load of shite, who is this stupid TV presenter? yes those carrots will stop my body from reacting to the pollen in my lungs.

  • I took a food intolerance test and gave me a list of like 9 foods that I cannot eat. After 2 years it did change my skin from a skin full of large red pimples all over my face to a face with only 0-4 small pimples every week. Every time I eat my intolerant foods my skin turns really bad again.

  • I mean, yeah, but what happens when the doctor doesn’t care and/or doesn’t find anything… That’s what happened to me. All the standard checks came back fine (thyroid etc), the doctor then brushed me off, (I went to several different ones hoping it was just one who was not interested) and now I’m in the boat where I hardly eat anything bc of symptoms (healthy foods, not bowls of pasta), have no answers, and not much of a life worth living anymore.

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  • Sadly…I have a soy allergy and as we Americans know. Soy is in literally everything. I cant eat that much of stuff without having my mouth breakout and make me look like somebody with a red mustache:T

  • Okay help, how come everytime I eat oranges my skin gets tiny red spots and mouth becomes itchy why?�� I also get Runny Nose is that an allergy?

  • I have also seen some that say exclusively IgE immune response seen in hyper-sensitivity, does not qualify as allergy. I’ve honestly not cared enough to do the skin pop to see if my Allium hyper-sensitivity qualifies as a true allergy but treat it as such.

  • Once I cut out animal products and replaced it with fresh fruits and vegetables my allergies improved by 90% I no longer rely on medications that make me drowsy or cause dry eyes.

  • All thanks to Dr osaba, for helping me to cure my herpes virus, he also told me he cure diseases like, HIV, HERPES, DIABIETES, STD, HPV, etc, Dr osaba is genuine, and his herbal medicine work very fast

  • Pretty sure Dr. Oz could get “Me Too”d holding female guests’ hands at this rate. Because, you know we live in a ridiculous culture of hypersensitive outrage. smh

  • I have less than 200ml of full fat milk and a small amount of butter each day. But yesterday I ate cheddar cheese, cream cheese and chocolate milk. I found out while walking my dogs this morning why I must never do that again

  • I recently developed allergy reaction and in process of eliminating what it is exactly I’m allergic to. This information is what I need right now. Thank you!

  • Almost every food i try are allergic to me but still ate them and drink Meds after Because I don’t have any choice btw I have a chronic urticaria in food also in heat and a psoriasis and alot more life sucks ��

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  • I received a herbal cure from Madidaherbalcenter that helped me cure my HSV, I was tested herpes virus negative after using the herbs.

  • Hey Dr. Mike, Great Interview!
    One question Are there really no tests that can show the level of sensitivity of a subject to specific allergens that are tested on him??

    Asking because my ex did a test about a year ago and showed me a scale that’s supossed to indicate her levels of sensitivity to allergens such as
    Dogs, Cats, Olive trees and Dust Mite, levels which were quite corresponding with her symptoms around these allergens.

  • 3:08 Gluten sensitivity is a very real thing for me, haven’t eaten it in about seven years. Tried a couple slices of sour dough bread which is supposed to be good for people with gluten sensitivity, had a reaction (bloating) but went away in a few hours. I know from the past, before going off gluten, bloating was a regular occurrence, its a rarity now. I’d advise anyone with bloating (or worse) to try getting off gluten.

  • Ate pancakes and it kind of triggered something, my mother said it is most likely allergy.

    My skin is, well, swollen and itchy ATM.

    RIP Pancakes

    TYVM for the info!

    Edit: Coca Cola triggers it, and I’m itching like A LOT that it’s kind of driving my mind insane.

    Loved coke since the first time I drank it and it’s the only soft drink I drink, then suddenly this.

    Allergy season sucks so much,

    By the way, do allergies disappear after a certain amount of time has passed?

    Or it never does so and remains forever?

  • I used to have a pollen allergy and an allergy to penicillin. I no longer have any symptoms from pollen, but I don’t know if the penicillin allergy also went away. My mother told me my face blew up and turned red after getting penicillin when I was younger so I can’t really try it

  • Really great video. Dr Rukus really knew what he was talking about and everything was informative. But Jesus Christ was the very start cringy, with that smile

  • I am allergic to
    Lady finger
    House dust ��
    I had difficulty in breathing, itching in eyes, histamine after taking shower, sneezing runny nose all the time.after taking immunotherapy my breathing problem solved but other symptoms still exist.

  • Raw apples and carrots is literally the worst during pollen season (for some). It’s a sure fire way to get itchy eyes, mouth, throat, sneezing and coughing.

  • I am very attentive, [because I have not eaten every day regularly, so my mind is not always distracted due to the though of the prior every recurring eating unnecessary] and my vision is overly 20 per 20, and I found that until you in this video have been speaking about information very well concluded and built, until I read and whatever came across had no sense. You didn’t do anything but tried to reverse the process, as like if “we push the rock back the window the broken window won’t be broken any more”. Only in logic is this serious to make a decision stay, but the problem still remains, the broken window will get broken even better, it does work but the problem still remains. So problem aren’t my rocks not fitting into the sentence, but that you still don’t question, where did we do wrong: 1. Don’t eat then to much, 2, Don’t eat every day 3. Eat when you are hungry, not when the time tells you to do so, whether the Mother has something to not question, and you are in relation with anybody, who unintentionally, let’s you live to then live as a day of pretty much regulation, executed to live shorter than wanted to, if you don’t want, just say thank you Mother, I’m not hungry, I feel okay, and she’ll see, too, that’s how she does it for her self, not needed than me not needed to prepare it but I care about you just everything has a source, and we are not animals, to just eat, no, better yet, animals know better, but some a forced some are not, just take a look at the cat, it eats when it likes to, not every time we call out its name. Don’t you see why? They are taking care of their bodies, and they are like acrobatic lions: “but, I know I can eat, but I know I am not hungry”, we overthink, they don’t, They immediately tell you that “I am not hungry, thanks, but when I’ll be and if the food is still there, I’ll be there to eat”. For us, if we are hungry we should do it for ourself and when we are hungry, not much, and when we feel hungry, not when a red big square with a large M is visible… that is a delusion of hunger…okay? Why do we eat when we sense the smell? It is a calling for a big meal? It is calling, don’t fool yourself, go out to fresh air and if you feel better and get hungry: eat, if you are kept in captivity, don’t think you’ll get less in need to move, you eat yourself to unable to move! That’s what happened here too, you said: “hey, I did fine, let us not screw it up, let’s execute the thing as before”. But you forgot that it happened before. Do medication medicate the problem? No they don’t, they worsen them! Thank you!:-) So, resistance and willpower “I will not eat every time I’m tricked to become a slave of a bad habit!”

