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10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin 1. Turmeric Contains Bioactive Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties Share on Pinterest Turmeric is the spice 2. Curcumin. Health Benefits of Turmeric. Help or Hype?

A relative of ginger, this vivid yellow-orange spice is common in Indian, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern cooking. It’s also Depression. Type 2 Diabetes. Viral Infections.

Premenstrual Syndrome. The Health Benefits of Turmeric a Nutritionist Wants You to Know Curcumin, turmeric’s active component, is the star. Several studies have found that the key protective compound in Foods and products with turmeric: what to know.

2. Turmeric might ward off heart disease. Curcumin’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds may help protect against certain heart conditions, including diabetic cardiomyopathy. 12 Scientific Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin 1. Curcumin Is an Anti-Inflammatory One of turmeric’s main claims to fame is that it’s commonly used to fight 2. Curcumin. We know the primary turmeric health benefits include its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activity.

Current evidence suggests curcumin also contains antifungal properties. Multiple tests concluded that turmeric could reduce candida overgrowth and target fungal infections with moderate success. One of the biggest health benefits of turmeric is in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Research has found that curcumin induces cell death in medulloblastoma, a pediatric brain. Turmeric contains the chemical curcumin.

Curcumin and other chemicals in turmeric might decrease swelling (inflammation). Because of this, turmeric might be beneficial for treating conditions that. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that have proven effective in treating multiple skin conditions. Benefits for skin include increasing “ glow and luster ” of the ski.

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial and phytoestrogenic property benefits in common female reproductive health problems like PCOS, uterine fibroids, endometrosis and vaginitis. It can.

List of related literature:

Turmeric is said to reduce inflammation and treat cardiovascular problems, colds, dementia, depression, diarrhea, fever, heartburn, jaundice, menstrual problems, stomach pains, and gallbladder disorders.

“Judy Ann's Kitchen” by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo
from Judy Ann’s Kitchen
by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo
Anvil Food, Anvil Publishing, Incorporated imprint, 2017

The most popular uses of curcumin are for three primary purposes: (1) as a general antioxidant to prevent heart disease and slow down the aging process; (2) as a chemoprotector against cancer and as a treatment adjunct; and (3) to reduce inflammation, particularly in osteoarthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

Turmeric has a wealth of benefits for the digestive system.

“The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs: The Most Complete Guide to Natural Healing and Health with Traditional Ayurvedic Herbalism” by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Michael Tierra
from The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs: The Most Complete Guide to Natural Healing and Health with Traditional Ayurvedic Herbalism
by Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Michael Tierra
Lotus Press, 2008

In Ayurvedic practices, turmeric is thought to have many medicinal properties including strengthening the overall energy of the body, relieving gas, dispelling worms, improving digestion, regulating menstruation, dissolving gallstones, and relieving arthritis.

“Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, Second Edition” by Iris F. F. Benzie, Sissi Wachtel-Galor
from Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, Second Edition
by Iris F. F. Benzie, Sissi Wachtel-Galor
CRC Press, 2011

In India, where turmeric is a staple of the diet, the rate of Alzheimer’s disease is less than a quarter of what it is in the U.S. Turmeric’s health benefits are optimized when it’s cooked, but it can also be combined with black pepper and taken as a food supplement.

“One Spirit Medicine” by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
from One Spirit Medicine
by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Hay House, 2015

Research has focused on turmeric’s antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial properties, in addition to its use in cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal disorders (National Library of Medicine 2001).

“Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide” by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
from Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide
by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2010

Golden, peppery, and warm, turmeric and its main active component curcumin offer numerous health benefits.

“Little Foodie: Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste” by Michele Olivier, Sara Peternell
from Little Foodie: Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste
by Michele Olivier, Sara Peternell
Arcas Publishing, 2014

In addition to its use in cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal disorders, research has focused on turmeric’s antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial properties (Anonymous 2001).

“Essential Herbs and Natural Supplements” by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
from Essential Herbs and Natural Supplements
by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

In Ayurvedic practices, turmeric is thought to have many medicinal properties including strengthening the overall energy of the body, relieving gas, dispelling worms, improving digestion, regulating menstruation, dissolving gallstones and relieving arthritis (Prasad et al. 2011).

“Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 12 Modified Stems, Roots, Bulbs” by T. K. Lim
from Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 12 Modified Stems, Roots, Bulbs
by T. K. Lim
Springer International Publishing, 2016

The antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects alone support turmeric’s historical use in liver disorders; however, turmeric and curcumin also exert antiinflammatory and choleretic effects.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • Dr Berg please make a video on other indian herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari, bitter gourd and neem. Please sir, it will be quite useful

  • I’ve been taking off & on since 2002.
    I use to use an eighth of a teaspoon in place of aspirin for aches and pains. Since the pandemic I’ve been
    doing 1 table spoon a day sometimes more. I just buy the spice and I add black pepper with it.

  • I mix 250ml water with 1 tbs. acv, 1 tbs. lemon juice, half tsp. turmeric powder and a pinch of black pepper. It does give you a glowing, healthy looking skin. Unfortunately I haven’t noticed any weight loss.

  • Yes, drink the organic tea and I add ground organic in food. I noticed it made me feel good. Nothing really bothers me anymore

  • I came from east africa and we use tumric for everthing for cooking to tea and face mask make sure to buy organic

  • I’m diagnosed with distonia so please advice if I can use fresh turmeric. I used to drink turmeric daily. But recently I stopped. Thank you.

  • Be careful with turmeric. My pharmacist told me that people with hypothyroidism should not take it. That it interferes with the body’s ability to balance out thyroid hormones.

  • Hi my name is Johan from SA I have been taking a mix of Tumeric:1tsp honey 1tsp lemon 1tsp Tumeric n bit of black pepper for 2 months and I feel great I have a BPH problem and don’t have to visit the toilet frequently at night anymore since using this mix I am 72 years old and will continue with this mix tky

  • Curcumin is ONE of the ingredients, but turmeric works best. I use about 1400 mg. a day, for with 2800 mg. I would bleed too easily. I feel better and function better with it. In India where they eat a lot of curry, Alzheimer’s is not so common! If it’s brain food, I need it.

  • Thank you for your informative video. I did not hear any discussion on whether turmeric has any benefits to eye health and whether you are aware if turmeric can help reduce eye floaters. Thank you!

  • Good information here. Thanks for that. I note that you say nothing about buying turmeric root. Perhaps neither you or your viewers can buy it where you live, assuming in the US. I live in Bali Indonesia, and its amazingly cheap at my local supermarket. it’s called kunyit over here. I suffer a bit from gout occasionally (my third ever attack, right now), and I’m juicing veggies (celery, radishes, a small chunk of turmeric, similar chunk with ginger, garlic, 2 apples, 2 bell peppers, usually 1 red 1 yellow. It tastes quite bitter without the apples, and it chokes my slow-juicer. Turmeric can also stain your hands. Thanks for clarifying on the side-effects. I do this about twice a week. My skin is improving, but not my pocket book as celery is crazy expensive here. Gout (just on my right foot big toe) not gone yet after 4 weeks. Fingers crossed. Good luck with follow-up videos.

  • Yes, after boron, collagen, moringa, etc., turmeric actually helps my left hip and pain is slowly disappearing ( it’s either hip arthritis or bursitis, Doctors don’t know til they cut you). Will try a mix with bromalaine. Beats a new hip( I hope)

  • Everything I read about it, says the exact opposite of what this video says. No matter what source I use to read about it, they all say the exact opposite of what you’re saying. Why is that?

  • I love taking Tumeric supplements! I get a energy boost from it and I feel overall healthier. Plus it tastes GREAT in eggs!! Thank you for sharing this information. I’m learning to look into more holistic, natural ways to heal. I have always heard great things about tumeric. It’s on the top of my herbal list!

  • When I had hep c I began to drink turmeric tea with green tea and my immediate doctor’s appointment my liver was repairing itself…wow

  • Dr, i would like to know if turmeric and curcuma are the same, because you mention the two in this video, or are they differenti, please throw more light in it,thanks,

  • For my weight loss, I took
    Black pepper
    And pure honey as sweetener
    Results? AMAZING!!!
    105kg 85kg
    My goal is 70kg.

  • Take a tablespoon with a teaspoon of ginger and a pinch of pepper for absorption every day. Swallowed with warm water in a tea…..1 week in fingers crossed.

  • More than about turmeric, I love you as a couple in this video, you look amazing, full of love, adorable! Hope it is one of the turmeric benefits.

