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Velositol® is a patented amylopectin chromium complex clinically shown to double the anabolic effects of whey protein. In other words, adding Velositol to your post workout shake can significantly increase muscle protein synthesis, the key factor in muscle growth (i.e. gains) and recovery. Velositol The Protein-Potentiating Powerhouse Learn how to enhance the benefits of your protein shake by adding in velositol, bother peri-worjout and post-workout. Velositol is a revolutionary ingredient that unleashes the power of protein with unique benefits when combined with protein products. It has been clinically shown to double the impact of protein on muscle protein synthesis (MPS) using a single 2 gram dose of Velositol.

Further, the ingredient significantly. VelositolⓇ may also lead to an increase in various enzymes included in the MPS signaling pathway. The proposed benefits are attributed to one of the primary components of VelositolⓇ, chromium picolinate.

This ingredient is responsible for increasing insulin.

List of related literature:

Van Harmelen et al. (33) showed that acylationstimulating protein (ASP) and insulin inhibited basal and norepinephrine-induced free fatty acid (FFA) release by stimulating fractional FFA re-esterification and by inhibiting FFA produced during lipolysis.

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Gastrin binds to the gastrin/CCKB receptor, a G protein-coupled receptor that activates protein kinase C, phosphatidylinositol bisphosphate (PIP2), hydrolysis (to form inositol trisphosphate (IP3)), and diacylglycerol (DAG) and increases the cytosolic concentration of calcium ion.

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In adipose cells, βAA promote lipolysis associated with stimulating triacylglycerol hydrolysis and inhibiting lipogenesis stimulated through the β-receptor–G protein–cAMP–PKA pathway (Lafontan et al., 1988; Bergen, 2001; Johnson et al., 2014).

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In contrast, only vitamin D receptor (VDR) agonists, among the agents tested, are able to enhance the secretion by DCs of IL-10, a cytokine favoring the induction of regulatory T cells [57].

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Finally, the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D receptor (VDR) similarly upregulates expression of a 24hydroxylase (CYP24), which inactivates the active vitamin D hormone, and downregulates the expression of the 1ahydroxylase (CYP 27B1), the enzyme that produces the vitamin D hormone (Jones et al., 1998).

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Among the known coactivators believed to interact directly with the VDR are steroid receptor coactivator (SRC) 1, 2, 3 and vitamin D-interacting protein 205 (DRIP 205).

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“Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides” by Abba Kastin
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  • Anybody know reason why do I need to watch this? I’m normal trainee and have no idea why should I watch this video. How information that video gives increase my strength? Why do I need knowledge about protein?

  • Sayad isi wajah se india mai se koi mr. Olympia kyuki nutrition mai bhi fraud jiski wajah se hard work same hote huwe bhi ham awaj aisi chijo pe nhi utha pate jiski wajah se indian bodybuilder wo nhi kar pate jo usa ke kar lete hai aise hi expose karo sayad isse koi indian supplement company motivate hoke proper nutrition de jisse bodybuilder bhi wo kare jo wo deserve karte hai

  • Robert can you tell me which has a greater muscle protein synthesis response, frequency or the amount of stress i.e. the amount of weight lifted. Would you build muscle faster by going to the gym more often lifting relatively the same amount of weight each time or by taking time enough to recover so that you area able to return to the gym and add weight to the bar increasing the work load. Many advocate that you must train the muscle every 48 hours or so in order to take advantage of maximal protein synthesis ( muscle building). What are your views on this?

  • Bhai mujhe way protein pata nahi kyu suit nahi kerta meri body ko mujhe lutiya aajati hai isko khate hi but jab maine majboori me protein x khaya one time to sabb kuch theek tha body aise me mai kya karu..kuch suggestion batao bhai

  • Actually, the word protein comes from the combination of the greek words Proteus (Πρωτευς) who was a greek god generally assossiated with changing shapes and transformation and ina (ίνα) which simply means fiber. Therefore its name signifies “the fiber that transforms into many shapes”.

  • Bhai crore ka business hei yeh protein market. Labdoor bikney me kitna time lagta hei. Fssai bik jata hei. Eisi ek department ya organisation naam batao jahan corruption nahin hei??