  • Ah… life without allergies, I cannot imagine. Even IgE isn’t 100% accurate which makes food allergies so hard to deal with unless you actually come into direct contact with the substance and get an allergic reaction, I have higher IgE towards sunflower seeds than I have towards shrimps, yet I can eat sunflower seeds fine but get tons of blisters around my whole mouth if I chew on a shrimp (which I had to do an actual “provokation”-testing at the hospital for, no clue what this would be called in English other than provocation testing, as in actually eating while being supervised at a hospital).

  • Not finished video yet but why are ranges for blood tests different depending on where you live? When I get a blood test in my town there is a slightly different range 15 miles away at a different practice

  • I’m all for exposure to prevent allergies (makes total sense) but is there any truth to the idea that if you have a food allergy, you will experience more severe symptoms/reactions with every exposure? I’ve heard that about peanut allergies specifically, but I’m curious as to the truth of it.

    I have an allergy to Goji berries which I didn’t know (it’s super random, who would think about goji berries?). I bought granola with goji berries in it once, having no idea. I got a small rash on my forehead the first time I ate it, which I figured was from the heat or something. The next time I had it a few weeks later I got a more severe rash all over my face, and the 3rd time I ate it I got an almost instant full-body rash which is when I made the connection to goji berries. I have NO anxiety over this allergy, but it does seem to support the theory of food allergies getting worse with exposure, so I’m wondering if it’s true for all/most/many/any, or just coincidental.

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  • I have allergies to pollen, plants, cats, etc. Plus some food allergies.
    I also suffer severe migraines that are triggered by food and drink. These triggers I have referred to as food sensitivities. Is that wrong?
    Dining out I just tell the waitstaff they are all allergies to make it easier. Most places I go the staff are very helpful. Though someone told me to put out my epipen to show others that I have real allergies and am not just food sensitivities.

  • I blame the vaccines they inject us with at birth, now a person is allergic to everything it sucks. Itchy eyes or throat not just your mouth.

  • I hate it when people say to just keep eating whatever you’re allergic to and it will just disapper LIKE BRO DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE??? I don’t want to stay in the bathroom crying I hate it when a lot of people tell me that

  • As an almost dietitian, I can say these things definitely are phony, but the symptoms they experience may still be due to foods. You’re much better off trying to eliminate various foods one at a time and see how you feel.

  • How do certain scents cause almost instant headaches or migraines for some people? I’m quite sensitive to most perfumes/colognes people wear, along with scented candles/air fresheners, some incense, and even some foods. I do have asthma and am diagnosed with chronic migraine.

    I always feel queasy around the scents. Even just the slightest whiff can knock me down.

  • Dr. Mike, what is your opinion? My daughter is a year old. She ate peanut butter for the first time yesterday. Within 10 minutes she had welts on her face, her eyes were puffy and red, and her face was puffy and swollen. She had no breathing issues. I gave her 2 MLS of benadryl. She took a nap and then projectile vomited on me. Her face was not getting better, so I took her to the er, since urgent care refused to see her and her pediatrician office was closed. They gave her prednisone and then put on her paper work: NEVER EAT PEANUTS OR PEANUT BUTTER Again. Just like that in all caps. I have an appointment with her doctor on Monday for allergy testing. I’m a new mom, and I am just concerned about her. Will this be something she outgrows or will she have to carry an epipen for the rest of her life? My mom was allergic to peanuts when she was little, but as an adult is not allergic to them.

  • I have Seborrhea Dermatitis and dairy is the worst food followed by soda. If I go vegan, all my scalp issues go away. I tried it and did it for 3 weeks and it was amazing.

