Trestolone – An Internal Take a look at MENT (7alpha-methyl-19-nortestostrone)


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Trestolone An Inside Look at MENT (7alpha-methyl-19-nortestostrone) — Tiger Fitness Trestolone is an anabolic compound that’s taking the bodybuilding world by storm. Find out if MENT lives up to the hype. Trestolone is an anabolic compound that’s.

The ability of 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone acetate (MENT) to increase the weights of ventral prostate and seminal vesicles of castrated rats was four times higher than that of testosterone, while its effect on the weights of bulbocavernosus plus levator ani muscles (muscle), was 10 times that of testosterone. The synthetic steroid 7alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT) is a potent androgen that is resistant to 5alpha-reductase. It thus has decreased activity at the prostate and may have advantages over testosterone-based regimens in long term treatment or as part of a male contraceptive.

Trestolone Acetate (7α-methyl-19-nortestosterone) aka MENT, is an extremely powerful steroid discovered in 1963. Trestolone was pretty much abandoned until the 1990s when the Population Council began looking at it as a potential candidate for male birth control and HRT. Hence, there is a need for an androgen preparation that provides appropriate, continuous replacement doses over long periods.

To achieve this goal, 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT), a synthetic androgen that is considerably more potent than testosterone, is suitable. Trestolone Acetate (MENT) powder is a potent anabolic steroid. Also referred to as 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT powder), it is a synthetic steroid that is considered extremely powerful in the body, surpassing the strength of testosterone.

It is considered beneficialfor the purpose of bodybuilding and strength training. Trestolone or 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT) is a synthetic androgen that is ten times as potent as testosterone. MENT is not 5-alpha reduced to DHT. It inhibits gonadotrophin release, suppresses testosterone and sperm production. Yet, MENT provides adequate replacement therapy for most androgen-dependant functions.

Study comparing Ment to Testosterone: “The ability of 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone acetate (MENT) to increase the weights of ventral prostate and seminal vesicles of castrated rats was four times higher than that of testosterone, while its effect on the weights of bulbocavernosus plus levator ani muscles (muscle), was 10 times that of testosterone. Trestolone or 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT) is a synthetic androgen that is ten times as potent as testosterone. MENT is not 5-alpha reduced to DHT.

It inhibits gonadotrophin release, suppresses testosterone and sperm production. Yet, MENT provides adequate replacement therapy for most androgen-dependant functions. One of the most powerful injectable anabolics in the bodybuilding community, tren is a 19-nor compound much like deca. It is known for its high anabolic and adrogenic rating. Tren does not aromatize, but will increase prolactin levels in the body.

It is both hepatoxic and hard on the kidneys, it will also reduce the users natural T3 production.

List of related literature:

With β-glycosidases the nucleophilic residue is positioned in such a way that it interacts predominantly with the anomeric centre and the adjacent exocyclic hydroxyl.

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  • There’s a fitness store in Pittsburgh called Ned’s Fitness Center, which carries a prohormone that reportedly converts to this “MENT”. The name of the product is called “NANDRO” and it’s marketed by a company called Thai Labz. I was really close to taking it, until I googled the ingredient/prohormone on the back. The fact that it was methylated also had me spooked and made me hesitant to get it, besides all the possible estrogenic side effects. It just seems like some potentially really bad shit. I was a party animal and ingested a lot of drugs, so I really don’t want to take any chances with my liver by ingesting some of these methylated products.

  • Why so many compounds test and ment should he all you need ment is fast acting so no need for a kick starter so why hurt your liver with an oral and tren really you’re already taking a nandrolone why take another also if you’re trying to see what ment dose why would you take anything else besides test this makes no sense at all

  • Looking for education and advice on running my 1st cycle. I’ve been on test E for about 3 month and I’m ready to run a real cycle.

  • again love the video Greg I’m not sure why I’m so much different I was doing 50 to 75 mg every other day which I will change to 50 mg every day thanks to this video
    .I was running 250mg of test with each shot and I did not have any oestrogenic side effects or bloat whatsoever. The way you describe it I’m wondering if I got something else.but I’ve done just about every steroid there is and this one was far superior to anything else I’ve ran.I did come down and body fat a lot probably till about eight or nine percent from 15 maybe that’s why I did not have the estrogenic issues.I am of the mindset don’t take something if you don’t have to and since I had no problems I was not taking arimidex.anyway thanks for all your information you’ve improved a few aspects of my training and pharmacology I really appreciate everything you’ve done take care

  • You are a God send to all of us you are the greatest doc and a well of knowledge thank you dottore best wishes, Rosario from Sicily ��️ ciao

  • Ment is just awesome. 1ml ment 1 ml tren, 1ml masteron, 1ml test400 eod. Nothing wrong with eod bro. Eod adex and every 4 days caber.