  • Just an honest thought, since i am the one who spends my hard earned money…MyProtein is highly overrated and definaltely not great keeping into account the value for money factor…better options are available…why to offer sale every other week.. bring the price down instead..i mean i know there marketing is too strong..

  • A mic would help you sound clearer. The echo from the room is distracting. Also, music is too loud. Just my constructive criticism.

  • Thank you for posting these types of videos, It helps me make sense of what I am taking into my body and how it works. Keep these videos coming

  • Herbal life protein powder…please tell me its is good for us or not specially for kidney patients……
    I saw news some months ago that excess protein powder usage cause man fertility issue….so
    plz also explain it is really gud???

  • Thanks for being so helpful and for giving us best intake options. It has really benefitted me a lot. As you suggested I have started taking half scoop of Nutrabay Whey Protein Powder after cycling 30kms in 60 minutes in the evening. It really helped me a lot. However now I request you to suggest me a plant based protein powder because I don’t feel comfortable with Whey Protein.

  • Anuj, bhai, I was about to tell you that you should not make product review videos. But I wasn’t sure that how you would take it, that is why I didn’t tell you.
    Your channel USP is genuine knowledge and breaking all myths of fitness industry. That’s what I like about your channel.
    Don’t fall in the category of others who start at honest fitness professional but later on become just another sponsor.
    Keep doing the good work, hats off to you…

  • Sir please tel me if I can take abbzorb whey protein with digestive enzymes. Details are protein is 26 grams, BCCA 6.09 grams, glutamic acid 3.96 grams, digestive enzymes 66 mg

  • The intestine is a long tube. Fiber might slow absorption, but slow absorption is often more desirable than fast absorption. Take whey vs casein. Whey gets there full force, for two hours, then drops down. Casein keeps going for 8-12 hours, slow and steady. If you’re building muscle, you’re building it 25-50 grams a day. That’s 18 lbs a year. To build that, you need 150 or so grams of protein a day, because building muscle is inefficient. If you think you can build more than 18 lbs of muscle a year, you don’t understand chemistry and biology. At that rate, an 18 year old man starting at 150 lbs will be 330 lbs by the time he reaches 28. That would be an Vasily Alekseyev territory. Sure, you can seem to go above those numbers initially, but it’s mostly inflammation and water weight the first few years.

    Being strong is a long road. There are no shortcuts.

  • ON protein brandmore than 90% is adulterated, never buy in India
    Adulteration of food is like corruption in India, worst among more than 80 countries of the world
    Nobody is controlling food adulteration in India especially in Protein supplements.

  • Why proteins is liye bhi mahenga padta hai ki is ki add k liye YouTube walon Ko lakhon rupay per month Dena padta hai,
    Is se 1000 Guna Jada protine to netural food s se miljate hai itni hi costing me

  • Yatender ji gnc protine bhot acha hai muje bhot acha result mila hai bas mere pass 2 dumbbell hai 5kg ke or 1 road hai purani si use hi mein sara workout karta hu 1:30 2:00 tak vo bhi shaam ko meri body full change upp hoti hai kiyuki mein ab pura diyaan deta hu dait pe aab Jake muje meshus hua hai ki ab mein vo sab kuch kar sakta hu jo ek bodybuilding karta hai pta nii kiyu srif ek protine se meri age 21 hai or ab muje kuch karna hai or hai fake supplyment bhot hai market mein mere bhi bhot bar kata hai iss liye aap sidha pe jao or acha khao koi dikkat nii ye sirf mera anuvab hai ek time asa chun lo jo aap ko koi bhi rok na paye workout karne se ladai se nii bhai�� ok bhaiyo see you and love you yatinder ji aapki video bhot achi hoti hai aap or aapka parivar hasta kelta rhe ye dua hai hamari love u papi tusi great ��ho��

  • Amazing video now a days lab reports are seen in some YouTubers video and Instagram just to defame one brand and priotitise their own brand. I have seen many videos like that

  • You can’t answer questions until you’ve experienced it yourself?! Well, if someone were to ask me how much it hurts to jump into a fire, I would not jump into a fire to experience it firsthand. I’d say, “It hurts… probably a lot and will hurt more the longer you stay in the fire, but there will be diminishing returns of pain for your time spent in the fire, because after a while you will be a lump of coal unable to experience pain and by that time it’s a blessing anyway not to feel and remember anything anymore.” Then again, this is all conjecture. Perhaps you are a mutant who is impervious to pain inflicted by fire. I’m no such mutant, because one time I held my finger over a burning candle and that was uncomfortable right away. Oh, shit, so maybe I did experience it myself. Another, better, example would be the question how fast piranha fish will be able to strip the lean gains off my bones. I dunno. Not going to answer it and not going to the zoo or Amazon to test this out on myself. I could use a volunteer. Anyone?