  • My doctor told me what I have is an intolerance and just left it at that. But my issue didn’t arise until I was pregnant with my 3rd child at 35. That was a difficult pregnancy as I was put on partial bed rest because I went into preterm labor at 25 weeks. I itched like crazy from the knees and elbows down. This they wrote off as Oh well you had your 1st two on the east coast, this is Denver, use lotion. During my 2nd trimester I also developed extreme nausea when I ate peanut butter. You know how much peanut butter they try to make a pregnant woman eat if they’re on W.I.C.? A ton. It felt like I had a bowling ball in my actual stomach. They kept saying my baby must have a peanut allergy. At 30 weeks I got rushed to the hospital in ambulance when my son came home from school and found me in the floor in a puddle of vomit and urine still in the midst of whatever was going on. At the hospital they say “Oh you must have a kidney infection which explains the severe pains in her back that spike and cause you to vomit. No blood work, no urine test and they send me home with an antibiotic. At 37 weeks I get rushed back again and I will be enternally grateful to the doctor walking by my closed curtain who stopped in his tracks when the nurse told me to stop scratching and I began crying that this is NOT normal. I never itched in my other 2 pregnancies. If a pregnant woman digs their lower extremities even after they bleed it can’t be normal. It’s not dry skin and I am not crazy. When he came in a few moments later he took 1 look at me and said he would like to check me, he overhead me a few moments before and he suspected an ICP pregnancy. This doctor was a God send. Had the hospital tried to stop my labor and send me home as they intended my baby would and I could have died anytime after 37 weeks. I had complications afterward that are typical for ICP pregnancy but the only thing I still have over a decade later is I can NOT eat but butters of any kind other than Reese’s peanut butter cups. The difference is the consistency. IDK what the issue is with my body and how that pregnancy changed it so completely but my doctors have all been baffled over the years and just tell me it’s not an allergy, just an intolerance and keep trying. I gave up trying to be able to eat at the 5 year mark. And I took my daughter to one of the top asthma and allergy clinics in the nation at age 5 and she had no reaction to peanuts at all. She can eat them just fine. But she did have 1 severe allergic reaction to almond joy coffee creamer last year that I had to rush her to urgent care for. Other than that we just baffle the doctors and it’s extremely frustrating when you have gone to 5 and all they can do is scratch their heads at your test results and say you must have an intolerance. It’s not going to kill you.

  • I want to get tested for allergies and sensitivities, but I don’t want to go to the doctor (especially now with coronavirus) are there really no at home tests I can take that would work. I’ve never had an allergic reaction to foods, but I noticed as I have gotten older I’m not digesting properly and I want to know what foods are causing it. I tried monitoring what I eat to see, but I’m not that great at keeping track. Any help please?

  • I get symptoms after I consume simple carbs. Diary, Bread, and Sugar are what I’m avoiding or limiting. Gives me some form of hypoglycemia symptoms and raises my insulin and makes me sweat. Sick of these foods people eat everyday.

  • I should’ve watched this before doing the Everlywell test. It said I wasn’t sensitive to anything but given my symptoms I don’t buy it.

  • Can an intolerance to a food show up in another form besides digestion issues? For example, my daughter gets severe congestion/ blocked nasal cavity including a headache when she has dairy. Is that an allergy or intolerance?

  • Lovely video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Trentvorty Urticaria Victory Theorem (google it)? It is an awesome one off guide for curing hives without the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy finally got great results with it.

  • I loved this video overall, but the thing about anxiety because of allergies iffed me a bit. I understand if the person doesn’t have that strong of an allergy or if the fear is irrational, but as someone with an extreme food allergy, I get anxiety because the ‘what ifs’ that you mentioned have actually happened plenty of times to me, and many of the fears I told myself were irrational actually ended up happening. I am usually okay with my allergies but I do feel anxious, and many times that actually saved my life.

  • I outgrew Allergic Reactions to Yogurt. As an Adult, I’m mildly allergic to Uncooked Cinnamon. It’s soooo weird. I get pimples on my face! ha ha

  • How can I avoid allergy if I eat egg, strawberries and fish. They are histamine rich foods. We can’t eat histamine rich foods if we have allergy.

  • Hey Dr. Mike, I’m really enjoying watching (literally all of) your videos, and they have helped me, at least to reassure my mental status, because as we know, it does play a large role. So, I have IBS, and I wanted to hear some more advice about what to do during a flare up. Also, I think there should be a video about doctors dismissing our symptoms. (I’m sure everyone here has had a doctor do that, or not believe in our symptoms. I get it often.)

    Back to the IBS, if not you, can you recommend a fellow YouTube doc that talks about gut health?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Hi, I was here last summer. At that time I could barely breath because of birch pollen. This year I am completely cured. Not one symptom. I used something called “The Allergy Kit”. I just wanted to give people more tools to your tool box. Allergies can be cured through many avenues. I am also doing intermittent fasting and having great success with that as well. Good luck, you can be healed from allergies. Don’t give up.

  • Is it possible to develop a food allergy later in life? For example, I used to love pineapple, but recently I get nausea and vomiting with any kind of fresh pineapple, and then hives with cooked pineapple, canned pineapple, or pineapple flavored things? Is this typical of allergies?

  • I love that you two made this video. I hear people speaking about it frequently with such misinformation that they heard from someone or read off the internet. Hopefully people will learn from this. ♥️

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  • >>>>***HEY!! DR.Mike***<<<I have bad sinus issues (nasal drip and congestion which causes me to subconsciously sniffle that people notice and I don’t), and I went to my doctor, she said I have abnormal nostrils (swollen/purple), and I mentioned to her that nothing helps relieve this discomfort. She says try nasal sprays, but they’re uncomfortable and most have not worked.
    I don’t know what to do anymore!:( Need help!!!
    (Looooove your channel btw)

  • I ask myself why black rice is so helpful, whats the difference to white rice? Maybe its the polyphenoles that give the black rice its color that are beneficial

  • From a person who’s health and life were ruined by pseudoscientific woowoo, I thank you for the time and energy you put into educating the population, Dr. Mike. You always produce high quality content, and make complex topics really entertaining and approachable to a wide audience. People don’t realize how particularly dangerous false information can be.

