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SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, have been around for a lot longer than most men realize. The first wave of these was introduced in the 1940’s by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, and was marketed as a way to help treat cancer, osteoporosis, and other diseases. These were known as “steroidal SARMs.”. Once again, SARMs stands for selective androgen receptive modulator. The easiest way to explain how they work is by comparing them to something that many people in the world of fitness and bodybuilding already have a grasp of, whether it’s first or second-hand experience, or even just from picking up a basic knowledge over the years, and that’s steroids.

SARMs aren’t exactly like steroids, and they work. SARMs is short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The main reason why SARMs were created was to help treat various conditions such as obesity and muscle wasting diseases. Due to their unique properties, they are currently being used by bodybuilders and other athletes.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are a class of therapeutic compounds that have similar anabolic properties to anabolic steroids, but with reduced androgenic (producing male characteristics) properties. As an example, the androgen receptor is activated by binding androgens, such as testosterone. Have you heard of SARMS aka Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators?

They’re being called Steroids 2.0, an alternative with powerful anabolic effects, no steroids, or need for a post cycle therapy. Today, I’ll go in-depth on SARMS and give you the 401 with all you really need to know. Let’s get into it.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or SARMs, is a type of therapeutic compound. SARMs are reported to have the same kinds of effects as androgenic drugs (such as steroids). However, they are supposed to be much more selective in their action. Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are compounds that enhance the beneficial effects of androgen in skeletal muscle without causing many of the negative side effects associated with androgen treatment, including risks to the prostate and cardiac systems. From: Spinal Muscular Atrophy, 2017.

SARMS DEFINED: The word SARM stands for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator,” and just like the other selective receptor modulators, SARMS can either block, or stimulate, the same nuclear hormone receptors under different conditions. The need for such an agent has stimulated the development of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). GTx-024 (enobosarm; United States Adopted Names Council official generic name) is an orally bioavailable nonsteroidal SARM with tissue-selective anabolic and androgenic pharmacologic activity [22–26].

SARM stands for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator”. According to the United States Anti Doping Agency: are a class of therapeutic compounds that have similar properties to anabolic agents, but with reduced androgenic properties.

List of related literature:

Finally, selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are being developed and promise to be useful as osteoprotective agents while reducing adverse effects on prostate, lipids, etc. [571].

“Osteoporosis” by Robert Marcus, David W. Dempster, Jane A. Cauley, David Feldman
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Gao W and Dalton JT (2007b) Expanding the therapeutic use of androgens via selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs).

“Molecular Mechanisms of Hormone Actions on Behavior” by Anne M. Etgen, Donald W. Pfaff
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Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are androgen receptor (AR) ligands that potentially separate these varied physiological outcomes, providing the beneficial effects of androgens with substantially reduced risks of virilization.

“Osteoporosis” by Robert Marcus, David Feldman, Dorothy Nelson, Clifford Rosen
from Osteoporosis
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Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS) are a novel class of androgen receptor

“Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport” by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
from Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport
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Expanding the therapeutic use of androgens via selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs).

“Williams Textbook of Endocrinology E-Book” by Shlomo Melmed, Ronald Koenig, Clifford Rosen, Richard Auchus, Allison Goldfine
from Williams Textbook of Endocrinology E-Book
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Current and future activities concentrate on selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), analogous to the SERMs for the estrogen receptor.

“Andrology: Male Reproductive Health and Dysfunction” by Eberhard Nieschlag, Hermann M. Behre, Susan Nieschlag
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Selective androgen-receptor modulators: SARMs aim to maintain desired androgenic and anabolic effects (and male sex characteristics), while reducing adverse androgenic effects, high gonadotrophin levels and spermatogenesis.

“Pharmacology for Health Professionals eBook” by Bronwen Bryant, Kathleen Knights, Andrew Rowland, Shaunagh Darroch
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Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) can act as full agonists in anabolic tissues such as muscle and bone, or antagonists or weak agonists in androgenic tissues such as prostate and seminal vesicles.

“Sex Hormones and Immunity to Infection” by Sabra L. Klein, Craig Roberts
from Sex Hormones and Immunity to Infection
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How it works: SARMs contain androgen-like compounds that interact with cellular androgen receptors.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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These so-called selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are currently undergoing late clinical trials (IIb) and will be prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency from January 2008.

“Doping in Sports” by Detlef Thieme, Peter Hemmersbach
from Doping in Sports
by Detlef Thieme, Peter Hemmersbach
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  • Tks Ben, what can you advise for all round bodybuilding proteins, supplements and testosterone treatment for the older guys like me 45-50

  • There are communities who review sarm sources etc where they send samples to labs for proper identification and catalog the quality of the sources for the community. Going after these poor quality stores via the FDA is bad because we all know they are a blunt weapon who’ll attack the “legitimate” sellers as well.