  • To your point.

    Trenbolone MAYbe hair-safe. This research states that trenbolone has low affinity to ARs in the prostate. It might have the same low affinity in the scalp. The dose used in mice is equal to around 560mgs a week in humans!!!! Personally, Tren was good to my hairline.

  • Been using Ment for more than 3 years. Back in the day I used 50mg daily, but had to cut back to 25mg daily due to sides (bloating, gyno flair, and moody). I used in conjunction with 200mg testosterone Enenthate, but later found this unnecessary. After 3 years of use the sweet spot: 25mg EOD with examestane 12.5mg EOD. No need for test base. Pros: gained massive strength, supports an athletic/cutting diet, perfect as a PED (running, sports, etc), and no hair loss issues. Cons: VERY wet compound, BP rise due to pericardium water increase, increases metabolism so if under calories feel “flat”. When I used Winstrol too long, horrible hair loss problems. Not so with Ment. Can be run at least 8 weeks, but I benefited most at 16 weeks, then 8 week rest (TRT so I just switch to low dose Test). While my favorite stack is Test 400 with Deca 200, Ment is my FAVORITE compound of all.

  • trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate był lekiem do lat 80 był w aptekach i protoplastą tatrenucetat i długiego trenu. Może o trenie Hexa kolejny odc. po doświadczeniu, dla mnie najlepszy tren, ale ciężko dostępny.

  • Only a complete idiot would take these chemicals.

    If only I had listened to you in the beggining Doc.

    You should make a video on how all these big macho men literally don’t have testicles.

    And how God already have us our own steroid factories, testicles.

  • I can attest that! I get hair shedding like an old man with testo 250 and above alone, but tren doesn’t do anything on my scalp even on high doses! Completely safe from the hairloss standpoint for me, go figure…

  • I personally had the best meet results of my life on 175mg Ment and 200mg test. Greg is right, 350 mg jump is comparable if not beyond the strength i would get from my biggest pre bodybuilding contest cycle total. So im saying 350mg and 200 mg test is probably the strongest and largest i had ever been in my life. I was speed repping the 120’s for 100 reps.. no lie. I remember Greg called Guinness to record the deadlift rep record and i was thinking about calling them
    I had a 450lb bench at a meet i had entered in with no practice 3 months post Ontario bodybuilding provincials.

    Now as for the sidesi pinned ED and used an A.I, never was to bloated but i eat clean all year. Maybe to much post show, but its just tons of oatmeal, cream of.rice, protein powder and egg whites.
    My blood pressure wasn’t terrible and my ALT was good. My LDL is always low because i use statins now so there was no change there. Say good bye to HDL as usual with any powerful compound.

    The real bad…
    My wife received a new kidney two years ago because she had iga nephropathy. We couldn’t have children for years due to her low kidney functions. I know that before i test with a high sperm count, at 33 years old.. well lots of ment since than and now i test near 0. I have been using hcg eod, proscribed since and in 3 months things are better but no good.
    I regret taking the ment before having kids, so fruit for thought. I want to thank Greg for making these videos. I would never have the balls too, fear people from work would judge but these videos are neccessary so that people get education on these drugs. Thank Greg.