  • Number of red-colored patches could be seen within my elbows and legs. It is been with me for nearly all of my entire life. If my first few days of using it, I can observe my skin flakes. The irritation are generally disappeared immediately after using this eczema guide. Immediately after the 4th day of adhering to the guide, I notice the flakiness to be vanished and the impacted part are actually healed. Google can be used to get this guide, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
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  • Wow I see myself in so many ways in this conversation. I have multiple allergies (avocado, latex, nickle, pollen, dust mites) but also several sensitivities to food due to IBS (coffee, alcohol, salami,…plenty more…). I find that people don’t really understand the differences between the two. So I basically tell them, don’t buy avocado, the rest I can avoid myself. I also have a lot of anxiety around the avocado, while my reaction to it is not that severe (my throat will swell, but not close up completely, so I cannot swallow, but I can breathe). AND I am doing immunotherapy for the pollen and dust mite allergies. I know immunotherapy does not work for everyone, but I have noticed a great difference in my reaction to pollen and dust. I don’t need as much medication anymore and I have no respiratory complaints anymore. For severe allergies it can be a good treatment to make the reaction not as severe as it was…Well that’s my allergy story!

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  • My patients with unspecific symptoms prefer “bio-resonance-testing” some energetics are offering in our area. And every time they come back with a list, that always contains wheat, tomatos, milk and at least 10 different other foods they “have to avoid”.
    And then I have to rebuild trust to myself and to scientific proven methods and teach my patients that they have lost lots of money to some “guru”. But the good news is, they are “allowed”to eat everything they want again.

  • PLEASE do one on genetic testing. Specifically I really want to know more about the genecept assay which is done through dynacare for treating the pharmokinetics of psychoactive medication. I have a complicated medical history and I could really use more info to make a truly informed decision about using vyvanse for my adhd, is this test reliable? Is it worth it? I’m having trouble finding the existing research but dynacare seems trustworthy

  • What is the difference between allergy symptoms like hayfever compared with ear eczema? I have ear eczema and have been using elocon lotion but told only to use it for 5 days then stop. I have used it for a week now but my ENT told me to stop it for a few weeks before resuming with it. The only thing is that I am feeling a bit better if I keep using it. I guess that it is a steroid and not safe to keep using it for the long term. Is ear eczema similar to hayfever?

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  • I am allergic to 2 of the most common foods.

    Spicy, lime chips (ANY KIND) (tongue allergie)
    Food coloring. (ANY KIND) ( I don’t know how to say it but it makes my stomach hurt and then make me throw up, and have a fever)

    You heard me. FOOD COLORING.

  • I have an intolerance for most preservatives found on/in foods… I explain it as I have a cup, each time I consume food that contains TBHQ my cups fills a little, once I’ve filled the cup then I experience symptoms (rashes, acne, my psoriasis flares up) but yeah, it doesn’t affect me much lol

  • “Doctors aren’t trying to pitch you something. They aren’t trying to get more money.” Meanwhile, doctors taking cash payouts from Novartis for every patient they get on a Novartis prescription.

  • Me: no joke has excema used to has asthma ( I grew out of it) used to have lasctose intolerance but also grew out of it, is now alergic to nuts,seseme seeds dogs and cats
    But im still wondering whether to watch this video ��

  • Question so I ate some new seafood and I got bumpy itchy rash on my back the thing is I ate a lot of new foods so I won’t be able to tell what it was without getting another rash any ideas?

  • My own right-hand had been infected with a terrible skin allergy for a few months and that i consulted a number of physicians to take care of the issue but to no avail. However soon after attempting to utilize this eczema guide that was suggested with a buddy of mine, results were remarkable. There were no longer skin rashes subsequently after several weeks of utilizing it.. I just researched Google to find this tip, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
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  • I have been combating eczema all my life, recently my eczema flared up so bad on almost 10 of my fingers and on my right palm. It was very painful each time I take a shower or something as simple as washing my hands. My skin is so thin from all those years of steroid cream usage, and whenever I scratch them, they cracked open. My hands are in constant itch. I couldn’t sleep at night and I was very depressed. It made my eczema problem even worse due to stress. Long story short, after many failed SELF-attempts to cure my eczema, finally I consulted a skin specialist, and the doctor advised me to take allergen-specific Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody test. The test is to screen for an allergy to a specific allergen. It can be from certain food, cat or dog dander, certain type of grass, etc. The result shown from the test, apparently I am allergic to 2 types of dust mites (Mite Farinae d2 and Mite Pteronyssinus d1), commonly found in our household. Since then, I have been taking active and preventive measures to mitigate this problem, like changed out old mattress and pillows, use new anti dust mite mattress, use anti dust mite mattress and pillow casing, spray on anti dust mite solution on sofa, chairs, bed, and even in my car. On top of that, I try my best to exercise regularly and eating healthy. Oh  ya, it reduces my asthma attack too. I strongly advice for those who suffer from Eczema, go out and do the test and find out what are the things/food you are allergic to. I hope this comment helps. Cheers!

  • All thanks to God and Dr Oziengbe on YouTube I was able to get rid of my herpes Virus with the herbal medicine I order from Dr Oziengbe..

  • I don’t know if I have allergies but every godamn time I eat fish, or anything frim the fish family, my enire mouth gets itchy. Even my nose gets itchy too, and everytime, that itching results to wounds and blood.

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  • Would you rather wait years to outgrow a food allergy by avoiding that food altogether, or would you wait only weeks/months with repeated, gradual exposure to more of the allergen over time?

  • I used the eat a lot of shrimps back in my old days young as elementary school. I somehow stopped eating shrimp completely three to four years ago.
    Now in 2020, I tried to eat the shrimp again today, thinking it’s okay and guess what… this happened.
    I only ate two whole shrimp and after about ten minutes or fifteen minutes, I started having the symptoms.
    I started coughing. It wasn’t normal cough. It’s more of choking cough then I had major aches on my throat that caused me suffocation. My mother said my face turn red when this happened. And by the time this happened, I had hard time drinking water and it hurt my throat after exposer of the allegory. So I took strong anti allegory medicine and it worked. It stopped coughing and took away hard time breathing which took a while. However the aches of my throat still remained.
    My question why do I have the allegory now when I used consume the same food when I was little? Now I can’t eat mackerel, shrimp, kiwi, peach and some nut species.