    And so if someone asks me how’s the pea-protein powder? Will it speed up my vegan gains? I’d say buy all the pea-protein powders you like and share pictures of it on Instagram, it will suck and you will curse the day you were born and your farts will terminate your intimate relationships and no, I have not experienced this myself. It’s just logic.

    I saw a big guy drink BCAAs a few days ago. BCAAs must therefore make guys big. If I were smart, I’d develop and market a BCAA drink with the claims it makes you swole and striated and hard as a rock. I’m pretty sure it will sell. I will make it vegan for more market share in 2020. And kosher. And halal. And organic. Also grass-fed. Grass-fed and vegan, that’s a new one. I hope Starting Strength will plug my product.

  • Fit Tuber, I am a big fan of yours. You are doing great job. Kindly inform about the age to start taking protein powder. Is quantity and age matters in this case?

  • Sir main ek cheez ko lekar boht confuse hu
    Muscle building me isolate badhya hai ya concentrate sir el video isle uper bna dijiye plz

  • Kendrick Farris vegan diet plan, he doesn’t even care about his protein intake unlike before he made the switch

    The truth about nutrition

  • Hello sir… As u recommended I order GNC Mass Gainer Complex frm it’s official website… I opened the container but I didn’t get the scratch coupon on it… M confused if its genuine or fake product… Please reply… Thank you

  • Hlo sir… maine gnc way protein liya h sir m jab bhi way protein khata hu mere 10 mint baad liver me pain hone lagti our 2 hour ke baad thik ho jaati….pl halp me sir

  • Yatin bhai main pakistani hon but ap ki har videos ko like karta hon is say mjy bohat achay result mily hain yatin bhai ap video main har cheez ko clearly batatay ho yatin bhai ek baat puchni thi multivitamin or jo ensure hai 2nu same hain kya is ko b use kar saktay hain

  • Why is most if not all of Mark’s don’t look the part of a fit guy? All have this stocky look that you have a hard time knowing if they work out or not?

  • Thanks for wonderful information. Which is better GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer or you mentioned in your video? My weight is 62kg and want to gain weight so please suggest me better option

  • sar mujhe apna vajan badhana hai uske liye main kya Karun kaun sa supplement lenge Aisa kuchh supplement bataiye Jo main apna vajan badha sakun mein plumber ka kaam karta hoon aur ek baje lens karne aata hun is sham ko chhutti char baje number legi kam Karta hai tab Aisa koi supplement hota hai Jo main kam bhi karta aur mera sharir ban jaaye Jim nahin ja Sakta hai sar kyunki mein kam per exercise wait meri ke hathon se chalane bahut kuchh karna padta hai please sir help me

  • सभी लोगो को एक बहुत ही खतरनाक बात बताने जा रहा हूं। ध्यान से पढ़ना ।।। किसी भी प्रोटीन पाउडर को ब्लाइंड ली लगातार 5-6 महीने तक मत खाना । ये सब दिल की बीमारियों को बढ़ाता है ����

  • Sar market Mein fake protein Jyada aate Hain hamen Kaise Pata chalega original whey protein kaisa Hota Hai Kyunki the popa vah per protein ka aur Baki company ka level laga dete Hain anjan Banda Nahin pahchan pata chauki Maine Ek Bar dhoka khaya hai mujhse Kaha gaya tha yah y b protein helican sir vo local tha sir please bata sakte hain original protein kahan se milega market Mein To fake aate Hain

  • Sir me patla Hu.. mujhe protin Khana he… Original Kaha miliga… Duplicate milega to me mar v sakta Hu…isliye Sir app kounsa khate he wo wala Ka link dijiye sir

  • The Brand which failed the test twice thats being discussed in the video is an Indian Brand. My request to everybody, do not trust any random brand based on some photocopy lab report. Also, do not get swayed away with posts being shared that Myprotein is causing cancer and it has less protein than being claimed. Kindly Check Labdoor for a better reference. Many Thanks.

