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Vegan Holiday Meal Ideas With Recipes

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VEGAN HOLIDAY MAIN DISHES your whole family will want to eat

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3 Vegetarian Holiday Main Dishes

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Hearty Vegetarian Recipes Fit For A Holiday Party • Tasty

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20 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sides | Holiday Vegetable Side Dish Recipe Compilation | Well Done

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Roasted sweet potatoes, squash, or other hearty root vegetables are all perfect to pair with pasta and rice. Many of these vegetables play well with freshly grated nutmeg, making them the perfect addition to your holiday menu. Don’t be afraid to draw on regional favorites and flavor profiles to create your dish. Here’s seven veggie-centric ideas: Super Greens yogurt dipwith vegetables and naan Black bean pico de gallo + chips Crunchy roasted chick peas Kale chips Olive tapenade with crackers Celery with Thai peanut dip Brushetta Zucchini bread.

Joshua McFadden grew up in Wisconsin and fell in love with food, farming and the seasons. After culinary school and jobs at top restaurants nationwide, he spent an influential two years on a farm. These vegetarian kosher for Passover recipes will keep you motivated throughout the holiday, and hopefully become spring staples in your kitchen repertoire. Note: Though many are comfortable eating legumes on Passover, all the provided recipes are legume-free, to be acceptable vegetarian.

Our 40 Best Vegetarian Holiday Recipes For A Meatless Feast Potato and Cheese Tortelli with Porcini Mushrooms. Unlike round tortellini, tortelli (the proper name for these Swiss Chard Anzelottos with Pomodoro Sauce. From the tortelli famil. Save this go-to list of Thanksgiving vegetable side dish recipes to make your holiday planning a little easier. Plus, get more great Thanksgiving sides! View Gallery 39 Photos.

Vegetarian Main Dishes Vegetarian Main Dish Recipes Delectable vegetarian main dish recipes for every occassion from quick and easy everyday dinners the entire family will enjoy to recipes to impress the most discerning diner. Round out your dinner menu with one of these vegetable side dishes. With 100 options, you’ll find the perfect side for your meal. Round out your dinner menu with one of these vegetable side dishes. With 100 options, you’ll find the perfect side for your meal.

Butternut squash now has a place at our holiday. Easy vegetarian recipes that’ll even keep meat-lovers happy – perfect for the whole family! (Originally published August 18, 2016 and updated October 31, 2019.) It’s easy to be veg-inspired this time of year, isn’t it? Veggie power reigns in late summer! While we’re talking vegetarian recipes and veggie-centric meal idea.

There are veggie dishes that can feed two or twenty; dishes that will please every palate. Here are some ideas for veggie-centric main dishes that will make your Thanksgiving fun, festive and.

List of related literature:

WINTER SQUASH AJLŪK: Substitute roasted winter squash (such as butternut squash or kabocha) for the steamed carrots.

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Since Tub’Shevat is a minor holiday, few specific dishes evolved for its celebration, but rather the practice emerged of serving food containing fruits and nuts.

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You can substitute the following seasonal vegetables for any of those in the recipe: beets, celery root, fennel, rutabagas, and turnips; peel these vegetables (except for the fennel) and cut them into 2­ to 3­inch pieces.

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Vegetarian celebrations: Menus for holidays and other festive occasions.

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Some of our other meatless classics include Shepherd’s Pie, Vegetable Moussaka, Butternut Squash Chili, and Mushroom Bolognese.

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Tofurky–A delicious vegetarian holiday feast (Leaflet).

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Seasonal assorted vegetables for roasting or sautéing: just one or two • of whatever looks good, such as peas, asparagus, zucchini, bell peppers, corn on the cob, beets, or eggplant.

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Boiled potatoes, cabbage, turnips, beetroot or whatever other vegetables are in season; meat or fish; eggs; and salad made of chopped leaves called “lettuce,” radishes, tomatoes, that is, European eggplant [sic], and sliced cucumbers in season—all these are placed on the dining table.

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Assyrian cuisine is also rich in seasonal vegetable dishes, including lentils, beans, eggplants and salads, which may be served with nuts, mint or yoghurt (s: qatira, T: qatiro, e.g. s/t: jajik, yoghurt with cucumbers).

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Icelandic Christmas dishes include smoked lamb hangikjot and pork ribs as well as Yule pudding made with sweet rice and raisins.