  • heaps more info on trestalone (ment) at
    anabolictv. com
    Ments anabolic/androgenic ratio (2300/650) should be taken with a grain of salt. Normal test is 100/100, but this doesnt mean that ment is 23x more powerful.
    Just look at Halotestin. Great at giving strength but is weak on packing on muscle an its rating is 1,900/850.
    If youre sensitive to gyno, then youre going to seriously need an AI.
    Dbol is well known for its high conversion to methyl estradiol, which is why people who are sensitive to gyno effects generally stay clear of this drug. Well ment converts to 7a methyl estradiol which is even more potent. People have reported to take largish doses of an AI such as Aromasin everyday, or even having to take letro daily to keep the estrogenic side effects of ment in control. Of course this depends on person to person. I had no trouble at taking ment at 50mg/day and taking 25mg of aromasin every other day.
    I didnt take anything for prolactin (like caber) but Im a believer that prolactin sides are miss interpreted, and that youre just pissing money down the toilet to buy meds like caber to control it. Ive never had prolactin issues even at high dose tren/deca. But everyone is different.
    I found that I seemed to puff more when I was going up a set of stairs and my cardio was generally crap when on ment. Some say it’s because of ments ability to hold water (especially around the heart). I ended up lowering the dose to 40mg a day because sometimes I felt like I was just puffing way too much to carry out simple physical tasks like to move a box. My strength did increase, but no more better or worse compared to tren or deca, however whether it was placebo or not, I did feel like I was leaner while taking ment (almost like tren) and it’s suspect that it has nutrient partitioning effects like tren. There are people out there that have stacked tren and trest and loved it. In saying that, there are an equal number of negative reviews saying that trest was way over hyped and the already established nor compounds (tren and deca) did the same, if not better job. Overall, I thought it was a solid compound, but it wasnt the super drug that it was made out to be, but I do like to play with it now and again.

  • I rarely here anyone taking ment now a days. I know on paper it’s suppose to be the greatest thing for steroid use and honestly if it really was I feel more people would be boasting about it online in the general forums. Till then I think the regular steroids are still best bet to use.

  • I think say 50mg per ml is a clique dose for many compounds.. Maybe a bench mark for a standard underground dose. Humans as time goes on is more more stronger strong attitude.. I’ve considered ment for over a year just not understood it enough.. I’ve learnt today stacking other heavy retentions drugs ie d bol is probably pointless for mass as this drug creates mass easy enough via water retention. Doc u say its or was used trt methods. But also contraception.. Can u explain this as they seem the opposite.. Thanks

  • I ran ment at 20mg a day for 5 weeks when enhanced athlete had it on their site. Got puffy, and def hair loss. Got strong definitely put on muscle and sperm was a different consistency and needed to be “let out” every day. Drug didn’t wow me for the price so I stopped. Daily injections Also which I’m lazy or forgetful also deterred me.

  • I’ve been using ment now for about a week and am starting to feel it kick in and when I say feel it I truly do I feel like I’m constantly full and pumped,, my sex drive has gone up,, and I’m actually running it with a micro dose of tren ace..and dbol..

  • Ment was stronger then Test. But not as strong as Tren.
    The estrogen sides from Ment were more then 2x as much as Test. But I would say Ment is only 2x stronger then Test at the most.

  • i see u have ah few people with heart conditions from test/steroids in general. I have watched a video of Dr.s & in 1 part they talk about rapamycin i believe it is. and one of the side effects of this is it is tremendously good for the heart. not sure if its news to u but here’s the video.

  • My free testosterone is 78pg/ml. I’m 25 years old. Is this low for my age? I injected some test about 3 months 125mg first two weeks but stopped (bad timing with newborn son) or is this normal for my age? I’ve ran rad140 and yk11 in the summer for 7 weeks if that matters. Only pct was otc test booster. Which was fucked because definitely needed nolva

  • Very dangerous!!! Never had a problem in 30 years of gear but this almost doubled my blood pressure. There’s a good reason it’s not a medicine it could easily cause a stoke or heart attack.

  • What is this more is more mentality? Once the cup is full it can’t hold any more water so if you keep pouring it won’t get any fuller (gains) and it will spill everywhere (side effects).

  • MENT is absolutely the best steroid I’ve been on. Dianabol, especially in oral form, causes a lot more bloat and water retention. You absolutely need to try real MENT for yourself. I’m unable to take Tren due to the side effects. MENT is by far the best steroid out there.

  • Hm. Actually, any test user needs to keep estrogen levels down to natty baseline, and remember that ALL TEST will increase cellular activity, including blood production and plasma production. So, every week, go to a blood pressure station in a grocery store and get it checked at the very least. And if it starts to creep up, go donate blood, or blood-let a pint every so often. It’s the fastest and easiest way to keep blood pressure down.

  • The key to proper steroid use is stacking compounds. This may be beneficial in low dosages in combination with test in TRT.

    It would be nice to see research into stacks of different compounds to maximise benefits while minimizing side effects.

  • I just want to say thank you for providing informational videos about these drugs. The fact that you want to help men with this is amazing as not many doctors will help. Keep up the great work.

  • First of all I appreciate that you are sharing your honest approach about all types of steroids in the bodybuilding industry. On your next video can you talk about the type of training choices that people are doing wrong when they are trying get great results within an hour or more per day?