  • Honestly camparison karo bhai
    Brand promote krke nhi…
    MAI AB TUMHARE CHANNEL KO UNSUBCRIBE KR RHA HU MUJHE Lga tha ki tum honestly review dete ho but mai galat tha….

  • Bhai labdoor pe bhi kaise bharosa kare wo toh bohot si brands ko A+ de rhi hai which is know to fake their products
    Aur labdoor pe toh optimum Nutrition nhi mila mujhe jabki wo toh one of the best whey hai??��

  • India me corrupted loag bharey hue hen. Sarkari naukar bhi corrupted hen. Saley india me jintney branded whey milta hei wo sab india me manufacture hota hei. Date badla jata hei expiry ko naya date lagakey becha jata hei. Yeh sab sarkar ka nakami hei. Agar yeh koi developed country me hota toh maa behen ho jata. Yaha sab chalta hei.

  • Bhai meri age 21 year ki hai mera weight 42 kg ka hai mai apna weight gain Karna chahta hoo to mai koun sa protean looo
    Please reply me?

  • Mast information bro, but mene bhi ek bar lab test karwaya tha SIMA lab Mayapuri se, nitrotech protein ka or usme report me 75% protein aaya tha or usme mene unhe na ye btaya ki ye protein muscletech ka h ya kisi or company ka.. mene 50gram protein diya ek polybag me or phir unhone 2 din me report mjhe bhej di… 500rs liye protein content test karne ke???? Or amino acid profile ni btayi like leucine 2.3gm arginine 1.4gm ye sab ni btaya apki report ki tarah ki 75% likha hua aa gya tha.. agar aapki koi mail h m mail kar deta hu aapko uski report.. usme aapka suggestion do.

  • Labdor ����‍♂️ again full chutiyaapa! Bro your’e Makin yourself a hero and all other villan. My protien ne jo ultimate ke sth kiya woh bhul gye

  • So the only study I’m able to find shows that Velositol only increases protein synthesis when given with a SUBOPTIMAL dose of protein, which was 6g. It is very unlikely that adding Velositol to an optimal dose of protein (about 25g or 0.4g/kg body weight) would increase MPS further (and there is no evidence of this as far as I can tell.
    Furthermore Velositol is just two ingredients. 1. Amylopectin basically starch. 2. Chromium something you’d get from an acceptably varied diet, or a multimineral.

    The take away? No point in taking Velositol if you’re consuming enough protein per meal (about 25g minimum). If for some reason you had a snack with too little protein (e.g. 5-10g) a Velositol dose might stimulate protein synthesis to the same degree as an adequate dose, but it still wouldn’t provide enough protein to actually fuel/act as a substrate for protein synthesis.

  • Sir kya multivitamin ke saath protein suppliment Lena alag se jaroori hai please reply me it’s my third comment in different different video please reply me please please please please please����������������������������������������������������

  • Informative video brother��
    It happens with me many times lab reports get changed from back-end
    If it fails the lab test.
    I also conveyed this thing in many videos companies get the lab reports changed from their end.
    Labdoor certification are good
    But some youtube #20kg down
    Has declared that labdoor bikau hai��and he wont buy any protein which is certified by labdoor ����
    My protein use color which cause cancer��
    And subscribers are following him for no reasons.
    Thanks for taking initiative to explain these things.

  • Thank u bro for giveing great information, also please make a review video on wyh protin, i tried many protin powder but not gain wheight

  • normal people taking steroids knows nothing have millions of subscribers and people like him are still strugglingirony of life. nepotism in fitness at its best.

  • Please make vídeo comparison in Vestige protein powder and whey protein
    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please sir

    Apko apke gf ki promise

  • O bhai Mango Alphonso or unflavoured whey ka label exactly same kaise ho skta h,kuchh to difference hota hoga like energy, carbs and all that,Phle apne facts check kro yrrr, or main kisi instagram k influenza ko defend nahi kr rha yrrr