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  • Thanks for watching! Below are links to the full recipes from the video (ALSO, UPDATE due to some oversights (ie, total goofs) with the recipes, we would like to recommend a few substitutions: For Mexican Chorizo, use Vegetarian Soy Chorizo; For Chicken Stock, use Vegetarian Stock; and For Parmesan, use Vegetarian Parmesan. All apologies, and thanks!):
    0:02 All Things Green Salad
    0:40 Cornflake Potato Bake
    1:13 Cauliflower Nuggets
    1:44 Winter Citrus Salad
    2:28 Honey-Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    2:50 Fiesta Rice Salad
    3:17 Crock Pot Scalloped Potatoes
    3:58 Italian Green Bean Casserole
    4:36 Cauliflower Piccata
    5:23 Instant Pot Vegan Mushroom Risotto
    6:17 Best Roasted Veggies
    6:57 Instant Pot Butternut Squash
    7:32 Cauliflower, Potato and Pea Curry
    8:20 Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
    8:53 Caprese Mac and Cheese
    10:19 Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup
    10:59 Carrot and Zucchini Pasta
    12:25 Perfect Pasta Salad
    13:22 Instant Pot Magic Melting Potatoes
    14:17 Ethiopian Crispy Cauliflower with Herbed Yogurt Dipping Sauce

  • I was watching this video on my fire stick and saw they said “add bacon.” I immediately got on my phone and looked the video up on YouTube and came straight to the comment section. I already knew y’all was about to be on they ass�� going in on the account about this bs

  • These both look amazing but the lentil bake makes sad. We have literally no miso paste anywhere around to me( I saw a few options at Whole Foods which is an hour away but I had no clue what to choose, totally overwhelmed) do you have any suggestions of what to order online? Xo Davita

  • Not everyone want or even like to eat meat, I think it’s cool that Tasty is trying to make recipes for everyone. I don’t like seitan or butternut squash but first one looked really good, in second one I would use that stuffing, without cranberries, for bell papers and then bake them in the oven, it would be delicious:)

  • Everyone is focused on the bacon, but literally none of the toppings on the first dish are vegetarian. Parmesan and Gruyere are both made with animal rennet, and of course the bacon is obvious.
    You’d think Buzzfeed would do 30 seconds of research before they post a video to millions of people. Smh.

  • those 207 dislikes are people either not understanding the difference between vegetarian and vegan or not researching bacon bits before jumping to conclusions.

  • I definitely wanna try the pie, looks super delicious and easy. The video is amazing I like your way of doing it:) I feel christmassy already:)

  • No offense but some of these looked like actual logs of shit. Taste is not the only thing that matters in food. You have to make sure the texture and presentation is up there as well.

  • lol you don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetarian meals. If you’re having meat in every single meal, you’re probably going to die at 50. Eat a fucking vegetarian meal once in a while and your body will thank you.

  • Pink Himalayan salt, Celtic Salt or Sea Salt flakes is tops….also make sure that your flour is Organic Unbleached flour, NOT Bleached flour.

  • Hi! I really wanna try the vegan buckeyes but in Italy we don’t have powdered peanut butter nor peanut flour. What can I use instead of powdered pb?
    Thanks for your amazing videos:)

  • this is shit. I personally hate vegans and most vegetarians but, those recipes are completely disgusting bullshit that should be given to hitler in hell as punishment

  • I am so excited to have found you. You really understand the importance of rich flavor to keep vegans inspired and satisfied. Can’t wait for your cookbook to arrive, but I’m also grateful for all the recipes you share on YT and hope you never stop. More Indian (spicy) recipes, please!

  • And ALSO gluten free ** It’s true that everyone can enojoy these, even coeliac guests (like me, eheh). I’m probably going to share these ideas to a party

  • Seeing a lot of comments about how bacon hits are vegetarian, but it’s called BACON bits. The vegetarian alternative I know are called SOY FLAKES. Sorry if we take it for it’s name.

    And why would they be called bacon bits if it’s not bacon? Is that the americanized household name?

  • Y’all are angry about the bacon bits not being vegetarian though they are made from soy. And I’m out here wondering why they added egg?��

  • I feel a little confused with the 100% vegan model of this video yet it’s titled “vegetarian”

    Vegetarians are allowed to eat dairy if I recall right. Veganism is when you don’t consume any.

    Y’all deserve to eat good food I just think Tasty mislabeled it.

  • Love all of them, my faves are the last two desserts, I sooo have to try it, I’m sure they’ll be a hit!
    And duh, why didn’t I think of using a toothpick whenever I need it to dip something? I always wondered how everyone got them so perfect, lol.

  • Omg so much ingredients makes it so much more complicated. I think I’ll rethink making a veg wellington today thanks to you and your recipe ���� looks great tho

  • ugh. not all vegetarians are kale and quinoa gobbling health nuts. some just do it for the environment/animals (aka me). if it’s a holiday meal, MAKE IT TASTE GOOD. make it fatty. Vegetarian doesn’t mean tasteless! step up your vegetarian game, tasty. (the first one did look okay, though.)