  • My kids do food challenges every year. They have 5 or more food allergies each. Food challenges have allowed their food options to increase safely.

  • Food hijacking

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  • When I eat foods that are high histamine foods, I break out in seborrheic dermatitis every single time. When I stick to my low histamine diet, which is a very limited diet, and food must be prepared in certain manners as not to make them increase in histamine. It will go away. Also if I supplement with vitamin D 3/K2 and iodine this also helps me to overcome the histamines I take a histamine blocking enzyme called DAO. This helps me a great deal. In order to absorb the vitamin D3/k2 I take a potassium supplement and I take betaine hydrochloride, To aid in the absorption. Please read about how much potassium one needs in your diet daily. It is far more than a banana or two could ever give you.

  • I am 18 years and these days in winter it’s been a year since I have dermatitis it’s just a hard inflammation. It’s like some pins are attaching to me that sort of severe itching I feel in my body. I’ve tried so many hydrocortisone creams and even the injection as well nothing working for me I’m so worried �� pls any one knows what to do? Because this is hurting me

  • scientist do know why the numbers are going up and that’s because of an excessively sterile environment that these children are growing up in which causes the allergies.

  • Hi….
    I suffer from eczema since forever
    It start from my legs and now my whole body even breasts
    Almost everyday i cant walk…
    I have siblings but i dont want to interupt their great life with great friends
    Sometimes their friends come over to our home for bbq and im upstair just watching them & my family always travell without me ���� sad right..you know
    Sometimes they will say ‘you so lazy go get some job’ hmmmm….
    But im happy to see my family happy

    So if u reading this
    Have a good day

  • The food allergies or allergic to any “medicine”, are because of consuming pro-inflammatory foods such as sugar-meat-animal products. These allergies are very rare in complete vegetarian population.

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  • Nas minhas pesquisas, eu vi que é necessário para a degranulação não só a ligação cruzada do antígeno com os dois IgE, mas uma prévia concentração elevada de IgE na superfície dos mastócitos, gerada exatamente como dito pelo estímulo de IL-4 em células B. Vi também que o que ocorre com os indivíduos alérgicos é que eles têm uma maior propensão a gerar células T produtoras de IL-4, e não só a propriedade de reagir contra o antígeno alimentar.

  • I’m really really really confused @dr Mike!! You guys just went over how ige/igg blood tests don’t work for food allergy’s.. then U go on to list it as a test you use in your office to determine allergy’s! Also I don’t understand his explanation about cottage cheese, because he doesn’t like cottage cheese that’s how he knows that the test is in accurate and fake?!? I’m a. Nurse and not convinced!!

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  • I noticed you guys didn’t even mention immunotherapy. Is that because it doesn’t work? About a year ago I went to get an allergy tests done because I was having digestive issues, itchy and got hives but didn’t know why. Anyways I did a skin prick test that tested 70 things from animals to food to pollen. 69 came back with some type of allergy. They told me the size of the red spot indicated how allergic I was to each thing. I got an epi pen and they told me I would benefit from immunotherapy. I decided to do it even with my fear of needles because my dad has bad allergies like I do and he said his worked for about a decade and then his allergies came back. I’ve been doing the shots for almost a year now and have not seen or felt any difference. I’m still allergic to my cats, I still get hives and blotchy skin and I wake up literally every morning with puffy eyes sinus headaches and sneezes. It’s become an everyday thing and I’m so tired of feeling sick everyday.

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  • Man I really appreciate your efforts on this video.It means a lot me.Also,thanks a lot for the subtitles.Please don’t stop making videos.

  • Do you not have lactose free milk and other dairy products that you can buy in the grocery in your country? I don’t mean almond milk or any other alternative, I mean cows milk where they have removed as much of the lactose as possible? We have that in Sweden and it’s great if you are lactose intolerant and not allergic. I’m curious about any country.:)

  • Appreciate Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about Trentvorty Urticaria Victory Theorem (just google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for curing hives without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend after many years got great success with it.

  • I’m also having trouble getting my 3 yr old to eat now because he’s had so many reactions he’s been afraid to eat. Yesterday I finally got him to eat 3 noodles. I had him kiss the noodle, lick it then bite it. Shortly after he was in the bathroom with stomach issues ��
    I assume cross contamination

    I want to thank the Almighty God for giving me a second chance of life through a
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  • I went to multi allergist with decades experience. I dont have reactions like stomach aches, I have were I get rashes, itching, mouth feeling cut up, tongue hurting, lips feeling weird, other stuff he did testing nothing showed up. But he saw results when I came in. He told me go by my results. Because allergy testing can only test for certain enzymes. So after going to so many doctors over years im frustrated. I really dont know what to do anymore. An my kids have allergies too, but they do show up on tests.

  • Okay help, how come everytime I eat oranges my face gets tiny red spots and mouth becomes itchy why?�� I also get Runny Nose is that an allergy?

  • the power of the mind is amazing I’ve experienced extreme pain before, and by me telling myself that I feel great and that I’m happy, etc, I’ve been able to get home in order to treat myself. On the contrary, there have been times where I’ve experienced this same pain and not tried to trick myself into thinking I’m ok and I’ve felt much much worse pretty much unable to move

  • Can you please give me the reactions of food enery drug energy eyes energy insect energy skin allergies along with their main causes their entry riuts how to stop them immediately.