  • Cardarine has been clinically proven to “cause cancer to develop rapidly in SEVERAL organs” according to the studies.

    Sorry but anyone who take this is a fucking idiot. You’re asking for it knowing this. Do your research, otherwise have fun with cancer. Maybe then you’ll learn.

    Take ostarine or mk677… there are many other great options out there!!!!

  • People always freaking out over the cancer thing. Millions of athlete’s and bodybuilders around the world has been taking this stuff for many years now and not one report of any of them ever developing cancer as a result. When we start seeing reports of humans getting cancer then I’ll worry about it.

  • Unless I missed something, and with all due respect to the Dr, he contradicts himself when he states in the beginning, that studies with lab rats is bologna because you can’t compare rats to humans. He then says that he would not advocate taking Cardarine because of the possibility of developing Cancer based on the experiment with rats?

  • Someone who isn’t me took Cardarine.
    >oral, via liquid dropper
    >he forgets dosage
    >He felt it by the 2nd day.
    >Felt like his original 2 lungs were bottomless, and that he had grown a 3rd.
    >All the air he took in while running felt very cold, like from an AC unit.
    >he could run for miles without winding
    >felt like he could keep going after stopping
    >got leaner, could have been the vastly increased cardio workouts because of Cardarine
    >he will definitely be buying & using many more times in the future
    >he says it is divine

  • Never seen so many negative washed up losers in a comments section in my life, the guy decides to take sarms, push him self and document it and a bunch of fat fucks telling another man what his feeling and his support network are all wrong…………….. whats missing from your life’s?????

  • The government forced them to pull it. They were caught off by the gov. This shit is fantastic. And that’s why it has to be removed. They want us sick and dead. Make no mistakes people for 20 years they been saying the world will die of overpopulation. Do you really think they will let the world die? No they will do whatever it takes to kill us off

  • I Hit 405 for 7 reps no belt no gloves at 190 body weight after only 3 years training. Again I don’t bash you for using sarms at all I’m just saying if you’re using performance enhancement this early on your gains later might be harder.

  • This doctor seems cool and what have you but the reality of it is I approached his office and basically would have came down to they don’t take insurance they take cash and only cash before he even has a conversation with you so everybody be aware of that

  • Bro why are you taking these sarms are also drugs check ryan casey videos on YouTube he losing all his gains because of sarms and he is also depressed he said he did very big mistake rather he should have taken the steroids

  • Cardarine is amazing, makes me superhuman when it comes to endurance plus i always feel overall really good on it almost like a super vitamin too

  • the only reason I’m scared of takin it that it could harm my performance as a sprinter. Heard it makes ur fasttwitch fibers turn into slowtwitch fibers

  • Make sure you do your research on this. Many people will say that the cancer in rats was due to giving them hundreds of times the dose a human would get but this is not true. Using any Human Equivalent Dose (HED) calculator on the internet will show that the actual human dose was something like 45-75 mg / day which is not that far off from a bodybuilding dose. I have researched dozens of articles on PPAR agonists and they can either increase or decrease tumors depending on a multitude of factors. There has never been any cancer in humans to my knowledge, and I have been following multiple bodybuilding forums for some time looking for this, but you can never really tell. For me, I didn’t want to have to worry so I stopped.

  • Think about the masterful works of Jesus… It is written that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows every substance in us and all things in perfect balance! Steroids even come from His wisdom, for the fallen took it from Him did they not? Man is not smart enough to spill liquids together and figure these things out without help… I’ll tell u that right now. Whatever tho, I digress. Chemicals do crazy stuff is what I was thinking

  • Below is from the study. Basically they dosed the mice 5mg per kg per day. That’s equivalent to a 200 pound person taking 450mg per day. Lol. I think anyone dosing at 10-20mg a day should be fine. But I’m not doc so just my opinion.

    Untrained mice were then left sedentary while trained mice were subjected to training (20rpm for 30min/day; 5 days/week) with moderate degree of running difficulty. After 3 weeks of training and/or GW501516 treatment (5 mg/kg/day), running endurance performance was measured by a wheel running test, where the speed was set to17rpm for the first 3hours and then was increased by 4 revolutions per hour until exhaustion

  • I can’t believe that 9 weeks in, Test levels haven’t dropped below normal and start to cause issues, on only some quack Blue Ox test booster. Also hard to believe no blood are being done all this time.