  • Coach I need your wise advice please, which one on these two worth the money investment primo ( 1000 mg a week ) or hgh ( 4 iu a day )?
    I am 35 yo, 10 y natty and 2 y enhanced. Thank you very much!

  • Excellent educational information Dr. Thank you for removing that dirt off your chin. You look much better. Please keep up the content that others shy away from communicating. I’ve never taken ped’s, however on Dr. prescribed (G.P.) TRT for hypogonadism. Even though I’ll never take ped’s the subject has always been interesting to me. Thank you again!

  • I’ve used MENT recently and it is the king out of every steroid I’ve ever used. I got to admit I know I had the real thing and I never had any estrogenic side effects at all!! then again I rarely do out of anything compared to anybody I know but this stuff made Tren look like Anavar. Max I could handle was 50 mg a day, anything more than that and I had the same side effects as tren like not able to sleep in night sweats. But going past that is not necessary. This blows everything else away and I did not have one side effect that I could find if I stayed within those dosages. The size and the calorie burn I experienced was like I never used steroids before and were just getting started with them. If you have access to the good stuff and you know what’s real I recommend this stuff hardcore!!! Again I had no side effects that could not taking care of with just adding a little bit of cartarine. I hope they can find a SARM that is this anabolic one of these days. only thing I didn’t like was everyday or every other day injections but I just use an insulin pen in my shoulders and never had any problems.

  • Hey Doc T!! Can you please break down the different SARMS in videos like you’ve done for steroids? Loved your SARMS videos but would love to hear more in depth about things like Ostarine, RAD140, S4, S23, YK11, LGD4033 etc… Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Love your shit bro but you’re way too hard on yourself, if your losing hair at some point you just have to let nature take its course. I just don’t wanna see you 5 years from now with a “trump” style pompadour hiding a balding head. Buzz your dome one day, bet it looks better than the hair doo you got now lol. Keep in mind I’m obviously pretty much bald at 38 and would have done all the same shit your doing to keep my hair

  • It works but u must inject it everyday or every other day because of the acetate ester it has. There are other steroids that have been used for 50yrs that have a larger safety profile for men to get the same results. That fact its so strong makes me most concerned for the cardiovascular system. I mean 2300 / 630 is a CRAZY number & most preparations of Ment are dosed at 50mgs/ per ml so even if u were to use just 25mgs ( or 1/2 ml ) thats still a HUGE amount compared to the clinical data that Doc just presented. I’ll stick with the tried & true steroids that will provide the same results but just take a little longer to get the same gains….. Its just not healthy to put on say 50lbs in 6weeks of water weight that is hard on your heart…. High blood pressure for sure. Im sure in the years to come u will see many cases of LVH in many men that used this drug to try & rush progress. The key to longevity in bodybuilding is to use the least amount of drugs to get the desired affect. Start off Low & slowly work your way up over years. that also means coming completely off for a clean out period. I take up to 5-6months off everything but my 125mgs TRT dose. then once i go back on again i start off low i bump uo my testosterone to 250mgs week for 4 weeks then up to 350 mgs 4 weeks then 500mgs for 3weeks then add in 100mgs deca for 4weeks then up the deca to 200mgs a week… And so on the whole time im making great gains because my bodys tolerance is so low. This works because im not ” ON ” all year & my health is perfect great blood work everytime. I also put a cap on the amount of drugs i will build up to 500mgs test 400deca 30mgs d-bol is my highest amount i build to then after 6 weeks of this i taper back down to my 125 trt dose stay off for 5 months at least check my blood work then repeat. This is a long term thing guy’s there is no need to rush anything. Im 38yrs old & i want to do this as long as i can.

  • What you guys think of my summer plan? Would love Greg’s feedback very much

    Test 500-600 18 wks

    Kickstart with Tbol 40-60mg first 6 weeks

    EQ @500 for first 9 wks then to 800mg for 9 more weeks

    Npp 600-800for 10 weeks switched to Tren Hex 225mg for final 8 wks

    Possibly Var for final 6 weeks @ 80-100 mg

  • Great video, very interesting, I’ve never heard of this before. I didn’t know anything existed that stronger than Tren.
    Good point, who decided or decided the dosage and just like that bro science picks it up and everyone rolls with it.
    Good topic

  • I’m 39 years old. Been hitting the consistently for 10 years. Ready to take it to the next level. Any advice on how to get quality gear?