  • I have asthma and a ton of allergies which I take allergy shots for. This was very informative to me even as being well aware of allergies. I’d like to see more of this kind of series.

  • Hi Dr. Oz, can we ask how to heal from severe eczema because cortisone, steroids, antibiotics and antihistamine are only working temporarily. We hope you can make a how to video. Thank you!

  • Cashews are drupe not a legume, only peanuts groundnut are legume-hence toxins in them, need to dry properly, and stored in dry conditions, you need to cook, you wouldn’t eat a raw kidney bean, or lentil, same as groundnut they have to be cooked……A.Garrett-Walker BSc(Hons), RNutr, PhD

  • I started eating healthier a year ago and have a hard time with it because I keep running into foods I’m allergic too. I get hives and my throat and tongue itch and sometimes swell a bit from things like soy and spinach. Kale gave me the worst reaction. It makes it scary to try anything new.

  • Amazing video!! my uncle has been using home remedies of turmeric suggested by Dr Vikram Chahuhan. He also recommended my uncle to use curcumin capsules of planet ayurveda in allergic condition and the results are really good and effective

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  • So I have an issue where if I eat a small amount of onions, I get a bit of stomach cramping, bloating, sneezing, and maybe a little diarrhea. If I eat a lot of it: I get all of that, plus headaches, blurred vision, nausea, and fever. I’ve never experienced any level of onion exposure which has caused any sort of reaction to my skin (in fact I used to cut and handled hundreds of pounds of onions a week for my job, for well over a decade), nor do I get any reaction from the smell or general proximity. Not sure what to classify that as… I don’t call it an allergy, because I don’t get hives and anaphylaxis, but I don’t want to play it off as an intolerance because I legit feel like I’ve got the flu if I eat more than just a tiny amount of the stuff, and it’s really quite unpleasant. Any thoughts on how a person would go about determining where on the spectrum something like that would land?

  • My 2 youngest children and my husband all have food and environmental allergies. It’s the worst. My 3 yr old has gone into anaphylaxis 3 times and his first allergic reaction happened when he was an infant still nursing. He reacted to dairy I had consumed. My 11 month old reacted to an egg I ate.
    I dont need to eat dairy anyway because I get crazy mucus in my throat and my eyes get puffy. I keep doing it though -_
    Cooking for my family is so frustrating. The wrong ingredient leads to vomiting, rash, eczema, anyphalatic reaction.
    I cried giving an epi to my baby when he was only one. ��

  • I’ve got an allergy to peanuts…
    My symptoms are throwing up,swelling on my lips and all over my body, and feeling like I’m gonna pass out and die.
    It’s very serious and scary.
    I had some reactions in the past, always check package labels for allergy info! Always have an epipen.
    There’s a treatment at a doctors I was gonna do, but the pandemic ruined that.

  • I’ve been allergic to peanuts, all nuts and shellfish all my life and I’m almost 21. I used to be allergic to eggs when I was younger too but I outgrew it. I heard your body changes every 7 years so maybe I can gradually outgrow my other allergies ��

  • My doctor won’t help (or refer) me to find out the cause of my allergies because it’s not life threatening (just causes extreme eczema on my hands that is super super painful)… they are just insistant on trying to treat the symptoms using creams that I’m clearly allergic to!! I’ve cut out all the usual eczema causing stuff and there’s not much else for me to do that the doctor suggests:(
    It’s clear that I’m allergic to something I touch but I’ve no idea what it could be and other than suggesting it’s soap (I use non soap based products already argh) my doctor doesn’t really help… I’ve done MANY food avoidance tests throught my life (citrus fruits affect my eczema on other parts of my body so I don’t eat citrus fruits)… It makes me want to cry though, how little my doctor even tries to help:(
    (I’m in the UK)

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  • My own right-hand had been afflicted with a terrible skin allergy for a few months and I visited several medical doctors to help remedy my problem but with no success. But immediately after trying to apply this eczema guide that was suggested by a pal of mine, effects were great. A couple of weeks had gone and my rashes were gone too. I just researched Google to find this guide, the name is Kαmden Koladoz
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  • I have coeliac disease. (can’t eat any traces of gluten)
    When I go out to eat and ask if they have anything gluten free, they usually say no but we do have these vegan options…
    Me ��️����️

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  • You have given many good home remedies to avoid this problem. My child had this problem and I started my treatment with Planet Ayurveda. Now I am fine. So, if anyone is facing such kind of problem or any other health-related problem. You should go to Planet Ayurveda.

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  • I still don’t understand. Am I allergic or what? I discovered each time I have soy I get filled up like lead is in my stomach,I get flushed and vomit violently. Is that intolerance? I can not eat again for the rest of the day even if soy issue was in morning. I figured it was soy today. I’m vegan had an impossible whopper few weeks ago,same symptoms as above,had another one a week ago,same reaction. Today i had vegan cream cheese on a cucumber with fake bacon crumble,2 hrs later flushed,migraine,fatigue and vomiting. I put 2 &2 together.. The “vegan” whoppers -soy. The fake bacon crumble-soy.

  • So am i allergic if i eat then itchiness in my mouth and itchiness in my throat then later vomit??? I think im allergic to eggs and egg related products such as cake

  • Great Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Trentvorty Urticaria Victory Theorem (just google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for curing hives without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got great results with it.

  • I got tested by a family doctor that I was highly allergic to soya and he told me to just avoid soya but for many years ive been eating tofu just fine. My mom was the one who figured out if I exercised or did heavy physical activity before or after I ate soya, I would go into anaphylaxis. So I just dont do that. I cant drink soya milk tho.