  • This doc is a FOOL and should not speak about AS or SARM’s. If you want the truth about either of the two you must look to the literature YOURSELF. To be honest, the hormone cascade is very complex and Rand here is not an endocrinologist, sports med, or anything related to cutting edge PED’s. He is a biased POS. Cardarine is being used widely and successfully and this judgemental phony thinks he is part of the FDA. True, Cardarine is an experimental drug for what it was tested for. Manufacturers took a SUBJECTIVE view of their own goals and criteria and ended the study. Does that mean this product is useless? No, it is an OUTSTANDING product and along with Stenabolic has turned the obese world into far healthier people. It is one of the BEST solutions discovered for cardio improvement and putting peoples bloodwork into the normal range. I use it as a martial arts practitioner and it is PHENOMENAL. This dip shit does not make any money off of it, so he badmouths it, like he does SARMS. Anabolitc Doc and Dr T tell it like it is while treating thousands of patients. Turn this fool OFF and look to the real professionals. Cutler is a las vegas dumb ass. If a zombie supports this delinquent it is all the more reason to cut him loose. RPT PhD. The risk of cancer in humans vs rats at the experimental dose is equivalent to a rat taking 1/4 of it’s bodyweight in Cardarine daily for a solid week! Learn how to calculate the numbers Einstein!

  • I love this stuff, helps with cardio, improved lipids, controls blood sugar ect. If I’m taking anything that can mess with my bloodwork I take gw alongside it

  • It caused cancer in rats because they gave the rats like crazy amounts of mg’s of this stuff. Too much of anything will cause bad side effects. I mean tbh, EVERYTHING Has side effects… but yes when it comes to stuff working good and giving people benefits, they pull it from the market and try to say bad stuff about it so it can scare people..the Medical industry WANTS you to be sick… it’s all a money thing sadly

  • I wish this documentary would have just focused on tracking his progress with eating more (vertical diet) and training intensely (I.e 4am under the supervision of mark). See what I’m saying?! It’s the latter that is netting a result. Not these lame ass SARMS. This dude just needed to eat and train with more intent

  • Takes SARMS with the goal of finally gaining muscle mass.

    Trains like a powerlifter with not enough volume for optimal muscle growth.

    Forgets to take photos.

    12/10 ������ I cannot

  • He must be put behind bars for befooling youngsters and inspiring them for all the wrong reasons. U must do some research dude and then come up with something authentic. #BoycottSARMs

  • Gw got pulled because it fights inflammation, helps with diabetes, and helps people burn fat. The big dogs in the game keeping American sick and stupid would not allow this drug to be legal. Cigarettes cause cancer, fast food chain ingredients cause cancer, chlorine causes cancer. None of these things have been pulled. The test on rats was done on purpose to sideline this stuff and the obviouse.

  • telmisartan telmisartan telmisartan,,,, it lowers blood pressure, increases insulin sensitivity, improves lipids, and has the same action as cardarine just less potent thus you must take more telmisartan is great for most men that use gear

  • It doesn’t cause cancer the study on mice or rats caused cancer because of the tremendous doses administered to them. Nowhere near what humans are taking this thing at


  • You don’t decide if you have one more rep you just keep going until your body fails that’s the only way you truly know what you can give.

  • great content, please keep it up! in regard to acne. some people state that you will only get acne on TRT if you had bad acne while growing up. I however, have never ever suffered with any type of acne, even as a teenager. Although, every single time on PCT (when I was doing bodybuilding cycles), and every time I try to take HCG on TRT, my whole back and chest breaks out with severe acne. I have tried to look into the causes of this and I have came to the conclusion that when my natural test starts to shoot up again either on a PCT or when taking HCG, this makes my DHT shoot up which causes severe acne. Would you agree with this? I need to get to the cause of this acne because I will need to start HCG again soon on TRT to have children.

  • So much hate on here lol this a aimed to be documentary. Sarms are limbo territory. Gear users think there week. Natty ppl hate anyone that uses anything. If you wanna use steroids use steroids. You wanna stay natty stay natty. Why you ppl always gotta flame people for doing something different.

  • I’m so chuffed for this guy….His hard work is paying off for sure comparing his old strength levels and that’s regardless of if the SARMS are working or not…keep it up bro, another 6 month to a year and you’ll be pulling 4 or 5 for sure…Would bet on it. “_”

  • taking sarms to be able to Deadlift 315 for 5? you havent even built a strength base and are saying your just learning evrything so id say taking anabolic compounds this early would be a waste.

  • Dear…pls let me know dat can MK 677 alone give results in 8 weeks cycle or i hav to stack it with something??? And suggest me wat to stack with mk for lean bulk…thanx

  • Alright again dude. Would you recommend taking the liquid form of MK677 sublingually or swallow it directly? Also if you were to swallow it directly can you drink anything after it to help get rid of the taste/gulp it down or does it need to be grape juice/water?