  • On ment e2 Goes over 400 even on Blood test, its ok if test is runned high at the same time. But Blood pressure, water retention is dramatic on it, you have to letrozole and nolva at the same time and You still will be not shure it is enoght. I dont see sense of useing this besides like Olympia pro stage… Here in Poland people will more often use anadrol high doses than ment…

  • This sounds like the type of steroid written about in fantasy books. Once you get to this high of supraphysiological levels, you’re body is going to crash and break somehow and likely very bad.

  • Can I used “Togkat Ali” in order to fix my high SHBG? I have been diagnosis with low free testosterone by my Dr, he has explained that I need to get a testosterone replacement therapy. The reason of this is because my SHBG is high

  • Awesome doc you are stalwart in sports medicine As a medical professional I want to know your approach for Anti-progesterone on Nandrolone derivatives be it tren or sub group

  • I got a better monster steroid. METHYL 1 TESTOSTERONE (methyldihydroboldenone) old otc prohormone 20lbs in two weeks worse than superdrol oral 20mg a day PLEASE DO THIS ONE

  • Always something developed in the era of the post war Nazi scientists. Now they’re gone, nothing new. (Just thought I’d throw that in the conversation).

  • With that andro rating the first thing that came to mind was roid rage. You best have a stockpile of Thorazine on hand or prison is a possibility.

  • my absolute favorite compound. Its able to pack on size or rip u to shredz. so versatile. in a TD application I found 30 mgs per day to be an effective route for trt for those who don’t want to shoot I m. intra I prefer the decanoate ester at about 300mgs per week. My least favorite ester is the enanthate … if you can get this in a phenyl prop, you can shoot every 3-4 days and feel like a king day in and day out.. the other esters can play havoc stable blood levels until you get it nailed down for your own body. trest ace at 25 mgs per day is pretty hard to beat if you like being a pin cushion.
    this is absolutely able to replace test.. In fact I ran out of test 3 weeks ago and I don’t even care while im on trest d 150 mgs per week.

  • I just tried trestolone with 1mg arimadex everyday for 20 days I developed a large lump underneath 1 nipple! U can’t control the estrogen u just have to be genetically lucky that ur not very prone to gyno to begin with

  • What is the SPECIFIC chemical difference between a “prohormone” and “steroid” or is it just an arbitrary distinction in categorizing?

  • Another great informative video Doc!
    I think you need a certain mindset to take steroids and no amount of information will deter these people.
    I think it’s good that you emphasize to people that if they really must use, they should do it under medical supervision.
    Keep up the good work!

  • I go get blood work twice a year for my hrt. i tell youngsters if u wanna go to my dr…just use some peds and you can be 21 and go to a anti aging dr

  • Used MENT for almost 2yrs. 30mg 3x a week. Never felt as strong in my life. Side effects were minimal if none. Sex drive was crazy strong as well.

  • Hey Greg brilliant videos I’m very interested in a ment cycle, you mentioned tho 300mg of test with 200mg ment. But what test? Test p or e or c? What Tren ace or en? Same has eg, because ment is ace isn’t it so are you staying with ace for Tren and test p? Same has Eq has you can even get rapid eq SORRY just seen you say Tren ace

  • im really seriously thinking of injecting (Humatrope 12 mg Cartridge Kit 7 day pen injection ) directly into my penis, will that make my penis grow? whats the side effects? whats ur guys thoughts on that?

  • Co pan myśli o trt przy poziomie testosteronu 300ng/dl w wieku 30lat? Jakie ma pan doświadczenie coraz wiecej amerykańskich badań pokazuje, iż poniżej 400ng/dl pojawiają się problemy metaboliczne.

  • Hey bro you’ve been helping me on the hair lose. But I REALLY need you now! I got a little bit of Deca Dick. I’ve taken caber and the ai consist and dropped the dec for now. How do I get my shit to work proper again? Is there a way to stay on and get everything under control again? Thanks man love the channel

  • Derek please could you shed some light on which combination you would prefer be on a cycle with and if you have used already what affects your hairloss the least, between ru55 with NPP and test (not finasteride as has bad reaction with) or tren and test with finasteride and ru55, and lastly if you dont have ru55 for whatever reason, would the an NPP and test combo or tren and test with finasteride cause you more hairloss?

  • I haven’t seen your videos for well over a year. I thought your channel was deleted. But I just searched for you and im still subbed with notifications on aswell. Weird.