  • I know this is from a few months ago… But I need help knowing a definition of something. I have struggled with very bad attacks of acid reflux, nausea and indigestion my entire life. I just assumed it was normal and my Dr. always just said I had GERD and treated me as such… Which I always felt made things worse… I had to get off dairy and soy when I was breastfeeding my baby because they showed the classic sign of infant dairy allergy. I noticed that those symptoms almost completely disappeared. But I still had an issue occasionally ( and I mean really sick). And my baby still had mild symptoms around whenever I’d get sick. I did some research and decided to cut out all legumes. As if by magic, all my reflux issues disappeared as well as my baby’s issue. I’ve added a few back in with limited or little problem. But certain ones make me sick immediately. Is this an allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity? I also noticed that I itch all over if I use a cosmetic or hygiene product that contains soy or pea protein. But I don’t have hives and have never had anaphylaxis. I’d ask my Doc but she always just hands me a pill…

  • I don’t know if I’m allergic but I put on hand sanitizer and next second my hand was like burning and there was not a rash but like my hand was red

  • I have invisble bugs crawling all over me and I think I’m allergic to some kind of thing I need help. This happens sense 2019 I NEED HELP

  • I would carry my EpiPen (I’m allergic to strawberries) except it’s $200 and my insurance won’t cover it. My doctor has tried everything to get them to cover it.

  • Appreciate Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Trentvorty Urticaria Victory Theorem (do a search on google)? It is a good one off product for curing hives without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my old buddy Taylor at very last got great results with it.

  • My Doctor tested me with a general rast blood test (milk, cod, peanut etc ), NHS testing is limited, which showed nothing special however my total IgE was 1716 ku/L (Normal range 0 81). They said I was reacting to something but they don’t know what. After waiting 5 months for a specialist appointment it was cancelled due to covid 19 so I am back on the waiting list ��

    In the meantime I keep having random allergic reactions where my throat closes, throat is dry, I cannot breathe, my eyes swell, sometimes I get a rash that takes ages to heal, sometimes I am sick. I haven’t had one for a while (bar my usual hayfever) but this one today was horrible and I nearly called an ambulance. It’s been about 5 hours and I feel weak, dizzy and unwell.

    My doctor just says they can’t do anything until my clinic appointment. In the meantime I feel like my next reaction will land me in the hospital.

    I was going to pay for a York Test but now this video basically says it’s rubbish so now I’m back to hopeless!

    The amount of people who smirk at you when you say you have an allergy is massive but its causing me so much worry people don’t understand

  • As someone with deadly allergies to every fruit/vegetables with seeds, when you guys talked about EATING the things you’re allergic to, my heart just dropped. God, that should be awful, even in an hospital.

  • Sometimes I just get small red spots all around my body and it’s itchy, I sometimes get them on my ankles after a shower. Idk what cause them, I haven’t been itchy recently but I’m not sure what is wrong

  • I think the best way to get rid of allergy is to fast. Water therapy maybe to wash out the allergens in the body. Im an allergic person. Really hard to live a normal life. ��

  • My mother was suffering from allergy from the last 10-12 years. She took allopathic treatment but not got much relief, then one day my friend told me about Planet Ayurveda. We came here, Dr. Vikram Chauhan advised her to take allergy care pack. Now my mother has very much improvement

  • They are still trying to keep the European poultry products beef additives knowing good n dam well at one point in time-real humans didn’t kill animals for food. Nor did we eat chicken embryos duck babies for breakfast. And don’t get me started on cow puss. Talking about it’s a good source of vitamin D and calcium when Mother Nature provided human food and medicine straight out the soil of Mother Earth. They can have this European diabetes hypertension diet.

  • wait wtf?.. so ignore the underlying potential food allergy and the internal damage and just worry about treating the symptoms on the skin?… wtf?

  • The beginning is a bit misleading, because histamine reactions can vary in severity. Saying someone with a milk allergy can never drink milk is inaccurate, because their histamine reaction could be moderate or mild.

  • My first skin test, as a child, positive to every single prick. My doctor told my mom if you have a 100%reaction to it then you aren’t allergic but have something else going on like an infection or something. So 100% reaction equals negative for allergies.??? Move on to adulthood. I have asthma, severe seasonal allergies, and a laundry list of other symptoms. On more than one occasion I had severe reactions to something unknown. These included hives, severe asthma, acute diarrhea and coming close to passing out. None of my doctors suggested food allergies. One even told me that it was so rare in adults that it was a waste of money to test for it. Five years ago I went to a new doctor and she decided to do IGE and skin prick tests. Yup! Several food allergies. We did an elimination diet and then the challenge. Super scary! I have been prescribed an epi pen now. Just in case I accidentally eat something I shouldn’t. I find it interesting that my seasonal allergies are much less of a problem now that my food allergies are under control. I’m not sure why that is but I’m thankful.

  • I m suffering from allergy and doctor suggested me to use antialergic medicine but still the same case is happening with me again nd again wat can I do

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  • Hi
    Am 10 years old
    And these are the things am allergic to you won’t believe me

    Any type of fish
    Am allergic to every nut and soup except for palmnut and coconut
    Am also allergic to every animal
    This is how I got it at age 2
    My mother was born with a disease called asma she could not eat anything
    So when she gave birth to me because she had it I was infected
    Am almost allergic to every thing

  • Hi. I took garlic tonight…lots of raw garlic and ascorbic vitamin C. I feel like my chest is a little tight and like i’m a little wheezy and heart palpatations. I’m not too worried but just wondering if you think it could be due to garlic or vit c ascorbic acid? The reason why i took those is to try and avoid whatever my daughter’s fever is trying to fight off.