  • I take turmeric finely grated together with finely grated ginger, pepper, grated lemon mixed with manuka honey. I also include grated garlic….I put half teaspoon of mixture in any drink during the day

  • I don’t take it as a supplement nor do I use the powder. My family and friends from the islands grow it and I use the root or rhizome in my juices, organic milk, and my foods.

  • Question.I purcharsed organic tumeric powder, 1tbsp serving has 7 carbs… is this keto approved, I try to keep my carb count under 15net g, would these carbs affect my progress? I’m still going to consume it given its many benefits, I’m just curious about the carb count. ��

  • So informative Dr. Axe. I love your content. How may we infuse turmeric and ginger in a concoction that may taste awesome for everyone sake. This is my humble and sincerest question.

  • I’ve been taking tumeric in pill form from Amazon for about two months and my psoriasis that has been on my hands for about five years has resolved. I’ve also been taking garcinia cambogia as a weight loss aid. It’s supposed to block carbohydrate absorption. I’ve also been trying to do keto and intermittent fasting. I’m 66 and tired of being over weight. I haven’t felt this well in years.

  • There’s a company called YELLOWHALDI .COM Their turmeric is very potent because of rigorous criteria. They don’t market their products. They are very underrated. My mother and I have felt so great ever since using them.

  • I take turmeric every morning on an empty stomach. I mix it with fresh lemon juice,honey,put in some black pepper,top it up slightly
    with warm water, this makes a half of a tumbler glass.been taking it for some time. not sure if I feel any different to when I didn’t
    take it,but I’m sure it’s beneficial.brian,uk.

  • I think i am taking it too much like today i had diarrhea and went to toilet twice but other than that it makes me feel great really ��

  • My wife and I take Turmeric everyday. We take it naturally, we don’t take supplements. We get it right now from an Indian shop and in the near future, we will be making it ourselves by grinding the roots. A little testimony, my wife had cataract surgery and she developed a bad infection. The optometrist told her the only way to get rid of the infection is to receive at least six shots in the eye over a six week period. My wife refused and we got on a strict turmeric and pepper regimen. After two months of this, she could see out of her eye and we went back to the doctor and had another scan done and the infection was completely gone. The optometrist was amazed, he said that he never seen anybody recover without the antibiotic shots. My wife told him what she was doing and he said that he is going to start recommending it to his patients. As I stated earlier, we take it all natural. No additives, just completely fresh. It’s safer and you know what you are taking. The best supplement ever.

  • You guys are fantastic. I am 69 years old, have been taking turmeric for almost a year and have noticed better health all around, the biggest benefit I found is my memory improvement. I am still in sales and after taking turmeric for several months I was amazed how easily I remember my customer’s names and details of the sales I make. Most people pronounce turmeric starting with the sound of “turm”you guys might try that, it is easier than starting with the word “too”.Check out the talking dictionary on your iPad and you will hear the most common way to pronounce this wonderful herb.
    Thanks again.

  • I just started using turmeric tea last week for hopeful relief in arthritis and to aid in weight loss. My tea recipe:
    1/2 tsp turmeric powder
    1/4 tsp black pepper
    1 tbsp ACV (organic)
    1/2 tsp grated ginger
    1 green tea bag
    1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
    1/2 tsp pink Himalayan salt

    I steap all ingredients for 10 minutes and drink twice daily. 1st thing in the a.m. and just before bed. Along with a low carb diet and intermittent fasting. Wish me luck ��������
    Loved your video and all the beneficial information…Thanks to you both!!! ��

  • some say tumeric cures food poisoning, some say to avoid it during food poisoning, and some even say it causes poisoning. Should i include it when eating raw meat&eggs?

  • Being an Indian, I use turmeric (haldi) in all my cooking.. it’s used in kadha (turmeric milk) as a remedy for cold/cough/flu; also used as a paste on wounds to heal faster, and used as a face pack for great skin (yes, it does stain the skin, which washes off)..

  • You are so intelligent. I struggle with digestive pain, bloating and low energy so I’m excifed to try turmeric. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hello, Dr. Travis! I’ve been taking lisinopril 10mg., metoprolol25mg. And baby aspirin. I had a stroke 17 years ago that is why I’I’ve been taking them. Is it advisable to drink a turmeric tea whole on this medication? Can i get-off from aspirin and substitute it with turmeric? Thank you! Hope to hearing from you.

  • I Drink Turmeric Drink almond milk. I call it Golden milk. It help infammation in head and join pain. I use it everyday. When I use turmeric I mix with black and good fat

  • I’m just discovering tumeric. I’m trying it out now. Hoping for my skin to look less dry. My skin does feel a little nicer so far.