  • I have a lot of experience with MENT. I was on a TRT dose of just Trestolone Acetate alone for roughly 1 year and have played around with it for longer than that. I settled on 25mg per day sub-q and was using 0.5mg Letrozole per day for estrogen control. I am very prone to hair loss ( much more than Derek ). My experience was Trestolone is NOT safe if you are prone to hair loss. Depending on how strong your hair loss genes are I guess will determine how much and how fast you will lose hair on MENT. It is a very potent androgen and will make you lose more hair than Testosterone. It sped up the progression of hair loss in my crown by a large amount and a lot faster than Testosterone did. I don’t even think a topical anti-androgen would do much to protect against hair loss in somebody very prone like myself. It is questionable if RU58841 even works for a lot of people from the reviews I’ve read on the forums. I will say MENT alone was better than Testosterone for me in terms of libido, energy, recovery, mental focus, aggression (in a good way), well being, fat loss, strength, endurance and muscle gain. I felt great on it and for me it was an amazing compound but did not want to continue because it’s effects on my hair loss. I had no bad side effects unless I tried to combine Testosterone with it, but I was using an AI the whole time and at the dosage I chose I had no symptoms of low or high estrogen. My face and stomach were not holding any water. I looked great and my body temperature was also a bit elevated meaning it increases metabolism.

  • Every MENT log I’ve ever seen the guys are static about the results after one week. And miserable from the sides in three weeks.

  • Bardzo mocno podnosi ciśnienie a zarazem bardzo mocny trening i właśnie tu zaczynam się zastanawiać czy z siłowni nie zabiorą mnie na SOR albo na cmentarz�� Może Pan coś powiedzieć na ten temat?Jeszcze nie zacząłem stosować, ale planuję.

  • Have you thought about going on tren or something very androgenic and doubling your dose of RU to see what happens? That would be very intresting

  • Funny thing this guy pushes steroids but doesn’t look like he uses them no bulk no big arms/chest looks like an average dude at the gym

  • Great content, bro. Same experience on the hair with MENT. Loved the feel on it, great in gym, only bad sides were my E rocketed, and hair loss accelerated. How about the RU, didn’t help?

  • Hey doc. Something I have never see or hear you say it’s why testosterone improved insulin resistance/ or why it improved blood glucose, I noticed that now that I’m on HRT.

  • You seem too young for needing TRT. I believe you can hold your mass after restoring your HPTA because you train and eat on point. You are not much over your natural genetic limit (if at all). When you say you are on TRT do you really mean cruise? I say all this assuming your doctor hasn’t concluded you destroyed your ability to recover your HPTA.

  • in case anyone is interested; being prone to hair loss but i am very androgenic responsive, i will run test prop and tren ace for 6 weeks tops which prevents the miniaturising and shedding to manifest and go beyond repair or begin to get bad and i reach my goal then maintain, the 6 weeks progress with a test cruise, i do this whilst using ru5, and finasteride

  • To ciekawy lek pod kątem lecznictwa. Sam w sobie posiada bardzo dużą androgenność a zarazem jest w skazany w leczeniu raka gruczołu krokowego czy też w przeroście.
    Ps. film jak zawsze bardzo ciekawy i czekamy na dalsze odcinki o lekach sterydowych.

  • I have just started sus250 1ml per week (week 9 now), 4 weeks ago I got bad flue symptoms ( don’t know if it was corona because dr. would not test cause I had not been overseas) I feel I recovered a lot quicker, my mucus was more thick & chunky though, also while sick I dropped down to half ml per week (my thinking was I don’t want to waist it), hope this helped ✌️from Australia

  • I’m 46 and I started steroids back in my early 20’s when I started competing in power-lifting in the 242 lb class. So back then there wasn’t no internet to speak of, all you really had was gym talk on this subject which when you really think about it your really left in the dark. I was lucky I had a friend who was in his 40’s back then, who was around during the golden era in Southern California. Anyway he gave me a book that was written in the early 80’s by Dr. Robert Kerr M.D. called “The Practical Use of Anabolic Steroids with Athletes” Dr.Kerr worked with a lot of men during that time period in the 1970’s & 80’s and threw his studies & research he stated these compounds are very powerful and a athlete doesn’t need that much to be effective. Because of this book I learned that these compounds are not magic pills, but instead tools or aids to help an athlete reach certain goals, but like anything of this nature you must show respect & not abuse it which is the key to being successful in this field..