    Thanks man

  • The rats were given 3mg/kg, which is more than what a human would take (10x) but is common in animal trials so that side effects are spotted more easily. Given the huge and lucrative market this drug could have, there is little reason to think that a company would abandon 15 years of research on it unless they found something of great concern. Think about it, if you can radically improve the functioning of an organism just by stimulating PPAR-d with a single molecule, why isn’t life already doing it? Billions of years of evolution and life never tries such a simple hack? There are likely downsides. If you have a life threatening disease then maybe the risks are worth it but most healthy people looking to become healthier would be wise to a have high standard for the things they put into their body. At this point, not enough is known about the long term safety of this drug to recommend it and the Doc is not a fool to point that out. Someday we will have a more complete understanding of the benefits and risks of this drug, due in part to some of the guinea pigs watching this video -so thanks!

  • Months ago he’s going off because sarms aren’t safe and all that. But wait.. mk677 isn’t a sarm..yeah I know. He was upset because there isn’t enough research behind them and you never know what your gonna get. Truth is he’s mad because sarms are selling better than his bullshit “whey protein gainer 5000 mega muscle shake”

  • I swear “natty” is the new vegan. Everyone is so self-righteous, and they’ll let you know they think they’re better than you. Just to make themselves feel good about their own shortcomings.

  • I’m 64, touched my first free weights for the first time two years ago and I deadlift 395!?!
    This guy doesn’t need sarms, steroids, or other performance enhancing drugs……. he just needs a natural trainer to teach him how to eat and train properly������

  • Intro comments stating “I don’t advise, condone or encourage the use of steroids, sarms, or other performance enhancing drugs” is like putting a full cookie jar in front of a kid and tell them not to eat the cookies…..,….
    He’s fooling himself if he doesn’t think he’s encouraging others, especially highly impressionable younger KIDS to join in on his sarms (soon to be steroids) journey.

  • Bhai mk 677 use krra hu 3week me dose 20mg kar diya hu is Cycle k baad mai.LGD bhi iske saath use karunga to LGD ka dose kitna rhega mk677 k saath aur kitne dose tak ja skte hai?

  • Anyone watching this just know this is dumb 80% of you can pull 405+ with a year of training or less and good nutrition. Don’t be impatient and jump on drugs weight training is a long term thing mature your training mentality and think in terms of decades. And remember EAT BIG STEAKS AND LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS.

  • Lol drugs to deadlift 3 plates for 5 reps. Here I was being dumb eating big steaks and lifting heavy weight consistently for a long time to do that.

  • Disclaimer: overall don’t be stupid

    every video: takes advice from someone who isn’t a Doctor but calls himself Doctor Tony and pumps un-studied chemicals into his body that are going to ruin his hormone levels. all to deadlift 315

  • Bhai Ab tera musclegain nahi ho raha toh sarms pelega, jeet selal ki video dekhle sarms pe aur galat baatein mat faila. I unsubscribed btw:)

  • You can’t expect to get fucking great results from something if you dont do most important steps correctly: SLEEP, EAT, TRAIN. He said he cut on sleep in order to train with MARk, cutting sleep so that you can train with someone is the worst thing you can do for your mental stability, recovery and gains. He don’t even talk about eating, and his training, well did you see that lat pulldown, shoulder lateral raise, hammer curls and other movements? Worst training in history of youtube. The reason why he is always feeling it in his triceps is just showing how low his connection between muscle and brain is and how his ego is forcing him to incorrectly distributed load that hi is under = starting every lat pulldown with a swing of his low back so that he can engage the triceps and hole body instead of doing it with back primarily.Look at that triceps pushdown = 0 triceps involvement, he is pulling with his back and upper traps fully activated. But at least he is showing that SARMS do work, even for people who are not smart enough to prioritize staff correctly in their life.

  • I wonder if your gaining because your learning the fundamentals dipshit and actually for once in your life giving the weights your all. It’s not 30mg of ostarine!! Lmao���� bro all your doing now is just suppressing your hpta system even more jackass.

  • Why would he take sarms to deadlift 3 plates. Most bros in commercial gym can deadlift 3 plates for 8+ reps and their body weight between 60-80 kg
    No hate but u can get DL 3 plates within less than a year without PEDs.

  • im happy for you but have a slight scowl cause your reaching my numbers and will probably pass em soon…NATTY WHYYYY!!!!! ahahaha

  • Bai jitne tare bady hai issa giada protein khane vaalu he hoti hai..bai ap egg protein chicken breast milk peanut butter oats multivitamin ja use karo..

  • Sleep deprivation will rapidly mess up your hormones. Enjoy your new higher cortisol, worse insulin sensitively, disregulated melatonin, likely lower T & HGH, with the added bonus of higher risk of shit like a car accident. Wise up dude. You should be trying to sleep better not worse. And now getting bloodwork is next to useless for assessing the effect of the SARMs because chronic sleep deprivation with heavy training will bugger you up well and good.