  • I take a lot of turmeric and recently I saw where turmeric is very high in oxalates and people who are susceptible to kidney stones like I am should not take it…. I also take citrus as well as vinegar but am wondering if it’s enough….

  • Hi doctor I asking about me I hove mentinace medicine for deabitis blood presion can I drink this herbals turmerik with my medicine mentinace?

  • Hi, as you said it helps in losing pounds Can you help me with the way how it should be consumed in an order to lose the weight?? It will be much appreciated ☺️☺️

  • I love listening all your knowledge. Am 62 very healthy all my life. But now am up in age. I wanted to try something to mix with water. I love peanut butter sandwiches. Do you think I could mix some of this to add with my sandwiches. Even on a lunch sandwiches. Can you help me with a recipe. Thanks Dr.

  • Dr every time I eat anything fried with cooking Oli,my ulcers gets warde and u start breathing bad,even if I eat small my stomach lining will start paining and breathing Faster faster,so what do I do?can I also use tumeric,will it help me I don’t want to take cupsles for acidity again

  • Very good video, 4 months ago doctor said to me I have kidney disease and I need kidney transplant in 4 to 5 year and I start taking turmeric everyday and my kidneys improved, doctor was impressed with results, now
    needed kidney transplant for longer 10 to 11 year.

  • I have a meal replacement shake twice a day and put turmeric, ginger and cinnamon in it, so yummy �� I had a break from my shakes over Christmas and didn’t gain a single pound! I’m being very realistic with how I’m doing my eating plan. I still indulge at the weekend and I have fruit and yogurt as well as the shake. It’s worked wonders for me I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes in about 6 months and would like to drop down another 2 or 3 sizes. No doubt I’ll have to cut down a bit more when I stop losing and start maintaining. If you’re thinking of doing a meal replacement I can’t recommend Yokebe enough

  • I’ve heard for a few years that you need take Tumeric with an oil of some sort, and add black pepper to maximise absorbsion. What do you recommend, Dr Berg?

  • Thankyou thankyou thankyou for helping the world family beautiful beautiful beautiful fro. Kenya thanks for caring bless you too be safe world

  • You forgot to mention turmeric is not easily and fully absorbed in the body so you need to add black pepper to it which raises the absorbtion dramatically..

  • Does curcurmin tablets have any side effects due to overdosage..we Indians also use turmeric in our cooking..so on daily basis at least 1/4 tsp is consumed anyways

  • Do up vote this comment if turmeric from YELLOWHALDI .COM has worked for you. I feel so good and energetic. I dont know why they’re so underrated.

  • Woow thanks dr i love turmeric for cooking for my face drinking love the smell but dr can i give the kids with garlic and lemon honey please dr is it okay to give kids garlic with water thanks dr

  • Hello Doctor, may I know if turmeric could help for acid reflux/Gerd? I also have asthma. I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you and God speed…. ����

  • I take it with freshly grounded pepper and together with any type of fat or oil.
    I add fresh root and powder to a soup in which I have added olive oil and pepper.

    I have multiple myeloma and seems to stabilise my paraprotein levels.

    My question is how can I measure the curcumin concentratioin in my blood.

  • Thanks doctor…..please I have been working on the farm and I have contacted severe earthworms infection on my feet,please can turmeric powder help..?

  • Simply learn to love yellow mustard. Remember, India has low cancer, but they have very high heart disease… most likely because many are poor vegetarians and vegans.

  • I was taking turmeric daily and advised by my Dr to stop or cut back to once a week due to it creating dangerous Kidney function levels. Always remember to look into the side effects of a supplement.

  • Thank you ���� for the great info I started taking 1-1/2 tsps of fresh raw turmeric about a week ago in my morning coffee along with some heavy whipping cream, 1 tsp of coconut oil, 2 tsps of cinnamon and a dash of black pepper in blender I noticed my constant low back pain from sitting too long working at computer is gone! This is in addition to changing my meal plan to intermittent fasting, a protein & veggie meals 2x a day. The result is I also lost about 6 lbs & inches so far. Yay! ����������

  • Hi I have a quick question: I suffer from Adhesive Arachnoiditis which is a chronic swelling of the lumbar spinal nerve roots. How much Turmeric can I take safely at 500mg (95% Curcuinoids) per capsule along with Ibuprofen. I need the Ibuprofen for pain relief but want the added benefits of Turmeric. Thanks!