  • My personal experience with MENT. Having experimented with many different forms of TRT, combinations and dosing protocols (Test A,E,C,P,Base, Masteron P & E, Primo, Proviron, Deca) dosing once per week all the way to ED sub-q. Even though this is on the higher dosed side of TRT (was doing very hard daily physical labour and needed the extra recovery support) 25mg of MENT acetate (no Test) per day sub-q and 0.5mg Letrozole per day had me feeling the absolute best mentally and physically with zero side effects. I did this for about 6 months straight before my source stopped producing it due to low demand and could not find another reliable top brand that supplied it. My job was a physical one and I gained some size especially in my arms just from working and even though I have always been lean, I leaned out a bit more without changing my diet. When I was at home sedentary for a little bit while maintaining the same caloric intake the MENT prevented any fat gain…..awesome feature. Body temperature felt slightly elevated which is a good thing and indicative of increased metabolic rate. My face and physique looked leaner on stand alone MENT (with AI) than on the same dose of Testosterone Acetate daily with the same AI dose. I experimented with splitting the MENT dose in half and replacing the other half with Test Ace and I did experience more estrogenic bloating (especially when eating dirty carbs) so the combo for me is a no no. In my experience stand alone MENT is a full replacement for Testosterone and for me had better effects than Testosterone in every department. Since I want to do this long term in a safer manner once I find a new source, I will try 12.5mg of MENT per day with no AI and add low dose Masteron maybe 100-200mg per week. For those who are genetically prone to hair loss MENT is NOT hair safe and will cause hair loss.

  • bardzo fajnie Pan to wykłada i super pomysł aby uświadomić każdego kto ma mała wiedzę w tym temacie a myślę ze takich nie brakuje i kiedyś to odczują

  • Fajnie posłuchać jak kiedyś się radziło a co do wieku nie jeden chciałby tak wyglądasz nie jeden czuje się staro po 30 w zdrowym ciele na pewno się nie czujesz na tyle ile masz lat POZDRO.

  • I gave trestolone a bash as part of trt it was very appealing at first, I mean it’s literally ten times more potent than testosterone, which means effectively ten times lower dosage. Would anyone doubt the appeal of injecting ten times lower volume of liquid to get the same results? What stopped me was the lack of info on this compound, in my mind acetate has a 2 day half life, hardly convenient to inject twice weekly like a normal high frequency TRT…. It meant using such small volumes every second day, and to be honest I frigging hate needles, I’d rather inject half a ml of test twice a week than inject one single tick of trestolone every second day…. Now if they made this compound as an enanthate or something with a longer half life, winner winner chicken dinner….

  • Love your videos. You’re the man bro but please get better at getting to the point. This video could of been minutes long lol. Content is awesome and you always touch back to people. Good shit

  • Waiting for this about 2 months…I have been using MENT for almost 3 weeks doc and the pump I was having in Gym was extra ordinary….and the dosage is 35 to 50 mg per day

  • Może kiedyś coś na temat odżywiania�� Jak zwykle fajny materiał chociaż nigdy nie brałem i raczej nie będę brał bo zwyczajnie nie mam wiedzy w tym temacie i dostępu do środków… Ale dobrze się słucha co ma Pan do przekazania….

  • What about oral and transdermal? What’s the difference between ment and trest? I see 2 different versions out now and what’s better?

  • Currently using a Ment blend 120mg/ml which consists of Trestelone acetate 60mg
    Trestelone enanthate 60mg.
    Using 3ml a week with dose frequency of 1ml mon/wed/fri.
    2 weeks in feel stronger my body filling out more glycogen stores, the mirror tells no lies to the lean tissue gains i have added already. Libido is sky high and wellbeing is good. Aggression up but can be in a calm/angry place rather than lose the plot. Running 1ml test cyp in background per week which tbh is not needed but once i drop trest i will cruise on test.
    Using 12.5mg aromasin pd and 1mg cabergoline per week to.combat sides as im very sensitive

  • Diggin the vids doc and thanks. I turn 35 this year and have been on anabolics since 26 (highest dose of test ever was 600 on a front load) and have been using HRT off label for symptoms of depression. I still hit lower dose stacks every once in a while (last one was 3 years ago and have one I’m starting in 2 weeks)… These vids have made me take an even safer rout and do more research on how to decrease the dangers of an already relatively safe profile. This is important work you’re doing and I sincerely thank you.