  • People saying AZ isn’t getting in the volume have never hit the weights with ST or Mark. Yes there is the training for power but trust me, they have volume filled work too.

  • Id be interested in this little experiment with someone that actually seriously trained prior to taking sarms, this guy taking the stuff is pretty much useless, he could have just eaten more, done the same training to gain the same muscle and strength

  • Majority of athletes can do 315 for reps first month in the gym. I know the first time I deadlifted I did like 285 pretty easily. Never deadlifted again. Useless lift to me

  • Bro, make a video for proper cutting cycle of SARMS duration time of cycle, doses and PCT dosses and cycle. Please. You got my subscription brah!

  • I’ve taken some dumb shit over the years but osterine was up there with the best of them. Unbelievable amount of side effects to mental health that shit is not safe for human consumption. Your gains will last 2 weeks when you end the cycle and say hello to anxiety and panic attacks and crippling lethargy and low test

  • Hey Andrew been watching from the beginning very interested in the blood work results any chance you are getting that done anytime soon? Would be nice to see what the real suppression is thanks!

  • 4:23 The lowest dose that caused cancer in lab rats was 3 mg pr. kilogram of body weight after a 104 week cycle. No human being is going to take 240 mg of Cardarine every day for 2/3 of their life, like these lab rats did. Almost all lab rats die of cancer anyway, and only live about 3 years, so the fact that they got cancer after 2 years of heavy Cardarine dosing doesn’t tell us anything.
    If they tested normal doses in non-labratory mice (mice without the super-duper long telomeres of lab mice), it would be more believable. Credit to Bret Weinstein for discovering the fact that not all mice have long telomeres, and that the lab rat breeders had fucked up!

  • No hate, you’ve made a lot of progress, so kudos to you. But I hope you understand if you trained like this before, you wouldn’t have had so few gains over the 6-7 years prior. You’re just now learning how to flex your lats and triceps? If you created that mind muscle connection and intense training style you would’ve been an intermediate if not advance natural right now. But that’s the past, juice heads still out in work, glad to see it rubbing off on you.

  • You needed Sarms to do 315×5 deadlift… what are you doing with your life that makes you so weaksauce lol how stressful is your job or how much do you eat or sleep???

  • Love this guy…. You pecks movements doesn’t let me focus on what your saying.lol Anyhow I’m 5/9 42 195 and I’m on TRT. I’m bulking up to 200 and I’m stopping at that weight.I have issue sleeping and I have some fat around my waist,thighs, and ass.Will this mk677 help me with the issues I’m having? I found the answers to my own question and I reached out to the wellness center.Thank you for making the video and for providing the link to the wellness center ��


  • There’s too many people who hate on u, they must be living a sad sad life if they feel the need to bring u down, I’m a guy who deadlifted 500lbs at 16 but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna bring u down I love watching these videos and seeing ur PROGRESS, no matter how strong u r, PROGRESS will always be paramount

  • when you’re new to say early intermediate at a movement, there’s lots of gains that you make that aren’t muscle gains, there more like learning how to strain in a certain way. im no scientist by any means but id love to learn more about this type of thing if there are studies out there.

  • Let me guess the guys behind you are all on steroids and drugs too?!?!?!
    We are creatures of our environment…….. in this case, pretty sad ��

  • I was going to point out that hes pulling 3 wheels,slam and bounce,at 195 lbs.but everyone already did.chris bell looked like he was about to collapse and be crushed.very not-impressive high as hell box squats.i guess to try and make it look like his raw squat isn’t really 225.we.can conclude sarms dont work.congrats power project on being so cheesy.

  • Why would you take out carbs for breakfast? I am sure that is your pre workout meal. I hope you are at least having a healthy amount of carbs after training.

  • Andrew, i usually dont write on youtube, but i am very fascinating with your progression and sarm experiment. Long time ago i used some of these compounds, and i wanna say that with Osta (esp. 30mg) just be careful with your hdl, Osta lowers it alot. Non the less i will be following your journey. Good stuff!

  • This guy is a doesn’t know shit! Please don’t takes his advice! SARMS are not safe, they are research compounds and haven’t gone through human trials. Post blood tests you will definitely see a lot bad indications.

  • Sometimes u need to give the address or link from where u hv purchased so that we can also go through it.. Bt evrytime u dnt say anythng abt the buying site or else… So whats the need of subscribing ur channel or rather i would watching ur full vedio wasting my time..