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  • Hi sir.. Pls suggest a good probiotic for histamine intolerance.. Iam taking align(1billion). It is not at all enough for me.. I have chronic gastritis and develop intolerance to most of the foods.. Kindly help..

  • Thank you for mentionning the food sensitivity test ‘fraud.’ I was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis after a lifetime of food impactions, rings and scar tissue in my esophagus from reflux, and upper endoscopies/biopsies to confirm the diagnosis. This is an actual food allergy condition in which no food sensitivity test-even a skin prick test-could really help me detect what I’m allergic to. It’s all just trial and error with my diet until I get my eosinophil counts down.

  • Sore throat, sinuses pressure, stomach cramps, fatigue, frequent urination, headaches, etc. I was tested for throat infection, urinary tract infection, flu, chest x-ray, etc nothing, they’re all negative. Could it be allergies? Could it be histamine intolerance? Anyone had the same symptoms? Every time I went to the doctor he prescribed me some vitamin D, because I had low levels of vitamine D. Lately I have been taking over the counter vitamine D3, but I have these symptoms for about a few weeks now. I just came across this video doing my own research, hoping desperately to find some answers. I had the same symptoms many times before.
    They go after a while.

  • First of all I got an allergic reaction to gloves made me blister on my hand and the inner Palms of my hands I was on steroids for about a week after the steroids stopped I continue to have dermatitis I never had it in my life until I wore those f**** gloves and it gave me an allergic reaction now it won’t f**** go away it comes and goes now everything I touch irritates my fucken skin… my doctor said once you f**** ruin that outer layer of the inner Palms of the skin I’m going to have f**** problems forever….

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  • Shout out to rare allergies and intolerances
    Alium-intolerance here ✊��
    Allergic to Sodium Laureth Sulfate (hygiene products; deodorant, showergel, shampoo etc.)
    Also hayfever��

  • Really do appreciate the great work of Dr. Adaze on You tube, his
    herbal roots really helped me to fight off the contagious herpes virus

  • My daughter developed allergies to a specific laundry detergent, within a month she became allergic to grass, tree leaves, and within the next 3 months she because allergic to sand and beach water. Now we are battling the allergy to coconut.. for having such healthy parents it scares me to know she can develop an allergy to something else as time goes by

  • It’s not diet, it’s vaccines. In Israel they administer 5 vaccines by the age of 12, none of them before the age of 5, when the child’s immune system is not even formed.

    In the USA we administer 70 by the age of 15, at least 12 of them within the first year of life, some on the date of birth. Each one of those neurotoxins have 200% of the safe dose of aluminum for an adult, per the FDA & CDC. �� of the aluminum in a vaccine breaks the brain-blood barrier.

    Eczema is a neurological inflammatory disease.

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  • My older cousin is allergic to something in cows that is found in all things that com from cows, so no he can’t have anyone that comes from cows or… he has horrible bloody diarrhea ��

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  • True Doc’s…..Non-FDA approved scams…LDT (Laboratory Developmental Tests) in the bottom of their disclaimers it tells you. So basically if any of these tests come out abnormal they have no clinical diagnostic purpose. Your doctor will have you repeat all these test that were abnormal. Don’t waist your money

  • Allergies are seen in form of watering of eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) running nose (allergic rhinitis), breathlessness and cough (asthma), skin rashes..Read more from  https://www.pediatriconcall.com/articles/immunology/allergy/allergy-patient-education#9

  • I did inner engineering course from Isha Foundation India and got my asthma cured within 3 months. I have also been doing yoga and gave up gluten and lactose food. Also, minimizing sugar in diet helps.

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  • I have severe allergic bronchic asthma and I have 14 allergies some of the worst are in cats, mold, dust and in foods avocado I had almost died when I was 6 years old from my cat allergy from anafilactic shock. I went to many doctors and all gave me meds and anihistaminics and told me to stay away from what triggers them. After 20 years of living in fear of everything I finally found a way to stop my allergies. I had to remove all carbs from my diet even vegetables, I also had to remove lean protein. fats are OK as long as they re animal saturated fats and are low on omega 6 such as quality beef and fish, salmon sardines,so I had inflammation in control but what really healed my allergies was intermittent fasting. when I fast for more than 14hours,every single one of my allergies disappear i can even hug and play with cats now and no doctor ever told me about that, they only sold me meds and said nothing can cure allergies. I lost my trust in doctors after that. it’s 90% your diet you don’t need meds or to suffer, just remove inflammatory foods from your diet and you ll heal everything.

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  • Great video I experiencing leaky skin and definitely leaky gut. My skin protective has turned into crap the last 10 years due to overuse of antibiotics and steroids.

  • Been having problems with this most of my life dealing with Celiac’s. People assume it’s like lactose intolerance, or a mild allergy, not that big of a deal… meanwhile I’m over here having the next 2-3 weeks of my life f*cked up because someone handled bread and then made my food. At least mine doesn’t come with anaphylaxis.

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  • For sure I am not about to test all those truths just mentioned in dichotomous thinking about my pincushion already done for me allergy testing results using only online info as a convenient excuse to go out and buy a pet dog after my real allergist told me not to..

  • Umm. Yeah so lots of plants helps. Duh. It’s sad that we need a TV show to tell us this. I went vegan for 1.5 years now and I have had hardly any allergy problems… Which I used to have. Plant based nutrition all the way.

  • So if I develop those symptoms (gluten and dairy pain) after trauma from an antibiotic, what’s the healing protocol? All I know is that a healthy 37 year old guy shouldn’t have these happen out of nowhere.

  • tolerize. Verb. (third-person singular simple present tolerizes, present participle tolerizing, simple past and past participle tolerized) (immunology) To induce immunological tolerance.