  • Ok how in the hell did you get on TRT? Was yours crashed by “supplements” Also if you get blood work every 6 montsh like i do by my trt doctor lets say i take ment, deca, or eq with a blast of say 400mg test how soon before bloods do i have to drop the other compounds and go back to my hrt dose

  • 50 mg co 2 dzien na poczatwk chcialbym i 150 e pierwsze 20dni a potem 100 mg co drugi przez 20dni a potem zobacze a Ile exemestanu 1 tabs co 2 dni

  • Mam obecnie 27 lat i treningi traktuję jako zabawę. Mam jakieś tam efektu zwłaszcza siłowe. Na doping uważam, że jeszcze muszę dojrzeć.

  • Im currently taking a cycle of DHEA prohomones which always work really well for me with little to no side effects on a 12 week cycle. So I decided to add this supplement called Adonis which has low dosage of SARMS and only 25mg of Trestolone. I felt good the 1st week in, but noticed alot of bloat. I know it wasn’t the SARMS because I have used SARMS before. My face looked really puffy and blood pressure spiked through the roof by the 9th day. Then I started having minor headaches because of my blood pressure. I decided to stop using Adonis until I figure out a better way to take it. Keep in mind it was only 25mg of Trestolone per day. So now I have an idea of getting a pill slicer since its a tablet. I did like the strength through the 1st week, but my blood pressure was too high. When I stopped taking Trestolone, my blood pressure was back to normal by the 4th day. If I cut the pill in half and take a half dosage, Im sure my blood pressure won’t be as high. I dont know how people can take 100 125mg of Trestolone per day and manage not ending up in the hospital.

  • I used ment, used tren, used test… ment is like test+tren, massive libido. But you must use an anti estrogen. I felt totally healthy on ment. Huge strength gains. Tren had worse side effects as far as mood and blood pressure. Ment was powerful as long as you used an ai

  • Just a quick question man! What do you use for hair loss at the moment? and what do you think a 20 year old guy should use just to completely combat it for a long time? Seen you talk about Ketoconazole (Nizoral shampoo?) and RU58841

  • Hey doc when should aromatise blockers to be taken during the cycle.That is 2 hours after the dosage of aromatising drug or6 hours or should be taken along with it.and what medicine should be taken to avoid or minimise hair loss and acne

  • #1 channel for the best info out there. Greg may not be a doctor but he has the hands on experience which is more important to me anyways.

  • Test deca dbol clen anavar the steroids we know thats there is people used it 30 years ago and they are still healthy this what i like to go with All new things are waist of money and health

  • Dr. Is it possible to display the chemical structure of the anabolic structure while describing it? For the organic chemists on this channel.

  • Greg,

    I dont recall the vid you talked about this but you mentioned when your stomach is full it sends signals to make you stop eating, can you go into more detail?

    Personally I notice when my stomach gets very full it definitely lets me train harder too, what I mean is once I’ve been dieting for a while and get the shitty performance that aspect goes away for a while.

    I feel in some ways it’s a good thing to let your stomach distend slightly sometimes.

  • Omg tell me about it, with the whole new male contraceptive movement. They already completed 28 day trials of these new male contraceptives on humans and are now pushing for 1 year human trials on these steroids/contraceptives or whatever. I cant imagine one year of ment use and what ones labs would look like after that…

  • Bro, these guys running Finasteride & Dutasteride don’t suffer from the dick effects? Trust me, if you use the drugs, then you know what I’m talking about… You have to give yourself a break from using those compounds after a while… Who is running super high levels of test or tren & still keeping a full head of hair while using any prophylactic hair loss compound? Nobody I know of… Hair is usually the first thing to go…

  • Ment serves no purpose it does come in an oral and gel form.Besides bloat and some strength its almost impossible to keep up with the estrogen. Dianabol is nothing compared to Ment.

  • Bardzo dobrze się Pana ogląda..mimo tego, że sam ćwiczę, wiedzę o dopingu mam jedynie teoretyczną. Tym z większą ciekawością oglądam filmy z merytorycznym przekazem. Pozdrawiam.

  • I have used just TrestA TrenA and Proviron…. Got huge, horny and full as fuck…. I could workout twice a day 7/7. I think that a little dose of this added to a cycle would be a game changer instead of using Test and Deca.

  • Hey bro check out my Instagram @mrfitnesstampa and I sent you a message and what body fat do you think I am because inbody test said 3 percent and seca 4 percent