  • This came at the perfect time; I had no idea what to cook tonight for my friendsgiving! It’ll be hard to choose between the two!:D

  • Hello everyone I posted the first video on my channel yesterday and really appreciate if you could go check it out. Thank you����❤️

  • I’m a vegetarian. Been one all my life because vegetarian lifestyle is a huge thing in India. But this video sucks ass! These recipes look unappetising. There are so many amazing vegetarian dishes that even meatlovers will love. You need to up your game tasty! Do a bit more research before posting shitty recipe videos.

  • These look amazing! Is there a substitute for powdered peanut butter? I’ve never seen that in Australia…would ground nut meal work?

  • PSA for fellow vegetarians: make sure you check the label of your puff pastry as many brands put animal fat in it for some dumb reason. i never knew this and was eating non-vegetarian pastry for years and so i was really upset when i found out

  • You’re videos just get better and better! i went vegan about 10 months ago and my grandmother makes a chocolate silk pie that i was bummed i could never eat again…BUT THEN you made this recipe its so nice of you to think off all dietary choices when you make your videos <3

  • I’m late to the party, but I made the butternut squash dish and I absolutely love it! Does it make me a glutton if I was already sampling the Alfredo sauce before I added it to the squash? LOL. At the end of the week I will be trying the lentil bake. Can’t wait!

  • They ALL look amazing, but I can see myself eating the bean salad & that tasty looking fruit salad…thanks again for your fantastic recipe ideas for all food types honey ��������

  • Okay this said vegaterian on the title, so if you eat meat I don’t care if you watch but please keep the negative comments about vegaterian/ vegans to yourself.

  • I love the style of the video! The editing was different (in a good way). And there are captions too! Thank you for putting out such a great video, Alyssia!

  • I know you are not vegan/vegetarian so I really really appreciate you being considerate enough to make all of these accommodating and delicious recipes! thank you(: I love your videos.

  • These r amazing. I am going to try the salad but I am vegan so I will put the feta on the side. I think I also have a tofu “feta” recipe. I love the chocolate pie recipe as well. Why do you use firm as opposed to silken tofu? Is the texture too mushy?

  • Wow this lentil veg bake looks amazing. And it’s not trying to be anything else like meat or whatever (I have no problem with fake meats but usually omnivores can’t handle it) THIS is a perfect recipe for me to make. Will report back! Thanks Nisha! It’s Tuesday so I was in panic mode LOL

  • That pie is insane!
    Tofu one of the most thing i want to try and when i do, I’m definitely going to use it in a pie/cheesecake recipe <3

  • i will try to made some of this yummy vegan recipes, especially the silk pie omg that looks so freaking delicious and vegan too thumps up

  • Nisha, any tips for making either of these dishes ahead of time and reheating them? I’ll be travelling to my Thanksgiving gathering and the kitchen will probably be pretty busy preparing non-vegan dishes, so I thought I’d make my main dish ahead and take it to reheat near serving time.

  • My favorite vegetable is lamb, closely followed by beef. However, I have no beef about having some crunchy stalks of pork of chicken.

  • Alyssa, how are the recipes organized in your website? Under each category, if they are arranged chronologically or alphabetically, that would be great. I know there is a link to a pdf for today’s recipes but I can’t the recipe for the silken tofu pie there.

  • This recipe is all over the place! You’re much better off to go to Waitrose or another channel for a dish that isn’t totally disjointed. And doesn’t bagged frozen spinach create waste….

  • Which of the many vegan cheeses I see all the time did you use in your dishes. I’m sure the type and maker of the cheese would be important to the taste of the final dish.

  • Yum looks delicious i am making all soon can i still make all even i dont celebrate thanksgiving in Singapore drooling over my samsung galaxy j4 love your recipes making me hungry Thanks Ramya

  • Adding some Sherry to your duxelles is a huge flavour punch, add towards the end and carry on until your mushrooms dry as normal but totally deelish Looks beautiful though.

  • First, thanks for sharing ideas for those who want to have something vegan or vegetarian friendly at a group gathering this season. I am excited to try some of these recipes on the video but I don’t see where you give the amount of each ingredient you are actually using in the recipes. Please let me know soon because I want to try this at a party this weekend.

  • That vegetable gratin is not vegetarian its just a normal gratin with no meat lol, it has bacon bitts, cheddar, milk, shall I continue…

  • Would the second recipe be good with cheese sprinkled on top instead of the cashew cream? If so what would be a good cheese to try?

  • These look so good! I’m still working on cooking my way through your book (everything is amazing. If anyone reading this hasn’t bought her cookbook yet, do yourself a favor and get it) and I already did my Thanksgiving grocery shopping, but I will absolutely have to make these this season