  • Nice he says he is showing us the big picture you are just another selfish YouTuber who doesn’t even share loyal facts with your own youtube fanbase the people who created you.you yourself selfishly used selective androgen receptor blockers and still consider yourself a natty bitch please and you didn’t even share where to buy the original or legit sarms from if you are loyal to your YouTube channel and fans you should share all information correctly and in a concise manner so people would not be scanned from fake shit

  • The real reason it got pulled was it was too good and would infringe on sick care. Cancer risk is a farce. More likely to get cancer from your poor diet than something that reduces body fat, helps cholesterol ect

  • Sarms is considered a synthetic drug it is not natural at all and it’s all has side effect similar to steroid but in lesser degree side effect may be reduce in natural testosterone production, increased hair loss, and possibly an increased risk of cancer.

  • Dear sir, I have heard that mk 667 induces heart failure,hypertension, thyroid malfunction, cancer, diabetes, edema,joint/muscle pain and its withdrawal effects include even cerebral attack.
    Youtubers say that SARMs are unfit for human consumption because these have not been tested on humans but only on animals.
    Many are even saying that only paid agents and surveyors are promoting SARMs.

    Is mk 667 a SARM or simply a growth hormone?

    Plz elaborate on the points raised by me.

  • This is height of insanity u r taking a unreserched item which is developed few years ago and its long term side effect are unknown and u dumb u r taking it and encouraging others to take it wahi baat hai hum to pela gaye ab tum bhi pelao

  • You’re eating 3000 cals as a “hard gainer”? dude.. that should have been done well and truly before sarms and that’s still too low. Quit your bitching and complaining about genetics and fucking eat, all these gains you would get just from eating more. Typical new trainers these days just want a magic pill. Why the hell are you now trying to cut?

  • Bai sarms steroids ka vi baap hai..wo he use kara jisne sports kabbadi bodybuilding weightlifting powerlifting ja fir kuch vi game khelni hai..dusra banda ishe mat use kijiye..

  • natural diet use kr or wait kr body banani h toh patience rkh saalo lagege but natural muscle build karo otherwise it’s not worthy.

  • Can someone please translate his exact PCT cycle! I know he said it was mild but I cannot understand most of what he is saying. THANKYOU!

  • They are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human use, they are illegally marketed and sold as dietary supplements, and they are banned in all professional and college sports. “SARMs are synthetic drugs that have negative effects similar to those of anabolic steroids,” Hatch said

  • To anyone reading this, please think twice before buying sarms.

    After hours or relentless research, I purchased Cardarine from two reputable sources: Androbolics.com and qualitysarms.com and I almost fainted/blacked out after day 5. I used the Androbolics Cardarine for 3 days and began noticing some sensations in my head (kind of like when you are drunk but not quite) and I kept “zoning” out at times (I was taking 10mg a day). I thought my batch could have been bunk so I decided to try the Cardarine from qualitysarms.com from day 4 onward… with the same result, but this time much worse. I kept losing my balance and had tremendous difficulty concentrating. If I had taken a larger dose I know I would have ended up at the hospital.

    With that being said, I do believe both sources of Cardarine were legitimate from day one I felt the effects immediately and my fatigue at the gym/cardio was hardly present. It’s just weird how the longer I took it, the more I felt like my balance and concentration were diminishing. It was actually terrifying. The take home message from this is that these chemicals can affect everyone differently. I would have never imagined Cardarine to have messed with my brain like that.

    Again, please be extra cautious if you decide to go this route. I hope this short post can save someone’s life even though that might sound a bit dramatic.

    You live and you learn…

  • I heard if u take 5-10mg per day its safe but if you take 30mg + that can increase cancer growth just like if u take hgh, there are natural cures to slow down cancer or destroy cancer cells out there which dont include radiation or fasting to death. Taking 200 calories of coconut oil a day for 4 week is a good safe fat loss protocol, simple cheap and safe you should burn 3-6llbs of bodyfat. Which sounds unbelievable and hype but try it. 500g is 10$ so 20grams a day x 30 is only 600g of the stuff, ginger powder also helps u get more nutrients out of ur meal.

  • Did he say the dude with artificial hips is training hard and heavy and taking sarms?! Geez, I am all about training heavy but those hips don’t heal like the real ones!!

  • Whom else is gonna believe you when Jeet selal clears that it is a drug and it does have side effects..bro m not your hater but you are encouraging the young lads to use it although it didn’t tell them to take it but the advantages that you are telling is obviously gonna encourage them to use it..

    So many peoples are putting their efforts to make India drug free but Youtubers like you encouraging the young audience in the wrong way.