  • Turmeric with patented black pepper BioPerine has made my immune system so strong. I’m so happy. Here is the link for those asking which turmeric I used YELLOWHALDI .COM Stay healthy!

  • I take 1 tsp of the powder in the mornings. I mix it with a bit of cold water and blk pepper. Can you take the powder in water or must I boil the water to mix it.

  • Thanks Dr for this important information. I have some skin problem like Pigmentation something developed when I was expecting one of my children and I have been usimg turmeric for the last 2 years at least once a week but I didn’t get the result that I want
    Do you have any advice in how to use turmeric and get rid of my problem? Thanks

  • i googled. Circumin is extremely sensitive to light, moist and heat. This means turmeric powder may have way less circumin than fresh turmeric.

  • Turmeric should not be taken by someone who is also taking blood thinners as it has this property. Should not be taken before an operation.

  • I sprinkle a tablespoon of organic turmeric with my organic raw honey in my black coffee every morning it adds a yummy spice to my coffee and of course it’s healthy

  • My skin doesn’t like turmeric (as a mask) but maybe I had it on too long. But I do recommend a coconut sugar and coconut oil scrub, it’s amazing! And of course turmeric is amazing when consuming it. I drink it with honey, maple syrup, ginger, a little bit of coconut sugar and cardamom. It’s also delicious with cinnamon! I think it’s best with warm almond milk but I just drink it as a tea for now. It really calms the body and fights inflammation too!

  • If you frequently suffer from cold and cough then powdered turmeric is best for you but if you have acidity or constipation then fresh turmeric roots is best.

  • I’m trying to make a beet juice with turmeric, beets, and ginger, but I’m trying to figure out how am I suppose to incorporate fresh ginger in it? HELP ME PLEASE

  • Dr. Berg, I usually drink one teaspoon of turmeric dissolved in hot water with a little bit of pepper. is this good, too-much or not sufficient. Thanks

  • Curcumin: a therapeutic strategy in cancers by inhibiting the canonical WNT/β-catenin pathway.
    Vallée A1, Lecarpentier Y2, Vallée JN3,4.  PUBMED

  • I rub it on my balls 5 minutes before crazy sex action. I have women stalking me and peeking thru my windows. Some leave lasagna and others leave notes begging for daddy to mount them like seabiscuit.

  • After reading “Eye Foods” I started taking curcumin supplements as it is supposedly helpful for dry eye. Still too soon to know if it is helping but I am now excited about all the additional benefits.

  • Another great and tasty way to get turmeric into your daily diet for all you COFFEE LOVERS. Take a cup of black coffee, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of tumeric and blend it together and serve. Its actually really good and has been a really healthy and tasty substitute to cream and sugar.

    If you want to take it even further, add a small pinch of Piperine to it. It will make the Tumeric 20× more absorbent, just know that it will add a kick of spice to your coffee, and you really dont need much to notice the difference lol

  • interestingly….the effects can be felt rather quickly upon consumption….also leaves your body rather quick too so most divide up 3 times a day regimen, esp for bed.

  • Thank you Doc. When is it best to consume during the day and how many times? Whats the advisable intake ratio per cup for the turmeric powder and omega3. Also need your input on mixing turmeric with black pepper. Thanks again doc: )

  • Turmeric is such a powerful anti-inflammatory I’ve started using it as a mild pain reliever. Much better than taking NSAIDs or tylenol

  • Hi I like your video about Tumeric, I found I have Diabetics since 2018. So since last year 2019 I change my habits to eating, No fats no sugars so junk food, etc O been eating lots of vegetable natural roths ginger, garlic Tumeric, red onions broccoli etc…..so When I found about this Diseases my A1C was 12
    300mg/dl of glucose in my blood. Doctor call me and said yiu need to medication right away I was scare but I follow Doctor”s recommendations some nutritional classes also, I have to find more information about it! So since then Everything I eat I search in medical sites here everywhere. I found info about Tumeric I try to including in my everyday diet! I think is working reduce my A1C down to 5.4 and 89-110mg/dl of glucose to this day today.
    Thanks for your videos I’m start to watching often to learn about good health information.
    Have nice day take care of yourselves and be safe.
    Regards Jaime from Houston, Texas.