  • There all there in in Florida willingness Clinic’s””””” get anything sermorelin trt MK677 and lgd, gfrp2&6 yeah and for the blood work your gonna pay out of your ass,”””””” just the blood work they prescribe for you to get at your local Clinic starts out at 250 to 350 depending on all the categories of blood work to be drawn”, every category most of it is individually priced, at the end of the day of 12 months you’re looking at 3800 to 4800, this guy’s not advertising and promoting but he’s given his doctor’s name and Company, if your gear Head you done your research you going to do your research put in the work find that’ trustworthy company to deal with that resource I did i bought directly from the source I paid no more than 700 for a year for everything spoken about “” Plus yk11 and sermorelin 10mg ghrp-6 10mg, lgd 4033, testosterone cypionate and mk677. Also a bottle of Deca 10 ml, myself also for what this guy says also for my joints sport injuries as well, but it sure does amazing things with my muscles,!!,, sure a lot of these items your hunger is insane offf the roof, but trust me you shit it right out”””!!;)
    Now all these things are listed it’s 10 times way better than HGH and being on a dangerous steroid cycle,,,,,

  • Wow dear u are looking really handsome every time I see your videos I’m impressed from your videos love u dear dear I really want to talk to u on WhatsApp bcz dear I dont use fb or Instagram u are my favourite dear my real name is nikki I’m girl dear u dint know bcz dear on YouTube its mickey that’s y I’m telling u dear u are my favourite I will all ways support u dear u have a great body ����

  • They are developing a related med referred to as GW-0472 which is almost identical to GW-501516. It is going through clinical testing now. I assume tmsince Glaxo had 0472 in the pipeline they didn’t need 501516 with its cancer study marring its reputation.

  • This is a great story so far Andrew. Really looking forward to looking backward on these videos in a year. If you’re not getting stronger you’re getting weaker!!

  • Corrrct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the study done by injecting the rats with a carcinogen chemical and the cardarine just increased the growth speed of the cancer?

  • Cant get a script for mk677 lmfao it’s no FDA approved. That script is as valid as the one from well fitness nutrition is he out of the feds yet lol.

  • There is no FDA aproved lab that will compound research chems for humans my friend we use those for our supplements
    They can’t CAN’T sell RC for humans thanks for the pitch but hit up the FDA brother nothing but love my friend

  • Tiger paw thought you didn’t like companies that make research chems! You got it prescription whattt u know where they buy from bro? ME you are welcome we serve many of your practitioners possibly your compound pharmacy bro

  • I see the same doc I’ve been researching mk 677 my self sounds good gonna give it a try if doc thinks I need it, IGF 1 I THINK is low 200 will see

  • 10% off SARMs Coupon: SARMSTODAY2
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    Use Promo Code SARMSTODAY2 at http://www.sarms-for-sale.com

  • Make your own Sarms at home with raw powders

  • Iffy on the legitimacy of sarms because they are illegal and you don’t know exactly what you’re getting but is clearly on steroids. Ok guy ����

  • What would you guys say to use with someone who has a binge eating disorder? I’ve been in a caloric deficit for far too long as my binge eating sets me back too often. I may go 5 days perfectly then all those calories lost i will regain or even more in just one sitting of food. That being said, i still want to cut and reach 10 to 9 % bf as im stuck at roughly 14% bf at poverty calories due to this dilemma; metabolism is fucked. Would ostarine and mk-677 as a stack help me here? I dont really want to retain water weight either, as i know ostarine doesnt retain, heard mk-677 does. Thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  • guys dont be so stupid ok and listen to this schmoe saying its NATTY. This is considered a steroid by USADA and you would be banned by USADA for taking it! thats exactly how I discovered it after some fighter was banned.

  • I love whrn all the sub-standard folks eith little drive, get jealous because someone else has put alot of effort into something. Regardless of what he takes you dont get like that without years of hard work.

  • Thanks for this info. I am sitting at 5’7″ 240lbs @[email protected] Only taking HRT via test pellets and 1 anti E once a week.
    855 total T
    288 Free T
    675 bio available
    24 Estrodiol
    12.5 SHBG
    0.22 Progesterone

    And am considering MK-677 to help with adational fat loss.

  • Really enjoying the updates buddy. Can’t wait to find out what happens at the end of the cycle and how you manage your gains you’ve made so far. Good luck and keep it going.

  • If you wanna clear out your own pantry, your moms pantry, your grandmas pantry, and your sisters pantry, get on mk677. You’ll eat EVERYTHING

  • bhai aap sabko sarms lena encourage kar rahe he. yeh bandh karo. mai masters in biotechnology hu bhai aur jaanta hu ki sarms is very harmful.

  • Mate, Tiger fitness… �� You just said you wouldn’t take ostarine cus its not for humans.. And wouldn’t take HGH…. So what are you takin then? What’s in the orange pill bottle????

  • I gained 10 lbs in a week, and I have only been using MK 677 for a week. But yeah. Hungry all the time. I can eat, and be hungry right after. I’m 45 years old. I had lost 20 lbs. Went from 215 to 195 before I started 677. Gained 10 lbs back in a week. I just hope that it’s not fat. I look bigger, but I see myself everyday, so hard to tell.