  • I use turmeric with warm milk daily at night and it’s excellent for depression and mental health.. in short turmeric is excellent for over all health

  • If Tumuric is so good at reducing insulin resistance then why do so many People from the Indian subcontinent (India Pakistan Bangladesh) have type 2 diabetes? They get tested here in the UK from age 25. Yet Tumuric is a big part of their diet and foods.

  • Id be interested to know the thoughts of Dr Axe on other health ingredients for arthritis. I take curcumin in capsule for, along with two cod liver oil tablets. I combine these with a daily does of rosehip, which is reportedly another anti inflammatory.

  • Great video but if you guys want full benefits you need to take them as supplements (there is a substance called curcumin inside turmeric and you need to take curcumin extract). If you’re new to this I recommend checking out HealthMedline, com for the best Turmeric supplements it’s very evidence and scientific based, helped me a lot

  • Hi Dr! I use fresh turmeric root, I wanted to know if getting the juice is better, I just slice and put it in hot water, now… I know with ginger the best benefits you get while boiling slices between 20 and 25 min, is it the case with turmeric? thanks a lot!

  • Dr.Ash what drugs can you safely take tumerick with a friend in his early 80s had a stroke last year.the doctor never gave him anything for it and recently had another small stroke he gave him nothing and told not to drink anything but water for Two weeks to bring his salt level back up he said his salt level has alwys been low like ten numbers low.he i s afraid he will have another stroke if he doesnt do something.he has cancer in his eye socket now it was in both.they gave him kemo and one cleared up.A response would be most helpful. Thank you.

  • I mix tumeric with water every night and 40 percent of my anxiety problems have gone including obsessive compulsive disorder

    it is damn sure a miracle worker honestly

  • Indeed, Nikki H

    It must be consumed with black pepper, and a healthy fat, or there’s no point at all. I do this:
    Cut a ripe avocado in 4 pieces. Line them up, next to each other, and put a teaspoon of turmeric into each cutout left by the seed. Then, shake a 1/4 of a teaspoon of black pepper on top of each slice, and, voila, a great side for your breakfast.


  • Great info. I take Turmeric Vitamin daily. I have been taking this for a year. I have less & less pain any where in my body. I had pain in legs & Turmeric has been a healing agent for me. Also a great for detox the body. It is worth the price I pay. Your information has given me validation for the results of taking Turmeric daily. THANKS!!!!!����������������������

  • Thanks for sharing this video on natural turmeric. I just ordered turmeric powder the organic powder. I will be using turmeric root and powder form for life.

  • Tumeric is high in oxilate 245 mg
    which is bad for kidney stones. A healthy oxilate consumption per day is 40 mg. The narrator is wrong you can double check online searches.

  • I had a chronic atypical infection had tx for 6 months, which left me with chronic muscle fatigue and low immunity saw Immunologist, saw cant do anything.
    Then saw Tumeric Capsule in the market and just within 1 week by taking 2capsules per day, I can definitely tell the difference..!
    Please do try!

  • Dear Dr. Berg. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve a doubt about the action of turmeric and other anti-inflammatories. Do they really stop any kind of inflammation or just block the curative inflammatory reaction of the body? If so, is that good?

  • hello! does anyone know if using standard commercial powdered turmeric provides the same effects? or is it time for me to start scouting for fresh one?

  • I usually add turmeric powder, minced garlic and black pepper to a can of chicken noodle soup daily. I use turmeric in all of my meat dishes. I also mix it with ACV in my drink before bed. Seems to be good for menstrual cycle and digestive issues.

  • I haved stomach gastric almost seven years running, and i couldn’t work little harder and if i worked after that my stomach it’s really upset, so i am taking every day turmeric, honey and ginger before breakfast it will work or what shall i do for my stomach gastric ulcer.

  • Visit any Indian grocery and buy dozen of health boosting,plant based items.

    1300million Indians and high majority of Indians are vegetarian.
    Western nations should encourage millions of Indians to settle down in their cities.
    Decent,intelligent,English speaking and peace loving Indians have,thousands years old great culture of Bharat Mata.

  • Hi Dr. Berg, I found out I have two small gallstones but they have never given me issues. It says to not take Tumeric with gallstones but it says Dietary Tumeric is okay. Can you please explain to me what is dietary tumeric and where I can buy it? The reason I want to take it is for water retention.
    Thank you!

  • I have Doterra Turmeric oil. How many drops could I put into an empty gel capsule? How many times a day?
    I’m overweight with quite a bit of joint pain,and have psoriasis, and fatty liver so I’m hoping for some relief;)
    You have a great channel. Thanks for all of you info!

  • Jeeeezzz start of video so good with all the health benefits then after all the side effects i wonder is there any point in taking turmeric as it actually might damage your health???????????

  • Thank you for sharing. In fact I have been using turmeric in my daily water intake and this really boost my immunity esp not easily catching colds etc in an office environment

  • Is it true that in order for turmeric to be absorbed by the body is you HAVE to take it with a healthy fat, such as coconut oil and some pepper?

  • Thank you Dr Berg for all the great info. A question I can’t find a clear answers to in the videos is: you speak of the great benefits of turmeric, ginger (pressed in water), cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. Would taking all these in a water based mix, break a fast? Thank you again.

  • I’m delighted to tell you turmeric originates from South India and black pepper which is used in combination is native to Kerala specifically. You can thank us! Praise God!

  • I made a tea for the first time an hour ago. I can actually feel something going on in my body. Kind of like feeling flush but without feeling hot or distressed.

  • I thought that the latest meta analyses of the scientific evidence shows that curcumin has little or no effect. In particular, curcumin isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, I stopped taking it. Very confusing.

  • Hey Dr. Berg, there’s a lot been going around about Curcumin instead of Turmeric. I would really like to know your take on that. Thanks!

  • What brand do u recommend? The capsules say they are made of some kind of rice stuff and the vegan ones are made out of some wood byproduct cellulose. Can u just buy the turmeric from the spice section and add some pepper? I’d like to take this but its confusing lol

  • I tried golden tea (look it up ) and it tastes amazing! I would also like to add that turmeric prevents cancer, well at least that’s what i heard.

  • I mix it up with Ginger, cinnamon and Cardamon. I prefer it cold mixed with Coconut milk. I haven’t yet felt any benefits. I maintain a healthy weight and at 75 YO I take no medications. I just like the taste and hope it does something positive.
    After morning Cardi workout I enjoy a third of a cup with the Coconut milk. for a sweetener I use Stevia.

  • This was very educative. Thank you. Meanwhile what about the assimilation? Do you need to take the tumeric with…let’s say…olive oil or anything else in order to absorb it completely without peeing 50% of it..

  • Whoa. Eric. You forgot the effect Circumin has on fatty liver. 80 percent fat reduction of fatty liver over several week, one main study found.

  • Hi i just started 2 days ago drinking boiled water cold with honey yesterday with lemon thanks for your videos. 4got to mention i suffering constipation ��

  • Great info, but how is it that a dietician doesn’t realize that is is tURmeric; NOT tOOmeric? No wonder people pronounce it wrong so often when even the professionals don’t say it correctly.

  • Stage 4 advanced cancer survivor 72. Tumeric does work as stated. Also take CoQ10 lig. and PQQ 10 mg daily. Can stop aging but? you can stop the effects of age. Loss of focus, weight gain, slowing in general. Now I weight 170 5’11 perfect charts. Energy of a teen.

  • Dear Doctor Berg

    I am Fahad From Pakistan, I have Cervical Osteophytes on c3 & c4 with mild Thecal Sac Indentation on Spinal Cord in the same Region & Conginitally Blocked C5 & C6 Vertabraes.

    Doctors are Unsure About This Condition and Want me to Avoid Surgery, While Given Only Solution to Wear Cervical Riggid Collar Until Compression Resolved.

    Since Last 4 Months I’ve been Wearing Cervical Collar along with SOS Anti Inflammatory Meds.

    please Guide me to Get Out of this Situation, It’s Really Depressing for A 36 Years old Hard Working Man.

    I’ll be Grateful for Your Attention, Regards.

  • I take a 1/4 T-spoon of tumeric everyday on empty stomach..along with a t-spoon of honey..a pinch of pepper and a few drops of lime juice…

  • How often should you do intermittent fasting? did 16/8 for a while but then worked up to one meal a day. After a while I started to get some thyroid issues.. think it can be because of to few calories…

  • I make a fresh juice every morning with turmeric fresh root, ginger fresh root, 1 lemon, 1 orange, slice pineapple and celery ���� Delicious and healthy ��!

  • How much can you take a day? I’m taking about a tsp of the fermented tumeric powder day. May I take more than that?? Would like to kno! Any thots??