  • Been taking 15 mg since the start of the week every night. I haven’t really had any side effects, but im guessing it is because I take it before bed. But I have been starting to get pain/ache around the stomach area. Is this normal?


  • On day 3 so far, only 10mg a day.

    Better sleep, increased appetite, getting fullness back into my face.

    Now the bad. Increased blood pressure (might be because I’ve been eating much more than normal and not healthy). Slight cramping in fingers. Got labs today and got a lump where they put the needle. That’s never happened before.

    Gonna stop for a few days.

  • What is the point of this channel? He cannot recoment anything except him product event he is using everything except him product.

  • Cardarine is absolutely amazing. I’m 40, so doing squats and deadlifts is difficult. This stuff just makes it so you have about twice as much breath. That, in turn, makes it so you can get in shape very quickly.
    I’ve heard it described as having a third lung, that’s exactly what it feels like. If I had a grand right now, if buy a bunch of mk677 and a bunch of cardarine for when the government steals your right to buy it without going through them.

  • Great information. Thanks. Also, you don’t have to defend your credibility. Anyone with an IQ over a carrot knows you’re up front about your usage.

  • This guy is such a clown lol “I’m afraid of being raided by the dea”. Ya dude cause the dea makes steroids a priority of heroin and meth. Spare us the nonsense

  • I took MK 677. I don’t know what the fuck is in it, but it definitely made me more vascular and leaned me out. I was also dieting at the same time

  • Dude, that’s the doses of juice I was taking back in the 80,s when I was competing and cycling. I hope you are coming off occasionally or your nuts will never work again!

  • Great knowledge bro

    Can I Stack YK 11 and MK 2866
    And howz the feedback on Denik sarms.

    Plz tell me about any side effects and looking fwd for a reply.

  • It also increases cortisol levels due to the gherrlin. It can cause long term chnages to the brain. I take it 5 days on 2 days off so as to not cause too much stress.

  • Sarms are sketchy and I think there nonsense too but mk 677 is deff something I believe In it’s actually all I’m on at the moment!

  • You do not speak English well enough to be speaking so fast you need to slow down some. I talk to people all over the world who also don’t speak English that well so I’ve learned to understand people where others have a hard time and with you, I can’t understand but 1 word out of every sentence. You gotta slow down some you are speaking way too fast for not sounding the words out correctly. Your accent is way too strong to speak so fast.

  • Sir what do you think about ostarine i am thinking of a Lg and ostarine cycle and plzzzz plzzz tell us from where you buy SARMs online or offline plzz tell us����������������������������

  • Tumhe dekhne ke bad to kabhi Na lu..jaise ko sarabi bevda bol rha..Bhai ensan to log… sorry but socho ap dikh aur bol kaise rhe ho..

  • Guys need to calm down, he already made the decision. Just appreciate the transparency or gtfo. You really have that low self-esteem that you need to come here and circlejerk every single video? I get the feeling that ya’ll haven’t managed to get your ”noobie gains” yourselves and are just salty af

  • Sir mera body weight 68 kg h or upper body size acha nhi h upper body muscles gain krne h like Biceps or body shredded krne h but sir weight gain nhi krnA to sir konsa sarms shi rhega please help me sir

  • ultimate bro, bhai tuney directly bola what u use what u face, nd bhai bilkul sahi bola ki jo saley ghr say bhr b nai nikaltey wahi ghatiya batein krtey hai,

  • Anyone experience issues with gas/bloating/upset stomach with MK677? I take a liquid version very low dose (like 6mg). Also, the stuff I take has a terrible taste, like model glue/turpentine. It’s from Science.bio Anyone have any experiences related to either issue?

  • Maine lgd mnngwayi hai mai prso s start krunga but merko y btao ap konsa time hai sbse best lgd lene ka. Mai kis time usko take kru.

  • Hi. I hav used denik sarms that was mk677 (2 caps) & lgd4033(2 caps). Didnt find any results now i have started another cycle with mk677 (1 caps), lgd-4033(2 caps) & rad-140(2 caps) of enhance athlete. I had the same dosage when i took denik now should i increase my dosing or shall continue with same dose.

  • Lot respect brother ❤️❤️
    The info which you give is very reasonable and you put so real info and cover everything… really brother your video is different than other YouTuber.

  • Its just another drug u can do.why dont u go off all drugs and lets c what kind of genetics god gave u.probably a 174 lb little turp with a big mouth.BOOM!!!!!!!!

  • Bhai chakke ki tarah kyu bol rha h
    And lower testosterone can reduce chances of ur becoming a father bro so u should not say that it doesnt matters